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on 2007/12/7 15:25:23

Annapurna gets a promotion!

Senior actress Annapurna made a comeback in films after a long, long gap with Godava. She is well known for her portrayal in films as a mother, aunt, mother-in-law etc. But in Kodandarami Reddy’s Godava, Annapurna got a promotion. She is now a grandmother. She plays the role of the grandmother of hero Vaibhav in the film.

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    Why ANR's wife refuses to go to the movies

    2007/6/29 16:04:34

    Smt. Annapurna wife of veteran actor never goes to watch a movie with her husband. The reason was disclosed by ANR himself recently. ANR said that when they were newly married they went to watch a movie in Chennai. The people sitting in the back were making comments about them.

    While one of them said that ANR was watching the movie with Bhanumathi, others said that it must be Anajali Devi. The talk continued and ANR left the theater along with his wife without saying a word. But this incident left a mark on Annapurna and she stopped going to movies with ANR. She now watches movies with ANR at their theatre at Annapurna studios only.

    Telugu Cinema News : Why ANR's wife refuses to go to the movies

    Music promotion turns over a new leaf

    2007/4/17 13:05:27

    With the arrival of YBR Records, a T-Series company, music promotion has turned over a new leaf ever since the company debuted with USTAD & THE DIVAS.

    While the album turned out to be a superhit, the company has intensified the promotion of the numerous labels it owns, starting with 'Bhajans'. While 'bhajan' promotion has traditionally been associated with videos shot in temples and other pilgrimage spots, the new age promotion campaign means that this is being done differently too.

    So what we see is a series of ad films being shot that propagate the cause of 'Hanuman Chalisa', 'Gayatri Mantra' etc. by means of bringing out incidents which constitute slice of life.

    These well received ads have given a new dimension to the 'bhajan' albums and should definitely result in an altogether new market being created for the music belonging to this genre.

    About YBR-Records: It is a boutique label, which exclusively deals with Hindi non-film repertoire, international music and home video, children’s repertoire and production of full-length Hindi feature films.

    Bollywood News : Music promotion turns over a new leaf

    "I am confused about CASH's song promotion" - Anubhav Sinha

    2007/5/17 8:01:23

    Normally it is seen that a filmmaker/music company is confused about the promotion of a film's music if it is not up to the marks. Ironically, it is the other way round in case of CASH. We speak to Anubhav Sinha, director of CASH, to understand the reason behind that.

    "I would have ideally wanted to have around 4 weeks of promotion for CASH where the film would have arrived with a BIG BANG", says Anubhav who made waves with 'Dus Bahane' couple of years back, "But in case of CASH, it would be around 5-6 weeks that I would be focusing to keep the film in news."

    Why? "That's because there are 5 songs in the film and each of them have turned out to be so spectacular that I can't think of leaving out any one of them from the film's publicity", explains Anubhav.

    Fair point, so he can get started with it in June since the film comes on July 13th. What's the issue in that? "The issue is a healthy one here", laughs the director, "Vishal-Shekhar have come up with such fantabulous music that I am now confused about where to start. Each of the numbers in the film is a full-on-high-energy song and there is no single track which I can pick up and kick start my film's promotion with. Yes, it is a good problem to have but me and my team have to decide upon it fast to get the right momentum in place."

    Bollywood News : "I am confused about CASH's song promotion" - Anubhav Sinha

    TRRP promotion Kick Starts - Finally!

    2007/3/27 9:47:43

    Aaah, now that's what one calls as a sign of relief! And that comes in the wake of promotion of the most anticipated film in the coming month - TA RA RUM PUM.Ever since the release and subsequent super-success of GURU, none of the releases after that have met with a similar success.

    Films like HONEYMOON TRAVELS PVT. LTD., TRAFFIC SIGNAL and BLACK FRIDAY have made some money for themselves but the poor show of both EKLAVYA and SALAAM E ISHQ have only got the overall box office to tilt towards the red.

    This is the reason why it seems like a pleasant sight when NAMASTEY LONDON gives an indication of a good opening.

    With the promotion of Saif Ali Khan/Rani Mukherjee starrer TRRP finally beginning this weekend, there are now good hopes ahead of box office revival happening soon.The film is directed by Siddharth Anand and is his second directorial venture after his hit debut flick SALAAM NAMASTE.

    Bollywood News : TRRP promotion Kick Starts - Finally!

    Nag’s Rajanna coming with 14 songs

    2011/7/29 17:01:54

    Whether you are ready to take it or not, Nagarjuna’s upcoming movie Rajanna is coming with 14 songs in total including some bit songs. MM Keeravani has composed all the songs. Currently, director Rajamouli is canning the action scenes on Nagarjuna and some others at Annapurna Studios Hyderabad.

    This film is actually directed by Vijayendra Prasad but his son Rajamouli has agreed to direct the action part of the film. Nagarjuna himself is producing this movie under his home banner Annapurna Studios. This is a film based upon Telangana freedom struggle that way backs to pre independence days and Razakar movement. Nagarjuna and Sneha are playing lead roles in this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag’s Rajanna coming with 14 songs

    Vinayak Movie Launch at Annapurna

    2006/9/15 12:59:17 Nirmal Raj and Sony Charushta as lead pair for the film on Sensational Creations Banner which is Directed and Produced by K Narsimha is 'Vinayak' and the muhurat shooting took place at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad. The Muhurat Shot was clapped by Director Anji Srinu and the Camera was switched on by senior Journalist Vinayak Rao. K Narsimha who arranged a press meet on this occasion said that a young road side man accidentally gets tangled with factionism. The efforts to untangle this event is only the theme of this film's story. The shooting will be taken only in one schedule in and around Visakhapatnam and Dhoolpet. Nirmal Raj and Sony were glad to receive the fabulous debut offer for this film which has all the ingredients of making ones career in the Industry.

    Dialogues : Sriram Prasad, Camera : Venkat , Music : Swaminathan, Presenter : K Maheshwari, Story, Screen Play, Producer and Director : K Narsimha.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vinayak Movie Launch at Annapurna

    Chaitu shakes legs with Kajal at Hyd.

    2011/5/27 10:09:16 Naga Chaitanya and Kajal starrer movie (not given any title yet) is progressing with brisk pace at Annapurna Studios. Here is the latest still of the film released to media. This film is directed by Ajay Bhuyan and produced by D. Shiva Prasada Reddy under Sri Kamakshi Kala Movies banner. Devi Sri Prasad is giving tunes to this movie.
    Major part of the film shooting was already completed in the beautiful locations of Bangkok, Thailand and Philippines and now the unit is completing balance part at Hyderabad. The unit has filmed a song sequence on the lead pair on Thursday at Annapurna Studios. Youth Icon Devisri Prasad is scoring music for this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chaitu shakes legs with Kajal at Hyd.

    Flops Galore!

    2007/4/6 12:44:33

    While addressing a seminar on the future of Hindi cinema early this week, one of the key issues I was asked to speak on was the importance of movie marketing in today's times. I cited the example of a popular toothpaste brand that spends an extensive amount on its promotion, convincing people that it guards our teeth, gums and enamel like no other brand does.

    Simply put, it means that no matter how strong and popular your product may be, you still need to pump up the promotion to stay fresh in public memory. Content and promotion are two sides of the coin and both play a significant role in film business today.

    Let's get into the flashback mode. Till the early 1980s, film promotion was limited to plastering the walls with posters, putting up hand-painted hoardings at strategic points and issuing ads in newspapers. With the invasion of satellite television, song and talkie promos were bombarded round the clock subsequently. Today, television, radio and Internet promotion, besides multi-city press meets, holds the key. In fact, when you plan the budget on paper, you need to keep aside a substantial amount for promotion at the very outset.

    Cut to the present. Two of the three releases last Friday - KHANNA & IYER and SAY SALAAM INDIA - came virtually unannounced. KHANNA & IYER has Mukta Arts as one of its producers - a production house known for qualitative promotion. Partnering with Mukta Arts on this film was Zee, one of the premier television entities. Despite strong names to back this project, the promotion of KHANNA & IYER was extremely low-key and worse, the quality of posters and promos were far from eye-catching.

    SAY SALAAM INDIA suffered for altogether different reasons. The film came at an inappropriate time [India's exit from the World Cup] and despite a reputed firm like Adlabs distributing the project, the print count was reduced to half as the release date drew closer. This discussion with one of its producers at a private screening of the film caught me off guard. Sure, World Cup has eaten into film business, but it affected this film in a different way.

    KHANNA & IYER was burdened with a poor script and poorer marketing. Therefore, its disastrous opening [5%-10%] didn't shock me one bit. But SAY SALAAM INDIA was a fine attempt and I genuinely feel that it suffered due to nil awareness. Aggressive promotion might've helped and a strong word of mouth would've only proved sone pe suhaaga.

    The third release, DELHII HEIGHTS, was a terrible letdown. Perhaps, I expected more from this supposedly slice of life movie. The reactions to the film were evident at the premiere screening of the film on Wednesday night. You generally exchange notes during the intermission of a film, but the people I bumped into were discussing everything under the sun, except the film.

    My heart goes out to all producers who toil hard to put a project together, but one mistake [script] blows the film to smithereens.

    Bollywood News : Flops Galore!

    'Soundtrack' postponed for Soha: Director

    2011/10/1 12:41:43

    Mumbai, Oct 1 (IANS) The release of "Soundtrack" was postponed from Sep 30 to Oct 7 because of lead actor Soha Ali Khan's father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi passing away and not due to too many films releasing that day, the film's director Neerav Ghosh has revealed.

    It has been a tough fortnight for Soha. She was in the middle of promoting her new film when her father had to be hospitalised. Bravely, the daughter continued with her nationwide promotion.

    And then the worst happened. Soha's father passed away, leaving her too broken to even think of the film.

    The film's producer Saregama and director Neerav Ghosh had two options. Either to go ahead with the promotion without Soha or postpone the release.

    They opted for the latter. The official reason given for the postponement was -- too many releases on Sep 30.

    Says Ghosh: "It was certainly not the crowd of releases that bothered us. Because we've gone from one clutter to another the following week. No. It was Soha. All of us -- me, Rajeev Khandelwal, Mrinalini Sharma, Soha -- have become one closely-knit family. And if one of us is in distress, the rest of us can't go on normally. We definitely postponed because of Soha's bereavement."

    The decisive moment came in Delhi when the "Soundtrack" director was live on air with Soha on the day of Pataudi's death.

    "It was ghoulish. We were in a segment promoting our film. During the break, we could hear them loudly talking about Soha's father. To her credit, Soha was very composed. But we decided, that was it. We decided to put aside the film until she was ready to face the world and her work again."

    Neerav has been in touch with Soha. The actress will join the promotion of the film from next week after the memorial service in the capital Saturday.

    Bollywood News : 'Soundtrack' postponed for Soha: Director

    Nagarjuna plans new film next year

    2007/11/20 13:03:02

    Akkineni Nagarjuna announced that he would launch his next production next year on the banner of Annapurna Studios. He declared that he was ready to bring out a film if there is a good script. At the same time he revealed that he was ready to encourage new talents and he would be in the forefront to promote interested people.

    Nagarjuna says, 'As of now I have no serious plans to play in television serials but there is no surprise even if I feature in some television serial.' It may be mentioned here that Nagarjuna had earlier promoted his nephew Sumanth through his own production. There was a talk in the film industry that Nagarjuna is going to introduce another nephew Sushant, who had returned from the US recently and wanted to choose acting as his career.

    Though the debut film of Sushant would be produced by Sainaga Creations, it would be presented by Annapurna Sudios. Ravi is making his debut as director through the movie and Tamanna Bhatia of 'Sri'-fame is playing the female lead in the movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nagarjuna plans new film next year

    Arjun Rampal included in HTPL promotion

    2007/3/13 13:27:10

    With the cat out of the bag, Arjun Rampal has been included in the promotion of HONEYMOON TRAVELS PVT. LTD.

    Download Arjun Rampal WallpapersThe film has proved to be a decent earner for its investors and has been going strong even after 2 weeks at being at the theaters. It had a decent first week as it enjoyed a solo release status while even in the second week, it managed to hold on well with only 50% fall in collections since neither NISHABD nor NEHLLE PE DEHLLA created fireworks at the box office.

    Taking a cue from expectation of a longer run ahead, the makers have made the right move by opening the can and declaring Arjun Rampal as the mystery man with a black jacket, black helmet and a black bike in the latest set of film's promos.

    No doubt, it makes for quite an eye candy for many of his women fans!

    Bollywood News : Arjun Rampal included in HTPL promotion

    Rajamouli and his Rajanna

    2011/7/20 9:13:38 Tollywood handsome hero Nagarjuna’s upcoming movie ‘Rajanna’ shooting has reached its last leg. This is a film on Telangana struggle that way backs to pre-independence days. Nagarjuna plays a Telangana freedom fighter in this movie. After a long interval, smiling beauty Sneha is acting in a straight Telugu film. She has paired with him in film Ramadasu and this is their next one. Director SS Rajamouli’s father Vijendra Prasad is directing this movie. However, it was agreed that Rajamouli will direct all the action scenes of this movie.

    Since, Rajamouli is busy with his animated movie ‘Eega’ he has asked his father Vijayendra Prasad and hero Nagarjuna to schedule the dates for all the actions scenes from 17th July onwards, so as he can complete his part of work in a single schedule. It came to know Rajamouli starts his work at Annapurna Studios, Hyderabad.

    Nagarjuna himself is producing this film under his home banner Annapurna Studios. Music: Keeravani; Camera: Senthil Kumar.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajamouli and his Rajanna

    Annapurna Studios, Reliance join hands

    2011/10/20 19:29:44 City-based Annapurna Studios has partnered with Anil Ambani’s Reliance MediaWorks Limited to manage and operate the studio facility and to expand the Digital Post production facility.

    Annapurna Studios, founded by thespian Akkineni Nageswara Rao, is a leading provider of various production facilities, including sound stages, outdoor sets, editing and sound recording theatres to the Telugu entertainment industry while Reliance Media works is the fastest growing film and entertainment company.

    Spread across 22 acres, the centrally located studio complex owned by Annapurna Studios has added five new state-of-the-art air-conditioned studios to the existing five studio complex and the facility will be a comprehensive resource for Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Music Videos amongst others.

    Under the strategic alliance, the studio facility would now be managed and operated by Reliance MediaWorks.

    Reliance MediaWorks will also operate and expand Annapurna Studios’ Digital Post Production facilities that cater to the needs of the Motion Picture and Television Commercials industry.

    Reliance MediaWorks has extensive experience in the Studios and Digital Post Production space. The company owns and operates RMW Studios which are India’s largest Hollywood Benchmarked Studios and comprise of eight sound stages spread across a seven acre area within Filmcity, Mumbai. Having worked on more than 150 films, Reliance MediaWorks’ Digital Intermediate Lab is critically acclaimed as the leading 4K facility in Mumbai with real time grading capabilities.

    Through this alliance, RMW and Annapurna aim to combine the expertise of both players in offering cutting edge infrastructure, skill sets & operating strengths to the industry.

    “This partnership evokes a shared vision for a unified Film, Media & Entertainment Industry in India. The shared strengths will enable the Studio to leverage expertise & complement each other in providing world- class facilities and services to its Customers,” Akkineni Nageswara Rao said on the alliance.

    “I am enthusiastic about this partnership with Reliance MediaWorks. It is futuristic,” Akkineni Nagarjuna, Managing Director of the Studios said in a statement. The collaborative strategic approach between the two studios will drive new growth opportunities and realize the potential to ultimately transform the media & entertainment sector in India.

    He further added that “Reliance MediaWorks and Annapurna Studios together with their unique backgrounds and distinctive perspectives will deliver world-class services through inspired concepts and designs,” he added.

    “Annapurna Studios has created an ecosystem par excellence for the Telugu film industry and it is our honour to partner with them.” Anil Arjun, CEO of Reliance Media Works said.

    Reliance MediaWorks has put together an experienced team of film and media services executives with a proven track record of accomplishments as operators and successful marketers and we can bring the experience, financial skills and hands-on approach that can make a difference. We are excited about the synergies and opportunities that will be created as we begin to work together and we look forward to strengthening our presence in Southern India,” he added. (INN)

    Telugu Cinema News : Annapurna Studios, Reliance join hands

    Nagarjuna’s Rajanna near completion

    2011/7/23 4:28:25

    King Nagarjuna and Sneha starrer movie ‘Rajanna’ shooting is in its last leg. Recently, some fight scenes were filmed at Annapurna Studios in the supervision of fight masters Ram-Laxman and Solomon.

    This film is directed by Vijayendra Prasad and produced by Nagarjuna himself under his home banner Annapurna Studios banner. Director’s son SS Rajamouli is taking care of the action scenes direction. This film is about Telangana freedom struggle that way backs to pre-independence in which Nagarjuna is acting as freedom fighter and Sneha is acting as his wife.

    Since Nagarjuna’s previous film ‘Ragada’ was a failure and his other experimental film ‘Gaganam’ despite having good talk failed to do good business, he has pinned all his hopes on this upcoming movie Rajanna. His father Akkineni Nageswara Rao has visited the sets during the shooting of this film and pats him for his different appearance.

    Since, Nagarjuna and his son Naga Chaitanya’s movies are simultaneously completing they are planning to release their films with certain gap between them to avoid clash and loss in opening collections. Probably, Naga Chaitanya’s Dhada may be released first and then Nagarjuna’s Rajanna movie may release with a week or couple of weeks gap. Dhada audio is releasing on July 24th.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nagarjuna’s Rajanna near completion

    The Train now brings sequels to promos

    2007/4/28 13:09:05

    THE TRAIN may have moved its release to June but the promotion has enough ammunition in it to keep it engaged for weeks to follow.

    The first step in its direction is to now come out with short talkie promos since the songs are anyways doing quite well for themselves ever since they were aired first around 3 weeks back. So what's so special it this, one may ask?

    Well, the fact is that director duo of Hasnain Hyderabadwaala have cut a series of promos that would actually act as sequels in a particular order. So while the first talkie promo is currently on air and seemingly ends on a slightly abrupt note with Emraan Hashmi getting a mysterious call, the second one to follow soon would be taking on from where the first one left.

    Similarily the third promo which would arrive after a while would be taking the story forward from the first and second promo and keep the audience guessing.

    Says Raksha Mistry, "We wanted the promotion to look different considering the fact that entertainment channels this season are flooded with promos of number of films arriving one after another. If we would have arrived in a typical manner, the impact wouldn't have been as massive as we are expecting over next few weeks. It always helps to keep audience looking forward to what next in store rather than opening your cards in the very first go. Just continue seeing what more we have to offer and you would surely be able to understand the connection!'

    Bollywood News : The Train now brings sequels to promos

    KAAFILA - Will it surprise this weekend?

    2007/8/9 10:16:07

    In the weekend gone by, CASH was being touted as the hottest film on the celluloid to kick start August. This Friday, all eyes are set on CHAK DE! INDIA where Yash Raj Films and Shahrukh Khan combo is expected to come up with lethal results once again.

    In this battle of biggies, one film that could as well surprise the audience is Sunny Deol starrer KAAFILA. Even though the film has seen a controlled promotion so far, whatever has been visible so far has made one sit up and take notice of KAAFILA. Though the initial focus of promotion was centered more on songs, as the film's release has arrived closer the theme of the film has become much more prominent.

    The canvas of the movie has suddenly started appearing much bigger than what it did till about a month back. The fresh promos highlighting the USP of the film (shooting across five countries) have clicked well with the masses.

    Now one waits to see the first day reaction of KAAFILA. Though it is a given fact that in North India KAAFILA would be accepted hands down, if the film indeed has some merits of itself, it may as well turn out to be a surprise success of the month.

    Directed by Ammtoje Maan (who is also the story writer), the film has been shot in India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and United States of America. Apart from Sunny Deol, the film also stars Ammtoje Maan himself along with international beauties like Sana Nawaz and Polina Stoynova.

    Bollywood News : KAAFILA - Will it surprise this weekend?

    Ash back at work with Rohan Sippy

    2006/9/8 19:04:41

    After his debut film Kuch Na Kaho, Rohan Sippy has again teamed up with Aishwarya Rai once again, albeit for a soap commercial.

    "That's right," says Aishwarya. "Rohan and I have been friends for ages. When his name cropped up for the new commercial, I immediately agreed to do it. We just shot the ad in Dubai. And it's turned out really hot!"

    Not much of a home-bird lately, Ash has been virtually living out of a suitcase. "I'm in Mumbai on for a few days," he says. "I'll be shooting a song with Hrithik Roshan for Dhoom 2. Then I'll leave for Barcelona for an ad campaign. After that I'll go to London for the promotion of Provoked."

    Apparently, Aishwarya has not been giving ample time to the promotion of her films. "Not true at all! I've been virtually living out of suitcases, running from location to location all over the world, trying to get my four new films ready. Even then I've always made myself available for the promotion of all my films. I was absolutely pressed for time during the release of Mistress Of Spices. I nevertheless agreed to a number of interviews for the film. What could I do if the press persons were looking for more spice than I could give them about the film?" she laughs, dodging all questions on her personal life.

    Right now she's all set to promote Jagmohan Mundhra's Provoked. "It's a theme I completely believe in. I suggested we get the real Kiranjit Ahluwalia whom I play, into the promotional loop for Provoked. As for me not dubbing my lines in the Punjabi, Tamil Telugu and Hindi versions, I speak Punjabi in the original English version of the film. So the Punjabi version needs no dubbing from me. For the Tamil and Telugu versions I've asked them to get professional dubbing artistes who speak these languages. How would I sound speaking in Tamil and Telugu? I don't think Hrithik dubbed for the South Indian versions of Krissh."

    Apart from the badly-received Mistress Of Spices, Aishwarya Rai has had no releases this year. But now she has four releases lined up before the year-end. "There's Umrao Jaan, Provoked, Dhoom 2 and Guru. I've been burning the midnight oil to shoot for them," she says.

    • Rohan and I have been friends for ages. When his name cropped up for the new commercial, I immediately agreed to do it – Aishwarya


    Bollywood News : Ash back at work with Rohan Sippy

    Fire accident in 'Damarukam' sets

    2011/11/8 13:03:05 A minor fire accident happens in the sets of Nagarjuna's socio fantasy movie 'Damarukam' movie at Annapurna Studios on Tuesday. However, the unit members bring it under control in a few minutes. No one injured in the accident and there was no major loss to the sets. The shooting was halted for today.

    Telugu Cinema News : Fire accident in 'Damarukam' sets

    Crucial July for Abbas-Mustan, David Dhawan and Anubhav Sinha

    2007/7/7 11:21:51

    While each of the three films, NAQAAB, PARTNER and CASH look hot at the box office, for their makers it is going to some crucial times ahead.

    Reason? For each of them their last three films didn't actually get much commercial or critical acclaim. For Abbas Mustan, their last outing 36 CHINA TOWN was going fine till the very end when the revelation of the suspense turned out to be a damp squib. Result was that audience wasn't too pleased and the film barely managed to barely scrape through at the box office.

    Ditto for David's SHAADI NO. 1 where the comedy fell flat with ever so reliable Sanjay Dutt turning out to be the film's weakest link. In spite of being a Diwali release, the film couldn't be more than coverage for its investors.

    Anubahv Sinha had the worst outing of all as his Sanjay Dutt starrer TATHASTU barely got a good release and vanished without a trace. In spite of being a sensitive tale told well, the film suffered due to poor promotion and couldn't create any awareness amongst the audience around its release.

    Nevertheless, Sinha would hardly complain about the same now since his CASH is being backed with tremendous promotion. Same hold good for both NAQAAB and PARTNER, each of which is expected to work wonders at the box office.

    Bollywood News : Crucial July for Abbas-Mustan, David Dhawan and Anubhav Sinha

    Balakrishna, Vidya Balan and film promotion

    2011/11/11 17:08:52 Film promotion on television and radio gets into general acceptance even among second generation stars as well. It was gorgeous Viday Balan yesterday on KBC and today it was Nandamuri Balakrishna on a FM Radio channel who came on to promote their upcoming films and this mode of publicity has been widely accepted.

    Balakarishna came on air to promote his Sri Rama Rajyam and interacted with callers from various places wishing him luck and the Nandamuri star giving out some finer details of the film and effort that went into making of the film.

    Starting from 10.00 the interactive session is spread into three sessions, which covers the best part of the day, the film’s songs along with other Balakrishna starrer songs were played. The jockeys conducted the show well and Sri Rama of the film exhibited full flow of language laced with smiles and other soothing expressions suitable for radio.

    He also went on to congratulate the Radio Station for bringing out such a good programme and playing the film songs of which “Jagadanada karaka..” proved to be the favourite one of the majority of callers.

    Last night, KBC had a special guest in the form of Viday Balan who dressed to kill in a bright red saree and sporting a seductive smile she waded through the programme and in the process promoting her forthcoming film ‘The Dirty Picture’. (INN)

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna, Vidya Balan and film promotion

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