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on 2011/8/26 13:45:28

Chiru’s 150th film will announce soon: Nagababu

Just two days ago Chiranjeevi once again revealed about his interest to act in films while inaugurating a Designer Shop at Hyderabad, today his brother Naga babu who came to Tirupati along with his family to offer prayers to lord Balaji on the eve of his marriage anniversary, has told the media that his brother Chiranjeevi’s 150th film details will be announced shortly. He refused to give any further information about this film.

So, knowing about Mega secrecy nature of their family, we can assume that they might be working or nearly completed the preproduction works of his 150th movie and that is why they begin giving hints in that direction.

Even though, now the state Government is running with Chiranjeevi’s support (mercy), the Congress party seems to be least bothered about his presence. Or else, he might have a strong assurance from none other than Sonia Gandhi to accommodate him and his MLAs in some suitable posts after she returns from US. That’s why he also seems not much worried about his present status in the state government. His signals to return to film industry is a clear indication of his future course of action, in case still he neglected by the party.

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    Students back Chiru in big way

    2008/4/29 17:30:51

    This is by far the best news that Chiranjeevi could have heard ever since he gave an indication that he was interested in entering politics. Chiru is now expected to announce his political party in a couple of months Nagababu is now touring several places in the state to gauge the mood of the people.

    He is getting a good response everywhere. The good news however is that the student community – both boys and girls are showing a great interest in Chiru's party and are ready to back him to the hilt. This can tilt the scales in Chiru's favour in a big way.

    Telugu Cinema News : Students back Chiru in big way

    No decision on Chiru party – Nagababu

    2007/12/18 13:27:56 Megastar Chiranjeevi’s brother Nagendrababu said that no decision has been taken so far about launching a political party. He was replying to a question by media men in Tadepalligudem on Monday. Nagababu made it clear that Chiru is yet to make up his mind over the issue.

    He also said that the guidelines for Pawan Kalyan’s proposed Common Man Protection Force were also yet to be formulated.

    Andhra News : No decision on Chiru party – Nagababu

    Chiru's tragedy!

    2007/8/17 10:03:38

    The suspense over Chiranjjeevi’s next film continues. He has yet to announce his 149th film but talk about his 150the film is already doing the rounds. The subject is said to be the story of a freedom fighter from Rayalaseema, Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

    And Chiru’s wife Surekha is likely to produce this film. So far so good. But the real problem is, the freedom fighter is sentenced to death by hanging by the Britishers for raising a mutiny against the British Empire way back in 1850’s. So will Chiru’s fans be able to digest the scene where their favorite hero is sent to the gallows – that too in his 150th film?

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru's tragedy!

    Nagababu storms TRS bastion!

    2008/2/11 18:45:05 Popular hero and younger brother of Chiranjeevi, Nagababu is now slowly preparing the ground for Chiranjeevi's entry intro politics.

    Nagababu has been holding secret meetings with Chiranjeevi fans across the state. He held several meetings with Chiranjeevi fans in coastal Andhra and Krisha district in the past few weeks.
    Nagababu is now entering what is known as the bastion of the TRS – Telangna districts. Nagababu toured several places in Telangana like Karimnagar, Siddipet, Nizamabad etc. He held meetings with Chiru fans and also took part in many free eye check up camps and blood donation camps.

    Andhra News :  Nagababu storms TRS bastion!

    Suspence over Chiru’s 150 th film

    2007/8/11 13:46:12

    Chiranjeevi will soon announce his plans for his 150th film. Chiru is now only two films short of this magic number. SDZ was film number 148. Either VV Vinayak or Gunashekar will direct his film number 149.

    Chiranjeevi will take a final decision on this soon and an official announcement is likely to be made on his birthday on August 22. It is being said that Chiranjeevi is keen to direct his landmark film number150.

    Telugu Cinema News : Suspence over Chiru’s 150 th film

    Chiru fans - 'Registered' public and 'Unregistered Private!

    2008/1/30 8:16:50 The entire ugly show of attacking Rajashekar and his family by Chiru fans (goons) is casting its long shadow on Chiranjeevi and his brothers in a big way. The way Naga Babu reacted to the issue only shocked people further.

    Nagababu said that the attack was not an act of Chiru fans. His logic is that they may be some 'unregistered' fans of Chiru. Nagababu said that Chiranjeevi fans are very disciplined and calm.

    Going by Nagababu's statement, it appears that they are maintaining two sets of fans. One fan group will organize all charitable events alike voluntary blood donation camps, eye donation camps, health checkups etc.

    The other group will be handy to settle political sores. Once Chiranjeevi launches his political party, it is his 'unregistered' fans that will come in handy. Registered fans will be the public face of the party and the unregistered fans, the power behind the throne.

    The moot question is, who will control these unregistered fans, who are quite large in number and are spread all over the state? They are almost like a private army.

    Andhra News : Chiru fans - 'Registered' public and 'Unregistered Private!

    Nagababu in place of Chiru?

    2008/5/6 13:47:57

    The film 'Adhinayakudu' was supposed to be the 149th film of megastar Chiranjeevi. Paruchuri brothers have readied the script and wok is set to commence next month. N Shankar will direct this film. But the latest news coming from Chiru's camp is that Chiranjeevi will not be doing the film. Instead, he has asked his brother Nagababu to act in the film. The film will be loaded with political messages and will be ready by early 2009, in time for the next assembly elections.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nagababu in place of Chiru?

    Nagababu insulted, reduced to a joker!

    2008/3/15 14:42:22

    Mega brother Nagababu played a guest role in the film ‘Premabhishekam’. He plays the role of a gang leader. He is pitted against a much bigger and powerful gangster Sri Hari. The film is produced by Venu Madhav and he also stars as a hero in the film.

    It is quite obvious that Venu Madhav used his influence with the Chiru family and convinced Nagababu to do the role. While Sri Hari’s role is quite substantial and also decent, Nagababu is virtually reduced to that of a joker. His role is very brief and also very unconvincing. He comes across as an ineffective gang leader who cannot take revenge for the killing of his brother-in-law at the hands of Sri Hari.

    One fails to understand how someone with a stature ad image as that of Nagababu could have agreed to lay such a silly role. The role is nothing short of an insult to Nagababu but also to his fans.

    Andhra News : Nagababu insulted, reduced to a joker!

    KCR positive on Chiru

    2008/2/12 17:01:18 .

    The TRS has been reacting cautiously over Chiranjeevi's imminent entry into politics. The party wants Chiranjeevi to spell his stand clearly on the issue of separate Telangana.

    The TRS is said to be ready to enter into an electoral alliance with Chranjeevi if he promises to back the demand for a separate Telangana.

    It is understood that the TRS had sent some feelers to this effect through Nagababu. Nagababu's toured several places in Telangana. He has been getting good response everywhere.

    The message is that the TRS is not averse to tie up with Chiru as and when he launches a political party.

    Andhra News : KCR positive on Chiru

    Chiru’s 150th film will be release date

    2011/9/2 7:49:17 Ever since, Chiranjeevi has decided to start his 150th film he is strategically releasing the details in installments to create hype and as well as to bring back his fans who drifted away from him after the last general elections.

    He has declared that his 150th film will be on screens by August 22nd next year on the eve of his next birthday. However, he didn’t reveal any other details of this movie including the director’s name, which he reserved for next announcement.

    So, his fans should be prepared to know his 150th film updates like a TV serial, until he releases the film. In other words, it is just like showing another movie that describes about the main movie, of course at free of cost. Since, it would be sailing in two boats at a time, they may also expect some breaks in between these lengthy episodes of 150th film updates.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru’s 150th film will be release date

    Why Chiru is talking about 150th film?

    2011/8/29 13:55:44 Chiranjeevi, who has been recently stamped as a Congress party member is talking more about his 150th movie than speaking about his political career. Yesterday, he told the media he has agreed to his brother Naga Babu’s request for starting 150th film. “My son, Ram Charan Tej will produce this movie. I will tell the full details of this movie very shortly.”

    But, what makes him talk about his next movie when he is supposed to active part in the state politics?

    The Congress party which is now facing challenges from Jagan Mohan Reddy and from the Telangana leaders is planning to push Chiranjeevi into front lines of the battle field and forcing him to face its rivals using his popularity. Congress party’s idea to put the gun on his shoulders may be irritating him. Perhaps, this is why he is thinking about this alternative to avoid this embarrassing situation.

    Telugu Cinema News : Why Chiru is talking about 150th film?

    Media drive Nagababu away from dinner!

    2008/2/11 18:59:51 The media gathered outside the residence of TRS leader Madhu this evening. The media smelt a big story as Madhu had invited Nagababu, brother of Chirnjeevi for dinner and also some 'talks'.

    Nagababu was shocked to see the big media contingent outside the residence of Madhu. Nagababu did not want to take any chances as the media might force him to say something that could prove damaging to Chiranjeevi.

    So Nagababu left the place hurriedly without having dinner. He later said that he went to Madhu's house, as one of Madhu's relatives is a big fan of Chiranjeevi.

    Nagababu wants to convey that there was not politics involved in his visit to the residence of the TRS leader.

    Andhra News : Media drive Nagababu away from dinner!

    Chiranjeevi maintains Mega silence

    2011/10/4 5:36:24
    Chiru's 150th film?
    Chiranjeevi and his brother Naga babu have confirmed the 150th film of Chiranjeevi few weeks back. But, so far Chiranjeevi or anyone from his compound didn't reveal any new information about his 150th film.

    Cherry's Engagement?
    On the other hand, Chiranjeevi also controlled his son Ram Charan Tej from moving along with his would-be Upasana, by making him take Ayyappa Deeksha for 41 days. So, there was no news from his end. There is no one ready to give any information about their engagement function planned at Domakonda Fort in Nizamabad soon. Hence, there was sudden silence in this regard from Mega camp.

    Chiru's political stand?
    Moreover, there are no spicy political statements from Chiranjeevi these days. Everyone expected that, his close movements with Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and his recent New Delhi tour will make him defend Kiran Kumar on general strike issue, which he is now lonely battling from Government side. Yet, Chiranjeevi doesn't come forward to standby Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and dare to speak on Telangana issue or on the ongoing general strike.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiranjeevi maintains Mega silence

    Chiru and brothers under surveillance

    2008/2/8 20:47:16

    The ruling congress party is not taking the prospect of Chiranjeevi's political entry lightly. The congress had earlier dismissed such a event as pure speculation and did not take much notice.

    But the incidents over the last few weeks have given clear indications to the congress that Chiranjeevi is indeed very serious about his political entry. The prospect of Chiranjeevi launching a political party is now staring the congress in the face.

    Chiranjeevi had requested the police to provide him with security some time back. The government took this opportunity to post cops and used them to monitor the activities going on at his residence.

    It is believed that the police are now following the movements of Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan as well as Nagababu closely. Two plainclothes men are said to be following them everywhere.

    Nagababu has recently made several trips to Andhra region to meet Chiru fans. Policemen have also covered his meetings with fans in mufti posing as Chiranjeevi fans.

    Andhra News : Chiru and brothers under surveillance

    Why did Chiru drop out from Adhinayakudu?

    2008/5/7 13:55:48

    The film ‘Adhinayakudu’ was supposed to be the 149th film of megastar Chiranjeevi. Paruchuri brothers also included many politically loaded statements in the film. N Shankar was chosen as the director. But at the eleventh hour, Chiranjeevi is reported to have chickened out from the project.

    The reason is that he was not sure how people would receive the film loaded with political connotations. If the film attracts a negative talk and bombs at the box office, then it would be a severe blow to his political plans.

    Chiranjeevi has therefore decided to play it safe and opted out of the film. He has asked his brother Nagababu to act in his place. If the film does well, it will be beneficial to Chiru anyway. But if it bombs at the box office, then it means just another flop in the account of Nagababu! That way Chiranjeevi would be safe.

    Gossips : Why did Chiru drop out from Adhinayakudu?

    Chiru will give top priority for farming

    2008/5/12 12:10:58 The farming community and agriculture are high n the agenda of the proposed political party of megastar Chiranjeevi. Nagababu disclosed this at a meeting ‘Rythu Rajyam’ at Jangaon in Warangal district on Sunday.

    Nagababu said that they came from a farming community and hence are well aware of the problems faced by farmers. He said farmers problems like quality seeds, adequate power, quality insecticides and pesticides and other such issues would be taken care of by Chiranjeevi once he comes to power.

    Andhra News : Chiru will give top priority for farming

    KCR’s plans on Chiru

    2007/12/17 13:51:14 The TRS chief K Chandrasheka Rao is now watching the moves of Chiranjeevi camp very closely. He is now looking for an alliance partner in the next assembly elections. KCR has already badmouthed both the congress as well as the communists. So an alliance with those parties is now out of question. And the TDP is his sworn enemy.

    This leaves KCR with the lone hope of Chiranjeevi. KCR is sure that Chiranjeevi would come out with a positive signal on Telangana. And this is what KCR needs to back Chiranjeevi fully and align with him. One word is what KCR is looking from Chiranjeevi. Just a positive sign from Chiru on Telangana is sufficient for KCR and he il immediately announce his support to Chiru’s party.

    Andhra News : KCR’s plans on Chiru

    Nagababu is busy

    2007/11/5 16:19:48

    Actor Nagababu is busy with his new film with Posani titled 'Apadalamokkulavadu'. Simran plays opposite to Nagababu in the film. The film is progressing briskly. Meanwhile, Nagababu has signed up for another film with Kodi Ramakrishna. Naga Babu will play the role of a police officer in the film. Kalyani will play his wife in the movie.

    Telugu Cinema News :  Nagababu is busy

    Chiranjeevi change his mind again

    2011/7/1 8:10:11 Even before 48 hours of his statement about retiring from his acting profession, Chiranjeevi has changed his mind and stated that he will act in his 150th movie under Puri Jagannath’s direction. He said he has decided so, because of the immense pressure from fans and all others. Yesterday, some of his fans have made a picket before his house demanding to reconsider his retirement decision and start acting in the movies again. They have warned that, if he didn’t reconsider his decision they will start agitations in a big way all over the state. Nagababu has assured them that he will convince his brother Chiranjeevi to obey their demands and act in the movies. Then the fans stopped picketing and returned.

    Yesterday, Chiranjeevi met Bollywood No.1 hero Amitabh Bachchan during premiere show of his ‘Bbuddah’ hoga tere baap,’ where he also met its director Puri Jagannath. Amitabh suggested him to do his 150th film and Chiranjeevi has agreed. Puri Jagannath said he will direct the movie. Amitabh Bachchan also has agreed to play a guest role in that movie.

    Andhra News : Chiranjeevi change his mind again

    RGV questions Chiru

    2010/11/9 15:26:14

    The maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has done it again. In his twitter post RGV said that Chiranjeevi who ha so far acted in 149 films should now have acquired enough experience to be able to direct a film.

    RGV says that the people would naturally flock to see the film to see how Chiranjeevi fared as a director.

    In the same tweet RGV says that he does not want to see the name of Chiranjeevi as director in the title cards. Wonder what that means? Simple – RGV wants Chiru to give him a chance to direct his 150th film!!

    Telugu Cinema News : RGV questions Chiru

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