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on 2007/12/18 10:41:14

Akshay about Katrina Kaif

After a couple of days Katrina revealing about her co-star Akshay , Akhi opened up about her in an interview. He agreed that after working for 3 films with her, he and Katrina are bonded well and also share a good chemistry on the screen. He also added that Katrina is a hardworking girl and also appreciated for her guts to face the Hindi film cameras in spite of being a UK girl who doesn’t even know a single Hindi words meaning. He applauded her for all the work she has done so far and also advised everyone to salute her for her acting skills. He also said that may be she is the success woman behind his 3 successful film’s with her and also complimented her for playing a vital part in all his film’s success.

Akshay also cleared the rumors which are in the air and said that he and Katrina are just friends who share a good chemistry. He added to this that apart from this there is no love track going between them and also pleaded media not to indulge in airing all the rumors which can affect his personnel life.

Akshay, confirmed that he is not going to take part in Bachchan World Tour –The Unforgettable –any longer. He added that this is due to his date problems in September. The tour was supposed to be held in April 2008. But due to the ill health of the Amiatab’s mother the tour had to be postponed which made Akshay to back off due to prior commitments.

When asked about the rumors which were circulating that Anil Kapoor was miffed up with him due to the credentials in the film Welcome. Akshay gave a straight response that he already made it clear to the director Feroz Nadiadwalla that the credits should be Feroz khan, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, him& Katrina. He said that since Anil kapoor was a senior to him it was better to name his Name before him in the Welcome Titles. But it happened opposite and so akshay was named first as he is the lead hero.

But Akshay kumar clarified that Anil was never miffed up by him and also said that he was a jovial person who does not mind about petty things.

Akshay kumar when questioned about his future film’s gave a hint that eh will see the script and will sign as he thinks that doing the same comedy roles will bore the audience and also will disappoint his fan’s so he said that his next film Tashan will portray him in a action hero role which his fan’s would love to see him .

He also thanked god for all the success he obtained and also said that he was quite lucky to obtain the top hero position in bollywood among the stalwarts of the industry like Sharukh and Amitabh.

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    Katrina Kaif pays tribute to Meena Kumari

    2010/10/6 12:58:06

    Decades ago the timeless Meena Kumari had audiences mesmerized every time she grazed the screen – with Katrina Kaif on board Farah Khandirector of the highly anticipated Tees Maar Khan thought it was apt to recreate the Meena Kumari magic. As a tribute to the yesteryear’s actress Katrina Kaif will don her Pakeezah look for a special Qawwali number also starring Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan.

    Confirms director/choreographer Farah Khan “Katrina's look has been modeled on 'Pakeezah' .While Akshay and Salman can be expected to have a lot of fun with this track, it belongs to Katrina as she is going to surprise the audience.” The Qawalli track titled Wallah Re Wallah will have a complete local Mumbaiyya feel to it and will be a complete foot- tapper much like the music in all of Farah Khan’s movies.

    The action packed comedy starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif -Tees Maar Khan releases 24th December 2010.

    Bollywood News : Katrina Kaif pays tribute to Meena Kumari

    Akshay Kumar's dare devilry

    2007/12/15 21:44:10

    Megastar Akshay Kumar has always been associated with dare devil stunts, whether jumping from sky-scrapper or hanging from a helicopter to rescue damsel in distress, he has done it all.

    But in a role reversal for his forthcoming blockbuster WELCOME, Akshay is rescued by Katrina Kaif!

    In a very whacky scene in the film Akshay jumps into the fire to save Katrina Kaif, but he is so afraid of the fire that he faints. Katrina then literally had to lift Akshay and get him out of the fire.

    Says producer Firoz Nadiadwala, "Anees Bazmi, the director had conceived the particular hilarious scene. In fact whilst shooting for the scene, we were apprehensive of Akshay jumping inside the fire since it was risky.

    But Akshay being Akshay just jumped inside the fire. He even got his right hand burnt but he didn't tell us. We got to know about it once the shooting was over."

    WELCOME is Akshay Kumar's last comedy of the year after a string of consecutive hits starting with NAMASTE LONDON, HEYY BABYY and BHOOL BHULAIYA.

    WELCOME is slated to release on Dec 21st 2007. Bollywood's HIT MACHINE is on a roll!

    Bollywood News : Akshay Kumar's dare devilry

    Akshay & Katrina's cover story

    2010/12/9 11:06:28

    Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif pose for shutterbugs at a press conference to unveil the latest issue of Filmfare magazine, in Mumbai on Wednesday.

    The two stars of Farah Khan's upcoming movie, Tees Maar Khan, feature on the cover of the magazine.

    Bollywood News : Akshay & Katrina's cover story

    Akshay: Katrina has played an item girl like never before

    2010/12/14 11:34:28

    The world is crooning 'Sheila Ki Jawani' and resultantly, the team of TEES MAAR KHAN too isn't allowing the steam to be let off. While the cast and director of the film are currently on an all India tour of the film and would soon be heading for the other parts of the world, there is an exponential rise in buzz and excitement that one can sense in the curiosity around the film which is tipped to take a huge opening at the box office.

    Meanwhile, the film is also huge for Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif because as a couple, they return on the big screen more than two years after SINGH IS KINNG. Yes, they were seen together in DE DANA DAN and BLUE as well but there was hardly any screen time that they shared. This means that as a quintessential hero-heroine 'jodi', it is indeed a reunion of sorts for Akshay and Katrina here.

    Bollywood News : Akshay: Katrina has played an item girl like never before

    She is Tollywood Katrina Kaif!

    2011/1/20 14:19:30

    She is hot and she is sexy. She is also making a mark in Tollywood with films like Mirapakay. Her new film Wanted will hit the screens next week.

    Yes we are talking about the buxom babe Deeksha Seth. Comedian Brahmanadam was so impressed by her looks that he is reported to have mistaken her for Katrina Kaif.

    When someone pointed out that she was not Katrina but Deeksha Seth Brahmi is reported to have remarked that she is so beautiful that she should be addressed as Tollywood Katrina Kaif. That should make Deeksha quite happy.

    Telugu Cinema News : She is Tollywood Katrina Kaif!

    Kat-Akki duo to sizzle

    2007/12/1 16:48:26

    E veryone is raving about how good Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif look on screen. So after delivering this year's hit film Namastey London, they are back with Welcome slated to release this holiday season. If the promos of Welcome are anything to go by, they look like they are going to make this holiday season a hot one.

    The film also stars Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Feroz Khan who play the role of Hong Kong-based serious-comic mobsters who are keen to get their sister Sanjana (Katrina Kaif) married into a respectable family. Paresh Rawal plays the role of Akshay's uncle and disapproves of this alliance. The whole plot takes a Uturn when a stunning bombshell played by Mallika Sherawat, arrives on the scene.

    Bollywood News : Kat-Akki duo to sizzle

    Katrina wants to welcome a variety of roles

    2007/12/22 8:58:44

    Actress Katrina Kaif has had a blast doing comedy films but now she thinks it's time to move on. Having got herself what she calls "a body of hits", Katrina is now looking for more meat in her roles. "Enough is enough, otherwise audiences would start to believe that being a prop in comedy films is all I can do," she said.

    Ask her if Welcome and then Singh Is Kingg (both with Akshay) were her last two comedies and the diplomat in Katrina surfaces. "I wouldn't like to say anything so definite. As for Welcome, I'm quite kicked by it. This film is going to have the audiences hysterical with laughter. More than anything else, Anees Bazmee is a fantastic writer," shared Katrina.

    Hard to believe, but Welcome was one of the first films that Katrina signed. "Yes, it has been in the making for a long time. Maybe the costumes and hairstyle do look a little out of touch. But, it's a comedy, so it's all right. They aren't going to watch Welcome for authenticity." she said.

    Branded a hit actress, especially with Akshay, Katrina must be bur dened with the thought of making Welcome work. "Not really. Of course, I want all my films to work. But the actual outcome depends on destiny. I've got Abbas-Mustan's Race in January 2008. I'm also working in a Yash Raj film (with Ranbir Kapoor). Now I'm looking at projects that will take me further from where I am," explained Katrina.

    Bollywood News : Katrina wants to welcome a variety of roles

    Katrina takes revenge on Ranbir

    2011/3/15 11:03:32

    Katrina Kaif is all set to take her revenge on ex boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

    Katrina Kaif, who was too keen on settling down with Ranbir Kapoor, is furious over Ranbir’s refusal to her marriage proposal.

    Ranbir had recently turned down Katrina’s marriage proposal as he is currently eyeing on his co star in upcoming movie Rockstar Nargis Fakhri.

    Now it's Katrina's turn to take the revenge and she even refused to acknowledge her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and said that she never dated Ranbir.

    However, Katrina’s latest version is hard to be believed as Katrina was spotted with Ranbir several times.

    They were spotted spending some cosy moments together in an aircraft. Shutterbugs also caught them partying at midnight at a launge in Mumbai.

    According to the sources, Katrina had also met Ranbir’s parents and grand mother to seek their blessings.

    Bollywood News : Katrina takes revenge on Ranbir

    Katrina Kaif to make her Tamil debut?

    2008/1/19 8:26:43

    Beautiful Bollywood belle, Katrina Kaif will make her maiden appearance in a Tamil film soon. The grapevine says the tall actress will, in all probability, be the heroine of Ajith in his forthcoming film.

    The movie, which will be directed by Raju Sundaram, will be an action thriller with a heavy accent on hilarity.Katrina has so far declined offers to act in Tamil films against heroes like Vikram and Vijay .

    But, this time around, the buzz says, Ms Kaif may give her nod. Katrina has acted in Telugu and Malayalam movies already. In Malayalam, she played the female lead in the Mammootty starrer, Balram Vs Tara Das .

    Tamil Cinema News : Katrina Kaif to make her Tamil debut?

    Is Salman Khan insecure about Katrina Kaif?

    2006/12/27 15:54:45

    Rumours are that Salman Khan is not too happy with Katrina Kaif working with certain co-stars.

    Buzz is that due to this, Salman insists on accompanying Katrina for most of her film assignments.

    Salman even recently even accompanied Katrina for the dubbing sessions of Namaste London which has Akshay Kumar opposite Katrina.

    Sources claim that Salman is not too happy with Katrina working with certain co-stars and that is why he seen tagging along with her for her shoots.

    Is Salman feeling insecure about his beautiful girlfriend?

    'Not at all, claims an insiders and adds "Salman is merely being extremely supportive of Katrina’s Bollywood career."

    At the dubbing of ‘Namaste London’ Salman was reportedly giving Katrina tips on voice modulation and emoting in Hindi.

    Sources also claim that Salman has done a cameo in the film and he is extremely interested with the way Katrina’s character shapes up.

    Katrina is seen playing a character, which is similar to her real life character as she plays a girl who hails from London in the film.

    Director Vipul Shah confirms Salman's presence on location.

    "He has been coming to dubbing sessions but he has been interested in the project right from the beginning. Katrina is a crucial part of the film and she is playing a character that is close to her as she hails from London," he said.


    Bollywood News : Is Salman Khan insecure about Katrina Kaif?

    Akki-Katrina want to beat SRK-Kajol

    2008/3/12 12:17:19

    Akshay is hellbent on covering the seven wonders of the world. Even as he prepares to shoot never-before action scenes on the Great Wall Of China, he is getting ready for a stint in in April in Egypt amidst the pyramids. This time, it's for song with Katrina Kaif for Anees Bazmi's Sinngh Is King.

    "We'll be shooting the introductory song of the lead pair. This would be where Akshay first meets Katrina. After this the film is complete," informs Vipul Shah.

    The last time a romantic song was shot amidst the blow-dried pyramids of Egypt it was between Shah Rukh and Kajol in Karan Johar in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

    Says a source, "Not surprising that Akshay wants the song shot in Eypgt. He wants to better Shah Rukh's successs score with Kajol.

    Most trade pundits see Akshay and Katrina as the next most- successful jodi after Shah Rukh-Kajol. Shooting a song where the hit jodi of the last millennium shot a song isn't just coincidence.

    After Namaste London and Welcome, Akshay really feels Katrina is his lucky mascot."

    "But," warns director Anees Bazmi. "We aren't shooting at all the normal places in Egypt. We want to capture parts of the country other than the predictable pyramids."

    Bollywood News : Akki-Katrina want to beat SRK-Kajol

    Katrina voted as the sexiest woman of year

    2010/12/18 18:17:43
    For the third consecutive year Bollywood hot babe Katrina Kaif has been voted as the world’s sexiest woman of the year 2010. The poll was conducted by a leading UK based south Asian publication house-Eastern Eye’s. Its editor Asjad Nazir declared that, Katrina Kaif won the majority of votes when compared to her counter parts from all over the world.

    Katrina Kaif who was delighted to know this news has said “I’m very happy that I have made it to the top of Eastern Eye’s list again. England is off course a very special place to me and I think it’s very sweet to be voted the sexiest by them. I just want to thank everyone for the support,”

    Telugu Cinema News : Katrina voted as the sexiest woman of year

    Katrina Kaif stripped of glamour for film with Salman Khan!

    2011/5/25 12:20:01

    Katrina Kaif’s attractive looks is her drawcard. Stripped of her glamour, she would have to go an extra mile to make her presence felt on the screen.

    Kabir Khan, the director of New York, is going to present Katrina as a Plain Jane in his next film Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan in the lead role. We hear that Kabir’s brief to Katrina is to use no make-up at all before her shots. Her character is of a girl-next-door who doesn’t stand out in the crowd.

    Now, we have already seen Katrina de-glammed in the second half of director Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti, but her role in Ek Tha Tiger would go beyond that. Kabir is quite particular about not letting Katrina use any make-up. Which means, no dabs of lipstick on the sly, nor any brush strokes of rouge.

    Katrina Kaif obviously trusts Kabir Khan’s vision of her character in the film, but it remains to be seen how millions of her fans would take Kat stripped of glamour.

    Considering how benignly she’s been bestowed with beauty, Katrina would be a heart-stopper even after a face-wash. Don’t you think so?

    Bollywood News : Katrina Kaif stripped of glamour for film with Salman Khan!

    Salman plans revenge on Ranbir for insulting Katrina

    2011/4/18 12:39:06

    The love saga involving Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan does not seem to end.

    The latest buzz is that Bollywood macho man Salman Khan is extremely annoyed with Ranbir Kapoor.

    Salman and Katrina have parted ways long back but they still maintain a cordial relationship.

    Ranbir in a television interview few days back insulted Katrina by saying that he never dated Katrina.

    This has upset Salman as he is still protective towards her.

    Salman has now asked all hi producer friends to boycott Ranbir Kapoor.

    According to the reports, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were dating each other and Katrina wanted to take their relationship further.

    Katrina proposed marriage to Ranbir but he turned the proposal down as he was not ready to tie the knot and was eyeing on his co star in Rockstar Nargis Fakhri.

    Bollywood News : Salman plans revenge on Ranbir for insulting Katrina

    Salman shoots an item number with Katrina

    2010/9/29 21:51:00

    Despite personal disputes, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif came together for their close friend Farah Khan and shot an item number for ‘Tees Maar Khan’. The song was shot at the film city for two days and sources informed that it is a fun song where two actors, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar fight for the same girl Katrina Kaif. It is major highlight of the film choreographed by choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan.

    A source reveals, "Despite tensions between Salman and Kat, they both had a great time shooting the song. In the quawalli number, Kat was styled like Meena Kumari from Pakeezah. Salman and Akshay was dressed up like tapori, colorful shirt, vests and pants. To add more fun to the song, Farah has also incorporated the famous towel dance move from Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

    The item number ‘Walla Walla’ will be more entertaining than raunchy ‘Sheila ki Jawani’ number.

    Bollywood News : Salman shoots an item number with Katrina

    Katrina Kaif pairs with Ajith

    2008/2/2 20:10:33

    Ajith has at last found himself a leading lady.

    For his next film, Ajith is busy fighting in Hong Kong. For his first directorial venture, Raju Sundaram is breaking his head as to who should pair with Ajith. After considering Shriya, Bipasha Basu and others, they have finally settled on Katrina Kaif.

    Salman Khan is shooting for the Hindi version of 'Pokkiri' in Chennai and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif followed him here. When Raju Sundaram happened to meet her, he narrated the story of his new film. After a great deal of consideration, Kaif finally gave her assent, much to everyone's delight. Most actresses who come here from north India are not greatly lauded. Will Katrina change that?

    Tamil Cinema News :  Katrina Kaif pairs with Ajith

    Salman Khan wants to marry Katrina Kaif?

    2006/7/29 21:03:01

    Yes, rumours are rife that Salman Khan is keen to tie the knot with Katrina Kaif .

    But there are also rumours that all is not well in the Salman – Katrina paradise.

    The reason, apparently, is Salman’s well-known possessive streak, which is hampering their relationship and causing Katrina much unhappiness.

    Sources say that the two are still very much in love, but their priorities have changed.

    While Salman is touching 40 and now keen to tie the knot, the 20-something Katrina is reportedly not so keen to enter matrimony just yet.

    The priority for Katrina at the moment is to carve a niche for herself in Bollywood and get out of Salman’s shadow.

    According to sources, “A married actor, who is a close friend of Katrina, is motivating her to get more involved with her career.” And this is obviously not going down too well with Salman.

    The good news is that the couple is trying to iron out their differences.

    Here’s hoping the best for the two.


    Bollywood News : Salman Khan wants to marry Katrina Kaif?

    Katrina and the six crore Deal

    2008/2/13 12:23:37

    Katrina Kaif is finally coming out from Salman Khan’s shadow. This pretty damsel has recently bagged a six-crore deal for two films with Studio 18.

    Though Katrina has confirmed the news of this deal, she refuses to talk much about it and wishes to maintain its confidentiality.

    Katrina has already done two films Namaste London and Welcome with this production house, and the third one soon to be released.

    The actress is currently shooting for Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj and will start shooting for these two films once it’s over. Apparently she is very excited and is eagerly waiting to work on these projects.

    Looks like this actress is maturing and finally coming out of the Salman Khan aura. Now that’s what we call going independent.

    Bollywood News : Katrina and the six crore Deal

    Akshay, Katrina in Vipul Shah's London Dreams?

    2007/8/2 8:42:27

    Its now an open secret that Rajkumar Santoshi's aborted project, LONDON DREAMS, has been taken to Vipul Shah by the producer, P J Singh. The talented filmmaker, who has just completed a hat-trick of successes with AANKHEIN, WAQT - THE RACE AGAINST TIME and NAMASTEY LONDON, now has the bound script with him. Although he has loved the script, he has suggested a few minor changes. So, what's the latest buzz?

    If unconfirmed sources are to be believed, Vipul Shah wants a change in the old cast, comprising of Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta. In place of Ajay and Priyanka, it is Vipul's desire to rope in his favorite, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. An interesting development indeed, if it does happen!

    Of course Salman will be more than pleased but what about Akshay? For now we can just wait and watch.

    Bollywood News : Akshay, Katrina in Vipul Shah's London Dreams?

    Ali Zafar turns guitar teacher for Katrina Kaif

    2011/8/10 12:30:15

    Singer-turned-actor Ali Zafar is reportedly helping Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif in achieving her goal to master the art of strumming.

    People are raving about Katrina Kaif’s rockstar image in her upcoming film “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” (MBKD), but not just in films, the Bollywood actress is learning to play guitar even in real life.

    Zafar is Katrina’s co-star in MBKD, which is a love triangle and also stars Imran Khan and during the shoot of the film, he gave Katrina some guitar lessons.

    “It was great working with Ali. The nice thing is that Ali is also a musician and since I’m learning how to play the guitar and I’m very interested in it, I’m trying to learn from whoever I can”, said Katrina.

    “Farhan Akhtar taught me some stuff during ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and Ali has also taught me some stuff during this film. He is a good teacher and we are trying to get into a form where we can play a live song together in one of the promotional events for this film very soon,” Katrina told reporters here at the music launch of the film.

    Bollywood News : Ali Zafar turns guitar teacher for Katrina Kaif

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