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on 2006/9/29 18:29:50

Indian sex symbol Zeenat Aman to make a comeback in Bollywood

One of Bollywood's best known sex symbols Zeenat Aman will stage a comeback in a romantic flick next month.

Aman plays a mother of two and stars opposite veteran actor Rajesh Khanna in "Jaana — Let's Fall in Love."

Although she has appeared in brief, cameo roles, this was the first movie with a substantial role since she stopped acting in 1987, Aman told the Indian Express newspaper. Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is home to Bollywood, India's prolific movie industry.

"Eighty-one films as a leading lady for over 15 years — I journeyed from girlhood to womanhood through them," said Aman. "But away from the camera too, life has been fulfilling."

She said her sons, aged 19 and 16, used to be a full-time job. "But my boys have grown up now. I have the time to do films."

Aman will also star in two more movies "Sirf Romance" or "Just Romance" and "Love by Chance."

A former model and beauty queen, Aman shot to the limelight with the 1971 hit film "Hare Rama Hare Krishna." She was one of the first Indian actresses to opt for dresses and trousers instead of the more traditional sari.

source:international herlad tribune

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    Zeenat Aman, Raj Babbar back together

    2008/3/5 14:54:27

    Zeenat Aman and Raj Babbar are back again, for the first time after Insaaf Ka Tarazu.

    The two will be seen together in Dil to Diwana Hai, a D S Productions film being directed by yesteryears actor Raja Bundela.

    "When Raja Bundela approached me for this role, I just thought that it would certainly be interesting to work with Raj Babbar again," said Zeenat.

    In their last film together Raj Babbar had played a rapist and the chemistry with Zeenat Aman was a mega success on the screen.

    Zeenat plays mother to Hyder Ali, Aamir Khan's brother and Raj Babbar plays father to Sadaa, who makes her debut in Bollywood with this movie.

    Sadaa has earlier worked in Tamil and Telugu films among the top league stars there.

    Dil to Diwana Hai explores the changing mentality of the new generation, their attitude towards family values, traditions and the requirements of a bridge that can hold them between ethics and modern culture.

    Dil to Diwana Hai is set to rollout in May 2008.
    Alok Nath, Sushmita Mukherji, Aroon Bakshi, Hemant Pandey, Shabnam Kapoor, Meenu Bharadwaj, Sweta Girea, Mohsin Khan, and Gaurav Ghai are in lead cast. Anand Raj Anand has contributed the music for the movie. Rajesh Joshi has done the cinematography. Vikram Sood wrote the dialogues and Jayant Deshmukh has done the art direction.

    Bollywood News : Zeenat Aman, Raj Babbar back together

    Zeenat Aman on campaign trail

    2007/4/25 8:43:21

    Yesteryears Bollywood star Zeenat Aman, who campaigned for D.P. Yadav, Uttar Pradesh's controversial politician who has a number of criminal cases against him, has turned to help the Congress now.

    Zeenat was roped in to campaign for the Congress by party president Sonia Gandhi's close confidante and Union Minister of State for Steel Akhilesh Das for the assembly polls and she was campaigning in the state capital - the stronghold of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stalwart and former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

    Zeenat as late as April 15 had been campaigning for Yadav, who has a long list of criminal cases against him, ranging from murder, kidnapping, extortion and even charges under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA).

    Das was at his wit's end when a scribe confronted the 1970s star with a query about her campaign for Yadav - in news recently as father of Vikas Yadav, the key accused in the sensational Nitish Katara murder case, who is presently serving a sentence in jail in the Jessica Lall murder case.

    "Well, Zeenat is not a Congress member. She went to campaign for D.P. Yadav in her personal capacity, so it's not fair to ask her about that," pleaded Das after literally snatching the mike from the visibly embarrassed actress.

    Zeenat said: "Well, I have personal relations with D.P. Yadav and his family, so I went there."

    Yadav, who is the president of his outfit Rashtriya Parivartan Dal, was contesting for the Sehaswan seat in Budaun district, which went to polls April 18 during the third round of the seven-phased Uttar Pradesh elections.

    Addressing roadside rallies in Budaun last week, Zeenat reportedly went to the extent of describing D.P. Yadav as "a well-meaning human being who would take good care of the electorate".

    Ironically, Congress leaders were then busy listing the long dossier of charges against Yadav.

    It was no surprise that Zeenat failed to draw any crowds in the city. "I wonder why the Congress is still living in the 1970s," quipped a Lucknow University student.

    She campaigned mainly for Sushil Dubey who was handpicked by Das for the Lucknow (West) constituency.

    Interestingly, Congress leader Rajeev Shukla Saturday brought yet another Bollywood actress, Celina Jaitley, to campaign for the party.

    Congressmen who were hopeful of exploiting Jaitley's Lucknow connections - she belongs to the city - were in for a disappointment as she failed to make any impact beyond hitting headlines in some local dailies.

    Bollywood News : Zeenat Aman on campaign trail

    Wanted Symbol!

    2007/12/6 13:26:05

    The congress party has ‘Hand’ as its symbol. The TDP has ‘Cycle’. The TRS symbol is has ‘Car’. What will be the symbol of Chiranjeevi’s party? Many people have al; ready started speculating over the symbol for the party.

    While a permanent and reserved symbol will be available only after the party secures a minimum percentage of votes, the flag and symbol will play an important role in raising awareness about the party. The party flag and colors are also on the mind of Chiranjeevi and he is going through various suggestions and options before him.

    Andhra News : Wanted Symbol!

    Asin joins Sridevi, Zeenat, Ash and Katrina!

    2010/9/18 15:13:56

    For any heroine, the ultimate stamp of approval is to be signed up by Lux. If a heroine has been signed up by the makers of the soap brand, then it is a sure shot sign that she has arrived!

    After the likes of Sridevi, Zeenat Aman, Juhi Chawala, Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif etc. it is now the turn of Asin of Ghajini fame to become the model for Lux.

    Asin will henceforth be the brand ambassador for Lux.

    Telugu Cinema News : Asin joins Sridevi, Zeenat, Ash and Katrina!

    Congress fears on Jagan’s poll symbol

    2011/4/23 11:52:36

    YS Jagan is now campaigning at top speed in Kadapa. He is now on the job of popularizing his new symbol ‘Ceiling Fan’ among the voters. Both Jagan and his mother Vijayamma will contest on the ceiling fan symbol.

    The congress party is worried with the symbol. Some congress leaders fear that Jagan may distribute ceiling fans in large numbers to popularize the symbol as well as to induce the voters.

    Andhra News : Congress fears on Jagan’s poll symbol

    Zeenat wishes she had kept in touch with Vijay Arora

    2007/2/7 7:39:46

    Zeenat Aman remembers her 'Yaadon Ki Baaraat' co-star Vijay Arora, who passed away recently, as quiet and focused. 'Those were the days. Both Vijay and I were totally focused on our work. We were trying to find our bearing in Bollywood. Over the years all of us tend to get involved in our own lives.

    'It was sad to hear he passed away. I don't know what happened to him. But I do remember him as a quiet newcomer, anxious to go with what the director told him. He was constantly around, eager to be on camera.

    By then my 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' had come... Then my whole career took off, and I guess I just moved on,' Zeenat says. After the film, she lost touch with the actor, who died on Feb 3.

    'I really didn't have any clue where he was. I confess, I lost touch with him completely after we worked together in Nasir Hussain's 'Yaadon Ki Baaraat'.' The film is to this day remembered for Vijay wooing Zeenat with R.D. Burman's 'Meri soni, meri tamanna', and Zeenat wooing him back with the evergreen 'Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko'.

    In the early 1970s Vijay was quite popular and was pitched against the mighty Rajesh Khanna as the future superstar. But when intended biggies like 'Mera Bhaiyya', 'Zaroorat' and 'Jeevan Jyoti' floundered, Vijay simply faded away to live in seclusion.

    Zeenat also remembers Aamir Khan as a child artist in 'Yaadon Ki Baaraat. 'Today I'm playing his youngest brother Haider Ali's mum in Raja Bundela's 'Sirf Romance - Love By Chance'. I just have a guest appearance. You know, these are kids who've grown up in front of one's eyes, so that's fine.'

    She was recently seen with old co-star Rajesh Khanna in 'Jaana', a film that hardly did her proud. 'There aren't too many roles going for an actress of my age. But I'm happy in my own world. My two sons are with me. One of them was studying overseas. But he's back with me. Really, I'm quite happy in my own world. But I wish I had kept in touch with Vijay.'

    Bollywood News : Zeenat wishes she had kept in touch with Vijay Arora

    Hyder Ali walks out of Deepa Ka Tarannum

    2006/9/28 20:37:18 Son of Taahir Hussain and step brother of Aamir Khan, Hyder Ali Khan has walked out of the film Deepa Ka Tarannum, which also had Preeti Jain in the lead cast. The film was going to mark Hyder’s acting debut. However, Hyder says that there wasn’t any progress from the producers after they signed him for the film. Hence, he decided to walk out of Deepa Ka Tarannum.

    Hyder Ali will now make his debut with Deepak Sharma’s Sirf Romance – Love By Chance. The film is being produced by Raja Bundela and the cast and crew will be flying to Malaysia on September 29 to begin with the shooting. His costar in the film will be Sada, the south Indian actress known for her films like Aparichit. The film also stars veteran actors like Zeenat Aman and Raj Babbar.


    Bollywood News : Hyder Ali walks out of Deepa Ka Tarannum

    YSR Congress gets ‘Ceiling Fan’ symbol

    2011/4/21 14:16:57

    The YSR Congress party has been given the ‘Ceiling Fan’ symbol by the election commission.

    YS Jagan and his mother Vijayamma will contest on the ceiling fan symbol in Kadapa and Pulivendula respectively.

    Andhra News : YSR Congress gets ‘Ceiling Fan’ symbol

    Sri To Make A Comeback, What Will Mads Say?

    2011/2/24 11:29:25

    Here's some good news for all Sridevi fans, the original Queen Bee of Bollywood is all set to make a comeback, and no its not her hubby Boney Kapoor who'll be relaunching her.

    According to reports, Sridevi's comeback movie will be produced by R Balki and directed by his wife Gauri Shinde. Balki and Gauri had been working on the subject for some time and are now ready with it.

    Earlier there were rumours doing the round that Yash Chopra wanted to relaunch his favourite actress opposite Amitabh Bachchan, but Boney Kapoor stepped in and said that he would like Sridevi to make a comeback in his home production.

    Lately, there was news that she would act in the sequel of Mr India, which will be produced by Boney Kapoor, but nothing came out of it.

    The story of R Balki's movie revolves around a woman, who does not understand English, but gets married to a well-educated man.

    Apparently, Sridevi is very excited about the movie and has been paying regular visits to the gym to stay in shape.

    Sridevi's one- time rival Madhuri Dixit is planning her comeback moves too. So will Bollywood witness a revival of Sri versus Mads? Exciting times ahead!

    Bollywood News : Sri To Make A Comeback, What Will Mads Say?

    When Dev Anand was desperately in love with Zeenat

    2007/9/26 9:28:16

    Evergreen hero Dev Anand was desperately in love with Zeenat Aman but was heart broken before a date with her to find Raj Kapoor throwing his arms around her at a party.

    "My heart broken to pieces.... I wanted to leave the party at once and go off somewhere alone, to be just be myself, so that I could swallow the humiliation thrust on my ego," Dev Anand says in his autobiography Romancing with life.

    The octogenarian Bollywood hero's autobiography is scheduled to be released by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the capital on Wednesday.

    "Zeenat and I started being linked to each other in the magazines and newspapers that people, hungry for gossip, love to read. In the subconscious, we had become emotionally attached to each other," Anand says. Time moved on and one day he felt that he was desperately in love with Zeenat and wanted to say so to her at a very special, exclusive place meant for romance.

    "I pick her up and together we went to a party. The first person who greeted Zeenat was drunken Raj Kapoor with a gallant drawl who threw his arms around her," Dev says. "A struggle within me transformed itself into a to-hell-with-it-all attitude and prompted me to say goodbye to a relationship which, though it had been non-committal emotionally on both sides, had been honest all the same," he says.

    The evening had delivered a blow to Dev's personality, and his dominating spirit. "I had decided on the spur of the movement to tell Zeenat for the first time how much I loved her. And that there was an idea in my mind of another story that would put her on a pedestal as never before, the highest so far. But that was never to be," the evergreen hero says.

    In his autobiography, said to be the first ever full-fledged memoir by a leading Bollywood star, Dev Anand tells his remarkable life story, no less dramatic and gripping than any of his films. It carries recollections from Dev's youth in 1930 in Gurdaspur and Lahore, his years of struggle in 1940s in Bombay, his friendship with Gurudutt and his doomed romance with Surayya. The star also writes about his marriage to Kalpana Kartik, his relationship with his brothers Chetan and Vijay Anand as also his co-stars Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.

    Dev Anand however quickly detached himself from Zeenat. "And so be it! I quickly detached myself. I had blundered, taking too many things for granted. There was no need for me to let any rancour remain in my mind against Zeenat. I had prepared her for the world and she was free to go into the arms of anyone who would help her further her ambitious dreams," he writes.

    "A group of chanting devotees was passing by my car -- Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.. I closed my eyes. Zeenat still remained beautiful in my eyes, with an honest soul. And Raj a passionate idea of a new film was slowly coming into focus," he writes.

    "Writing an autobiography is tougher when you are a public figure that the world has known and admired for over six decades and has looked up as a larger-than-life hero. Unless I take my readers to a plane of absolute adoration for me as they read my book, the attempt will not have been worth it. And yet, my life has been an open book to my fans, and they must not feel that I am hiding something or glossing over some unsavoury bumps now that I have set out to write my autobiography," Dev writes.

    Bollywood News : When Dev Anand was desperately in love with Zeenat

    Karisma Kapoor on a comeback trail?

    2007/8/7 10:54:19

    Grapevine has it that Karisma Kapoor is planning to make a comeback and is in touch with many filmmakers.

    After Govinda, another actor who is readying to make a mega comeback, we hear is Karisma. The buzz about her comeback plans is getting stronger by the day.

    If the rumours are to be believed, she has already started the process by touching base with some of her old loyal filmmakers who are more than happy to welcome her back.

    We wonder what’s stopping her from making her comeback with her once Hero No 1, Govinda ?

    Or is she waiting for a call from SRK, Aamir, Salman or Akshay?

    And if that’s the case, her wait will get longer as they are busy romancing the Priyankas, Deepikas and Laras of the world, so for her, Govinda remains her best bet!

    Bollywood News : Karisma Kapoor on a comeback trail?

    Sridevi to make a comeback

    2008/3/27 15:02:08

    She may not be seen on the big screen for now, but who can forget Sridevi. This glam mother was seen at a photo exhibition in Mumbai. The actress as usual was not very keen to mingle with the media.

    Marital bliss it seems has made this dazzling bollywood beauty too shy to pose for the shutterbugs.

    But what Sridevi fans are eagerly waiting for is her comeback on the silver screen. So if the actress took your breath away with Hawa Hawaai, then there is more you can hope for in the near future.

    If rumours are to be believed the actress is making a comeback in the Mr India sequel.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi to make a comeback

    ‘Lok Satta’ gets perfect symbol - ‘Whistle’

    2008/5/16 22:50:15 The fledgling political party ‘Lok Satta’ of Jayaprakash Narayan is now entering into the poll fray for the first time by contesting from four seats in the ensuing by polls. The party has been allotted the ‘Whistle’ symbol by the election authorities.

    Many feel that the symbol is quite appropriate for the party. Jayaprakash Narayan, the founder of Lok Satta, has been blowing the whistle on the many wrongdoings of the congress government for quite some time.

    The Whistle is instantly identified with cops and traffic constables, and like them, JP is creating some terror in the minds of some corrupt politicians with his constant vigil and whistling!

    Andhra News :  ‘Lok Satta’ gets perfect symbol - ‘Whistle’

    Diya replaces Bipasha

    2008/5/28 14:58:00

    Diya Mirza is now the latest sex symbol in Bollywood. Till now, the label belonged to Bipasha Basu. Diya Mirza replaced Bipasha in the Sanjay Gupta film 'Acid Factory'. Diya has done some hot scenes and she also wielded a gun for the first time in this total action entertainer. The film is yet to be released but Diya Mirza is already being touted as the latest 'sex symbol' in Bollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : Diya replaces Bipasha

    Rajani to make a comeback

    2007/10/17 10:24:08

    The yester year heroine Rajani is making a comeback into films once again. The actress acted in such popular films like Majnu, Seetha Kalyanam, and Aha Naa Pellanta. She married a US based doctor and quit films. She is now the mother of three children. Rajani will make a comeback with a film with Bhanuchander in the lead. Srikrishnavamsi and Manjusri are the lead actors in the movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajani to make a comeback

    First setback for Chiru!

    2008/3/13 14:23:43

    Megastar Chiranjeevi is now in a fast forward mode in terms of launching his political party. With the talks of a mid-term elections gaining currency, both at the centre as well as the state, he is now in a hurry to launch his party at the earliest.

    A lot of ground work has already been done and the discussions and brainstorming sessions with some political leaders and intellectuals is now going on.

    Chiranjeevi has also sent his brother Nagababu and Allu Aravid to New Delhi to the meet the Election commission officials to set into motion the process of registering his political party. Chiranjeevi is said to have like the rising sun symbol very much and wants to adopt it for his party.

    But there is a glitch. The symbol belongs to the DMK party in Tamil Nadu. The party also has some presence in neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Pondicherry etc. So there is now way the DMK will part with its symbol.

    So Chiranjeevi now has no option but to get back to work for a new symbol. This has come as sort of a setback for Chiru.

    Andhra News : First setback for Chiru!

    Sridevi to make a comeback in Gauri Shinde’s film

    2011/3/5 11:54:21

    She has finally chosen the film to make her comeback on the big screen. Sridevi will be doing Gauri Shinde’s (R. Balki’s wife) film that Shinde has written and will be directing.

    The actress, who was last seen in Pankaj Parashar\'s Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin in which she played Akshay Kumar’s spunky wife, was at one time planning to make her comeback with the sequel to Mr India but now it seems that she has settled for the debutant director’s film.

    Sridevi had even dabbled with television in and as Malini Iyer on Sahara Television. Produced by her husband Boney Kapoor and directed by Satish Kaushik, the comedy series ran into 184 episodes. It is almost after six years that the actress will be donning the greasepaint. The film will take off after about three months.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi to make a comeback in Gauri Shinde’s film

    Saroj Khan gets sentimental about DON

    2006/9/21 15:50:46

    Bollywood's ace choreographer Saroj Khan is sentimental about Farhan Akhtar's forthcoming and much-hyped DON.

    More than a quarter of a century back, her mentor P L Raj choreographed Amitabh Bachchan and Zeenat Aman in the superhit 'Khaike Paan Banaras Waala' track from Chandra Barot's DON. It happened to be one of Saroj's favourite tracks, which inspired her to take to choreography.

    So when producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar approached Saroj to choreograph the same song for their contemporary DON, Saroj was exhilarated and became very emotional about it. She flew down to Malaysia and had a whale of a time choreographing Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra to the modern 'Khaike', which has been sung expertly by Udit Narayan and Shah Rukh Khan.

    The song has been getting rave reviews even before the video is officially on air. According to sources, the video will be unveiled any day on television, so stay tuned!

    DON releases worldwide on October 20. It is being distributed internationally by UTV.


    Bollywood News : Saroj Khan gets sentimental about DON

    I am open to composing music for Bollywood: Ayan

    2007/2/9 12:41:43

    He is an established Sarod player, he has hosted television shows, he has penned a book and now wants to compose music for Bollywood movies. Ayan Ali Khan, the younger son of Sarod legend Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is a bundle of talent. Recently during a performance in the capital he said, "If anyone offers me an opportunity, I am open to composing music for Bollywood films".

    The winner of MTV Asia's 'Most Stylish Person Award' last year along with his elder brother Aman, Ayan may not fit in to the stereotype of an Indian classical musician, but he is determined to make Sarod a popular instrument among the masses. "I want to make the Sarod as popular as the guitar. It is a collective mission of our entire family," he told.

    When asked about the challenges of carrying forward the legacy of his legendary father, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ayan says,"It feels very fortunate and overwhelming to belong to such a great family." "We are trying our best to carry forward his legacy," he says.

    Having performed in music concerts and shows all over the world, Ayan refuses the belief that Indian classical music is loosing it's popularity among the young generation. "Wherever we have performed, a whole lot of youths have come to listen to our concerts. Large venues have been sold out. So, I do not think there is any problem at all," he says.

    The Bangash brothers, after the massive success of their last album 'Reincarnation' are now ready with their new venture 'Mystic Dunes'. "It is a theme based album and the theme is desert," he says. "For this particular project, we were given specific guidelines to work on sounds related to the deserts. So it was really challenging," he says.

    "We had put on the hat of a composer to create the sounds. It was hard work," he says. While, the duo experimented with many different sounds for 'Mystic Dunes', Ayan loves to go back to pure Indian classical music after all the fusion and experimentation. "We are also doing real classical work. Recently, we played only pure classical tunes in a programmme in Kolkata," he says.

    Asked about his chemistry with elder brother Aman, he shoots back with a question, "After watching us perform together, what do you think ?" "Well, when you know the person you are performing with so well, it becomes really easy. He is a wonderful musician," he adds with a smile on his face.

    Ayan has also taken to painting recently with his work titled 'Khushi' being sold for a whopping six and a half lakh in a charity auction. "I paint only for charity. It is certainly not my career. I am happy with what I am doing," he says.

    Bollywood News : I am open to composing music for Bollywood: Ayan

    Priyanka's new avatar

    2007/1/8 16:39:12

    First she was the temptress, then the conventional heroine and then an action babe. Priyanka Chopra seems to have done it all. In an interview with TIMES NOW she gives us a peek into what's in store for the future.

    You've played all kinds of roles, and now you're playing an item girl in Salaam-e-Ishq. How was it ?
    It was interesting. I enjoyed the character because we fashioned it on a number of people. That to me was quite fascinating.

    Did you derive any inspiration from the real life item girls in Bollywood?
    I wouldn't say I've derived inspiration from them per se. But Kamini's character is a big diva. She thinks the world revolves around her, that she's the centre of the universe. She's a very la-di-dah kind of character. So I didn't derive inspiration just from the item girls that we have but also various people I've met, not necessarily stars, but generally.

    You played an action babe in Don and in Drona, so are you going to be the desi Lara Croft now?
    Yea, India's answer to Jolie! (laughs) But, no, I don’t think I could do that. I'm very fond of roles like that. My mum says I don’t really have a feminine side. So I’m trying to develop that. Salam-e-Ishq is releasing soon, in which I’m trying to be this feminine girl.

    And what is the Zeenat Aman connection?
    I think she's fascinating and a really good actor.


    Bollywood News : Priyanka's new avatar

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