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on 2011/11/22 0:23:53

17,000 farmers commit suicide in AP: Chandrababu

Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday claimed that nearly 17,000 farmers have committed suicide in the State since 2004.

Talking to reporters after holding a round-table conference in the national capital, the TDP chief alleged that the Congress party has completely ignored the welfare of farmers. He alleged that nearly 17,000 farmers have committed suicide since the Congress party came to power in 2004.

Naidu said that farmers have stopped agriculture production on nearly 3 lakh acres of land in different districts in the State. He said the farmers were forced to declare Crop Holiday after they failed to get remunerative prices for their produce. He said farmers in many districts were considering giving up the profession due to continuous losses that they have been suffering because of improper Minimum Support Price for their produce.

The TDP chief that the thousands of farmers in the drought-hit districts have been living in misery and the state government has failed to provide required assistance to them. He said the TDP has decided to introduce a No Confidence Motion against the government primarily to highlight the plight of farmers in the State.

When asked about the CBI probe ordered by the High Court against his alleged illegal assets, Naidu reiterated that he would not challenge the High Court in the Supreme Court. However, he said some businessmen named in the court orders might go to the Supreme Court to stall the probe. (INN)

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    Jagan’s last ultimatum to Government!

    2010/12/24 3:42:32
    Concluding his two day hunger strike at Vijayawada, Jagan addressing the people has said “Though, lakhs of people and farmers participates in 48hrs hunger strike here, the Government didn’t respond to their demands. During the last few days, 125 farmers’ commits suicides, yet the Government prefer to sit cool. If, the Government continues this kind of attitude towards farmers, it need not to wait for three years to face the elections. It will loose its deposits anytime from now onwards. The Government is simply ignoring the farmers and their problems, thus forcing them to come on to roads and agitate against it. The Government has declared December23rd is Farmer’s Day, but unfortunately the farmers have to come on to roads on the same day, against the Government demanding justice for them.”

    “42 farmers have commit suicide before the announcement of package to them. But, when the Government announces it relief package for agriculture, more than 84 farmers commit suicide which proves that, the package announced by the Government is not sufficient, not acceptable and it is not helpful to them anyway. Yet, the Government doesn’t feel shy over its inaction and package.”

    “Before starting the hunger strike, I have asked the Government to come forward to help the farmers with a sufficient relief package. But, it didn’t respond until now. When, my father was ruling the state he didn’t hesitate for a minute to announce Rs.1800 Crores relief package to help the farmers. But, now the present Government seems to following the foot steps of Chandrababu and is least bothered about the farmers. What happened to the Government? How did it lost its interest in farmers and agriculture? Can’t the Government take inspiration from YSR and his ruling?”
    “When, I announced 2day hunger strike TDP president Chandrababu also has suddenly starts his indefinite hunger strike at Hyderabad as if he want to hijack my concept. Today, when we are ready to conclude our hunger strike, his party gave a bandh call to stop people from attending this meeting. But, the large turn out here proves that, his crooked idea didn’t work. I wonder how his BP and sugar levels remain stable even after doing six days hunger strike. It seems he and the Government mingles and runs this indefinite hunger strike drama to divert the attention of the people.”

    “During his 9 years ruling, Chandrababu never bothered about farmers and agriculture. The maximum input subsidy he has given to farmers was just Rs.600 only. He used to say that, agriculture is waste of time and money. He even said that, if electricity is given to agriculture at free of cost and then the people have to use the electrical wires for drying their clothes but not for getting power supply through it. Such person is doing indefinite hunger strike for the sake of farmers now. Can we believe him and his hunger strike dramas?”

    “I once again request the Government to help the farmers. Otherwise, it can count its days from now onwards,” said YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy.

    Andhra News : Jagan’s last ultimatum to Government!

    "I tried to commit suicide?" – Urvashi is enraged!

    2006/10/10 16:01:24 Yesterday was all abuzz with phone calls enquiring if actress Urvashi had tried to commit suicide.

    The best way to find an answer to these rumours was to ask Urvashi herself. She had been staying in her husband Manoj K Jayan’s house in Kottayam and returned to Chennai 4 days back. She came down with body pain and fever and since half of India is reeling under the impact of chikkungunya, Urvashi got admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

    When someone asked her to participate in an event, Urvashi refused because of her ill health. Following this, a mysterious caller told a paper that Urvashi was admitted to hospital after attempting suicide.

    Urvashi is of the opinion that the person who visited her should be behind the mysterious call. She is very upset that her being ill in hospital has been reported as a suicide attempt.

    Those who start rumours should have some concern for another person’s feelings.


    Tamil Cinema News :  "I tried to commit suicide?" – Urvashi is enraged!

    Suicide bid by star hero?

    2007/10/29 8:34:45 A star hero is said to have attempted to commit suicide. The news about this is doing the rounds of film nagar. The actor was in the news recently for more reasons than one. He is also one of the highly emotional actors in the industry. The reason behind the suicide bid is stated to be some family problems that he is facing in the courts.

    Telugu Cinema News : Suicide bid by star hero?

    Cong suspects Naidu's honest towards farmers

    2011/11/3 14:36:48 Congress MP Ananta Venkatarami Reddy on Thursday suspected the commitment of Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu over launching 'Rythu Poru Bata’ programme aimed at highlighting the farmers' problems.

    Talking to media persons at Congress Legislature Party Office, the Anantapur MP alleged that Naidu failed to take steps for farmers' welfare during his tenure as the Chief Minister for nine years. However, while in opposition, he is shedding crocodile tears on farmers' woes, he said.

    “What has he done for the farmers' welfare? He did not even waived interests and rescheduled loans of hapless farmers,” he remarked. The MP alleged that Naidu launched Padayatra only to draw political mileage out of farmers’ problems.

    Recalling that former chief minister N T Rama Rao paid Rs 1 lakh compensation to the families of farmers who committed suicide, he said that Naidu scrapped the scheme after he became the Chief Minister on the grounds that ex-gratia would drive more farmers to suicide.

    Instead of increasing the morale of drought-affected farmers in Anantapur district, he said Naidu's padayatra was further disturbing their pathetic condition. He alleged that Naidu is trying to cheat the farmers once again to become the Chief Minister of the state. (INN)

    Andhra News : Cong suspects Naidu's honest towards farmers

    Father & daughter commit suicide

    2011/9/17 18:16:41 Being unable to bear the pain of his daughter's death, a man committed suicide while his wife has gone into a shock after his death.

    According to Miyapur police, L Babu, a resident of Prajay City Apartments committed suicide by hanging to the ceiling fan on Friday night. He was upset since his daughter Geetha Srilakshmi, committed suicide about three months ago for getting fewer marks in intermediate exams. Police suspect that pain due to daughter's suicide might have force Babu to resort to the extreme step.

    Consequent to Babu's death, his wife Aditya Laxmi too has gone into a shock and fell unconscious. Police say that the couple hailed from Guntur and had only one child Geetha who committed suicide. (INN)

    Andhra News : Father & daughter commit suicide

    KCR’s poisonous statement

    2011/8/2 11:06:21 KCR’s statement of committing suicide by consuming poison draws criticism from all sections of society. He said, “In case if the agitations stop due to some reason and we fails to get statehood for Telangana, the thought itself makes me very afraid. If, Telangana won’t form with these agitations, then the people’s lives will turn miserable in the hands of Seemandhra leaders and they may offer only sweeper posts to us in our own land. The thought itself horrifies me not to think about that situation. In such case, I rather prefer to commit suicide by consuming poison than living as a slave.”

    While, TRS describes it as a reflection of 4 crore Telangana peoples’ feelings, all others have criticized him for indirectly encouraging the youth to commit suicides. All the political parties in the state asked him, when he don’t have faith in his agitations then why did he run the agitation for years and why did he made students commit suicide for Telangana cause,?

    He was blamed for trying to create law and order problem with his controversial statement. If, his statement provokes the youth especially TRS cadres to create law and order problem then who is responsible? asks the political parties.

    Especially parents of youth were quite afraid of his statement which may provoke their children to commit suicides to become the Telangana martyrs. Even, TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodhandaram has opined that, KCR should not speak like that.

    Andhra News : KCR’s poisonous statement

    TRS encouraged my son for suicide: Sanakaramma

    2010/10/7 21:10:21

    Few months ago, while the T agitation was going in full swing, Osmania University student Srikanthachary has commits suicide by setting fire to himself in a public place. Then, all the TRS leaders and other political party leaders praised it as a great sacrifice in Telangana movement. Though, some people suspected the incident as pre planned sketch drawn by TRS party, TRS leaders condemns it stating that it’s the crooked thought of Andhra politicians.

    However, the deceased Srikantachary’s mother Sankaramma made it clear that, TRS leader Kasam Satyanarayana is the man who encouraged her son to commit suicide for the sake of Telangana. On Thursday, she has arrived to the spot where her son commits suicide and started strike demanding justice for her. Speaking to the media she said, “It’s not only my son. There are hundreds and thousands of other students whom were trapped in the TRS influence. TRS is misguiding the students and makes them follow their path. During that course, it’s convincing the hot blooded students that sacrifices are necessary to get the statehood for Telangana and so are the suicides. When, I lost my only son for the sake of these crooked politicians then there is no meaning in my living. If, I don’t get justice, I will also commit suicide at this same place. I came to know that, TRS people are blaming me that I am demanding them for money to keep silent. They have used my son’s posters to win the elections. Yet, they blames me.”

    This unexpected development shocked the TRS leadership. Immediately, they have stated that, “We understand her grief and how she feels for the death of her only son. She is speaking like that only because of the grief. But, at the same time we are condemning her allegations. We never encourage anyone to commit suicides for the cause. It’s wrong to say that she came to media demanding for money from us.”

    Hyderabad police has rushed to the spot and taken her into their custody.

    But, this incident leaves many questions for TRS to answer.
    Is TRS really encouraging the students to commit suicides to keep the fire live?

    Is TRS encouraging the poor students to commit suicide offering their families huge amounts?

    Is it proved in the police investigation that the students who commit suicides were not motivated by TRS and died on their own interest?

    When, TRS is praising the deceased students as great warriors of their agitation, isn’t it encouraging the other students to follow their path?

    Is it not a crime to encourage or motivate the students to commit suicide by praising the sacrifices of the students?

    Andhra News : TRS encouraged my son for suicide: Sanakaramma

    Bharavi's son attempts suicide

    2007/7/25 8:58:55

    Bharavi is the storywriter for films like Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu. Bharavi's son Raghunath tried to commit suicide by consuming acid at his residence recently. His relative rushed him immediately to the hospital. He is stated to be in a critical condition. The reason for his suicide attempt is not known.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bharavi's son attempts suicide

    Software engineer commits suicide

    2011/11/21 2:18:33 A 23-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging to the ceiling at her residence in Kendra Vihar Stage II near Gachchibowli here on Sunday morning.

    According to Raidurg police, the deceased, Sindhu Rani, was a software engineer. She was married to a software engineer Manikantha about four months ago. However, the girl was upset over the marriage as she wanted to go for higher studies.

    Police registered a case and started investigations to ascertain the reasons that led her to commit suicide. (INN)

    Andhra News : Software engineer commits suicide

    Aamir`s kisan bachao andolan

    2006/12/18 16:56:47

    After adding an extra dose of star power and some not-so-pleasant controversy to the Narmada Bachao Andolan, Aamir Khan is now shifting his focus to the increasing number of farmer suicides plaguing Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

    However, Khan is not spearheading any movement this time around. Instead, he has settled for a grim film revolving around farmers who are forced to commit suicide when they are incapable of meeting the calamity of crop failure.


    Interestingly, Aamir isn’t calling the directorial shots but is producing the film that has been conceived and written by former journalist Anusha Rizvi. A source close to the actor reveals, “Aamir was tremendously moved by the script. In spite of the alarming suicide rate among farmers, the government hasn’t reacted.

    According to statistics released by the Maharashtra government, as many as 1,920 farmers have committed suicide between January 1, 2001 and August 19, 2006. Also, nearly 2.8 million of the 3.2 million cotton farmers are defaulters. The film is surely going to be an eye-opener that traces the real reasons for the collapse of the green revolution.”

    The plot revolves around a broadcast journalist who has been closely following the appalling condition of defaulter farmers and their families. As for the cast members, buzz is that auditions are being held at the NDTV office in Worli.

    We hear that Aamir has no intentions of roping in any popular faces for the film. A reliable source informs, “We have been test shooting scenes with a few fresh faces at the NDTV office for some time now. If all goes well we shall finalise the cast by January.”

    The film hits the floors in February-March 2007.


    Bollywood News : Aamir`s kisan bachao andolan

    Naidu threatens of farmers' revolt

    2011/11/9 11:11:09 Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday stated that the hapless farmers in the State would soon revolt against the indifferent State Government.
    Talking to media persons before proceeding to Khammam district from Vijayawada as a part of Rythu Poru padyatra, Chandrababu Naidu expressed serious concern over the pathetic condition of farmers in the state. He said that the government should at least open its eyes now and take steps for redressing farmers’ woes.

    The TDP chief said that all farmers including tenant and farm labourers, who are dependent on the farm lands, are in a pathetic situation due to drought. He said that Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy has totally failed in providing required help to the drought affected farmers. Stating that the TDP's Rythu Poru has created awareness among farmers, he said that the farmers in the State were ready to revolt against the government anytime.

    “The day is near when all the farmers in the state will revolt against the government,” Naidu stated. He said that he would continue his Porubata in 23 districts in the state and organize farmers for the agitation until the government resolves their problems. (INN)

    Andhra News : Naidu threatens of farmers' revolt

    Died because they were happy!!!

    2011/10/8 7:52:40 Normally many people commit suicide when they are submerged in problems. But, a couple in Goa have committed suicide because they have enough happiness in their lives and there is no meaning to live anymore!

    Anand and Deepa Ratidevan, who lives in Mersis near Panaji in Goa, have committed suicide in their flat by hanging to ceiling fan. Both of they were software professionals and earned a lot by working in reputed IT firms. They have widely toured across the world and had memorable moments of their lives in exotic locations. They have completely enjoyed their lives and fully satisfied for everything in their lives. So, they end their lives in full satisfaction.

    Police have recovered their bodies in a composed stage from their flat. They have mentioned in their suicide note that, the way they have right to live, they also have a right to die. They have no properties or loans left behind. They mentioned they are dyeing because there is no necessity to live anymore.

    Lifestyle : Died because they were happy!!!

    TRS asks Naidu to clarify 'T' stand

    2011/11/3 14:31:24 The Telangana Rashtra Samithi on Thursday insisted that Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu clarify his stand on the Telangana issue.

    Addressing a press conference at Telangana Bhavan, TRS floor leader Etela Rajender said that the TDP president never had clarity with regard to demand for Telangana statehood. It maintained a confused stand in its manifestoes, as well as in the communications that it has sent to the Centre on this issue. Therefore, he demanded that Naidu should clearly say whether he was in favour of Telangana or not.

    Etala said that the people in the region have lost faith on the TDP due to its confused stand. If the TDP was serious of winning back the lost faith, then it must first clarify its stand on the statehood issue. Until then people in the region would treat the Telugu Desam as anti-Telangana party, he said.

    Speaking about Naidu's 'Rythu Poru' padyatra, the TRS leader also accused Naidu of shedding crocodile tears for the farmers. He said during his nine years' tenure as the Chief Ministers, thousands of farmers committed suicide and he failed to provide support to the distressed farmers. He said that 'Rythu Poru' programme has been launched for votes and Naidu was not really concerned about farmers.

    Etela demanded that the State Government immediately extend help to the farmers in the drought-affect areas. He said mere declaration of drought-affected mandals would not help the farmers and they need help at the ground level. He demanded that the government implement all the recommendations made by the Jayanti Ghosh Commission.

    The TRS leader demanded that the government provide crop insurance, waive interest on loans, reduce the prices of seeds and fertilisers and supply quality and uninterrupted power to the farmers. He also demanded payment of ex-gratia of Rs 3 - 4 lakh to the families of farmers who committed suicide. (INN)

    Andhra News : TRS asks Naidu to clarify 'T' stand

    Farmers first: TDP to Cong.

    2011/8/25 13:33:42 Telugu Desam Party senior leader Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu on Thursday slammed Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy for not visiting the areas where distressed farmers have declared ‘crop holiday’.

    Talking to media persons at Telugu Desam Legislature Party Office, Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu said though the farmers have been facing shortage of seeds and fertilizers, the Chief Minister has failed to take appropriate measures to solve their problems. He said instead of people’s welfare, the Chief Minister was focused more on saving his seat from YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy by bringing back rebel MLAs.

    Demanding that the Chief Minister immediately visit the areas where farmers declared `crop holiday’ to get first hand information about their problems. He expressed regret that the Congress party which came to power on farmers’ votes, was now neglecting them to the extent that they are forced to commit suicides.

    Gali said compared to 1450 farmers who committed suicide during TDP regime of 9 years, nearly 7,000 farmers ended their lives in the last seven years’ rule of Congress party. He said despite the beginning of Kharif season, the Agriculture Minister has not conducted any meeting to review the farm operations in the state. With the government not extending any support, he said, the farmers have started considering agriculture as a loss-making profession.

    The TDP leader demanded that the Chief Minister prevail upon the Centre to release more urea for the State, as there was huge shortage for it. Another MLA B Gopala Krishna Reddy said that the government appointed Mohan Kanda committee to look into farmers who declared crop holiday, did not serve any purpose and described his visit as an `eye wash.’ (INN)

    Andhra News : Farmers first: TDP to Cong.

    Jr.NTR & Tarak ready to start the agitation?

    2010/12/20 15:53:18

    Jr.NTR and Tarakaratna, who met Chandrababu Naidu yesterday at his camp where he has started indefinite hunger strike has expressed their readiness to lead the agitation on behalf of farmers. Jr.NTR said that, he feel very much sad to see his uncle Chandrababu Naidu in such a bad health condition. He said that, even at this age of 60 years he is fighting on behalf of farmers at the stake of his health. He appealed the Government to immediately help the farmers and show humanity towards the people.

    Addressing the farmers who arrived at Babu’s camp Jr.NTR said that, the amount Rs.2400 per acre announced by the Government is not even sufficient to remove the damaged paddy from the fields. Hence, he demanded the Government to pay at least Rs.10,000 per acre as a relief measure. If, the party ask him to lead the agitation he is ready to obey the orders. He asked his fans to voice against the state Government on behalf of the farmers.

    Andhra News : Jr.NTR & Tarak ready to start the agitation?

    TDP’s ‘Ritu Kosam’ meeting at Guntur

    2010/12/30 3:34:27
    TDP is conducting a meeting-‘Ritu Kosam’ at Guntur today. The meeting will start around 1pm while several leaders of opposition parties from New Delhi participating in it. The venue is named after late NTR. The meeting is in continuation of Chandrababu Naidu’s 8days long hunger strike and is intended to highlight the plight of the farmers of the state, where as in fact it is being held, to once again remind all the farmers that, Chandrababu is not against agriculture or farmers and perhaps to wipe out his ‘anti farmers’ image. A photo exhibition will be held at the venue showcasing the miserable state of the farmers and agriculture in the state.

    Andhra News : TDP’s ‘Ritu Kosam’ meeting at Guntur

    Telugu medico student in China died

    2011/5/19 19:24:29 Satya Srinivasa Reddy, who is about to complete his MBBS degree in a China university is said to be committed suicide. Srinivasa Reddy hails from Pedaparthi village in East Godavari district. His father Subba Reddy is in finance business. He said that, his son is not a coward to commit suicide and he often talks to them by phone and through internet chatting. He said, his son has never had any complaints about anything. He is very clever and moves friendly with every one. Subba Reddy suspects that his son might be murdered by some body and certainly not committed suicide.

    Srinivasa Reddy is about to complete his MBBS degree by September this year and suppose join his family members in the coming festive session. The sudden demise of their beloved son left the parents in deep shock.

    Andhra News : Telugu medico student in China died

    Jagan appeals farmers not to commit suicide

    2010/12/24 23:45:49 Kadapa MP Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy today appealed farmers in Andhra Pradesh, who suffered massive crop losses due to frequent heavy rains and cyclones, not to take the extreme step of ending their lives.

    "The farmers, who feed others, are committing suicides now. 187 people have ended their lives so far. 145 died after the Chief Minister announced a relief package in the assembly. This is an example to show that the government's announcement failed to instill confidence in the farmers," he said in an appeal to the farmers.

    Asserting that any government that neglected farmers will face their wrath, Jagan told the farmers that they will have better times ahead.

    "The golden days of the rule of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy would come again. You should not end your lives. That will make your wife and children orphans. Don't lose heart. These tears would not last long," he said.

    Meanwhile, Jagan toured in his native Kadapa district today where he inspected a site for choosing the venue to announce the launch of his political party.

    Meanwhile, Jagan and his uncle Y S Vivekananda Reddy, who is the state Agriculture Minister, had a meeting at Pulivendula in the district.

    There was, however, no official word on what transpired at the meeting.

    The meeting assumes significance as efforts to bring about a rapprochement between the two had failed earlier.

    Differences cropped up between the two following Vivekananda Reddy's meeting with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and his subsequent induction into the state cabinet.

    Jagan had accused the Congress high command of causing a split in the family by offering a ministerial berth to his uncle.

    Asserting that late Rajasekhara Reddy always remained loyal to the party and high command, Vivekananda Reddy, announced that he would follow in the footsteps of his brother.

    source: outlook

    Andhra News : Jagan appeals farmers not to commit suicide

    Debts drive man to suicide bid

    2011/10/28 18:50:04 A 45-year-old man attempted suicide by trying to hang himself in a lodge room in the LB Nagar police limits on Friday.

    According to police, the man - Shetty Kanakaiah, a juice centre owner and resident of SR Nagar, checked into the Padmavamshi Lodge at LB Nagar on October 25. However, on finding the lodge room locked for a longer period, the management grew suspicious and informed the police.

    When the room was opened with a master key, police found that Shetty was lying unconscious with a wire tied to his neck. He tried to commit suicide by hanging to the ceiling fan using a wire. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he is now stated to be out of danger. Police say that Kanakaiah was in huge debts and tried to resort to extreme step due to financial problems. (INN)

    Andhra News : Debts drive man to suicide bid

    Jagan’s tour highlights the Crop Holiday

    2011/8/9 15:39:44

    YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy’s tour across East Godavari district highlights the miserable state of farmers who were obliged to declare crop holiday for not getting fair returns for their products.

    Jagan Mohan Reddy has reached Madhurapudi by plane around 10.30 am today. He is supposed to address the people at Amalapuram around 7 pm in the evening, but he was unable to reach the venue until midnight because of huge turn out all over his way. He conducts road shows at Ambaji Peta, Amalapuram Rural, Mummidivaram, Uppala Guptam and several other villages on his way to Amalapuram.

    Addressing the people at Amalapuram city, he said “He doesn’t understand whether there is Government in the state or not and whoever is running it has totally lost control over it. “It makes me feel very sad to see the farmers declaring crop holiday for the failure of the Government. It becomes a useless Government which can’t help even farmers who feed the people of the country. Unless, we bring it down from power there will be no change in the situation.”

    During his first day of tour he met four families of farmers who commit suicide. MLAs Pilli Subash Chandra Bose, Dwarampudi Chandrashekar Rao, N.Sesha Reddy, Mekapati Chandra Shekar Reddy, Amarnath Reddy, G.Babu Rao, Jyothula Nehru, Jakkampudi Vijaya Lakshmi, party’s state women wing president K.Nirmala Kumari and many others have accompanied Jagan Mohan Reddy in his visit.

    Andhra News : Jagan’s tour highlights the Crop Holiday

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