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on 2008/5/25 10:06:43

Actor of next Harry Porter movie stabbed to death

A budding teenage actor, set to appear in the next Harry Potter movie, was stabbed to death in a brawl outside a bar in London, police said.

18-year-old Rob Knox, who was killed in the early hours on Saturday, was a member of the same rugby club as Jimmy Mizen, murdered in a bakery in Lee in southeast London two weeks ago, they said.

The drama student died in an attack in Sidcup, Kent, and was officially pronounced dead at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

In the new film - Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, due at cinemas in November - Rob, who had finished his work on the set, plays Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby. He had also appeared in an episode of the hit TV police drama series The Bill.

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder after he was treated in hospital for facial injuries.

The dispute which led to Rob's murder was today being linked to the alleged theft of a mobile phone involving two of his friends.

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    Harry Potter in Telugu

    2007/8/3 15:30:02

    The hugely successful Harry Potter series of films are being lapped up in India as well. Keeping in mind the huge potential, the producers dubbing the film in regional languages too.

    The fourth in the series – Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix’ has been dubbed into Telugu and is hitting the screens in the state today.

    Telugu Cinema News : Harry Potter in Telugu

    Harry Potter is only safe behind bars!

    2007/9/5 13:22:50

    Such is the craze for the Harry Potter novels that a charity has locked up copies signed by Rowling at a police station to ensure their safety.

    A charity has been forced to put a full set of seven Harry Potter novels signed by J K Rowling into police custody after the bank in town revealed that it was not insured to look after the books. The set is now whiling away its time locked up at the next safest place in town - the Huntly police station in Aberdeenshire.

    The books will be going under the hammer in October on a website to raise money for books abroad. It is estimated that the set could raise as much as £20,000, especially with the yellow police receipt No 6666, reports a tabloid. A letter of authenticity from Rowling will also be sold at the auction.

    Bollywood News : Harry Potter is only safe behind bars!

    Driver stabs old woman

    2011/10/10 18:57:07 A 50-year-old woman suffered injuries after she was stabbed by her car driver at her residence in the Ghatkesar police limits.

    The incident happened late on Sunday night when the victim, Nirmala was sitting alone at her residence in Venkatadiri Township. The car driver, Venkatesh, came from behind and snatched her gold mangalsutra. While shouting for help Nirmala told the driver that she has identified him. On hearing this, Venkatesh allegedly took out a knife and stabbed Nirmala and fled from the scene.

    Nirmala was immediately rushed to a private hospital for treatment where her condition is said to be out of danger. According to police Venkatesh was staying with the family in the same residence for the last 18 months.

    A case of attempt to murder has been booked and efforts are on to arrest the accused, police said. (INN)

    Andhra News : Driver stabs old woman

    Ravikumar Choudhary attacked

    2007/7/5 15:13:04 Noted director and actor AS Ravikumar Choudhary was attacked by an identified person outside his residence on Monday night. The incident occurred when Ravi Kumar Choudhary was coming out of his house at Motinagar in Hyderabad. The miscreant stabbed him in the stomach and fled. He has since been hospitalized and is now out of danger.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ravikumar Choudhary attacked

    Student stabs teacher inside classroom

    2011/10/4 11:10:54 Angry over being pulled up for indiscipline, a Class 11 student in Uttar Pradesh stabbed his teacher inside the classroom, police said Tuesday. The accused is absconding.

    The incident took place Monday in the government-aided Adarsh Inter College in Saharanpur district's Bargaon town, about 500 km from here. The 16-year-old student stabbed his physics teacher Jagdev Singh with a knife.

    "Jagdev Singh, who received multiple injuries on his face, is out of danger," Police Inspector Digambar Singh said.

    "Investigations reveal that on noticing that the classroom was in a state of disorder ...Jagdev scolded the student for indiscipline and disturbing the seating arrangements in the classroom," Digambar told reporters in Saharanpur.

    "In a fit of rage, the teenager later attacked his teacher and ran away," he added.

    National News : Student stabs teacher inside classroom

    I've been stabbed in the back: Ravi Kissen

    2008/1/3 22:01:21

    Ravi Kissen is furious. The Bihar and Jharkhand Motion Picture Producers' Association has banned him from shooting in Bihar. It has also been announced that none of his movies will be released there.

    The problem began when Kissen expressed his support for Mithun Chakraborty who was up in arms against a Bhojpuri filmmaker for dubbing one of his Bengali films, Coolie, and releasing it without his consent.

    Upset, the association blacklisted Kissen as well.

    "I merely gave a statement that Mithunda is a big star and we have no right to snatch away the audience's favourite actor from them," Kisen grouses.

    "In any case, what else can I say? I've to still get a formal a notice from the association. I'm waiting for it."

    According to Kissen some vested interests are at work.

    "I wish my rivals could move ahead of me in the popularity race on the strength of their performances. I am afraid they have stabbed me in the back," he seethes.

    He points out that today at least 100 Bhojpuri films are in various stages of production. Around Rs 1000 crore is at stake. At least 50 movies have him in the lead.

    Emotionally speaking
    "Back in 2001, when Bhojpuri cinema was on its way out, I had worked hard to bring back its lost glory. Today, it's recognised all over the country.

    Udit Narayan's Kab Hoii Gawna Hamar fetched him National Award. This industry is my baby. And they want me to kill my own child," he says.

    Bollywood News : I've been stabbed in the back: Ravi Kissen

    Rowling's boots on auction

    2011/9/20 9:40:50 A "Harry Potter" fan is set to auction the boots that author J.K. Rowling wore while writing the first book of the series.

    Emily Waldo was just a 10-year-old student when she wrote to the novelist for a school project.

    She asked Rowling to answer a shoe questionnaire. But she was stunned when Rowling also sent her a pair of well-worn black boots she had worn while drafting "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", reports

    Waldo is now selling off the shoes and plans to use the funds to help pay for her college education. She would also donate some of the money to her former school and a cancer charity.

    Waldo, now 22, recalls: "I walked into the school office where there was a package addressed from England with about eight stamps in the corner. I knew exactly what it was. I vividly remember skipping up the steps to my classroom with a smile from ear to ear. I couldn't believe it. I had the author of Harry Potter's boots!"

    "I read the questionnaire aloud but her handwriting was a little difficult for me to decipher. And it took me years to understand how witty it actually was. I am indebted to J.K. Rowling for providing me with an experience that has enriched my life."

    National News : Rowling's boots on auction

    Families in Britain to pay 'death tax'?

    2011/10/10 17:22:59

    Families in Britain may have to pay a 'death tax' of 170 pounds before laying their loved ones to rest.

    Meant to improve the quality and accuracy of death statistics and medical certificates of all non-coroner referred deaths, the government proposals would see relatives having to pay out the sum before they can bury their loved ones, the Daily Mail reported.

    The government proposals for debate in the Commons this week would hit families with a minimum charge to check the cause of death when a relative passes away. The tax would be used to help clarify cause of death and in the long run would allow doctors to plot trends in illnesses.

    The new scheme would be applied to around 490,000 deaths every year, affecting more than 1,000 families a day, and would hit families with a minimum charge to check the cause of death.

    Nearly 1,000 medical examiners would be appointed on a salary of up to 81,500 pounds a year to ensure that doctors fill in forms properly with the accurate cause of death.

    Lifestyle : Families in Britain to pay 'death tax'?

    Priyanka-Harman pushed to year end

    2007/5/21 10:17:08

    Audience would have to wait or some more months before they see the love story between Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja unfold on the big screen.

    LOVE STORY 2050, a romantic tale set in futuristic world, faced some issues before it could kick start with walking away of Kareena Kapoor. Pronto Priyanka Chopra was roped in the movie was being targeted at mid-2007 release. Now the latest developments indicate that the film won't be coming to screens before November this year.

    A debut vehicle of Harman Baweja, the film is produced by his father Harry Baweja who also directs the film. Harry's last directorial venture was TEESRI AANKH - THE HIDDEN CAMERA that disappeared without a trace while his last big HIT was QAYAMAT [2003].

    Bollywood News : Priyanka-Harman pushed to year end

    Can Shyamalan play Quidditch?

    2006/7/28 15:55:48

    M Night Shyamalan isn't done just yet.

    Despite all the critic flak following his latest release Lady In The Water, Shyamalan is still an A-list director -- and potentially the man helming a future Harry Potter production.

    While Lady made a disappointing $25 million in its first week in the US, the film certainly isn't a flop. It cost nearly $60 million, half the budget of most major studio releases. Once overseas and DVD revenues are added in, the film is likely to make a small profit.

    A flop or two often forces prominent directors to recapture box office glory with a bigger film. Steven Spielberg, for example, followed The Color Purple and Empire Of The Sun with the mammoth Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. British magazines are abuzz with the speculation that Shyamalan, currently hoping for better reviews abroad, wants to take on a Harry Potter film.

    In London to promote Lady In The Water, Shyamalan told that a Potter film was on the cards.

    "You know, that Harry Potter dance has gone on a long time. The problem is that it is a living breathing thing now, all by itself. When it comes over to my camp, it needs to be kind of handed over, adoption papers and everything. That's a tricky move."

    He also revealed that the first Harry Potter film, The Philosopher's Stone (eventually directed by Chris Columbus) was offered to him. But that conflicted with his Unbreakable. "I would definitely look into directing a Harry Potter film, but I think probably before that I would adapt a book. I've gotten close a few times to adapting books,"

    One hopes Shyamalan, ever so secretive of his scripts, knows that Harry Potter author JK Rowling has final approval of every screenplay based on her bestselling books.

    The director might also have the last laugh on Disney production chief Nina Jacobson. Jacobson turned down the Lady In The Water script, but ghosts of awful flops she had greenlit over the years (The Alamo, among others) returned to haunt her. Jacobson was unceremoniously given the boot a couple of weeks ago when Disney cut over 600 jobs worldwide.


    Bollywood News : Can Shyamalan play Quidditch?

    Sherlyn Chopra's multiple personality!!

    2007/6/7 11:47:04

    Red Swastik,a psycho thriller is the story of an extremely devious serial killer who goes about her mission with a sense of social rectitude. Yet when she is not an angel of death, she is an extremely beautiful and loving human being whom you would like to protect and preserve in your heart.

    In a bedroom of a a very plush apartment in Mumbai, a middle aged corporate honcho is brutally stabbed to death soon after a wild love making act during the day. The man had apparently engaged the lady when his wife was away to Kolkatta on a business trip.

    The police is sent into a tizzy because the killer paints a 'Swastik' on the forehead of the victim in his own blood which indicates that it is the act of a serial killer who leaves identical signs in several similar retributory executions in Delhi and a few other towns. Soon more such killings are discovered in Mumbai too.

    As the hot chase ensues, what emerges is not the simple case of a uni-dimensional psychopath killing on whims, but of a very complex split personality of a psychotically bewildered being. At times tantalizingly sensuous with insatiable sexuality, fiercely protective with maternal possessiveness; brutally unsparing with the fury of an avenger as well gratifyingly warm and caring with the sincerity of a true lover.

    The sad revelation in finality is not that of an abhorrent monster but of a vulnerable and beautiful human being who uses her inescapable sexuality merely as a weapon for social rectitude.

    Bollywood News : Sherlyn Chopra's multiple personality!!

    KCR in NIMS again?!

    2010/10/9 17:17:17

    The TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao is well known for his (in)famous fast unto death. His fast in the special ward of NIMS became very controversial what with the talk of him being administered with ‘full parental nutrition’.

    KCR may soon land up in NIMS once again for yet another round of fast unto death.

    KCR said that if the Sri Krishna committee did not come up with a positive recommendation for separate Telangana, then he will go on a fast unto death once again after 31 December.

    Andhra News : KCR in NIMS again?!

    Americans celebrate Bin Laden’s death

    2011/5/2 12:28:33

    Thousands of Americans gathered in Lafayette Park outside the White House in Washington as soon as they heard the news about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

    News of people celebrating the death of Osama is coming across from all over the country and other nations as well.

    Andhra News : Americans celebrate Bin Laden’s death

    Bachchan sees new chances in English movie

    2007/9/12 8:51:55

    Working in English and simply growing old are offering new opportunities to movie icon Amitabh Bachan whose first English-language film, The Last Lear, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this week.

    Bachan, described on industry Web site as "arguably India's greatest ever superstar," said making a film in English had brought back memories of school and college. An English-language film was different, but logical at the same time, given the role of English as a common language in India.

    "It's always wonderful to experiment with something different," Bachan, who has 171 acting credits to his name, told Reuters in an interview the day after the sold-out Toronto premiere.

    "At 65, you get an opportunity to experiment with all kinds of films and that's what's happening, and I am happy that there are people that want me to work with them, and it gives me the chance to do something different."

    In The Last Lear, Bachan plays Harry, a reclusive stage actor who quotes Shakespeare with relish and who -- somewhat reluctantly -- is making his movie debut at the age of 65.

    He stars alongside Preity Zinta, who is also acting in her first English-language film, as are others in the cast.

    Director Rituparno Ghosh has chosen to add subtitles, even for a North American audience.

    "I did it because we Indians speak English in various ways -- the same language can take various forms," said Ghosh. "And the tongues of the various communities of India may not be so easily comprehensible to a Western audience."

    Bachan said the role of Harry, and the way he used Shakespeare's language to illustrate his points, had brought back memories of his own early acting days, including the role of Cassio in Shakespeare's Othello.

    He named Hamlet as one role he has always wanted, but admitted that "at my age, I would probably be playing the ghost."

    At just over two hours, The Last Lear is short by Indian standards, and there are none of the song and dance routines that form the usual highlights of a Bollywood extravaganza.

    Bachan bristled at the idea that the new movie might be considered "Bollywood."

    "We don't like that word," he said. "It was coined by some smart journalist and it just stuck, and now it's in the Oxford dictionary."

    Bollywood News : Bachchan sees new chances in English movie

    800-word Harry Potter prequel to be auctioned

    2008/5/29 9:20:19

    An 800-word Harry Potter prequel is one of 13 card-sized works to be sold at a charity auction in the British capital. Waterstone's Booksellers Ltd. says the cream-colored A5 papers — each slightly bigger than a postcard — were distributed to 13 authors and illustrators, including the boy wizard's creator J.K. Rowling, Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing, novelist Margaret Atwood and playwright Tom Stoppard.

    Rowling used both sides of her card to hand-write a prequel to her seven-book Harry Potter saga, while Lessing penned a story about the power of reading. Stoppard wrote a short mystery and Atwood was due to fill out her card remotely using a robotic arm controlled by computer linkup.

    Other cards were completed by children's author Michael Rosen, illustrator Axel Scheffler, graphic novelist Neil Gaiman, Lisa Appignanesi, Richard Ford, Lauren Child, Irvine Welsh, Sebastian Faulks and Nick Hornby, who plastered his card with a collage.

    The cards will go on sale at the "What's Your Story?" auction at Waterstone's flagship store in central London on June 10. The proceeds are to go to English PEN, the writers' association, and the British charity Dyslexia Action. Copies of the cards will be collated into a book to be made available at the bookstore and online in August.

    Organizers refused to comment on the content of Rowling's Harry Potter prequel, but Hogwarts fans hoping for another book to add to their collection may be disappointed by her signoff.

    "From the prequel I am not working on — but that was fun!" Rowling wrote.

    Rowling has previously said she had no plans to write another Potter novel, but in December she sold a handwritten, leather-bound book of fairy tales she described as drawing on the series' themes, for nearly $4 million at auction. The money went to The Children's Voice, a charity Rowling co-founded in 2005

    Hollywood News :  800-word Harry Potter prequel to be auctioned

    Death sentence to two youths for rape, murder

    2011/11/20 2:00:46 (IANS) A local court in Uttar Pradesh's Azamgarh district Saturday sentenced two youths to death for raping and killing a teenaged girl, and later beating her father also to death, a lawyer said.

    Additional District and Sessions Judge Buddhiram Yadav sentenced Ram Avtar and Arvind Kumar, natives of Piyaroakbarpur village, to death.

    "Avtar and Arvind, now in their mid 20s, had raped and killed a 13-year-old girl of the same village in July 2009. When the girl's father Chandradhari tried to rescue her, the two assaulted him with rods, and he succumbed to injuries on the spot," prosecution lawyer S.P. Rai told reporters in Azamgarh, some 300 km from Lucknow.

    National News : Death sentence to two youths for rape, murder

    Rag picker strangulated to death

    2011/10/17 6:31:20 A rag picker was strangulated to death allegedly by his own family members.

    The deceased, Md Nayeem, 40, was strangulated to death at his residence in Santosh Nagar by his relatives on Saturday night. Nayeem was addicted to alcohol and he allegedly used to harass his relatives in inebriated condition.

    Santosh Nagar police are investigating the case. (INN)

    Andhra News : Rag picker strangulated to death

    I'd love to play Harry Potter:Darsheel

    2008/1/2 17:19:05

    There are things Darsheel Safary likes and things he hates. He likes mobile phones, partying and doing masti. But he hates putting on makeup, rona-dhona films and girls!

    The adorable Ishaan of Taare Zameen Par may be happy with the attention that he’s been getting because of the film, but he is very clear that girls should stay away from him. “I hate girls pulling my cheeks,” he makes a face. Tease him about it, and he says, “I don’t talk about my personal life. I don’t have any girlfriends and even if I did, I would not have liked to talk about them.” Darsheel loves to party, though. “When we were shooting, we would party till late in the night. But not with the bad things that people have. We only had cold drinks at our party,” he states matter-of-factly.

    Nothing scares Darsheel, at least that’s what he says. “I wasn’t even scared when I was holding a cracker in my hand that was about to burst,” he points out. But what about his parents. “I am scared of both of them,” he says, but after thinking it over he adds, “Actually I love them a lot.”

    Films have happened to this little boy, but his first love remains dancing. “I have been learning dance from Shiamak Davar and have even won many prizes,” he says. Darsheel doesn’t mind studying, but he isn’t really fond of learning Hindi and Gujarati. “I like all subjects, but I don’t like Hindi and Gujarati. People keep asking me to study these subjects all the time,” says a troubled Darsheel, who is in Standard 5 of Greenlawns School. And though he’s naughty, he doesn’t ever want to go to a boarding. “When we shooting at the boarding I missed my family a lot. Besides, no one goes to boarding for being naughty,” he says.

    Darsheel is keen to get back to school after the Christmas vacation. “I haven’t been in touch with my friends since the movie released. I have seen it four times, but with my parents and my family,” he reveals. So, how does it feel to see himself on the big screen? “I like it. It feels very nice,” he smiles. And what does he not like? “To tell you frankly, I don’t like to see myself cry. That’s the reason I don’t like any rona-dhona films,” he says. There’s another reason he doesn’t like crying on screen... that’s because he used to hate glycerin. But later Darsheel took a liking to it. “I would take one drop on my hand lick it. It tastes really sweet,” he adds. “I hate makeup. If I were to become and actor I would be an WM actor. Without Makeup actor,” he explains.

    Though he is fond of Aamir Khan, his favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan. “I love Hrithik Roshan. He’s the best actor, the best dancer and he has the best body in the world,” gushes Darsheel. The boy wonder isn’t sure whether he wants to be an actor, but if he had to choose another role he’d love to play the famous boy-wizard. “I would love to play Harry Potter and have Aamir as Dumbledore. But my bunny teeth won’t work,” he laughs.

    Bollywood News : I'd love to play Harry Potter:Darsheel

    Pumping up the jam?

    2007/10/8 10:19:29

    Zayed Khan had a song remixed by DJ Aqeel for his next. And no, he didn't take his director's permission before going ahead

    Zayed Khan is so excited about the Tikhi tikhi naazaron ne jaadu kiya number from his forthcoming film, Speed that he went to his brother-in-law, DJ Aqeel and had it remixed, without consulting his director. Now that it’s done, however, Harry Baweja will use it for his film’s promotion.

    Harry says, “Zayed was very eager that we use this remixed track in our film. He came up with the idea of remixing the song. It has come out really superb. We had planned to re-shoot the song but we are going ahead with the original

    picturisation as it’s looking really hot. The song features Zayed, Aftab, Ashish Chowdhury and Sanjay Suri."

    Zayed, who is shooting in Europe for Main Yuvraj, remained unavailable for comment.

    Bollywood News : Pumping up the jam?

    Did PJR pull a 'Fast' one?

    2007/7/14 9:10:44

    The PJR vs. Ravindranath issue is generating a lot of heat and dust. PJR has hardened his stand and says that he would go ahead with his proposed fast-unto-death from Monday.

    He says that “I will sit on a fast unto-death and will go to Delhi only after that”. Now what does that mean? Is PJR planning to withdraw his fast at the last minute? Or has he been sent feelers by mediators that someone from Delhi would come down to Hyderabad and talk him out.

    A fast-unto-death is not a one day token agitation and it will have serious repercussions. But PJR seems to give an impression that it may last for a few days and a solution would be found by his party.

    Andhra News : Did PJR pull a 'Fast' one?

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