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on 2006/10/20 7:08:29

Actress Srividya dies of cancer

Leading South Indian actress Srividya died in a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday evening, hospital sources said.

She was 53 and had been undergoing treatment for cancer for the last few months.

Daughter of eminent classical singer M L Vasanthakumari, Srividya entered the film world at a very young age doing a prominent role in the Sivaji Ganesan-starrer Thiruvarul Selvar.

She, however, made it big in Malayalam ever since her debut film Chattambikavala in 1969. Srividya had put up memorable performance in scores of Malayalam films and she won the state government's best actress award twice.

At the height of her career, she married businessman George Thomas but they separated some years back. She had also acted in several Malayalam television serials.

Srividya will be cremated with state honours in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday, an official spokesman said.

The body of the actress would be kept at the VJT hall in Thiruvananthapuram in the morning for her fans and the public to pay last respect to her. The cremation will take place at the Brahmin Samajam crematorium at Karamana in the city later in the afternoon.


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    Big B and family in Hyd

    2007/7/28 19:03:55 Big B Amitabh Bachchan, son Abhisekh and daughter-in-law are in Hyderabad to take part in the shooting for Ram Gopal Varma’s sequel to Sarkar. The actors visited Kamineni hospital and took part in the ‘Prevention of Cancer’ programme. Amitabh said that he never smoked nor chewed tobacco in his life. They are the biggest cause of cancer worldwide. Ash and Abhi were also present and spent some time with children suffering from cancer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Big B and family in Hyd

    Indian doctor Siddhartha wins Pulitzer

    2011/4/19 16:10:30

    Indian born cancer specialist Siddhartha Mukherjee has bagged the prestigious won this year’s Pulitzer. The award has been given for his book "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer".

    Siddhartha Mukherjee, 41 was born in Delhi and now lives and works in the US as a cancer specialist.

    Andhra News : Indian doctor Siddhartha wins Pulitzer

    Balayya starts new schemes at cancer hospital

    2010/9/18 13:58:17

    Hero Balakrishna today inaugurated several new facilities at the Basavatharakam Cancer hospital.

    Balakrishna started a new center for paying bills for Arogyasri patients, inaugurated a state-of-the art Sino genetic diagnostic facility for detecting Leukemia. Balayya also flagged off a special metro service from Secunderabad to the cancer hospital.

    Balakrishna is now taking an active interest in the running of the hospital.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balayya starts new schemes at cancer hospital

    Low fat, fish oil diet helps slow down cancer

    2011/10/26 13:49:52 (IANS) A low-fat, fish-oil combo diet, taken weeks before prostate removal, slows down prostate cancer growth as compared to a traditional, high-fat Western diet.

    The study, conducted by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles' Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Centre, also found that men on such diet were able to change the composition of their cell membranes in both healthy and cancerous cells in the prostate gland.

    They had increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and decreased levels of omega-6 fatty acids from corn oil in the cell membranes, which may directly affect the biology of the cells, said William Aronson, study co-author and Jonsson Centre researcher, the journal Cancer Prevention Research reports.

    The study also found that blood obtained from patients after the low-fat, fish oil diet programme slowed the growth of prostate cancer cells in a test tube as compared to blood from men on the Western diet, which did not slow cancer growth, according to a Jonsson Centre statement.

    "The finding that the low-fat, fish oil diet reduced the number of rapidly dividing cells in the prostate cancer tissue is important because the rate at which the cells are dividing can be predictive of future cancer progression," Aronson said.

    "The lower the rate of proliferation, the lesser the chances the cancer will spread outside the prostate where it is much harder to treat."

    Health : Low fat, fish oil diet helps slow down cancer

    Wear pink for a cause, urges fashionista Sonam

    2011/10/14 18:52:34

    New Delhi, Oct 14 (IANS) Sonam Kapoor has found a unique way to spread awareness about breast cancer. The actress, known for her fashion sense, has urged companies to encourage their employees to wear pink at work as a mark of support for the fight against the disease.

    The special initiative -- Wear Pink to Work Day, for the ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- has been planned by the Ogaan Cancer Foundation (OCF) and the ELLE Breast Cancer Campaign, said a press statement Friday. It will kick off Oct 21.

    The underlying concept behind the programme is to convince people to take a step forward in spreading awareness about the disease, for which early detection is the best prevention possible.

    Sonam, the brand ambassador for the Ogaan Cancer Foundation, is happy to do her bit.

    "It is my privilege to be associated to play a part in spreading breast cancer awareness. Everyone seems to know someone with breast cancer - I lost an aunt to it. Detecting cancer early is the only way to fight and that requires awareness about tests and a healthy lifestyle," she said.

    "I hope I can make a difference in my own way," she added.

    Over 40 corporate houses such as Apeejay Surrendra Group, Barclays Bank, BBC Worldwide, Bharti Enterprises, the Walt Disney Company, HSBC, Infosys, Jubilant Bhartia Group, Network 18, Park Hotels, Swiss International Airlines, and Tech Mahindra, are said to be participating in the initiative.

    "With the Wear Pink to Work Day programme, we hope to reach a new target audience for our message, and raise awareness among men as well. After all, we know women are often self-sacrificing, putting their own needs last. And this is true when it comes to health decisions too. ]It's time for us to acknowledge that a woman's health should be a family priority t0o," said Archana Pillai, OCF director.

    Bollywood News : Wear pink for a cause, urges fashionista Sonam

    Walnuts reduce breast cancer risk

    2011/9/2 15:24:37 Washington, Sep 2 (IANS) A modest amount of walnuts in diet knocked off much of the breast cancer risk among mice.

    Elaine Hardman from Marshall University's School of Medicine, compared the outcome of a typical diet and a diet containing walnuts in the lifespan of mice.

    The group whose diet included walnut developed breast cancer at less than half the rate of the group with typical diet, Hardman said.

    Besides, the number of tumours and their sizes were significantly smaller, the journal Nutrition and Cancer reports.

    ?These reductions are particularly important when you consider that the mice were genetically programmed to develop cancer at a high rate,? a Marshall University statement reported Hardman as saying.

    ?We were able to reduce the risk for cancer even in the presence of a pre-existing genetic mutation,? Hardman added.

    Genome News Network had reported in 2004: "Scientists have developed a new technique for growing human breast tissues in living mice. The restructured mice may serve as the best experimental model yet for studying human breast cancer."

    Using genetic analysis, the Marshall study found that walnut-containing diet changed the activity of multiple genes relevant to breast cancer in both mice and humans.

    Other testing showed that increases in omega 3 fatty acids did not fully account for the anti-cancer effect and found that tumour growth decreased when dietary vitamin E increased. Hardman said the findings highlight the vital role diet plays in health.

    Health : Walnuts reduce breast cancer risk

    New way to kill cancer cells

    2011/9/18 15:32:08 Scientists have figured out a new way to kill cancer cells by disabling a protein known as fortilin, which promotes their unbridled growth.

    Fortilin does so by neutering (removing) protein p53, which actually suppresses cancer.

    This finding potentially paves the way for treating a range of tumours and atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries, with plaque build-up), which p53 also helps prevent.

    "The p53 protein is a critical defence against cancer because it activates genes that induce apoptosis, or the death of cells," said Ken Fujise, director cardiology division, University of Texas Medical Branch, who led the study.

    Fujise and his team used animal models to demonstrate that fortilin inhibits p53 from activating genes, such as BAX and Noxa, that facilitate cell death. Thus, cells that would be killed are allowed to proliferate, the Journal of Biological Chemistry reports.

    "When normal cells become cancer cells, our bodies' natural biological response is to activate p53, which eliminates the hopelessly damaged cells," said Fujise, according to a Texas statement.

    "This process explains why the majority of people are able to stay cancer-free for most of their lives," he said.

    "Conversely, mutated p53 genes are seen in more than half of all human cancers, making them the most frequently observed genetic abnormality in cancer," said Fujise.

    According to Fujise, now scientists can begin exploring compounds that could modulate fortilin's activity on p53.

    Such a compound would be a powerful chemotherapy agent and, because p53 inhibition has also been associated with atherosclerosis, it could also protect against coronary disease and its many complications, including heart attack and stroke.

    Health : New way to kill cancer cells

    Annamitra at Cancer Institute

    2011/11/1 14:46:39 Annamritha - free food distribution programme for cancer patients was launched on Tuesday at the Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute here.

    The programme, an initiative by Hare Krishna Movement-Hyderabad and Akshyapatra Foundation, will be feeding free and nutritious lunch to the 250 patients, according to a press release.

    The programme was inaugurated by Nandamuri Bala Krishna, Chairman, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute. Speaking on this occasion Bala Krishna appreciated the efforts of Hare Krishna Movement-Hyderabad in providing quality food to needy.

    He welcomed the Annamritha initiative, and explained the various initiatives being taken up by the hospital and agreed more accommodation is required for under privileged patients. (INN)

    Andhra News : Annamitra at Cancer Institute

    Trisha to celebrate b'day with a purpose

    2007/5/4 8:33:32

    The south-after heroine of Kollywood and Tollywood Trisha will be celebrating her birthday this Friday. A former Miss Chennai turned actress, Trisha is a prominent actress down south and has been part of several blockbusters and is acting with all prominent actors.

    The cute-actress will be celebrating her birthday with a purpose. Trisha, as part of her fans association, will take part in a series of events organized by her fans association, which includes distributing flowers to the children affected by cancer at the Adyar Cancer Hospital financial and a mega blood donation camp. Then she would distribute identity card to her fan club members.

    Trisha says, “I always wanted to contribute for the weak and downtrodden. Amidst my busy schedule, thanks to my fans association, I am able to devote some time for charity purpose.”

    Trisha will visit the cancer hospital in the morning and spend some time with the children. Later she would inaugurate a blood donation camp in which 500 fans would take part and donate blood.

    Asked whether the consolidation of her fans association is a purpose to try her luck in politics, she says, “Where on earth do I have time for such things? I am busy acting in a couple of movies in Telugu and in Tamil. I am getting ready with a host of big releases.”

    Tamil Cinema News : Trisha to celebrate b'day with a purpose


    2006/12/4 18:52:31 Shahrukh Khan, once a chain smoker is now trying to quit smoking !!

    Atleast that what the King Khan had to say when launching a cancer drug from Biocon.

    "I am desperately trying to kick the habit", he said..

    Shah Rukh declared that it's a "shameful thing" that while he supported the fight against cancer - he lost his father to cancer in 1981 and mother to "somehow related to the same disease" 10 years later, as he puts it - he continues to smoke.

    "I am trying my best to quit smoking but it's difficult. I am trying to reduce it and I have reduced it a lot but it will take a while before I succeed in kicking the habit".

    SRK ’s new movie Don face censor issues over a smoking scene.

    He said that when he did the character, he insisted that when Don - the character played by himself - puts a cigarette in his mouth, he says "I am trying to quit it", when gang members come to light it.

    Union Health Minister has objected to film actors' on-screen smoking.



    Sexy heroine suffering from cancer

    2010/11/15 11:55:51

    She is a hot and sexy heroine. She can also sing and has done a fair number of films in Telugu.

    She is Mamata Mohandas. She has a considerable fan following in Telugu. Of late Mamata has been sporting a very short hair. It is not a new style statement but has been done to enable easier treatment for the actress.

    Mamata is suffering from while cells cancer known as Hodgkyn’s Lympoma. Fortunately the disease can be cured with early detection and proper medication.

    Mamata who was initially shocked is now slowly getting ready to accept the truth.

    Mamata says that the disease has given her a new found strength and courage and she is now able to handle many things in life in a much more mature manner.

    Let us wish Mamata Mohandas a speedy and complete recovery.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sexy heroine suffering from cancer

    'Bommarillu' Bhaskar ties the knot

    2007/7/5 14:48:52

    Bhaskar made his debut as director through 'Bommarillu' produced by Dil Raju with Siddhartha and Genelia in the lead, which was a blockbuster and gave lead to several producers and directors to take up family and sentiment subjects. Bhaskar proved himself as a successful director with his debut film and is now going to direct a film with Allu Arjun as hero.

    Bhaskar fell in love with a girl called Srividya, an engineering student from Gitam College in Visakhapatnam and is a resident of Vizianagaram, during the shooting of 'Bommarillu'. She is the daughter of Pakalapati Sanyasiraju. With himself proving successful in profession, he got Srividya married with the blessings of elders.

    The marriage was performed at Sri Suryanarayana Murthy temple in Arasavilli near Srikakulam in a traditional manner. He tied the nuptial knot to the bride at 10.30 am. Producer 'Dil' Raju, hero Allu Arjun and 'Arya' director Sukumar, DVSN Prasad, Raja and others attended the marriage. Surprisingly, none of the family members of Bhaskar attended the marriage.

    There was a huge gathering at the marriage venue with the information that Stylish Star Allu Arjun was in Arasavilli to attend Bommarillu Bhaskar marriage. After the marriage, Allu Arjun went inside the temple and offered special prayers to the Lord.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Bommarillu' Bhaskar ties the knot

    Yash Chopra honoured at House of Commons

    2007/5/18 9:45:57

    Bollywood filmmaker Yash Chopra was honoured at the House of Commons here for his outstanding contribution to the Indian film industry.

    The function was organised yesterday by Indian origin MP Keith Vaz, MPs Tony Baldry and John Barett, to recognise the contribution of Yash Chopra in not only producing films with a message but also his role as Patron of the 'Roko Cancer Campaign' in India.

    "Indian cinema has made its mark in the world during the last 60 years. The honour is not for me but for the entire Indian film industry," Chopra said.

    "Cancer is cureable if there is timely detection. A great deal of work had to be done in rural areas in creating necessary awareness among the people," he said about his cancer related charity efforts.

    Bollywood News : Yash Chopra honoured at House of Commons

    Director Pratap died with Cancer

    2011/7/5 13:50:18 Tollywood director Vankineni Ratna Pratap (52), who was taking treatment for cancer disease since last few months died at a private hospital in Hyderabad on Monday. He directed Jr.NTR’s debut movie ‘Ninnu Chudalani’ and several films like ‘Nuvvosthavani’ with Nagarjuna, ‘Gorintaaku’ with Dr.Rajashekar, ‘Naalo Unna Prema’, and ‘Swmy’ etc. He will be cremated at his home town Tenali after his daughter from US arrives on Wednesday. Tollywood pays rich tributes to the director Pratap.

    Telugu Cinema News : Director Pratap died with Cancer

    Beware of Rakhi, the lethal seductress

    2007/5/4 12:32:57

    The unstoppable Rakhi Sawant has been telling anyone who cares to listen to her that she's the main lead in Rahul Rawail's comedy 'Buddha Mil Gaya'. She's been told to withhold is the fact that she plays the most lethal seductress ever seen on screen. Rakhi is this hot siren. Anyone she makes love to simply collapses and dies. That's how hot she is in the film,' said a source. Apparently, her victims in the film include Paresh Rawal, Vinay Pathak and Prem Chopra.

    'These are among the many victims who sleep with the character and simply fall dead,' said the source. Rawail thought of Rakhi for this character as she's the only actress with the gumption to play the role. Apparently, when the director narrated the role to Rakhi, she excitedly called up her boyfriend. Pataa hai, main ek dhansoon role kar rahi hoon. Jisske saath soti hoon woh mar jaata hai. (I'm doing quite a role. Whoever sleeps with me simply dies),' she squealed to her boyfriend over the phone.

    Bollywood News : Beware of Rakhi, the lethal seductress

    Safer breast implants with Nanotech

    2011/10/10 17:21:02 There is cheering news for victims of breast cancer who feel disfigured by the partial or complete removal of their breasts.

    Researchers led by Judit E. Puskas from The University of Akron, US, are currently developing an alternative nanostructured material to silicone rubber that will minimize complications.

    The new material will also be able to deliver cancer drugs locally to improve the efficacy of treatment and minimize side-effects of chemotherapy, the journal Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology reports.

    "If successful, our material could be used for implants with drug delivery capabilities," said Puskas, according to an Akron statement.

    Until now, the only option available to women undergoing breast reconstruction and augmentation was based on silicone rubber.

    But the use of silicone implants creates plenty of complications, including other forms of cancer and psychological disease.

    Around 75 percent of post-mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts, partially or completely) patients chose some kind of breast reconstruction.

    Lifestyle : Safer breast implants with Nanotech

    Lara jhooms with cancer children

    2007/6/26 17:12:46

    This was a wonderful event with a cause, so to speak. Lara Dutta took time off from her busy schedule on Saturday morning , and decided to mingle with cancer-afflicted children in Mumbai.

    A special screening of her latest movie was held for 250 children and as the special invitation read, the kids had a 'Ticket to meet Lara Dutta'.

    And, it certainly was a double bonus for the children who were most excited to watch the movie, that too with Lara sitting amidst them. Ticket to Hollywood? Nah, a direct ticket to spend a morning with Lara Dutta!

    After the screening, the actress spent some quality time interacting with the children. She merrily chatted with them, clicked pictures with them, signed autographs for them and once the music began playing, she even danced with them!

    A bouquet of flowers, a small Ganesha idol, a card that read 'Thank you Lara for jhooming with us', and of course, the wide smiles on the faces of the children summed up how they felt.

    Bollywood News : Lara jhooms with cancer children

    Bommarillu Bhaskar ties the knot

    2007/7/5 12:35:12

    Director Bhaskar who shot to fame with the film Bommarillu married his long time beau Srividya at the Arasavilli temple in Srikakulam on Wednesday. The two were in love for some time and the marriage took place with the approval of the elders on both sides.

    Allu Arjun, Dil Raju, Arya Sukumar were among the celebrities from Tollywood who attended the wedding.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bommarillu Bhaskar ties the knot

    Sallu has an eventful week

    2008/3/10 13:21:21

    He is a doting uncle to his nephews, but of late Bollywood hunk Salman Khan seems to have made good friends with the deprived children.

    The actor arrived at Mumbai's Race Course to give away bravery awards to the children, who were fighting cancer.

    Salman also made a quick visit to Wadia hospital, where these children are being treated. He is not called an entertainer for nothing. The moment he entered the hospital, there were smiles all around.

    Past week Salman played football for a cause and even donated Rs five lakh to a cancer patient and now the bravery awards.

    Well done Salman!

    Bollywood News : Sallu has an eventful week

    Trisha's dad is Prakashraj !

    2007/6/20 10:42:45

    Social responsibility and concern for the people around us and society in particular is catching up very fast among today's generation and Kollywood personalities are no exception to this humane trait. Many artists in Tamil film industry are actively involved in diverse welfare measures and social services from blood donation camps to spreading awareness about various diseases.
    These activities are sure to bring in a positive change over a period of time.

    Trisha is one among such many stars who do not miss the smallest of opportunities to be involved in such noble activities. It is a well known fact that she spends her birthdays at the cancer institute bringing cheer and respite among the inmates. She has in fact made it mandatory for her fans to donate blood regularly. Now she will be leaving for Sri Lanka to participate in an event to benefit children affected by cancer. When quizzed on this, the slim actress said that it gives her immense satisfaction and happiness to help people in distress.

    On her professional endeavors, she said that she will be doing a film with Prakash Raj under the direction of Radha Mohan which deals with the events that happen in the life of a father and a daughter where Prakash Raj plays the role of Trisha's dad. According to her this film will showcase her in a different dimension.

    Tamil Cinema News : Trisha's dad is Prakashraj !

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