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on 2011/1/27 11:52:10

Allu Arjun's marriage date

We are aware that, Stylish star Allu Arjun got engaged with Sneha Reddy few months ago. Today, elders of the both families have announced the date and venue of their marriage and reception.

Allu Arjun's marriage with Sneha Reddy will be performed on 6th March at Hitechs in Hyderabad. Their Reception party will be held at Allu's native town in Palakollu on 9th March.

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    Allu Arjun marriage on March 5th

    2011/1/12 5:32:21 According to some film nagar sources it came to know stylish star Allu Arjun’s marriage with Sneha Reddy is planned for 5th March. Allu Arjun’s shopping spree during the one month long film industry strike further strengthens this report. Then, he told the media that, he has ordered for a special suite from London and a Delhi based fashion designer was assigned to prepare all his wedding costumes. Allu Arjun will be free by March as his current movie ‘Badrinath’ will be completed by the time and it’s the most appropriate time for his marriage. So, we can assure that the information about his marriage date is genuine.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun marriage on March 5th

    Arjun caught with his ‘would be’!

    2010/11/16 9:47:39

    Hero Allu Arjun who surprised everyone with his sudden announcement of his marriage is now moving openly with her.

    Arjun has managed to convince his dad Aravind to accept his love and agree to the inter caste marriage.

    The picture shows Allu Arjun at a function with his would be wife Sneha Reddy seated besides him.

    Telugu Cinema News : Arjun caught with his ‘would be’!

    Sneha Reddy knows all about Arjun's affairs

    2011/3/7 14:43:24

    The stylish star Allu Arjun was a party man and also quite a hit with girls. So, when the topic of marriage with Senha Reddy came, Allu Arjun revealed to her all the details past affairs.

    It is understood that Sneha was happy that her would-be husband told her the truth and took it sportingly. This interesting bit of news is from the interview Allu Arjun gave to the South Scope magazine of his brother Allu Sirish.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha Reddy knows all about Arjun's affairs

    Allu Arjun wooed by six PYTs on V’ Day

    2007/2/15 17:30:40

    Hero Allu Arjun had a blast of a Valentine’s Day at a popular restaurant in the city. He was the chief gust a V’Day special programme hosted by Radio Mirchi. The FM channel invited young girls to date Allu Arjun.

    From a score of aspirants, six lucky girls were short listed. They were then given an opportunity to try and woo Allu Arjun at the special Valentine’s Day special event. Allu Arjun later said that this was the most memorable Valentine’s Day in his life so far. He had a whale of good time with the participants and later posed for photographs with them

    Keywords:Allu Arjun Valentine's Day::

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun wooed by six PYTs on V’ Day

    Wedding bells for Allu Arjun

    2010/11/4 16:01:56

    And finally Allu Aravind has confirmed that the gossips about his son Allu Arjun’s marriage are genuine and he announced that his son’s marriage with Sneha Reddy will be performed before end of January or in mid February next year, soon after he finishes his present movie ‘Badrinath.’ However, he condemned that there was any love affair between his son Allu Arjun and the bride Sneha Reddy. He said, “During the ‘Varudu’ film audio launching function some mutual friends have proposed this match, for which Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy shown interest and informed the same to their elders. Later, somehow someone has leaked this matter to media and rest of the story is known to all. Recently, we met bride’s parents and finalized the matter. Sneha Reddy’s elder sister is daughter-in-law of Ex Minister Samara Simha Reddy, who again is our family friend. This helps us in finalizing the matter quickly. The engagement ceremony will be performed very soon. We will announce the date very soon, but I request the media not take the pains of guessing the date.”

    Although, Allu Arjun’s film ‘Varudu’ failed, surprisingly it helps him getting married and makes him the real life Varudu! Congrats.

    Telugu Cinema News : Wedding bells for Allu Arjun

    Media made my job easy: Allu Arjun

    2011/3/14 16:22:33

    Although, Allu Aravind has tried to bluff the people that, his son Allu Arjun’s marriage was an arranged marriage and not a love marriage, Allu Arjun has made it clear that, he fall in love with Sneha in first sight, when he attended wedding of his family friend.

    He said “I have proposed her first and when she has agreed to my proposal then, I met her parents and they also agreed. In the mean time, media gossips also helped a lot in bringing us close and finally we got married. I understand that, some times media also make one’s job easy. Even before, I talk to my father, the gossips in media completed my task.”

    Allu Arjun speaking about his forthcoming movie ‘Badrinath’ has appealed the people and the fans not to expect another Magadheera, because this film is also coming from Geeta Arts, which has produced Magadheera. He said that, from now onwards he will do only two films a year, so as he can fully concentrate on his movies.

    Telugu Cinema News : Media made my job easy: Allu Arjun

    Vidya is my dream date – Allu Arjun

    2007/2/15 17:33:07

    Hero Allu Arjun says that he still has no clear idea when it comes to love. He has revealed that his mind keeps changing when it comes to love matters. No h is nit indicating a fickle mind. What he means is that he has no clue about love.

    He however admitted that he was smitten by his classmate when he was in the eight standard. He refused to reveal her identity saying the girl is now happily married. Allu Arjun said that he would love to date one person. And the dream date is none other than the sensuous Vidya Balan.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vidya is my dream date – Allu Arjun

    Allu Arjun’s engagement on 26th November?

    2010/11/9 11:46:44 Stylish star Allu Arjun’s marriage news with Hyderabadi girl Sneha Reddy was surfaced few days ago followed by Allu Aravind’s confirmation. The latest buzz is his engagement ceremony will be performed on 26th of November in a star hotel at Hyderabad. The same day, Allu family may announce the marriage date and venue also. It is learnt that, elders of both families are short listing the names of the invitees for this function. But, it may limit to close friends and relatives of the two families.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun’s engagement on 26th November?

    Allu Arjun with Ileana for Trivikram film

    2011/3/10 15:53:13

    Allu Arjun has okayed a new film. The film is his first after his marriage. Trivkram Srinivas will direct the film.

    The film will be produced by Danaiah who made films like Desamuduru and Varudu.

    The new film will go on to the sets next month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun with Ileana for Trivikram film

    Police case against Allu Arjun?

    2011/3/4 5:57:09 Responding to a petition filed by an advocate against Allu Arjun and his father Allu Aravind, Ranga Reddy Court has asked the Naarsing Police to file a case against the star and his father. The advocate has complained that, Allu Arjun and his father have encroached the land belongs to his client in Naarsing village in Ranga Reddy district. However, so far Allu Aravind has not responded to this development, as he was busy with marriage preparations of his beloved son Allu Arjun.

    Andhra News : Police case against Allu Arjun?

    Arjun's love for Charan

    2007/9/12 16:04:58

    Allu Arjun made his debut a couple of years ago. He is the son of Allu Aravind, brother- in-law of Chiranjeevi. Now Arjun is a hotshot hero. Chiranjeevi has blessed Arjun and also welcomed his success as an actor.

    Allu dotes on his uncle Chiranjeevi very much. And this love was seen when Allu was given a chance to dance with the megastar in a film for SDZ. It was Allu Arjun’s wish to act with his uncle and Chiranjeevi fulfilled it.

    Now it is the time for Chiranjeevi’s son to make his debut. Chirutha is set for release on September 28. Huge vinyl hoardings have been set up all over the state. And Allu Arjun has done all this. It is indeed god to know that they both share such a good relationship. Allu Arjun should be appreciated for his spirit as well as his love for his cousin.

    Telugu Cinema News : Arjun's love for Charan

    Allu Arjun Marriage on March 6th

    2010/12/20 16:16:52

    Allu Arjun’s marriage with Sneha Reddy is fixed for March 6th. This was officially confirmed by him two days ago, when he came to a shopping mall at Hyderabad for his marriage shopping. He said that, his was an arranged marriage but he met Sneha Reddy just three months before to his engagement with her in a function. He ruled out that they were in love for a long time.

    He said that he is planning to get a special suit for the occasion from London. A designer from New Delhi will design all his other dresses for his marriage.

    When asked about his honeymoon plans, he said that, probably he may not be able to spare time for it because he has some film commitments in his post marriage period. However, he said will find a gap between his films to enjoy his married life.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun Marriage on March 6th

    After Allu Arjun, it is now Jr.’s turn

    2011/3/9 17:51:19 Stylish star Allu Arjun’s grand marriage and the reception party were over. Now, all the attention turns toward Jr.NTR’s marriage, who is going to marry Lakshmi Pranathi on 3rd May at the same venue. But, unlike Allu Arjun, Jr.NTR has to cross some hurdles before sitting for his marriage. He has started two films ‘Rachcha’ and ‘Churakatti’ at a time and they need to be finished before his wedding.

    Then, he needs the full support of Nandamuri clan for his marriage. One can’t assure about their presence or absence for his marriage as still many of them considers Jr.NTR and his mother Sheela (Second wife of Hari Krishna) as the outsiders in the family. So, this sensitive issue to has be addressed very before the marriage to avoid embarrassment on the D day.

    Although, Harikrishna hugs Jr.NTR now, it is to be noted that, he has never openly announced that Jr.NTR as his legal son. So, performing his marriage would be naturally considered as an official announcement from Harikrishna accepting Jr.NTR as his legal son. Hence, Harikrishna has to sort out issues if any in this regard with his family members before sitting for his son’s marriage.

    However, Nandamuri clan has made it clear with their presence in the Groom ceremony that, they have no more objections to accept him as their family member. Hope, the young tiger who volunteered to success on his own efforts and win the hearts of the people, will definitely going to enjoy his marriage amid the presence of Nandamuri clan and of course his die hard fans.

    Andhra News : After Allu Arjun, it is now Jr.’s turn

    Sangeet ceremony in Allu’s home

    2011/3/3 18:06:33 Hardly three days to go for grand marriage of our stylish star Allu Arjun with Sneha Reddy, a festive mood has dawned upon Allu’s residence. Yesterday, it was the traditional ‘Pellikoduku’ ceremony and today, it is Sangeet ceremony that delights all the family members and the guests. His close friend Rana and some others have played a small funny skit to delight their star friend Allu Arjun. Ram Charan, Venu Madhav, Sunil, Navdeep, Sharwanand, Madhu Shalini, Priya Anand and Archana have played the skit.

    Allu Arjun has invited all his fans to his reception party to be held at Shilpa KalaVedhika, Hyderabad on 8th March.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeet ceremony in Allu’s home

    Allu Aravind failed completely in that!

    2011/3/9 11:37:06

    The marriage of Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy was a grand affair. The even was one of its kind in recent times.

    Allu Arjun wields considerable clout in the film industry and hence he wanted to use the occasion to show how much weight he has in the film industry.

    However the turnout of film personalities from actors to directors and producers was very small.

    Allu Aravind who wanted to show his clout in Tollywood was disappointed with the thin crowd of film personalities.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Aravind failed completely in that!

    Allu Arjun's Dream

    2007/4/6 16:04:28

    Everybody has a dream. Some dream big. Hero Allu Arjun is one such guy who dreams real big. His dream is to act in a film in which all his family members play a role. Megastar Chiranjeevi, Nagendra Babu, Pawan Klyan, Ram Charan Tej and Allu Arjun! Imagine a film with such a star cast. And Allu Arjun can make this happen.Allu Aravind is one person who can turn his son’s dram into reality.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun's Dream

    Allu Arjun is a Indian Samurai

    2011/2/17 12:51:47

    Hero Allu Arjun is playing an Indian Samurai in the film Badrinath. VV Vinayak is the director.

    Allu Aravind is the producer of this big budget flick. Tamanna is the heroine. Badrinath will hit the screens this summer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun is a Indian Samurai

    Sweets with Allu Arjun’s wedding card?

    2011/2/21 3:28:11

    Stylish star Allu Arjun is getting married on March 6th with Sneha Reddy. Their marriage will be performed at Hitex in Hyderabad. So, the preparations for his marriage are taking-up momentum in his home. His father Allu Aravind who has ordered for the wedding invitation cards recently has received the first batch of the wedding cards.

    The wedding card looks very elegant and comes in a neatly packed attractive box wrapped in gold colored paper. Along with the wedding card, there will be sweets inside this box as an indication of sweet news, which is a new trend of the current times. It came to know that, each card costs not less than Rs.1500 and Allu Aravind has placed order for 500 such box-cards. However, these cards were intended only for VVIPs only.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sweets with Allu Arjun’s wedding card?

    Allu Arjun will be ‘Varudu’ today

    2011/3/2 6:27:58
    Stylish star Allu Arjun might have enjoyed a five day traditional wedding in his film ‘Varudu.’ Now, the D day has come for him to experience the same enjoyment in his real life too. His marriage with Sneha Reddy is planned for 6th of March at Hitex city, Hyderabad. He will be made ‘Pelli Koduku,’ in a traditional ceremony to be performed at his home on Wednesday (March 2nd). Only close relatives and friends will attend this function. Allu Arjun plans to throw big party to his fans on 8th of March at Shilpa Kala Vedhika, Hyderabad.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun will be ‘Varudu’ today

    No time for marriage for NTR

    2010/11/27 18:05:21 Jr.NTR has no time for his marriage. He was engaged to Pranathi d/o Narne Srinivasa Rao some six months ago. Everyone expected that he will get married in November this year. But, NTR who is busy with his current movie Shakti shooting couldn’t find time for his marriage. The auspicious days for marriage end in this month and there is no Muhurtams until February next year. Neither Jr.NTR’s family members nor the bride’s parents come out with any certain date for their marriage. So, it is expected that he may get married in coming February, in which his co star Allu Arjun also plans his marriage.

    According to inside sources it is learnt that Jr.NTR is not in a hurry for the marriage, but once got married he needs a long interval in his career to enjoy his marital life. That’s why he plans to finish all his present commitments first and then only plans for marriage.

    Telugu Cinema News : No time for marriage for NTR

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