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on 2007/5/22 12:52:35

An Assamese girl in Kollywood!

An Assamese actress Rimpi Das who did films like Monot Birina Jui , has made her debut in Tamil with A.Jesudoss directed Paali. Newcomer and marine sailor Sri is the hero of this film.

Rimpi has cast her spell over the Assamese film industry, doing off-beat and also glamorous roles. She is entering the cash-rich Tamil film industry, for better career prospects. An ardent student of Kathak and Rabindra Nritya, Rimpi did her schooling and college studies in her hometown Tinsukia, in Assam. He has done quite a few films in Assamese.

She is thrilled about her stint working in the Tamil film industry, the second biggest in the country. She says working in Paali was a great experience. Says Rimpi: “I not only rewrote the Tamil script in Assamese but also tried to learn the pronunciations. It was different because our Assamese industry is small and the unit works like a family but in the Tamil industry, things move in a very professional manner”.

Rimpi is a big fan of Rani Mukerjee. For the moment the beautiful actress wants to concentrate on Tamil films and make it big.

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    Kollywood’s latest Assamese entrant

    2007/5/23 17:31:51

    Rimpi Das, an Assamese actress, will make her debut in Kollywood in the film Paali. After acting in a range of roles in Assamese films, she will enter the more professional Tamil film industry - which offers better career prospects. She initially wanted to be an airhostess but she got sucked into films.

    She made her debut in Assamese film Monot Birina Jui after which she left school to pursue acting. Her initial schooling was done in her hometown Tinusukia. She has acted in a few Hindi films too.

    She is excited about her debut in Kollywood. She said, “ I know that the Tamil Film Industry is huge – the biggest film industry in Indian after Bollywood. Many Hindi film actresses have acted in Tamil films. It is a whole new experience and also a whole new level of professionalism.”

    She added, “The challenge for me now is the language. It is very difficult to act in a film without knowing the language of the film. To help me do this, I rewrote the entire script in Assamese to help me learn to pronounce the words right. Working in the Tamil Film industry is very different from working in Assamese films.”

    On her favourite roles she said, “I enjoy playing all kinds of roles – both positive and negative roles – in both rural and urban setups. But I feel that I am accepted more by the film watching audience when I play urban based negative roles.” On an ending note, she added that her favourite actress is Rani Mukherjee and that she wished to be as versatile as her in her film.

    I enjoy doing all kinds of roles and have portrayed both negative as well as positive characters, both in urban as well as rural set ups. I think the audiences accept me better when I play modern urban characters especially negative roles"

    Tamil Cinema News : Kollywood’s latest Assamese entrant

    'Ya Ali' singer set to rock US

    2007/6/20 14:36:58

    Zubeen Garg, who shot into fame with the foot-tapping Bollywood chartbuster 'Ya Ali', is all set to rock the United States. Come June 29 and Zubeen will perform at Assam 2007, a get-together of the Assamese diaspora at Maryland near Washington.

    "Assam 2007 is part of an ongoing effort to bring together the scattered Assamese community in North America for a celebration of our heritage and culture," the organizers said. The three-day event will also showcase creative talents of Assamese artists in North America. Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi will attend the event on July 1, the organisers said.

    "It gives immense pleasure to know that our people are doing so good all over the world and still celebrate the culture and tradition of Assam," said Zubeen.

    Though Zubeen's foray into Bollywood is not new, he has sang in 'Fiza' and 'Kaante' among other films, it was in the 'Ya Ali' song in 'Gangster' that he was noticed. Things thereafter changed for Zubeen and he was flooded with offers.

    Zubeen broke into the professional music scene in 1992 with his first Assamese album, 'Anamika' that sold like hot cakes. Since then, he has more than 40 albums to his name. He has also composed music for over 20 Assamese and a couple of Bengali movies.

    Bollywood News : 'Ya Ali' singer set to rock US

    Tollywood ignores, Kollywood hugs her

    2011/4/25 6:55:12

    Colors Swathi, being a talented Telugu girl everyone expects that, Telugu film industry certainly hugs this bubbly girl. Tollywood pats her for her excellent performance but offers nothing to her. Both her recent films ‘Golconda high school’ and ‘KSD Appalaraju’ lead her to nowhere. Frankly speaking, right now she has no Telugu films in hand. More over, she is now facing threat of being tagged as serious actor and not fit for glamour doll roles. It is because of her roles that she played in films Anantapuram and G’ high school.

    Even if Tollywood turns blind eye on her, Kollywood is always there to hug the talented artists like her. Swathi got an offer from Kollywood director Samudrakhani. She is selected for the female lead in Tamil film Porali. Initially, the film makers have plans for Trisha to play the female lead, but later they have decided that, Swathi is the right person to play that particular role.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tollywood ignores, Kollywood hugs her

    Amala happy for it

    2011/9/28 6:49:58 The Tollywood new found girl Amala Paul is pairing with Naga Chaitanya in his Bejawada movie directed by Vivek Krishna and produced by RGV. She is doing number of films in Kollywood. So, media there is a bit excited to find some spicy news about her. The latest buzz is, Kollywood media has tagged her name to Kollywood director Vijay, who recently delivered a good film like Nannaa (Daiva Tirumagal in Tamil). Media finds out that she is often spotted with him everywhere and she even went to his home to attend his parents 'Shashti Porthi' function. Her parents are also is very much impressed with her.

    But, Amala Paul said there is nothing like that in between them and Vijay is just a friend to her. However, she is happy for media promoting her to star status, on whom it normally creates gossips.

    Telugu Cinema News : Amala happy for it

    Wedding bells for Sneha

    2011/11/10 5:32:56
    Tollywood beauty Sneha's film career is not any encouraging these years. Even though she offers to do skin shows to bag the film chances, producers still couldn't see her other than the girl next door. So, gradually she faded away from Tollywood. All she has is in her hand is her current film 'Rajanna' with Nagarjuna. Hence, elders of her family have fixed her marriage with Kollywood actor Prasanna. She is one year older than him and he makes his debut into Kollywood in year 2002 with Five star movie. It came to know their engagement will be held very soon, probably before end of this year and marriage in next year.

    Telugu Cinema News : Wedding bells for Sneha

    Priyamani faces the ire of Kollywood

    2011/8/18 7:31:44 Buxom beauty Priyamani who is in her last leg of film career was caught in a controversy. During an interview she told the media that she is no more interested to do Tamil movies in the future. This makes the Kollywood film makers got angry over her and they are planning to impose a ban on her. However, Priyamani condemned the news as mere rubbish intended to create troubles for her. She is said to be busy convincing the Kollywood film makers that it was not her statement and a mere rumor only. However Kollywood, which is not ready to believe her words is said to be called for a meeting to discuss this issue.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani faces the ire of Kollywood

    Telugu heroine plays call girl in Tamil

    2011/2/15 12:04:32

    Bindu Madhavi is our own Telugu ammayi. She acted in Avakaya Biryani and another film but her career did not take off.

    Bindu is now acting in a couple of Tamil films. She is playing the role of a call girl in the film titled Veppam.

    The stills show her in very hot and sexy pose. Bindu hopes that she can make it big in Kollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : Telugu heroine plays call girl in Tamil

    There will never be another Bhupen Hazarika: Lata

    2011/11/8 11:01:00 Mumbai, Nov 8 (IANS) Mourning the death of Bhupen Hazarika, Lata Mangeshkar says there won't be another one like him and that she not only fell in love with his music but enjoyed his company as he was always full of life and joy.

    "I sang for him way back in the 1950s in Assamese. I was scared of getting the pronunciation wrong. But he was confident. And I was game since I love singing in various languages. And the song was so lovely 'Jo na kare rati'. I fell in love with Bhupenda's music," she said.

    "Our association began from there, and continued through decades. He became close to my entire family specially my youngest sister Usha who sang innumerable Assamese songs for him," she added.

    Legendary singer-composer Hazarika died of multiple organ failure at a Mumbai hospital Saturday. He was 85. His funeral is due Wednesday.

    Lata remembers staying at his home in Kolkata and says he was a good host.

    "I had gone for the recording of some Bengali songs for Bhupenda in Kolkata. I stayed with him and his wife (Priyamvada Patel) in their home. They made me so comfortable. There're very few people in my life I felt so relaxed with. Bhupenda was always full of life and joy, so much so that I hated the thought of him being ill," she added.

    "Two years ago he came home. I was dismayed by the change in his health. Seeing him so frail, I was depressed. From then onwards I didn't have the heart to meet him. I was supposed to record a song with him, I chickened out.

    "I am frightened of seeing loved ones in pain. When my mother fell ill, I had to be dragged by the rest of the family to see her. But I kept abreast of his health through my sister Usha who was on the SMS with Kalpana Lajmi (Hazarika's companion). I got to know of his hospitalization. He was really in pain.

    "When I heard of his illness, I rang him up in the hospital. Kalpna put the phone to his ear. I believe Bhupenda responded to my voice. They even played my songs for him in the hospital. I know he was very fond of me and my singing. And I of him. Three days ago, a journalist came to me saying Bhupenda was very critical. I recorded my get-well message for him. Then, it was over," said Lata.

    The legendary singer is all praise for Kalpana for looking after the late singer so well.

    "The way Kalpana put her entire life on the shelf to look after him till the end is exemplary. She made sure he was in the best hospital and got the best treatment. Such dedication is rare in today's world," said Lata.

    "My most popular song for Bhupenda in Hindi was 'Dil hoom hoom kare'. The composition was very special. Bhupenda sang the song originally in Assamese. Today, I smile as I remember how entertaining he was in person. I enjoyed his company. And I enjoyed singing his songs. There will never be another Bhupen Hazarika," she added.

    Bollywood News : There will never be another Bhupen Hazarika: Lata

    Prabhudeva wife seek Rajani’s help?

    2010/10/6 18:03:49

    According to Kollywood sources, Prabhudeva’s wife Ram Lath has approached Kollywood Super star Rajanikanth seeking his help to resolve her family problem. She said to be asked Rajanikanth for counselling her husband and his girl friend Nayanatara who plans to disturb her family life. She seeks Rajanikanth’s help to reunite with her husband. Though, there is no information about Rajani’s response, if one could recall the Simbhu-Nayanatara affair which was effortlessly resolved by Rajanikanth, this time also the same can be expected from him.

    Earlier, Nayanatara romanced with Kollywood actor Simbhu and their affair become hot topic of the industry for years. However, later due to untold reasons Nayanatara splits from him. But, when Simbhu keep irritating her with his unending phone calls seeking a reunion, she seeks Rajanikanth help. Since, he has influence over Kollywood he easily made him shut his mouth forever. The same way, if Rajanikanth interested to intervene in this Nayan-Prabhu affair also, then Nayanatara may also be obliged to separate from Prabhudeva forever.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prabhudeva wife seek Rajani’s help?

    I am afraid of it: Anushka

    2010/10/1 3:10:57

    Kollywood is said to be a little bit unhappy with sensuous beauty Anushka, because she is very selectively signing the Tamil films. Moreover, she has recently declared that her first preference would be Tollywood only. Her decision to sign limited films in Kollywood irritates some producers there. It’s learnt that they are planning to bring out an alternative to her, so as to isolate her in Kollywood. Yet, Anushka seems not at all worried about the developments. She still sticks to her word and signing number of films in Tollywood but remain very selective about Kollywood. When asked by Kollywood media about her decision, Anushka said that she doesn’t worry even if her character in a film is not strong, but afraid to be blamed for failure of a picture and thus making loss to a producer.

    “Many of the Kollywood producers often knock my door with very poor scripts. If the story is bad, my presence itself can’t make the film hit. That’s why I ask producers and directors to come with good scripts. I am ready to do any kind of roles. My prostitute role in film Vedam is one such example. So, I appeal one and all to come with a good script which will be helpful to both. One need not to think that I am partial towards Tollywood and ignoring Kollywood,” said Anushka.

    Telugu Cinema News : I am afraid of it: Anushka

    Director kicks out Tamannah from his film?

    2010/11/25 18:19:11
    Milk white babe Tamannah nowadays rather seen in Tamil films than in Telugu movies. She is currently doing a Tamil movie ‘Vetlai’ with Arya as hero. Kollywood media says that, she has been kicked out of the film few days ago by its director Lingu Swamy who was fed up with her irregularity and non co operation on the sets.
    So far, Tamannah enjoys a good reputation among the Tollywood and Kollywood industries, but she never had a bad remark on her in any aspects, except regular filmy gossips. But, for the first time Kollywood media states that she has been kicked out by director Lingu Swamy who replaces her with Kollywood actress Amala

    Telugu Cinema News : Director kicks out Tamannah from his film?

    Cold war between Tollywood beauties

    2011/5/22 9:22:01 Cat fights and cold wars between the beauties are very common in the film industry. Some times it might be serious ones but often it is to stay in the lime light. Recently a cold war between Bengali beauty Richa Gangopadyay and the Punjabi hot girl Tapsi Pannu begins with grabbing of films chances of others.

    Richa got an offer from director Krishna Vamsi for his upcoming film with Gopichand. It is learnt that, she has even cuts down her excess weight for this film upon the suggestion of the director. But, when she told the media that she has not yet decided about acting in Krishna Vamsi direction, he become irritated and said to be replaced her with Tapsi Pannu. Richa who was terribly upset with this development started a cold war with Tapsi.

    She got a chance to take revenge on her beautiful enemy at Kollywood. Kollywood actor Simbhu who is known for his obsession for new girls has desperately tried for hot and sexy girl Tapsi to pair with him in his upcoming movie. He was even succeeded in his attempts to certain extent. But, Richa Gangopadyay who grabbed the attention of his director has managed to oust Tapsi from the film and enters in her place giving a shock to Tapsi and Simbhu.

    It is learnt that, Simbhu has tried a lot to convince his director to take Tapsi instead of Richa but in vain. Richa might have taken revenge on Tapsi, but she should understand that it is not that easy to move along with the short tempered and womanized Kollywood actor Simbhu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Cold war between Tollywood beauties

    Bindhu Madhavi too turns prostitute?

    2010/11/11 18:01:07 Ever since, Anushka plays the prostitute role as ‘Amalapuram Saroja’ in film Vedam and in ‘Vaanam’ in Tamil, it becomes a dream character for every heroine of both industries. The prostitute character is become so popular that, all the heroines now believes that, unless they play that character at least once in their career, they can’t prove their acting talents. So is Namita and now Bindhu Madhavi follows the path.

    After Anushka, Namita got the chance to play the prostitute role for her forthcoming Tamil film. Then, Bindhu Madhavi too got the chance to play the dream character, surprisingly she too got it from Kollywood for a Tamil film tentatively titled as ‘Veppam.’ This would be her debut movie in Kollywood.

    When, Tollywood almost turned blind eye on Bindhu Madhavi leaving her in desperate condition, fortunately Kollywood hugs this lonely isolated Telugu girl of Tollywood and pats her shoulder offering a dream character. To her surprise, this film will be directed by successful director Goutam Menon.

    When media enquired about her Tamil film debut, she said that she feel very happy and fortunate for getting such a wonderful offer in the very beginning of her Kollywood entry.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bindhu Madhavi too turns prostitute?

    Buxom babe Namitha’s film soon

    2011/5/13 15:20:17 Buxom babe Namitha who glued to Kollywood since a long time is coming home with her latest film ‘Pachchi Mirapakai,’ which is a dubbed version of her super hit Tamil film ‘Sundai.’ This film is directed by Shakti Chidambaram. G.Someswar Reddy is producing the Telugu version of the film. Namitha is acting as girl friend of married person (Hero Sundar.C.Babu) and Kollywood actress Nadia has played as his wife in this film. Hero’s cat fight with his mother-in-law because of buxom babe Namitha’s entry between wife and husband creates enough comedy in the film. The audio of the film will be released soon and the film in the next month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Buxom babe Namitha’s film soon

    Allu Arjun to enter Kollywood soon

    2011/4/6 12:37:38
    Stylish star Allu Arjun already had good following in Kerala. Hence, he is now planning to expand his market to neighboring Kollywood also. The latest buzz is, he is going to do a straight Tamil film very soon and it will be directed by Kollywood director Susindran. Later, this film will be dubbed into Telugu and Malayalam depending on its success.

    Allu Arjun’s much boasted movie Badrinath in VV.Vinayak direction is all most completed and slated to release in the third week of May.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun to enter Kollywood soon

    Kollywood actor helps Millionaire?

    2011/3/15 18:40:21 Many of us might be aware that, during the recent fire accident that happened in Mumbai slum area, child artist Rubina who acts in Slum dog Millionaire film has lost her home and become homeless. Kollywood actor Simbhu who came to know about the fire accident has convinced his Vaanam film producers to donate Rs. 50000 to the girl. Venus Music Company which is marketing the audio of the film has donated Rs.20000 to the child artist.

    Simbhu, instead of giving her any money has offered her a role in his next movie, to stabilize her life forever. Hats off to Simbhu and the others, for their generosity towards the beleaguered child artist.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kollywood actor helps Millionaire?

    Wedding bells for singer

    2006/6/14 17:51:21

    It's the season of wedding bells in Kollywood.

    Joining the long list of actors and actresses entering the wedlock in Kollywood is the acclaimed playback singer Karthick.

    The young and enthusiastic playback singer Karthick, who in a short span of time has rendered over 300 songs in different south Indian languages for many music directors, will marry a Chennai girl this August.

    Karthick, who shot to fame thanks to hit numbers in Baba set to tunes by A R Rehman, will marry one Ambika. The engagement for the two had happened a couple of months ago.

    Let's wish Karthick a happy married life.


    Tamil Cinema News : Wedding bells for singer

    Oh! Sorry no dates! Try sister: Kajal

    2011/1/23 13:35:31 Nowadays cute babe Kajal Agarwal is saying to all the Kollywood producers ‘Oh! Sorry, no dates in my dairy. Why don’t you consult my sister Nisha? I think she may adjust her dates for your film.” This is how Kajal Agarwal is trying to promote her younger sister Nisha into Kollywood. It is heard that Kajal is also telling the Kollywood producers that, her sister is more apt for the particular role than her. But, Kollywood producers and directors wonder whether Nisha really have any films in hand at all to adjust her dates. When, Kajal start lecturing them about her sister Nisha’s beauty and acting talents producers simply runs away from her. After all, who want to make experiments with their hard earned money with such a immature actress like Nisha Agarwal.

    Telugu Cinema News : Oh! Sorry no dates! Try sister: Kajal

    How Sadha bluffs Kollywood?

    2011/1/18 14:47:57 Kollywood actress Sadha indeed a good actress and proved it with her Telugu and Tamil films earlier. She is more popular in Kollywood than in Tollywood because of her number of films in Tamil. But, when she got offers from Kannada Film industry, she all of a sudden jumped for it leaving the successful track in Kollywood. She also had no films in Tollywood since a long time. But, recently she bounced back to Kollywood as she finds no scope at Sandalwood.

    Sadha after signing one film each in Telugu and Tamil, when she was asked why she turned blind eye on Kollywood, she replied “Actually, I am keen to act in Tamil films and of course number of film producers has approached me also. But, you know, I am quiet busy with my Telugu and Hindi films all these days. More over, I doesn’t like the stories told by Tamil directors. That’s why, I have rejected many offers and not able to do any films here. But, recently I have signed a Tamil film ‘Puli Vesham’ to be directed by P Vasu. I very much liked the story. I am sure my fans will be delighted to see me in that film.”

    But, no one dare ask her how many Telugu and Hindi films she did during all these years?

    Telugu Cinema News : How Sadha bluffs Kollywood?

    Charan applies for anticipatory bail

    2011/9/19 10:36:04

    This is not about Tollywood hero Ram Charan Tej but about Kollywood actor and producer SP Charan s/o SP Bala Subrahmanyam, who was accused of attempting rape on Kollywood wamp girl Sona during a party thrown by Kollywood actor Vaibhav.

    Sona has lodged a complaint against SP Charan at Pondy Bazar police station, Chennai three days ago.

    She said though is doing vulgar dances in the films, it doesn't mean that she is ready to share bed with any person. She said her personal life and profession are two different things. Hence, one should not take her for granted because her profession gives her negative look to her. She said she has high regards for his father SP Bala Subrahmanyam and even she talks with him occasionally on phone. She said if, SP Charan tenders an unconditional apology to her, she is ready to withdraw the case filed against him.

    But, SP Charan said he has never misbehaved with her. So, the question of begging apology doesn't arise. However, since she has lodged a complaint against him with police he has applied for anticipatory bail in the court upon his advocate's suggestion. According to latest reports police have met SP Charan and enquired about the incident.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Charan applies for anticipatory bail

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