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on 2007/3/17 8:01:44

Bachchan: Bollywood’s King Lear?

The aging Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan, is all set to play the role of King Lear in an upcoming Bollywood film, tentatively named The Last Lear or Curtain Call at the age of 64.

Bachchan -- whose latest film Eklavya, in which he plays a royal guard, was praised by British actor Ralph Fiennes for its Shakespearean edge -- has acted in more than 150 films over the past three decades.

The film, which is to be directed by Rituparno Ghosh, examines the friction that has always existed between theater and cinema. The upcoming film will be Bachchan's first all-English film and he will play a fading theater actor who gets a film offer.

The film, based on Utpal Dutt's Bengali play, also stars Preity Zinta, Divya Dutta, Shefali Shah, and Arjun Rampal. --Reena Rana

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    Bollywood`s King Lear to pit cinema against stage

    2007/3/15 7:36:42

    ACTOR Amitabh Bachchan will play King Lear in a new Bollywood film that attempts to examine the artistic rivalry between theatre and cinema, a newspaper reported on March 13.

    Bachchan, 64, has acted in more than 150 films playing the angry rebel, the honest cop and the anti-hero in a career spanning three decades, but says some of his best roles are coming his way only now.

    In his next film, tentatively called The Last Lear or Curtain Call, he portrays a stage actor who plays King Lear.

    "I`m a fading theatre actor who gets a film offer," Bachchan said, referring to his role in the film to be directed by art-house filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh.

    "I like the subject. There has constantly been friendly friction between theatre and cinema."

    Several top theatre actors have found Bollywood fame playing character actors, and Bachchan says he envied those who strode both arenas with equal ease.

    "My character has to contend with going from theatre to cinema. This is the dilemma that Ritu wants to bring in."

    Bachchan`s latest film, Eklavya, in which he plays an ageing royal guard, has drawn applause from British actor Ralph Fiennes as having a Shakespearean edge.

    Bollywood News :  Bollywood`s King Lear to pit cinema against stage

    Amitabh Bachchan in Vishal Bhardwaj's next

    2007/10/22 12:09:57

    Now this is official news coming to you live from London's Odeon cinema in Leicester Square. Yesterday, (21st October, Sunday) at the Times BFI 51st London Film Festival, Rituparno Ghosh's The Last Lear was screened to packed audiences including the media, and it was none other than super star, Amitabh Bachchan who graced the occasion along with his producer.

    Rituparno Ghosh, the director of The Last Lear could not attend the screening because his father was not keeping well in India. Firstly, Big B answered the questions asked by the media and then saw his first English film from start to finish only coming on the stage for the one last time to reveal an answer of a question asked by one of the members sitting in the audience.

    In front of hundreds of people Amitabh Bachchan said that he will be a part of Vishal Bhardwaj's trilogy of Shakespearean inspired film and this time the maverick director is to cast Big B in the lead role from an adaptation of William Shakespeare's King Lear. He also added that the film will be out in 2008 and the script is currently being worked on and will get over by the end of this year.

    Read this space tomorrow to know more on what Amitabh Bachchan had to say about his role in The Last Lear at the Times BFI's 51st London Film Festival

    Bollywood News : Amitabh Bachchan in Vishal Bhardwaj's next

    Ghosh's leading ladies bond well

    2007/6/4 7:45:32

    Preity Zinta, Shefali Shah and Divya Dutta - the three leading ladies of Rituparno Ghosh's 'Last Lear', an adaptation of the Shakespearean play 'King Lear', have bonded really well and had a great time shooting together.

    At a time when most of Bollywood's leading ladies are busy with their own silent cold wars, this is a refreshing change. Now shouldn't the others take a leaf out of their book?

    Bollywood News : Ghosh's leading ladies bond well

    The Last Lear premiers at Toronto film fest

    2007/9/12 8:28:28

    Rituparno Ghosh’s Amitabh Bachchan starrer The Last Lear had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, the 9th of September.

    Rituparno Ghosh’s Amitabh Bachchan starrer The Last Lear had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, 9th September. The premiere, held at Roy Thomson Hall, was packed to capacity, with close to two thousand people attending the gala event.

    Writes Shubho Shekhar Bhattacharjee, CEO - Planman Motion Pictures from Canada, “At the red carpet, hundreds of fans were screaming when we got down from our cars. Mr. Bachchan, Preity, Arjun, Jisshu, Prosenjit Chatterjee came along with Rituparno Ghosh, producer Arindam Chaudhuri and myself.”

    “We also wanted to make a statement that it’s not just Hollywood that can make a big presence at these international festivals. Given the kind of fan following we have around the world, we can also make as much of presence felt with our films. So we had actually gone to the red carpet with four stretch limos with all the glitz and glamour that usually happens at a world premiere of a big film.”

    “The response was overwhelming! There was a brief presentation on stage before the screening where Cameron Bailey, the programmer of the Festival, invited Rituparno, Prof Chaudhuri and myself on stage and then the stars came to the stage, starting with Jisshu and finally Mr. Bachchan.”

    “The show was received too well. The audience just loved the film. There was a ten-minute standing ovation after the screening got over and most people were seen coming out of the theatre with moist eyes. People were stunned with the performances of Mr. Bachchan, Preity, Arjun, Shefali Shah and Divya Dutta.”

    “This was followed by a grand luncheon party and then a gala dinner organized by the Toronto Festival in honour of The Last Lear team. In fact, at all the parties in Toronto, The Last Lear seems to be the topic of discussion.”

    Bollywood News : The Last Lear premiers at Toronto film fest

    Big B's powerful rendition

    2007/9/15 10:52:08

    Even Shakespeare must’ve stirred from his 400-year-old slumber on hearing Big B’s rendition of his play.

    He’s the last ‘King’ of Bollywood. Even at the other side of 60, Amitabh Bachchan is the reigning Shahenshah of the Hindi film industry.

    And no flames of Aag can lick this man. But all those suffering a momentary loss of faith have to do is view Rituparna Ghosh’s movie The Last Lear which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last week.

    Even Shakespeare must’ve stirred from his 400-year-old slumber on hearing Big B’s rendition of his play.

    It had the celeb-studded audiences enthralled all right. His almost theatrical performance as an ageing Shakespearian actor leaves you feeling, ‘Yes! The world’s definitely a stage’ for Amitabh Bachchan.

    “Ironically, the role I play is that of an actor in Bengal, and in my early days I actually did do a lot of English amateur theatre there. This film gives a realistic approach not just to contemporary Calcutta, but to theatre and Shakespeare which many of you admire,” said Bachchan at the gala opening at the grand Roy Thomson Hall.

    This is AB’s first ever English language film, not that there’s any love lost for Hindi just yet.

    Bollywood News : Big B's powerful rendition

    Rituparno's The Last Lear has no takers

    2008/1/9 12:03:18

    The Last Lear has been on the international festival circuit for a while now but there are still no signs of a theatrical release. The buzz is that the Rituparno Ghosh-directed English language film for Planman Motion Picture Company, has no takers.

    The few distributors for whom the film was screened have shied away. The none-too-flattering reviews haven't helped either.

    The film's producer, Arindam Chaudhuri, however insists that audiences at Toronto, London, Rome, Dubai and Goa have given his film the thumbs up. Chaudhuri hopes to release the film in April, with TV promos staring in February .

    Planman will also release Rajat Kapoor's Mithya and Saurabh Shukla's I am 24 this year..

    Digital ke side-effects

    What about Rituparno Ghosh's Sunglasses with Jaya Bachchan, Konkona Sen Sharma and R Madhavan? The film was wrapped up months ago.

    "Sunglasses will come later this year after the three films. We need a gap of a month or two.. so the releases are well spaced out. Sunglasses has taken a while because of its extensive post-production. Its digital effects have taken time," explains Chaudhuri.

    Chaudhuri believes that Ghosh's cinema targets a niche market. "With increasing multiplexes their numbers are growing," he states.

    The trade gup is that Ghosh has overshot the budget, adding to Planman's woes.

    "Given The Last Lear's star cast - Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal - it's a reasonably budgeted film. A commercial film with the same actors would have cost so much more," he argues.

    Bollywood News : Rituparno's The Last Lear has no takers

    Big B takes Bard to Canada

    2007/8/17 11:42:36

    As Amitabh Bachchan starrer The Last Lear goes to the Toronto International Film Festival, director Rituparno Ghosh talks about what makes his film stand out

    This one should be a winner for Amitabh Bachchan. After all, what can be easier for Big B than to play an actor? And that’s how the audience at the Toronto International Film Festival will see him, as a failed and ageing Shakespearean actor, in Planman Motion Picture’s The Last Lear .

    Amitabh will be accompanied by actors Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal on September 9, when the film will have its world premiere at the festival.

    Not just a new role, Big B is sporting a new look in the film too. With white flowing mane, deep lines etched across his face and his great acting skills - Big B suits the role to a T. Says Rituparno Ghosh, the film’s director, “Amitda has great admiration for Shakespeare and his work, and this comes through beautifully in the film, as do the sincerity, warmth and genuineness that he puts into his work.”

    The film is based on Utpal Dutt’s Aajker Shahjahan, which Ghosh says “combines theatre and cinema so beautifully”.

    Rumours have it that so fascinated was Bachchan by the film that he even wrote part of the dialogues for it. Reacting to this, Ghosh says, “That’s just the rumour mill working! Actually, since the film is in English, I’d wanted a few Hindi dialogues for a very small scene, translated from the English ones I’d written. So I simply asked Amitda to help me translate these into Hindi for me. That’s it.”

    Talking about Arjun who plays a filmmaker from Kolkata, he says, “As part of the homework for his role, Arjun roamed around Kolkata for a few days, just to get his finger on the pulse of the city.” And Preity, he says “gets to don a completely Indian look for the first time in the film, something she has never portrayed before.” The Last Lear also stars Divya Dutta and Shefali Shah.

    But, doesn’t the fact that the film is in English worry him — that it would be restricted to a niche audience? “English, I feel, is a very valid urban Indian language. And we’ve used English the way we Indians speak it. So, the film has as much potential to reach out to a larger audience as any other film,” says Ghosh.

    Confident that the film will be appreciated by audiences worldwide, Arindam Chaudhuri who has presented the film says, “The Last Lear is indeed a very important and powerful film. The story, Rituparno Ghosh’s direction and the performances are all world class. We always wanted to be known as makers of good film and I can only say these are just our initial days!”

    Bollywood News : Big B takes Bard to Canada

    Bachchan sees new chances in English movie

    2007/9/12 8:51:55

    Working in English and simply growing old are offering new opportunities to movie icon Amitabh Bachan whose first English-language film, The Last Lear, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this week.

    Bachan, described on industry Web site as "arguably India's greatest ever superstar," said making a film in English had brought back memories of school and college. An English-language film was different, but logical at the same time, given the role of English as a common language in India.

    "It's always wonderful to experiment with something different," Bachan, who has 171 acting credits to his name, told Reuters in an interview the day after the sold-out Toronto premiere.

    "At 65, you get an opportunity to experiment with all kinds of films and that's what's happening, and I am happy that there are people that want me to work with them, and it gives me the chance to do something different."

    In The Last Lear, Bachan plays Harry, a reclusive stage actor who quotes Shakespeare with relish and who -- somewhat reluctantly -- is making his movie debut at the age of 65.

    He stars alongside Preity Zinta, who is also acting in her first English-language film, as are others in the cast.

    Director Rituparno Ghosh has chosen to add subtitles, even for a North American audience.

    "I did it because we Indians speak English in various ways -- the same language can take various forms," said Ghosh. "And the tongues of the various communities of India may not be so easily comprehensible to a Western audience."

    Bachan said the role of Harry, and the way he used Shakespeare's language to illustrate his points, had brought back memories of his own early acting days, including the role of Cassio in Shakespeare's Othello.

    He named Hamlet as one role he has always wanted, but admitted that "at my age, I would probably be playing the ghost."

    At just over two hours, The Last Lear is short by Indian standards, and there are none of the song and dance routines that form the usual highlights of a Bollywood extravaganza.

    Bachan bristled at the idea that the new movie might be considered "Bollywood."

    "We don't like that word," he said. "It was coined by some smart journalist and it just stuck, and now it's in the Oxford dictionary."

    Bollywood News : Bachchan sees new chances in English movie

    Preity plays a 'bad' actress in Last Lear

    2008/2/12 13:03:41

    Preity Zinta shares an identical predicament with Arshad Warsi - and both have to play 'bad' actors in their latest films.

    While in Anil Kapoor's production Shortcut Arshad plays a bad actor, in Rituparno Ghosh's Last Lear, Preity is cast as a bad actress.

    Doing Last Lear posed other problems for Preity."Suddenly Rituda asked me to stick on bindis that were almost as large as my face. Initially, I was most reluctant. But then I surrendered completely to his vision. I'm actually looking pretty in Last Lear."

    "Suddenly Rituda asked me to stick on bindis that were almost as large as my face. Initially, I was most reluctant. But then I surrendered completely to his vision. I'm actually looking pretty in Last Lear," Preity told IANS.

    Even the international critics have noticed. The reviews make a special mention of Preity.

    In its review, Variety wrote, "It's an interesting paradox to watch a star like Preity deliver a good performance as a woman who's widely known as a bad thespian."

    That isn't the only problem Preity had to face; she had a real problem on the sets of Jahnu Baruah's Har Pal.

    Pritam Chakraborty has done the music score. Every time someone mentioned his name, she thought they were calling out to her because Pritam is the name given to her by Bobby Deol.

    Har Pal has been one of Preity's toughest roles ever. But the role of the Punjabi NRI wife in Deepa Mehta's Heaven On Earth has been her toughest yet. She's still carrying the invisible wounds of the battered wife's character.

    The shooting was wrapped up Sunday.

    Bollywood News : Preity plays a 'bad' actress in Last Lear

    Bollywood wows Toronto

    2007/9/10 19:12:16

    The Toronto Film Festival which opened on September 6 has never seen more Indian films and their representatives all gathered in one place and getting so much notice. Among the denizens of Indian cinema currently stationed in Toronto are Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh, his leading man Amitabh Bachchan and leading lady Preity Zinta for the film The Last Lear.

    Preity has never been to an international film festival before! "Last year when Karan Johar, Shah Rukh and Mr Bachchan came to Toronto with Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna I couldn't join them because of a friend's wedding. I'm so glad that I came here with The Last Lear," she exulted on Sunday night at 1.30 am from Toronto. "The response has been beyond anything I've expected. Mr Bachchan is being treated like God. His Shakespearean oratory is sending audiences into raptures. You know I grew up on Shakespeare, so I'm not so bad with it either."

    Writing on the Toronto International Film Festival's website, on the changing profile of Bollywood in the West, film critic Christopher McKinnon writes, "A new crop of films from India defies the Bollywood tropes that Western audiences often mistakenly apply to all of Indian cinema. You won't find many scenes of singing and dancing, and hardly a frame of melodrama. Bollywood represents only a part of India's national cinema, and these diverse selections will show Toronto some daring and innovative new films from acclaimed filmmakers and actors."

    Calling Amitabh Bachchan "the most revered movie star on the planet", the Festival compares the actor's performance in The Last Lear to Richard Burton and Toshiro Mifune (Roshomon).

    "There was the red-carpet premiere on Saturday …And the comments on my performance are flattering. I'm honoured and embarrassed," says the Big B from Toronto.

    Rahul Bose representing the English-language film Before The Rains (Ghosh's The Last Lear is also in English) is delighted by the response to the Indian film in general and his film in particular. "My director Santosh Sivan and I got a standing ovation after the first screening of Before The Rains. This was the first time that I was watching the film. And I must say I seldom feel so happy about my films and specially my performance.
    Fortunately the feeling is shared here in Toronto."

    Writing about Rahul's performance Canadian critic Cameron Bailey says, "Bose…is the heart of the film"

    Adds the shy Santosh Sivan, "Actually I'm here in Toronto with two films. Before The Rains and also my AIDS film Prarambha which is part of a 4-film bouquet. All the four AIDS films have been very well received. As for Before The Rains, Rahul, Nandita Das and I are enjoying the attention."

    Satish Kaushik representing his British film Brick Lane where he plays a foul-mouthed spouse-abusing Bangladeshi is over-the-moon in Toronto, "I traveled from Mumbai to Toronto with Shekhar Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Sameera Reddy and Vishal Bhardwaj. We had lots of fun. Shekhar showed me the trailor of Elizabeth 2. I showed him stills of my next film Tere Sang. It was nice to feel that guru-chela were heading for the same festival for their films You know that I was assistant to Shekhar during Mr India."

    Continues Satish, "Brick Lanehas got tremendous ovation here in Toronto. People want to know if I'm a real-life Bengali since I've got the accent so well. This morning I was given a complete makeover. I didn't even know what that was until I saw myself in the mirror after they finished with me. It was great to know that the Brick Lane author Monica was very happy with my performance. In fact, earlier she had mailed my director Sarah Gavron and complimented her for casting a real life Chanu (the name of my character)"

    Bollywood News : Bollywood wows Toronto

    Rajni’s special show for Big B

    2007/6/27 15:09:51

    Rajnikanth was in Mumbai on Tuesday. He arranged a special screening of his hit film ‘Sivaji’. The event was attended by none other than the Big B of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan was all praise for Rajni and Rajni thanked Bachchan for taking time off from his busy schedule to see his film.

    It may be recalled that Rajni said recently that while he may be the king of Indian cinema but Amitabh is the emperor of Indian cinema. Amitabh and Rajni are close friends and maintain extremely cordial relations.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni’s special show for Big B

    Bachchan starrer selected for Toronto Film Festival

    2007/8/17 13:44:35

    Amitabh Bachchan-starrer movie The Last Lear, directed by internationally acclaimed Rituparno Ghosh, is to be premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Festival in September.

    The film, also starring Preity Zinta, Arjun Rampal and Shefali Shah, has been selected to be premiered at the Gala Premiere function of the festival on September 9, a release from the producers Planman Media said in Mumbai on Thursday.

    Bachchan, who plays an actor for the first time in the film, and other members of the cast and crew are expected to attend the premiere, the release said.

    Bollywood News : Bachchan starrer selected for Toronto Film Festival

    Bollywood film shoot halted over ‘illegal’ dancers

    2011/4/27 12:52:30

    A Bollywood film starring screen legend Amitabh Bachchan was disrupted in Mumbai on Tuesday after a political party protested against the use of foreign dancers.

    Members of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) forced shooting of the action movie “Bbuddha” to stop, claiming that 40 overseas artistes were performing without valid work permits.

    The group barged onto the set in central Mumbai and told the crew to stop filming, said the party’s film wing head Amey Khopkar.

    “We will not allow foreign workers if they don’t have proper work documents. This is illegal as they are violating law,” he told AFP.

    Bachchan made no immediate mention of the incident on his Twitter feed or blog. The Press Trust of India news agency quoted a senior Mumbai police officer as saying that they were checking the dancers’ documents.

    Foreign performers are increasingly being used in Hindi-language Bollywood for the industry’s trademark lavish song-and-dance routines.

    The MNS is an offshoot of the right-wing Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena, which has an often violent track record of protesting against migrant workers in Mumbai and Maharashtra state. Like the Sena, MNS champions the culture, language and rights of ordinary Maharashtrians over so-called “outsiders”, mostly north Indians who flock to Mumbai and the state in search of employment.

    Bachchan, from northern Uttar Pradesh state, has had run-ins with the MNS in the past, including in September 2008 when his actress-turned-politician wife, Jaya, said she preferred speaking Hindi to the local language, Marathi.

    MNS leader Raj Thackeray at the time called for supporters to boycott Bachchan and other members of Bollywood’s “first family”. Mud and stones were also thrown at billboards promoting Bachchan’s film “The Last Lear”.

    Bollywood News : Bollywood film shoot halted over ‘illegal’ dancers

    SRK & Bachchan trio steal the show

    2007/11/6 17:56:05

    Bachchan trio and SRK make policemen’s Diwali.

    There was a lot to watch out for on Sunday night at the annual pre-Diwali function that was held for Mumbai’s police force at the Andheri Sports Complex.

    A lot of Bollywood stars graced the occasion, but the ones who stole the limelight were the Bachchans. Amitabh and Abhishek walked in with the pretty Bachchan bahu, Aishwarya. According to sources, while the Bachchans were enjoying the performances, King Khan walked in.

    At that point, the trio had got up to leave and were on their way out, but they were blocked by Shah Rukh Khan.

    The Bollywood Badshah greeted Big B and Abhishek with a warm hug and cordial handshake. After the formal greetings, SRK proceeded backstage for his performance with Deepika Padukone and Shreyas Talpade.

    Unfortunately, the Bachchan trio could not stay to watch his performance. The policemen and their families were fully entertained, though. That little scene between the Bachchans and the Khan, was paisa vasool and more. It brought the sparkle to their Diwali

    Bollywood News : SRK & Bachchan trio steal the show

    SRK watch out! Big B may star in Don sequel

    2007/12/12 9:11:02

    First actor Shah Rukh Khan played the lead in Farhan Akhtar's version of Don.Soon after the film released, Akhtar declared his intentions of making a sequel with SRK in it. And if you thought superstar Amitabh Bachchan is just sitting back and watching, you are wrong!

    Rumor has it that Nadeem and Nasir Irani, sons of the producer Nariman Irani, the producer of the original Don, are toying with the idea of their own sequel titled Don 2, The Return Of The King. A little birdie also tells us that Bachchan has agreed to do the film.With the King Khan and the Big B pitted against each other, sparks are bound to fly. At the box office we mean.

    Bollywood News : SRK watch out! Big B may star in Don sequel

    Big B and 'Hitler Ghosh'

    2007/8/18 10:15:57

    The otherwise reserved Amitabh Bachchan had a metamorphosis of sorts on the sets of Rituparno Ghosh’s The Last Lear. Bachchan, who plays a theatre artiste and swears by Shakespeare (in the film), often provided comic relief to the cast and crew while filming in Kolkata and Mussoorie.

    His first target was family friend and director Rituparno Ghosh. After taking endless digs at him for his I-want-perfect-shots streak and his then-shaven head, Bachchan rechristened him ‘Hitler Ghosh’.

    The story goes that Bachchan almost threatened to wage a war against Ghosh for his disciplinarian ways. He even jokingly mentioned spearheading a movement and establishing a union that will address grievances of actors and technicians.

    Says producer Arindam Chaudhuri, “Mr Bachchan was in a great mood throughout. I have never seen him having so much fun. He would take digs at Rituparno but all in good humour. He had threatened to set up a union to monitor Rituparno’s dictatorship on the sets.”

    Preity Zinta was also at the receiving end. Her part demanded her to drape herself in cotton saris and Big B would always advise her to mind her step.

    He asked crew members to be alongside Zinta fearing that she might trip and fall. “Preity was extremely comfortable in saris but Mr Bachchan told everyone that she is yet to get accustomed to it.”

    After giving his shot, Bachchan used to grab the microphone and call out for Rituparno and Preity who would be close by.

    Adds Chaudhuri, “Can you imagine Mr Bachchan screaming in that heavy baritone voice? He would do it just to shock everyone.”

    Bollywood News : Big B and 'Hitler Ghosh'

    Amitabh seeks to make peace with King Khan

    2008/5/18 9:33:03

    Making the first move to put an end to the much-publicised 'strained' relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has said he wishes to apologise if there has been a lapse or error on his part.

    "It is hurtful and unwanted and I wish to bring with all sincerity a final end to this much imagined ugliness," Bachchan wrote on his blog.

    "Despite numerous clarifications and denials from both Shah Rukh and myself through the electronic and the print medium there seems to be no letting up," Bachchan lamented.

    Clarifying his earlier comments about television shows including the one hosted by Shah Rukh, Bachchan said he had never attempted to show SRK in poor light.

    "I merely transferred talks I had with TV heads purely to seek opinion and not glory. What appeared was incorrect and loads of rubbish," he said.

    Bachchan also added that he would apologise to Shah Rukh hundred times if there was any iota of doubt in his mind about his (Bachchan) conduct and behaviour.

    Writing from France where he attended the opening of Cannes Film festival, Bachchan said: "If any expression or opinion of mine, deemed or otherwise towards Shah Rukh has been the cause for any grievance then I am sorry for it. I have never deliberately or with any false intent ever meant or said anything towards him, or indeed any colleague or member of my fraternity in my 40 years as a professional."

    Bachchan said Shah Rukh has been and is a friend and a wonderful colleague.

    Bollywood News : Amitabh seeks to make peace with King Khan

    Amitabh Bachchan, RGV impressed with Pokiri

    2006/7/1 19:06:10

    The Pokiri sensation is yet to die to down in the state. Inspite of big hits like Fanaa, Krrish ruling the country's boxoffice – the movie is rock steady in Andhra Pradesh and other telugu cinema's allied territories. Recently, superstar Rajinikanth himself watched the movie and gave it a thumbs up. He advised Vijay to follow Mahesh's foot steps in the hero's charecters. Now, the movie was screened for the King of Bollywood – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself at a preview theatre at Mumbai. He along with Ram Gopal Verma had seen the film and liked it very much. This instantly gave rise to speculations that Big B might be remaking the film in Hindi. Its believed that Ram Gopal Verma, whose protégé Puri Jagannadh is, said that Mahesh should also do the film's Hindi version too. One more thing, that not many know is that Puri Jagannadh worked under Mr. Bachchan during the erstwhile ABCL (Amitabh Bachchan Corp Ltd) days. Bachchan planned to produce a telugu film with Jagan as the director, but things did not materialize then. With so many of the big wigs of the industry seeing the movie, lets see where it goes from now.


    Telugu Cinema News : Amitabh Bachchan, RGV impressed with Pokiri

    Preity Zinta learns the art of hamming

    2007/4/14 15:53:46

    Trying to play a bad actor can sometimes be more difficult than a normal role.

    We know that Preity Zinta is acting with Amitabh Bachchan in Rituparno Ghosh’s movie The Last Lear in which Big B plays a fading Shakespearean actor. More dope is now available on the project.

    In the film Preity plays a bad actor. According to Preity, playing a bad actor is certainly not easy, but the role became pleasurable because she was acting with none other than the Big B.

    On top of it, Rituparno Ghosh helped her a great deal in hamming before the camera.

    Though this is not the first time Preity is acting with Mr. Bachchan, the actress says she fell in his awe when she heard him recite Shakespeare.

    Preity, Big B and Ghosh have recently been shooting in Mussourie.

    Bollywood News : Preity Zinta learns the art of hamming

    Rituparno Ghosh wants to direct Shweta Bachchan

    2007/4/14 12:24:26

    Rituparno Ghosh, who has the singular honour of having worked with the entire Bachchan family - Amitabh, Abhishek and Jaya - in different projects, now wants to cast Shweta in a film.

    "I don't know if she'd agree. But I find Shweta's face and body language very interesting. I've seen her on television and I intend to approach her soon," Ghosh told IANS.

    Shweta stepped under the spotlight for the first time as the host of "Next Gen", a new talk show on NDTV Profit. She will also be seen on the mother-daughter special episode of Karan Johar's chat show "Koffee With Karan".

    Apart from the Bachchans, Ghosh has worked with the new member of the family Aishwarya Rai too in "Chokher Bali" and "Raincoat".

    "As for having directed all three Bachchans and Aishwarya, I never thought of them as a package. Aishwarya was cast in 'Chokher Bali' at a time when she was far from being the Bachchan daughter-in-law."

    In fact, there's an enormously interesting co-incidence binding Aishwarya's presence in "Chokher Bali" with the actress' impending status as the Bachchan daughter-in-law.

    When Jaya went jewellery shopping with Ghosh for Aishwarya in Kolkata, the measurements for her bangles were already with the acclaimed director.

    "The same jewellers who designed Aishwarya's bridal jewellery in 'Chokher Bali' have done the designs for her wedding jewellery. So it was like re-visiting my art through a situation where my heroine jumped out of the screen into a real-life situation."

    The jeweller in Kolkata brought all his designs to Ghosh's residence where Jaya picked and green-lighted the ones she wanted.

    "It'd have been impossible for Jayadi to shop in Kolkata. I remember the harrowing time I had shooting with her on location for 'Sunglass'."

    Ghosh had cast Abhishek in "Antarmahal", Jaya in "Sunglass" and Amitabh in "The Last Lear".

    "I cast them because they fitted the roles perfectly. I want to cast them repeatedly, but not because they're who they are."

    The last four days of "The Last Lear" in Mussoorie went like a charm, says the director.

    "Considering Amitda was so stressed about the wedding, he was in his elements. He made all of us roar with laughter. Often Preity, who dresses up in traditional saris and bindis rarely, would take a little time in getting ready.

    "Amitda would sit right there on the road and regale us with his wit. Shooting with him has been the easiest experience in the world. And watching his effortless professionalism everyone else in the cast just followed suit."

    Bollywood News : Rituparno Ghosh wants to direct Shweta Bachchan

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