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on 2011/4/19 13:55:36

Balakrishna meets CM

Actor Balakrishna met chief minister N Kiram Kumar Reddy today. Balakrisha invited the CM for a function at the Basavatharakam Memorial cancer hospital.

Balakrishna and Kiran Kumar Reddy are friends and they both studied in the same college – Nizam College.

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    BK as Narasimha Naidu

    2011/11/20 3:06:52 Balakrishna and Manchu Manoj starrer movie 'Oo Kodathara Vulikki Padathara' shooting is currently progressing with brisk pace at Antarwedi near Rajhamundry. A scene showing Balakrishna in royal attire of Zamindar Narasimha Naidu has been filmed during today's schedule. Balakrishna arrives in a chariot and goes into temple where he meets heroine Deeksha Seth is the first sequence shot at this location. Besides BK and the heroine Sonu Soodh, Bhanuchander and some others also participates in the shooting of the film. Manchu Manoj and Deeksha Seth are playing lead roles, while Bollywood beauty Pancha Bora is pairing with Balakrishna in this film.

    This film is directed by Shekar Raja and produced by Manchu Lakshmi under their home banner Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures.

    Upon knowing Balakrishna's arrival his fans from surrounding places have thronged the shooting spot.

    Telugu Cinema News : BK as Narasimha Naidu

    Balaiah's next

    2007/12/3 14:42:31 Hero Balakrishna has almost completed his work for the film ‘Okkamogadu’. The film is now in PP and will hit the screen for Sankranthi. Balakrishna is now in discussions about his next film.

    Srinu Vytla is reported to have met Balakrishna with a script. Another banner, Sridevi Movies combines is also keen to make a film with Balakrishna in the lead. The banner made films like ‘Vamsaniki Okkadu’ and Adithya 369. Balakrishna is expected to take a decision shortly and commence work on his new film in early 2008.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balaiah's next

    Balakrishna signs new film

    2011/8/21 17:34:56

    The latest news is Nandamuri Balakrishna has signed a new movie probably titled as ‘Ugra Narasimha.’ It is learnt that Nara Rohit and Balakrishna may act together in this film and it will be produced by Vizag based industrialist Vamsi Krishna who is now producing Rohit’s ‘Solo’ movie under SVK cinema banner.

    Balakrishna is currently working on his film directed by Paruchuri Murali. He also has to complete his another movie ‘Hara Hara Mahadeva’ to be produced by Bellamkonda Suresh/ He may take-up this movie soon after he completes the present one. So, it may take 4-5 months for Balakrishna to spare his time for this multi starrer movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna signs new film

    Balakrishna to turn director

    2007/10/24 11:45:33

    Hero Balakrishna will soon don the cap of director. The actor is currently busy with his blockbuster film Okkamogadu. His next film is Ranga Panduranga with Raghavendra Rao.

    Balayya is now holding discussions on the script for a new film. The film is Lava Kusa.

    A couple of films have come out earlier on Lava Kusa and they were a big hit. Balakrishna wants to do this mythological film with a big budget. And by all indications, Balakrishna has even made up his mind to direct this film. The film is expected to take off only in 2008. Balakrishna is also ken to revive hi pet project Narthansala.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna to turn director

    Okkamogadu is my best film – Balakrishna

    2007/12/28 19:01:24 Balakrishna says that his new film ‘Okkamogadu’ will be the mother of all films. He said that the film is the best in his career so far. The big budget film directed by YVS Choudhary has been mounted on a lavish scale.

    Balakrishna plays dual roes in the film. Balaiah says that the film is as close to his real life personality as possible. In fact, the film is like his alter ego. Each and every aspect has been handled with great care. Balakrishna’a hairstyle, makeup, costumes, and walking style – you name it and you will find it completely different from all his earlier films.

    Even his dialogues have been written keeping his image and his fans in mind. Each and every dialogue of the film will regale his fans immensely promises Balakrishna. He also said that what ‘Mogadu’ did to his father N T Rama Rao, Okkamogadu will do the same to his career.

    Telugu Cinema News : Okkamogadu is my best film – Balakrishna

    Balaiah to follow in father’s footsteps

    2007/6/11 15:31:40

    Balakrishna celebrated his birthday amidst his fans and unit members of the film ‘Okka Modgadu’ at Rajamundry on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion Balakrishna said that he would follow the ideals of his father the late NT Rama Rao and would walk in his foot steps. Ambika Krishna and Butchaih Choudhary said that his 48 birthday would be a turning point in the career of Balakrishna.

    There is intense speculation that Balakrishna would enter politics soon. T is even said that Chandra Babu Naidu is considering sending Balakrishna to the Rajya Sabha as an MP next year.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balaiah to follow in father’s footsteps

    Film on Balaiah’s fans

    2007/12/21 16:35:16 This news will come as a pleasant surprise to even Balakrishna’s fans. A new film based on die-hard Balakrishna fans is being made. The film will show Balakrishna’s numerous fans and how they are doing some good to the society. The film has been titled as ‘Bala Balakrishna’.

    Srinivas ‘daddy’ will direct this film. The film has hero Tarakarathna’s backing. A film based on Chiranjeevi’s fans titled ‘Fans’ by Bharavi came out. But the film did not fare well at the box office.

    We have heard of Chiranjeevi’s fans involved in numerous chartable activities like running blood donation camps and eye donation camps and poor feeding.

    But no one seems to have hard about Balakrishna fans doing any charity work. May be this is the reason why a film is now being made. We will now come to know about the good deeds of Balakrishna through this film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Film on Balaiah’s fans

    Balakrishna in 'New Jersey'

    2008/6/5 12:46:48

    Balakrishna has finally found success with the film 'Pandurangadu'. The film is a bit high on romance than bhakthi but Balakrishna's performance has added value to the film and it is generating a good talk. Balakrishna is now going to the US. He will attend the screening of the film 'Pandurangadu' in New Jersey on May 9.

    His fans in the US are making arrangements to celebrate his birthday in a big way on May 10. Balakrishna fans back home have also drawn up plans to celebrate his birthday by organizing blood donation camps, poor feeding etc.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna in 'New Jersey'

    Balayya and Chiru in animated discussion

    2008/3/29 15:14:26

    Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna met at a wedding reception of O Kalyan's daughter the other day. Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna were seated side by side and were seen discussing animatedly. The topic of their discussion is not known but everyone present there were curious to know the subject of their discussion.

    All eyes were focused on hero Balakrishna and megastar Chiranjeevi. It is not often that the two superstars meet. They spent over half an hour at the venue. Chiranjeevi is now slated to launch his political party any time soon and Balakrishna is in a way in the rival camp and he is expected to campaign prominently for the TDP during the next assembly elections.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balayya and Chiru in animated discussion

    Balakrishna says 'All is Well'!

    2011/4/20 11:17:10

    Actor Balakrishna said that there was no succession battle in the TDP. He also said that there were no differences whatsoever in the Nara and Nandamuri families.

    Balayya said that the talk of succession battle was a creation by the media and it is now for the media to solve it.

    Balakrishna called on Babu and wished him on his birthday.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna says 'All is Well'!

    Balakrishna with Boyapati

    2008/5/15 20:09:59

    Balakrishna's 'Pandurangadu' is now all set for release on May 28. Balakrishna is now getting ready to act in an out and out mass entertainer. Boyapati Srinu, who directed films like 'Bhadra' and 'Tulasi' will direct this film.Balakrishna is growing a thick and long moustache for his role in the film. The film will be produced by Gemini Films Circuit. The film will go on to the sets in June.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna with Boyapati

    Balaiah’s stars not so bright?

    2007/12/7 15:57:20 While the astrologers are predicting that the stars are shining brightly for Chiranjeevi, there is no such good news for Balakrihsna. Some astrologers claim that the present time is not favourable for Balakrishna politically. If Balakrishna is serious about making his political entry, then he should wait for some time.

    According to these astrologers, Balakrishna’s fortunes take a turn for the better in the 2012. So if he wants to enter politics, then he had better wait till 2012. His chances are said to be bright in public life from the year 2012. So all Balakrishna fans will have to cool their heels for some more time.

    Andhra News : Balaiah’s stars not so bright?

    Balakrishna is invincible!

    2008/1/11 14:07:01

    YVS Choduhary has tried to take the heroism of Balakrishna to a new level. The director is the biggest fan on the actor. In his bid to show the heroism of Balakrishna, the director has slipped up very badly. Balakrishna is a hero. Then how come he molest a girl ( Nisha Kothari) in a train? As the hero, it is he who should be punishing such people. He is supposed to safeguard people and bash up such nuisance makers.

    The fights are well; we have all seen them many times before. One man bashing up 100 goons single-handedly, they even fly into the air like a sixer hit by Dhoni.

    In the climax, Balakrisha guides the aeroplane right into a mountain. The plane bursts up into flames and nothing is left except a blazing fireball. But surprise (?) of surprises, Balakrishna come out of it unscathed!

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna is invincible!

    Balakrishna in a very, very, special role

    2008/1/9 15:44:28 The film Okkamogadu is all set to hit the screens on Friday. The film has built up a lot of hype among the film lovers. Balakrishna is said to have done some special role in the film. Director YVS Choudhary is however unwilling to disclose anything at this juncture. He says that it is a top secret and one has to watch the film to know about it. Balakrishna is stated to have gone in for elaborate makeup for this particular role.

    He sat patiently as the make up artist worked for about five to six hours every day to do the make up. The ‘special’ role is said to have come out very well. Even Kamal Haasan had taken a lot of care in make up for his ten roles for Dasavatharam. Balakrishna’s efforts are said to be no less for Okkamogadu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna in a very, very, special role

    Anushka in OKKA MAGADU!

    2006/10/10 15:16:52 The Telugu audiences are well aware that popular producer cum director YVS Choudary is planning a film 'Okka Magaadu' on Bommarillu Vaari banner, with Balakrishna in the lead. If everything goes well Anushka is being roped in as the heroine. There were rumours that Balakrishna is playing a dual role in this film. But there is no truth in it. It is reliably learnt that Balakrishna is changing his attire for a few minutes like an old man and that was thought to be the other role. Another interesting point that came the fore is that the famous make-up man, who was brought from Australia to do make up for Kamal Hassan in 'Bharatiyudu', which made him look entirely different from his original get-up was brought again to do make-up for Balakrishna by YVS Choudary. The Telugu audiences will have to wait and watch whether they could identify Balakrishna in the new make-up because of the greatness of the Australian make-up man.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka in OKKA MAGADU!

    Will Balakrishna slap Ravi Teja once again?

    2011/3/14 15:13:09

    A sensational news spread like wild fire some time back. It was that Balakrishna had slapped hero Ravi Teja. The reason for Balayya’s ire was attributed to a suggestion given by Ravi Teja to a heroine.

    Ravi Teja is reported to have advised this heroine not to act opposite Balakrishna. While Balayya never opened his mouth about this, even Ravi Teja chose to remain silent.

    Now Ravi Teja is reported to have advised Charmy not to take up the offer to act opposite Balakrishna. Charmy is reported to have dropped out of the project.

    Will Balakrishna now slap Ravi Teja once again? Wait and see.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Balakrishna slap Ravi Teja once again?

    Abbayi and Baabayi

    2007/11/15 15:14:11 Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has expressed a desire to act in a film with his uncle Balakrishna. Now, this may materialize soon. According to grapevine, Kalyan Ram is planning a new film and uncle Balakrishna is going to play a prominent role in the film.

    The details about the project are yet to be finalized. But Balakrishna is stated to be ready to begin work on the film after he completes Ranga Pndiuranga.

    Telugu Cinema News : Abbayi and Baabayi

    Balayya in 10 getups

    2007/11/13 13:53:22 Actor Balakrishna’s Okkmogadu is raising a lot of interest among the people. The film directed by Y V S Choudhary is in pos t production stage. The film is very crucial for the career of Balakrishna. He did not have a big hit for quite some time.

    Balakrishna will be seen in many different getups in the film. He is sporting no less than 10 different getups. Some of his getups are – Justice Choudhary, Bharateeyudu etc.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balayya in 10 getups

    'Okka Magaadu' to hit screen on Jan 11

    2007/11/29 14:48:41 Some important scenes are being shot on the lead cast for 'Okka Magaadu' directed and produced by YVS Choudary on the banner of Bommarillu with Balakrishna, Simran, Anushka and Nisha Kothari in the lead. It is learnt that the character being played by Balakrishna in this movie would have different shades.

    Services of specialist make-up men were utilized both for Balakrishna and Simran for the film. The director cum producer is keeping the still photographs too a secret to avoid any kind of gossip about the subject of the film.

    YVS Choudary says, 'The audio would be launched in the first week of December. We are moulding the character of Balakrishna in a way that would fascinate the audiences in general and Balakrishna fans in particular.' The producer is making efforts to release the film on January 11, as Sankranthi gift. Music is by Manisharma, while Yalamanchi Gita is the presenter of the flick.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Okka Magaadu' to hit screen on Jan 11

    Balaiah to checkmate Chiru?

    2007/12/6 13:09:53

    The TDP is seriously thinking about bringing actor Balakrishna into active politics. The need was felt for a long time but with Chiranjeevi’s plans likely to turn into reality soon, the need is much more for the party now.

    A charismatic actor like Balakrishna can give some much-needed boost to the morale of the party leaders and workers. Balakrishna could be made the working president of the party. The family members of NTR are firmly behind Balakrishna and he is now even closer to Chandra Babu Naidu, as his daughter Brahmani is now Babu’s daughter –in-law.

    Andhra News : Balaiah to checkmate Chiru?

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