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on 2007/4/6 10:22:47

Bhavana's Kissing Scene Removed?

Bhavana is always different. She has made it to the gossip columns with news that is not related to romance. She had recently starred in a Tamil film that turned out to be a massive hit at the box office. Bhavana always has tried to maintain a clean image in the media.

She wouldn't dress glamorously or get unnecessarily intimate with her co-stars on the screen. But, according to rumors, it is not true.In the recent blockbuster, there was a scene in which she gives a passionate kiss to the hero. But when the film was finally released, it didn't have the said scene.

Did the Censor Board remove it?


Rumors have it that Bhavana's parents and manager intervened to get the scene removed!!!

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    Bhavana irked during rape scene.

    2007/10/5 14:51:42

    It has become fashionable for Tamil films now to have a mandatory rape scene! Meera Jasmine gets "raped" in 'Nepali', her new Tamil film.

    The trend is now shifting to Telugu too. In her debut film in Telugu, a "rape attempt" is going to be made on Bhavana.

    The scene was shot on the beaches of Vishakapattinam. The goons of a local MLA chase her on the shores and attempt to rape.

    Bhavana had returned only the previous night from Sri Lanka after completing a few song sequences there. The actress was naturally running short on patience.

    When local audience heard that an 'attempted rape' scene is going to be filmed on their shores, they were more than eager to turn up and witness it. They didn't stop with witnessing alone.

    They also began making lewd comments and gestures too. Finally, Bhavana got very irritated and refused to shoot until the miscreants are removed from the spot.

    Tamil Cinema News : Bhavana irked during rape scene.

    Bhavana is better than Ileana!

    2008/2/14 13:49:24

    The film Ontari staring Gopichand and Bahavana released to some good response today. Gopichand says that Bhavana is better than even Ileana. Not in an interview but in a scene in the film.

    In the scene, Gopichand goes to a woman's hostel where Bhavana is staying. H knocls the door and Bhavana opens the door, his jaws simply drop in surprise and he is seen murmuring - "Trisha, Shreya, Nayanatara etc and even that girl with an hour glass figure – what is her name? aah Ileana. Well they are no match to you at all"!

    Telugu Cinema News : Bhavana is better than Ileana!

    Crazy Srikanth rains kisses on Bhavana!

    2006/9/1 17:56:22

    The moat is still reverberating with the smooch sounds of Srikanth and Bhavana!

    Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai’ is being produced by S S Anthanan for Venthiraikalam and directed by S S Stanley. Full of youthful dalliances of Srikanth and Bhavana, the film is being shot on the East Cost Road between Chennai and Pondicherry. Only for song sequence, the shooting location shifted to Azhiyaaru Anai.

    Srikanth, Bhavana

    For “kanjapenne kanjapenne…” where Srikanth is supposed to be crazy in love, he’s supposed

    to have rained kisses on Bhavana’s face. “Srikanth had no hesitation and Bhavana no shyness for this scene, so re-takes were a thing of fun,” says the film unit.

    Looking at the stills of Bhavana and Srikanth, maybe it would be more apt to describe Bhavana as “Ganja penne!”


    Tamil Cinema News :  Crazy Srikanth rains kisses on Bhavana!

    General public feast their eyes on Bhavana

    2008/1/15 18:38:18

    As far as we have been told, Bhavana plays a college student in the film. She is the daughter of a chilli merchant in Thirumangalam off Madurai.

    At a nearby college, scenes featuring Bhavana were shot. In that scene, Bhavana wears a short skirt and plays volley ball. All the people in the neighboring area turned up to see the shooting. This made Bhavana very shy to jump around as she played.

    Some months back, a shot of a villain attempting to rape Bhavana was shot at the Vishakapatnam port. Such a huge crowd gathered to watch that Bhavana went red in the face. The police had to come in and disperse the crowd.

    Fortunately nothing untoward happened at Thirumangalam!

    Tamil Cinema News : General public feast their eyes on Bhavana

    Kissing scene is no less to action scenes: Ranabir

    2011/9/25 15:11:00

    Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor has locked lips with his co-stars on screen and says that shooting kissing scenes is like doing an action sequence.

    "I do love stories most of the time. Naturally kissing scenes do come up. I don't say 'daalo' (put in) kissing scenes. Moreover, it's too awkward to kiss a girl in front of hundred people on the sets and in front of camera and lights," Ranbir, who had kissing scenes in "Bachna Aae Haseeno", said on India TV's show Aapki Adalat.

    "It's too mechanical. For me, a kissing scene is just like an action sequence. Normally, I finish off the kissing scene in a single take," added the actor who locked lips with Priyanka Chopra in "Anjaana Anjaani".

    The actor, who is busy in promoting his upcoming film "Rockstar", however, got conscious when asked about his broken relationship with actress Deepika Padukone.

    "I had a relationship with Deepika. She still continues to be my good friend. But the issue on which our relationship broke is a personal matter. It will be very unfair to the girl if I speak about that, because Deepika is single and may marry someone in future", Ranbir said.

    Meanwhile, the two actors are set to romance on big screen again in Karan Johar's new production "Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani".

    Bollywood News : Kissing scene is no less to action scenes: Ranabir

    Emraan back to kissing ways

    2006/9/26 15:36:01

    Good news for all Emraan fans out there. He is back. Back with a kiss. Emraan had earlier promised himself that he would not be doing any more liplocks again in any film post Gangster since he is soon to get married. He maintained his promise in The Killer and Dil Diya Hai. But how far could he resist the temptation?

    Emraan Hashmi has been convinced by Raksha Mistry to do a kissing film in their next film Train. When the script was narrated to him, he was told that there was a kissing scene involved in the movie. To this Emraan asked, “Kya Yeh Zaroori Hai (is it necessary)” and the reply he got was yes. And he said “ok, let’s do it then.”

    Emraan is set to marry his long time love this year and at this point, he agreeing to do a kissing scene again does come as a surprise. All the best Emraan! Maybe something’s are left for the best man to do it.


    Bollywood News : Emraan back to kissing ways

    Bhavana proves her point right

    2007/5/10 10:36:35

    Malayalam actress Bhavana has been in the news for quite sometime now and that too for all the wrong reasons. The news has been spreading like the wildfire that director Bala has dropped her from his much-talked-about Tamil film Naan Kadavul. However, the actress has termed it as mere rumour. And yes, she seems to be right.

    It was rumoured that director Bala is looking for a new heroine to replace Bhavana in the film but the actress had denied the allegation. “This is a film that I've been eagerly waiting for. Even the audience is curious about it. There are talks that the director had removed me from the film. Until now, neither the director has told me nor have I walked out of the film. My most recent film in Malayalam is Chota Mumbai. Even before completing this film, I had received six offers in Malayalam but I had refused them all for the sake of this film,” Said Bhavana.

    Proving her point right, reliable source has revealed that rumours broke off when the director told the actress that he would not need her dates for six months. The good news is that Bhavana is not dropped. She is going to play Ajith's heroine in the film.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Bhavana proves her point right

    Emraan’s ‘Kiss’mat

    2006/10/30 15:22:47 The actor seems destined to kiss on screen. So, what about his promise to his fiancee?

    Ram Kamal Mukherjee

    Emraan Hashmi has done it again. The actor seems to have forgotten his promise to fiancee Parveen (that he would never kiss on screen) and will be seen kissing leading ladies Geeta Basra (Dil Diya Hai fame) and model Sayali Bhagat in his forthcoming film The Train.

    Directed by Raksha Mistry (of The Killer fame), the film will see Emraan locking lips once again. Not too long ago, Emraan had made public his decision of not doing any kissing scenes on screen because his fiancée does not approve. In an earlier interview he even admitted, "Since Parveen gets embarrassed I think it's high time I stopped kissing my heroines."

    Emraan even asked director Anurag Basu to edit a kissing scene in Gangster, just before the film released. In fact, he refrained from kissing in Dil Diya Hai and The Killer. Ironically, both films bombed at the box-office. Emraan attributed this to his so-called abstinence and decided to return to what he does best — kissing.

    And now, the serial kisser is back. He has done kissing scenes in The Train.

    When contacted, Raksha Mistry confirmed the news, saying, "Yes, Emmy has done a kissing scene in my film The Train. I don't understand why there is so much hoopla made of kissing and lovemaking in films. I feel sorry for Emmy. He had promised himself that he won't repeat the kissing act but when we narrated the subject to him, we told him the kiss is an integral part of the script, as the film is about an extra-marital affair. He did ask me whether it was absolutely essential, and when I said 'yes', he agreed. I asked him if he had any reservations since he is about to get married soon, but he was quite cool about it."


    Bollywood News : Emraan’s ‘Kiss’mat

    Priyanka not averse to kissing a girl

    2011/5/5 13:25:30

    There are few things men would prefer more than seeing a steamy Priyanka Chopra scene on screen.

    Perhaps the only thing on that list would be a steamy scene featuring PC with another girl. And if you thought it was too good to ever come true, Priyanka says it isn’t really so.

    In a revelation sure to raise a few eyebrows, PC says she wouldn’t be all that averse to the idea of locking lips with another girl. “Kissing a girl? Maybe, if I really want to be part of the script,” she says.

    And there is just one condition PC has laid down. “She has to be hot; that is a pre-requisite,” she says.

    There. Let her tribe multiply.

    Bollywood News : Priyanka not averse to kissing a girl

    Priyamani ready to kiss

    2007/12/12 15:17:44 Priyamani is one actor who is now climbing up the ladder of success faster than others. She did well in Telugu with films like ‘Toss’ and ‘Yamadonga’. She is also busy in Tamil. Priyamani is said to have done a hot kissing scene in her new Tamil film.

    Priyamani is open to doing intimate scenes and kissing scenes in films so long as the story demands it. She says that she has no inhibitions nor is she trying to pull a fast one. But is her new statement aimed only at producers and directors? Will she now bag films by the dozen? Wait and see.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani ready to kiss

    Actors are scared of Bhavana

    2007/11/14 12:25:29

    Bhavana may look like a demure quiet lass but the minute she opens her mouth, she’s just the opposite.

    Actors seem to be caught up in her chatty dialogues. They like to chat with her for her easy manner, but after a quarter hour of general topics, what is there to talk about?

    Here’s where many get caught. To keep pace with her, they slowly divulge personal information. Once it’s in Bhavana’s ears, the details all come out during her next conversation with another star.

    This includes comments made by one actor about another! Many have found themselves in uncomfortable positions because of this.

    Those who know Bhavana’s nature, avoid personal conversations with her. Even if they do speak to her, they keep their conversations casual. The actors in the Tamil field know her well now, so she’s trying her wiles on Telugu actors now!

    Does Bhavana know that Telugu actors are not as soft as Tamil actors?

    Tamil Cinema News :  Actors are scared of Bhavana

    Anil's kissing creates a flutter

    2007/3/12 12:52:34

    There is a great buzz about Anil Kapoor's kissing scene picturized on Anjana Sukhani in 'Salam-e-Ishq'.

    This has created a flutter in industry circles though to the utter surprise of Anil who says that he has kissed several times on the screen before too. For instance, he kissed Dimple in 'Janbaaz' and Sameera Reddy in 'Musafir'. "What's wrong if I kissed Anjana? Kissing was the demand of the script and so I did".

    When asked about his experience of kissing Anjana in 'Salam-e-Ishq', he says that it was a thrilling experience for him to kiss someone as sexy as Anjana on screen. Anil and Juhi play their age for the first time .

    Theirs is a love marriage, with two kids and when everything is perfect "a man gets naughty when he reaches 40". So there comes Anjana, a young dancer, in his life! Industry circles, however, attribute the flutter to the fact that Anjana is too young, almost half of Anil's age.

    Bollywood News : Anil's kissing creates a flutter

    Priyanka refuses to kiss Annu Kapoor

    2010/10/24 13:43:06

    When it comes to intimate scenes, A-list actors might have reservations.

    They make it clear to the filmmaker if they are comfortable or if they want a bodydouble for the intimate scenes. Something similar happened recently when Priyanka Chopra put her foot down while shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj's Saat Khoon Maaf .

    According to the buzz, Piggy Chops was not comfortable doing a kissing scene with Annu Kapoor, who plays one of her seven husbands in the movie. A source said Priyanka was not comfortable about getting intimate with Annu because of the 'age factor'.

    But, the scene was reportedly important for the film, and Vishal was in no mood to compromise on that. So, instead of using a body-double, he came up with a different idea for the scene with the two actors. Reports suggest, he shot the scene with both actors separately.

    But Priyanka's fans would not miss the kissing scene she had with Ranbir Kapoor in Anjaana Anjaani. Surely, Annu is a different story.

    Saat Khoon Maaf is an upcoming Hindi drama, thriller and black comedy, in which Piggy Chops is being cast opposite several actors including Naseeruddin Shah. Vishal is trying a methodical approach to the film, which is scheduled to be released on January 21, 2011.

    Bollywood News : Priyanka refuses to kiss Annu Kapoor

    Bhavana scaling new peaks of success!

    2008/1/31 14:30:05

    Beautiful Bhavana has had her way. There is no escaping this conclusion if the news emanating from Telugu cinema is any guide.

    Well, the Tollywood tiding is that Bhavs will figure in more Telugu films this year. Why this sudden spurt in Telugu movies for her?

    The answer to this question is that the Telugu directors and producers have agreed to Bhavana’s condition that she would not do over-glamorous roles.

    So, in her next Telugu flick, Bhavana will enact a non-glamorous role, according to the grapevine.

    Meanwhile, Bhavana is staging a comeback of sorts on home ground: Malayalam cinema.

    The buzz from Mollywood is that the vivacious heroine has been signed up to act against three top actors: mega star Mammootty , Dileep and Prithviraj .

    It can be said that the Keralite beauty is on way to conquering new peaks of success in the New Year.

    Well done, Bhavs!

    Malayalam Cinema News : Bhavana scaling new peaks of success!

    ‘I am certainly doing the film with Richard Gere’

    2006/10/16 18:22:51 Sushmita confirms her plan to work with Richard Gere, and talks about her kissing scene with ex-boyfriend Randeep Hooda in Karma, Confessions and Holi

    Sushmita Sen rubbishes the news published by a tabloid about her not working in the Hollywood venture opposite Richard Gere. "I am thankful that someone asked me this question. I guess I am attacked by those I don't speak to. I am saying this for the last time that I am certainly doing the film with Richard Gere," Sushmita says.

    This year sees Sushmita's first Hollywood release, Karma, Confessions and Holi, where the actress has a passionate kissing scene with ex-boyfriend Randeep Hooda. So how comfortable was she in the act? "Why should I have any problem?" she counters. "In the film Randeep plays the role of my husband and I think kissing your husband is normal," she replies.

    Considering that fact that she is getting offers from Hollywood, does she intend to pursue her career in Hollywood? "I have always made it clear that I am not suitable for Hollywood films. I think the way Aishwarya Rai has conducted herself is the right way to get work in Hollywood. I don't have any agent in Hollywood like many actors from India have. Without an agent you'll have to struggle hard to get a role and I am in no position to start my career again from scratch," she says.

    When quizzed about her playing Radha in Ram Gopal Varma's Sholay, Sushmita says, "Please wait for the official announcement. I leave that responsibility on the director and producer."

    And how is her boyfriend Manav Menon? To this she says, "Keep him out... may be for another interview."

    Now that gives us a reason to meet her again.

    • Why should I have any problem? In the film Randeep plays the role of my husband and I think kissing your husband is normal — Sushmita Sen


    Bollywood News : ‘I am certainly doing the film with Richard Gere’

    Fan club's for Bhavana.

    2008/3/4 11:52:47

    A fans association had been formed for Bhavana in Tamil Nadu.

    The fans of the Madurai and Erode area of the promising young star who has formed 'Navarasa Nayaki Bhavana Rasikar Manram' has also erected huge flux boards at major roads in Erode and Madhurai.

    Also the association has plans to help the poor school students by providing free text books and uniform.

    Bhavana was a little late to know about the plans of her fans who had sent her the photos of the huge flux boards and explained to her about the promotional activities of the Manram.

    The actress at first tried to resist the group, but the organizers of the Manram was not ready to withdraw from their initiatives.

    The Marnam activists have let Bhavana know that they are even ready to continue with their programmes even without any financial support from their favorite screen star.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Fan club's for Bhavana.

    Madhavan more than Bhavana's guru!

    2007/8/28 15:04:49

    Do you know what Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine said when the rumours of her relationship with director Lolitadas surfaced? She said they share an excellent 'teacher-student' relationship. Here is another Malayalee actress who is using the same technique.

    Malayalam actress Bhavana's first outing with Madhavan was a disaster with Arya bombing at the box office. In spite of this, they are cast together in a new Tamil film titled Vaazhthukkal, being directed by Seeman. Now, the grapevine is abuzz with the news that they share a special bond. It may be recalled that Bhavana had said quite a few times that she is a great fan of Madhavan. However, she pushed the rumours aside by saying that he is her guru.

    “He was the one who taught me Tamil. We share an excellent teacher-student relationship. Please don't spoil it by coming up with such stories,” said Bhavana.

    But can there be smoke without fire, Bhavana?

    Malayalam Cinema News : Madhavan more than Bhavana's guru!

    Hero faints while kissing!

    2007/3/14 13:41:26

    Heroes in our films are shown as big macho guys who can take on 100 plus goons single handedly, but can you believe this? The hero of an upcoming movie actually fainted while trying to do a kissing scene.

    Yes, it is true. The incident took place during the shooting of a Tamil film in Chennai. Hero Vijay Chiranjeevi, son of famous stunt master Jacquar, is making his debut with the film ‘Surya’.

    While the heroine Kirthi Chawla was all game for the kissing scenes, the hero developed cold feet. It took more than 10 takes before the hero could come near the heroine and kiss her on the lips.

    The moment his lips touched her, he fainted. Shooting was cancelled for the day. An embarrassed unit member said that the hero fainted as this was his first film and he was exhausted. Any takers?

    Tamil Cinema News : Hero faints while kissing!

    No kisses for Shreya

    2007/6/21 9:28:09

    Shreya is on a high after the release of Sivaji. Her maiden film in Bollywood ‘Awaarapan’ is now all set for release on 29th. She is paired with Emraan Hashmi in the film. It is well known that Emraan is known as the serial kisser. He locks his lips with most of is heroines on screen. The same was expected in this film too.

    However, there is no such luck for him this time. As the script does not demand it, the director has not included any kissing scenes. Or it could be that Shreya has managed to convince the director not to include a kissing scene.

    Telugu Cinema News : No kisses for Shreya

    Bhavana in cameo role

    2008/1/9 13:14:51

    Bhavana made her debut with the Malayalam film Nammal, which opened the door of several good offers for her. She later moved to Kollywood and has also been signed for a Telugu film, Ontari. The actress was last seen in the Malayalam film, Chotta Mumbai, starring Mohanlal in the lead.

    Bhavana will now be seen in a cameo role in Dileep's upcoming film, Mulla, directed by Lal Jose and scripted by Sindhuraj with Biju Menon, Innocent, Salim Kumar, and Rizabava also in the cast. Bhavana's last film with Dileep was Chess directed by Raj Babu. She has also signed the multi-starrer Twenty:20 being produced by Dileep.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Bhavana in cameo role

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