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on 2006/12/8 16:03:09

'Bollywood is a gaali'

Filmmaker Ketan Mehta does not take it lightly when you call his movies 'Bollywood' films. "The term 'Bollywood' is demeaning. It speaks of a colonial mindset, it's the last hurrah of the colonised mind. It is counter-productive and the term 'Bollywood' is a gaali," he says.

Currently in Singapore as jury member of the Asian Festival of First Films, Mehta says that Indian cinema must grow out of its tunneled vision and embrace the world.

"As a country that produces the most number of films in the world, we must not forget that we are much more than just 'Bollywood'. There are so many more films being made in Tamil and Telugu, the stars down South are being paid much more and they have a bigger audience than those 'stars' in 'Bollywood'," he adds.

Mehta, who made Mangal Pandey: The Rising recently, also questions the concept of parallel cinema. "There is nothing like that anymore. Look at Munnabhai, look at Rang De Basanti. How do we term them? Why should we term them? They are good cinema and are Indian cinema."

Mehta is in the process of making a film on the life of the Indian artist Raja Ravi Verma. "It's an Indo-French-British production and there will be no big stars." Again, when he is asked if it will be a mainstream film, he reacts, "Don't curb cinema by generalising it with terms like 'mainstream'."


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    Jagapatibabu, Kalyani pair up again

    2008/4/29 10:04:35

    Vamsikrishna, who had provided story for 'Anumanaspadam' directed by Vamsi, turned director for a film, 'Gaali' being produced by Ramgopal Varma on the banner of Varma Film Corporation. Jagapatibabu and Kalyani, who proved a hit pair with films like 'Pandem, Pedababu, Kabaddi Kabaddi and Lakshyam' are pairing up again for 'Gaali'. The film had completed its first schedule recently. The second schedule is likely to begin from May 15. It is worth mentioning here that Varma is also producing 'Sarkari Raj' with Amitabh Bachchan simultaneously.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jagapatibabu, Kalyani pair up again

    Jagapatibabu to pair up with Kalyani again

    2008/3/26 12:33:36

    Jagapatibabu and Kalyani earned a good name as a hit pair and films like 'Kabaddi Kabaddi', 'Pedababu' and 'Pandem' proved it. After a long gap, these two are pairing up again for a film to be produced by none other than Ram Gopal Varma. Akella Vamsikrishna, who scripted dialogues for 'Anumanaspadam' is being introduced as director through this film. 'Gaali' and 'Raksha' are the titles under consideration for the movie. The shooting of the film was launched in Hyderabad recently.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jagapatibabu to pair up with Kalyani again

    Another Galigopuram comes to ground

    2011/4/16 16:00:07 During the last year, we have seen the famous ‘Gaali Gopuram’ of Srikalahasthi temple collapsing before our very eyes. Then, there was some havoc in the media and the public which woke up the government that formed a committee to study the condition of the rest of the Gopurams all over the state.

    People, media and the Government have considered that, the task is over and gradually the dust was settled. But, even if we turn blind eye on the rest of the Galigopurams in the state they keep reminding us about their miserable state by collapsing some time or the other.

    The ancient Galigopuram of ‘Veyi Lingala Konda’ near Srikalahasthi temple that was built in 5th century has come to ground on Saturday evening, leaving the devotees dismayed and terrified. Galigopuram has suddenly started falling apart which makes the devotees run for their lives. Perhaps, we may hear about another committee to study this case.

    Andhra News : Another Galigopuram comes to ground

    Annavaram in Ramoji Film City

    2006/12/10 13:01:44 The all important song 'Akasam Neeru Nippu Nela, Ee Gaali Naa Kosam….' is being shot in Ramoji Film City which is written by Chandrabose and Choreography by Ganesh Acharya for Pavan Kalyan's 'Annavaram' directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao and is produced by S V Prasad and Paras Jain jointly with Asin as Heroine and Sandhya as sister of the hero.

    The producers declared that the dubbing work has already over and the shooting also to be completed by 14 th December. The audio will be released on 14th December itself and the film on 29th December.

    Other Stars.
    Nagababu, Lal, Ashish Vidyarthi, Siva Balaji, Bramhaji, Bramhanandam, Shakuntala, Kalpana, Hema , Bhargavi.

    Presenter : R B Choudary, Story : Perarasu, Dialogues : Abburi Ravi, Cinematography : Setu Sriram, Editing : Gautam Raju, Music : Ramana Gogula.


    Telugu Cinema News : Annavaram in Ramoji Film City

    Heroine attached to Posani

    2011/8/8 10:31:22

    It seems the husky and sexy Tollywood heroine Satya Krishna got attached to Posani Krishna Murali movies. Although, she looks pretty and gives good performance she was not seen in any other movies except Posani’s movies. Once again she is playing lead role in his upcoming film ‘Gaali Seenu’.

    Posani, Satya Krishna, RK , Basha and Tollywood fading sexy babe Mummaith Khan have played lead roles in this movie. Posani is acting as a defeated MLA and RK as Sub Inspector whom Satya Krishna controls as his wife. This film is about a local gunda in old city who develops interest in acting in the films and its funny consequences.

    This film is directed by Uday Krishna and T.Rama Satyanarayana has produced it under Beemavaram Talkies banner. This film is slated to release on 19th of August.

    Telugu Cinema News : Heroine attached to Posani

    'Gul'ti ho gayi!

    2006/9/4 17:55:05

    Nagesh Kukunoor lost his cool with his leading lady Gul Panag, when she couldn’t get her act right.

    According to sources, he walked away from the set muttering expletives under his breath. The incident took place during the shooting for Dor in Pokhran, Rajasthan. The scene involved Gul and Shreyas Talpade.

    Says a source, “Nagesh enacted the scene for Gul time and again, but she just couldn’t deliver. Nagesh became irritated and let out a string of abuses in a fit of desperation.”


    When we tried to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth, Gul feigned ignorance. While Kukunoor was unavailable, the film’s executive producer Elahe Hiptoola however confirmed that Gul had indeed goofed up a scene, that irritated Nagesh.

    Said Elahe, “The scene involved Gul and Shreyas meeting for the first time at a tea stall. The problem was that Gul was coming across as too friendly with Shreyas. That’s perhaps because like any other film, the scenes in Dor have also not been shot in sequence.”

    Gaali kabhi kabhi

    Elahe added, “But Nagesh did not abuse Gul. On the contrary, he abuses only when he gets the scene right to perfection. He will then say, ‘What a f*****g shot!’ We actually wait for the word f*****g to come out of his mouth. It gives us a high that our director is satisfied.”

    So what did Kukunoor do? According to Elahe, “He just got up and walked away from the monitor from which he was directing the shot. That’s his natural reaction when there’s an issue which is against what he has envisaged. He never does more than three re-takes because he always keeps the budget in mind. He is one director who lets the edit come into play.”

    Blame the weather

    Elahe also blamed the weather for Nagesh’s behaviour. “At the time of shooting, we had to face a sandstorm in Pokhran. It was scorching hot and the light was failing. And when there’s a delay due to the cast or the crew, it is bound to affect the mood. We are all human,” she said.

    Dor also stars Ayesha Takia, Girish Karnad and Pratiksha Lonkar. The film, produced by Sahara One Motion Pictures, is expected to release on September 22.


    Bollywood News : 'Gul'ti ho gayi!

    Had to go of casting from Bollywood because of Kauc - Sameera Reddy

    2012/4/24 16:19:33 Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy says that the casting couch in Bollywood and why they had to take long break from Hindi films.
    Speaking to reporters at her coming film promotion of high, Sameera Reddy said, "the casting couch in Bollywood. The five rings of both hands. You're ready for it, then they will be with you. I am not ready for it was. So I took a break. "
    Sameera Reddy also said that the politics in Bollywood and that it was not meant. So he moved to South Indian cinema.

    Bollywood News : Had to go of casting from Bollywood because of Kauc - Sameera Reddy

    Asin upset with Bollywood remarks

    2011/8/19 10:48:44

    It is a tragic story of Kerala beauty Asin, who get bad remarks despite giving two super hits out of her three Hindi movies. Her movies ‘Gajini’ and ‘Ready’ both proved to be block busters in Bollywood and her ‘Bollywood Dreams’ movie turned a dud.

    She is quite upset with the remarks made by some Bollywood directors and producers. Asin said “I know some of them are stating that I am no where a match to Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor even my two films collects hundreds of crores just like her films do. They may be saying that I am an upcoming actress, but when they start comparing me with Kareena, that itself proves what my level in Bollywood is. My films itself will give a fitting reply to those who says I am an upcoming actress. I need not argue with them about my level in Bollywood or about my films. All this happens only because I am very selective with my Hindi movies and it creates enough enemies for me in Bollywood. But, I am not afraid of such statements. I know what I am and my talent,” said Asin with furious tone.

    Bollywood News : Asin upset with Bollywood remarks

    Bollywood on remake spree

    2011/5/20 13:54:20
    It seems Bollywood is on remake spree. The success of remake films ‘Gajini’ and ‘Wanted’ makes the Bollywood people keep an eye on southern industry to grab the right film in right time. Recently, we heard that, film ‘Vikramarkudu’ was taken for remake in Hindi. Then, the Bollywood also picks up films Traffic from Mollywood and Kadhal from Kollywood for remake.

    Now, it is Prabhas latest film ‘Mr. Perfect’ picked up by Bollywood producer Sajid Nadiawala. He is roping in the remake specialist Anees Bazmee who remakes films ‘Ready’, It’s My life and some etc.

    Bollywood News : Bollywood on remake spree

    No bikini shows now... Kajal

    2011/7/19 9:49:03

    “I have repeatedly told you all that I won’t act in bikinis come whether it is Tollywood or Bollywood offer,” said the cute babe Kajal Agarwal to Bollywood media. Yet, none of them are ready to believe her words, because they all have reason for their doubts. When, it’s a Bollywood offer, naturally any girl from south will jump at once for it, agreeing the standard terms of wearing bikini and sharing lip-lock scenes with Bollywood heroes. Hence, the Bollywood media believes that, Kajal too is also not an exceptional case in this regard and whenever they meet her don’t forget to ask her about bikini plans, with which they make the beauty quite irritated.

    Right now, she is debuting with film ‘Singham’ into Bollywood. She is pairing with Ajay Devagan in this movie. During a recent press meet, Bollywood media naturally has reached to this bikini point and she also repeated the same answer. But, they ask how long she will stick to her principle? However, they have found a clue in her answer –‘not now means later.” Shall she afford to loose the glittering Bollywood career for the sake of her bikini sentiment? Let us ask her the same again to know her response.

    Telugu Cinema News : No bikini shows now... Kajal

    Bollywood female bombshells fed up of bad breath Bollywood heroes

    2007/1/2 16:45:28

    It started with Celina Jetley. Now most female bombshells are complaining that the Bollywood males are throwing bad breath at them when the directors are eager the females to perform lip-clocked smooches with these careless males of Bollywood. ‘How about brush the teeth before kissing a stranger on the stage?’ shouts one Bollywood bombshell.

    The ‘Khans’ are especially disgusting. They should use gums or something. Some one has to tell them they are just disgusting. Akshay Kumar, for example used gums, colognes and other means to protect himself from bad names.

    Bollywood females complaint that like all Indian men these guys care little for their partners – how others feel about them. It is the same taken for granted attitude.


    Bollywood News : Bollywood female bombshells fed up of bad breath Bollywood heroes

    Karan is Bollywood’s academic ambassador

    2007/3/3 13:03:42

    Karan Johar is taking his newly discovered role as Bollywood’s academic ambassador very seriously. The director was last week invited to lecture 500 students at New York University and says the response was “overwhelming”.
    “The subject was Bollywood and its popular culture. It isn’t so much about what I said to them as what they asked me. I suddenly realised how far Bollywood was reaching out. They no longer ask questions about the song-and-dance aspect of Bollywood,” Karan said.
    “The western hemisphere is waking up to the vast possibilities of our cinema. And it’s amazing to hear how much insight the American students could provide me about my cinema. I think the time for Bollywood has arrived now.”
    Apparently, Karan is now being booked for Bollywood lectures in several cities in the US. “I enjoy these interactive sessions. And I don’t mind talking on our cinema as long as it doesn’t interfere with my main work, which is making movies.”


    Bollywood News : Karan is Bollywood’s academic ambassador

    I'm immoral and I will burn in hell: RGV

    2007/6/2 11:34:59

    Meeting Ram Gopal Varma is always interesting. The witty filmmaker answers our questions sometimes seriously and sometimes sarcastically. The trick’s in finding the difference…

    What’s up?

    Life is fantastic! I am glowing. By the way, I’ve heard that one glows the brightest before death! Probably ‘Sholay…’ will be my death.

    Why do you say that?

    I know that all the critics are waiting to ‘diss’ it. If they don’t criticise it, they will stab me with their pens. I am just waiting for the torture. I can only say, “De jitni gaali dena hai thakur!”

    Is it true that your Gabbar Singh will be called Ajgar?

    Utter rubbish.

    Your Thakur (to be played by Mohanlal) will have his wrists cut instead of his hands?

    Not true. I cannot reveal a lot of things to you at this point of time because it is subjudice.

    Your film ‘Nishabd’ and Balki’s ‘Cheeni Kum’ had the same theme, even the same actor. Yours flopped badly and his is doing well. What do you attribute this to?

    Maybe it was a better film. ‘Nishabd’ was a serious take on a situation, which I thought could happen any time, people couldn’t accept it. Whereas ‘Cheeni Kum’ is a light-hearted comedy. I am not a moralistic person and I don’t get judgemental about people. I am immoral and I will burn in hell. I can hide a lot of things that I do here, but I guess it would be difficult to do that in front of God. (Laughing) But obviously people are not as immoral as I am. I got violent reactions to my film.

    Even a maverick like you seems to be falling into the rut of remakes (‘Sholay) and sequels (‘Sarkar 2’)...

    You havent’ seen those films, so you can’t really comment on them. ‘Sholay’ was made at a time when several of those kind of movies were being made. This genre of films included films like ‘The Seven Samurai’ and ‘Mera Gaon Mera Desh’…and a whole lot of them. My film is a tribute to all those films.

    What’s your biggest mistake?

    Mohit (Ahlawat) and the new ‘Shiva’. I was on a different trip then. I guess I got carried away by certain things. Now I know better. They weren’t the only mistakes, but they were the biggest (laughing). I have made many mistakes, which I have managed to hide and get away.

    You are promoting Prashant Raj now…

    He is turning into a monster. I am just waiting for the release of the film before he turns against me.

    Why do you say that?

    Well, all those before him have turned against me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does too.

    So, why have you stopped promoting new talent now?

    (Laughing) They have stopped coming to me now. They must have watched ‘James’ and ‘Shiva’!

    Bollywood News : I'm immoral and I will burn in hell: RGV

    Shilpa Shetty stars in Miss Bollywood

    2007/9/29 12:59:34

    The tag of Big Brother celebrity has definitely worked wonders for Shilpa Shetty. She is all set to make her debut on stage in the musical, Miss Bollywood.

    Miss Bollywood is the story of a young Indian woman named Maya, played by Shilpa, who lands in UK with the dream of setting up a dance academy. Shilpa has a troupe of 40 dancers from Bollywood with her for this musical.

    According to Shilpa, Miss Bollywood would not only cater to the lovers of Bollywood but also to the mainstream audiences who are crazy about dance and musical theatre.

    Shilpa Shetty and her crew will begin the tour on September 29 in Berlin and finally performing at the Opera House in Manchester, UK on November 3.

    Bollywood News : Shilpa Shetty stars in Miss Bollywood

    Mumbai teens film the plagiarism in Bollywood

    2006/12/26 16:04:04 Three Mumbai teenagers have made a documentary film on the Plagiarism happening in Bollywood. Though the audiences in some cases come to know that certain films in Bollywood are copy of Hollywood or other foreign movies, there have been cases in which the copied films have become landmark cinema in Bollywood. Three teenage boys in Mumbai decided to do something about this and well, the resultant is the documentary titled Four Step Plan. This 60-minute documentary is a sarcastic take on the plagiarism that has been happening in Bollywood and which still continues to happen.

    Some of the biggest films in Bollywood like Black, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Ek Ajnabee among others are shown to be complete rip-off from Hollywood in this documentary. Also, the famous songs like Om Shanti Om from Karz and Mehbooba O Mehbooba from Sholay are inspired from foreign compositions.

    The documentary is written and directed by Chaitanya Tamhane and Sudeep Modak is assistant director on the project.


    Bollywood News : Mumbai teens film the plagiarism in Bollywood

    Is Siddu's next a Bollywood flick?

    2007/7/6 11:59:29

    Hero Siddhartha was not seen for quite some time after the release of his film Aata. He went abroad on a holiday. He suddenly surfaced in Mumbai the other day and was spotted at Alim Hakim’s place. The celebrity hairstylist who has given a new look to some of the top Bollywood stars is giving a new look.

    Why did he go to Mumbai leaving his regular hairstylist is the question that comes to mind? Some say that he is going to star in a Bollywood flick soon and is in Mumbai in this connection. And it helps to have your hair styled by a Bollywood stylist.

    Telugu Cinema News : Is Siddu's next a Bollywood flick?

    Bollywood-borne Vaitala

    2011/10/10 18:47:31 One more Telugu director is heading towards Bollywood.

    Though pioneers like LV Prasad had their sting in Bombay, it was Adurthi Subba Rao who first ventured into Bollywood directing Sunil Dutt-Nargis starrer Milan. Then came a spate of films, actors and directors who shuffled from here to there and vice versa. Ram Goapl Varma heralded a new chapter followed by Puri Jagannath and now it is the turn of Srinu Vaitla.

    The success of Dukudu soared Vaitla’s popularity levels to new heights.

    With Bollywood stars constantly on the lookout to remake hit films from South, Dukudu was lapped by the Bollywood and Srinu Vaitla became the obvious choice.

    The news came from the horse’s mouth during the vijaya yatra of Dukudu film. (INN)

    Telugu Cinema News : Bollywood-borne Vaitala

    This hottie has Bollywood dreams

    2006/12/19 17:07:40 Model Nikii Daas admits she has been bitten by the acting bug.

    Nikii was the title-holder of Gladrags Supermodel 2005 Contest. Since then she has been doing advertisements for various products and brands like Globus and Bombay Dyeing.

    A Bollywood aspirant, Nikii has now begun learning acting at Kishore Namit Kapoor’s Acting Institute. Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor have come from this institute.

    In the meantime, Nikii has featured in DJ Suketu’s music video ‘Meri Nazar Hai Tujhpe’.

    Although film offers have begun to pour in from Bollywood, Nikii is biding her time for the right project. She wants her debut to be a movie that could launch her in Bollywood in a noticeable way.

    As of now, Nikii appears on the Kingfisher Swimsuit Special Calendar 2007.


    Bollywood News : This hottie has Bollywood dreams

    Shekhar Kapur wants to make Bollywood musical

    2011/11/13 21:05:14 Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is keen on making a full-fledged Bollywood film.

    "Hope I make a Bollywood film soon, why? because I love love love musicals. the combination of dance/poetry/music on film is awesome," Kapur wrote on microblogging site Twitter

    Kapur, who won critical acclaim for "Bandit Queen", directed Bollywood films "Masoom" and "Mr India".

    In Hollywood, Kapur is known for wielding the megaphone for "Elizabeth", "The Four Feathers" and "New York, I Love You".

    Bollywood News : Shekhar Kapur wants to make Bollywood musical

    Vimala Raman too jumps for Bollywood

    2011/6/30 11:45:58

    While many of the southern heroines had their chance at Bollywood, Vimala Raman is one among those few who left behind. So far, she has concentrated on her Tollywood and Kollywood career only, but it is not as encouraging as it should be. Hence, she also used her Bollywood contacts work for her.

    During the Celebrity league matches held recently, she has approached Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty requesting him for a film offer in Bollywood. He not only promised to help her but also recommends her to his close friend Govinda who is looking for a girl for his upcoming movie Afra Tafari. Govinda has okayed Vimala Raman to pair with him in his movie.

    Regular shooting of this film will begins from 17th of next month at Mumbai. So, Vimala Raman is all set to take off to Mumbai very soon. Let us see, whether she will settle there forever or bounce back like other actresses of south.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vimala Raman too jumps for Bollywood

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