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on 2008/1/12 15:18:13

Brahmanandam's illicit relationship!

Ace comedian Brahmanandam is happily married. But he is having a hot extra-marital affair with another married woman. He is running the affair right in his home without the knowledge of his wife.

All this is not in real life but in reel life. Brahmanandam and the buxom maidservant are shown as having a great time together behind the back of his wife Sana. The comedy track, though nothing new in films however manages to evoke some laughter. Ravi Teja catches them together on his mobile and later on blackmails Brahmanandam to get his way.

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    Ravi Teja is Big B – Brahmanandam

    2007/12/29 16:49:52 The Guinness book of records holder for acting in the highest number of films in Telugu and well-known comedian, Brahmanandam has some high praise for Ravi Teja. Brahmanandam was speaking at the audio release function of Ravi Teja’s new film ‘Krishna’. Trisha is the heroine and V V Vinayak is the director.

    Brahmanandam stars in a very prominent role in the film. The comedy track between Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam will be a real highlight in the film. Brahmanandam said that Ravi Teja is an excellent actor. He is capable of essaying any role with ease – like Big B Amitabh Bachchan. Ravi Teja is the Big B of Tollywood. High praise indeed.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ravi Teja is Big B – Brahmanandam

    Brahmanandam laughs his way to Guniness

    2007/12/14 13:15:05 The most popular comedian in Tollywood, the one and only Brahmanandam has notched up another distinction. He has now made it to the Guinness Book of world records. The actor received an official communication to this effect recently.

    Brahmanandam has stared in 754movies in Telugu in an acting career spanning just over 20 years. He is now almost a regular feature in all films – big and small. The very presence of Brahmanandam is enough to generate laughs. He is one of those rare actors who can make people laugh with just his facial expressions.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam laughs his way to Guniness

    Brahmanandam and charity!

    2007/11/16 14:08:22 Comedian Brahmanandam is known to be very tight with his money. He is never seen spending money on himself, let alone others. But surprising everyone, Brahmanandam is reported to have donated a big amount recently.

    The donation is for the construction of a community hall and other amenities for the deaf and dumb students in Sattenapalli in Khammam district. This has come as a surprise to everyone in the industry. Hope he will come up with many more such activities, was the talk in the industry. Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu are involved in charitable activities, now Brahmanandam joins the list.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam and charity!

    Brahmanandam’s top 10

    2008/1/10 16:46:51 Comedian Brahmanandam has acted in over 780 films so far. He as even entered the Guinness book of world records for acting in the maximum number of films in Telugu. Brahmanadam owes his success to a great extent to director Jandhayla. It was Jandhayla who spotted his comic genius and offered him a role in ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’. Brahmanandam did not look back after that.

    Brahmanandam rates the following ten as his best films ever - ‘Aha Na Pellanta’, ‘Vivahabhojanambu’, ‘Chitram Bhalaere Vichithram’, ‘Money’, ‘Anaganaga Okaroju’, ‘Anna’, ‘Amma’, ‘Bavagaru Baagunnara’, ‘Manmadhudu’ and ‘Dhee’.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam’s top 10

    Is Brahmanandam the hero?

    2007/7/2 10:53:19

    The latest film in the theaters Aaroje seems to banking heavily on the name and star attraction of Brahmanandam than the hero and the heroines. The ad shows Brahmanandam like a hero and there is no one else in the ad.

    There is no picture of the hero or the heroine or the villain anywhere in the ad. Such is the confidence of the producer and director of the capabilities of Brahmanandam carrying the film all by himself.
    Keywords:Aa Roje::

    Telugu Cinema News : Is Brahmanandam the hero?

    Is Jyothika the villain of Pachaikili Muthucharam?

    2007/2/12 10:07:45

    Gautham Menon's Pachaikili Muthucharam is a thriller with a good mix of family sentiments. With his last movie, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu becoming a big hit, his next venture has generated a good amount of curiosity. The movie is tentatively slated to be released on 16th Feb. The main theme of the film as reported earlier is said to be based on an English movie, Derailed. Let's take a quick look at the story of the movie.

    The story is about an executive from a multi national company, whose financial status is very strong, married with a beautiful wife, and has a 6 years old daughter. His daughter suffers from a perennial diabetic problem with insulin injections to be administered everyday. Due to this, major portion of his earnings goes for the medical treatment, and hospitalization of the child.

    And moreover, the intimate relationship between the husband and wife starts to deteriorate due to their worry and concern for their child. At this juncture, another woman enters into the life of the hero. What starts as a simple offer in buying his rail ticket, blossoms into an illicit relationship. A clandestine meet in a hotel room takes a twist when an unknown man barges in, robs them and rapes her.

    Later on, the same man starts visiting his home and starts blackmailing him every week and takes money from him without the knowledge of his wife and daughter. He looses all his money, including the savings that he had made for his one and only daughters' medical treatment. After loosing everything, his wife, comes to know the extramarital relationship of her husband, eventually she decides to go and live separately along with her daughter.

    At this sad state of affairs, the hero, comes to know a mind blowing truth accidentally that the criminal, who is ransacking money from him, is none other than the illicit lover's husband, and both of them plotted together and extracted the money from him. The climax of the story is how the hero recovers money from the kidnappers, and gives it to the hospitalization expenses of his beloved daughter.

    For Pachaikili Muthucharam, Sarathkumar plays the lead role as the hero, Mumbai model Andrea acts as his wife; the ailing daughter is replaced by a son. Jyothika's role is that of the woman who entices Sarathkumar to enter into an extra marital affair. Milind Suman acts as the kidnapper, who plots along with his wife Jyothika against Sarathkumar and extracts money from him.

    Now what has to be seen is how much truth is there in the rumors that Gautham's version is inspired by Derailed. Will Jyothika still remain the negative role in story? Will Tamil movie goers accept her as a villain?

    Tamil Cinema News : Is Jyothika the villain of Pachaikili Muthucharam?

    Brahmi as Che Guevara!

    2011/2/7 12:03:57

    No, the ace comedian Brahmanandam is not playing the role of Che Guevara in a film. This is a morphed photo of Brahmanandam in Che Guevara’s famous photo.

    Allu Sirsih posted this picture on his Twitter account. Now Sirish is facing the heat from many quarters saying that he is insulting the great revolutionary leader. So the pic of Brahmanandam will be taken out shortly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmi as Che Guevara!

    This happened because of him: Nayanatara

    2010/12/25 2:58:50

    Hot babe Nayanatara who once had a hot affair with Kollywood actor Simbhu shrugs him off and bounces back to her film career. Then, once again she found Prabhudeva to romance with. She doesn’t mind that, he is married and having two children. They both virtually detached themselves from this envious world that blames them of having illicit affair. They faced threat from his wife Ram Lath, women forums, received court notices and even brain washed by some industry people. But, they remain united and start a social living in a house.

    They were so glued to each other that they not even bothered to respond to the court notices that put them in fix. They were summoned to attend the court case to face trial or else a non bailable arrest warrant would be issued. However, they woke up to the last call from the family court in Chennai and somehow managed the matter through their advocate. They now realized the social problems of their illicit affair. Understanding that, the society around them is not that much developed to accept or ignore their illicit affair, they silently departs from each other without leaving a word to media.

    But, a re entry into film industry naturally demands an explanation from the concerned, especially in case of female artists. So, during an interview to a popular Tamil Channel Nayanatara said that, she lost her name and fame only because of ‘him’ and agreed that she has realized her mistake. She said “Some time ago, ‘his’ wife Ram Lath agreed for a mutual divorce with her husband. But don’t know who changed her mind and prompts her to go to court, she all of a sudden came heavily on us. In such situation, I decided not to spoil my career. Let the time decide what it offers to me.”

    Hope next time she will be able to find an unmarried person.

    Telugu Cinema News : This happened because of him: Nayanatara

    Brahmanandam as Rahul Gandhi

    2011/9/18 7:49:17

    Ace comedian Brahmanandam is the most popular actor in the industry today. His photos are morphed by his fans and they also bring out a smile on the faces of the people.

    A recent morphed picture of Brahmanandam shows him in the get up of Rahul Gandhi. Brahmi fans have given him the name Brahul Gandhi.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Brahmanandam as Rahul Gandhi

    Brahmanandam as ‘Rudra’

    2011/4/8 12:01:55

    Ace comedian Brahmanandam as a warrior! ,Well why not? Fans of Jr. NTR who were utterly disappointed with his get up as Rudra in Shakti have now taken the comedy route to make some fun of director Mehar Ramesh.

    The photo of NTR as Rudra has been morphed with that of Brahmanandam. Brahmi has also been given the title B1 Star, a take on the A1 Star title given by Mehar Ramesh to NTR.

    Look at the picture and enjoy.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam as ‘Rudra’

    Brahmi to mimic Rajni

    2007/7/30 10:12:54

    Comedian Brahmanandam will mimic Rajnikanth in the film Lakshmiputhrudu. Uday Kiran and Diya are the lead actors in the movie. Brahmanandam will play the role of Rajni in the film. The producer and director are taking a lot of care to make it look as authentic as possible.

    The total expenditure on this comic role has come close to Rs. 30 lakhs. A helicopter has also been hired for a scene in which Brahmanandam will step out of the chopper a. l. a. Rajnikanth. Another hot news from the film is Brahmanandam’s item song with the hottest star in town, Mumaith Khan.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmi to mimic Rajni

    Big test for Brahmanandam

    2011/1/28 14:41:58

    Brahmanandam is the most successful comedians in the Telugu film industry. So one may be a little surprised with the heading. What ‘Big’ test could this be?

    The big test for Brahmi is that his son Gautham is coming up to test his luck a second time on January 29. The film is ‘Vareva’.

    Gautham made an unsuccessful attempt with the film ‘Pallakilo Pellikoothuru’ some seven years ago.

    So it is Brahmanandam who is all tensed up, more than his son Gautham. Hope Brahmi’s son passes the test this time.

    Telugu Cinema News : Big test for Brahmanandam

    Brahmi as hero once again

    2008/1/25 5:13:32

    Comedian Brahmanandam is now playing hero once again in a new film. The ace comedian has accepted to play hero in a film to be produced by Nagarjuna college chief B Sudhakar. The film will be a total comic entertainer with a strong dose of Brahmanandam mark comedy.

    Sudhakar is a big fan of Brahmanandam and he arranged a felicitation function for him. The felicitation was arranged to mark Brahmanandam's entry into the Guinness Book of world records. The staff and students of the Nagarjuna College took part in the unction.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmi as hero once again

    Brahmanandam struck in ‘T’ controversy?

    2011/2/10 7:52:50
    Ace comedians Venu Madhav and Shiva Reddy who hails from Telangana nowadays turned their guns at their co-star and ace comedian of the Telugu film industry Brahmanandam. Though they both didn’t spell his name directly, they have blamed him for creating hurdles in their growth in the film industry. In a recent interview by given by comedian Shiva Reddy to a leading Telugu news channel, has clearly mentioned that one of his co star turns a major hurdle in his career and try to crush him with his mighty influence.

    This case is now taken up by some film personals like Jaswanth Reddy, Jaihind Goud, Amrish Puri and Balu who also hails from Telangana. In a recent press meet held at Hyderabad, Jaswanth Reddy warning Brahmanandam stated “We came to know about the insults met by our comedians from Brahmanandam. We have strong evidences against him of insulting our comedians. It’s because they hails from Telangana region. If, Brahmanandam continues this kind of treatment to our Telangana comedians we won’t spare him.”

    So, now our ace comedian Brahmanandam has to play a serious role in this Telangana sentimental episode, for pulling his co-stars for their nativity.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam struck in ‘T’ controversy?

    Brahmi’s indecent behaviour with hot heroine

    2011/2/14 9:10:39

    It is just last week that a TV channel aired a show that was highly critical of Brahmanandam. He has been termed as a sadist by many people who worked with him.

    No comes a shocking revelation. The hot heroine Sheela who worked in films like Adhurs and PVS has confided with her friends that Brahmanandam behaved very indecently with her.

    Brahmanandam is said to have passed lewd comments and dirty jokes and behaved in an indecent manner. Sheela could not do anything but bear the torture silently as Brahmanandam is a big comedian and no director would dare to take action against him.

    Telugu Cinema News :  Brahmi’s indecent behaviour with hot heroine

    AVS to direct 'Kotimooka' with Sunil, Brahmanandam and Ali

    2007/7/9 13:39:42

    Noted artiste, writer and director AVS is planning a film under his direction with Sunil, Brahmanandam and Ali as heroes. Project co-ordinator Mandava Gopalakrishna disclosing this to the media says, 'AVS had prepared a good subject for the film. He got the script and the screenplay ready in a perfect way.

    We are confident that the title 'Kotimooka' would suit at best to the subject. Besides these three heroes, about 40 prominent artistes are playing different roles in the movie. It would be a total entertainer. The regular shooting of the movie would begin in September and it was planned to complete the film in three schedules. Other details would be announced soon.'

    Telugu Cinema News : AVS to direct 'Kotimooka' with Sunil, Brahmanandam and Ali

    Ali is better than Brahmanandam!

    2008/3/1 16:59:58

    The film Lakshmiputrudu has Brahmanandam is a comic role. He plays the role similar to Rajnikanth in Sivaji, the dress, the walking style, the mannerism etc. Brahmanandam’s role is very similar to that of Rajnikanth. There is the trademark Rajni mannerism, popping a chewing gum (Brahmy however fails to put it in his mouth and this is supposed to be the comedy).

    There is also the famous helicopter scene in which Rajni comes out of the helicopter when he comes to a village.

    But Brahmanandam’s antics and parody of Rajnikanth fall flat. There is no laughter in the theater even once. The entire sequence of Brahmanandam is the film has no connection whatsoever with the film.

    On the other hand, Ali has done a similar role in Gopichand’s Ontari. Ali mimics Rajniakanth’s act from Sivaji.

    The dress, the style of walking, laughter and dialogue delivery, everything is a perfect copy of Sivaji. Ali has done a wonderful job and the entire audience splits into laughter at his action.

    Ali also does the popping bubble gum into the mouth act with style. Ali was so good that many felt as if they were actually watching Rajnikanth and not Ali. For once, Ali has beaten Brahmanandam fair and square.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ali is better than Brahmanandam!

    Brahmanandam to romance with hot babe?

    2011/3/19 17:32:43 Few weeks back, a film ‘Brahmigadi Katha’ starring ace comedian Brahmanandam in the lead role was announced by producer P.Ram Mohan. Director Eswar of film ‘Mee Sreyobhilashi’ will direct this movie to be made under Multi Dimensions Productions banner.

    Besides, Brahmanandam there are Krishnudu and Jayaprakash Reddy were selected to play the main roles in this movie. By latest, glamour doll Punam Kaur and noted Mumbai based model Asmita Sood were inducted into this team. Ace comedian Brahmanandam will romance with this two hot beauties in this film. The film makers stated that, the full details of their movie will be announced soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam to romance with hot babe?

    Will Brahmi bring luck to Vishnu?

    2011/1/27 13:39:04

    Hero Manchu Vishnu is struggling to score a big hit. His last film Saleem ws a big dud at the box office. In fact Vishnu has so fat just one real hit to his credit. The film is Dhee. The credit for the success of the film goes to a large part to Brahmanandam for his comedy as chari garu.

    So Vishnu who is now making a film ‘Vasatadu Naa Raju with Tapsee in the lead has once again decided to rely on Brahmanandam to give him a hit. The comedy between Brahmanandam and Vishnu will be quite lengthy and the second half is almost filled with this. Let us see if Brahmi can give Vishnu what he needs desperately.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Brahmi bring luck to Vishnu?

    Brahmanandam Drama Company in PP

    2008/1/16 13:17:34

    Post-production works are in progress for 'Brahmanandam Drama Company' (Heroine Jump) directed by I Srikanth and produced by Palli Kesava Rao and K Kishore on the banner of Sriramachandrulu Films. Executive producer Soma Vijayprakash says, 'The role played by star comedian Brahmanandam would make the audiences burst into laughter. The film would be a very big entertainer. We are planning to can the climax song by the end of January.

    We will soon launch the audio and release the film in February.' Director says, 'My earlier film 'Sriramachandrulu' was big hit and it has complete comedy right from the start to finish and this film would also earn me a similar name.' Brahmanandam, Sivaji, Ravikrishna, Sameeksha, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Ranganath, Ali, AVS, Sivajiraja, Jeeva, Allari Ravi, Raghu, Kamal, Sudarshan, Sasirekha, Apoorva and others are in the cast. Camera is by PS Babu, music is by Sai Karthik, dialogues are by Ramesh-Gopi, while B Gurunatha Reddy is the presenter.

    Telugu Cinema News : Brahmanandam Drama Company in PP

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