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on 2007/11/21 11:49:41

Breaking news! TV9 lags behind!

For once, TV 9 failed to give breaking news. The stroy has a lot of news value, The breaking news that TV9 failed break is the Arthi Agarwal marriage story.

Arthi married her lover at the Ary Samaj in Secunderabad this afternoon. The news was first broken by NTV followed by TV5 and ETV. TV 9 was the last to break the news. The new channels like NTV and TV5 are giving TV9 a run for its money.

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    Who is breaking News Baburao?

    2011/2/27 18:15:50 ‘Breaking News Baburao,’ this is the upcoming film title of Shivaji. A leading FM Radio Station in Hyderabad has been airing a comedy program with this title. Shivaji said that, when the new director Karri Balaji told him about this title and the story line he is quiet impressed with it and okayed the film. this film will be jointly produced by Challa Reddy, Tirupati Rao and Peddi Reddla Trinath under Tejaswi Creations banner. Srilekha will score music for this film. The full details of this movie will be announced shortly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Who is breaking News Baburao?

    TV9 takes viewers for a ride!

    2008/2/20 14:20:28

    The ratings of TV9 are gradually going down. The war for attracting eyeballs has intensified with the arrivals of some new channels. TV9 is known for breaking news first.

    But their monopoly is now under threat. NTV, which started operations, recently has managed to give TV9 a run for their money with its fast and accurate reporting.

    In fact, in many cases, NTV broke the news first much before TV9.

    So TV9 is no longer the first in the field when it comes to giving breaking news. In a bid to attract viewers back to its channel., TV9 is hyping up stories about Chiranjeevi and other issues.

    TV9 took the viewers on a big ride yesterday when it began announcing that it would reveal the names of the real culprits in the Ayesha murder case in their 9.00 p.m. bulletin. All that the channel did was invite a couple of leaders form the women’s organizations and get inspector Vijaykumar live from Vijayawada. The panel members and the TV9 host then put questions to the inspector about the progress in the case.

    The programme started ended exactly where it had started – even after more than 50 days, there is still no clue about the identity of the accused. People who watched the programme were seen cursing themselves for wasting half an hour watching a programme that yielded nothing in the end. TV9 took everyone for a royal ride.

    Andhra News : TV9 takes viewers for a ride!

    A slap on TV9’s face!

    2008/4/4 15:12:30 The new 24x7 TV channels are leaving morals and ethics in their pursuit of exclusive and breaking news. The competition among these channels now is so fierce for ‘breaking news’ that the channels will go to any extent to bag an exclusive footage and a bite.

    Director Jaya did a good job on this issue in her latest film ‘Sawaal’. Brahmanandam plays a reporter of a popular 24x7 news channel and Kovai Sarala plays the news reader. She shots questions to reporter Brahmanandam, who is at the scene of the ‘action’.

    Brahmanandam keeps on questioning a man stabbed in the chest and he does need heed his cry for help. He does not make any effort to inform the police or call for ambulance. The victim is so angry with the questions put by Brahmanadam that he pulls the knife from his chest and gets ready to stab the reporter.

    In another scene, the reporter eggs on person who is threatening to drink poison and commit suicide. Far from stopping this person, the reporter actually forces the poor fellow to drink the poison. He then grabs this live footage of that man who is now dying.
    Finally the tables are tuned on the reporter when the police lock him up in the cell and beat him black and blue.

    Kovai Sarala comes to the police station with a cameraman in tow and then starts shooting questions at Brahmanandam, asking him how it feels to be thrashed by the police etc.

    The episode also makes a spoof on the greed of these channels to make a few extra bucks by asking people to send and SMS about it. One question goes like this – ‘If you think the fellow will survive the stab injuries , please type ‘Yes’ and if you think he will not survive, then type ‘No’.

    Let us hope the TV channels will learn a lesson from this and behave a little more responsibly in their coverage of news from now on.

    Andhra News : A slap on TV9’s face!

    Ram Charan injured?

    2011/10/11 12:46:44

    Ram Charan who is now currently shooting for Rachcha is reported to have injured while doing a stunt at a location in Goa.

    The media channels went to town with this 'breaking news'. However unit sources from Goa say that it is just a minor bruise and he is shooting for the film without any interruption.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Ram Charan injured?

    Who leaked marriage news?

    2010/10/30 12:48:09

    The hottest topic being discussed everywhere today is not about the marriage of Allu Arjun with Sneha Reddy but about who leaked the news.

    While some give credit to Nara Lokesh fro breaking it on N TV some others say that it has been done by the father of Sneha Reddy. The reason is that Allu Aravind is not taking a decision on the issue and it has been dragging for more than two months now.

    Some others say that this is actually the handiwork of Allu Aravind as it is a ploy to force the father of the bride to shell out more dowry as he has little option but to accept the match.

    Telugu Cinema News : Who leaked marriage news?

    Is TV9 Blackmailing GMR?

    2008/5/17 21:53:23 Is the 24x7 private TV news channel TV9 blackmailing the GMR group. It appears so going by the way the channel has been playing up a story on the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad.

    The airport has been built by the GMR group. The TV9 story focused on the poor amenities for passengers at the airport and the woes of passengers in term of parking etc.

    The story also threw light on the lax security arrangements at the airport. So far so good. The channel first telecast the story on Wednesday. It repeated the story several times on Wednesday. Many people were surprised to see an old story appearing on the 24 hours 'breaking news' channel for the umpteenth time on day two.

    But the biggest surprise was that the same story was telecast once again on day three i.e. Friday. People who watched the story on all three days were seen murmuring as to what could be the motive of TV9 in repeating the same story day after day. Are they trying to extract something from GMR?

    Andhra News : Is TV9 Blackmailing GMR?

    Couple held for house breaking thefts

    2011/10/7 18:11:27 The sleuths of Osmania University Police Station arrested a habitual day house breaking offender and his wife who used to assists him in disposing stolen property and seized gold jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakh from their possession.

    The accused Rayala Ravi and Laxmi were residents of Arya Nagar, Lalapet. According to police, Ravi had a criminal background and have been committing offences since 1997. His wife Laxmi used to abet him to commit offences and also assisted him in disposing of the stolen property.

    So far, the couple was found involved in about 28 cases of ordinary theft, House theft and House breaking by day in the limits of Osmania University, Mahankali, Musheerabad, Maredpally, Tirumalgherry, Malkajgiri, Neredmet, Kushaiguda and Chaithanyapuri police station limits.
    Last time he was arrested by Osmania University Police in the month of July 2010, but he was released on bail after three months.

    Police have recovered stolen gold jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakh at the instance of both the accused from the Pawn brokers and also from their house. (INN)

    Andhra News : Couple held for house breaking thefts

    Srikanth to wed on June 18

    2007/5/14 8:34:43

    The seemingly never-ending marriage season in Kollywood is getting bigger. Breaking many teenage girls dream, Srikanth, poster boy of Kollywood, is all set to walk the aisle.

    The lucky girl is Vandhana, a model from Chennai. Srikanth, one of the handsome heroes in Tamil filmdom now, has been its most eligible bachelor too.

    Endowed with a lanky frame and a disarming smile, Srikanth has been a ladies dream. But quite surprisingly, this is not a love marriage. "Our families have been friends for a long time now. This is full-fledged arranged marriage with the full blessings of friends and family", Srikanth said while breaking the news.

    The wedding will be solemnized in Chennai on June 18.

    Srikanth, who started his career as a lover boy on screen, has been having a chequered run so far. His latest release in Telugu, along with Venkatesh and Trisha, is however said to be a hit. Srikanth, a genuinely nice person, will find a perfect match in Vandhana, who comes with a lot of qualification and accomplishments.

    A model, she has done her MBA in Australia, and has also completed her hotel management course in Switzerland. In other words, the two look a perfect match.

    Srikanth whose family is traditional, is happy with the fact that their son has remained away from controversies and is marrying a girl of their choice. Srikanth maybe marrying a model, but in another sense, this is also a model marriage. Wish Srikanth and his bride to-be Vandhana a very happy and prosperous future.

    Tamil Cinema News : Srikanth to wed on June 18

    No chance for AP In Manmohan Cabinet?

    2011/1/19 9:31:24 Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh is reshuffling his cabinet today (Tuesday) and at least two MPS from Andhra Pradesh Kishore Chandra Deo and VH Hanumantha Rao are expected to join his cabinet. Although, there were several names making rounds in the media, only these two remain frontrunners in this race. Hardly hours left for swearing ceremony, all the major news channels of the state flash breaking news stating that there is no chance for AP MPs in this reshuffle. If, this is believed to be true then, undoubtedly Chief Minister K.Kiran Kumar Reddy is going to face tough time ahead from the senior Congress leaders of the state, in addition to the Telangana Congress leaders.

    Andhra News : No chance for AP In Manmohan Cabinet?

    Why is a 28-second kiss shown 100 times on TV, asks minister

    2007/5/4 13:11:15

    NEW DELHI — Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi yesterday deplored the tendency of television channels to sensationalise trivial incidents, wondering aloud how "28 seconds of Shilpa Shetty kissing" qualified as breaking news throughout the day.

    "28 seconds of Shilpa Shetty kissing was shown 28 times, 48 times, 88 times, even 100 times. Is it for commercial purposes, TRP purposes? In a country of one billion people, I don't know how this becomes breaking news," asked the minister at a seminar here to commemorate World Press Freedom Day.

    Dasmunshi was referring to the much-publicised kissing incident between Hollywood actor Richard Gere and Indian film star Shilpa Shetty at a function here to raise Aids awareness among truckers last month that led Hindu nationalists to demand Gere's arrest for violating Indian culture.

    ‘Lunatic fringe’

    Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty yesterday blamed India’s “lunatic fringe” for an uproar over enthusiastic kisses bestowed on her by Hollywood heart-throb Richard Gere at an Aids charity event.

    An Indian court last week issued a warrant of arrest for Gere on charges of “obscene” behaviour after the televised embrace in which the star bent Shetty backwards on stage and kissed her repeatedly. Shilpa, 31, who is in Australia to promote her latest film, said the kisses had been “blown out of all proportion” and Gere “was just being very sweet.”

    “The media tends to get slightly irresponsible at times but that’s the price one has to pay for celebrity,” she said.
    “The majority of Indians don’t feel that way. It was the lunatic fringe that took over. This whole moral brigade got some momentum and some people who had political affiliations got some mileage out of it as well from my profile, and Richard’s.”

    Bollywood News : Why is a 28-second kiss shown 100 times on TV, asks minister

    Grand Party planned to celebrate success of 'Dabangg'

    2010/9/20 14:25:51

    Breaking News! Nobody in the industry thought that Salman and Sonakshi starrer 'Dabangg' will become such a blockbuster hit that it will break the records of box office collections. It's the time for celebration now.

    Arbaaz a nd Salman Khan are now in mood to celebrate the success of their hard work, which has paid off.

    Arbaaz told a news agency “Yes, we're going to have a celebration very shortly. So far because of the way 'Dabangg' has gone, we haven't been able to plan out full details. But yes we will invite all our friends and colleagues. We want to share our happiness”.

    This is for sure that the ‘Dabangg’ success party will be a grand party and who’s who of film industry will be invited. The list will be long so Khans have to do lot of preparation for the party now.

    According to the sources, the Bachchans, the Roshans, the Chopras, the Kapoors, Ajay Devgn and Kajol, Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Saif-Kareena, Sinha’s family will definitely be invited.

    Let’s see if Salman Khan will invite Sharukh Khan and Vivek Oberoi to celebrate his success.

    Bollywood News : Grand Party planned to celebrate success of 'Dabangg'

    Records breaking, making, remaking

    2011/10/5 18:17:51
    t is now time to talk about records breaking and making. All that matters is the first day collections, number of theaters or openings in the film parlance, it is not the storyline, nor the acting potential, directional values, acting skills, technical acumen that matters. All come later if the film goes beyond second week.

    Tollywood is abuzz with records. Who created what and who broke what? Pokiri created record in many ways. The next genre movies had only that film in mind, How to break that record and Tollywood barred all to brace up the trend. Next came Magadheera, it erased the previous record and created its own. Now every aspect in film making moves around it.

    Then dubbing movies spree came as a big jolt to Tollywood and its top brass.
    Dookudu and Mahesh Babu came like a whiff of fresh air and Tollywood did not miss a second to blow the trumpet and drum up all its available instruments. Records of collections day wise overseas collections were flashed adding pep to the hype.

    Now comes Oosaravilli and the festive spirit is adding up to its pre-release publicity, Nothing wrong. But again it’s all about the expected collections, the number of theatres being released breaking the earlier records and so on.
    As of now, it is Oosaravilli, next there are other pictures in the queue to inflate the number of theatres and the box office collections giving scant respect to the content and technical skills. (INN)

    Telugu Cinema News : Records breaking, making, remaking

    CM erred, AP at bottom of country’s literacy rate: JP

    2011/6/14 19:08:32 Andhra Pradesh lags behind not merely the other States in South India but the entire country in the literacy rate, said Lok Lok Satta Party president Jayaprakash Narayan on Tuesday, correcting Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s statement on Monday.

    Launching the ‘Education Fortnight’ on June 13, the Chief Minister had said that he was ashamed to admit that Andhra Pradesh lagged behind all other States in South India.

    Dr Narayan said that Andhra Pradesh lags behind all the large States and is competing with Jharkhand for the bottom of the literacy ladder.

    The LSP chief visited two schools in Kukatpally constituency which he represents in the Assembly today, following their reopening after the summer vacation.

    Talking to media persons later, Dr Narayan said schools continued to be in a pathetic state because the Government does not have the political will to improve education, although funds are not a constraint.

    The State is likely to spend only Rs 700 crore of the Rs 1800 crore available for improving infrastructure under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Madhyamika Siksha Abhiyan this year, he said.

    The former IAS officer pointed out that the State Government spent nearly Rs 15000 crore on primary and secondary education every year, incurring an expenditure of Rs 15000 on every student. Yet, most schools do not have basic amenities, he said.

    The Government primary and high schools for girls (located in the same compound in Kukatpally), which the MLA visited today, have nearly 1000 students on their rolls. Yet the schools do not have adequate number of teachers, a playground or drinking water.

    Dr Narayan said that the poorest of the poor, mostly from illiterate families, attended Government schools.

    Seven years after education, 25 per cent of students cannot read a paragraph in Telugu and 75 percent cannot do a simple division. Absence of adequate number of teachers, class-rooms and other infrastructure are responsible for the parlous state of Government schools.

    “Teachers are not to blame; if there is one section in society which is not tainted by corruption, it is teachers.”

    With a view to remedying the situation, the former bureaucrat said that he has enlisted the services of volunteers to supplement teachers’ efforts in coaching children. As a result, the percentage of passes in the tenth class went up this year. The Government is implementing a Rs 5.5-crore plan, drawn up by Lok Satta Party activists with the assistance of volunteers, to improve schools in the constituency.

    Dr Narayan praised N Seshagiri Rao and other volunteers for undertaking the school improvement project.(INN)

    Andhra News : CM erred, AP at bottom of country’s literacy rate: JP

    Rahul Gandhi is “half-Indian” too: Katrina

    2011/7/19 12:53:17

    Katrina Kaif, who is half- Kashmiri and half-British, has been able to create a niche for herself in Bollywood after striving hard for years.

    However, the lady who recently celebrated her 27th birthday has been surrounded by controversies owing to her origin and her nationality.

    Even her arch rival and contemporary Deepika Padukone had publicly expressed her desire to take a sneak peek at Katrina’s passport in Karan Johar’s talk show `Koffee With Karan`. Just like Deepika, there are many more who often keep discussing her background.

    In an interview to a leading daily, Katrina candidly confessed that she does get touchy at times on constantly being questioned about her origin.

    She said, “Yes. Because people are insinuating that there is something wrong in it! Please understand that I am not – I assure you, I promise you – I am not the only half-Asian half-British person alive on this planet!”

    Surprisingly news channels in India have a photo copy of Katrina’s passport with them.

    “My passport`s copies are with every news channel in this country – don`t ask me how they got them. Everyone has my name, which is my mother`s name, on the passport. It`s never been hidden, that, or my date of birth, or where I was born – I was born in Hong Kong, for all those who`ve missed that part of the breaking news – and I just find it so funny,” said Katrina sarcastically.

    The lady did not stop there. She was bold enough to drag Rahul Gandhi’s name in the “half-Indian” controversy, proving that she is not only beautiful but is brainy too, for she knows she raised a very valid point.

    “Am I supposed to be ashamed that I am half Asian, half European? I mean, no! Rahul Gandhi is half-Indian, half-Italian. So? I am very proud of what I am and I just don`t understand the confusion – as if I`m trying to hide the fact that my mother`s British. Why would I? ” said Katrina.

    Bollywood News : Rahul Gandhi is “half-Indian” too: Katrina

    Deepika is ready to take on Munni and Sheila

    2011/2/28 11:13:58

    Following the success of Munni and Sheila in the year 2010, this year it’s time for Deepika Padukone.

    She is all set to steal the show with her hot and sizzling item number in her upcoming flick “Dum Maaro Dum”.

    In the film, Deepika will be seen shaking her legs on the modern-day version of the song Dum Maaro Dum featuring Zeenat Aman.

    She wants her item song to be hotter than that of Katrina’s Sheila. Buzz is in the air that no stone is being left unturned to give the item number the sexiest twist possible.

    A source stated “Deepika transforms into a super sensual girl in the recreation of this iconic song.”

    Rohan Sippy stated “Deepika is naturally very sexy, but she has never done anything this brazen. It is a very irreverent attitude that she needed to carry apart from being sexual on the screen.”

    He said further, “DMD is an attitude, it is all about breaking free. Breaking free from conventions, fears and taboos.”

    The film directed by Rohan Sippy and presented by Fox Star Studios is all set to hit theatres on 22nd April.

    Bollywood News : Deepika is ready to take on Munni and Sheila

    Salman film breaks SRK's overseas record

    2011/9/4 10:54:46 Salman Khan-starrer "Bodyguard" is on a record-breaking spree. After a stupendous opening in the domestic market, the film has surpassed the record of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer "My Name Is Khan" by earning 194,000 pounds on the first day of screening in Britain.

    "My Name is Khan" had collected 191,000 pounds on the opening day in Britain.

    The film is also on its way to becoming the highest grosser in the Middle East. It has collected $1.6 million in the first two days, just a little behind the previous highest grosser "Dabangg" which collected $1.7 million.

    "Reliance Entertainment's overseas team is delighted to have delivered one of the biggest overseas hits of the year. 'Bodyguard' is poised to be a record-breaking success for Salman Khan in the international markets," Sanjeev Lamba, CEO Reliance Entertainment said in a statement.

    The film, which also stars Kareena Kapoor in the lead, has earned $3.8 million in the US and is expected to overhaul the $5 million collections of "Dabangg".

    Bollywood News : Salman film breaks SRK's overseas record

    'Sathyam' - Kick starts!

    2007/7/14 12:01:56

    Touted to be one of the biggest projects in Kollywood, the Vishal-Upendra-Nayanthara police story Sathyam, had a soft launch on Thursday July 12. It is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu, directed by Rajasekhar and produced by GK Corporation, the home banner of Vishal and his brother Vikram.

    The Reddy brothers are planning a four day shoot at the Metro Tiruvanmayoor railway station opposite Tidel Park in Chennai. They wanted to start the shoot, before the onset of Aadi masam, considered inauspicious, that starts on July 17. Later GK corporation will hold a big formal Pooja in Hyderabad, as the film is being promoted as Vishal's first Telugu film.

    It is a major coup for GK Corporation that they managed to rope in Upendra, to play a role which has shades of grey. Remember Uppi, as he is known among his fans in Karnataka, is a superstar. Uppi has been paid a bomb to play the parallel role in this action adventure film.

    In Sathyam, Vishal and Uppi play encounter cops, while Nayanthara plays a television news anchor, running after "breaking news". The film has music by Harris Jayaraj. The film is said to be Vishal's big ticket to stardom.

    Tamil Cinema News : 'Sathyam' - Kick starts!

    Mallika turns villain

    2007/4/23 9:45:43

    It's breaking news. Actress, item girl, high profile stage show performer, nine-minute-claim-to-fame in a Jackie Chan film and another one going to be Unveiled soon, it's time Mallika Sherawat turned bad. In a big way. According to reliable sources, Mayya Mayya babe is all set to do play a negative character in man-with-the-cap Himesh Reshammiya's debut film as an actor Aap Ka Suroor.

    Produced by Vinay Tarneja and directed by Prashant Chadha, Aap Ka Suroor is all set for a worldwide release on June 29th. A fresh new face Riya is being introduced along with Himesh. The same sources confirmed that Mallika's character is pivotal to the story and one out of the seven tracks may be centred around her as well.

    Bollywood News : Mallika turns villain

    Telugu media forms news Association

    2011/1/9 3:12:56 In wake of the restrictions imposed on news broadcasting by the state home department to refrain them from publishing provoking news over sensitive T issue, both the print and electronic media of Telugu news came under one umbrella forming Telugu News Broadcasters Association on January 8th to fight out the Government’s decision.

    The newly formed association will submit a memorandum to Home Minister Sabita Indra Reddy and to Hyderabad city Police Commissioner AK Khan appealing to lift the restrictions which they have imposed on media.

    Andhra News : Telugu media forms news Association

    Breaking news: Aarti marries an NRI

    2007/11/22 8:18:42

    Aarti Agarwal, who hasn’t been in news for some time, has now sprung a surprise on the media and her fans by marrying an NRI in the city today morning (Novembe 21). The event came as a bold from the blue when everyone was expecting some news on the affair between her and Tarun.

    Draped in a pink and blue crepe sari, she went through the rituals like any demure Marwari bride. The groom, a bank employee in the US, was dressed in a dark brown kurta and a pagri for the wedding.

    The whole ceremony was held at the Arya Samaj in Ranigunj. What came as a big surprise to many in the media is the fact that none could find out while the arrangements for today’s wedding were done at the Samaj.

    Ujjwal Kumar Agarwal, from Ranchi, Jharkhand is a New Jersey based NRI. Speculations are on that Aarti had met Ujjawal about six months back and that it was a wedding arranged by her family. Both the families were present at the venue. Aarti Agarwal herself was brought up in the US, before she got an offer in the Telugu films during a visit to Mumbai. She also acted in a Tamil movie Pambara Kannaley opposite Srikanth.

    Surprisingly enough, no invites have been sent to the media, though messages on marriage were sent once the ceremony was concluded. None from the film fraternity too have been invited to this sudden marriage.

    It is a well-known fact that Aarti was at one time dating with Tarun. However, things did not go well between them and they parted ways. Aarti continued to stay in Hyderabad despite her career going downhill post her love affair. Many felt that she would succeed in wooing back Tarun sooner or later. But it was not to be. The sudden marriage has put a full stop to all the speculation.

    Let’s hope and wish that this latest twist to her tale will prove to be a happy episode in Aarti’s life!

    Tamil Cinema News : Breaking news: Aarti marries an NRI

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