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on 2007/4/13 9:55:43

Cheran is full optimism

Actor – director Cheran is optimistic of his fortunes at the box office with Mayakkannadi.

With just a few hours left for the movie to release, Cheran heaves a sigh of relief at the positive vibes the movie has managed to create among the industry men.

The movie is opening in over half-a-dozen in Chennai city and expectations are on a feverish pitch.

Says Cheran, “Mayakkannadi allows you a peep into your inner self. It shows up the recesses of one’s mind and heart. It is an honest mirror held to life".

Equally thrilled is Navya Nair. She says, "I am happy to share frames with a seasoned film personality like Cheran and my role will be remembered by the audience for the coming years".

Cheran is optimistic that Ilayaraja's background score will add more sheen to the film.

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    Cheran’s troubles

    2006/7/3 16:47:42

    Actor-director Cheran is in a soup. According to a complaint lodged by a doctor hailing from Salem district, Cheran had taken money from him to the tune of Rs 12 lakh and has not repaid them for the last three years.

    In a complaint with Chennai police, Dr Sugavanam, said, 'While shooting for his Autograph, Cheran had taken a sum of Rs 12 lakh in two instalments promising to make me a co-producer. He did not keep up his word and several attempts to get back my money for the last few years have ended in vain.'

    Alleging that Cheran has denied taking money, Dr Sugavanam has also claimed that Cheran threatened him with dire consequences.

    The Chennai Police Commissioner Lathika Saran has ordered an enquiry over the issue.

    Sources say if the allegations are found true, Cheran would be arrested.


    Tamil Cinema News : Cheran’s troubles

    Navya on Cheran

    2007/4/14 10:26:32

    It is now time for Navya Nair to establish herself as the topmost actress in Tamil. She has been waiting eagerly for the release of film Mayakkannadi with the director- turned- actor Cheran. She plays as a modern girl in this film opposite Cheran. She has completed another film Aadum Koothu with the same hero under the direction of T.V.Chandran. Now she is getting more offers from the Tamil producers. Boys Siddhard, the busy bee in Telugu, has had talks with her for his new project in Tamil. She has also got an offer from producer Kalaipuli Thanu for one of his projects.

    While talking about Mayakkannadi, she applauded director Cheran for his creative talents and acting skills. She told us, 'For me Cheran has opened a new window in the Tamil film industry. Previously I have done 4 films in Tamil. But all were village- oriented films. But Cheran offered me an altogether different role. The days I spent in the Mayakkannadi shoot was an unforgettable experience. Cheran took special care of my character... '

    When asked about her intimate relationship with Cheran, she didn't appear irate, but replied sensationally. 'It is purely the imagination of the media. Cheran is a talented director. He has many good projects lined up for the entertainment of the audience. Let him concentrate on those fruitful things. If you disturb him with all such crap, it will be a loss for cinema only. He has his own family and children. Don't try to upset his personal life...' said Navya.

    She hopes her film Aadum Koothu will be released soon in Malayalam and Tamil simultaneously .

    Tamil Cinema News : Navya on Cheran

    Cheran in trouble!

    2007/5/18 8:41:23

    After delivering the biggest dud of the year Mayakannadi, Cheran has gone into a shell. Poor guy, he is being hounded by the distributors and theatre owners who lost heavily on the film. They want him to compensate at least some of their losses, as they hold him responsible for the fiasco.

    They thought that the film was such a big disaster because he moved away from his basic strengths to charter out a new territory and also tried to be a glamorous hero! The audience could not stomach it, as they have a nice guy and villager image of Cheran in their mind. And during the making of Mayakannadi, he refused to take advice from his friends and well wishers, that it was a big risk to go for a city slicker look!

    Finally when the film hit the dust, he came down from his high pedestal. The latest we hear is that he has worked out a compensation package with the distributors and theatres who lost out on Mayakannadi. As per the formula, Cheran will direct a film titled Pokisham, a village based powerful story with newcomers. Unless Cheran churns out something interesting, his career as a director hero, is on the line.

    Meanwhile the grapevine is abuzz with rumours that Cheran’s new under production film Pirivom Santhipom with Kamalinee Mukherjee directed by Karu Palanippan is facing a lot of teething problems.

    Tamil Cinema News : Cheran in trouble!

    Sneha replaces Kamalinee!

    2007/6/19 8:59:53

    In a sudden twist, the Bengali beauty Kamalinee Mukherjee, Cheran's heroine in Karu Palaniappan directed Pirivom Santhipom, has been unceremoniously sacked! She has been replaced, by Sneha, one of Cheran's Autograph heroines.

    Kamalinee shot to fame in Tamil playing Kamal Hassan's wife in Gautham Menon's smash hit Vettayadu Vilayadu. Earlier she had done a few films in Telugu like the arty Anand and Godavari, and recently Classmates which bombed.

    Actually when she was signed to do Pirivom Santhipom, Cheran was gushing over her, and also tried to teach her Tamil, so that her lip sync would be correct! Later they did a photo shoot, and even shot for 10 days, before Cheran and Karu had difference of opinion with her.

    There are also rumours that Kamalinee was demanding the moon, and the producers thought that it would be better to drop her from the project. Meanwhile Cheran had a talk with Sneha, one of his favourites, who had no ego issues, being Kamalinee's replacement.

    Tamil Cinema News : Sneha replaces Kamalinee!

    Cheran as Villan in Priviom Santhipon ?

    2007/7/17 14:01:59

    Pirivom Santhipom is also touted to have a marriage sequence with his lucky mascot Sneha and director Cheran. The wedding shots were filmed for almost ten days in a row in a schedule of one month at Karaikudi. The screen wedding between Sneha and Cheran was performed elaborately, not missing out even the smallest detail in traditional Chettinad style. Needless to say, the onlookers felt as though they were part of a real wedding.

    And if that is not enough, more details about the movie is out. Sneha’s character in the film is that of a girl who lives for others and tries to help everyone whereas Cheran plays the other extreme character that of a self-obsessed man. When the director was quizzed about the villain of the film in a press meet held recently, he said that if a villain is the one who is responsible for changing the happy notes of a story then Cheran is the villain of the film. However, he is also the hero of the film as he is responsible for both separating a family and uniting them later on. Unlike his usual emotional portrayal, he performs an unemotional character, which sure will be offbeat, he promised.

    Tamil Cinema News : Cheran as Villan in Priviom Santhipon ?

    Navya out of the dirty waters

    2007/5/4 8:55:12

    It is not uncommon when lead pair of a film are romantically linked prior to the release of their film. Some people resort to this technique for publicity but there are times when it becomes too much to take. The fact is that it does more harm than good to the heroines. This has happened to Malayalam actress Navya Nair.

    It was rumoured that Navya Nair is in love with Cheran, her co-star in Tamil film Maayakannadi. Adding more salt to the wounds, Cheran didn't deny the rumours. However, the film headed towards the doom and Navya is at the receiving end with her career dipping low. Now, Cheran has pulled Navya out of the dirty waters by declaring that nothing is cooking between them.

    "My love is solely confined to the films that I work in. I have often heard stories that I fall in love with all the heroines whom I work with. It isn't true. I love the characters that I play and not the heroines who act with me. The most recent series of rumors were with Navya Nair. I was never able to look at her as Navya the actress. In her I saw the characters of Maragadham and Kannamma. It's the same with all the heroines who had worked with me. I fall in love with the characters that they play. That's all. I'm married. I have a family," said Cheran.

    Well, Cheran has philosophically denied his relationship with Navya but he should know that there can't be smoke without fire. What do you say guys?

    Malayalam Cinema News : Navya out of the dirty waters

    Ram Charan’s Bolywood connection

    2007/2/27 23:44:45

    The entry of megastar Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja into films has raised a lot of excitement as well as expectations. The megastar is leaving no stone unturned to se that his son’s debut in films will be a big sensation. Ram Cheran Teja has been groomed for some years to launch his career.

    Now that the film is ready to go on the floor, the search for a make up man has finally landed the unit in Mumbai. The personal make up man of Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan has been zeroed in to do the make up for Ram Cheran Teja. Now just wait and see what wonders he will do in our young hero’s debut film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ram Charan’s Bolywood connection

    Gajala joins Raman Thediya Seethai!

    2008/2/14 21:31:05

    Director Jagannath’s Raman Thediya Seethai with Cheran and Pasupathi as heroes is progressing fast. After completing nearly 40 percent of the shoot in Nagercoil, now the second schedule has commenced at Pondicherry in some beautiful locations.

    The last schedule will be at Chennai from next week and with that the talkie portion of the film will be completed, leaving only the songs, which will be shot later.

    Now Gajala who played Jeeva’s heroine in Ram has been added to the cast. With this, Raman Thediya Seethai will have five heroines- Navya Nair, Vimala Raman, Ramya Nambeesan, Karthika and Gajala!

    The director is unwilling to spell out who will get Cheran in the last reel which automatically makes her the heroine! Gajala is said to be playing an important role, which brings in a change in the life of two heroes in the film.

    Besides the bevy of leading ladies the film has Cheran, Pasupathi and Nithin Sathya along with Manivannan, Meera Krishnan and several other character artistes play important roles in the film.

    The music is by Vidyasagar , Camera by Rajesh Yadav and direction by Jagannath. The film is produced by Moser Baer Entertainment in association with Global One Studios and is slated for a summer release.

    Tamil Cinema News : Gajala joins Raman Thediya Seethai!

    Remya joins 'Raman Thediya Seethai'

    2008/3/6 15:02:38

    Remya Nambeeshan, another talented youngster from Mollywood, joins the second schedule of her first Kollywood movie 'Raman Thediya Seethai'. Produced by Moser Baer, the actress who debuted through the Jayaram starrer ‘Aanachandham' will share the lead with Cheran in this film.

    The highlight of ‘Raman Thediya Seethai’, directed by Jagannath is its impressive star cast including Cheran, Pasupathy, Nithin Sathya, ‘Nam Nadu’ Karthika and ‘Thoothukudi’ Karthika.

    Remya will also have a release this week end in 'Shalabham' which will have her playing a village heroine opposite Sudheesh.

    Remya's latest release in Kerala box office 'Anthiponvettam' was a dud with not even average collections in the opening weekend. But the actress was particularly remarkable in the recent hit 'Chocolate' which had her in a prominent role.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Remya joins 'Raman Thediya Seethai'

    Arbaaz Khan's first female director

    2007/12/26 10:45:47

    From Madhur to Madhurita…That's name of Arbaaz's first female director with whom he is doing a mature extra-marital drama entitled Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye. "Actually I already have a female director at home," jokes Arbaaz. "Malaika think she directs my entire life. But seriously, I was very impressed by Madhurita Anand's mature script about love marriage and adultery. It's got me and Raima Sen."

    Arbaaz also has the main role with his brother Sohail in the home production Kissan, which Puneet Sira (who directed Sohail in I…Proud To Be An Indian) is directing. "It's a rural story and the problems caused by migration. Sohail and I play brothers, and that's the best part of it. Which reminds me, Malaika and I are together though only for an item song in Shaadi Ke Side Effects. I'm looking forward to doing a full-fledged film with her," chuckles Arbaaz.

    The sudden upsurge in his career fills Arbaaz with optimism. "I had reached a point in my career where I thought nothing more would happen, and that it was time for me to pack up. Now I'm finally doing the work I'm comfortable in."

    Bollywood News : Arbaaz Khan's first female director

    ODI Trophy unveiled

    2011/10/12 18:57:59
    The battle-lines for the five-match One-Day International Series between India and England were drawn here on Wednesday.

    Oozing optimism rival captains Mahender Singh Dhoni and Alistair Cook unveiled the Trophy for which they will battle it out.

    Earlier, in the day, the Indian cricket team slogged it out during an extended practice session at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.

    In a good augury, E-Seva centres and UCO Bank branches have been reporting good response to the sale of tickets for the first ODI slated for Thursday. (INN)

    National News : ODI Trophy unveiled

    Romantic entertainer!

    2007/11/1 17:56:05

    Raman Thediya Seethai features Cheran in the lead along with Nitin Sathya and Pasupathi. There will be two heroines in the movie. One is Karthika of Nam Naadu fame and another will be a new face from Kerala. Produced by Moser Baer, Raman... will be a romantic entertainer with some interesting twists and turns. Shooting for the movie begins on December 9th.

    Tamil Cinema News : Romantic entertainer!

    Bunny In Bangkok

    2007/4/5 12:12:42

    Hero Allu Arjun is off to Bangkok. He will spend some time with his cousin Ram Cheran Tej there. Ram Charan is currently in Bangkok for the shooting of hi debut film 'Chirutha'. Allu Arjun, whose birthday is on April 8, wants to celebrate his birthday in the company of Ram Charn Tej. The birthday bash has been planned in the picturesque island of Pattaya in Bangkok.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bunny In Bangkok

    Special set for ‘Chirutha’

    2007/5/21 7:40:02

    A special set has been erected at Annapoorna Studios in Hyderabad for Ram Cheran Tej’s debut film ‘Chirutha’. The set has been erected at a cost of over 70 lakhs. Some key fight sequences are being filmed on Ram Charan and the villain and his gang.

    Fight master Vijayan is composing the key fight scenes. Ram Charan has undergone martial arts training in order to do his own fight scenes. The film is progressing at a fast pace.

    Telugu Cinema News : Special set for ‘Chirutha’

    Kamalini With Naresh

    2007/4/3 8:52:36

    Kamalini Mukherjee is now very selective when it comes to signing new films. The much in demand star has signed a new film with ‘Allari’Naresh. The film will be directed by EVV Sathyanarayana. . The film will star another hero who is yet to be finalized.

    The film is being made on the Raasi Movies banner and the story for the film has been provided by K Bhagyaraj. Kamalini has just complete shooting for her film ‘Classsmates’ with hero Sumanth. She is also acting in a Tamil film ‘Pirvom Sandipom’ with Cheran in the lead.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamalini With Naresh

    Full Mass-100% meals?

    2011/7/22 15:55:03 The success of Telugu film ‘Kanchana’ acted and directed by Raghava Lawrence has caught the attention of producer Bellamkonda Suresh. He has decided to make a straight Telugu film with him. It is learnt that, he has registered a film title- ‘Full Mass’ with tag line ‘100% meals’ with film chamber for this upcoming movie. The full details of this movie will announced shortly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Full Mass-100% meals?

    Shakti- House Full, Collection Nil!

    2011/4/6 9:12:07

    The Jr. NTR film Shakti is a box office disaster. Still produce Ashwini Dutt is trying to project the film as a hit.

    Ashwini Dutt is reported to have insisted cinema hall owners to put up ‘House Full’ boards at booking counters for all the shows.

    When people are walking into the theater, they find an almost empty hall. The few members in the audience are wondering whom Ashwini Dutt is fooling with the ‘House Full’ signboards?

    Telugu Cinema News : Shakti- House Full, Collection Nil!

    Tamizh M.A is ready!

    2007/9/12 10:55:27 This movie will be a vigorous blow for so many idiots!
    -Cheran got emotional during Tamil M.A audio releasing function!

    Tamil, not only gave me peace...but also thought me how to practice Routhiram, said actor jeevaJeeva. Jeeva's next shock has started in the theatre screen. On one side, his bright eyes is seen inside a broken spec, the beard which hides the face, the heroin (ganja), which takes him to another state of mind...This Jeeva, is new to Tamil.

    Grinding and giving 6 kilos of wheat and rava, without knowing the exact quantity and getting more Whispers, at last I got the job as a Tamil teacher! -The statement of a Tamil teacher who faces disappointed and lots of stress which flows in the theatre screen, Ram, the director of Tamil M.A has started making the audience in the theatre to feel & register in their hearts that, this is a not a usual kind of movie.

    During the audio releasing function which held at the Film Chamber, they made the Malayalam anjaliand kannada producers also to speak in Tamil and gave more importance to Tamil. Directors like Balu Mahendra, Thankar Bachaan, Parthiban, Cheran and also Simbu Devan had also come for this function. Except the Heroine, the only 'female' who came to the stage was Veteran director Manirathinam's spouse and actress Suhasini. Though it was his Birthday, actor Jeyam Ravi had postponed his party and celebration and came for this function.

    Thankar refused to go up on the stage maybe because of, they might kindle his mouth and even they will put seed for creating any gossips or make that as an issue. Cheran who did not had this talent, as usual he who started speaking from his tongue, '.....Nee!'('!') for those who are thinking that Tamil is only their life and have not learned any other languages, this movie is going to be a vigorous blow (Sawhoku adi) for so many idiots, Some for generations, who are advising and teaching others to learn only Tamil, and the same group which makes their future generations (sons) to study and learn different language, he emotionally pointed some of them for this matter indirectly.

    The camera unit which was used for this movie belongs to Madras Talkies. While Suhasini spoke about that and when she told that she will surely give discount for this movie, a round of heavy applause came from the audience and fans. Parthiban who spoke about the heroine Anjali told that, I won't tell that she looks like the next house girl. Because, there is no such a beautiful girl in my next house. In a flow, he also told that his next house is also vacant either. Though does not know Tamil, Anjali who stubbornly spoke in Tamil has only given the voice for this movie, he added. It is surprising that, before this entire thing had happened, she has fell in director Ram's feet and got his blessings.

    I am also a graduate who studied Tamil M.A. I have killed those people who have worried and hurt me in my real life but, in the form of a screen play. Waiting is necessary in Cinema. The director of this movie Ram told that, if waited patiently, cinema can be attained by any one of us.

    Veteran director Balu Mahendra who started speaking that it gives him pride when he is telling that the director of this movie Ram is his student, and who was non stop speaking on and oooooon... about the common cinema, the crowd slowly started to move. It looks like Tamil might even make some to run right!

    Tamil Cinema News : Tamizh M.A is ready!

    Ravikrishna brings back Kamalini Mukherjee

    2008/5/29 9:50:41

    After the moderate success of KD, Ravikrishna is gearing up for his next venture. No price for guessing, this one is again for his father AM Ratnam’s Surya movies. Directed by Ilankannan whose earlier credits include the Arjun starrer Ottran, this venture would be a remake of a hit Telugu movie.

    Kamal’s charming lead lady for Vettaiyadu Vilayadu Kamalini Mukherjee will play Ravikrishna’s love interest in this movie. After the roaring success of Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, although Kamalini was flooded with offers, she only opted for a Cheran starrer from which she was dropped later for reasons unknown.

    Tamil Cinema News : Ravikrishna brings back Kamalini Mukherjee

    Ramya Nambeesan joins the wagon

    2007/10/25 11:22:05

    Malayalam filmi heroines had been through great times for the past few years, making big names all through the South Indian industry. All the lead heroines of Kerala are getting big films in Tamil and other South languages, which has started a trend for every upcoming heroine to make a try in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

    The latest to join the group is Ramya Nambeesan who debuted through the Jayaram starrer ‘Aanachandham’. She had agreed to share the lead with Cheran in the new Tamil film ‘Raman Thediya Seetha’. Directed by Jaganji, the film is produced by Monsaphiyar Productions. Ramya is presently enjoying the success of ‘Chocolate’ which had her in a prominent role.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Ramya Nambeesan joins the wagon

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