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on 2007/2/11 15:04:41

Chinni Krishna called Tara Choudary a C Grade Pro….!

The row over Chinni Krishna abusing and cheating Tara Choudary has taken a new turn with the involvement of the Mahila commission. The team visited the house of Chinni Krishna and questioned him on Saturday. Chinni Krishna has reportedly admitted that he had called Tara Choudhary a C grade prostitute.

Admitting his mistake, he apologized for his remarks and appealed to the women to forgive him. Chinni Krishna is also accused of cheating the starlet. He had reportedly taken some money and jewelry from Tara by promising her a plum role in a film.

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    Tara Choudhary attempts Suicide

    2007/2/16 17:12:18

    The wannabe actress, who is in the news for a tiff with writer Chinni Krishna, attempted to commit suicide by drinking phenyl. Tara has been rushed to a private hospital and is reportedly out of danger.

    On Thursday she had come to the press club to come to a compromise with Chinni Krishna. The writer was ready to pay her Rs. 7 lakhs and settle the dispute. While Chinni Krishna wanted to pay the amount in the presence of scribe, Tara insisted that he pay her before hand. She reportedly left the place without getting down from her car.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tara Choudhary attempts Suicide

    Tara Comes to a Compromise

    2007/2/18 1:43:35

    Tara Choudhary who was in the limelight recently over a row with writer Chinni Krishna has reportedly come to a compromise. The details of the compromise are yet to be known.

    However, it is learnt that she has taken back her complaint against Chinni Krishna with the police as well as with the State Mahila Commission. Industry watchers say that Tara backed out keeping in mind her future in the film industry.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tara Comes to a Compromise

    I am still alive: Chinni Krishna

    2011/4/17 8:39:55 Two days back there was buzz that, noted story writer Chinni Krishna has committed suicide due to ill health. But, in fact he is another Chinni Krishna who was working as Sub-Inspector in Hyderabad. When, the writer’s friends and Tollywood people saw the scrolling in the news they start calling him. But, there was no response from him and no one has received their calls. Hence, many of them have thought that, some thing really went wrong with him and start flooding his home. In fact, Chinni Krishna has kept his phone in silent mode while he was watching the Teen Maar movie. When, he came to know about all this mess, he called the media and declared “I am still alive.”

    Telugu Cinema News : I am still alive: Chinni Krishna

    Cine story writer Chinni Krishna commits suicide?

    2011/4/15 18:35:25 Leading Telugu news channels TV9 has flashed shocking news in its scrolling that states, Chinni Krishna has committed suicide today at his residence in Hyderabad. It states that, he shot himself with his revolver and died on the spot. A suicide note left beside him states that, he is committing suicide only because of his ill health and no one is responsible for his death. However, it is not clear whether Chinni Krishna is the cine story writer or some one else with the same name. Most probably, we may know about the identity and the actual reasons of his death in a few hours.

    Telugu Cinema News : Cine story writer Chinni Krishna commits suicide?

    Charan rejects ‘Indra’ writer's story!

    2011/1/21 13:05:17

    Ram Charan is still smarting under the debacle of his third film Orange. His next film is Merupu but it is yet to get into regular shoot.

    Meanwhile writer Chinni Krishna narrated a story to Ram Charan. The actor liked the story but was not sure if it would make a good film. So he is reported to have rejected it.

    Chinni Krishna is no ordinary writer. He has written stories for several hit films like Gangotri, Narasimha Naidu and also the film under production Badrinath with Allu Arjun in the lead.

    Chinni Krishna also gave the story for Chiranjeevi’s super hit film Indra.

    Telugu Cinema News : Charan rejects ‘Indra’ writer's story!

    She is the second heroine in 100% Love

    2011/3/28 19:29:41

    All these days it was believed that there is only heroine in the Naga Chaitanya starrer 100% Love. Now inside sources say that there is a second heroine in the film.

    She is Tara Alisha, a Bengaluru based girl. Tara is the daughter of former model Nandini Sen.

    Telugu Cinema News : She is the second heroine in 100% Love

    Tara Sharma signs a Hungarian film

    2006/9/1 17:46:26

    Actress Tara Sharma will be acting in a Hungarian film titled Overnight. Apparently, the film is being co-produced by her boyfriend Roopak Saluja. Though a Hungarian film, her part requires her to speak only in English, so language won’t be an issue.

    Also, some parts of the film will be shot in Mumbai and Tara is very excited about it. She says that she cannot stay away from the city for too long. This was the reason why Tara dropped out of an Italian TV series that required her to stay there for 10 months. Though, she adds, she is very much open to doing international projects. In fact, coming January, she’ll start shooting for a British TV series Britz.

    Back home, Tara’s upcoming film is Khosla Ka Ghosla, which is a comedy starring Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak and Naveen Nischol.


    Bollywood News : Tara Sharma signs a Hungarian film

    Bipasha in a C-grade controversy!

    2006/7/6 23:26:29

    Things are just not going Bipasha's way these days. After the news of strained relationship with John Abraham, the dusky beauty now mired in a C-grade film controversy.

    The entire fracas started when she noticed that a low budget film called 'Bipasha-The Black Beauty' is trying rake in moolah by presenting her real life journey into film in a kitschy way.

    "I think they are making a mockery of my name," lashed out angry Bipasha. "I have a beautiful name. This is a C-grade film with a C-grade actress in it and hope it is not based on my life. As for my life, I don't think it's worth making a film on."

    But the film's leading lady, Needhi Gill, who Incidentally also has an uncanny resemblance with Bipasha didn't take her criticism in a very healthy manner and sent her a legal notice.

    “I was very upset, that without knowing any details Ms Basu said it’s a C-grade film, and she mentioned my name – which is really bad. It’s about my reputation, my respect," fumes Needhi Gill. "I want her to apologize in front of media. She has already spoiled my reputation, and she will have to pay.”

    Adding to Gill's remarks, her lawyer Nagesh Mishra argues, “Bipasha is a common name, just like Ram, Shyam, Mohan, Suresh, Ganesh. Coincidentally her name is similar. So what? But whatever she said has had a bad impact on my client’s career and her film. So therefore it comes under the ambit of the law.”

    Nidhi's lawyers also say that Bipasha is by no means the inspiration. But film’s promos and the presence of John Abraham look alike in the frame augurs that Bipasha is not going to oblige any way.

    source: santabanta

    Bollywood News : Bipasha in a C-grade controversy!

    'Sindhuri' busy in dubbing

    2007/10/30 10:06:00

    Shooting of 'Sindhuri' directed by Vellanki Durgaprasad Choudary and produced by KC Reddappa Naidu on the banner of Gajalakshmi Films with Surya, Divyasri and Akshaya in the lead was completed recently and it is now busy in dubbing activity. Director says, 'We have unveiled a novel point on the screen which was not hitherto touched by anyone. The film has several elements including family, action, comedy and suspense.

    We had erected special sets for the canning of songs at Vadamalapeta in Chittoor district.' Producer says, 'We launched the shooting on August 26 and completed the film in an uninterrupted schedule. We are making efforts to launch the audio in the second week of November and release the film somewhere during that month itself. We are very happy for bringing out a film with a different subject.'

    Saratbabu, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, Sivajiraja, Ramireddy, Costumes Krishna, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Raghunatha Reddy, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Sudarshan, Balaji, Annapurna and Abhinayasri are in the cast. Lyrics are by V Vijayalakshmi, music is by Prasannakumar, cinematography is by TR Prasad, choreography is by Tara, Sujatha, Style Madhu and Sriram, editing is by T Raju while action is by LB Prasad.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Sindhuri' busy in dubbing

    'Chilipikrishnudu' first copy is ready

    2007/1/16 17:39:00 The first copy of 'Chilipikrishnudu' directed by MA Choudary and produced by GLB Srinivas on the banner of Sri Malladi Venkateswara Films with Rajendrababu and Mamata in the lead was ready. Producer says, 'We have completed the film with the blessings of Addanki MLA Karanam Balaramakrishna Murthy. We will soon send the film for censor certification.

    We are planning to release the film either in the end of January or in the first week of February. We gave our film a tagline as 'Kaani Sriramudu'. The entire story was imbibed in the tagline itself.' Director Choudary says, 'The film will be a musical entertainer. All the songs have come out well.

    The audio is quite melodious while their picturisation was also done excellently.' Gorantla Krishna says, 'I am sure that the film would earn me good name as music director'. Presenter of the film Marsetty Sunilkumar says, 'It is a total entertainer.'

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Chilipikrishnudu' first copy is ready

    The Badrinath affect

    2011/6/10 18:59:47 The much boasted movie ‘Badrinath’ of Allu Arjun and Tamannah was released today and bagged disaster talk in no time. All the movie web sites ranked the movie between average and below average but unanimously voted as a poor show by director VV.Vinayak and writer Chinni Krishna, who fails to develop the movie to meet the expectations of the fans. Many have opined that, the hype created by the director, producer and the story writer Chinni Krishna before release of their movie itself has shown its adverse affects on the movie.

    Allu Arjun despite delivering three box-office duds like Vedam, Varudu and Arya-2 was able to escape. But, his latest failure (Badrinath) will certainly puts him in corner. Milk white beauty Tamannah who is enjoying her ‘100% Love’ success could easily escape from this Badrinath affect, but not its hero Allu Arjun. Moreover, it is going to impact the business of its Tamil version also, which is not yet released due to delay in dubbing.

    We can assume that, this movie would be an eye opener to the other producers and directors, who are planning to come-up with similar movies in the near future. Perhaps, we can even assume Shakti and Badrinath movies may be the last ones in this ‘protector series’ of films.

    Telugu Cinema News : The Badrinath affect

    I lost the chance to direct Badrinath because...

    2011/1/2 4:32:18 Noted story writer Chinni Krishna who gave story to Allu Arjun’s forthcoming movie ‘Badrinath’ said that, the story of the film is in such a way that, it will perfectly fits to any time period and can be adopted into any language.

    “I have completed the script in year 2004 and handed over it to film the producer. The script consist every minute detail of all the 70 incidents that comes in the way of story. I would have got the chance to direct the movie, if I have agreed to make some changes in my script. But, I have refused to do so and lost the chance. But, no regrets. I strongly believe that, every sequence in that script is very important to lead the story. So, I didn’t agree to make any alterations to the script. However, I always love to be recognized as a writer and enjoy the full benefits of it. Indeed, I am going to meet Bollywood actor Amir Khan very soon, to narrate a story to him,” said Chinni Krishna.

    Stylish star Allu Arjun and cute babe Tamannah is playing the lead roles in film Badrinath. This film is directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind under his home banner Geeta Arts.

    The highlight of this film would be the terrific stunts composed by stunt master Peter Heins. Allu Arjun took special training in martial arts at Vietnam especially for this film. It’s learnt that Allu Arjun has worked in several risky shots in this film. The film completes its shooting part long time back and is awaiting its release.

    Telugu Cinema News : I lost the chance to direct Badrinath because...

    Feudal flavour -- Kaanal Neer

    2007/4/23 9:17:58

    Kaanal Neer
    Genre: Social drama
    Director: Chinni Jayanth
    Cast: Chinni Jayanth, J.K.Ritheesh, Manisha
    Storyline: About a wily uncle, who raises the heir to a rich landlord.
    Bottomline: Cliched storyline

    Essentially a comedian, Chinni Jayanth as a filmmaker has taken up family drama for treatment in Ashtalakshmi Creators' `Kaanal Neer'. He has succeeded partially in his effort.

    A zamindar and his family die in a car crash. His only surviving legal heir is a small child Pari. His maternal uncle takes charge of the property.

    With the help of a local tantric, the wicked man makes the child mentally retarded. A grown up Pari (Chinni Jayanth) wants to marry Lakshmi (Manisha). His friends Raja Vel and Sakthi Vel with the help of Lakshmi try to cure Pari.

    Chinni Jayanth has worked hard to bring alive the character. New find J.K.Ritheesh he lives up to the expectation doing fight, dance and dialogue delivery the right way. Heroine Manisha has to learn the ropes of acting. The screenplay in the second half slightly sags while the dialogue by Ravikiran is crisp. Special mention must be made of the song, `Chella Chella.' But the Suresh-Babi duo fails to impress in the background score. R. Chandrasekaran's camera keeps pace with the script.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Feudal flavour -- Kaanal Neer

    'Chilipi Krishnudu' completes talkie part

    2006/10/28 16:21:37 Shooting of the talkie part of 'Chilipi Krishnudu' produced by GLB Srinivas on the banner of Sri Malladi Venkateswara Films and directed by MA Choudary with Rajendrababu in the lead was complete. Producer Srinivas says, 'We have completed the shooting with the blessings and cooperation of Addanki MLA Karanam Balaramakrishna Murthy. We shot several scenes in and around various beautiful locales in Prakasam district. Presently songs are being canned in Hyderabad.' Director MA Choudary says, 'We are trying to mould the petty differences between a couple, which led to serious repercussions and who they were solved in an entertaining way. I am sure that this film would earn all the unit members a very good name. Post-production works are also in progress simultaneously.' Presenter of the film Masetty Sunilkumar says, 'We are planning to release the film by the end of November or in the first week of December. Mamata, Lireesha, Chandrika, Annapurna, Mallika, Tummalapalli, Satyasri and others are in the cast. Music is by Gorantla Krishna.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Chilipi Krishnudu' completes talkie part

    'Don' audio to hit stands on Dec. 5

    2007/11/30 11:12:04

    The audio of 'Don' directed by choreographer-turned-director Raghava Lawrence and produced by ML Kumar Choudary on the banner of Keerti Creations with Nagarjuna and Anushka in the lead would be launched on December 5. Presently the film is busy in post-production works. Producer Kumar Choudary says, 'We have decided to launch the audio on December 5. Presently re-recording and DTS mixing works are going on at a fast pace simultaneously. As per the schedule the film would be released on December 20.' Director Raghava Lawrence says, 'As I gave a new definition to 'Mass' in my earlier film 'Mass', we are planning to define 'Don' in a different way.

    I am also playing a key role in the film. Each character will have different shades. Especially, the action scenes would be very stylish in this flick.' Lawrence, besides providing story, screenplay, choreography and direction, is also making his debut as music director through this flick. The speciality of the film is that Kelly Dorge is being introduced to the Telugu film industry as villain. Nikhita is also playing opposite Lawrence, who is donning the role of the hero's brother. Dialogues are by Abburi Ravi, lyrics are by Chinni Charan, camera is by S Gopal Reddy, editing is by Marthand K Venkatesh, art is by Ashokkumar, action is by Vijay.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Don' audio to hit stands on Dec. 5

    Ten IPS officers reshuffled

    2011/7/9 19:50:35 The state government on Saturday transferred ten IPS officers, promoting some of them and assigned their new postings.

    In an order issued on Saturday, Additional Director General of Police, (Training) M Aruna Bahuguna has been transferred and posted as Additional Director General of Police and Commissioner of Printing, Stationery and Stores Purchase, Hyderabad. She relieves CN Gopinatha Reddy, DG and IG of Prisons and Correctional Services, Hyderabad from his additional charge with immediate effect.

    IT and C Department Special Secretary M Gopikrishna has been transferred and posted as Inspector General of Police, CID, Hyderabad in the existing vacancy.

    Deputy Inspector General of Police, (Security), Intelligence Sandeep Shandilya, Hyderabad has been promoted to the Super time Scale of IPS in the grade of Inspector General of Police and posted as Inspector General of Police, Security, Intelligence in the existing vacancy.

    Vijayawada Commissioner of Police Amit Garg has been promoted to the Super time Scale of IPS in the grade of Inspector General of Police. He is now transferred and posted as Additional Commissioner of Police, (Crimes and SIT), Hyderabad in the existing vacancy.

    Joint Commissioner of Police (Headquarters), Hyderabad N Madhusudhana Reddy has been transferred and posted as Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada in place of Mr Amit Garg.

    PV Sunil Kumar, Director (Prohibition and Excise), Hyderabad is promoted to the Super time Scale of IPS in the grade of Inspector General of Police and retained as Director (Prohibition and Excise), Hyderabad.

    Joint Commissioner of Police, (Security and Coordination), Hyderabad V Venugopala Krishna has been promoted to the Super time Scale of IPS in the grade of Inspector General of Police. He has been transferred and posted as Inspector General of Police, Police Transport Organization (PTO), Hyderabad in the existing vacancy.

    Kumar Vishwajeet, who had been waiting for posting, is posted as Joint Commissioner of Police, (Security and Coordination), Hyderabad in place of Mr V Venugopala Krishna.

    Deputy Inspector General of Police, Nizamabad Range V Naven Chand has been transferred and posted as Joint Commissioner of Police, (Special Branch), Hyderabad in the existing vacancy.

    Deputy Inspector General of Police, OCTOPUS, Hyderabad N Sanjay has been transferred and posted as Deputy Inspector General of Police, Nizamabad Range, Nizamabad in place of Mr V Naveen Chand.(INN)

    Andhra News : Ten IPS officers reshuffled

    Balkrishna's Birthday In Grand Fashion

    2006/6/10 18:26:00

    Hero Balakrishna's 46th birthday was celebrated in a gala way today at Rama Krishna Horticulture Cine Studio.

    There was big commotion at the studio and it turned uphill task for the police to control the flow of fans who came from different places of the state. Garlands, slogans and words of praise for Bala Krishna were circumambulated the vicinities of RK Studios.

    Balakrishna cut the cake brought by his fans specially. Vakada Appa Rao, Rama Krishna, KL Narayana, Director Boyapati Sreenu, P Vasu, Ravi Kumar Choudary, Suresh Kondeti, BA Raju, Chalapathi Rao and Narra have attended the birthday function.


    Telugu Cinema News : Balkrishna's Birthday In Grand Fashion

    Why does Kamalini prefer B-grade artists!

    2007/8/23 14:26:42

    Kamalini Mukherjee is a Bengali beauty. She shot to fame with films like Godavari and Madhumasam. She was given a chance to pair up with the top heroes in Tollywood like Venkatesh and Nagarjuna.

    Any other girl would have jumped up with joy at the opportunity. But not Kamalini. She declined to act in their film for reason known only to her. But the same Kamalini has no compunctions to act with actors like Allari Naresha and Sivaji who are generally considered as B-grade actors. Can someone come up with a plausible explanation for this?

    Telugu Cinema News : Why does Kamalini prefer B-grade artists!

    'Andala Ramudu' 100-days function on Nov. 22

    2006/11/15 13:16:11 The 100-days function of 'Andala Ramudu' would be held at Hyderabad on November 22. Producer Paras Jain says, 'Our film 'Andala Ramudu' has become a big hit in Telugu as was predicted by RB Choudary. Arthi Agarwal had cooperated with us well. If everything goes well, she might be roped in our next film also as heroine. We are planning to dub a successful Tamil film in which RB Choudary's son Jeeva played hero into Telugu on the same day.'

    Keywords:Andala Ramudu,Aarthi Agarwal::

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Andala Ramudu' 100-days function on Nov. 22

    Why Tara Rum Pum is Special for Rani Mukherjee

    2007/4/9 12:57:59

    Yashraj Films ’ forthcoming film Tara Rum Pum is special for Rani Mukherjee .

    Rani feels that her role in ‘Tara Rum Pum’ is akin to her mom’s real life role. Rani and her mom share an extremely close relationship and the actress is in fact extremely dependant on her mom both in her professional and personal life.

    n ‘Tara Rum Pum’, Rani plays the role of a wife who goes through a hard time trying to support her family both financially and emotionally after her husband (played by Saif Ali Khan ) has an accident.

    Rani feels that her character is very much like her mother’s as her mom too went through a similar situation when her dad was facing a financial crisis earlier in their life.

    Rani is so touched by this role that she has even dedicated the title track ‘Tara Rum Pum’ to her mom.

    Rani and her family too have gone through a tough time in life, earlier when her father was struggling in his career. However Rani gives all the credit for the family making it through their tough times to her mom.

    Rani too has been affected by the tough times that she has faced as a child and she says “Obviously I was affected by the tough times; I am not a super human being to only have a great frame of mind.”

    However Rani is extremely proud of her parents and says “Everyone has their share of hard times, but my parents faced it with great courage. The kind of commitment that my mother had for her family, or my father had for us created a deep bond and it made us overcome all the obstacles that ever came our way.”

    Rani is reminded of her mother’s strength and courage when she plays her role in ‘Tara Rum Pum’, she says “The title track Tara Rum Pum sung by Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer is a stunning composition by Vishal-Shekhar , it reminds me of my parents, especially my mother.” Hence Rani has dedicated this number to her mom.

    Rani feels that whatever she is today is because of the support of her mother, she says “The credit for who I am today goes to my mom, the way she brought me up. She always smiled through all her problems in life; she never showed any sign of going through hard times, even though my brother Raja and I were aware of it.”

    Rani identifies with the character and she could relate to the script, she says “I could relate to that character well as I knew exactly where it was coming from.”

    Bollywood News : Why Tara Rum Pum is Special for Rani Mukherjee

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