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on 2011/2/6 10:23:43

Diksha Seth hot photo shoot

Diksha Seth, the latest sensation in Tollywood made her presence feel with just two films. She now has replaced hot babe Tapsi in Manchu Manoj's film 'Voo Kodathara Ulliki Padathara' to be produced by his sister Manchu Lakshmi. Diksha Seth's elegant stills tells us why she deserves the top slot in the Telugu film industry.

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    Cat fight between Richa and Diksha Seth

    2011/1/22 15:09:33 Bengali beauty Richa Gangopadyay and Diksha Seth had a cat fight during the shooting of Ravi Teja’s Mirapakai. Diksha Seth has admitted this, in a chit chat with media people but denied to brief them the details of their cat fight. However, she said that she will never want to share screen space with Richa Gangopadyay in any of her future films. However, Richa refused to say anything about Diksha Seth’s comments.

    It came to know, that Ravi Teja’s support to Richa and his admiration for her dancing skills and glamour quotient made Diksha jealous over her co star. Recently, Richa and Ravi Teja have participated in a live TV show where he is all praises to Richa but not uttered a word about Diksha Seth through out the program.

    Telugu Cinema News : Cat fight between Richa and Diksha Seth

    Its double exams time for me: Diksha Seth

    2011/1/22 11:03:07 Tollywood hot beauty Diksha Seth says that, it’s really a big exam time in her life. Her latest movie with Gopichand is releasing on 26th of January. We are aware that she is appearing for B.Com degree exams and the exams which starts from 24th of January nearly coincide with her ‘Wanted ‘film release. So, Diksha Seth said “This month I have to face to exams at a time. I have to patiently wait a month or so to know the results of my degree exams, where as the results of my second exam ‘Wanted’ will be known soon after the morning show of the film. I am sure I will pass in both the exams with marks.

    Telugu Cinema News : Its double exams time for me: Diksha Seth

    Manchu family replaces Tapsi with Diksha Seth?

    2011/2/5 18:36:42 Manchu Manoj starrer film ‘Vuukodathara Ullikki Padathara’ will be produced by his sister Manchu Lakshmi under Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner. Currently, this film is in pre production stage. So far, the film makers didn’t reveal the full details of their film except the title of the film and hero’s name. If, everything would have gone smooth its hot babe Tapsi is supposed to pair with Manchu Manoj in this film. But, it is reported that she is avoiding phone contacts with Manchu family since last one month. Therefore, Mohan babu not only filed a complaint against Tapsi in MAA and Producer’s council but also decided to replace her with Diksha Seth. However, this is yet to be confirmed by Manchu Family.

    Telugu Cinema News : Manchu family replaces Tapsi with Diksha Seth?

    I like that dress very much: Diksha Seth

    2011/1/21 4:17:15 Although, Diksha Seth is merely three films old she catch up with the Tollywood trends and customs in no time. She made her debut with film Vedam and immediately got an offer in Ravi Teja’s Mirapakai. She has scored good marks for her splendid performance and of course for her glamour quotient. Her next film ‘Wanted’ with angry young man Gopichand is all set to release on 26th of January.

    She has played as a village girl wearing traditional dress ‘Langa Voni’ in this film. She said she liked that dress very much as it projects her as a typical Telugu girl. “So far, in all my films I used to wear modern costumes only, but never get into a traditional dress like this. Telugu girls are lucky to have such a wonderful dress design. Our director Ravi Sir and hero Gopichand have encouraged me a lot during this film shoot and taught me so many film techniques in acting and dancing. I thank the Telugu people for making my films success,” says Diksha babe.

    Film ‘Wanted’ is produced by V.Anand Prasad under Bhavya Entertainments banner. Chandra Mohan, Prakash Raj, Nazar Jayasudha, Benarji, Brahmanandam, Ali, Ahuthi Prasad, Raghu babu, Shafi and some others have played important roles in this film.

    Telugu Cinema News : I like that dress very much: Diksha Seth

    Diksha Seth, B.Com-Film Star

    2010/12/28 17:08:15
    Glamour doll Diksha Seth who made her way into Tollywood with film ‘Vedam’ says that, her entry into film industry is quite accidental and unpredicted. However, she said that she loves her film career and enjoys the stardom. Currently, she is acting in film ‘Wanted’ with Gopichand and in Ravi Teja’s ‘Mirapakai.’ She also had number of films in hand. Ever since, her career graph shot upwards, she becomes a busy bee shuttling between her home place Mumbai and Hyderabad. She said that, it’s not for enjoying with her parents and friends but for completing her graduation B.Com. Whenever, she finds leisure time in her film shootings, she catches the fist flight to Mumbai to complete her record work and submit it to her college.

    Telugu Cinema News : Diksha Seth, B.Com-Film Star

    Hot babe busy preparing for exams?

    2011/3/2 17:58:04 Deeksha Seth, the latest sensation in Tollywood has suddenly disappeared from the film nagar since last few days. When enquired, it came to know that she took a short leave from film industry to prepare for her B.Com Exams to be held in this month. Her parents are now attending all her phone calls and not allowing anyone to meet their daughter in person, as she was busy preparing for her exams. They said that, once she gives her exams she will be free to act in the films, but not until the exams are over.

    Deeksha Seth who becomes a serious student now, has to act as a college going student in her next Tamil film to be started in April month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hot babe busy preparing for exams?

    Jagan’s next program is ‘Vidya Diksha’

    2011/2/3 16:41:02 Young and energetic leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy undoubtedly become a major element in the state politics and turns a deciding factor in the present political circles. His plans and his innovative ideas of mobilizing the people and the ruling party MLAs against the State and Central Governments, gives an unsecured feeling to Congress party and force them to run for an alliance knocking every other door of regional parties.

    After successfully conducting ‘Lakshya Diksha’; ‘Jala Diksha’ and ‘Jana Diksha’ YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who came to know about the student’s fees reimbursement problem has owed the poor students to fight out the Government for their cause with his ‘Vidya Diksha.’ He will conduct this dharna at Hyderabad on 18th of this month.

    This young leader Jagan while fighting on behalf of the people, he is also successful in reminding the Congress Governments about his supporters (MLAs) staying inside their party. So, every time he conducts a Diksha, it become inevitable for Congress to tally it’s MLA support to the Government. Because, every time he conducts a Diksha some new faces are appearing beside Jagan, which creates a lot of confusion to the ruling Congress party.

    But, if Jagan delays any further in forming his new political party, scope for loosing his supporters certainly will increase. Instead of continuing the game, it is better to launch his own party and find the actual number of his supporters.

    Andhra News : Jagan’s next program is ‘Vidya Diksha’

    Ravi Teja's Mirapakai' dares to face December situation!

    2010/11/4 18:46:37

    Mass Raja Ravi Teja is an actor who continuously works without seeking a brake. Irrespective of his failures and success, he always keeps going on with his next projects. Right now, he is busy with his latest film ‘Mirapakai’ shoot at Europe. He is romancing with Richa Gangopadyay and Diksha Seth in this film. Some song sequences on Richa-Teja and Diksha-Teja will be filmed at Germany, Zech Republic, Austria and at surrounding places. This film is produced by Ramesh Pushpala under Yellow Flowers banner and directed Harish Shankar.

    Producer Ramesh said that, recently they have finished the climax scenes at Bangkok and now planning to shoot song sequences on the lead pair in this 14days schedule. This is a typical Ravi Teja mark action packed romantic entertainer. He said that, they are planning to release the movie in the last week of December this year.

    It’s to be noted that, all other producers and heroes worrying about the outbreak of Telangana agitations in the coming December month and the consequent situation that creates uncertainty in the T region, are rescheduling their movie releases either to November or January to safe guard their investments. Only, Ravi Teja’s ‘Mirapakai’ undaunted of the consequences and situation is preparing to release the movie in December month. The producer and director strongly believe that Ravi Teja who has a huge mass following can easily lead his film to success irrespective of the situation. However, Nagarjuna who has blessings of KCR and Venky who has good relations with TRS leaders are also coming with their films in December.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ravi Teja's Mirapakai' dares to face December situation!

    Kim Sharma blames Bawa of offensive exposure on a photo shoot

    2006/7/18 15:26:58

    To be featured as a cover girl for a men’s magazine like ‘Maxim’ isn’t anything small. Esp. when it comes for actress Kim Sharma who isn’t that big a name in industry. But seems like Kim might lose this opportunity for her pricey attitude.

    Just last week the actress was having a photo-shoot with popular photographer Vikram Bawa who has clicked big names in the industry from Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan on his lens. But things went wrong during the photo-session that happened at Bawa’s residence. And the shoot had to be called off because of a major showdown between the two.

    Bawa blames it to Kim’s pricey attitude and the constant cribbing and tantrums that she flaunted on the shoot. The photographer says that Kim had a problem with the clothes, complained of being allergic to the Baby Oil (used to add a shine to the skin in such photo-shoots), was not giving the right expressions for the pictures and later wanted to leave early too.

    Kim on her part clarifies that it was Bawa who wanted to wrap up the shoot early since he was to attend a show where he was selected as the judge. Talking about her outfits, Kim adds that she had firmly told the stylist that she won’t be wearing revealing clothes for the shoot but was finally given bikini tops and shorts.

    Bawa justifies that they were shooting for a men’s magazine for which some cleavage was necessary. But he lost it when Kim falsely blamed him of using the blower fan that would result in some additional skin show. He also adds that at one point Kim got so furious that she said ‘Do you want to see my breasts’.


    Bollywood News : Kim Sharma blames Bawa of offensive exposure on a photo shoot

    Kajal denies & FHM confirms her top less show

    2011/9/6 19:09:08

    Tollywood cute babe Kajal Agarwal has suddenly hits the news headlines with her top less show posed for a Mumbai based FHM men’s magazine. Her top-less photo becomes a hot topic both in media and in the film industry, as she never leaves a hint of going that extent. She was also being criticized by many people in the film industry for it. Then only, she understood how it has spoiled her reputation. Then throwing the ball into FHM court, she told the media that she will never do such things in her life and blames FHM magazine for publishing a morphed photograph of her.

    Then, it is FHM turn to serve the ball.

    Kabeer Sharma, the Editor of the FHM magazine knowing about Kajal Agarwal’s statement has said “We all can’t stop laughing at her and her relatives statements in this regard, because we have all the solid evidences about her photo shoot. Would we have publishing a morphed photograph of a celebrity like her, certainly it would be very disgraceful to us and to our reputation. We don’t understand what makes her talk like that, especially when she knows what the truth is.”

    “Kajal Agarwal has come to our Mumbai studio on August18th. We have a full log record of her presence in our studio. Then, the photo shoot has taken place in my presence and of course, all our team-light boys, make-up man, camera man etc were present on the location. We also have raw copies of her photo shoot which were duly signed by her. Since, she is pointing out at us we think it is our responsibility to prove that we are genuine in this regard. So, we have decided to put all the raw copies of her photo shoot into internet very soon. We believe that, it will clear the air.”

    If, Kajal Agarwal is really wants to grab the Bollywood attention with this photo shoot, then she would not have blamed the FHM magazine simply to escape the criticism. Now, the magazine threatening to release all her raw photos into net will be much more embarrassing than what she did for the magazine.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal denies & FHM confirms her top less show

    Pic: Hansika? In Bikini!

    2010/12/17 9:10:14

    This is the photo that is now in circulation on the net. The photo shows the Desamuduru papa in a two piece bikini. While many say that the photo session was part of Haniska’s efforts to enter Bollywood some say that Hansika has denied it.

    Source lose to Hansika say that the person in the photo is not real but morphed. Is it real or morphed? Judge it yourselves.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pic: Hansika? In Bikini!

    Deeksha Seth disappoints with his arrest

    2011/6/30 12:05:43
    Deeksha Seth who takes the Tollywood by storm has disappearing from it with the same pace as she couldn’t withstand the cut-throat competition from the old and new heroines in the industry. Hence, she has planned to try her hand in Kollywood and signed a Tamil film with Kollywood hero Vikram. But, that film is supposed to be produced by none other than Singanamala Ramesh, who was arrested by the CID police recently. Therefore, Deeksha Seth is quite disappointed for her bad luck and planning to return to Tollywood soon and join the fray.

    Telugu Cinema News : Deeksha Seth disappoints with his arrest

    Trisha and the boys!

    2007/7/30 11:19:05

    Trisha, the queen bee of Tamil cinema did a photo shoot for her new film, with ace director Gautham Vasudeva Menon. It’s Trisha’s first major solo heroine role, where she is paired with four new boys.

    The four new guys are Gautham’s assistant Veera, Shaam (SS music veejay?) Sathish (a dancer who did that small role in Unnale Unnale), and Karthik (Actress Sridevi’s nephew and brother of actress Maheswari).

    Last week the photo shoot of this untitled film (among the names tossed around was Chennayil oru Mazhaikalam! ) took place at Tidel park ( where Sify office is situated) in Chennai.

    The film is said to be a musical entertainer and the story is set against the IT background. For the first time, Gautham is teaming up with A.R Rahman as the music director. The film is obviously meant for the multiplex audiences and city slickers.

    Trisha was so impressed with Gautham’s narration that she gave him priority tatkal dates, and is gung-ho about the project. Trisha will also be doing Ravi Teja’s Telugu comedy alternatively with Gautham’s film from August 2.

    From September she will be shooting for Dharani directed Vijay film for producer Udayanidhi Stalin. Meanwhile the four new boys are awestruck by Trisha’s commitment to her work, and how she went out of her way to make them comfortable for the photo shoot.

    Tamil Cinema News : Trisha and the boys!

    Rare photo of Two NTRs

    2008/5/20 12:39:38

    Look at the photo. This is a very rare photo. The old man in a 'Rushi' get up is none other than the late NT Rama Rao. Can you guess the identity of the young boy besides him? Well, he is none other than the young Nandamuri tiger Jr. NTR.

    The photo is from NT Rama Rao's film 'Brahmarshi Vishwamitra'. Jr. NTR played a small role in the film. This is a rare picture of grandfather NTR with his grandson NTR!

    Telugu Cinema News : Rare photo of Two NTRs

    Pic: Allu Arjun kissing young hero!!

    2010/12/4 16:13:04

    Recently Shah Rukh Khan's photo did the ruds on the et. the photo shows SRK kissing another man on the mouth. The lip to lip kiss between two men raised a lot of eyebrows.

    Now a similar photo is doing the rounds on the net. Hero Allu Arjun is seen kiissng his cousin young hero Ram Charan.

    There is a rumour in film circles that Allu Arjun is gay. The photo only reinforces that rumour!

    Telugu Cinema News : Pic: Allu Arjun kissing young hero!!

    Mirapakai will be in the market by 12th

    2010/12/30 16:36:32
    Mass Raja Ravi Teja and Richa Gangopadyay starring the lead roles and Diksha Seth playing the second heroine role, film ‘Mirapakai’ is slated to release on 12th of January that is just before Pongal festival. This is a Ravi Teja mark film mainly aimed at mass audiences. So, they can expect all the commercial elements that may enhance their festive mood. This film is directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Ramesh Pushpala under Yellow Flowers banner. Thaman scored music for this film, and there is good response for the audio. The film has completed its post production works and awaiting its release.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mirapakai will be in the market by 12th

    Mass Raja romance with two hot babes

    2010/11/13 15:52:05 Mass Raja Ravi Teja’s spicy titled ‘Mirapakai’ film shooting is progressing with brisk pace. So far, the unit has filmed some songs and talkie part on Ravi Teja and his two beautiful heroines Richa Gangopadyay, Diksha Seth at New Delhi and Agra. Recently, the unit has moved to Bangkok for shooting climax scenes and from there to Switzerland for canning balance songs.

    Ramesh Puppala is the producer and Harish Shankar is directing this movie. Thaman is scoring the music for the film. M.S.Narayana, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nagababu, Prakash Raj and some others are playing important roles in this movie. This film is scheduled to release on 30th of December.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mass Raja romance with two hot babes

    George Bush in Mumbai on private visit

    2011/11/8 6:52:23 (IANS) Former US president George W. Bush arrived here late Monday on a private visit, a police officer said.

    "We have provided the security for Mr Bush for Tuesday. He would leave Mumbai Wednesday," Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Rajnish Seth told IANS.

    Seth, however, refused to divulge any details on where Bush was staying or the purpose of his visit, citing security concerns.

    "I do not know the purpose of his visit. We shall not be giving out any details as to where he is staying or his schedule for Tuesday," Seth said.

    National News : George Bush in Mumbai on private visit

    Esha's darling!

    2007/8/3 10:42:04

    During a photo-shoot at a suburban hotel for her forthcoming film ‘Darling’, Esha Deol had brought along her pet dog.

    But she was politely informed that pets weren’t allowed inside the premises. But the quick-witted Esha claimed that the dog was a part of the shoot.

    Unfortunately, the management put their foot down and Esha had to contend with playing with the pet in between breaks.

    Bollywood News : Esha's darling!

    Poonam Pandey's MMS spreads like virus

    2011/6/17 12:17:26

    Poonam Pandey's MMS is one of the most searched on Google India.

    Poonam Pandey's MMS is much hyped 'MMS' is not just a photo shoot video of her but she is seen changing her costumes on the shoot while shooting for a International magazine.

    Poonam Pandey rose to fame when she proclaimed that she would strip in front of the Indian cricket team if they win the Cricket World Cup. She was a contestant in the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 on Colors that is hosted by Akshay Kumar.

    Bollywood News : Poonam Pandey's MMS spreads like virus

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