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on 2008/4/20 10:05:28

Do Ash-Abhi make a great couple?

It has been a year since Aishwarya and Abhishek have tied the knot. Speculations were gaining momentum whether Ash would able to carry the heritage of Bachchan family with pride and dignity. But she has maintained a good balance of her career and family.

Abhi too never missed any opportunity to celebrate her success. Jodhaa Akbar was Aishwarya s first mega hit after marriage and during the premiere,the Bachchan family stood beside Ash. Ash-Abhi never makes public display of their personal emotions but they hold a high esteem and love for each other in their heart.

In spite of hectic schedule, they find time to spend with each other. Do they make the perfect couple? Here's what some of the stars have to say... Do Ash-Abhi make a great couple?

Celina Jaitely: Yes, They do make a great couple today because both are still tied to their traditional values and yet they have a very modern approach in life.

Parmita Katkar: Post marriage Aish has done a few good films and there is a huge change in the her image today. She still figures among the happening girls of the film industry. Similar is the case with Abhishek Bachchan. Over a period of time, he has emerged very confident. I think They are the hottest couple of the film industry.

Koena Mitra: They understand each other very well. When they are out in public, the kind of mutual respect gets reflected from their relationship is just great. No doubt they are among great couple like Amitji and Jayaji in the film industry.

Neha Dhupia: I like the way they look together. It seems that they are very much made for each other. It s great couple of the industry. How will you wish them on their anniversary?

Celina Jaitely: With a bouquet of flower

Parmita Katkar: With a lot of good wishes

Koena Mitra: With a wish to be with each other for janam janam.

Neha Dhupia: With a wish to be together for the whole life. Should film stars marry only films stars?

Celina Jaitely: If both the two understand each other and have respect for each other, there is nothing wrong in going ahead and getting married.

Parmita Katkar: Depends from person to person. It may not be successful in every case because we have seen marriages between two film stars being broken. It all depends on how much both of them cooperate for each other.

Koena Mitra: It has not been successful in some cases also so we can t say that film stars should only marry film stars. At the same time there are also stars who got married outside the industry and their marriage are going very well. Compatibility in the relationship is more important than the profession they belong to.

Neha Dhupia: Marrying with someone from the same profession creates a lot of problem in marriage. After Ash-Abhi who is Bollywood power couple?

Celina Jaitely: John-Bipasha

Parmita Katkar: John-Bipasha

Koena Mitra: Saif-Kareena

Neha Dhupia: Saif-Kareena

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    Ash-Abhi's secret trip to London

    2011/9/15 20:57:05

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is now confined to home as she is now seven months pregnant. With the baby due in a couple of months, preparations are on in a big way to welcome the new entrant into the family.

    Ash and Abhi went to London to buy clothes, toys and other things for the new arrival into the family. Sources say that the two spent a bomb on the purchases and purchased nearly a truckload of goods. The trip was kept a secret but some alert people spotted them and informed the news to the media.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Ash-Abhi's secret trip to London

    Ash-Abhi’s extended honeymoon

    2008/5/15 11:22:27

    Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai had a wonderful time in a village near Hyderabad while shooting for Sarkar Raj, finds Prithwish Ganguly.

    Want to know where Ash-Abhi went straight after their honeymoon at the sun kissed beaches of Tahiti? Well, they didn’t go to a temple, but straight to a village near Hyderabad to shoot for Sarkar Raj.

    But there’s something that they were not prepared for — the warm reception from the local villagers.

    The unit of Sarkar Raj, Ram Gopal Varma’s ambitious sequel to the hit gangster film Sarkar, had selected two villages Anjanpur and Polkam Palli (near Hyderabad) as the shooting sites for one of the most crucial scenes that involved both Abhishek and Aishwarya.

    The villagers knew that the duo had come down to the sets immediately after their honeymoon and wanted to make their visit to the village a memorable one.

    “As soon as the villagers came to know that the couple had come from their honeymoon directly to the shoot, the old women of the village decided to host a welcome befitting a village bahu,” the source said.

    The newly weds were then invited to take part in the village ceremony generally hosted when a newly wed bahu comes back to the village after marriage. “They requested that the couple should join them in the village for a welcome ceremony too. The women sang traditional songs and gave Aishwarya green bangles and sindoor,” the source added.

    The Sarkar Raj sets were a kind of an extended honeymoon for the couple as the duo was seen constantly sticking to each other.

    Sarkar Raj is one of the most awaited films this year not only because Abhi-Ash comes on screen for the first time together after their marriage, but also because the film is one big Bachchan family affair with Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of the godfather.

    Bollywood News : Ash-Abhi’s extended honeymoon

    Rakhi & Abhishek break up!!!

    2008/2/13 12:25:26

    They seemed like a couple who could take on the entire world together but last Monday night saw a ugly fight which not only left bad taste in both Rakhi and Abhishek's mouth but also made them go seperate ways.

    It all started when Abhishek brought DJ Shezwood, Rakhi's rakhi brother, to her house to discuss their new project. Rakhi was as usual talking passionately about her career and the direction it was taking when Abhi tried to butt in to make his point.

    Rakhi didn’t take kindly to his comments and an argument ensued. The things got so ugly that Rakhi asked Abhishek to pack his bags and leave. Abhishek didn’t take kindly to this insult and stormed out.

    We hear that now he is DJ Sheijwood and the couple had not spoken to each other after their fight.

    When contacted Abhishek confirmed that the couple is no longer together. He says, “Yes it’s true that we have broken up, but I don’t want to speak about it.”

    Ask him about what went wrong in their relationship, he says, “We did have a fight but I am desperately trying to get through to Rakhi. It was a minor argument that escalated into something big.

    I also lost my temper and ended up saying things; which, in retrospect, seem harsh. I want to talk to her and make her understand my point of view. I hope that she forgets and forgives whatever happened.”

    Apprantly pained by the entire episode Rakhi says, “I am not in a frame of mind to talk about Abhishek and don’t know how to react to this situation."

    We also hear that the couple was in talks with Balaji Telefilms for another reality television show.

    Tells Rakhi, “Yes, I would love to work with Ekta Kapoor. She has offered us a reality television show.” Will she team up with Abhishek after the unpleasant break-up? She says: “I have no idea about Abhishek, but I will definitely do the show once it works out.”

    The couple who started living-in after Rakhi’s elimination from Big Boss in November 2006 were last seen together as the finalists on Nach Baliye 3.

    Bollywood News : Rakhi & Abhishek break up!!!

    Hrithik and Abhishek make up after the Ash-Hrithik kiss saga

    2007/1/5 16:31:32

    Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan have been childhood friends and have always shared a warm relationship. Unfortunately recently the relationship between Hrithik and Abhishek soured when the Bachchans disapproved of the Ash-Hrithik kiss in Dhoom 2. Abhishek and his family were not happy that Ash and Hrithik shared a hot passionate kiss on-screen which changed Ash’s demure image to one that was bold and daring. Ash and Abhi have been seeing each other for a while now and there have also been rumours of an impending marriage. Recently Ash accompanied Abhishek and Amitabh for photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar launch. Hrithik and his wife Suzanne Roshan too attended the same event.

    Ash accompanied Amitabh and Abhishek in the same car to the event giving fuel to speculation about the impending nuptials of the two actors soon. The three seemed extremely comfortable and were in a playful mood with each other as they made their entry to the venue. However on reaching inside the venue, Abhishek came across Hrithik and his wife Suzanne, thus he was forced to greet the couple cordially and after realizing that the media was trying to capture these moments, he warmed up to the duo. Even Amitabh and Ash greeted Hrithik and his wife warmly and the two families tried to put on their warm smiles and greeted each other with warm hugs.

    However there were several uncomfortable moments, Ash was seen standing away from the rest of the happy group several times and even her face looked tense on several occasions while bonding with the Roshans. Hrithik at times too seemed uncomfortable but managed to cover up his anxiousness for the cameras. Sources claim ‘Dabboo who is a friend of both Abhishek and Hrithik had insisted that Duggu (Hrithik) come for the launch because that was the only way to break the ice between Abhi and Hrithik. They have been school friends and it was really unpleasant for both of them not to talk to each other for such a long while.”

    Well it was imperative that Hrithik and Abhishek bury their differences over the kiss issue, as the Hrithik-Ash pair will be seen in another film, Akbar-Jodha soon. The chemistry between Hrithik-Ash was sizzling in Dhoom 2 and the two of them looked great together on-screen.


    Bollywood News : Hrithik and Abhishek make up after the Ash-Hrithik kiss saga

    Abhishek and Bobby ride bike like their fathers

    2007/6/2 12:52:14

    Like father, like son. The adage perfectly suits Abhishek Bachchan and Bobby Deol.

    Decades ago, their fathers Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra rode a motorbike for the song 'Yeh Dosti' in Ramesh Sippy's movie 'Sholay'.

    Now, Abhishek and Bobby are acting together for the first time in Shaad Ali's forthcoming movie 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom'.

    One scene in the film has Bobby and Abhi riding a bike. When the scene was to be shot, Shaad Ali came upon the idea of shooting the scene with a similar motorbike that Amitabh and Dharmendra had rode in 'Sholay'.

    A similar bike was arranged. Like their fathers, Bobby was made to sit on the driver's seat while Abhi sat in the attached buggy.

    Emotions ran high when the unitmembers saw both Abhi and Bobby seated on the bike just like their fathers did in 'Sholay'. After the shot, everyone on the sets clapped.

    However, before the shot was taken, Abhishek was a bit scared sitting in the buggy because he was not confident of Bobby's driving skills. Bobby doesn't drive the bike very often and this was certainly a cause of concern to Abhi.

    'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' has Bobby and Abhi pairing with Preity Zinta and Lara Dutta. Amitabh Bachchan plays the sutradhar in the film.

    Both Abhi and Bobby sport very stylish looks in the film. Abhishek sports a different hairdo (long tresses) with a hairband and sharply tweaked moustache. Bobby also dons different looks. Some scenes have him in straight black hair. Others have him sporting long, blondish hair.

    The movie's music is given by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The film is set to release on June 15.

    Bollywood News : Abhishek and Bobby ride bike like their fathers

    Abhi-Ash to throw anniversary bash

    2011/4/20 12:11:08

    Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary today. And just like most happy couples, these two, too, want to make this day a day to remember.

    Abhishek, who is in Hyderabad promoting Dum Maaro Dum, will be back in time to spend some time with Ash, and then celebrate their years of togetherness with close family and friends. Yes, a party is being organised back home in Prateeksha. Sikander Kher, Goldie Behl, Sonali Bendre, Srishti Arya, Preity Zinta are all expected to be there.

    Abhishek's movie 'Dum Maaro Dum' releases this Friday. Let's hope it proves its 'dum' at the box office, and the week becomes a week to remember for the Bachchan couple.

    Bollywood News : Abhi-Ash to throw anniversary bash

    Amitabh Invites Chiru

    2007/3/1 13:14:47

    This is something very confidential. We mean the date of the wedding of Abishekh and Aiswarya. However, it has now been revealed from authentic sources that the date is likely to be March 19.

    And this was disclosed by none other than the Big B Amitabh Bachchan to our megastar Chiranjeevi. Amitabh who was in Chennai to take part in the wedding of Prabhu’s son is reported to have asked Chiranjeevi to keep himself free on March 19. The reason, Ash-Abhi marriage.

    Telugu Cinema News : Amitabh Invites Chiru

    Rani votes for Abhi-Ash!

    2007/2/23 18:37:28

    Abhiash are indeed the current flavour of Bollywood. After innumerable fans going gaga over them, even Bollywood’s queen bee Rani Mukherjee seems to have succumbed to their charm. Just try asking the gorgeous actor who she considers Bollywood’s hottest real life couple, and her prompt answer is “Abhishek and Aishwarya.” Now they have a ‘starry’ fan following too!


    Bollywood News : Rani votes for Abhi-Ash!

    Ash-Abhishek to wed in 2007?

    2006/10/28 16:38:14 The marriage of top Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai is certain to take place in February 2007, according to Bachchan family astrologer Chandrashekhara Swamiji.

    He has revealed this news to highly circulated Kannada newspaper Vijayakarnataka.

    Swamiji, who lives in his ashram in Bangalore's RT Nagar, is astrologer to many film personalities including Dr Raj Kumar's family and producer Rockline Venkatesh. According to sources, Aishwarya and Abhishek visited the Swami several times during the Karnataka schedule of their film Guru, directed by Mani Ratnam.

    The film was shot in Hospet and several places in Northern Karnataka, and the couple visited the Swamiji to consult him on many matters, including a probable marriage date. The Swami is believed to have scrutinised the celestial birthday Jathakas of the couple before giving them his advice.

    Chandrashekhara Swamiji has been in regular contact with the Bachchans. He has reportedly also conducted havans and poojas for the family's well being. Apparently, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan also visited the ashram a year ago.

    Swamiji has revealed that Aishwarya will probably make an announcement of her marriage on November 1, her birthday. According to the report, Aishwarya (born in Dhanu Rashi) and Abhishek (born in Kumbha Rashi) could have had some problems. The marriage was likely to face roadblocks in 2006, the astrologer had felt.

    But, from October 27, when the planetary positions change, both Ash and Abhi will have the support of Jupiter (Guru-bruhaspathi).

    The Swami, who has closely studied Ash's Jathaka, feels that the number eight is not compatible for her and marriage in 2006 -- which adds up to 8 -- would have led to trouble for the couple. 'That is why I advised them to marry in 2007,' he explains, 'which adds up to 9, a lucky number for both Aishwarya and Abhishek.'


    Bollywood News : Ash-Abhishek to wed in 2007?

    Kareena - Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain

    2008/1/31 14:00:47

    Kareena has been flashing a huge diamond ring on her hand for a while now which led to the speculation of her marriage with Saif Ali Khan. Obviously the love smitten couple gave enough fodder to the gossipmongers over the weekend.

    Kareena, unlike Saif, had been keeping mum about the affection she felt for him, finally decided to put a full stop on wild gossip of her marrying the star.

    Ending weeks of speculations of her marrying Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor said that wedding bells can wait for 5 to 6 years, she is not in a hurry for any decision.

    “Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain" said Bebo told media persons today. The actress, who was earlier involved with Shahid Kapoor, has however made no secrets of her relationship with Chote Nawab.

    The love that blossomed on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Tashan’ matured into an affair to watch out for when the Prince of Pataudi decided to wear his heart on his sleeve. The famous tattoo "Kareena" on Saif’s arm was followed by a dazzling diamond ring on Bebo’s ring finger, sparking rumours that the two were engaged.

    Our sources tell us that it is her mother Babita, who is holding Kareena back from making any commitments. For Saif, its his third serious affair after ex-wife Amrita Singh and Italian girlfriend Rozza Catalano.

    Bollywood News : Kareena - Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain

    Hrithik to dance at Ash-Abhi sangeet

    2007/4/17 10:36:48

    The Sangeet

    The excitement is building up to a crescendo, with the big fat Indian wedding fast approaching this Friday. Come Wednesday and the Aishwarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan wedding celebrations will kick start with the sangeet ceremony at the Bachchans’ old home in Juhu Prateeksha.

    Huge sound-proof, air-conditioned tents have been put up for guests. Close friends of Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan will enthral guests with a dance performance on ‘Bidi Jalaile’ from ‘Omkara’. Sources tell us Jaya’s friends have been gifted specially made embroidery sarees from the family’s close pals and fashion designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

    Ash and Abhi will also perform the popular ‘Kajra Re’ number for their guests. For those who thought the groom was cross with his good pal for kissing his bride-to-be onscreen, here’s good news - Hrithik Roshan will also put in a special appearance. While Shah Rukh Khan has reportedly not been invited to the wedding, rumour has it that he may dance at the sangeet.

    While fashion designer Neeta Lulla confirmed to After Hours she would be dressing up Ash for her wedding, for this particular function the beautiful star will wear her in-laws’ choice – an Abu-Sandeep creation.
    # Designer Hemant Trivedi is also designing some outfits for Aishwarya’s wedding trousseau. When contacted he refused to divulge any details, but confirmed, “I am doing some clothes for Aishwarya, but I must respect her and the family’s wish not to discuss them and therefore garner publicity for myself.” He further added, “Her longtime friendship and trust in me is much more important.”

    The Mehendi

    The mehendi ceremony on Thursday will also take place at Prateeksha. For this function, Ash will wear a red zari-embroidered ghagra choli designed by Lulla. The henna for the grand wedding is being specially brought from Sojat, Rajasthan.

    The wedding

    While the Hindu calendar deems April 20 (Akshay Tritya) as an auspicious day which needs no special time, sources tell us the wedding will take place at 6.30pm at the Bachchans’ other home Jalsa. Family pundits have been invited for this solemn affair, which will follow the Arya Samaj rites. Ash will wear a hand-woven sari with golden zari embroidery by Lulla, while Abhi will wear an Abu-Sandeep sherwani.

    With Amitabh’s mother Teji Bachchan critically ill, the reception is deferred for a later date in June at a five star hotel. Bollywood will be invited in large numbers for this do.

    The honeymoon

    Again, due to his grand mom’s poor health, Abhi will not go on a honeymoon right now, though the couple has received an invitation from Ireland. Reportedly, a letter to Amitabh Bachchan from Tourism Ireland states: ‘We are really happy to learn about the forthcoming wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. We would like to make an offer for their honeymoon in Ireland.’

    So, get set for the festivities and watch this space for more dope on the most awaited wedding of the century!

    Bollywood News : Hrithik to dance at Ash-Abhi sangeet

    John flies in - but not for Abhi-Ash wedding

    2007/4/23 9:55:32

    John Abraham is currently shooting for "Goal" in London and flew back into Mumbai on the day of the Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai wedding. Those who saw John emerging from the airport presumed he was there for the marriage Friday. But that's not why he was here.

    He was in town to attend an event in Powai organised by a shampoo brand. He also stole time off to rush home to see his mother, who has been very ill in the last couple of months, before flying back in London to re-join the "Goal" unit.

    Bipasha told IANS, "I joined John in Mumbai from Dubai where I'm shooting for Abbas-Mustan's 'Race'.

    "I didn't return to Mumbai to be with John. Please! We spent more than enough time together in London for 'Goal'. We were both needed for the shampoo event. John really wanted to meet his mother. We barely got a chance to spend any time together. Before we knew it John was back in London and I am in Dubai."

    This is one couple that believes in giving each other space. "I don't think there's any lack of time together. Any more would be unacceptable to both of us."

    Bollywood News : John flies in - but not for Abhi-Ash wedding

    Honeymoon Invitation for Ash and Abhi

    2007/2/26 14:50:50

    Even before the date for their wedding has been finalized, there is a lot of peculation in the media about their Honeymoon plans. It is now learnt that the ministry of Tourism in Ireland has sent an official invite to Aishwary Rai and Abhisekh Bachchan to visit Ireland for their honeymoon.

    The invitation said that the ministry of Tourism in Ireland would provide airfare to the couple and also provide accommodation at the Ashford castle. The place has a rich history. Eminent personalities like the Reagans, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan etc. have all stayed at the place.

    Bollywood News : Honeymoon Invitation for Ash and Abhi

    Abhishek Bachchan loves gorging on chocolates

    2008/3/1 10:08:26

    His chubbiness notwithstanding, Abhishek Bachchan can’t resist a bite of chocolate after every meal.Yes, the junior Bachchan has a big weakness for chocolates, the very sight of which often sends him drooling.

    And by a sweet co-incidence Abhishek found that his co-star in Dilli 6 , Atul Kulkarni , has a no-less love for chocolates. In fact, so hooked is Atul on chocolates that he carries them with himself whenever he goes on long shooting schedules.

    While shooting for ‘Dilli 6’ in Jaipur, when Abhi caught Atul savoring chocolates, the young Bachchan couldn’t resist joining him, and Atul willingly offered some from his stock to Abhi.

    Now, eating chocolates after every meal on the film’s sets has become something of a ritual for the two actors. However, the only thing that has got Abhishek worried is his increasing waistline.

    Bollywood News : Abhishek Bachchan loves gorging on chocolates

    My new album is less moody: Anoushka Shankar

    2008/1/16 17:03:13

    After her last album Rise, which was nominated for a Grammy, Anoushka Shankar is out with her latest album with percussionist and producer Karsh Kale that has contributions from Sting and Norha Jones as well as her father, Pt Ravi Shankar and Shankar Mahadevan. Reshil Charles caught up with her and Karsh to find out more.

    Reshil Charles: Anoushka the album is called Breathing Under Water, I reckon, can you tell just a bit about the album.

    Anoushka Shankar: It is a mix of a whole bunch of things. The main thing about this record is that it is a collaboration between Karsh and myself. It is definitely building further than when I was making Rise. I have gained from that and went further. But is very different, it is less moody record.

    Karsh Kale: What we were excited about was all the different places that we have been and how we could take all those journeys and make it even bigger. My contribution was my experience as an artist, as a producer, and as a composer.

    Reshil Charles: We want to see you on the Live Circuit, we don’t want to see you in the Kamani Auditorium with a sitar, which is great of course, but we want to see you in the clubs and see you experimenting, are we going to see any of that this year?

    Anoushka Shankar: Hopefully, I am actually doing the classical circuit this time. I have got a couple of shows in support of the World Food Programme, of which I am ambassador. We have got a couple of shows around the country for the album that we will be doing, so obviously it will be a very different type of tone.

    Reshil Charles: So you have a great time and best of luck with the album.

    Bollywood News : My new album is less moody: Anoushka Shankar

    Abhishek Bachchan has no time to perform at Star Screen Awards

    2006/12/29 14:40:11

    Abhishek Bachchan recently received the Yash Bharati Award and is busy shooting for his forthcoming films. Abhishek was recently seen in Dhoom 2, but although the film received good reviews, Abhi was severely criticized for his appearance as well as his performance. Also his last film Umrao Jaan with supposed girlfriend Ash did not set the cash registers ringing at the box-office. Now at the beginning of next year, once again Ash-Abhi will be seen in Mani Ratnam’s Guru. Abhi is placing all his hopes on this film as he is said to have a very strong character and role in the film. Abhishek was also seen performing at the GIFA awards held in Malaysia. Recently the organizers of Star Screen Awards approached the actor to perform for their awards function, but unfortunately the actor had to refuse due to busy shooting schedules.

    Last year Abhishek Bachchan received the award for Best Comic Actor at the Star Screen Awards for his role in the film Bunty Aur Babli. The awards will now be held on the 6th January 2007 but Abhishek who was approached to perform for the show will be busy shooting for Goldie Behl’s film. However some sources claim that when the actor was approached to perform for the awards ceremony he quoted an exorbitant amount as remuneration, hence the organizers decided to approach some one else to perform. But Sandeep Khosla, who will be directing the show, says “Fifteen days back we contacted Abhishek for the finale act. But he did not have dates for rehearsals. He was shooting for Goldie Behl’s film and said he would not be able to give time for drills. But our talks did not reach the stage where we needed to discuss money, but yes we do definitely have a different budget allocation for different acts.”

    Now Star has approached some other big stars to perform for their awards ceremony. Abhishek’s popularity has been continuously on the rise even though the actor has not had many hits to his credit. Nonetheless the actor has received several popular viewers’ choice awards like the “most sexy actor’ and ‘gay icon’ tags. So could Abhishek actually be putting up his price in tandem with his growing popularity? However Bunty Walia who handles Abhi’s work claims that the remuneration was not the problem, but Abhi was informed too late and did not have the time to accommodate rehearsals.


    Bollywood News : Abhishek Bachchan has no time to perform at Star Screen Awards

    Katrina basks in LA glory, Ash-Abhi & Bips to follow suit

    2007/8/13 10:38:19

    Celebrations of India's 60th year of Independence is taking place across the globe. First United Kingdom unveiled a month-long ‘India Now’ festival in London and now Los Angeles drew the curtains over ‘India Splendor’ which is a six-day festival of Indian arts and culture in Beverly Hills.

    Supported by corporates and the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, the event opened on Friday night with the screening of Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India.

    “It’s fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for a better venue. It’s always thrilling to come here to watch movies and then to have your film screened here is great,” director of Chak De India Shimit Amin said.

    Many Bollywood stars including Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu are scheduled hit the red carpet in LA in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, it was Katrina Kaif who made an appearance on Day One.

    “At the end of the day a lot of people may not be aware or concerned with the actual reach of Indian cinema. So, it’s a huge platform here. It’s all about going beyond the Asian market,” actor Katrina Kaif said.

    Featuring the best of Indian art, fashion and business, ‘India Splendor’ is an attempt to bring Indian culture on the world map.

    Bollywood News : Katrina basks in LA glory, Ash-Abhi & Bips to follow suit

    Srija wants reconciliation

    2007/10/26 16:11:57

    The runaway bride Srija and her husband now seem to have realized the futility of running away from their homes. The couple is now desperate to come back. And after failing to make contact or get any response from her father Chiranjeevi, Srija now is trying to make amends. It appears that some behind the scene mediation is going on. Srija, who took a tough stance against her father, is now seen almost pleading with him to forgive her. This is seen as an effort by her to clear the way for her return.

    The runaway couple is already on the run for nearly 10 days now and it is increasing getting difficult for them to hide from the media as well as the family. They also seem to have realized that they do not have deep pocket o maintain their runaway life. Srija seems to have finally realized the futility of running away from home. It is now clear to the couple that unless and until Chiranjeevi approved of their marriage, they have no chance returning to Hyderabad nor can they a lead a normal life.

    Andhra News : Srija wants reconciliation

    Rani is Very Upset

    2007/2/13 15:06:48

    Rani Mukherjee is a very upset girl these days. It is said that it is due to the engagement of Ash with Abhi. At one time they were romantically linked more so with the film Bunti aur Babli. Rani appears to be visibly disappointed but is not letting it show.

    She has not come face to face with Abhisekh after his engagement. In fact, she went to great lengths to avoid coming face to face with Abhisekh Bachchan when accompanied mother Jaya Bachchan on the sets of ‘Choodiyan’. Rani and Jaya are acting together in the film.

    Bollywood News : Rani is Very Upset

    Sallu-Katrina ka nikaah?

    2007/4/13 12:22:03

    Yesterday morning, a crowd of around 500 persons collected outside Galaxy Apartments, Salman Khan's Bandra residence. The crowds were excitedly discussing Salman's marriage to girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

    According to the rumours, the duo had gotten married in a hush-hush ceremony on Tuesday. The crowds wanted a glimpse of the happy couple.

    Says a source from the film industry, "The industry has been abuzz with speculation about the Salman-Katrina marriage ever since the Abhi-Ash wedding date had been announced.

    Some people even thought that Salman and Katrina would announce their wedding date a day before or the same day as the Abhi-Ash wedding (April 20) and upstage their event." And that's where the wedding rumours apparently started.

    Kat's in Dubai

    When contacted, Katrina Kaif burst into laughter. "I think everyone has gone mad! I couldn't have got married yesterday! I have been shooting for Abbas-Mustan's Race with Akshaye Khanna in Dubai for the last three days.

    Right now, I have just come back from shopping with my sister Isabel who is with me in Dubai, and we are having a gala time shopping and enjoying the food."

    Wait a little longer

    According to a source in Star Plus, "Everyone knows that Salman and Katrina have shot for KBC3 with Shah Rukh but what no one knows is that this episode was planned to coincide with the Bachchan-Rai wedding.

    Shah Rukh Khan's KBC3 starring Katrina and Salman will be aired on April 19 (just a day before the wedding). It will be one of the most viewed shows on air and will garner high TRPs as Salman and Katrina together have never come on TV for a show. So while the media will be busy trying to catch what's happening on the wedding that day, the viewers will be sitting at home watching KBC3."

    When asked about her return to Mumbai, Kat says, "I am coming back at the end of the month," says Katrina. That rules out marriage for Sal-Kat at least on April 20!

    Bollywood News : Sallu-Katrina ka nikaah?

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