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on 2007/12/13 16:56:22

Fans first, says Ajith

It is no magic that he is the only actor who has continued to retain his fan base despite a string of flops. For Ajith, his fans come first.

Reinforcing this notion, the ‘King of Opening’ has made a rare gesture towards his fans. Despite pressure from the director and producer to have international premieres for his forthcoming film Billa,
Ajith has informed them that he wants to show the film to his loyal fans in India first.

Acceding to their hero’s request, the makers have now cancelled the intended premieres in Chennai, Kaula Lampur and UK.

Though it might come as a disappointment to the city’s elite, who were hoping to walk the red carpet on December 13, the news is bound to be a cause for celebration for fans who will ensure their thala’s
magnum opus gets a great opening.

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    Ajith’s fans pray for his recovery

    2007/2/7 15:03:24

    After news that Ajith has been admitted to the Apollo hospitals owing to his backache that recurred during the shoots of Kreedom in Vishakapatnam, his fans have been desperate to know the status of his health. Behindwoods’ inbox is thronged with mails from Ajith fans and special prayers are being conducted all over for his faster recovery.

    Meanwhile, Shalini - while talking to a news source in this regard - stated that Ajith’s condition is normal now. She also said that Ajith would participate in the shoots of Kreedom that are proposed to be held in Chennai on Friday.

    Besides, another news source from Vishakapatnam confirmed Shalini’s statement. Ajith’s ailment was due to the recurrence of his back pain and there need not be any concerns about the actor’s health, the source added.

    Tamil Cinema News : Ajith’s fans pray for his recovery

    Kireedom's Climax Changed !!

    2007/8/1 11:48:58

    Ajith's Kireedam has been receiving mixed reviews. The remake of Malayalam hit titled the same, Kireedam features Ajith, Trisha and Raj Kiran in lead roles.A sad ending to the movie, where Ajith's fails to realize his father's dreams of becoming a cop was not received well by Ajith-fans.

    As a result, director A L Vijay has opted a change in the climax. Now the climax has been re-edited and it has a positive ending.Director Vijay says, “The movie is doing well at box-office especially in urban centres. But the climax has been changed due to request from Ajith fans and the audience in general. They want a positive ending”.

    Tamil Cinema News : Kireedom's Climax Changed !!

    Raju Sundaram's treat to Ajith's fans

    2007/12/16 17:26:40

    Raju Sundaram, the eldest of the three siblings of the terpsichorean family, is to enter into direction big time. For his maiden venture, Raju has managed to rope in Ajith Kumar, who is all gung ho about the reception from the audience for his magnum opus Billa. The team is busy hunting for a heroine in Mumbai and this project is all ready to hit the floors soon. Speaking on this project, Raju said that he was eager to work with Ajith as he is a very cooperative and dedicated actor, which is a rare breed these days.

    When questioned on the theme of his upcoming project, he said that it is a fun-filled family entertainer and will have all the aspects that would satisfy Thala’s fans. Putting an end to our curiosity as to whether the movie will have a good number of dance sequences, as the director himself is a choreographer, he said that it would carry importance but will not deviate from the script, which will have good doses of humor.

    Earlier, Raju used to give Ajith some easy dance steps as the actor had some difficulties after a spinal surgery; however, as per his instructions not to give any concessions, as it would lower the quality of the dance sequence, he would be given some challenging steps. Raju cited this incident as testimony to Ajith's sincerity and dedication. The shooting is expected to start soon after the casting is over and Ajith is ready to return from his self-imposed break, sometime in February. Now that's a combo to lookout for.

    Tamil Cinema News : Raju Sundaram's treat to Ajith's fans

    Trisha upsets over the clashes

    2007/7/21 15:09:07

    Trisha, the heroine of Kreedom is upset over the clashes between her fans and Ajith's supporters. Yesterday, some of the Ajith's fans damaged Trisha's cut-out erected by Trisha foundation in front of Satyam Cinema Complex in the City.

    In Suburban also, the ardent supporters of Ajith has compelled the theatre administration to remove the cut-outs of Trisha. But, the theatre manger refused to do so. After a few minutes, some of the Ajith fans thrown stones on the cut outs and damaged all her posters. To control the situation, police requested the theatre administration to remove the cut-outs of the actress.

    Trisha Foundation has erected mega size banners in all over the city to celebrate the release of their 'Thalaivi's film Kreedom. It seems that the poster size of Trisha is much bigger than the film's publicity posters!

    Later, Trisha told that she was very upset over the disputes. She said, "the purpose of the foundation is to help the poor and unhealthy children and I never support such filmy activities of the foundation members. She too added, "regarding the out come of the film, I couldn't say anything at this moment. It is too early for anybody to judge a film..."

    Tamil Cinema News : Trisha upsets over the clashes

    Will Mohanbabu’s fans clash with NTR fans?

    2007/8/14 22:50:17 While the suspense over Yamadonga builds up ahead of its release, some people are worried about fans of the respective actors. The news about Mohan Babu putting up his own solo posters has not gone down well with NTR fans.

    They are now making their own arrangements to put up huge hoarding of NTR at cinema halls. And Mohan Babu’s fans too are making arrangements to put up bigger cutouts of their actor.

    It may turn ugly at some place, as the fans of the two actors may clash over the size and location of the cutouts. Let us hope it does not get serious like the one seen in Tamil Nadu where the fans of Ajith and Trisha clashed over the size of the cutouts.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Mohanbabu’s fans clash with NTR fans?

    Now Kreedom game

    2007/7/18 13:19:04

    Ajith’s popularity among his fans is awesome. And every time his movie hits the screens the hype and frenzy has no limits. With his Kreedom due to be released shortly, expectations are soaring over the roof. And there is no second thought that it is the most hyped movie after Sivaji.

    One of the famous game website in India, has decided to cash in on the Kreedom fever by releasing a game version. It’s a rarity to find a game for a Kollywood film. But the move has been well received by Ajith fans and they are thronging the website to play as their Thala for a few minutes.

    Tamil Cinema News : Now Kreedom game

    Simran tries to woo Ajith and Bharath

    2007/4/20 11:14:15

    The evergreen Simran is back in news. This talented actress, who has conquered many a hearts with her performance and dances, has been hibernating for quite some time in marital bliss. Just recently she staged a comeback with a few ad projects. With this, her fans started speculating if she might foray into full-time acting.

    For those eager to know about Simran's next move, here it is. Word that is doing rounds in Kollywood is that she may start her own production house. Sources close to Simran say that having had a huge success starring opposite Ajith in Vaali, she just might rope in Ajith for her maiden project. However, there are speculations that Bharath, who is one of the top heroes in South India at present, is also being considered.

    Tamil Cinema News : Simran tries to woo Ajith and Bharath

    Ajith shaves off the beard

    2008/3/27 15:56:45

    After allowing it to grow for four months, Ajith has now removed his beard.

    Ajith is appearing in the role of aggressive police officer in Raju Sundaram directed ‘Ekan'. He is someone who destroys the opponent without thinking. So, he grew his heard for that role. Now that the action scenes have been shot, he has removed the beard.

    Nayantara is his pair in ‘Ekan'. Now the romantic scenes are being shot. Along with them, Raju Sundaram is also shooting the scenes of Ajith's brother Navdeep.

    Suhasini appears as Navdeep's mother. But she is not Ajith's mother, but his aunt. Suhasini is the second wife to Ajith's father.

    The film will have equal weight for action and sentiment!

    Tamil Cinema News :  Ajith shaves off the beard

    Ajith stepping into the shows of Sivaji

    2008/1/24 13:08:24

    After acting in the remake of a Rajinikanth’s film, Ajith is all set to act in another remake. It will be a movie that featured the legendary actor ‘Nadigar Thilagam’ Sivaji Ganesan.

    Sivaji Productions is planning to remake Sivaji’s blockbuster ‘Puthiya Paravai’, for which the choice of the director is yet to be decided.

    Ajith will act in Sivaji’s role, while Prabhu will play the role of the distinctive actor M.R. Radha. The selection of heroine and music director will be made soon. It is tipped that either K.S. Ravikumar or Vishnuvardhan will direct the movie.

    So it will be another remake to Ajith, whose market was redeemed by a remake.

    Tamil Cinema News : Ajith stepping into the shows of Sivaji

    Ajith-Shalini get baby daughter

    2008/1/4 11:03:58

    Ajith and Shalini are proud parents of a baby girl.

    A small flashback...

    In 1999, Ajith and Shalini fell in love. When both parents agreed to the wedding, the function took place amidst great fanfare. The wedding reception at Taj Connemara was graced by film personalities from Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam as well as politicians.

    After being free of any family responsibility all these years, Shalini's pregnancy got confirmed when Ajith was immersed in 'Billa' shooting in Malaysia. Despite being so occupied, he made periodic visits to be with his dear wife.

    The due date was given as Dec end or Jan first week. Yesterday, Shalini was admitted to the hospital and the child was born early this morning at 1.30am through surgical means.Like any expectant father, Ajith was all tense till the doctor gave him the good news. His reaction was to immediately look heavenward and convey his thanks to the lord. He then spent joyous moments with wife and child when they were brought to their private room.

    Resembling Ajith, the child weighs 3.3 kgs. Both mother and child are doing well. Ajith has celebrated the birth of his daughter by distributing sweets to friends and relatives.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Ajith-Shalini get baby daughter

    KS Ravikumar to direct Ajith

    2007/10/27 9:47:39

    Ajith and KS Ravi Kumar join forces again.

    collaborations 'Villain' and 'Varalaaru' were mega hits. Their third film together is for AVM!

    After 'Billa' is over, Ajith will act in 'Akbar' directed by Raju Sundaram. Shriya is his heroine. After this, he will act in the film directed by KS Ravikumar and produced by AVM's Balasubramanian.

    Since their earlier 2 films were super hits, distributors are expectant over their third collaboration.

    Tamil Cinema News : KS Ravikumar to direct Ajith

    Katrina Kaif pairs with Ajith

    2008/2/2 20:10:33

    Ajith has at last found himself a leading lady.

    For his next film, Ajith is busy fighting in Hong Kong. For his first directorial venture, Raju Sundaram is breaking his head as to who should pair with Ajith. After considering Shriya, Bipasha Basu and others, they have finally settled on Katrina Kaif.

    Salman Khan is shooting for the Hindi version of 'Pokkiri' in Chennai and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif followed him here. When Raju Sundaram happened to meet her, he narrated the story of his new film. After a great deal of consideration, Kaif finally gave her assent, much to everyone's delight. Most actresses who come here from north India are not greatly lauded. Will Katrina change that?

    Tamil Cinema News :  Katrina Kaif pairs with Ajith

    Ajith in Rajini's home production

    2008/5/9 13:57:30

    strong rumour mills around Tamil Cinema is that Ajith has signed a contract with the Superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya's Ocher Studios to do a sequel of Billa under the banner. According to the sources, Ocher will pay a whopping Rs.10 crores as his salary for this project. If our information is true, Ajith is the only actor, who is getting such a huge amount as salary after the Superstar. This film will be directed by none other than the director of Billa -2007, Vishnuvardhan.

    According to a source, the successful actor and director have completed the preliminary discussions and will continue the script work after returning from their Cannes trip. Just a couple of weeks ago, Soundarya successfully made a deal with Hollywood giant Warner Brothers to make feature films in all the four South Indian languages and Billa – 2 is the first film in the row.

    It is said that Rajinikanth only gave the idea of booking Ajith for this new venture and tipped Ajith-Vishnu combination to make the sequel to Billa. The total budget of the film is Rs.30 crores and this project will be commenced in 2009, after the release of Ajith's project under Shivaji Productions.

    Tamil Cinema News : Ajith in Rajini's home production

    Asin pairs with Ajith

    2006/7/28 16:21:43

    Aalwar is Ultimate star Ajith’s latest venture, as we have already reported to you. Ajith’s personification in the movie is of a fearless and macho man! The Ultimate star has been grueling himself in the gym for the past two months and can now be seen with a brawny build for Aalwar. He has also put on 6 kilos for this movie!

    Ajith is pairing with charming Asin in this movie. Mahadevan, Pasupathi, Sathyan and Manorama are playing important roles. Srikanth Deva is composing music and Ravi Maria has penned down the dialogues. Chella who has worked with director S.J.Suryah as associate director for the movies Vali, Kushi and New is at the helm of this movie. Producer Mohan Natarajan said that Aalwar’s shooting is scheduled to start from August 1st.


    Tamil Cinema News : Asin pairs with Ajith

    Ajit's next may be AKBAR !

    2007/9/26 10:31:08

    Ajith’s Billa is now almost ready and if everything goes on well as expected then the movie might make it just in time for Diwali. With this being so, projects seem to be knocking at Ajith’s doors. If sources are to be believed, then the actor’s next project could very well be for London Karunas’ Ayngaran Films.

    Earlier, rumours were afloat in the Kollywood circles that Prabhu Deva would direct the movie. Well, now the focus has shifted to his elder brother Raju Sundaram. Gossip mills have it that when Raju approached Ajith with a story he seemed to have liked it and has given a go ahead signal. And the latest heart-throb, Shriya, could be Ajith’s arm candy in this film.

    The movie is tentatively titled as Akbar, according to our sources and all details are expected to be announced formally in a few days. If everything falls in place, then Akbar may start rolling from December.

    Tamil Cinema News : Ajit's next may be AKBAR !

    Nayanthara again with Ajith.

    2008/3/8 9:44:19

    After the super success of Billa the glam Nayanthara pairs up with Ajith for the movie Aegan. This Raju Sundaram's film, featuring Ajith in the lead role, was said to be introducing Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif.

    After Katrina had pulled off from the venture, efforts were made to rope in queen of Telugu filmdom, Ileana into the venture.

    Finally Nayana got the chance. The news is confirmed by reliable sources belonging to the production house Ayngaran International, which produces the film. It is believed that Nayan has been booked and paid an advance.

    It will be a back to back film for Ajith-Nayan pair after the successful Billa. Nayantara, meanwhile, as already announced, will act in Kuselan in Hyderabad, in which she is paired with superstar Rajinikanth.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Nayanthara again with Ajith.

    Ajith, Vijay to remake Rajini hits?

    2006/11/28 16:15:00 Remaking yesteryear blockbusters is fast becoming a fad in Bollywood. Now the same talk is doing the rounds in Tamil too.

    Recently, Vijay confessed to a dream of doing the remake of Rajinikanth hit Murattu Kaalai. Now it is not clear as to who will remake it. But Vijay has expressed the desire for the same.

    Elsewhere, Ajith is not left far behind in this remake dream.

    Kollywood buzz has it that Ajith maybe doing the remake of Billa soon, for Balaji’s son, Suresh Balaji’s production.

    It maybe recalled that it was Balaji who made the original Billa with Rajini not long ago.

    Further, Billa’s original, Don, was recently remade in Hindi with Shahrukh Khan.


    Tamil Cinema News : Ajith, Vijay to remake Rajini hits?

    I agreed because he makes it very nice: Trisha

    2011/9/30 11:01:12

    Kollywood actor Ajith's latest movie 'Gambler' which recently released and also packed up from many theaters in the state has Trisha in it. She agrees that her role in the film is not having any importance, yet she has joined the film only because she likes to pair with Ajith.

    Speaking about him, Trisha said "I have two reasons to work in this film. The first one is, the film is directed by one of my favorite directors Venkat Prabhu and the second reason is to pair with Ajith.

    Working with Venkat Prabhu is just like going to a picnic. He makes everything go smooth and with great ease. The specialty about Ajith is, he is a wonderful cook. Apart from the makeup kit in his vehicle he also maintains a small kitchen in it. Whenever we go on shooting he surely prepares a very special dish in his mobile kitchen. Especially, his Biryani is mouth watering. He cooks it very tasty. More over, working with him is a wonderful experience for any heroine. Although, he is very senior he moves very friendly with everyone in the sets. So, I don't want to miss any chance to work with him," said Trisha.

    Telugu Cinema News :  I agreed because he makes it very nice: Trisha

    Billa: An interesting flashback

    2007/12/8 13:21:32

    'Billa' is ready to be released on December 14. The whole unit has fond memories of the shooting that lasted for around 95 days. Ajith was staying in Hotel Legend, a star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. He moved with all the technicians with lot of affection. The technicians say that the ultimate star used to give treat to all the 75 members of the technicians team every week.

    Ajith hasn’t given up his passion for adventures with the car. The technicians recall an incident that happened in the cable car location situated in Langkawi. The script has a scene in this location. Ajith drove the car across the gap between the two bridges constructed at the height of 2000 ft for the scene. He did not accept to have a dupe to act in the scene, which is highly risk to perform.

    It is not surprising that Ajith, with an amazing mix of affection and brave heart, has stolen everyone’s heart in the unit. They firmly believe that the movie would do the same magic with the audience as well.

    Tamil Cinema News : Billa: An interesting flashback

    'Billa' to be released on 30 Nov

    2007/10/25 11:37:20

    The shooting for Ajith's ‘Billa’ is totally complete. The good news for Ajith-fans is that the movie will hit the screens on 30 November.

    The movie, a remake of yesteryear Rajnikanth hit, was initially slated for release on Deepavali day. However for reasons unknown its release for postponed.

    Speaking about the film, its producer Anandha Suresh, said, “We have completed the shooting. The background and re-recording works have commenced. It is being carried out in Mumbai”.

    Dwelling further, Anandha Suresh said, “We would be releasing the movie with 250 prints worldwide. For the first time, we are planning to release the movie in abroad with English sub-titles. The audio of ‘Billa’ would be released on 15 November followed by the movie on 30 November”.

    The movie stars Ajith, Nayantara, Namitha, Prabhu, and Rahman among others in the cast. Music is by Yuvanshankar Raja and the movie is directed by Vishnuvardhan.

    Interestingly, noted stunt choreographer William Yong, who worked in several Jackie Chan movies, had worked in ‘Billa’.

    Tamil Cinema News : 'Billa' to be released on 30 Nov

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