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on 2007/5/31 7:56:52

How much is Chiru worth?

The latest talk in the industry is the net worth of Chiranjeevi. Estimates vary but many agree that his property holdings alone could be close to a whopping 1,000 crores. Yes, 1,000 crores! And the figure will only go up over time. Chiranjeevi reportedly hold some prime property not just in Hyderabad but also in other parts of the state.

The sudden spurt in real estate prices has seen the value of his property spurt many fold in just a couple of years. Even his net house which he constructed last year with a budget of about 30 crores in now estimated to be worth at least twice that amount if not more. It is no surprise that Chiranjjevi is worth so much, but a small time actor like Ali is reported to have property running into around 100 crores.

But the man who beats them all is the hero of yesteryears Shobhan Babu. He is the richest actor to date with huge real estate holding in many cities. Shobhan Babu is reported to have invested all his money earned from films in real estate systematically and is now one of the richest actors in the state.

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    Rajni to mediate between Babu and Chiru

    2008/3/17 19:11:14 Superstar Rajnikanth and megastar Chiranjeevi are very god friends. Rajnikanth and Babu are also very close friends. So both Chiru and Babu attended the film launch function of Rajnikanth in Hyderabad the other day.

    But Babu and Chiru may become political rival once Chiranjeevi launches his political party. But they did not show any sign of awkwardness or discomfort at the function. They both seemed to share a good rapport.

    Analysts now say that there could be some secret understanding between Babu and Chiru. This may have come about with the help of Rajnikanth. Even if Chiru and Babu fight the next assembly elections separately, Babu can count on the support of Chiru if he falls short of a majority.

    Rajnikanth is said to have assured Babu that he would convince Chiranjeevi to support him in such eventuality.

    Andhra News : Rajni to mediate between Babu and Chiru

    Chiru’s movie from next month

    2007/10/16 20:25:37 There is still no confirmation about Chiranjeevi’s next film. SDZ was his 148th film. All his fans are eagerly awaiting the news about his 149th film. But so far, there is no official communication in this regard.
    Many names are being floated. Krishnavamsy was almost finalized to direct Chiru’s next film. But no news has come out so far. Now Chiru is reported to be looking at script

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru’s movie from next month

    Jagan is worth just 365 crore!

    2011/4/15 11:51:09

    Is YS Jagan worth just 365 crore. Yes, is the answer according to the affidavit he filed along with his nomination papers in Kadapa today.

    While the opposition parties and his detractors in the congress ay that Jagan is worth more than 1,00,000 crore his affidavit comes as a disappointment to his fans.

    Andhra News : Jagan is worth just 365 crore!

    ‘Sarvadhari’ not auspicious for Chiru?

    2008/4/8 21:36:57 The Telugu New Year ‘Ugadi’ is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals in the Telugu calendar. The festival bring along with it, predictions for people in the New Year. Megastar Chiranjeevi is looking for an auspicious moment to launch his political party.

    But the almanac has not brought much cheer to Chiru. According to the predictions for Chiru, the year is not at all auspicious for him. The year does not hold much hope for him politically. He is not likely to make much headway this year.

    According to some astrologers, he will have a tough time till August 2009. He also does not have very bright chances of becoming the chief minister. Will Chiru heed these predictions and alter his plans or will he go ahead and prove the astrologer wrong?

    Andhra News : ‘Sarvadhari’ not auspicious for Chiru?

    Students back Chiru in big way

    2008/4/29 17:30:51

    This is by far the best news that Chiranjeevi could have heard ever since he gave an indication that he was interested in entering politics. Chiru is now expected to announce his political party in a couple of months Nagababu is now touring several places in the state to gauge the mood of the people.

    He is getting a good response everywhere. The good news however is that the student community – both boys and girls are showing a great interest in Chiru's party and are ready to back him to the hilt. This can tilt the scales in Chiru's favour in a big way.

    Telugu Cinema News : Students back Chiru in big way

    Jagan’s 400 crore bungalow!

    2011/4/16 11:46:36

    The candidate from Kadapa Lok Sabha seat YS Jagan may have mentioned his assets at just 365 crore in his affidavit but he is worth much, much more.

    Jagan’s detractors say that his bungalow in Bengaluru alone is worth upwards of 400 crores. Add to this his lands in Pulivendula and Idupulapaya, Bharathi Cements, Sakshi paper and TV and numerous other businesses.

    So, Jagan may not have shown even 1/100 of his real worth in his affidavit.

    Andhra News : Jagan’s 400 crore bungalow!

    Chiru asks fans to suggest name

    2007/12/6 13:07:35

    Chiranjeevi fans are already celebrating the imminent entry of their megastar into politics. And their joy was doubled when they got a message from Chiru’s aide asking all his fans associations to come up with a suitable name for his soon to be launched political party. Chiru aims to work for the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden, so a name to reflect his agenda is what he is looking for.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru asks fans to suggest name

    KCR’s plans on Chiru

    2007/12/17 13:51:14 The TRS chief K Chandrasheka Rao is now watching the moves of Chiranjeevi camp very closely. He is now looking for an alliance partner in the next assembly elections. KCR has already badmouthed both the congress as well as the communists. So an alliance with those parties is now out of question. And the TDP is his sworn enemy.

    This leaves KCR with the lone hope of Chiranjeevi. KCR is sure that Chiranjeevi would come out with a positive signal on Telangana. And this is what KCR needs to back Chiranjeevi fully and align with him. One word is what KCR is looking from Chiranjeevi. Just a positive sign from Chiru on Telangana is sufficient for KCR and he il immediately announce his support to Chiru’s party.

    Andhra News : KCR’s plans on Chiru

    Megastar Chiru – A Man with Real Heart

    2006/9/24 16:56:28

    Though Megastar Mega Movie Stalin which is a Megahit filled Chiru and his fans with happiness yet it also left sadness to Chiru and his fans. Chiru passed his condolences and Sympathy to all family members of Nagaraju, Sheik Hussain who were killed in Vinukonda with current shock while tying the Banners, Adi Narayana in Tadipatri who was killed by wall debris, Rama Rao from Sathena palli who was killed in Road accident while returning home after watching movie and Ravi Kumar from Tadipatri who was severely hurt in stampede at the ticket counter. The Man of the society Chiru did not leave the issue just by passing his sympathy and condolences, he also requested his brother Nagendra Babu to provide financial support for all the people who were either killed or hurt during the Stalin Release. Once again Megastar proves he is the Man with Real Heart. Nagendra Babu while speaking to the press requested Chiru fans to take extra care and to pay more attention to avoid this kind of incidents in future.


    Telugu Cinema News : Megastar Chiru – A Man with Real Heart

    Chiru planning a quickie?

    2008/4/14 8:42:10 Is Chiranjeevi planning to come up with a quick film? No one from Chiru is ready to confirm or deny this but it is learnt that the script for his next film is ready. Paruchuri brothers are giving some finishing touches to the script and are updating it with the latest developments.

    The film is likely to be heavy with political overtones and is being planned as a sort of a launch pad for Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics. The only problem now is the director. Many big names were sounded an even they were keen to make the film. But they waited for months on end but Chiru could not make up his mind. So all those directors have now taken up other projects.

    Andhra News : Chiru planning a quickie?

    Allu is ‘Mr. Clean’! – Chiranjeevi

    2011/2/24 10:03:14

    Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind are like milk and water – inseparable. There is no denying the fact that it was largely due to Aravind’s efforts that Chiranjeevi rose in the film industry and became megastar.

    Chiranjeevi said that all the talk and stories in the media about Allu Aravind are false and motivated. Chiru said that Aravind has cordial relations with his brothers Naga Babu, Pawan Kalyan and others.

    Chiru said that Aravind had only played a very constructive role in the family and did his best to keep it united. Chiru made these comments in a TV show.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu is ‘Mr. Clean’! – Chiranjeevi

    Chiru's next film with Rajmouli ?

    2006/9/22 13:51:42

    "Jintaaku jita jita jinintakuta" this sentence was popularaized by director Rajamouli through Vikramarudu. Rajamouli proved him self as a good technician by giving several hits. This director is directing the mega star Chiru in this year. As per the sources this films story will be action packed. Let's see whether Ramcharan's Film will be announced first or Megastar Chiru's film ?

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru's next film with Rajmouli ?

    Poor Vijayamma is worth just 2.07 crore

    2011/4/17 12:25:47

    Vijayamma wife of lte chief minister YS Rajshkar Reddy is worth just 2.07 crore. This is the figure she submitted in her affidavit with her nomination papers for the Pulivendula assembly seat.

    Andhra News : Poor Vijayamma is worth just 2.07 crore

    Merge congress with PRP!

    2011/2/3 14:27:08

    The news that the Praja Rajyam Party is likely to be merged with the Congress has come in for criticism from several quarters. The congressmen are not at all happy with the idea.

    The senior congressmen feel that their loyalty is not worth a penny in the party and an outside like Chiru being offered some big post is only adding insult to injury.

    Some are even sarcastically commenting that instead of asking PRP to merge with the congress, the congress party would do well to merge with the PRP as Chiranjeevi has some charisma left while there is hardly any leader in the congress who has the charisma to draw crowds or garner votes.

    Andhra News : Merge congress with PRP!

    Chiru’s wedding gift for Allu Arjun

    2011/3/8 16:30:11

    People are naturally curious to know as to what gift Chiranjeevi may have given to Allu Arjun on his birthday.

    According to sources, Chiranjeevi gifted Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy couples watch set costing around 4.5 lakhs. In addition Chiranjeevi is also said to have gifted Sneha Reddy god jewellery worth 3.5 lakhs.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru’s wedding gift for Allu Arjun

    Jaya cautions Chiru

    2008/3/19 20:19:56

    Ever since the news of Chiranjeevi entering politics came out, people started commenting about it in a big way. The newspapers as well as TV channels started doling out advice to Chiru. Every Tom, dick and Harry had some advice or the other for Chiranjeevi. Chiru did not take much notice of all this unsolicited advice but he is seeking the advice from some close friends in the industry as also that of some trusted politicians.

    Megastar is reported to have met Jayalalitha secretly when he was in Chennai in January. While many people have responded positively to his idea of entering politics, Jayalalitha is said to have cautioned him in very serious terms.

    She is said to have asked Chiru to have a rethink. Politics is not everyone’s cup of tea and for people like Chiranjeevi it would be that much difficult. She said that a sensitive person like Chiranjeevi would suffer unnecessarily in politics. Chiranjeevi has a high respect for Jayalalitha. We have to see how far he will take her advice now.

    Andhra News : Jaya cautions Chiru

    Chiru becomes grandpa again!

    2011/10/12 13:06:46

    It is good news for the mega family. Chiranjeevi has become grandfather once again. Chiru's elder daughter Sushmitha gave birth to a baby girl today at a city hospital. This is her second child and the first child is also a girl.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Chiru becomes grandpa again!

    Chiru’s new look exposed!

    2010/10/18 10:13:25

    Chiranjeevi put on a lot of weight after he quit films and entered politics. He is now making a comeback into films.

    Therefore it is only natural that he sheds weight and looks trim and fit. For this purpose Chiranjeevi went to the US recently.

    Chiru is now back from the US and he is indeed very slim and fit. His new looks are being appreciated by everyone.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru’s new look exposed!

    Ramcharan's 2nd Film with Geeta Arts ?

    2006/9/12 14:36:32

    The filmnagar sources saying that Ramacharans 2nd film is going to be produced by Chiru's family member Geeta Arts Allu Aravind and is being directed by VV Vinayak who directed Megastars Thakur. Also yester years heroine Jayaprada is plalying a role in Ramcharans one of the film.

    Let us hope the director proves, megastars son is worth a megason for film fraternity.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramcharan's 2nd Film with Geeta Arts ?

    Chiru's tragedy!

    2007/8/17 10:03:38

    The suspense over Chiranjjeevi’s next film continues. He has yet to announce his 149th film but talk about his 150the film is already doing the rounds. The subject is said to be the story of a freedom fighter from Rayalaseema, Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

    And Chiru’s wife Surekha is likely to produce this film. So far so good. But the real problem is, the freedom fighter is sentenced to death by hanging by the Britishers for raising a mutiny against the British Empire way back in 1850’s. So will Chiru’s fans be able to digest the scene where their favorite hero is sent to the gallows – that too in his 150th film?

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru's tragedy!

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