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on 2007/2/12 10:07:45

Is Jyothika the villain of Pachaikili Muthucharam?

Gautham Menon's Pachaikili Muthucharam is a thriller with a good mix of family sentiments. With his last movie, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu becoming a big hit, his next venture has generated a good amount of curiosity. The movie is tentatively slated to be released on 16th Feb. The main theme of the film as reported earlier is said to be based on an English movie, Derailed. Let's take a quick look at the story of the movie.

The story is about an executive from a multi national company, whose financial status is very strong, married with a beautiful wife, and has a 6 years old daughter. His daughter suffers from a perennial diabetic problem with insulin injections to be administered everyday. Due to this, major portion of his earnings goes for the medical treatment, and hospitalization of the child.

And moreover, the intimate relationship between the husband and wife starts to deteriorate due to their worry and concern for their child. At this juncture, another woman enters into the life of the hero. What starts as a simple offer in buying his rail ticket, blossoms into an illicit relationship. A clandestine meet in a hotel room takes a twist when an unknown man barges in, robs them and rapes her.

Later on, the same man starts visiting his home and starts blackmailing him every week and takes money from him without the knowledge of his wife and daughter. He looses all his money, including the savings that he had made for his one and only daughters' medical treatment. After loosing everything, his wife, comes to know the extramarital relationship of her husband, eventually she decides to go and live separately along with her daughter.

At this sad state of affairs, the hero, comes to know a mind blowing truth accidentally that the criminal, who is ransacking money from him, is none other than the illicit lover's husband, and both of them plotted together and extracted the money from him. The climax of the story is how the hero recovers money from the kidnappers, and gives it to the hospitalization expenses of his beloved daughter.

For Pachaikili Muthucharam, Sarathkumar plays the lead role as the hero, Mumbai model Andrea acts as his wife; the ailing daughter is replaced by a son. Jyothika's role is that of the woman who entices Sarathkumar to enter into an extra marital affair. Milind Suman acts as the kidnapper, who plots along with his wife Jyothika against Sarathkumar and extracts money from him.

Now what has to be seen is how much truth is there in the rumors that Gautham's version is inspired by Derailed. Will Jyothika still remain the negative role in story? Will Tamil movie goers accept her as a villain?

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    Pachaikili Muthucharam screened - first reactions

    2007/2/14 13:15:16

    Recently a special preview show of Pachaikili Muthucharam was organized by director Gautham Menon for his special friends at the Sathyam theatre complex. This special show was well attended by the glitterati of Kollywood like Dhanush, Aishwarya, her sister Saundarya.

    From the film crew, Jyothika accompanied by her beau Surya was the highlight of the show. Music director Harris Jeyaraj and the second heroine of the film Andrea were also present. Radhika Sarathkumar represented the hero Sarathkumar.

    The initial reaction from the stars who watched the movie seems to be very encouraging. They had good words for the treatment of the story by Gautham. Few of them were mighty impressed by the rerecording of Harris and the camera work of Aravind.

    'This definitely is not the usual commercial pot boiler. Gautham and Sarath have come up with great performance. Go watch it!', was what one of the young actors who watched the screening had to say. When Sarath was quizzed on this film and his character, he was too forthcoming with his reply.

    He continues, 'I play a medical representative in this film who leads a very ordinary and mundane life. This man has no special ambitions or drives, leaves for work at 9 in the morning and returns home by 5. Director has recorded the happenings in the life of such a man in this film very efficiently'.

    Sarathkumar has not applied make up in this film. He also states that his wife was much pleased with his looks in the film. With stars giving their thumbs up, now we will have to see how the public reacts to the movie.

    Tamil Cinema News : Pachaikili Muthucharam screened - first reactions

    Saratkumar and Jyothika in Drohi

    2007/10/22 14:47:10 A successful Tamil film 'Pachaikili Muttucharam' directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon with Saratkumar and Jyothika in the lead is being dubbed into Telugu as 'Drohi' by AK Ramana, P Vijaykumar and M Sridhar on the banner of SVR Media. Presently DTS work is in progress. The producers say, 'Saratkumar and Jyothika played different roles from routine and they are absolutely different to their image. A family's life which is go

    ing on a smooth track suffers some problems. Who were responsible for the problems is the basic subject. The film will have typical twists. The audience would be kept in a big suspense as to who is the culprit and which character is doing what. We have recently released the audio through Big Music and there is a very good response to the audio.

    The entire subject would be different right from the beginning till the end. Though it is a Tamil film, over 50 per cent shooting was held in Hyderabad. We are making efforts to release the film in the first week of November.' Singer Raghu Kunche says, 'I rendered five songs in the movie.' Jyothika did a fantastic performance in the film.' Music is by Harris Jairaj, cinematography is by Aravind Krishna, while lyrics are by Vennelakanti.

    Telugu Cinema News : Saratkumar and Jyothika in Drohi

    Jyothika Not Out

    2007/4/5 11:23:54

    Good news for all Jyothika fans. For those who thought that she would be out of action after her marriage to hero Surya, this comes as heartening news. Jyothika may have cut down on her films, but she will continue to do not just ad films but also work for Television. This is her way of keeping in touch with the medium and also to keep her creatively and professionally satisfied.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jyothika Not Out

    Surya has no objection to Jyothika's re-entry

    2007/8/8 16:08:28

    If things go along predictable lines, then we may soon see Jyothika back in films. She quit films after her marriage with Surya. Simraan has just made a re-entry into films after some gap following her marriage.

    Even Sridevi is said to be making a come back with a film with Kamal Haasan. So it will not be a big surprise if Jyothika too makes a comeback. She has the full support of her husband Surya.
    Surya said this in so many words recently while speaking to the reporters. He said that the decision to make a comeback rests entirely on Jyothika. And he has no objection whatsoever over this.

    Telugu Cinema News : Surya has no objection to Jyothika's re-entry

    I'm going to travel - Karthi

    2007/2/26 17:49:30

    Paruthiveeran' seems to be the talk of Tamilnadu now. Critics as well as fans are raving about the film, and especially over Karthi.

    "Director Ameer' is the reason behind my success," says Karthi modestly. When Karunanidhi saw a special screening of 'Paruthiveeran,' he said, "Why did you make such a climax. I don't think I will be able to sleep for the next 3 months!"

    Karthi is to star next in Selvaraghavan's 'Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam,' but the film will take some more time to start. Before that, he is to go on a small tour with Ameer. "I want to tour Tamilnadu with Ameer and see how people are reacting to 'Paruthiveeran,'" says Karthi.

    It seems Karthi has still not decided if he should take up commercial roles or adapt himself as an actor according to the story. He is very happy about the 2 films of his sis-in-law Jyotika.

    "I am very happy that my film 'Paruthiveeran' got released at the same time as Jyotika's 'Pachaikili Muthucharam' and 'Mozhi.' Both her films are doing very well. Even though all 3 films got released around same time, there is no competition between our films."

    He's just one film old and is already talking about competition.


    Tamil Cinema News :  I'm going to travel - Karthi

    Baby girl for Jyothika

    2007/8/11 13:33:55

    Actor couple Jyothika and Surya became the proud parents of a baby girl. Jyothika’s new born was delivered at a private nursing home in Chennai.

    Both the mother and child are doing well. The baby was born around 10 pm on Friday. Surya has canceled all his shootings for the weekend to be with his wife and baby.

    Telugu Cinema News : Baby girl for Jyothika

    "I'll marry Jo in December"- Surya

    2006/8/2 18:40:19

    Until now, everybody, other than Surya and Jyothika, kept talking about the romance between the two stars. Probably for the first time, one of the persons involved has spoken directly about the relationship.

    For a while now, rumors had been making the rounds that Surya and Jyothika are more than just "close friends". Recently, talks began that the two are going to get married in October and that was the reason why Jyothika had not accepted any new film offers.

    In a recent interview to the media, 32-year-old actor Surya confirmed that he indeed was planning to get married in December this year and that Jyothika is going to be the bride. He said that he was waiting for his father to make the official announcement regarding this.

    Surya is easily one of the most promising young heroes in South Indian films right now thanks to his versatile image.

    The couple now awaits Surya's father's consent.


    Bollywood News : "I'll marry Jo in December"- Surya

    Vel has Asin with Surya

    2006/12/30 14:55:44

    Surya is right now working for the movie Vaanaram Aayiram which is directed by Gautham Menon. The director started this project after completing the movie Pachai Kili Muthucharam starring Sarath Kumar and Jyothika in the lead roles.

    After the movie Vaanaram Aayiram is completed, Surya will start working with director Hari for the movie Vel. The movie Thamirabarani directed by Hari will be released for this Pongal. So the next directorial venture for Hari will be Vel. It has now been announced that Asin will be the heroine in Vel..

    Asin and Surya have already worked in the movie Ghajini and it was a very big box office hit. They will now pair again in Vel. It should also be noted the Hari and Surya have worked together for the movie Aaru which did well. So there is much expectation for the movie Vel . Asin will also star with Kamal in the movie Dasavatharam in the coming year. Good going Asin!


    Tamil Cinema News : Vel has Asin with Surya

    Big Music to release Drohi audio

    2007/9/6 11:06:06

    Big Music has bagged the audio rights of Drohi. Drohi is a hit Tamil film with Sarath Kumar, Jyothika and Andrea in the lead. AK Ramana, P Vijay Kumar and M Sridhar are dubbing the film into Telugu on the SVR Media banner.

    Gautham has directed the film and Harris Jayaraj has composed the music. The film was originally planned to be r-made in Telugu. But as Jyothika quit acting after marriage, the makers had no option but to dub it.

    Jyothika has given a scintillating performance in the movie and it will be as impressive as Chandamukhi. Gautam Menon's taking is the other highlight of the move.

    Telugu Cinema News : Big Music to release Drohi audio

    Jyothika on importance of education

    2008/5/9 7:16:08 Jyothika is now acting in a five minute documentary that stresses the value of education. She is acting in the documentary being made by Agaram foundation run by her husband Surya. The documentary is being made for the Tamil Nadu board of education. Vijay, Madhavan and Surya are also acting in the documentary. Harris Jayaraj will score the music for the film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jyothika on importance of education

    Jyothika bids adieu to arclights

    2006/9/13 16:27:31

    Having been kept out of the most colourful real life Kollywood weddings on Monday, primarily due to security reasons, about 200 newspersons representing local and upcountry print and television channels, were hosted a lunch preceded by a brief interaction with the star couple Surya and Jyothika at a five star hotel here on Tuesday.

    But there was bit of a disappointment among the media who were all set to shoot their questions when the host veteran actor and Surya's father, Sivakumar said 'only four questions on behalf of the 200 journalists for lack of time."

    Answering the first query, a predictable one, Surya said wife, Jyothika will not act anymore. "Not for now atleast. We want to raise a family", he reasoned.

    "About the future, I can't say. I don't think it will be possible. We want to raise a family", Surya said answering a 'supplementary' on the topic.

    However, the media wanted to hear it from Jyothika herself. The still "shy bride" got up, and speaking in English said "Yes, I don't want to get back to work. I have been working for ten years. I want to do something different like having a family."

    Asked how it felt to have 'tied the knot' after a long wait, Surya said in jest "it has been worth the wait. We wanted to get the consent of both the families."

    He said he would be taking Jyothika to Europe for the honeymoon.

    Meanwhile, thanking the press profusely for devoting so much space for the wedding, Sivakumar said he was originally planning to have it on a much grander scale by way of invitees.

    But a prank played by a fan of mine and Surya in a bomb scare letter to the AIADMK office, during the erstwhile government, forced him to change his mind.

    And the 9/11 date of the wedding, added to the security burden, he said.

    After the press meet, Sivakumar also invited the media personnel to pose for a "keep sake" photograph with Surya and Jyothika


    Bollywood News : Jyothika bids adieu to arclights

    Jyothika's deal to hit screen soon

    2007/7/18 12:21:25

    A successful Tamil film in the combination of Surya and Jyothika is being dubbed into Telugu as 'Deal' by D Balaji on the banner of New Dream Creations. Sripal Reddy is the presenter of the movie. The film had completed the censor formalities and is ready to hit the screen on July 20. Producer says, 'It is a youthful love story. Vasant directed the film while Yuvan Shankar Raja scored music.

    The film earned Triple Platinum Disc in Tamil. The Telugu songs were rendered by Unnikrishnan, Srinivas, Shyam, Sujatha and Bhavatarini. There is very good response to the audio. The love and romantic scenes between Surya and Jyothika, comedy by Vadivelu and Kovai Sarala, would attract all classes of audiences.' Kavitha, Vijaykumar, Nazar, Ambika are in the cast.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jyothika's deal to hit screen soon

    Jyothika’s Malayalam ventures

    2006/7/14 15:58:37

    Raakaali Paadu is Jyothika’s debut venture in Malayalam. It is the remake of her Tamil movie Snegithiyae. Due to some constraints this movie has not yet hit the theatres. Meanwhile the bubbly actress has moved onto her next venture in Malluwood, Seetha Kalyaanam. This movie’s audio was released recently by A.R.Rahman. Jyo stars opposite Jayaram in Seetka Kalyaanam which is directed by Rajiv Kumar. This movie is expected to hit the theatres by this month end.


    Tamil Cinema News : Jyothika’s Malayalam ventures

    New Villain in Tollywood

    2007/2/23 15:22:28

    The film Lakshmi Kalyanam has done wonders for both Kalyanram and Ajay. While Kalyanram’s has matured as a performer, Ajay seems to have made a mark as a villain with this film. People who have watched him in Lakshmi Kalyanam swear that the industry has finally found a homegrown villain.

    It has become a trend in Tollywood for quite sometime to import villains either from Kollywood or Bollywood. All this is likely to change to an extent. Ajay, who has shown a lot of promise as a villain in Rajamouli’s film, has now firmly established himself as a villain of good standing. All credit must go to director Teja for bringing out the best in Ajay.

    Keywords:Lakshmi Kalyanam::

    Telugu Cinema News : New Villain in Tollywood

    Comedians to turn villains

    2008/1/17 14:09:32

    It may sound strange but many comedians have expressed a desire to play villain roles. The comedians are very popular for their comic roles but some of them want to act as a villain, in at least one film. Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil and others have said in public that they are looking for a chance to play villain. Each of them also is very particular that they would like to play a hard-core villain and not some joker kind of villain.

    Sunil seems to be first of the bloc as far as villain roles are concerned. He has acted as a hero in a film. He has now bagged a big role as a full-fledged villain in a new film Sunil promises that the role will be like a mother of all villains. The actor will play a hardcore criminal in the film. Work on the film is likely to start in June.

    Telugu Cinema News : Comedians to turn villains

    From hero to villain!

    2007/12/1 14:16:53 Fate can do many things to many people. It is quite common in the industry for people to make their debut as villains and then slowly transform themselves into heroes. Sri Hari and Gopichand are just two examples.

    But we now have this rather strange incident of a hero turning into a villain. Sai Kiran, who debuted as hero in Nuvve Kaavali, is now playing villain in a new film titled ‘999’. Sai Kiran tried his luck at lead roles in some films but failed to click.

    Telugu Cinema News : From hero to villain!

    New villain in Athidhi?

    2007/7/11 16:03:38

    According to news reports emanating from Tollywood, a new villain from Bollywood has been signed up to play the villain role in Mahesh Babu’s Athidhi. Prakash Raj was the original choice but he is now said to be out of the project. The casual attitude of Prakash Raj is being cited as the reason for the replacement. The new villain Murali Sarma will now feature in the movie. Prakash Raj and Mahesh Babu have done quite a few films together and the last one was Pokiri.

    Telugu Cinema News : New villain in Athidhi?

    Prithviraj as a villain in Mani Ratnam's film.

    2008/5/18 10:03:39

    Prithviraj is said to be the first choice to act as the villain in Mani Ratnam's new untitled film starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai and Vikram. Prithviraj is trying to be different on a villain role for a second time and also because of a big reason--one which every actor in India considers as a worthy one- Mani Ratnam.

    Though he entered Kollywood playing a villain in 'Kana Kanden', hit films like 'Paarijatham', 'Mozhi' and 'Vellithirai' have now given him an image of a soft hero. Mainstream actors usually won't try doing a villain role and damage their image of a hero that they have attained after much hard work.

    News is that Mani Ratnam has almost finalized Prithviraj to play the villain role. And when it is a Mani Ratnam film, little do actors care whether it's the hero, the villain or the supporting role. Remember Mammootty, who was in a lead supporting cast in Mani Ratnam's 'Thalapathy', which gave a big landing to the actor in Tamil.

    Seems Prithviraj is also expecting some thing similar or better than that through this Mani Ratnam flick.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Prithviraj as a villain in Mani Ratnam's film.

    Name selected for Surya's Daughter !

    2007/8/22 12:06:33

    Surya and Jyothika were blessed with a baby girl last Friday. As the baby was delivered by a C section, mother and daughter was discharged from the hospital after a couple of day’s stay there. The naming ceremony is scheduled to be in held in September. Since the baby was born under a particular birth star, there were numerous speculations and guesses about her name.

    But an announcement from the Sivakumar household revealed that the baby will be called ‘Diya’, meaning light which is in sync with the meaning of her parent’s names –Surya and Jyothika. Wishing Diya a bright life lit up with robust health and happiness always!!!

    Tamil Cinema News : Name selected for Surya's Daughter !

    Weddings and baby-boom

    2006/11/25 13:22:42 Kollywood has had an exciting 2 years, with many stars and rising stars and offbeat celebrities celebrating momentous occasions in their lives. Let's look at what's been happening to some people we love to love, in the Tamil film industry, in the last 2 years or so:

    Dhanush married Superstar Rajinikant's daughter Aishwarya in November 2004 - they're a very happy couple now and were blessed with a son just some months ago, name Yathra. Dhanush and diamonds seem forever in Aishwarya's life with Dhanush! And of course, Dhanush, like all doting fathers and loving husbands has been racking his mind for the name of the baby (a difficult job since no one knew if it was a boy or a girl!) since Aishwarya was just a few months pregnant - we at have had hours-long coffee sessions with the actor to brainstorm on the perfect name!

    Handsome Madhavan is just getting handsomer everyday - could it be because of his beautiful blue-eyed boy Vedaant? One can only guess, but Madhavan's career has literally shot through the skies after the birth of the little boy in August 2005.

    Suriya and Jyotika's fairytale romance bloomed into a life-long partnership after their wedding in September this year. Suriya and Jyotika have been dating for a long time, although they have tried their best to keep it all a secret. Both of them looked resplendent in their finery at their wedding at the Park Sheraton hotel in Chennai. Although the occasion itself was marred by comments from the hurt and upset press, who AFTER being invited for the wedding by Suriya's father, veteran actor R. Sivakumar, they were asked NOT attend, at the last minute!

    To show that the press is indeed close to their hearts, Suriya and Jyotika hosted a luncheon for them the next day at the Residency Towers hotel in Chennai. Suriya has subsequently signed up with Gautham Menon for his next film Vaaranamaayiram and Jyotika can be seen completing her former commitments, including Gautham Menon's Sarath Kumar starrer, Pachaikili Muthucharam.

    Director Bharathiraja's son Manoj has already joined the list of married celebrities. Actor Vijaykumar's son Arun Kumar too is soon to join the flock of married celebrities

    Gautham Menon and wife Preeti had their 2nd son (who is going to have a beautiful name, from what we have heard) 10 days ago and Harris Jayaraj became daddy to a darling little girl, Karen Nikita, just a few weeks ago.

    Well, it seems that the industry is busy, busy, between films and family life!


    Bollywood News : Weddings and baby-boom

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