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on 2008/3/7 12:24:57

Jalsa audio tops the chartbuster

The audio of the film Jalsa was released into the market recently. The audio is doing brisk business and the songs from the film feature in the top 10 chartbusters of the week. Three songs from the film have made it to the top 10.

Jalsa stars Pawan Kalyan and Ileana in the lad roles. Trivikram Srinivas is the director an Allu Aravind is the producer. Devi Sree Prasad has scored the music for the film.

The titlesong by Baba Sehgal and Rita is at the number one spot this week. The song has been done mixing three languages – Telugu, Hindi and Punjabi.

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    NTR set to take on Pawan

    2008/3/29 16:11:43 The much awaited Pawan Kalyan film ‘Jalsa’ is now set for release on April 2. The audio is a big hit and the songs are at the number one spot. Devi Sree Prasad scored the music for the film. The audio of the NTR starrer Kanthri’ hit the market today. The songs are all very melodious and the first impression is that Kanthri audio rocks! Many say that the audio of Kanthri is sure to top the chartbusters and take the number one spot. Mani Sarma is the music director. Will Kanthri now dethrone Jalsa from the number one spot in the chartbusters?

    Andhra News : NTR set to take on Pawan

    Chiru makes 'Jalsa' at audio launch

    2008/2/29 21:02:08

    The audio launch function of Pawan Kalyan's new film 'Jalsa' was held on a grand scale amidst a large gathering of fans of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.

    Chiranjeevi made his first public appearance after a long time. He was in a really happy mood. He spoke for about five minutes and the fans lapped up every word spoken by Chiru.

    Chiru expressed the confidence that the film Jalsa will become a very big hit. He said that he would like to see the film become an even bigger hit than Khushi.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru makes 'Jalsa' at audio launch

    Pawan releases Bheema audio

    2007/10/30 14:26:42 Actor Pawan Kalyan is now back to work. He is busy shooting for his new film Jalsa. He also took time off to release the audio of Bheema. Vikram and Trisha are the lead actors. Linguswamy is the director. Bheema is being made simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu.

    Music is by Harris Jayaraj and the audio is being distributed through Adithya music. Pawan unveiled the audio cassette and CD and handed over the first copy to hero Vikram.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan releases Bheema audio

    Jalsa 50 at 282

    2008/5/22 18:53:45

    The power star Pawan Kalyan film ‘Jalsa’ completed its 50 days run recently. The film achieved the feat at an impressive 282 theatres in the state. Jalsa gave Pawan Kalyan the much needed hit.

    Jalsa also broke several records in terms of box office collections. The film made a record 40 crore plus collection in its 50 days run.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jalsa 50 at 282

    Ileana’s ‘Jalsa’ in Goa

    2008/5/9 7:18:28 Sumer time is Jalsa time not only for children but also for many adults. For film actors, if they do not have any film on hand, they take a long summer break. The sexy Ileana is no exception. She acted in the film Jalsa opposite Pawan Kalyan.

    Jalsa is a big hit but Ileana does not have even a single film in her hand at present. She is the number one heroine on Tollywood and is also the highest paid. She is therefore taking a long summer vacation in her hometown Goa. Goa is synonymous with long beaches. Ileana will make Jalsa on the beachside with family and friends for the next one month or so.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ileana’s ‘Jalsa’ in Goa

    UTV offers 29 crore for Jalsa!

    2007/11/27 9:57:00 It is rumoured that UTV has offered to pay 29 crore for the distribution rights for the film ‘Jalsa’ with Pawan Kalyan in the lead. The UTV offer is for the entire country. Allu Aravind has not yet made up his mind and will take some more time to decide.

    Meanwhile Jalsa has shaped up very well and the Pawan-Ileana combination is expected to create magic at the box office.

    Telugu Cinema News : UTV offers 29 crore for Jalsa!

    Chiru special appearance in Jalsa

    2008/3/5 15:03:03

    Megastar Chiranjeevi is slated to have made a special appearance in Pawan Kalyan’s forthcoming film ‘Jalsa’. Trivikram Srinivas is the director and Allu Aravind is the producer.

    Even Ram Charan is said to have done a cameo for Jalsa. But the unit members are tightlipped and are not saying anything. Jalsa is slated for release later this month. Ileana is the heroine and Parvathi Melton and Kamalini Mukherjee are the other leading ladies.

    Andhra News : Chiru special appearance in Jalsa

    Jalsa mobile game launched

    2008/3/22 12:48:11

    The power star Pawan Kalyan new film ‘Jalsa’ has already created a big wave in the media and among the people. The film is one of the most eagerly awaited films in recent times.
    Allu Aravind has opened up a new revenue generating source for film makers yesterday. The animated game featuring Pawan Kalyan was unveiled amidst a large gathering of fans and industry people.

    Hero Allu Arjun said that it was his dream to make use of animation in films and he has realized it with Jalsa.

    Producer Allu Aravind said that the animation game route can be explored by film makers to make some more money. The avenues like audio rights, satellite rights are already in vogue. The animation game will bring in more money to the producers.

    Allu Aravind however pointed out that the film has to be high on action in order to suit an animation game .The Jalsa game can be downloaded on mobile for a charge of 50 rupees. The game is also available for free download online.

    Andhra News : Jalsa mobile game launched

    Chiranjeevi criticizes Allu Aravind!

    2008/2/29 21:11:08

    Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind are like milk and water. The two have become so close over the years that they are more like friends than relatives. It is well known that Chiranjeevi does not do anything without consulting Allu Aravind.

    During the audio release function o Jalsa, Chiranjeevi, perhaps for the first time, criticized his brother-in-law. That too, in the full glare of the media and the public.

    Allu Sirish is the brain behind the lavish Jalsa audio function. Chiranjeevi thanked Sirish and said that but for Sirish, such a lavish function would not have been possible.

    Chiranjeevi said that Allu Aravind spends any amount of money for producing a film, but when it comes to promotion and publicity, he does not open his purse strings.

    The comments were undoubtedly made in a lighter vein, but it came as a surprise for many of the people who were present on the occasion.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiranjeevi criticizes Allu Aravind!

    Elaborate arrangements for 'Pandurngadu' audio release

    2008/4/23 16:32:58

    Director K Raghavendra Rao is making elaborate arrangements for the audio launch function of hi latest film 'Pandurangadu'. The function will be held on a lavish scale at the Sri Pandurangaswamy temple at Chilakalapudi in Machilipatnam on April 27.

    The audio launch would be a big affair. Balakrishna, Sneha, Tabu, Keeravani and a host of artists and technicians will take part in the function. The audio release function of Pawan Kalyan's Jalsa was also held on a big scale. The audio release function of Kamal Haasan's 'Dasavatharam' is being held in Chennai on April 25.

    Telugu Cinema News : Elaborate arrangements for 'Pandurngadu' audio release

    Real ‘Jalsa’ in summer

    2008/4/14 15:54:35
    Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa may have hit the screens recently. But the real ‘Jalsa’ for al movie lovers will be in the month of May. Many films have been lined up for release in May but among them, three films really stand out.

    The three films are – NTR and Hansik Motwani’s ‘Kanthri’ directed by Mehar Ramesh and produced by Ahwini Dutt. The second film is ‘Parugu’ starring Allu Arjun and Sheela in the lead roles. The third film is Balakrishna’s mythological film ‘Pandurangadu’. Sneha and Tabu are playing the main roles in the film. K Raghavendra Rao is producing as well as directing this film.

    So get set to make ‘Jalsa’ with three films, Kanthri, Parugu and Pandurangadu this summer.

    Andhra News : Real ‘Jalsa’ in summer

    Allu makes Jalsa at poor fans’ expense!

    2008/4/2 17:01:01 The long awaited film ‘Jalsa’ finally hit the screen today. The film opened at over 1000 screens. Fans waited eagerly for hours together to buy a ticket and watch their hero.

    But the film failed to live up to the expectations of the fans. Pawan Kalyan’s acting is good and he has also done a good job in the fight scenes and also comedy scenes. But the story and screenplay by Trivikram Srinivas left much to be desired. The film also tests the patience of the audience at some times.

    The final verdict is that the film is just an average entertainer. The film has not made Pawan Kalyan fans happy and not every one of them is making Jalsa. But producer Allu Aravind is making ‘Jalsa’ as he has ensured that the openings will break records due to the massive hype and he will recover his investment and also make a neat profit. So if there is anyone who is making Jalsa now, it is only Allu Aravind.

    Andhra News : Allu makes Jalsa at poor fans’ expense!

    Allu Aravind promises bigger film than ‘Jalsa’

    2008/4/15 15:49:10 Allu Aravind is very happy to have made a big impact with his film ‘Jalsa’. He is now raring to begin work on another big film. Jalsa stood at the ninth place in the top 10 movies of the week in the world in Mejo ratings.

    Aravind says that this has proved the stamina of Telugu films to the world. Allu Aravind now wants to make a film much bigger than Jalsa. It is not clear if he will make the film with son Allu Arjun in the lead or with Ram Charan. Some people close to him say that Allu Aravind wants to make a film starring Allu Arjun and Ram Charan together. This would surely be a casting coup of sorts.

    Andhra News : Allu Aravind promises bigger film than ‘Jalsa’

    Jalsa delay affects other films

    2008/3/27 7:08:37

    The Pawan Kalyan starrer Jalsa was slated to hit the screens today. But due to technical reasons, the film’s release has been postponed by a few days. The film will now hit the screens on April 2. An official announcement is expected to be made in a day or two.

    Many small films like ‘Sawaal’ and ‘Bhale Donglu’ were slated for release on April 3 and 4. But with Jalsa likely to hit the screen on April 2, these films are likely to be released a couple of week later. The producers feel that the opening collections would be hit badly if their films are released at the same time as Jalsa.

    Andhra News : Jalsa delay affects other films

    Ram Charan coming to watch Jalsa

    2008/3/28 10:32:22
    The most eagerly awaited film of power star Pawan Kalyan, ‘Jalsa’ is now all set for release on April 2. The biggest fan of Pawan kalian is none other than Ram Charan. He is now busy with the shooting at Rajasthan for his film directed by Rajamouli. But no work is bigger than watching his uncle, Pawan Kalyan’s new film first day first show for Ram Charan. So he has decided to fly down to Hyderabad on April 2. He will watch Jalsa along with his family members.

    Andhra News : Ram Charan coming to watch Jalsa

    Jalsa brings windfall for Aravind

    2008/4/10 6:29:20 The Pawan Kalyan starrer ‘Jalsa’ opened to some divide talk but it has managed to rake in the moolah for producer Allu aravind. Thehype created by the producer and the fervour of Pawan Kalyan’s fans has ensured that the film bagged record collections in the first week.

    Jalsa raked in 6.57 crore in Nizam, 3.04 crore in Ceded, 1.31 crore in Guntur and in Krishna it was 1.61 crore. The film also did well in the US and it made business of over one crore.

    Andhra News : Jalsa brings windfall for Aravind

    Jalsa is a big budget film

    2007/11/30 14:06:36 Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa is fast turning out to be a big budget film. Producer Allu Aravind and director Trivikram Srinivas are sparing no efforts to make the film in a lavish scale. It is rumoured that Allu Aravind has so far spent over 25 crore for the film and some more amount is likely to be spent before the film is wrapped up. The film is turning out to be one of the biggest films of Pawan Kalyan. Jalsa is likely to hit the screen on January 9.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jalsa is a big budget film

    Prince in ‘Jalsa’?

    2008/3/17 19:06:03 Prince Mahesh Babu is actively associated with Pawan Kalyan starrer Jalsa. Mahesh Babu will not be seen in the film but he will be heard prominently. He has given the voice over for the film.

    Mahesh Babu has set a good example by agreeing to be a part of a film that has another actor in the lead role. This is a good signal and many feel that this would bring about a change and also open up opportunities for multi-starrer films in future. Trivikrm Srinivas asked Mahesh Babu to do the voice over and he agreed to do it without any pretensions. This is now another attraction for Jalsa.

    Andhra News : Prince in ‘Jalsa’?

    Nandamuri fans angry with Ashwini Dutt

    2008/3/29 4:13:50 Ashwini Dutt is known as a mega producer. He has produced many a hit film in his long innings as a producer. His Vyjayanathi Films banner is one of the biggest and most prestigious banners in Tollywood.

    Ashwini Dutt is now producing the film ‘Kanthri’ with NTR. The film is in the final stages of production. The hot Hansika Motwani is one of the heroines in the film. Mani Sarma is the music director.

    Nandamuri fans were expecting a big audio launch function for Kanthri. They though that Ashwini Dutt would organize the audio launch function on a grand scale like the one held by Allu Arvind for Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Jalsa’.

    But Ashwini Dutt gave a big shock to al Nandamuri fans by deciding to release the audio of ‘Kanthri’ silently without any fanfare or function. The audio is hitting the market today. The fans of NTR are very disappointed and also angry with Ashwini Dutt over this.

    Andhra News : Nandamuri fans angry with Ashwini Dutt

    Brahmanandam fails in ‘Jalsa’

    2008/4/2 16:32:29 A lot of hype was generated about the Pawan kalian starrer ‘Jalsa’. There were some selective leaks that claimed that comedian Brahmanandam had done a fantastic job in Jalsa. The leaks also claimed that his action in the film will be remembered by the people for ‘years to come’!

    But his action came as a big disappointment to everyone. His entry was received with loud whistles and cheer but he failed to deliver the goods. He plays a Head constable who is put on duty to guard Ileana from Pawan kalian. All he does in his role is to get beaten black and blue time and again at the hands of Pawan Kalyan.

    This is supposed to be a big comedy! Many were seen commenting that Sunil did a better job than Brahmanandam in the film.

    Andhra News : Brahmanandam fails in ‘Jalsa’

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