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on 2007/4/3 11:09:19

Japanese fans wed Rajini style

Imagine Japanese wearing the veshti and shirt Rajini wore in Yejaman!' If anyone had gone to Vadapalani yesterday, they could have seen it with their own eyes.

Rajini-Meena film Muthu was released in Japan as Dance Raja and ran for a 100 days. Since them, Rajini and Meena have a Japanese fan following too.One of the fans has been keeping in touch regularly with Meena.

Meena even met up with her when she visited Japan. This fan fell in love with a Tamilian named Poovendran who is running yoga classes in Hong Kong. Their wedding reception took place last evening at a star hotel in Vadapalani. Meena participated in the reception and wished the couple heartily.

Many who attended the wedding are ardent fans of Dance Raja. It was charming to see many of them wearing silk veshti, shirt and angavasthram like Rajini did in Yejaman and walk around.

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    Will P. Vasu satisfy Rajini fans?

    2008/2/23 13:40:04

    Any news, even a small one, about Rajini has always attracted great attention from all quarters. This time it’s about his next project for director P. Vasu, Kuselan. Currently, the music composition for the film is on at the Palmgrove Hotel, Chennai. Music director G.V. Prakash is said to have composed hundreds of tunes of which only two have been selected.

    This intense screening is probably to satisfy the superstar’s fans. Readers may be aware that Rajini’s fans threatened a music director some years ago when his music failed to create an impact.

    The situation being what it is, not even the director is being spared this time. Rajini’s fans have been thronging P. Vasu’s residence to place their requests about how their idol should be portrayed in Kuselan. Vasu has assured them that their requests will be met. Amidst all this, the director has come out with a statement that Rajini’s role in Kuselan is not just a guest appearance as stated in the media, but that the Superstar will be seen in song and fight sequences.

    Tamil Cinema News : Will P. Vasu satisfy Rajini fans?

    Shriya fantasizes pairing up with Kamal

    2007/1/26 15:07:38

    Shriya is obviously overwhelmed with the response she is receiving from Rajini fans. Pairing up with the superstar in Sivaji, her popularity has staggered among Tamils in recent times. To top her delight, she is being addressed as Anni by the Rajini fans.

    I am grateful for the attention and glad that Rajini fans are treating me as someone from their family, Shriya was quoted as saying.

    Shriya recently watched the famous silent movie of Kamal, Pushpak, and seemed to be totally swept over by Kamal’s astounding performance. I have no words to describe about the movie and Kamalji’s role. Someday I would like to be associated with him, Shriya chimed to a news source.

    Well, is Kamal listening?

    Tamil Cinema News : Shriya fantasizes pairing up with Kamal

    Rahman – 'The intro songs that I wrote for Rajini'

    2007/2/12 10:12:43

    The much awaited mega movie of the year Sivaji is being packaged with all necessary ingredients to enthrall the Rajini fans. Looks like the Rajini magic has done its effect on Rahman as well. Talking to news sources on his music in Sivaji, Rahman let out that he was always spellbound with Rajini's style.

    There was no plan earlier for an introductory song in Sivaji. However it was later decided to have one and when Shankar approached me for the same I put the best of my efforts, Rahman answered for a question. 'The song has come out really well. Shankar showed me a few rushes and there is now one more reason for me to be a Rajini fan', adds the Mozart. He further assured that Sivaji's music would outperform Baba.

    On talking about intro songs for the Superstar, 'Rajini's introduction songs are always a challenge. I enjoyed doing Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali in Muthu. That had a bit of philosophical touch to it. Singa nadai pottu from Padayappa was created based on folk tunes, whereas Vettri kodi kattu from the same movie had fast beats and trumpet just to bring out the speed with which the protagonist grows in his life. Working for Padayappa was definitely a great experience. Rajinikanth is very clear about the music that his fans expect from him movies".

    On few of the missed ones, 'Mudhalvane song from Mudhalvan was written with Rajini in mind. For some reason Rajinikanth didn't act in the movie. One more introductory song was composed when Jaggubhai was announced. However, the project was shelved later and I used the song for S.J.Surya's Anbe Aruyire.'

    Sivaji's shoot schedules are nearing completion and the movie is slated for a late April 2007 release. The audio is expected to be released by mid March.

    Tamil Cinema News : Rahman – 'The intro songs that I wrote for Rajini'

    Rajinikanth plans to mobilize aid for Japanese

    2011/3/17 16:33:52 Those who closely knew about Kollywood super star Rajinikanth can tell how he helps the needy. He helped hundreds of people and given them lakhs of rupees ranging from Kollywood to Tollywood. Now, he plans to help the Japanese people who struck with series of earth quakes, tsunamis and nuclear disasters. He thought that it is his moral responsibility to help the Japanese people who loved to watch his movies all these years.

    So, he has chalked out an action plan to mobilize all his fans living in Tamilnadu and across the globe to come forward to help the Japanese people. Apart from their help he is going to donate a huge amount which no Indian film star can afford to do it. Right now, he is consulting all the big heads of the Indian film industry in this regard. We may hear an official announcement from him in a week or so.

    Andhra News : Rajinikanth plans to mobilize aid for Japanese

    Japanese fan stuns Rajani

    2007/5/15 8:17:53

    Superstar Rajanikanth’s fame has spread far and wide. This is no news. He has a considerable fan following abroad particularly in Japan. His fans in Japan simply adore him and love him. His fights in particular are a big hit with the Japanese audience.

    A Japanese girl who is big fan of Rajani, in order to meet her hero married a Tamil boy. She later along with her Tamil Husband went to meet Rajanikanth. A stunned but delighted Rajanikanth received them warmly and thus fulfilled her desire of meeting him. That is just one example of the kind of fan following Rajani commands

    Keywords:Sivaji (Rajanikanth)::

    Telugu Cinema News : Japanese fan stuns Rajani

    Kamal in 'Kuchelan'? Vasu is amused

    2008/4/19 15:32:33

    The moment puja is over for Rajini and Kamal's films, imaginative stories will start doing the rounds. Stories without any basis about 'Kuchelan' are getting leaked.

    The Malayalam film 'Kathaparayumpol' is being re-made into 'Kuchelan.’ Directed by P Vasu, this film features Rajini and Pasupathi as his childhood friend. Rajini's pair is Nayantara and Pasupathi's wife is Meena.

    Shooting is happening at Ramoji Rao Film city in Hyderabad for the past one month. From tomorrow, a song sequence with Rajini and Nayantara will be shot.

    Fans got excited when news got out that Ulaga Nayakan would also be dancing with Rajini for a song in 'Kuchelan.'

    When director Vasu was asked about it, "When it's about a Rajini or Kamal film, there are so many rumours making the rounds that it becomes a comedy. Even thinking about it makes me laugh. I am the director of 'Kuchelan' and there is no possibility for Kamal to act in the film. Believe me." He just laughed away.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Kamal in 'Kuchelan'? Vasu is amused

    Rajini enjoys watching 'Billa'

    2007/12/23 11:08:26

    Close to his birthday on Dec 12, Rajini went missing. He has turned up again in Chennai 2 days back.

    Ajith, Vishnuvardhan and producer Ananda Suresh wanted to screen 'Billa' for Rajini before anyone else. But Rajini as usual went missing around his birthday, so their wish did not get fulfilled.

    Day before yesterday, Rajini went to Four Frames theatre in Nungambakkam. He was received by Ajith, director Vishnuvardhan and producer Ananda Suresh. Rajini was all praise at the end of the film and even posed with jith and Vishnuvardhan with his hands across their shoulders.

    Ajith's wife Shalini was also present at this special show and Rajini enquired with care about her health.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Rajini enjoys watching 'Billa'

    The Rajini impact on politics continues

    2007/5/3 8:11:14

    Dinakaran, a Tamil daily, has published a survey result conducted along with A.C.Neilson yesterday about Rajini’s political entry and his popularity among the masses. According to their survey, only 30 percent of the people welcomed his political entry and 40 percent opined against him. But more than 79 percent of people surveyed said that Rajini is a man with a noble heart and he will do something for the people. In Chennai metro, 36 percent people voted in favour of Rajini's political entry. The same percentage cast their lot against his entry. The survey found that Rajini has his own vote bank in the southern districts like Nellai, Kanniyakumari and Tutucorine.

    This survey has created a furore among the ardent Rajini fans. In some places, the fans burnt the news paper copies and registered their protest against the ‘party organ’s opinion in the name of a survey’. This is because, the party organ didn’t says anything about the opinion poll on Rajini’s political entry in its promotional advts till last week. In all its earlier promos, the publication had given importance to the questions of Karunanidhi’s successor, the one year performance of the DMK govt. and Jayalalithaa’s political future etc., Political observers told us that when Rajini started meeting his fans at Ragavendra Kalyana Mandapam, the shrewd ruling side has given a warning siren to Rajini in the name of a survey.

    In the mean time, I contacted Sathyanaarayana, the president of the All India Rajini Fan Club's Association, to know about his reactions to the survey. He refused to comment anything on it initially, but after my persuasion, he said, ‘the people of Tamil Nadu known everything about the superstar. They have always maintained a permanent place in their hearts for him’.

    Some political critics viewed this survey as a technique of pulling the super star into politics, and forcing him to speak in favour of the ruling party. Anyhow, the first steps towards Rajini’s political moves have been initiated by the ruling party itself in the name of a survey. Will Rajini break his silence on this issue?

    Meanwhile, the other functionaries of Rajini fans have also immediately reacted against this survey. Rajini Murugan, one of the Chennai wing functionaries, told us that the survey is a biased one. He further said: 'I know how these people conduct the survey. Most of the persons who cast their vote in the opinion poll belong to the DMK. What was the necessity for this half- baked survey at present? When our Thalaivar has (leader) started meeting his fans after a long gap, it couldn't be tolerated by the ruling party. Now we have found a new wave of enthusiasm emerging among the ardent fans of Rajini. Those who had quit the fan clubs at the time of assembly polls, are returning to his fold once again. Only genuine celebrities have a durable image. Rajini is an immortal icon, and vested forces cannot hamper his clean image!'

    Tamil Cinema News : The Rajini impact on politics continues

    Rajini meets Raja- What’s brewing?

    2007/11/5 10:30:18

    Not many know that the musical genius Ilayaraja and Superstar Rajini are close friends so much that they meet as often as twice a month and have long discussions on varied topics. This has been going on for years which might come as a surprise to all of Raja’s fans as the general belief is that Kamal is the one who is closer to Ilayaraja and that Rajini’s association with Rahman had created a rift between the two. Misconceptions of this sort arising out of conjectures are not uncommon in the film industry.

    The element that is responsible for creating a flutter is the recent meeting between the two giant stalwarts of the industry which was an exceptionally long one and the circumstance in which it was held. Ilayaraja had intended to produce a film a year ago but it was held up owing to unknown reasons. Now that Rajini is contemplating his next project, industry sources are speculating a partnership of the two (after a long time) not as composer and actor but as producer and actor.

    Tamil Cinema News : Rajini meets Raja- What’s brewing?

    Mahesh rocks like never before in Khaleja

    2010/10/7 13:34:33

    The fans of prince Mahesh Babu have a reason to celebrate. Their three year wait is finally over.

    Mahesh Babu looks great in the film. His style and mannerism will make not just his fans but all the girls go into a tizzy.

    Khaleja is all about Mahesh and his mannerism, style and looks. The film is a visual treat for all prince fans.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh rocks like never before in Khaleja

    Fasting in front of Rajini's house – 21 people arrested!

    2007/3/1 16:36:02 Since a few decided to fast unto death in front of Rajini's house in Poes Garden, there was a lot of disturbance. Kannada film personalities protested against the verdict on the Cauvery issue as well as cancelled shooting for the day. The Govt., also gave full support to the agitation.

    In the Tamil film field, the Cauvery issue did not get much attention. Some like Seeman gave passionate interviews and that's about it. Many are of the opinion that Rajini has to lead an agitation on behalf of Tamilnadu. One of them is a lawyer Kamban from Thanjavur.

    So he and a group of people announced that they had decided to fast unto death in front of Rajini's residence to make him take up the cause. Accordingly they went in a procession yesterday to Rajini's house.

    The police had already denied permission to Kamban for his fast. So, Kamban and his 20 associates were arrested as they proceeded to Rajini's house. So, there was some disturbance in that area for some time. Police released those arrested in the evening.

    Thus, Kamban's Cauvery issue came to an end!


    Bollywood News :  Fasting in front of Rajini's house – 21 people arrested!

    Mohanlal paired with Japanese actress

    2007/7/13 10:33:14

    Lal Jose's movie Arabikatha has a Chinese actress, Chang Shu Min in the lead role, and now a Japanese actress, Shunsuken Matosuoka has been roped in for a movie starring Mohanlal in the lead role. However, the movie will not only be made in Malayalam, but also in English and Japanese.

    This Indo-Japanese movie would be produced by Japan's PAL Entertainment Productions and would be based on the life of Ayyapanpillai Madhavan Nair. Nair was from Kerala who fought against India's British rulers from Japan. The movie will be directed by Albert and the Indian producer is yet to be finalized.

    Mohanlal's recent release was Hello, which hit the theatres on July 5. His movie Alibhai will hit theatres on August 15th. The movie by Shaji Kailash will have Gopika and Navya Nair playing the female leads.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Mohanlal paired with Japanese actress

    'Rajini peyarai kettale'

    2008/2/4 12:53:52

    Even a small child will finish the sentence with “adhirudhilllai.. With the title mentioned above, a book is to be released. Dr. Gayatri Srikanth has written a book on Rajini.

    The book on Shahrukh Khan was an inspiration to write this book on Rajini, says Gayathri, who gave the completed script to Rajini and attained his approval.

    The book will be released on March 1 in Chennai by Amitabh Bachchan. There are 2 important points about this book.

    The foreword is written by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. There's a message by Kamal Hassan also. The book will also be released in English with the title, 'The name is Rajinikanth

    Tamil Cinema News : 'Rajini peyarai kettale'

    Clones cash in on Brand Rajini

    2007/6/13 9:23:32

    The Rajini craze hit Chinni Jayanth early in life. He grew up watching the superstar’s stunts on and off screen and started his career as a Rajinikanth mimic.

    Soon, his imitation of the movie legend caught the imagination of the advertising world, and with the original virtually refusing to endorse any product, Jayanth played his part in the ad world with ease.

    Today, Jayanth's a well-known comedian and has managed to grab a small part in the soon-to-be-released Sivaji, a reminder perhaps that even an imitation will sell. A reminder of the power of the brand Rajini.

    Like Jayanth there are several others who cash in on the Rajini phenomenon. Rajini Rajha is one of them. A die-hard Rajini fan, playing the superstar has got him his share of ads and stage shows.

    "They use me in ads because I can do what Rajini won't. I don't know if they get any profit out of it, but I do it as service as well as for money,” says Rajha.

    In fact lookalikes and imitations became so common that Rajini himself warned people not to use his name for endorsing products.

    But the warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears of the profit-osessed ad makers who believe anything with the superstar tag can work. And since the man himself won't endorse, they'll have to find unique ways to cash in.

    “Whenever you use a Rajinikanth cutout, you make a direct connect with the people you cater to,” says Station Head of ‘BIG FM’ Zarin Menon.

    But it's not just about money for the all Rajini look-alikes. It's also a status symbol and an instant claim to fame. But when it comes to the ad world, it's all about raking in the moolah, especially at a time when Sivaji has taken the Rajini fever to an all new high.

    Tamil Cinema News : Clones cash in on Brand Rajini

    Rajini meets Kamal and privately discussed

    2007/3/26 13:12:15

    Rajini's Sivaji shooting is over, but there are few corrections required by the director in the movie and for that few more shots were taken at AVM studio.

    Dasavatharam, Kamal's latest project is being given final touches at AVM studio.

    Rajini after finishing his shooting for Sivaji was returning back home, as he saw a huge crowd of technicians working in a shooting hall, he enquired them about the shooting. He was told that its for Kamal's Dasavatharam. Enthused Rajini walked into the shooting spot and message of Rajini's arrival reached Kamal.

    Kamal came to the entrance and invited Rajini to the shooting spot. Seeing the arrangements he appreciated Kamal. Kamal and Rajini discussed in private in a caravan. Kamal even arranged for the Dasavatharam album and showed Rajini and detailed him about his movie.

    Vadivelu nowadays speaks too much

    Self proclaimed Vaigai Puyal, Madurai Vadivelu nowadays speaks a lot about himself and many a times because of this Vaaikozhuppu he put himself into trouble.

    His comments on the movie Uyir got him lots of people against him.

    Now he speaks about his history before he came into the film industry. Even though he was married and had kids before he entered Kollywood and was a coolie, now he says he was a stage actor like that of MGR and Sivaji before he entered Kollywood.

    He wants everyone to produce movies like that of Imasai, as only that movie has a moral?

    Tamil Cinema News : Rajini meets Kamal and privately discussed

    Ameer basks in Rajini's praise!

    2007/3/3 13:39:00

    Ameer is in seventh heaven because he has been praised by the super hero himself.

    Ameer directed 'Paruthiveeran' starring Karthi and Priya Mani. The film is running wonderfully all over Tamilnadu and raking in the profits.

    A special screening was arranged for Rajini at Four Frames preview theatre day before yesterday. After quietly watching the film for 2 ˝ hours, Rajini's eyes sought out Ameer on coming out of the theatre.

    Ameer was not to be seen, so Rajini called him up and told him, "Paruthiveeran is not an ordinary film. It's like a poem on celluloid. You have directed it very well." Ameer was happy beyond words at the superstar's praise. Rajini also praised Karthi's acting and of Saravanan who plays his uncle in the film.

    The superstar's praise is precious indeed!


    Tamil Cinema News :  Ameer basks in Rajini's praise!

    Aishwarya in Robot?

    2008/1/20 13:59:54

    Here is one more gossip about the heroines cast in Superstar Rajini's Robot, the biggest extravaganza in Indian Cinema. It is all about the role of Bollywood diva Aishwarya Bachchan as the lead lady of Rajini.

    Whenever Rajini came out with a new project, the name immediately gossiped with that is Aishwarya. This trend has been prevailing right form his movie Padayappa. Last year Rajini and Shankar have tried a lot to get Aishwarya for Shivaji. But the actress declined the offer due to her hectic schedule with Bollywood and Hollywood projects.

    Now Rajini and Shankar have joined again for Robot. According to some unconfirmed sources, Shankar, who had been to Mumbai recently, was believed to have met Aishwarya Rai for Robot. Aishwarya, according to the grapevine, has gone through the script thoroughly. But she is yet to decide about Robot.

    Rajini and Shankar are very keen that Robot must get an international status and bigger than Shivaji. It is quite natural to rope in a big star like Aishwarya, who has international acceptance, into Robot, which will be the biggest ever film to be produced in India. Moreover, since the film is planned to be made simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, Aishwarya will be the right choice, as she has popularity all over the nation.

    It may be recalled that the actress had recently expressed her interest to act with Rajini. During her latest Chennai visit, she told that she would consider if she got an offer to act with Rajini in any of his forthcoming film.

    Yet another Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone is also in the race of Superstar's heroine in Robot.

    Tamil Cinema News : Aishwarya in Robot?

    Rajini in Shahrukh's Ra. One?

    2011/9/17 4:10:09 Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth's super hit movie 'Robo' has inspired Bollywood to make such films in future. Bollywood ka Badhshah Shahrukh Khan is first to make such film with his up-coming Ra.One. However, he made it clear that his film has no resemblance with Rajini's Robo anyway. But, Shahrukh Khan who is very much impressed with Rajini's style and performance in Robo has proposed a guest role in his Ra.One movie, for which Rajinikanth said to be agreed but failed to do it because of his sudden sickness.

    The latest buzz is, since Rajinikanth is now healthy Shahrukh Khan once again approached him with the same proposal, and again Rajinikanth is said to be agreed. According to reports, Rajinikanth may act in some action scenes of this film in the next schedule of shooting planned at Hyderabad from October 4th.

    Rajinikanth's own movie 'Rana' shooting may start in November and not before, said his brother Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad. He said doctors have advised Rajinikanth to take rest until November.

    So, the good news is Rajinikanth acting in Hindi movie and the bad news is postponement of Rana movie shooting.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajini in Shahrukh's Ra. One?

    Pasupathi married Actress Meena

    2008/2/8 8:05:18

    For Rajini starrer Kuselan, the pair for Pasupathi was undecided and finally the team found Meena to be the suitable pair.

    The agreement has been signed and Meena is to star as wife of Pasupathi, whose character will have a say in the movie.

    Initially it was Simran who was approched, but she felt bad to pair with Pasupathi and wanted to be the pair of Rajini. As per the story Rajini will not have a pair.

    Tamil Cinema News : Pasupathi married Actress Meena

    Vivek stars again in Rajini film

    2008/2/8 17:24:02

    It's a rarity to find same artistes repeated in a Rajini film.

    Only a fortunate few like Senthil, Vinu Chakravarthy, Janakaraj and Nasser have had this good fortune and now Vivek joins the list.

    In 'Sivaji' Vivek spouted punch dialogues instead of Rajini. He now acts in 'Kuchelan' too. In the film, Pasupathy has many friends and Vivek is expected to be the most prominent of them, according to some. Others say he is supposed to play Rajini's pal in the film.

    Whichever is true, one thing for sure is that Vivek is in the film.

    Vadivelu was supposed to be the one staring in 'Kuchelan,' and suddenly we hear it is Vivek. This has raised a lot of questions in Kodambakkam.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Vivek stars again in Rajini film

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