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on 2011/4/22 19:24:14

'Jesus last journey' in Kadapa city

Veteran actor and YSRC party leader Vijay Chander, on the eve of Good Friday today has performed a road show in Kadapa city.

Vijay Chander who is famous for his Lord Jesus Christ acting in his yesteryear super hit film ‘Karunamayudu’ has virtually repeated his show in Kadapa streets, in which he performed ‘the last journey of Lord Jesus Christ’ carrying a big cross on his shoulders while some persons dressed in solders beating him with hunters. He performed the show to excellence making everyone burst with tears. However, he refrains from any political statements during and at the end of the show knowing that it will be violating the election code.

However, Congress and TDP parties jointly flay Vijay Chander and blames YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy for playing cheap tricks to influence the Christian voters. They are planning to lodge a complaint against YSRC party over this matter to EC.

However, Vijay Chander speaking to the media said “It is pity that some political parties have seen my performance as political motivated. Today is Good Friday and Christians all over the world are celebrating the day with full fervor and dedication and so is my performance. I didn’t ask anyone to vote for any party or any person. But still some parties have find fault with my show. I have no reply for such narrow minded people.”

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    Sherawat Heads To Hollywood Again

    2008/2/20 14:37:28

    Mallika Sherawat is all set to go westwards again. The actress has bagged her second Hollywood assignment after Jackie Chan's The Myth. This time, Mallika has bagged the Aquarian Gospel, the epic story about Jesus Christ's missing years.

    The film chronicles Jesus Christ's journey from Israel as boy of 13, through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt. It describes how Jesus as a young man of 30, encountered people of all creeds, classes and faiths and also the world's greatest saints and sages before becoming a prophet. Mallika plays the role of Saraswati, a celibate yogini, who Jesus bonds with on his journey through India. Since a large part of the film is set in India, the director and the producers decided to begin casting from the East and are excited to have Malllika as part of the project.

    The film is being directed by Australian director Drew Heriot (The Secret). The actress is excited at having landed a plum role in this Hollywood production. She is already in love with her character and feels that it will be a great challenge to bring the Saraswati to life. She says that in most mythological and spiritual films, women seem to be lacking any true wisdom or a sense of humour. She says that she is looking forward to bringing both of these qualities to this character.

    Bollywood News : Sherawat Heads To Hollywood Again

    Jesus Creations begins song recording

    2006/11/25 12:44:49 The songs recording of a film on the life of Jesus to be directed by Allani Srinivasa Rao and produced by Vani on the banner of Jesus Creations has begun on November 22. Director Srinivasa Rao says, 'There are six songs in the film. The film would enthrall the audiences both by music-wise and on story-wise.' Producer Vani says, 'We would like to portray the first coming of the Jesus. We are also revealing the second coming (reincarnation) of Jesus as per his sayings with a kind of good prediction in an extraordinary way.' Writer of the film Pastor S Subhakar, music director Rajkiran and others also spoke. Directorial supervision for the film is by Srikar.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jesus Creations begins song recording

    ‘Jesus’ makes Pawan forgive Suryah!!

    2011/1/12 17:56:22

    Remember SJ Suryah? Well he is the actor/director who came up with the biggest flop in the career of Pawan Kalyan with the film ‘Puli’.

    Suryah has not been seen or heard ever since the film hit the screens. Pawan also got busy with films like ‘Jesus Christ’ and 'Lovely'.

    According to filmnagar sources Suryah is reported to have approached Pawan recently and asked him to give him another chance. Pawan is said to have forgiven Suryah and assured him that he will consider his request.

    Pawan Kalyan is playing the role of Jesus Christ in a film and this seemed to have mellowed him down and made him forgive Suryah.

    Telugu Cinema News : ‘Jesus’ makes Pawan forgive Suryah!!

    Writer says he reinvented Jesus

    2010/11/13 18:53:18 Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s latest movie on sets is about Jesus Christ life story. This was written by Tollywood story writer J.K.Bharavi. Recently, a press meet was held at Hyderabad to introduce Hollywood technician Stepheno. M. Artlane who works for this film as a production designer. Speaking to the media producer Konda Krishnam Raju said that, they have found a village named Moraco in Italy, where there is no changes since last 2000 years and are planning for a shoot there on 23rd and 24th this month. He praised writer Bharavi for giving such wonderful script for the film.

    Replying to the Producer’s speech writer Bharavi said that he has seen number of films and read books on Jesus Christ and made this story. He said it’s such a painstaking job that it’s just like reinventing the Jesus.

    This film is directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and music is composed by Devisri Prasad.

    Telugu Cinema News : Writer says he reinvented Jesus

    YS ‘shifts’ World Class University to Kadapa

    2008/5/6 8:52:44 It is now Kadapa that is getting all the big projects and schemes. It is after all the home district of chief minister YS Rajashekar Reddy. The centre proposed to set up a world class university in the state and zeroed in on the port city of Visakhapatnam.

    But chief minister YS Rajashekar Reddy has decided to bring it to Kadapa. The excuse given by the government officials is that the required 700 acres of land is hard to get in Visakhapatnam and hence the university should be set up at Kadapa.

    Andhra News : YS ‘shifts’ World Class University to Kadapa

    Pawan Kalyan in traffic jam?

    2010/12/7 16:25:53 Right now, power star Pawan Kalyan is busy with two films. The first one is ‘Kushiga’ a remake of Hindi film ‘Luv Aaj Kal.’ When, major part of this film was completed, some of its important scenes were straight lifted by Siddarth for his latest film ‘Baava.’ Therefore, Pawan Kalyan is obliged to remove all those scenes from his film to avoid further embarrassment and said to be made some drastic changes in the story of this film.

    Then, his other film which deals with life history of Lord Jesus Christ had some thing to offer. Earlier, there was buzz that, Pawan Kalyan is playing Lord Jesus role in this film. But, the according to latest information, he is playing as a ‘film director’ role in this film, who makes a film with children on Lord Jesus life story.

    The story line is, while shooting the film Pawan Kalyan realizes how the Lord Jesus has sacrificed his life for the people and then onwards he goes through the holy Bible to understand the preaching of Lord Jesus in depth. Before completing the film, he become so obsessed with Lord Jesus and his preaching that, he converts into a Christian.

    This film is tentatively titled as ‘Traffic Jam’ which seems to be very irrelevant title when considering the concept of the film. Singeetam Srinivasa Rao is the director and Konda Krishnam Raju producer of this being made under Aditya Productions banner.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan Kalyan in traffic jam?

    Third place for Congress in Kadapa

    2011/4/12 14:32:53

    All eyes in the state are no on Kadapa. The by polls to the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat where Jagan is seeking renomination is now like a battleground.

    The congress party and the Kiran government are leaving no stone unturned to get their candidate DL Ravindra Reddy elected.

    However, the people in Kadapa are of the opinion that the fight may be between the TDP and YSR party.

    As per the ground situation at this time, the congress party may end up only in the third place with the TDP coming second.

    Not even a single person is ready to believe that Jagan will lose the election in Kadapa.

    Andhra News : Third place for Congress in Kadapa

    Second airport at Kadapa

    2007/11/26 10:54:27 Kadapa already boasts of an airport. But the state government plans to build another airport in Kadapa. The land for the new airport is being acquired by the government at a breakneck speed.

    The government plans to acquire bout 3,200 acres of land in Ambavaram near Jammalamadugu in Kadapa. Reports say that the contract for the construction of the airport is being awarded to G Janardhan Reddy of Brahmani steels.

    Andhra News : Second airport at Kadapa

    Will Pawan set a record in 2011?!

    2011/1/20 9:11:00

    Pawan Kalyan took a long gap after Jalsa and this was more than two years. The result was flop in the form of Puli.

    This time however Pawan seems to have decided to make amends. He is now acting in Lovely and the film will hit the screens in April. Pawan is also playing Jesus in Singeetam’s film titled Jesus.

    Pawan Kalyan will commence shooting for his new film in the direction of Vishnuvartdhan around April.

    Pawan wants to please all his fans for not only the debacle of Puli but also the delay in his films in the past. So if things work out right we will see three films of Pawan Kalyan in 2011!

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Pawan set a record in 2011?!

    TN, Kerala police for Kadapa polls

    2011/5/7 16:19:59

    The crucial by polls in Kadapa and Pulivendula will be held tomorrow. The situation in Kadapa is tense and the election commission has pressed into service a large number of police personnel in all the places in the two constituencies.

    DGP Aravinda Rao stated that all arrangements are in place to conduct polls in a free and fair manner. Additional police forces are being brought in from Tamil Nadu and Kerala to be deployed in Kadapa.

    Andhra News : TN, Kerala police for Kadapa polls

    Chiru to campaign in Kadapa for a week

    2011/4/17 20:44:15

    The former Praja Rajyam chief and now a congress party leader, Chiranjeevi will campaign for the congress party in Kadapa.

    The campaign schedule of Chiranjeevi is now being finalized. Chiru will campign for one week in Kadapa and cover all the places.

    The congress party has fielded YS Viveka against Vijayamma in Pulivendula and DL Ravindra Reddy against YS Jagan in Kadapa.

    Andhra News : Chiru to campaign in Kadapa for a week

    Only 69.5% polling in Kadapa

    2011/5/8 18:04:12

    The polling has come to an end in Kadapa. Jagan is seeking re-election from here. Kadapa record a polling of just 69.5 percent. This is far less than the 75.69 percent polling recorded in 2009.

    The assembly segment wise break up of the polling is as follows:

    Jammalamadugu: 65.3

    Kamalapurm: 63.22

    Prodduturu: 70.3

    Mydukuru: 70.5

    Andhra News : Only 69.5% polling in Kadapa

    Messiah- a bible cinema.

    2008/2/22 14:02:16

    Once again, Malayalam film makers are attempting to make another film based on Bible. The new film titled 'Messiah' is produced and directed by father Renjith in the banner of Santhom Arts.

    The film will feature the actual story and events in the Bible from the prayer at Gethsemane to the day of resurrection of Jesus. The film being shot at Athirapalli and Palakakd areas will be completed in a single schedule. The movie will feature a lot of new comers in the important roles.

    Baiju Anagamali is appearing as Jesus in the movie. The makers are planning to get the movie released in 16mm format and in D V D’s on the day of Easter.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Messiah- a bible cinema.

    Bind over cases on 10,753 in Kadapa

    2011/5/7 16:10:12

    The chief electoral officer Bhanwarlal stated that so far 10,753 bind over cases have been registered in Kadapa.

    The ruling congress party is using all its might to check Jagan and his mother Vijayayamma in the by polls.

    The EC has set up a toll free number 1055 for complainants from Kadapa and number 1965 for complaints from other places.

    Andhra News : Bind over cases on 10,753 in Kadapa

    Ministers roaming like dogs in Kadapa

    2011/4/12 14:27:28
    Narayana said that the ministers are roaming the streets in Kadapa like dogs. They all fear that they will lose their posts in Jagan wins the election.

    The CPI leader Narayana likened ministers in the Kiran Kumar Reddy cabinet with dogs. Narayana said that most of the ministers are now put up in Kadapa for the by poll.

    Andhra News : Ministers roaming like dogs in Kadapa

    DLR files papers, confident of victory

    2011/4/16 11:59:27

    The congress party candidate DL Ravindra Reddy filed his nomination papers to the Kadapa parliamentary seat today.

    DLR is a minister in the Kiran cabinet and a known detractor of YSR. DLR was literally forced to contest the polls after the congress party failed to find a suitable candidate to take on Jagan in Kadapa.

    DLR is putting up a brave face and says that he will win in Kadapa.

    Andhra News : DLR files papers, confident of victory

    Cops, cops and more cops in Kadapa

    2011/4/29 18:34:37

    The situation in Kadapa is tense to put it mildly. The situation is highly surcharged and there are a number of outsiders – reportedly to campaign for their respective party candidates.

    Kadapa is teeming with policemen. They are everywhere and even small villages too have a number of cops posted there.

    Jagan is seeking re-election while the congress party is leaving no stone unturned to defeat him.

    Andhra News : Cops, cops and more cops in Kadapa

    Will DLR and Viveka retain deposits?

    2011/5/10 6:20:47

    With the polling in Kadapa and Pulivendula now over the attention of everyone has now shifted to the result.

    While we have to wait until May 13 to know the result, the various informal surveys and general talk in Kadapa and elsewhere is that Jagan and Vijayamma are sure shot winners.

    There is no doubt whatsoever in anyone’s mind about the result. The only interest now is the margin of victory. Many people in Kadapa say that there is no chance of DL Ravindra Reddy even retaining his deposit. The same is being cited about YS Vivekananda Reddy.

    Andhra News : Will DLR and Viveka retain deposits?

    Vijayachander donates land for 'Old Age City'

    2007/6/14 9:27:31 Vijayachander became popular by portraying the roles of Jesus Christ, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu. He earned a different image in the film industry and also among the Telugu audiences. This popular artiste had donated an 18-acre land near Kukatpally for the construction of Old Age City for the benefit of old cine artistes.

    The registered documents of the land were handed over to the film industry through Dr Akkineni Nageswara Rao at AP Film Chamber recently. A part of the land was also given to the Movie Artistes Association (MAA). Vijayachander says, 'It is Adurthi Subba Rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao who introduced me to the film industry through 'Maro Prapancham'.

    I am at this stage now because of the film industry. I had a serious thought of doing something for the film industry. I would like to acquire and donate land to the workers of all the 24 crafts in the film industry. I thank the producers' council which had cooperated with me in this regard.' Nagababu, Muralimohan, Sagar, Paruchuri brothers, SV Krishna Reddy, C Kalyan, Srihari and others attended the programme.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vijayachander donates land for 'Old Age City'

    Campaigning ends in Kadapa

    2011/5/6 13:48:24

    The campaigning in Kadapa has now come to an end. This was the bitterest campaign ever in the history of Andhra Pradesh. YS Jagan is fighting from Kadapa Lok Sabha while his mother Vijayamma is contesting for the Pulivendula assembly seat.

    The ruling congress party is using every trick in the trade to defeat Jagan. The congress party has pressed into service more than half a dozen ministers in Kadap. In addition, the party has also brought in Chiranjeevi to Kadapa.

    Still as per popular mood, Jagan is far ahead of his congress and TDP rivals. The people do not have much doubt as to who will win – the suspense is over the majority. Jagan hopes to win with over three lakhs majority.

    The polling is on May 8 but we have to wait till May 13 for the result as the votes will be counted only then.

    Andhra News : Campaigning ends in Kadapa

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