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on 2010/9/15 14:16:15

Kajal, Samantha fight to kiss hero

The hot heroine Kajal Agarwal and the hotter Samantha are literally fighting it out to kiss Jr. NTR.

The scene is form the Jr. NTR starrer film Brindavanam. The shooting for the film has come to an end and the unit parted ways amidst some emotional scenes.

The scene reminds everyone of Jr. NTR’s Naari Naari Nadmuma Murari!

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    Brindavanam story in brief

    2010/10/14 13:54:13

    The demure Kajal Agarwal and the hot Samantha play the lady loves in Brindavanam. Both of them have more or less equal footage.

    While Jr. NTR is in love with Samantha, Kajal also falls in love with NTR. The love triangle turns serious in the climax though with NTR unable to decide between the two.

    The problem is Kajal’s father Prakash Raj as well as Samatha’s uncle Sri Hari want their girls to marry Jr. NTR.

    The flaw in the film is the director has taken the safe way out by not coming up with whom NTR should marry – Kajal or Samatha. He leaves it at that- meaning that NTR may end up marrying both the girls.

    To put it plainly, Brindavanam is Old wine in New bottle!

    Telugu Cinema News : Brindavanam story in brief

    Kajal and Samatha dominate NTR

    2010/10/15 12:35:25

    There is a hot and peppy dance number in the film in which Kajal Agarwal and Samatha dance along with NTR.

    While NTR is known for his dance skills, Kajal and Samantha literally dominated NTR in the song sequence with their gyrations and raunchy and highly seductive dance steps.

    The song is so ht and sexy that even established item dancers would envy the movements done by Kajal and Samatha.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal and Samatha dominate NTR

    Kajal is a good girl

    2010/10/21 14:39:06

    The highly successful heroine in Tollywood today is none other than Kajal Agarwal. Kajal shot to the big league after Magadheera.

    Kajal is now the most sought after heroine for many actors. Kajal has been romantically linked with hero Prabhas but nothing is official yet.

    Kajal while refusing to comment on the so called affair said that she is an obedient girl. She will not go against the wishes of her parents. Kajal said that she will marry only with the full consent of her parents.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal is a good girl

    Hansika's rival – Samantha or Kajal?

    2010/12/27 8:43:40

    The buxom babe Hansika Motwani was at on time a very popular heroine in Tollywood and she was slowly but surely racing to the top. However after the film Seetharamula Kalyanam Lankalo, Hansika did not get any offer in Telugu.

    She moved to Tamil. Hansika now plans to come back to Telugu. Her place has now been taken by Samantha and Kajal Agarwal. So Hansika feels that the two actresses are her rivals and she wants to take them on.
    Hansika hopes to regain her place in Tollywood in the year 2011. Her film ‘Kandireega’ is the first step in this direction.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika's rival – Samantha or Kajal?

    Kajal insults Ram Charan

    2010/10/15 12:46:41

    The highly successful heroine in Tollywood today is none other than Kajal Agarwal. Kajal has paired up with almost all the young top heroes in Tollywood.

    Kajal paired up with Jr. NTR for Brindavanam. Kajal said that Jr. NTR is the best dancer in the world!

    Kajal got name and fame with Magadhera. Ram Charan did a highly appreciated dance scene in the film with Mumaith Khan for the song ‘Bangaru Kodipetta’. Kajal also acted with Allu Arjun. He is also considered a god dancer in Tollywood.

    So the high praise of Kajal for NTR’s dancing skills has not amused Ram Charan one bit. He is angry over this and it is a safe bet that Kajal may not get another chance to act with Ram Charan.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal insults Ram Charan

    I love to see her as my competitor: Kajal

    2010/10/23 4:36:11

    Tollywood’s new found love Kajal Agarwal is flying high in the clouds since her latest movie Brindavanam become a hit with which her position in Tollywood been upgraded to a step higher level. When she was asked whether she think that her co star Samantha is a threat for her career, Kajal promptly says, “No. We don’t have any competition between us. In fact we are best friends. There is no question of competition between us.”

    However, Kajal welcomed her younger sister Nisha Agarwal for a healthy competition. She said “My sister Nisha has that ease of expressing any kind of feelings in her face. I am confident that very soon she will reach to top position in the industry.”

    Telugu Cinema News : I love to see her as my competitor: Kajal

    ‘Eega’ story in brief

    2010/12/8 14:26:06

    The film ‘Eega’ by Rajamouli is generating a lot of interest. The film was formally launched on Wednesday. The movie is a different kind of film and it combines animation and real actors. Naani, Samantha and Kananada actor Sudeep are playing the main roles.

    The story goes like this – Hero falls in love with a girl. When everything is going fine enters the villain. There is a big fight between the hero and the villain. The hero gets killed in the duel.

    The hero is now reborn as a common fly ‘Eega’. The poor insect can neither talk nor do anything. How it takes revenge on the hero is the crux of the remaining part of the story.

    Telugu Cinema News : ‘Eega’ story in brief

    Kajal out of Merupu?

    2010/12/28 15:08:43

    Merupu is the next big film of Ram Charan. He plays a foot ball hero in the film. The successful pair of Ram Charan and Kajal Agarwal from Magadheera has been cast once again in Merupu.

    The director has even shot some part and a song but it now appears that Kajal Agarwal is no longer in the film. Kajal seems to have cited date problems and opted out of the film.

    The exact reason behind Kajal’s decision is not known. The shooting of the film has been stopped for the time being.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal out of Merupu?

    Samantha in love

    2010/11/18 13:55:51

    The bubbly young heroine Samantha is just a few films old but she has already bagged films opposite big heroes.

    Samantha seems to have done some magic as a young hero from Tollywood is now running after her saying ‘Ee Maaya Chesavo…’

    The two are now reportedly deeply in love and many industry folks say that the two are spending all their free time together.

    Telugu Cinema News : Samantha in love

    Rajamouli prefers Kajal for his next movie?

    2011/8/15 16:44:10
    Director Rajamouli is currently busy with his animated ‘Eega’ movie. Then, he has to start his next movie with handsome hero Prabhas. This movie is also said to be another socio fantasy movie based upon ‘incarnation of hero heroines and Co., According to reports both Prabhas and Rajamouli are keen to induct Kajal Agarwal into this film too, who has proved her mettle with film Magadheera acting as Mitravinda. If, so this film will be the 4th one for Prabhas and Kajal. So far, they have worked together in ‘Darling’, ‘Mr. Perfect’ and again pairing in their upcoming movie ‘Rebel.’

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajamouli prefers Kajal for his next movie?

    Kajal doing special song for Krishna Vamsi

    2011/5/31 17:33:48

    Krishna Vamsi is now making the film ‘Mogudu’ with Gopichand as hero. Tapsee is the heroine.

    Krishna Vamsi is reportedly planning to include a special song with Kajal Agarwal for the film. Kajal had acted in the Krishna Vamsi film Chandamama.

    While there is no official confirmation the unit members say that Kajal Agarwal has agreed to do the special song.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal doing special song for Krishna Vamsi

    I am happy with him: Samantha

    2010/9/28 3:07:16
    Tollywood beauty Samantha who is pairing with Jr.NTR in film ‘Brindavanam’ said that she is very happy to act with him. She is piercing the ears of the people in the industry praising all the time about her new-found-hero-Jr.NTR’s acting and dancing talents. She said “I have seen several movies of him. But he always looks very rough and violent in those movies. But, he appears very soft and loving in this film Brindavanam. I too stunned with his new looks. I learnt so many techniques in acting and dancing from him. While, shooting this film sometimes I was unable to catch his dancing speed because of my nervousness. Then, he stops dancing and encourages me as if I am his close friend. I am really happy to work with him. He is very co-operative and a very nice man. On the other hand my co-star Kajal Agarwal, though she is senior to me she helps a lot and moves very friendly with me. I thank them both for helping me all the way.”

    Telugu Cinema News : I am happy with him: Samantha

    Revamped Vidya

    2007/10/18 8:44:06

    The year has been quite eventful for her

    Vidya Balan is fuming. Someone misquoted me as saying that I will kiss any actor on screen. I never ever said such a thing! she says. So, what is her take on on-screen kissing? I am a very instinctive person. If a director tells me to walk up some distance and say a line, I would say there is no need to walk the distance. For instance, the kiss in Guru was completely justified. Here was a girl who was dying and here was a man who was breathing life into he that was what the kiss was all about. It was nothing less than an Osho moment! she says.

    The year has been quite eventful for her. From alleged affairs with co-stars to being called highhanded by her directors to a disastrous change of image, Vidya has seen it all. I took my western avatar in Heyy Babyy too coolly. The designer, Manish Malhotra, and I should have been more careful for people were going to see me in western clothes for the first time, she says.

    Talking of her personal life, does she have anyone special? Nobody. That’s because most of the people I work with are either married or have girlfriends. So I guess I will have to look outside the industry more sincerely, she says.

    She also had a patch-up recently with mentor Pradeep Sarkar. Dada is father figure for me. I fight with him like I would fight with my father. When I said no to Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, it must have hurt Dada. But honestly how long can a father be upset with his daughter? she asks.

    Bollywood News : Revamped Vidya

    Rajni fans blast Samantha!

    2010/10/8 10:30:11

    The young and sexy Samantha is yet to learn the art of public relations. She has just one hit to her credit – Ye Maaya Chesavo. She is now awaiting the release of her second film Brindavanam.

    Samantha made fans of Rajnikanth angry with her comments. Samantha posted on Twitter that she watched Rajni’s Robo with great expectations but the film disappointed her.

    This was enough for Rajni fans to get to her throat. They vent in their anger on Samantha in no uncertain terms. Samath was not only forced to apologize but she even closed her Twitter account!

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni fans blast Samantha!

    He makes me flat: Samantha

    2010/10/22 18:38:54

    “I am very much surprised for his ease in acting, especially for his dancing skills. Perhaps, he is the most handsome hero of the Tollywood. I become a big fan of him with my very first film. Fortunately, I had this great opportunity to work with him. In fact, I was flattened with his manly looks,” says Samantha about Prince Mahesh Babu with whom she is pairing in film ‘Dookudu.’

    Samantha, who is barely two-film-old heroine, in no time, seems to be learned all the tricks that were necessary to impress her heroes. While doing her first film ‘Yemaya Chesave’ she was all praises to Naga Chaitanya. Then she repeats the same for Jr.NTR while doing film Brindavanam. Now, Samantha start trumpet for Mahesh babu, because she need to work with him for a while. Perhaps, she might be thinking that the heroes whom she gives a good publicity will recommend her to their producers and directors. But, doesn’t she know that it is an age old practice adopted by one and all the heroines during their entry time of the industry.

    Telugu Cinema News : He makes me flat: Samantha

    Katrina kisses Hrithik but turns down Salman

    2011/7/8 11:50:52

    Katrina Kaif made an exception in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and kissed Hrithik Roshan in a sequence. However, not again!

    The actress, like the other two Khans Salman and Shah Rukh Khan has made it clear that she would never kiss on screen, come what say. The clause doesn't waver even for 'good friend' Salman Khan.

    When a situation for a kiss arose in Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger both Sallu and Kat said a clear no. Says a source, "Kabir Khan had convinced Katrina for the only kissing scene she has done so far in New York. He was sure she would see how important it was. But with both Salman and Katrina adamant on the no-kiss policy there was no choice but to drop it."

    Katrina admits she has broken her no-kiss clause for ZNMD. "Yes, there's a fleeting kiss with Hrithik. It was something that had to be done. But that apart, my stand on kissing remains unchanged," she says.

    In fact, the actress is in two minds about buying the rights for the 1998 Drew Barrymore rom-com The Wedding Singer because a long kiss is integral to the plot. "I love that film. But the kiss, No!" Kat says.

    Bollywood News : Katrina kisses Hrithik but turns down Salman

    No Kajal…No Item songs in Eega: Mouli

    2011/6/29 12:54:29 The buzz about cute babe Kajal Agarwal being roped into Rajamouli’s experimental movie ‘Eega’ has been condemned by the director today. Rajamouli said “There is neither any item song nor Kajal Agarwal doing it in my ‘Eega’ film. It is a mere rumor only.” Apart from the animated Eega (house fly) character, Sundeep, Nani and Samantha are playing important roles in this movie. Kannada actor Sundeep is acting as villain in it. Sai Korrapati is producing this movie and Suresh babu is presenting it. This film is being made in Telugu and Tamil languages simultaneously. This film is nearly completed and is expected to release before 15th of August.

    Music: MM Keeravani; Camera: Senthil; Visual effects: Kamal Kannan.

    Telugu Cinema News : No Kajal…No Item songs in Eega: Mouli

    Kajal Agarwal’s ‘Mister Perfect’!

    2010/10/20 14:36:02

    The demure Kajal Agarwal is now pairing up with hero Prabhas a second time. The film is ‘Mister Perfect’. The film is being directed by Dasarath and Dil Raju is the producer.

    Tapsee is the second heroine. Mister Perfect is slated for release in January during Pongal season.

    It is believed that Prabhas and Kajal are in love. Will this translate itself on to the screen and will they come up with a splendid performance? Wait and see.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal Agarwal’s ‘Mister Perfect’!

    Did Kajal walked out of Ram Charan’s film?

    2010/12/24 16:21:34
    The latest buzz is Kajal Agarwal departs from her Magadheera! Kajal who is playing the female lead against Ram Charan Tej in their latest project ‘Merupu’ said to be walked out of the film stating that, she couldn’t accommodate dates for him anymore because the delay in completing the film, overlaps with her other projects and causing problems for her and to her producers.

    Already, a song sequence has been shot on them in 19days schedule. But, now with Kajal walking out of the film, people doubts about the continuation of this project. Its learnt that, Ram Charan Tej who is in a very bad mood due to the failure of his latest film ‘Orange’ is said to be asked the producer to post pone the next shooting schedule for a while until he feel Okay. Therefore, Kajal Agarwal left with no option but to depart from her Magadheera hero. According to latest information, Ileana may enter the shoes of Kajal Agarwal.

    Telugu Cinema News : Did Kajal walked out of Ram Charan’s film?

    'I didn't want to Kiss Vidya Balan

    2007/1/26 14:31:34

    It's no co-incidence that Madhavan's first screen kiss is for his mentor Mani Rathnam's Guru.

    The surprise is that it should have been with an actress who has a very propah image…Vidya Balan!

    Even more surprisingly, Mani Rathnam for whom Maddy broke his no-kissing code of conduct has given his protégé the briefest role of his career.

    Laughs Maddy, "That's okay..I did it with my eyes open…I mean the film, not the kiss," laughs Maddy from Toronto where Guru was premiered at the posh Elgin theatre. "The response here has been overwhelming," he enthuses.

    And Maddy? "Well, even my wife Sarita thinks I've a small role. But what the heck! I did it for my mentor. As for the kiss, I did exactly what was in the script."

    Hadn't he promised his wife he's never kiss any of his heroines on screen? "Well…that's okay. She saw the kiss and liked it. You can't say no to Mani. And frankly I didn't want to. There're some things one has to do."

    Was he uncomfortable doing it? "Well I'm not a seasoned screen kisser. But I'm an actor. I'm supposed to do what I'm asked to."

    One thing is for sure. The Guru kiss will be Maddy's first and last screen smooch.

    Years ago, a kiss in Umesh Mehra's Guru between Mithun Chakraborty and Sridevi had created a furore.

    This time there's no hornet's nest to stir up.

    Bollywood News : 'I didn't want to Kiss Vidya Balan

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