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on 2011/9/6 7:33:00

Kisser boy image? No Problem:Emran Hashmi

If people wish to remember him for his on-screen kisses, so be it, says the somewhat exasperated actor who has for long been looking for an image change.

The 32-year-old actor came to be known as Hindi cinema's serial kisser after numerous lip locks in films like "Murder", "Zeher", "Aashiq Banaya Apne", "Gangster" and "Jannat".

"The tag would never go. I tried to get rid of it, but it follows me everywhere. I have done so many films with it (kissing) and so many people went and watched those films. So probably they want to remember me for that. And if kissing is a great way to remember me, I have no complaints! My audience base is there and I can't change overnight," Emraan told IANS in an interview.

"I am trying out different things in my forthcoming films. Hopefully it would be another dimension, which would change people's perception about me," he added.

"The Dirty Picture" is said to have Emraan in yet another kissing scene, this time with actress Vidya Balan. He however stresses that the film, based on the life of the late southern sex icon Vijayalakshmi aka Silk Smitha, takes sexuality to a different level.

"It's a different take on sexuality. Sexuality in my films was shown differently before this. 'The Dirty Picture' takes it to a different level," said Emraan.

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    Emraan much more than serial kisser

    2011/9/1 6:45:49 Filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee doesn't guarantee an image change for Emraan Hashmi with his political thriller "Shanghai" but says the film will bring out the "true acting capability" of the actor who is otherwise tagged as a "serial kisser".

    "I don't know if 'Shanghai' will bring in an image change for Emraan as such. But I am sure the audience will sit up and notice his true acting capability. Of course, he has acted well all through, but the focus has always been on his kissing. 'Shanghai' will be different for him," Banerjee told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

    So far, Emraan has locked lips in films like "Murder", "Zeher", "Aksar", "Gangster - A Love Story" and "Crook". But he confessed a few months ago that he is quite irritated with the "serial kisser" tag.

    "Emraan is so much more than just a serial kisser. He is a very nuanced and first class actor. He can be very funny in a natural way, which has worked for his role in 'Shanghai'. He carried his role very well. I am sure that more than being irritated, he is bored of being called a serial kisser! He is quite a professional," said Dibakar.

    "Shanghai" is an adaptation of Greek diplomat and author Vassilis Vassilikos' book "Z".
    In the film, which also features Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin, Emraan plays a rugged, roadside photographer.

    "We shot in places like Latur and Baramati in Maharashtra...where there weren't even proper loos. Still Imran worked in a dedicated way for 42 days with us," said the director.

    The 40-year-old filmmaker says it is very easy to tag people and it is easier to make money out of those tags in Bollywood. But he appreciates that Emraan has tried to get out of this zone.

    "Tags and labels help us make money in this industry...But I am sure Emraan wants to expand and exploit his talent, which is commendable," said Banerjee.

    "Shanghai" is set for Jan 26, 2012, release.

    Bollywood News : Emraan much more than serial kisser

    My Wife Didn't Stop Me From Kissing!

    2007/3/28 16:00:19

    Post-marriage Emran Hashmi is back from his honeymoon. But he would rather not call it his honeymoon. "I'd rather call it a vacation. Honeymoon is too formal a concept for us. Parveen and I have been together for more than seven years."

    Has Parveen forbidden Emran from kissing his heroines? "No! She never said that. Parveen is the last one to interfere in my career. However no girlfriend or wife is going to jump with joy if she sees her man kissing another woman.

    She's been with my from my college days. We started off as friends. From there marriage took its natural course. We didn't force anything."

    Emran's marriage last month was a very private affair. "I'm a private person. On the sets I like to keep myself. I don't know about others, but I require a lot of concentration on my work. But I'm a different person off-hours.

    As for marriage I invited practically everyone who mattered to me. I had no desperate urge to make my marriage this Page 3 kick-ass event. The whole process of marriage and leaving on a vacation was great fun."

    No radical changes in his life after marriage, except…. "You wake up with someone else in the bed. That's when it dawns on you that the status of the relationship has changed. Also, the fights about dirty towels lying round, etc etc. But seriously, the relationship is more defined now. We've taken our bonding to the next level."

    As for the female attention Emran has learnt to deal with it. "More than me, my wife needs to deal with it. She's been very supportive and understanding. I mean to marry an actor who has been tagged a serial kisser can't be easy for her. To deal with that tag requires a lot of will-power."

    Emran has made no conscious decision to stop kissing on screen. "but I'm not going to do it just for the heck of it any longer. It started with Murder, and then onwards my films had a kissing scene each time.

    That was completely uncalled-for and silly. Because at the end of the day it's the film's merit and not a kiss that works. …I actually said no to a kiss in Killer.

    We debated on the sets and we decided there was no need for it. And Killer bombed! On the other hand, in defence of my decision to not kiss in every film, I cite Jawani Diwani which bombed in spite of a smooch. I rest my kiss…er, case."

    Emran is against whipping up a frenzy regarding the kiss. "It's not just me. Other stars who have kissed recently have been spoken about," he says referring to Hrithik's much-discussed kiss in Dhoom. "But I don't think my career is defined by kissing. But yes, the kisses are a talking point. So they've served their purpose."

    Bollywood News : My Wife Didn't Stop Me From Kissing!

    'If my director convinces me, I'll still kiss'

    2007/7/6 11:07:32

    Emraan Hashmi gets a new audience in Pakistan where Awarapan will be released on Friday. But the actor is more delighted about his kiss-less role.

    Clad in a checkered shirt and ribbed jeans, his tousled hair swept back in a hair band, Emraan Hashmi lounges carelessly in his room in a city hotel.

    Restlessly, he flips channels, hoping it was as easy to change the image he has cultivated for himself over the past three years in the film industry.

    “I am sick of my old image,” he repeats for what must be the hundredth time. “I want to do something different.”

    And that is what the 27-year-old claims he has done in Mohit Suri’s Awarapan.

    “The film came at the right time when I was feeling I had reached my saturation point,” says Hashmi. In Awarapan, he plays a small-town guy from Jodhpur who gets involved with the Hong Kong underworld and discovers himself on the way. While the film may have failed to impress the critics, Hashmi is pretty pleased with himself. “It is my most intense role so far and I play a larger-than-life character. I’ve got a great response,” he says.

    “Even Mahesh Bhatt said it was the first emotionally charged film after Sanjay Dutt’s Gumrah.”

    Hashmi is crossing the LoC too as the film will finally be releasing in Pakistan on Friday. “It’s the first Bollywood movie to be commercially released in Pakistan’s theatres and I’m happy I will be watched by another 20 crore people,” he says.

    The actor, who has abstained from kissing in the film, maintains that he is not game for such scenes anymore. But he is quick to add that it is not a complete renunciation. “If my director is able to convince me, I’ll still kiss,” says Hashmi, who shot to instant fame after locking lips with Mallika Sherawat in Murder.

    Hashmi will next be seen in Kunal Deshmukh’s Jannat and Suri’s Raaz II.

    Jannat revolves around the death of cricket coach Bob Woolmer and will have Hashmi playing a bookie. “I portray a character who dreams of achieving everything in life. But one day he realises that his world is not the heaven he perceives to be,” he says. The movie will also star Esha Deol.

    While the marathon kisser says no to erotic thrillers, he will be starring opposite Bipasha Basu in the sequel to Raaz. “We’ll start shooting around November and the film will release next year,” says Hashmi.

    Both the movies, predictably, are from the Bhatt camp. But will he ever dare to venture outside? “You need a support system in this industry. An actor can’t survive without that,” he answers, dodging the question.

    And how does he explain the serious roles that he has been doing? “I like to play characters with a certain dark edge. But I may do a comedy at the end of the year with Feroz Nadiadwala.”

    Bollywood News : 'If my director convinces me, I'll still kiss'

    “I Am Shocked At Being Called a Superstar” - Emran Hashmi

    2006/7/19 18:12:21

    “The audience these days makes no bones about seeing kissing scenes or an intimate scene,” says heartthrob Emran Hashmi. Singer Kumar Shanu in a recent interview said that ‘in a country where Emran Hashmi can become a superstar then anything can happen’. Well, it is difficult to accept this 5 ft. 7 inch star of such hits as ‘Murder’, ‘Aksar’, ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’, ‘Kalyug’, ‘Zeher’ and ‘Gangster’ as a superstar by some. But the fact remains that he is getting a pay packet in the range of a crore of rupees and has a string of hits to his name. Girls love his serial kissing image and Sigh at his mere sight. IndiaGlitz got up-close-n-personal with Emran for an exclusive video interview with him. Here are a few excerpts from the same interview:

    How does it feel to be called a superstar?

    Am I called that! I am shocked also. It’s just that I am surviving doing good roles. Good films. That’s what matters at the end of the day. You’ll be forgiven if you have done a good film, a good performance and the film hasn’t done well. I just try to play powerful characters that need not always be protagonists.
    What is it that makes you so successful with the music of your films?

    I don’t know. I’ve worked with new talents, new singers, exploring new sound. Singers from Pakistan. It was after a long time that people heard something different. Even the singers they debuted with my films like Atif, Himesh or Kunal hit it really big with ‘Bheege Hont’.
    The music of ‘Killer’ hasn’t really picked up

    The music is by Sajid-Wajid. The first two tracks are based on classical old school music. And the remixes that have come now are fast paced and have caught on with the youth. When the audience goes to the theatres I am sure they will like the music even more.
    KK’s voice suits you…

    I think it is an actor’s job for anyone who has sung for him, for that moment it should suit him. So, if anyone sings for me it’s my responsibility to make it look convincing.
    Directors of ‘Killer’ are saying that the chemistry between you and Irfan Khan is very exciting?

    The chemistry between the hero and villain hasn’t been seen before. It is very unique. The title Killer may sound serious but there are lots of comic moments in the film. Irfan Khan comes from a different generation while I come from another. So the combination is unique.
    How different is ‘Gangster’ from ‘Killer’?

    We did a very serious film ‘Gangster’. My character was very serious. To detach myself from that and to do ‘Killer’ where my characters is more tapori, yuppy and energetic taxi driver was a challenge to do this comical role after ‘Gangster’.
    What about the director duo Raksha and Hasnain?

    I have worked with Hasnain in my first film ‘Footpath’. I met Raksha for the first time during this film. They have a good tuning. Both of them come from a different school but they function at the same frequency. It’s a thriller film and they haven’t left any stone unturned.
    Are you trying to change your serial kisser image?

    No, I am not. It’s something that has helped me reach where I am today. It would be very stupid of me to detach myself from that. There’s no conscious effort to give that image some support or break it. It is as per film or script. The audience these days makes no bones about seeing kissing scenes or an intimate scene. Whatever the script or the director wants me to do and if it is the requirement of the character then I will do it. Otherwise I shouldn’t do the film.
    Any kissing scenes in ‘Killer’

    You’ll have to watch the film for that. I am not saying anything about that.
    How would you feel if you are nominated for best actor in negative role for Gangster?

    Actually the biggest achievement for me is that the audience has liked the film. That’s the only barometer or yardstick for an actor, director or any creative person. When the audience goes into the hall and you get an instant feedback and you get SMSs and calls and people tell you that they’ve liked your performance in the film. So that’s the battle won for me. It would be great if I am nominated but I am not complaining about anything. Gangster has done well. And my performance has been appreciated.
    What are your forthcoming films?

    Aditya Dutt’s Dil Diya Hai, Subhash Ghai’s Good Boy Bad Boy, Mohit Suri’s Awarapan and Train by Shyam Bajaj.


    Star Interviews : “I Am Shocked At Being Called a Superstar” - Emran Hashmi

    ‘Wherever I go, girls beg me for a kiss!’

    2006/7/28 15:36:19

    New ‘kissing star’ Mika tells BT how he’s giving serial kisser Emraan Hashmi a run for his money

    Move over Emraan Hashmi, here comes Mika - the new kissing sensation from Punjab. Mika laughs when he’s compared with Emraan, who has by now acquired the serial kisser tag in Bollywood. “I feel sorry for Emraan, poor chap it took him four years to build his image of a kissing star, while it took me just five minutes!”

    Mika, brother of singer Daler Mahendi, rose to fame a month ago after the infamous kissing fiasco involving item girl Rakhi Sawant, who accused him of forcibly smooching her. The five-minute kissing drama has actually made him one sought after kisser. “I have become an overnight smooching star and now wherever I go girls come up to me and beg me for a kiss,” he says.

    “The other day I was at a party in Delhi and four girls came over and kissed me. Since they were all beautiful I didn’t mind it. Next an aunty came and kissed me! Nowadays whenever I see girls and aunties swooning over me, I get scared that I might develop some kind of allergy. I will have to approach a skin specialist soon.”

    So how does it feel to be the flavour of the month? “It was forced on me, but I’m enjoying it. I’m glad that it happened in Mumbai, because it’s an open society. If something like this had happened in Delhi, I would’ve been forced to stay indoors, but in Mumbai one can roam around freely. Here wherever I go, people go berserk.

    I can’t believe it!” Mika says his smooching episode with Rakhi made so much news that the football fever and Rahul Mahajan’s drug incident took a backseat. “People forgot about it and I become the centre of attraction. In fact, there was huge betting by the punters on whether Mika will apologise or not,” he says proudly.

    “In a way, I’ve done some social service too. Look at Rakhi Sawant. She used to dress only in fancy clothes and now a days she wears saris. So I have achieved the impossible task of making Rakhi wear a sari.”


    Bollywood News : ‘Wherever I go, girls beg me for a kiss!’

    Emraan Hashmi's a true charmer

    2007/5/31 8:18:11

    The 'Serial Kisser Award of Bollywood' goes to none other than Emraan Hashmi, who humbly and truly believes that his audience and fans is his 'Real Award'. The actor, who has a great fan following among the masses, feels that his true critics and award are his fans who pay the money to go and watch his movies. Spoken like a true charmer that he is, hasn't he?

    Bollywood News : Emraan Hashmi's a true charmer

    Bipasha too tall for Emraan

    2006/9/20 19:35:17

    Bipasha Basu, who was approached for Kangana Ranaut's character in Woh Lamhe refused the role because Emraan Hashmi was cast opposite her.

    It was not Emraan's kissing images that troubled her but it was just that she thought she would look taller and bigger than Hashmi.

    “It’s a fabulously written script. After a long time, a strong role was coming my way, essentially a woman-centric film. The only problem was the pairing.”

    “Emraan is great at his work. I know him from the days he was an assistant director. My only problem is his physicality, so far, he has worked with petite heroines; I am way too tall and big for him.”

    Later even Emraan walked out of the movie because he felt that he does not have a very strong role in the film. Mohit Suri, who is Emraan Hashmi's cousin wanted him in all his movies but could not do so in this one.

    Woh Lamhe now stars Kangana Ranaut and Shiney Ahuja in place of Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hashmi.


    Bollywood News : Bipasha too tall for Emraan

    Kissing isn't taboo: Emraan Hashmi

    2011/7/19 13:27:18

    He made kissing on-screen a routine. And actor Emraan Hashmi insists that he is not bothered by the ‘serial-kisser’ tag he has earned over the years. He feels that such tags make no difference in the long run.

    Quiz him about it and he says, “I want people to give me credit for my performance and not for kissing alone. I pretty much hate the tag as it is unfair and takes the focus away from your performance. But after eight years of being given the tag, today it doesn’t bother me as much. Anyway, kissing isn’t taboo, so I fail to understand the hype around it, even today. I’m least bothered and prefer concentrating on my work and entertaining people.”

    Hashmi is now said to be good friends with filmmaker Ekta Kapoor. What does he have to say about their new found friendship? “Ekta and I share a great equation. I love the interesting topics she picks to make films. She is easy going and has a vision. I agree with her keen sense of marketing films. I also respect her for her daring spirit to stand firm against all odds,” says Hashmi as he is all praises for Kapoor. He is also working with National Award winning film director, Dibakar Banerjee and he is on cloud nine for the same.

    “I love his stories. They are fresh, and I’m fascinated by them. His sensibility of filmmaking is very interesting. His idea of doing workshops to know and get into the skin of the character, makes one’s role look absolutely effortless on screen,” reveals Hashmi.

    Bollywood News : Kissing isn't taboo: Emraan Hashmi

    Emraan gets desperate

    2007/6/27 13:32:22

    French kisses! That’s what one would instantly think of the moment we utter the first syllable of the name Emraan Hashmi. It simply goes to prove how difficult it can get for an actor to break the established mould once he is stereotyped in any genre.

    But since the ‘serial kisser’ formula is not garnering the same brownie points anymore, Emraan’s realised it’s high time for a change. “No actor can continue with the same conventional image that he adopts at any point of time in his career,” says Emraan. “Also, it was getting boring playing that same character over and over again.”

    With his upcoming movie ‘Awaarapan’, where Emraan claims to play a role far more different than his earlier attempts, he believes his image makeover is already on a roll. “What people associate me with until now is someone who is a kissing king or someone who sleeps with other men’s wives. This movie will be a conscious attempt to change that stereotyped image,” Emraan adds.

    So, is his new look (long locks and a French beard) part of the process? “Sporting the new look is purely out of the creative inputs of the team. Nothing more than portraying the character with a better appeal,” clears Emraan.

    Ask him on his character in the movie where he’s paired with two hot beauties (as usual!) and Emraan gets excited. “My character is of someone who has a past that he can’t let go off, someone filled with a lot of mystery and suspense in his persona. The movie, shot in Hong Kong, also has undercurrents of the underworld in it, though that is definitely not the prime aspect,” he ends.

    Bollywood News : Emraan gets desperate

    Emraan Hashmi to kiss Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture

    2011/7/21 10:22:04

    When actor Vidya Balan was signed on to play Silk Smitha’s role, she knew she had to go all out to play the South sex siren. While she has been working doubly hard on her body, her clothes and even her language, she is also working on shedding her inhibitions on screen. It was a known fact that Balan would have to wear revealing clothes and indulge in some amount of skin show but there is one recent addition — Emraan Hashmi’s lips.

    After Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, filmmaker Milan Luthria has taken a strong liking to Hashmi and when he asked him to be a part of The Dirty Picture, the actor readily agreed. Apparently, Hashmi will play one of her lovers and yes, there will be a love making scene too. Says a source from the film unit, “Vidya does not just have a love-making scene with Tusshar,Emraan is also there for a special sequence in the film. And the famous serial kisser will again be doing what he does best — kissing!Emraan has flown to Hyderabad and is currently shooting for the sequence with Vidya now.”

    Balan isn’t nervous about the scene as reported. She’s apparently well prepared to play her part convincingly. Except for the DOP and Milan, no one is apparently allowed on the sets when these scenes in question are being shot.

    Bollywood News : Emraan Hashmi to kiss Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture

    'I was sick of kissing on screen'

    2007/7/3 9:33:26

    Emraan Hashmi, who has been tagged as a 'serial kisser' by the media, says he is sick of kissing people on screen and is happy that his latest flick Awarapan does not have any such scenes.

    "I was sick of kissing on screen," the 28-year-old actor said during a news conference in New Delhi to promote Awarapan. "I was being typecast as a kisser. Thankfully, I'm not kissing anyone in this film.

    "When I used to see myself kissing on screen, I did not feel good myself and I can understand what the audience must have felt. There was a time when people came up to me and said that our kids love you but they cannot go to see your films."

    He added: "I wanted to break this stereotyping of myself and I took a risk in Awarapan by not doing all that I was previously related to. This film marks the second phase of Emraan Hashmi."

    Awarapan, which deals with the serious issue of flesh trade in Southeast Asia, portrays a Pakistani woman, played by newcomer Mrinalini Sharma, trafficked to Hong Kong.

    Emraan Hashmi plays the role of a small time crook from Jodhpur who lands up in Hong Kong and saves the girl from the traffickers. The film, which released June 29, opened to a lukewarm response at the box-office but its business has been picking up since Sunday.

    Awarapan marks the first major overseas release for Emraan Hashmi.

    "The film has been released in over six countries and is doing good business in the US, UK and Dubai. I'm very excited at this response since it's my big overseas release," said the actor, who is sporting long hair and stubble.

    The actor, who has acted in around 16 films, has his platter full with two more movies, one with the Bhatt camp titled Jannat and the other is touted to be a sequel to Raaz, a 2002 horror film staring Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu.

    Emraan wants to land the role of the ghost in the sequel to Raaz and in Jannat he plays a bookie. Jannat deals with the shady world of betting in cricket and is said to focus on Bob Woolmer's mysterious death during the World Cup.

    Bollywood News : 'I was sick of kissing on screen'

    Dino Morea - Best Kisser in Bollywood!!!

    2007/2/18 18:30:48

    Super hunk Dino Morea is all slated to take over the mantle of the Best Kisser in Bollywood from Emraan Hashmi.

    Insiders who have seen the rushes of the film 'BHRAM' swear that the lip lock between Dino & Supermodel turned actress Sheetal Menon is the most passionate scene ever shot in Bollywood.

    Though it will be Dino's first on screen kiss, Dino like a true blue Italian Casanova has carried it off exceptionally. The director has shot the passion play between the two beautiful people very aesthetically. According to sources present at the shoot though Dino was initially nervous because of his first on-screen kiss, when he started off, it turned out to be the most passionate kiss. According to sources since both Dino & Sheetal were supermodel, they shared a certain comfort level. Infact they said that the chemistry between them would over shadow even Keira Knightley & Johnny Depp's kiss in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

    As the source added 'In 'BHRAM' the kiss is with a twist in the tale, which is great.' When teased by the unit, Dino was at his enigmatic best. But if ever a book on best Bollywood kisses is ever written. Dino's would be right up there!! As the song goes 'Lucky Lips are always kissing…'.


    Bollywood News : Dino Morea - Best Kisser in Bollywood!!!

    Jannat will be Emraan's Naam: Mahesh Bhatt

    2008/5/18 9:21:58

    Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says his just released Jannat, which is about match-fixing, will change his blue-eyed boy Emraan Hashmi's image the way Naam did Sanjay Dutt's.

    He has special words of praise for his leading man.

    "I think Jannat is Emraan's coming of age movie. It would do for Emraan what my Naam did for Sanjay Dutt. He is a vulnerable, abominable risk-taker who falls in love with a woman who has a value system totally contrary to his," Bhatt told IANS.

    The film co-stars Sonal Chauhan and has been directed by Kunal Deshmukh.

    A strange thing is happening to Bhatt. After spending years extracting creativity from real life, now when cricket fever has touched an all-time high thanks to the Indian Premier League (IPL), he plays down the cricketing karma of his new film Jannat.

    "The cricketing world is only the wallpaper in Jannat. The cricketing field is the space in which the tale of this risk addict, played by Emran Hashmi, unfolds.

    "He is a typical product of the 21st century who goes into shopping malls to look for new things to buy every day. Emraan plays the kind of person for whom the end is more important than the means. He then meets this girl who changes his life.

    "When personal gratification becomes more important than the larger concern, then society is doomed. Emran plays a character who needs to restrain himself from the acquisitive tendency."

    Bhatt is the man whose cinema has constantly walked the tightrope depicting the worlds of idealism and corruption.

    "Jannat" is about match-fixing, but Bhatt says: "Like I said, it's reflective of the times we live in. It holds a mirror to the conscience of today's youth, who believe gratification is the bottom line of existence."

    He hesitates in connecting Jannat with present-day happenings in the cricketing world.

    "Incidents like Bob Woolmer's suspicious death were at the back of my writers' heads. But to say that 'Jannat' replays incidents from the cricketing world like the Woolmer one would be absurd. It's just a grotesque coincidence that the actor who plays Woolmer was a close buddy of the dead man."

    Bhatt would rather focus on the larger moral question that his cinema raises.

    "Cricketers are as human as anyone else liable to be seduced by the goodies of the world. The film points out that there's huge money in cricket. It's a moneymaking industry. Everybody exploits this deity called cricket. So does my hero Emraan."

    Bollywood News : Jannat will be Emraan's Naam: Mahesh Bhatt

    Emraan Hashmi's future after marriage

    2006/12/18 16:59:47

    Emraan Hashmi has recently got married and over the last few months, there were talks about the young actor refraining from his kissing image starting with the release of 'Gangster' followed by 'The Killer' and 'Dil Diya Hai'.

    But ever since Raksha Mistry, the director of his forthcoming film 'The Train' has declared that her film can't be complete without Emraan getting into his hot acts, it is being keenly speculated about what is in the offering in his 2007 releases.

    First to come would be 'The Train' where he could be lip locking with Geeta Basra, debutant Sayali Bhagat or both. Later he would be seen in Subhash Ghai produced 'Good Boy Bad Boy' where he is paired opposite Isha Sharwani. This would be followed by Vishesh Films' 'Awaarapan' which stars Shreya Saran as the leading lady opposite him along with new find Mrinalini Sharma.

    Watch out for these movies to check out how future changes for Emraan Hashmi after his marriage!


    Bollywood News : Emraan Hashmi's future after marriage

    Emraan is welcome kiss to me

    2007/4/17 13:25:48

    The Serial Kisser, Emraan Hashmi, at one time famous for being Mahesh and Vikram Bhatt's nephew and therefore getting to be a hero, soon went on to Murder that myth with hotbod Mallika Sherawat, and became a miniature hero no. 1.

    All his films followed with a kiss or two thrown in and a hit song or two, too. Then came news of his getting married, and he was off kissing on screen, and in one film, even made a bit of a joke at the end of the film about not kissing his heroine!

    But how long can a serial kisser be off a liplock? Esapecially with Bollywood now full of starlets and bimbos who don't mind sticking their tongue into Emraan's mouth if it can give them a hit and a place in the sun.

    And Sayali Bhagat is not just a bimbo trying to make it in Bollywood. The former Miss India World (2004) is doing what most beauty queens do, of course -- meaning, knocking on the gates of tinsel town. And Sayali found Emraan waiting to give her a welcome whopper, that too with full on the mouth!

    If you want to know more, Sayali's making her debut in a romantic thriller, The Train, with Emraan, and we are not surprised that the film boasts of a much-publicised liplock too.

    Talking of her debut kiss onscreen, Sayali gushes, "I was very nervous during the first kissing scene, but the director made it look so easy that it didn't take much effort."

    Or is she trying to tell Emraan something? Say thanks, girl, he is waitring to hear it, with puckered lips.

    Bollywood News : Emraan is welcome kiss to me

    No kisses for Shreya

    2007/6/21 9:28:09

    Shreya is on a high after the release of Sivaji. Her maiden film in Bollywood ‘Awaarapan’ is now all set for release on 29th. She is paired with Emraan Hashmi in the film. It is well known that Emraan is known as the serial kisser. He locks his lips with most of is heroines on screen. The same was expected in this film too.

    However, there is no such luck for him this time. As the script does not demand it, the director has not included any kissing scenes. Or it could be that Shreya has managed to convince the director not to include a kissing scene.

    Telugu Cinema News : No kisses for Shreya

    Suresh Gopi is trapped with an image problem ???

    2006/12/11 14:08:06

    Our action hero Suresh Gopi is trapped with an image problem.

    He has just not been able to replicate his Bharathchandran IPS success.

    Most of his recent films have him either as an underworld don or a politician who cleans up the mess!

    Let us look at Gopi’s films this year- Lanka, Rashtram, Chithamani Kolacase, Aswaroodan, Pathaka and Bada Dost.

    Only one film- Chinthamani Kolacase was a hit and in all the films, he looked almost same as far as characterization goes.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Suresh Gopi is trapped with an image problem ???

    NTR has a problem

    2008/1/25 14:17:52

    Jr. NTR is now a star in his own right. But he continues to be bogged down a big problem. All this is of his own creation. He is still not sure of himself. Other wise how does one describe a person who is afraid of sharing the dais with a co actor or other heroes and heroines from the industry.

    Jr. NTR does not accept any invitation that comes his way. He sets a pre-condition for accepting the invitation. His condition is that no other star – big or small should be invited to the function that he is gracing. He should be the only star on the dais. This is damaging his image to a considerable extent.

    He should realize that all are not equal. If he shares the dais with other stars, his image and popularity will not diminished in any way. He will only become more popular if he mingles with people freely.

    Telugu Cinema News : NTR has a problem

    Karina Kapoor to act as Dawood’s muse

    2011/7/10 17:39:44
    The cat race between the top Bollywood heroines Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone for grabbing the female lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming sequel film of ‘Once upon a Time in Mumbai’ comes to an end with its director Milan Luthria favoring Karina Kapoor for the role. She will play as the muse of under world Don Dawood Ibrahim in this film and Emran Hashmi is acting as the Don. Karina Kapoor has to enact the real life role played by veteran Bollywood actress Mandakini who once romanced with Dawood. Dynamic hero Akshay Kumar and Karina Kapoor will play the lead roles in this movie. This film may go to sets during September month.

    Bollywood News : Karina Kapoor to act as Dawood’s muse

    Shreya in Bollywood!

    2007/3/9 17:48:16

    Shreya has finally made it to Bolywood. Acting in Hindi films has been on Shreya’s mind for a long time. Shreya has made a mark in Tollywood with her films. She has acted with almost all the top heroes in the state. She has also made her mark in Tamil films. She is busy with two films in Tamil.

    Coming to Bollywood, the good news is that she has signed two films. One is with Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Awwarapan’ with Emran Hashmi in the lead. The other film is with Bobby Deol as hero. The film is a remake of the Telugu film in which Trisha played the female lead. Shreya is currently busy with the shooting of her film in Chandigarh. She is playing a Muslim girl in the film.


    Telugu Cinema News : Shreya in Bollywood!

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