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on 2007/4/13 9:51:33

MMS scandal involving Namitha, Malavika

Just a few days ago, hot pictures and video clippings of supposedly Trisha, published on the internet rocked the city. Now, after nearly a week, some sexy pictures of girls who seem to be Namitha and Malavika are being circulated through MMS on mobile phones. In these pictures, a female look-alike of actress Namitha is shown having sex with a male model. This scene runs on for nearly 2 minutes. In another MMS, a topless girl who looks similar to Malavika has been shown kissing a man. These videos are now available on some websites as well.

When asked about such videos, Namitha told us that these are all fake images involving a lot of graphic work, and have been done in cheap taste. "I will go to the police if necessary to prevent the broadcast of these fake videos. The culprits behind these videos think that actresses are willing to compromise on anything. This is a wrong assumption. Every actress has self respect and individuality like any common family girl", Namitha said.

As Malavika is currently on her honeymoon in South Africa, her manager Munusamy came forward to give the required explanation about the picture. "Malavika' is a bold lady. She can never get involved in such kind of an ugly activity. A few days ago, some portals published published her marriage reception photos, which was also done in a similar bad taste. She will never appear anywhere in such an abusive posture".

A few months ago, some portals continuously kept publishing some nude pictures of several actresses, including Sneha, Trisha, Swarnamalya, and Reema Sen. But after receiving complaints from these actresses, the cyber crime wing took necessary action to curb the spread of such v

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    Namitha’s weakness for…

    2010/9/23 13:23:54

    The buxom babe Namitha is a hot diva for countless fns. She however has a craze for something entirely different.

    Namitha is extremely fond of pets. She recently acquired a cute little puppy by splurging a few lakhs. Namitha is now spending all her time wit the puppy.

    Namitha says that she is so fond of the puppy that she cannot leave the per for even a moment.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha’s weakness for…

    Malavika complaints to Nadigar Sangam

    2007/2/1 16:30:26

    Looks like it is complaint season and Malavika is topping the list of complainants at the Nadigar Sangam. After lodging a complaint against the producers of Sabari for her pay settlement, she has approached the Nadigar Sangam again – this time for the misdemeanor of S.J. Surya on the sets of Vyabari.

    Surya – as it seems – has shown some of his moves during the filming of a romantic sequence. However, Malavika warned him to refrain from his acts, which fell on deaf ears. When the situation went out of control Malavika stormed out of the sets and knocked the doors of Nadigar Sangam for justice.

    Nadigar Sangam came for her rescue and based on Malavika’s demands, Surya apologized for his behavior, which brought her back to the sets of Vyabari.

    If you might remember, Malavika went to the extent of slapping her co-star Rajendra Prasad in Telugu for his misbehavior on the sets of a Telugu movie. Now that is how kids from military households are brought up, agree with us?

    Tamil Cinema News : Malavika complaints to Nadigar Sangam

    Namitha in ‘Love College’

    2011/1/20 15:36:00

    The buxom babe Namitha is not exactly having a great time in Telugu or Tamil. She however is still popular with many a producer and director.

    A new film titled ‘Love College’ with Namitha in the lead is now in progress.

    Namitha plays a yoga teacher in the film. The film is directed by Ravi Teja Reddy and is about how Namitha brings about a change in the life of four wayward boys.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha in ‘Love College’

    Namitha cannot do it anymore!

    2011/3/3 17:29:58

    The buxom babe Namitha has been trying her best to cut down on her plump figure but with little suction. She has even approached doctors but they ruled that liposuction would do her more harm than good so that option has been ruled out now.

    Namitha has been doing exercises regularly but even this has not brought in the desired results. Namitha is now tired of all the rigorous exercises in the gym and has decided that she can longer do it. Namitha is reconciled to the fact that she may have to learn to live with her buxom figure.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha cannot do it anymore!

    Namitha to reveal all in 'Maya'!

    2008/3/12 17:01:50 The sexy and buxom babe Namitha made a big splash in Telugu with her ample sets some time back. But to the disappointment of many, she later moved to Kollywood. Namitha is now a big name there. Namitha is now coming back to Tollywood with a new film. The film titled ‘Maya’ has been made with an international star cast. Actors from Bulgaria, Canada and the US are acting in the film.

    The big news is that Namitha is reported to have done a lot of exposing in the film. There is also talk of a completely nude scene by Namitha in the film. The film is being released in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. The film is all set to hit the screens on March 28.

    Andhra News : Namitha to reveal all in 'Maya'!

    Namitha shows off her ample assets

    2010/11/17 10:58:49

    The buxom babe Namitha is one actress who has defied the convention in Tollywood where heroines are trim and slim.

    Namitha in fact says that it is her buxom figure that has brought her roles in films and countless admirers.

    Namitha has no plans to lose weight and trim down her assets. She however is ready to do yoga to keep herself fit and healthy.

    The picture shows Namitha getting ready to do yoga.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha shows off her ample assets

    Challenge to Namitha

    2011/1/15 14:29:11

    The buxom babe Namitha rules the roost for some time. She made it big in Tamil where her fans even constructed a temple for her. Namita also has a huge fan following in Telugu.

    However of late Namitha seems to have lost out to the younger heroines. Now Namitha is facing some stiff competition from a new heroine. The heroine is the buxom and hot babe Deeksha Seth.

    Desskha is just two films old but she already commands a huge fan following. She is tall and buxom and hot. The fans of Namitha are now slowly turning towards Deeksha Seth.

    Telugu Cinema News : Challenge to Namitha

    Buxom babe worth 100 crore!

    2010/10/7 14:23:16

    She is known as the buxom babe. You are right. We are talking about none other than the one and only Namitha.

    Namitha has a huge fan following despite her films not doing that well at the box office.

    Namitha is a beauty with brains. She has invested all her earning in real estate. Namitha has property in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru etc.

    According to sources, she is now worth around 100 crore as the property she has purchased has appreciated several fold in the last decade.

    Telugu Cinema News : Buxom babe worth 100 crore!

    Namitha to play street dancer

    2008/1/29 16:42:53

    The sexy bombshell Namitha is gearing up to play the role of a street dancer in a new Tamil film. Sneha and Raghava Lawrence is the lead pair. Namitha will be at her 'sexplosive' best in her role as a street dancer.

    For the first time, Namitha gets a chance to gets a chance to display her histrionics in addition to exhibiting her well-endowed body.

    Namitha plays a woman with a golden heart. She loves the hero but after learning that Sneha is also in love with Lawrence, she backs out. Not just that, she then goes all out to help Sneha succeed in her love. Namitha is confident that the film will bring her a good name as an actor.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha to play street dancer

    Secret of Namitha’s success

    2008/5/27 16:31:36

    The cute looking hot babe Namitha is a successful heroin in Tamil. She is also very popular in Telugu too. But unlike the top heroines like Trisha, Shreya, Genelia, Ileana etc. who are very slim and trim, Namitha is very fat. She is a bit too fat by conventional standards of a heroine.

    But Namitha has no intention of cutting fat and putting her figure back into shape. She says that her big body is her secret of her success. God has given her the assets and she has no plans to tinker with them, now or in the near future. She says that her fans love her for being buxom.

    Telugu Cinema News : Secret of Namitha’s success

    Namitha says no to top politician

    2011/2/28 7:35:12

    The buxom Namitha was offered a chance to host a popular show ‘Jackpot’ on Jaya TV. The show was earlier hosted by another buxom a babe Khushboo.

    The show has considerable following and Namitha would have been the right person to do it. When Jaya TV approached Namitha with a fancy offer she initially agreed to do it.

    However there was a catch. It is learnt that the AIADMK supreme wanted Namitha as a package deal – to host the show as well as campaign for the party.

    Namitha is reported to have refused to campaign and therefore lost out on hosting the show.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha says no to top politician

    Namitha back

    2008/5/12 12:15:02

    The buxom babe Namitha is making a comeback in Telugu after a long gap. She is acting in a bi lingual film Parthu. The film stars Lawrence is the lead role and Sneha and Namitha are the female leads. Madhuvan is the director and Manyam Ramesh is producing he film.

    Namitha has a considerable fan following in Telugu and she would definitely be a big draw for the film. The film also has some high voltage romance and sexy dance numbers featuring Sneha, Lawrence and Namitha.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha back

    I am too young to marry – Namitha

    2010/10/13 9:32:50

    The buxom babe Namitha has been around for more than a decade. She is a hot property with huge fan following.

    However as of now Namitha dos not have many films on hand. Still she says that she is busy with films and has no time for marriage!

    Namitha said that she is still too young for marriage. She has ruled out marriage for another 10 years! Some bachelors will surely celebrate this decision of hers.

    Telugu Cinema News : I am too young to marry – Namitha

    Namitha molested

    2007/8/28 16:37:54 The voluptuous actress Namitha was the chief guest at the inauguration of a cloth showroom in Chennai. A large crowd gathered to see her. And as the mob swelled people started pushing and shoving.

    Many people surged forward and some men started to pull and push Namitha. She was molested by some unidentified persons d and the management of the show room immediately took her away to safety.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha molested

    Namitha on a diet

    2007/7/11 15:57:27

    The buxom babe Namitha is now busy in Tamil. She was quite popular with the young audience but the top heroes in Tollywood never showed much interest in pairing with her. She was the heroine in Venkatesh’s Gemini and aftr that she did some films which did not do well.

    Now after doing quite a number of films, Namitha says that she is fed up of playing galmaorous roles. She wants roles with scope to perform.And for this she is evn ready to cut down weight. The plump actress who is well endowed is now on a mission to shed about 10 kilos. A lean Namitha hopes that she would bag many more offers. Best of luck to her!

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha on a diet

    Please wait for six months – Namitha

    2011/1/29 14:25:37

    The buxom babe Namitha is without doubt the plumpest heroine in Tollywood as well as Kollywood. She is almost double in weight by conventional standards.

    While her plump figure was her USP all these years her fans are no longer interested in seeing the ‘fat’ Namitha any longer.

    Namitha has taken note of this and has decided to shed weight. She says that she will become slim and trim soon. She wants her fans to give her six months time and she will surprise everyone with a new svelte figure.

    Telugu Cinema News : Please wait for six months – Namitha

    Buxom babe's dreams!!

    2010/10/15 12:41:52

    The name buxom babe fits her aptly. She is one heroine who has hppily lived with this ‘buxom babe’ tag all along.

    She is none other than Namitha. She has had a fairly long innings in films. She is a big name in Tamil as well as Telugu. However she has been at the receiving end lately for her bulky figure.

    Namitha is overweight by any standards and many feel that she is unfit as heroine in films. In such a scenario Namitha now says that she wants to pursue a career in Hollywood.

    It is well known that ‘size zero’ is the norm in Hollywood. So have can Namitha ever realize her dream of acting in Hollywood films unless she sheds tons and tons of weight!!

    Telugu Cinema News : Buxom babe's dreams!!

    Buxom beauty angry for imitations

    2011/7/28 17:46:20
    Buxom beauty Namitha thought that if she quits doing the skin shows the producers and directors will fall on her feet with plenty of offers, but the idea didn’t work well for her. Ever since, she stops doing the skin shows in the films, the producers and directors have found an immediate replacement for her. She is upcoming buxom beauty Sona. She almost looks alike Namitha and have the same buxom figure of her. Moreover, she is ready to do skin shows. Hence, she bagged a Tamil film ‘Kho’ and few other movies in Kollywood.

    Whether, she was asked to imitate Namitha or she is intentionally imitating her is not known but, Sona has proved herself that she is perfect replacement for Namitha. Hence, some of the Kollywood producers while using Namitha’s name for their film publicity, highlights the new actress Sona in their movie posters. So far, Namitha has kept quite and patiently waiting to bag some film offers, but when she got a SMS message from Sona asking her whether she is angry with her for imitating, Namitha exploded like anything.

    Namitha said it is disgusting to imitate her style and asked her not to make any phone calls or send any messages to her in future. “She asked why should she imitate my style and why again asks me whether I am feeling bad for it? First, she should avoid imitating me. Instead of imitating some body else she should develop her own style to bag the films. It is not fair for her to bag films on my name,” says Namitha.

    Telugu Cinema News : Buxom beauty angry for imitations

    Namitha on Ajit

    2007/6/12 13:59:32

    Namitha is acting in a new film ‘Billa’ with hero Ajit in the lead. The buxom actor has just returned from Malaysia after shooting for the film there. Namitha just can’t stop praising Ajit. She is waxing eloquent about Ajit’s looks, acting and what not. From her statements praising Ajit, it appears that they both had a rocking time together while shooting for the film in Malaysia. Wonder what Ajit’s wife Shalini’s reaction is to the new fond love of Namitha for her husband.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha on Ajit

    Namitha’s Pachchi Mirapakai on 22nd

    2011/7/16 18:12:03

    Buxom babe Namitha’s movie ‘Pachchi Mirapakai’ is alls set to release on 22nd of July. This is her Tamil film’s dubbed version. Namitha is acting as the lover of hero Sundaram in this movie. Veteran actress Nadia has played as mother-in-law of hero and Ragini as hero’s wife. The quarrel between the members of hero’s family because of Namitha’s entry is the story line of this movie. Since, this is a Namitha-oriented movie no need to mention about the highlights of the movie.

    This film is directed by Shakthi Chidambaram and brought into Telugu by G.Someswar Reddy and VRR under One Vision Media banner.

    Story, Screen play and Direction: Shakthi Chidambaram; Dialogues: Sairam Ramesh; Music: Dhina; Lyrics: Pondhuri.

    Telugu Cinema News : Namitha’s Pachchi Mirapakai on 22nd

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