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on 2011/9/22 5:53:35

Mahesh is still childish: Namrata

Prince Mahesh babu may handle dozens of villains with single hand in his movies but he too need to be maintained by his wife at home. His wife Namrata has said this during a chit chat with media people when she attends a function recently. She said "I have two children. One is my son and the other is my husband Mahesh babu. He too needs to be taken care of like my child. Otherwise, he will make a big mess at home."

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    Mahesh, Namrata join fans to watch Dookudu

    2011/9/23 12:14:19 Prince Mahesh babu, his wife Namrata, director Sreenu Vytla, actor Prakash Raj and some others have joined Mahesh Fans for watching Dookudu movie at Sudarshan Theater, Hyderabad, for the morning show today.

    Mahesh's wife Namrata said she likes the movie very much. Prakash Raj said she is really proud to be part of this great film. Sreenu Vytla said is happy for reaching the expectations of Mahesh babu fans.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh, Namrata join fans to watch Dookudu

    Mahesh better than Miss Universe!

    2011/10/12 12:32:18

    Mahesh Babu is the most handsome of heroes in Tollywood. He is now 37 but still retains that childish look and teenage personality. Girls simply swoon over him.

    So it is no surprise that even his heroines think the same way. Samantha, Mahesh Babu's heroine in Dookudu is all praise for Prince. She says that he is so handsome that even Miss Universe would pale out in front of him!

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Mahesh better than Miss Universe!

    Mahesh babu wife knocks court doors?

    2011/5/22 8:06:43 Prince Mahesh babus wife Namrata who was also an actress in the past has confined to home after marrying the prince. Later, she was never found in any of the news headlines until now. But, recently she has provided some stuff to news-hungry media people. Namrata has filed a petition in Nampalli court against her carpenter who flees away with some amount paid by her for doing some carpentry work in her home. Hence, the court orders Jubilee Hills police to file case against the carpenter and to trace out him to recover money from him.

    Andhra News : Mahesh babu wife knocks court doors?

    Mahesh is still a kid!

    2011/9/21 8:31:21

    Prince Mahesh Babu may a big Pokiri who sends shivers down the spine of hardcore criminals in film after film but believe it or not but he is still a kid!

    This was disclosed by his wife Namrata. She says that she has to contend with two kids at home – Gautam and Mahesh. She says that these two kids need her attention all the time leaving her with little time to do anything else.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Mahesh is still a kid!

    CBI grills Mahesh's wife Namrata

    2011/9/14 14:27:32 Former Bollywood film star and Miss India Namrata Shirodkar w/o prince Mahesh babu was questioned by a CBI team in connection with the Emmar Properties case, which the investigative agency is pursuing for the past two weeks.

    The inquiry is about the land she purchased for Emmar Properties for a villa. CBI sleuths went to her house to question about her purchase of villa site and checked the documents.

    After the Emmar issue had come up CBI issued notices to many high profile people, including film stars, kin of cabinet ministers, politicians and industrialists.

    Mega star Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan name is also in this list, those who had dealings with Emmar properties. (INN)

    Andhra News : CBI grills Mahesh's wife Namrata

    Marriage has sobered me: Namrata Shirodkar

    2006/8/14 17:52:53

    Blissfully married to Telugu star Mahesh Babu for over a year and awaiting motherhood, Namrata Shirodkar has taken to domestic life like a fish to water.

    "I'm totally enchanted by my new life. Mahesh Babu and I live in Jubilee Hills. We shifted to our house six months ago. This is just our temporary dream house. We're building our real dream house brick-by-brick."

    Namrata, who now lives in Hyderabad, is cut off from Mumbai.

    "But in many ways Hyderabad is like an extension of home. My mom and dad visit me every six months. Then friends from Mumbai keep dropping in on their way to Tirupati. Tabu is shifting base from Mumbai to Hyderabad. So, I keep bumping into her."

    Namrata has always been a bit out of Bollywood.

    "I've put on weight. I was never career-driven. Now when I'm married to a superstar I'm just happy being part of my husband's success. Whoever says marriage is scary doesn't know what she's talking about. Marriage has sobered me down. Not that I was ever wild."

    She did have to go through a long period of suspense before getting Mahesh Babu's parents' consent.

    "It was people around them influencing them, I guess. But I'd say the wait has been worth the while. And that period of expectancy gave Mahesh and me a chance to know each other really well. Mahesh's family and I get along famously. In fact, his elder sister and I are very, very close."

    She raves about her husband.

    "Mahesh is the best thing to have happened to me. Yes, he has a huge female fan following. But I feel really, really secure with him. The females are crazy about him. They call on my number asking if they could talk to him. I've stopped answering strange numbers. His latest film is the biggest rage. But no temple for Mahesh. That's a very Tamil and not Telugu thing."

    Namrata is no stranger to a fan following.

    "But there's a difference between Shah Rukh Khan and Mahesh Babu. These people in Andhra (Pradesh) go into a trance when they see a star."

    She rarely misses the arc lights.

    "I was fond of my work. But I'm so happy in my new life that I don't miss acting. But yes, I do have a lot of time on hand. Mahesh has been really busy. But for the past week he has been home. So I got some precious time with him. He has been working really hard."

    When asked if she looks after her husband's career, Namrata jumped: "Are you crazy? He's not the kind of husband who'd want me to interfere. You know one doesn't really get to know a person until you actually live together with him. Mahesh and I have our spaces worked out."

    Namrata sighs in deep contentment.

    "Hyderabad isn't as fast-paced as Mumbai. At the same time it's a fun place. There're lots of parties and dinner but I'm confined till the first week of October when our baby is expected. I'm so nervous."

    Plans of coming back to films?

    "Right now I'm just looking forward to playing the role of a mother. Maybe later."


    Bollywood News : Marriage has sobered me: Namrata Shirodkar

    These girls can't even speak Hindi: Namrata

    2011/10/27 9:53:03 Veteran actress and prince Mahesh Babu's wife Namrata Sirodkar opines that, the present heroines in the film industry are no matching to oldies like Sridevi, Madhuri Dixith and Kajol.

    She said "These girls can't even speak fluently in Hindi. During our time, if a heroine can't speak Hindi, the director and producer used to send her for Hindi tuition before starting the shooting. But, these days they are inducted into films only because of their glamour and not because of their acting talents. Their work in the movies is also very casual and not upto the mark. However, I am still enjoying watching their Hindi movies. Now, and then some of them terrifies me like the ones in our Telugu movies."

    Speaking about her family life Namrata said "My husband gives very much importance to two things. The first one is up-keeping our family reputation and the second is his film profession. He is very caring. He loves to play with our son Goutam. Some times, I have to intervene to stop him from granting everything that Goutam asks for. He loves me very much and always prefers to take my advice before taking any major decision. Our bond becomes stronger after my parents died."

    "I know he has great fan following across the state and also know about the girls who are ready to die for him. But, we both consider it as a part of profession and won't take it seriously. Mahesh never like to show his stardom before us or anyone. He behaves like any simple man and in a quiet matured way. His approach towards others is very friendly and often people will surprise and praise him for his simplicity," said Namrata

    Telugu Cinema News : These girls can't even speak Hindi: Namrata

    CBI served notices to Tollywood actors

    2011/9/7 18:41:01 As reported earlier, CBI has served notices to prince Mahesh babu and his wife Namrata, Ram Charan Tej, Ravi Teja and many others in the film industry as well as in the political parties who have purchased properties in Emmar properties in Hyderabad. Out of 100 people who were served notices, eminent people like Brahmani, veteran actress Manjula, Minister Geeta Reddy, former PCC president D. Srinivas, Bharati Reddy are in the list, who were asked to submit the full details of their transactions with Emmar Properties for possessing the properties. Some Kolkata based companies are also in this list. It is learnt that, Mahesh and Namrata were summoned for 14th of this month. CBI wants clarification on how the Emmar was able to sell the plots at a throw away prices where as they actually costs lakhs and crores in the market.

    Andhra News : CBI served notices to Tollywood actors

    Mahesh is proud father of a baby boy

    2006/9/1 14:01:24

    Namrata gave birth to a male child. At Global hospital, Banjara Hills on 31st of August,Thursday around 10pm. Prince Mahesh, Namrta acted together in the film Vamshi the love started there. This is the first child for them. baby and mother both are in good health as per sources.

    Congrats! Mahesh!

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh is proud father of a baby boy

    Hansika falls flat for Mahesh Babu

    2008/5/18 17:19:40

    The Deasamudu heroine Hansika Motwani is really a Desamuduru in real life too. She has no qualms in going on record to say that she is infatuated with Prince Mahesh Babu. If Mahesh Babu is willing, she is even ready for a hot fling with him!

    Hansika also regrets the fact that Mahesh Babu is no longer an eligible bachelor. If prince had been single, then Hansika says that she would have done anything and gone to any extent to marry him. Is Namrata listening?

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika falls flat for Mahesh Babu

    Mahesh Babu Replaces Abhishek

    2006/11/4 5:44:02 Abhishek Bachchan is a busy man juggling between his personal as well as professional life. He is neck deep in work and has got several films lined up for release and he has already signed a few more and refused several others. One film that he has decided not to do is the remake of Telugu super hit film Pokiri.

    The latest buzz is that Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu (Namrata Shirodkars husband) who also played the lead role in Telugu version will also be starring in the Hindi remake which will be directed by Puri Jagannadh, the director of the original version and Ram Gopal Verma will be producing it.

    Although Abhishek loved the film but he felt that somehow he didnt fit the part. Lets see what Mahesh Babu makes of his debut.


    Bollywood News : Mahesh Babu Replaces Abhishek

    Dookudu Audio released

    2011/8/19 6:55:35
    Prince Mahesh babu and Samantha starrer Dookudu movie audio was released on Thursday at Shilpa Kalavedhika in Hyderabad. Mahesh babus wife Namrata and super star Krishnas brother Adhisheshagiri Rao also have joined this function. Dr.Brahmanandam, Rajamouli, Sreenu Vytla, Samantha, Thaman, producer Anil and several others have participated in this function. Thaman delights the guests by performing 3 songs of this movie on the stage. So far, the film makers didnt announce the release date of their movie. Mostly, it may release in the 2nd week of September.

    Telugu Cinema News : Dookudu Audio released

    Mahesh@ Wankade Stadium

    2011/4/3 19:26:10

    Prince Mahesh tweets that, he and his wife Namrata and their son Goutham have fully enjoyed the World Cup match sitting in the gallerias along with thousands of cricket fans in Wankade stadium yesterday. He also put his photo in his tweeter page-

    His tweets in his own words:

    Jus like rest of the country, I'm still up celebrating Our Win! What a fantastic performance by all our boys.. Can't describe the feeling..

    Sitting in the 'regular' seats with all the real fans was truly a special experience.. I'll take this over any VIP experience till now..

    Feel like a normal human being :) Still feelin d euphoria:)am so glad I saw d match in d stadium.will always b 1of my most memorable xperiences:)

    Am glad I took d decision not2b in d vip box my experience in d normal stands was something else.d energy there is unreal:)

    Had d time of my life with family n friends:)

    Andhra News : Mahesh@ Wankade Stadium

    Cat-fight rumors are childish, says Katrina Kaif

    2011/8/18 12:24:35

    Being under the spot light has its own drawbacks and getting dragged into unnecessary controversies is just one of them. Katrina Kaif, Bollywoods current Blue eyed girl was recently dragged into pitiful cat fight stories that pitched some of the top actresses opposite Katrina. It was reported that Kareena Kapoor was upset when Katrina was roped in for a small jig in her film Bodyguard.

    Later it was even reported that Katrina and Anushka Sharma were at loggerheads over their common make up man. But now Katrina has come clean on all these stories. She recently stated that Kareena instead of being upset was quite active participant in the process when her item number was planned.

    So no question arises of Kareena being upset with her. Further she clarified she shares no hard feeling with Anushka Sharma and according to Katrina the mentioned issue is a very petty one. Katrina stated that the cat-fight and the camp rumors are very childish and are very silly for the actors who deserve some respect for their work.

    Bollywood News : Cat-fight rumors are childish, says Katrina Kaif

    Mahesh will sport six different hairstyles

    2007/8/11 13:26:19

    The media hype for Mahesh Babus new film is slowly building up. The film stars Bollywood heroine Amritha Rao in the female lead role.

    Mahesh is being presented in an entirely new get up in the movie. A lot of money has been spent on giving six different hairdos for Mahesh. So Mahesh will look in different get ups and style like Rajni in Sivaji.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh will sport six different hairstyles

    What is Mahesh doing in Dubai?

    2010/11/23 9:50:53

    Prince Mahesh Babu is now in Dubai. He went there along with wife Namratha and son Gautham.

    It is understood that Mahesh went to Dubai to get some peace of mind. Maheshs film Khaleja did not do well at the box offic3e and all the comment and criticism has left him flabbergasted.

    So Mahesh has decided to go to Dubai and relax and prepare for his next flick Dookudu. The film will be directed by Srinu Vytla.

    Telugu Cinema News : What is Mahesh doing in Dubai?

    Mahesh Khaleja story!

    2010/9/13 13:10:32
    The hottest news doing the rounds everywhere now is about the leaked story of Mahesh Khaleja.

    According to the leaked version, the story goes like this. Mahesh plays an auto driver. When he sees some goons teasing the heroine and trying to outrage her modesty; Mahesh follows them and bashes them up.

    He enters a village along with the heroine. The village has several problems and Mahesh slowly solves the problems in his own style. One day the heroine goes missing.

    What happened to the heroine? How does Mahesh trace her and what is the outcome? This is the basis for the remaining part of the story.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Khaleja story!

    Mahesh coming to Vijayawada

    2011/9/27 19:49:18

    Prince Mahesh Babu is now currently in Mumbai shooting for his new film ‘Businessman’ directed by Puri Jagannath.

    Mahesh will fly down from Mumbai to attend the success meet of Dookudu. Mahesh Babu fans will be pleased to hear this.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Mahesh coming to Vijayawada

    Srinu Vytla unhappy with Mahesh Babu

    2011/2/15 15:32:32

    Director Sriny Vytla is reportedly unhappy with prince Mahesh Babu. The reason is that Mahesh Babu is not regular in attending shoots.

    The take it policy of Mahesh Babu is affecting the making of the film. Srinu Vytla wants to complete the film as soon as possible by Mahesh Babu does not seem to be keen to wrap up the film quickly.

    It is well known that Mahesh Babu took three years to complete Khaleja. The fans of prince are hoping and praying that Mahesh Babu cooperates with Srinu Vytla and completes the film on time.

    Telugu Cinema News : Srinu Vytla unhappy with Mahesh Babu

    SRK Would Have Become a Teacher

    2008/3/25 12:34:58

    He is the reigning Badshah of Bollywood, so it is difficult to imagine Shah Rukh Khan as being anything other than the glamorous superstar that he is. So his revelation that he would have become a teacher if he had not become an actor comes as a surprise.

    SRK, who is all set to host the kid's quiz show on TV, Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Ho, has admitted that teaching has always remained a secret passion with him. The show allows him to fulfill his childhood dream, he says. The show will see him more as a moderator than a teacher on air But then, this is the closest that he can get to playing a mentor to kids, at least for now. SRK's pranks as a student himself are legendary. He admits that school was fun and that he was very studious but a prankster as well.

    He recalls forcing his teachers to dance with him and also remembers blowing up something in the chemistry lab once. The actor still retains his sense of mischief and the kid in him surfaces when the he is in his favourite role -- that of doting father to Aryan and Suhana. He believes that children need their parents to be both, responsible as well as friends, someone who they can trust and have fun with. And it is this confidence that he has garnered as a father that has given him the confidence to face kids on his show as well.

    Armed with this experience, the actor is ready for the barrage of childish' questions. But he feels that no question that a kid asks is childish or stupid. And he assures you from experience that there is many a time when a child will ask you a question and you will not be able to answer, even though the answer is on the tip of your tongue.

    Bollywood News : SRK Would Have Become a Teacher

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