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on 2010/12/4 14:24:47

Nayan takes on Trisha

The hot babe Nayanatara who is in the news for all the wrong reasons – her affair with the married Prabhu Deva is now all set to rub Trisha the wrong way.

Nayanatara is stated to have approached the makers of the film Savitri and offered to act in the film. The film with Venkatesh in the lead was all set to role with the successful Trisha as the heroine.

Nayanatara is now putting pressure on the producer to take her in place of Trisha. So get set to witness a duel between the two big beauties soon.

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    Will Prabhu Deva convert into Christianity?

    2011/6/7 17:28:10

    Prabhu Deva is very tensed up these days. His much publicized romance with Nayanatara was supposed to have resulted in marriage by now but there have been several hurdles in the way.

    While Prabhu Deva has managed to surmount the hurdles posed by his wife Ramalat he is stumped with the new demand set forth by Nayan’s parents.

    Nayan is a Roman Catholic. Now Nayan’s parents want Prabhu to convert into Christianity before he can marry her. Prabhu Deva is dying to marry Nayan but is a little hesitant about converting into Christianity.

    So, unless he takes a call on this the marriage with Nayan will be put on hold by her parents.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Prabhu Deva convert into Christianity?

    Nayan’s SMS to Prabhu

    2010/10/15 11:25:51

    The much publicized affair between Nayanatara and Prabhu Deva seems to be cooling off now. The reason is all the negative flak that Nayan and Prabhu received from many quarters.

    Prabhu’s wife is against agreeing to a divorce. In such a situation it is impossible for Prabhu Deva to marry Nayan.

    All this seems to have turned Nayan into a philosophical mode. Nayan sent an SMS to Prabhu, it reads – ‘Lovers may fail but love never fails!’

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayan’s SMS to Prabhu

    Prabhu avoids Nayan

    2010/12/9 10:58:40

    All is not well between Nayanatara and Prabhu Deva. The two who wee in a hot and passionate relationship not so long ago now seem to be avoiding each other.

    Prabhu is angry that Nayan has complicated things for him with her eagerness to marry him. Prabhu’s wife Ramalat moved the court and now there is no way Prabhu can’t marry Nayan unless he gets divorce.

    Prabhu is also miffed that Nayan had put the blame on him and kept away from him for some time. So Prabhu is now not thinking about Nayan but is concentrating on his new film which he is directing. The film stars Vishal and Sameera Reddy in the lead roles.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prabhu avoids Nayan

    Nayan- from most popular to most hated!

    2010/10/7 14:13:36

    The sexy Nayanatara was the most sought after actress in Kollywood till the other day. Nayan set the screen ablaze with her daring and hit bikini show in a film.

    From that time she became a sex diva for many in Tamil. Nayan is now in the news for all the wrong reasons.

    Nayan’s much publicized affair with a married man like Prabhu Deva is not going down well with people.

    Manu women’s organizations are now up in arma against her and are showing solidarity with Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramalath. Nayan is now the most hated heroine in Tamil.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayan- from most popular to most hated!

    Trisha wants to outsmart Nayanthara

    2008/5/10 13:23:37

    Actress Trisha has grabbed the top position in Telugu film industry with hits like 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule' and 'Krishna'. However, audiences' lukewarm response to 'Kuruvi' has shattered Trisha wallpapers her dream to outsmart Nayanthara. Trisha celebrated her 25th Birthday (May 5) while shooting on the sets of 'Bujjigadu Made in Chennai in New Zealand. She got a bitter birthday gift as her Tamil film 'Kuruvi' failed at the B.O.

    This was an important movie for her because her recent Tamil films have failed to make any impact. With 'Kuruvi' not doning well in Tamil and Nayanatara ruling the roost with her hits, Trisha's hope to beat Nayan seems receding. After the release of 'Bujjigadu'(May 23), she will begin work for Akkineni Nagarjuna's 'King'.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Trisha wants to outsmart Nayanthara

    The Other Side of Trisha

    2007/2/13 15:16:30

    We all know that Trisha love the good life. She enjoys with her close friends partying in pubs and also public places. However what is less known about her personality is her religious and philanthropic nature. She visits temples regularly and also takes time to visit orphanages and help the needy.

    She said that this was nothing new and she had been doing it since childhood. She adds that people are only interested in the negative things hence her pranks and private life get highlighted in the press.


    Telugu Cinema News : The Other Side of Trisha

    I like Asin than Nayan: Trisha

    2011/4/23 7:56:09 Tollywood glamour doll Trisha is going to act in film ‘Body Guard’ with victory Venkatesh. This is the remake of Nayanatara’s super hit Malayalam film with same title, which was also remade into Tamil some time ago. Asin did the Tamil version of the Body Guard. In a chit chat with media people, Trisha said that, she likes Asin’s performance than Nayanatara’s performance in the original version. She is confident that, now she can do better than both Asin and Nayanatara in her Telugu version.

    Telugu Cinema News : I like Asin than Nayan: Trisha

    Trisha’s idol

    2007/7/30 15:12:39

    Guess who is the person whom Trisha idolizes the most? Well, it is none other than the one and only J Jayalalitha. The boss of the AIADMK party and former Tamil Nadu chief minister has inspired Trisha from her childhood.

    Trisha studied in the same school as that of Jayalalitha. Trisha is also in awe of the acting prowess of Jayalalitha. And her most memorable day was when she received an award from Jayalalitha at her school.


    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s idol

    Nayan -The busy bee

    2007/8/25 17:01:33

    Nayantara is yet to recover completely from a bout of viral fever. The actress is a complete professional and refuses to take even a day’s rest.

    She has been shooting a song with Vishal in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Rao film city for his first straight Telugu film Salute (the dubbed Tamil version is called Sathyam).

    Nayan’s frequent trips abroad for shooting for her various films, has left her drained. The climatic changes have played havoc leaving her with a bad cold. Since she is so busy in Tamil and Telugu, if she takes a forced break it will upset her shooting schedule. So the poor girl is shooting round the clock, and is not ready to take rest or pamper herself!

    This song that is being shot is tuned by Harris Jayaraj and is shot with a dozen kids at a beautiful set choreographed by Dinesh. Nayan will finish the song and be in Chennai to complete Vishnuvardhan’s Billa.

    Tamil Cinema News : Nayan -The busy bee

    Nayan gives ultimatum to Prabhu

    2010/10/11 16:09:46

    The much publicized affair between Nayanatara and Prahu Deva is not in trouble. Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramalat is giving sleepless nights to him and Nayan.

    All the negative publicity in the media and the delay in Prabhu Deva securing divorce from his wife is making Nayan angry and depressed.

    It is understood that she is avoiding Prabhu for the past few days. She is reported to have given an ultimatum to Prabhu to sort out the divorce issue at the earliest.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayan gives ultimatum to Prabhu

    Prabu Deva's wedding gift to Nayan!

    2011/10/12 12:58:46

    The talk of Prabhu Deva's marriage with Nayanatara was the hot topic for a long time in the media and elsewhere. However the two are yet to enter into wedlock. Now a hot gossip doing the rounds in Kollywood is that Prabhu Deva is constructing a temple for Nayan.

    The idol in the temple will resemble Nayan as Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam. It seems Prabhu has planned this temple as a wedding gift to Nayanatara.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Prabu Deva's wedding gift to Nayan!

    Red-hot Trisha!

    2007/9/11 10:17:31 No, we are not talking about her sex appeal. We are talking bout the red-hot temper of Trisha. The people who have worked with Trisha have this inside information about her.
    Trisha is extremely reserved on the sets. The moment her work is over, she goes to a corner and is seen all by herself. She either reads a book or listens to the music. And if by any chance, a junior artist or a technician happens to disturb he, then she goes wild. She shouts at them in high pitch and gives them a verbal thrashing.

    Telugu Cinema News : Red-hot Trisha!

    Trisha shows tattoo on chest

    2011/4/15 11:36:09

    Trisha is known to do things her style. She lives life to the fullest and she is perhaps the only heroine who parties as hard as she works.

    Trisha showed her big tattoo on her chest in the movie Teen Maar. Trisha wore revealing clothes and the top exposes her tattoo fully.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha shows tattoo on chest

    'Trisha' came from Russia

    2008/4/28 16:11:22

    Many have wondered how the emerging top star of South India, Trisha, has earned an unlikely name, `Trisha’. It’s all along been believed to be a North Indian name. But, no. Here’s the clue.

    In fact, it is a Russian name, and there is a story attached to it which the pretty girl had recently revealed in one of her interviews.

    When Trisha was a baby, her father used to travel a lot, which also involved going to foreign countries. In one such visits, he’d visited Russia and there he came across the name Trisha which means 'Victory'. It grabbed his fancy, and on return home, he named his pretty girl Trisha. Rest, as they say, is history.

    Tamil Cinema News : 'Trisha' came from Russia

    Will Vikram come to Trisha's rescue?

    2007/8/17 9:50:52

    Trisha and Vikram are starring in the Tamil film Bheema. Trisha says the she is very impressed by the hard work and sincerity of Vikram. So much so that she says that he now inspires her.

    Now will she follow Vikram off screen too? Trisha is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, like causing nuisance in public, her heavy drinking and drunken brawls. Hope Vikram will counsel Trisha and she will turn a new leaf with the help of her mentor.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Vikram come to Trisha's rescue?

    Trisha Vindicated

    2007/3/3 16:59:52

    Trisha has been finally vindicated. We are referring to the MMS clip showing her in the bathroom. The video clip was circulated widely not long ago. Trisha had hotly denied then that the image is not hers and the video was morphed.

    It now comes to notice that the girl featured in the video is not Trisha. It is actually a Chinese girl who closely resembles Trisha. The clip was shot in China and someone forwarded it to his friend in India. Trisha is finally vindicated and also relieved.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha Vindicated

    Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    2011/2/14 9:04:19

    The hottest clip now doing the rounds on the net is a video of actress Trisha undergoing massage. The video has been shot when she was still new to films and was not yet a celebrity.

    Now that Trisha is a big star the video has been leaked by some unidentified person. Trisha tried her best to stop the video from being leaked but could not succeed.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    Trisha slapped by a woman

    2007/6/19 16:00:37

    Trish is not new to controversies. She is also known to enjoy her night outs and weekends without fail. As usual, Trisha went to a discotheque on Sunday night long with her friends. She had a drink one too many and was seen dancing away in gay abandon. In her inebriated condition she happened to dash against a fat lady.

    Without looking here and thee the fat lady slapped Trisha hard not once but thrice. Trisha apologized for her mistake but the lady refused to listen. The hotel management requested Trisha to leave the place. The fat lady in question is said to be the wife of a powerful police officer, the same police officer who has booked Trisha for her public nuisance a couple of times earlier.


    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha slapped by a woman

    Nayan’s `Sivaji` look!

    2007/6/12 8:31:49

    Nayantara, we guess is a lucky charm for Rajnikanth? She was Rajni’s heroine in Chandramukhi, which sky rocketed her to superstardom. And when Shankar decided to have a top actress to do the introductory song with the superstar, he went ahead and signed Nayan.

    Remember that any top actress or item number girl in Bollywood would have given their right hand to do the song, and Shankar never repeats a pair who has featured in some other film. He went ahead and did it because the whole song is supposed to evoke nostalgia, and the audiences are getting their first glimpse of the hero in a song.

    There is a Nayan craze in Tamilnadu and Andhra, which is sure to make the song popular with the masses. The song Balelakka… was shot in Wai near Pune with hundreds of Theyyam and puli dancers from Kerala. The costumes were specially designed by Manish Malhotra and Nayan wears traditional Tamilnadu saris will have the viewers whistling in anticipation for more!

    Tamil Cinema News : Nayan’s `Sivaji` look!

    Trisha’s new interest

    2007/12/15 12:55:40 Trisha is now showing a new interest. Trisha is now one of the top heroines in the south and she commands a cool one crore per film. And in addition, she is also a top paid model with some big brands in her kitty.

    And Trisha is investing all the money very wisely. While she has deposited some part of her earnings in fixed deposits, she is now investing in real estate. She acquired about 50 acres of land recently. She also purchased a big bungalow in Hyderabad and she has also constructed a big house in the posh Nandanam area in Chennai.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s new interest

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