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on 2011/5/16 18:29:20

Pawan’s 2nd marriage also on rocks

Power star Pawan Kalyan who got married to Renu Desai after divorcing his first wife Nandini, is said to be leading a happy married life. But, according to Tollywood sources, few months ago his wife has left him and currently staying with her mother at Pune. Due to his busy schedule, Pawan Kalyan also fails to meet his wife personally.

It is learnt that, they differs over money matters. While, Pawan Kalyan takes the money matters very lightly, his wife Renu Desai insists her husband for financial discipline, which he doesn’t like to oblige. However, both of they are still said to in contact but failed to sit together to resolve their problems because of his busy schedule. Pawan Kalyan is currently busy with his next film shooting which is being directed by Vishnu Vardhan.

The busy schedules of the actors and the enormous amounts of in-flow of money often turns the root cause for the marriage break-ups in the film industry. Yet, many actors who fail to balance between their professional life and personal life often ruin their personal lives. Hope Pawan Kalyan who is a well matured person will overcome his problems.

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    Is Pawan marital life on rocks again?

    2011/3/28 12:55:03 We are aware that power star Pawan Kalyan, before marrying Renu Desai has divorced his first wife Nandita. The latest buzz is that, Pawan-Desai’s marital life is on rocks and they are heading for a divorce. Renu is currently staying with her parents Pune since last few months. However, we don’t confirm this news because still there is official word from anyone. Hope they will make a patch-up soon and live together forever.

    Andhra News : Is Pawan marital life on rocks again?

    Pawan back on the sets

    2007/10/29 8:28:44

    Actor Pawan Kalyan is now back on the sets of his new film Jalsa. The shooting was stopped for some time as Pawan was battling his court case. His first wife Nandini had filed a case against him.

    After that, Pawan was greatly disturbed by his brother Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija’s love marriage. The entire Chiranjeevi family was in a shock over Srija’s secret marriage and the subsequent case against her father in the Delhi High court. Trivikram is the director and the film stars three leading ladies – Ileana, Parvati Melton and Kamalini Mukherjee.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan back on the sets

    Pawan talks about his marriage

    2008/4/5 18:02:53

    Power star Pawan Kalyan has been fighting a court case filed by his first wife Nandini. She has charged him with bigamy and also sought alimony. Pawan Kalyan’s film Jalsa released to some unprecedented opening collections.

    There is a reference to his marriage in the film. In fact, it is Pawan himself who talks about it. When the two heroines Ileana and Parvati Melton say that they love him and ask him to marry one of them, Pawan talks about the problems associated wit love.

    He said that his life would then turn miserable with the constant demands made by his wife. She will keep nagging him for things from children to luxuries. I f something goes wrong, and then the entire media will run after him and make it into a big public issue. The women’s organizations will also make life difficult for him. He will also have run around lawyers and family courts. This is what has been happening to him all these years, so he gave vent to his anger in this way in the film.

    Andhra News : Pawan talks about his marriage

    Focus shifts to Pawan

    2007/10/25 13:28:43

    People are now discussing about Pawan Kalyan and his Common Man Protection Force. His gesture of surrendering his revolver at the Jubilee Hills police station and announcing the setting of a NGO has managed to shift the focus from Srija’s marriage to a considerable extent.

    Pawan is getting good response from everywhere. Contributions are pouring in and many people are ready o work for the CMPF. Even college students in Hyderabad and elsewhere have welcomed his proposal and have expressed solidarity. The extent of support for the new initiative has come as a surprise to not only independent observers but also to Pawan Kalyan. He is elated at the way his fans have welcomed his announcement.

    Andhra News : Focus shifts to Pawan

    Pawan or JD Chakravarthy?

    2011/10/5 17:04:22

    The first look others of Pawan Kalyan's new film Panjaa were released today. The posters are getting mixed response from fans.

    While some are happy with the new look of Pawan, others feel that Pawan looks odd with the beard. Some say that Pawan looks more like JD Chakravarthy with the beard!

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Pawan or JD Chakravarthy?

    Rajni’s Robo Rocks, Rocks and Rocks!

    2010/10/1 13:00:20

    The Rajnikanth and aishwarya Rai starrer film Robo is fiannlly here. The film is getting a good response everywhere going by initial reports.

    The energy and stylish action of Rajnikanth, the beauty of Aishwarya Rai, the taking of

    Shankar and the out of the world special effects and visuals have all contributed to making the film a must watch.

    Robo is almost on par with Hollywood standards and the audience is coming out of the theaters in a sort of a daze with the climax making everyone spell bound.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni’s Robo Rocks, Rocks and Rocks!

    NTR set to take on Pawan

    2008/3/29 16:11:43 The much awaited Pawan Kalyan film ‘Jalsa’ is now set for release on April 2. The audio is a big hit and the songs are at the number one spot. Devi Sree Prasad scored the music for the film. The audio of the NTR starrer Kanthri’ hit the market today. The songs are all very melodious and the first impression is that Kanthri audio rocks! Many say that the audio of Kanthri is sure to top the chartbusters and take the number one spot. Mani Sarma is the music director. Will Kanthri now dethrone Jalsa from the number one spot in the chartbusters?

    Andhra News : NTR set to take on Pawan

    Pawan turns into ‘Puli’

    2007/12/17 12:47:21 It is quite common to see ‘Puli Veshagallu’ at the time of Dasara. But Pawan being Pawan, he will don the ‘Puli’ vesham for Sankranthi. Pawan Kalyn is now busy wrapping up work for his big budget film ‘Jalasa’.

    Tamil director Surya is now ready with the script. The script has been tailor-made for Pawan Kalyan. The film will hit the floor on January 16. Pawan and Surya had earlier come together for the hit film ‘Khushi’.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan turns into ‘Puli’

    Meena to act as Samantha’s mother?

    2011/5/30 14:33:01 Tollywood glamour doll Meena’s last film ‘Tarigonda Vengamamba’ just made before her marriage was a disaster. There was buzz that even her marriage went on rocks, but later it is proved as a mere rumor.

    Like any heroine who obsess with her film career, but obliged bid good bye to it after marriage, one day or the other surely start second innings. Meena also quit acting in films, but she also now ready to star her second innings.

    The latest buzz is she is making her re-entry with Ram Charan Tej’s movie, not as his heroine but as his mother-in-law and Kerala beauty Samantha’s mother. Earlier, she has paired with all most all the big heroes in Tollywood and Kollywood, including Chiranjeevi. But, now her marriage has automatically upgraded her to mother and mother-in-law roles. Since, the obsession for acting in the films can’t be avoided, she has to accept whatever comes in her way.

    VV.Vinayak is the director and Ganesh babu will produce this movie under his home banner Parameswra Arts.

    Telugu Cinema News : Meena to act as Samantha’s mother?

    Ileana says Pawan is a …

    2007/12/18 14:05:47 The sexiest actress in town, the one and only Ileana has come up with some very high praise of Power star Pawan Kalyan. Ileana is now acting with him in the film ‘Jalsa’. The film is progressing briskly.

    Ileana said that Pawan is a very decent guy. In fact, Pawan is the best mannered guy she has ever come across all her life, says this Goan beauty. She was also surprise about the rumour that Pawan had slapped her during the shooting of the film.

    Ileana said that the story was a figment of some media guy’s imagination. Ileana said that Pawan had treated her with great respect and was quite friendly right through. He never interferes in other’s work and is very calm and silent on the sets.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ileana says Pawan is a …

    Big challenge for Pawan Kalyan

    2010/9/21 9:38:45

    Power star Pawan Kalyan will soon face a big challenge. It is in the form of a new film. It is well known that Pawan has agreed to do a film to be produced by Ganesh Babu.

    The producer wants Pawan Kalyan to complete the film in three months flat! This is a big challenge to Pawan as he is known to take anywhere up to two or three years to complete a project.

    Will Pawan make an exception and rise up to the challenge this time? We have to wait and see.

    Telugu Cinema News : Big challenge for Pawan Kalyan

    Pawan in Visakhapatnam

    2007/9/5 21:36:35 Actor Pawan Kalyan is in Visakhapatnam. He will attend court tomorrow. His first wife Nandini had filed a case in the family court against Pawan. The court has directed Pawan to appear in the court personally without fail. So Pawan has decided to attend court on the advice of his lawyers.

    Andhra News : Pawan in Visakhapatnam

    Police question Nandini

    2007/7/9 16:21:26

    Nandini the first wife of Pawan Kalyan went underground after filing a case against him in Visakhpatnam. She has finally surfaced this morning and met the police who are investigating the case. She is reported to have handed over all proof regarding her marriage with Pawan Kalyan.

    Her lawyer has denied any talk about a compromise. He said that so far no one from the other side has come forward to talk. A compromise was possible only when people from the two sides meet. So far there was no such thing he added.

    Telugu Cinema News : Police question Nandini

    Pawan's sideshow

    2007/10/24 11:34:19

    While Srija’s marriage issue continues to hog the limelight, Pawan Kalyan has come up with his own sideshow. People are viewing his dramatic announcement of the constitution of a common man protection force and surrendering his weapon with skepticism.

    Psychologists from Mumbai and Hyderabad say that this is very common among celebrities. They live in their own grandiose world and have a very high self-esteem. And when their ego is pricked by even a small incident, they come out in the open with such grand acts to reinforce faith in themselves and also to put up a brave face. Pawan is also battling an alimony case in court filed by his first wife Nandini.

    Andhra News : Pawan's sideshow

    Will Pawan set a record in 2011?!

    2011/1/20 9:11:00

    Pawan Kalyan took a long gap after Jalsa and this was more than two years. The result was flop in the form of Puli.

    This time however Pawan seems to have decided to make amends. He is now acting in Lovely and the film will hit the screens in April. Pawan is also playing Jesus in Singeetam’s film titled Jesus.

    Pawan Kalyan will commence shooting for his new film in the direction of Vishnuvartdhan around April.

    Pawan wants to please all his fans for not only the debacle of Puli but also the delay in his films in the past. So if things work out right we will see three films of Pawan Kalyan in 2011!

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Pawan set a record in 2011?!

    Wedding bells for Selva Raghavan

    2011/6/15 16:42:13 Selva Raghavan is one of the most successful name in Kollywood directors’ list, and also one among few of the broken marriages list. He has married to Kollywood actress Sonia Agarwal in year 2006, but it went on rocks with in one year and they were separated before two years of their marriage. Ever since, he is maintaining a low profile and staying away from media fearing gossips about the failure of his marriage.

    However, he once again fall in love with another girl Geetanjali who worked as his assistant for a Tamil film. She is the daughter of a businessman PS Raman who settled in Chennai. Elders of both families have approved their proposal and few months back their engagement function also takes place in Chennai. Their marriage will be performed on 3rd July at Chennai.

    Telugu Cinema News : Wedding bells for Selva Raghavan

    Pawan is now ‘Puli’

    2008/3/3 16:03:45

    Pawan is now a ‘Puli’. No we are not referring toe court case filed by his first wife Nandini. The court has dismissed the bigamy case and Pawan Kalyan emerged unscathed.
    Pawan is now justified to twirl his moustache on his detractors.

    But Pawan is doing nit for an entirely different reason. Pawan Kalyan is now gearing up to act in his new film titled ‘Puli’. He will sport a very shot hair and big moustache for his for his role in the film. Pawan is already growing his moustache and he gave a sort of a preview of hi new look for the film during the audio release of Jalsa the other day.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan is now ‘Puli’

    Pawan’s weakness exposed!

    2011/3/22 14:03:46

    The audio release function of Pawan Kalyan’s Teenmaar was a glittering affair. Pawan Kalyan was seen smiling most of the time. This was a welcome change that did not go unnoticed.

    However the function also exposed the weak side of Pawan Kalyan. It is an open secret that Pawan is a very emotional man.

    When producer Ganesh started speaking about Pawan and his great qualities, Pawan was clearly moved. He tried his best to hide his emotions but with little success. His eyes became moist and the tears were ready to burst. Pawan somehow managed to hide this with his hands and a smile on his face.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan’s weakness exposed!

    BSP chief blackmails Pawan Kalyan

    2008/1/3 14:52:23 The talk of Chiranjeevi entering politics will continue to do the rounds for some more time to come. Now there is news that Pawan Kalyan is likely to join the BSP if Chiranjeevi does not start a party soon. Pawan Kalyan is reported to have met the BSP leaders recently and discussed about joining the BSP. Pawan Kalyan is now stated to have refuted this and claimed that he has never met anyone from the BSP.

    The BSP state president Nalla Surya Prakasa Rao came up with a startling statement this evening. His statement is almost like a threat and is aimed at putting pressure on Pawan Kalyan. Surya Prakasa Rao threatened to expose Pawan Kalyan if he made another statement saying that he never met anyone from the BSP. Surya Prakasa Rao said that if Pawn opened his mouth against the BSP then he would not hesitate to release the pictures of Pawan Kalyan attending a meeting with the BSP leaders. Power star Pawan Kalyan’s reaction to this is now eagerly awaited.

    Andhra News : BSP chief blackmails Pawan Kalyan

    Pawan adopts two kids

    2011/4/28 18:42:10

    Power star Pawan Kalyan has always been known for his philanthropic activities. The latest news is that Pawan Kalyan has now adopted two orphans.

    Pawan Kalyan will from now on take full care of the two kids. Wish more heroes from Tollywood would follow in the same path.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan adopts two kids

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