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on 2008/4/1 18:02:14

Pawan beats Mahesh Babuís record

Power star Pawan Kalyanís eagerly awaited film ĎJalsaí will hit the screens in just a few hours from now. Pawan fns are camping outside the cinema halls screening his film for tickets. At Vijayawada many fans are waiting patiently for advance booking to open for tomorrowís screening. They are even ready to spend the whole night at the place in a queue at the booking counters.

The film is releasing at 20 cinema halls in Vijayawada alone. This is a record. Mahesh Babuís Athidhi was released in 15 theatres and Jalsa has broken the record by opening in 20 theatres. Swarna, Navarang, Sailaja and Jayaram are some of the main theatres where Jalsa is being screened.

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    NTR beats Mahesh Babu!

    2011/10/4 10:24:48

    The fans of Jr.NTR now have a reason to celebrate. Jr.NTR has overtaken Mahesh Babu's Dookudu record. While Dookudu was released in 79 theaters and which is a record.

    Jr.NTR has crossed this with 101 theaters booked in the US as of now. Some more theaters are likely booked in the next 24 hours.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : NTR beats Mahesh Babu!

    Mahesh Khaleja completes 100 days!

    2011/1/18 12:10:19

    Well this is one record that even prince Mahesh Babu would find it hard to digest. His film Mahesh Khaleja has just completed 100 days run.

    The rare feat or shall we say record has been achieved at the Srinivas theater in Chittoor. The fans of Mahesh have managed this record say that their hero is always number one and will remain so!

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Khaleja completes 100 days!

    Prince overtakes Pawan

    2008/5/8 0:29:07

    Power star Pawan Kalyan is acting in the film ĎPulií directed by SJ Suryah of Khushi fame. The regular shooting will commence shortly. Singanamala Ramesh is the producer.

    Prince Mahesh Babu is acting in the film titled ĎVaruduí and Trivikram Srinivas is the producer. Incidentally Singanamla Rameh is producing this film too.

    According to source in Tollywood, Mahesh Babu has overtaken Pawan Kalyan in terms of remuneration. While Pawan is getting 6 crore, Mahesh is being paid 8 crore.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prince overtakes Pawan

    Prince in ĎJalsaí?

    2008/3/17 19:06:03 Prince Mahesh Babu is actively associated with Pawan Kalyan starrer Jalsa. Mahesh Babu will not be seen in the film but he will be heard prominently. He has given the voice over for the film.

    Mahesh Babu has set a good example by agreeing to be a part of a film that has another actor in the lead role. This is a good signal and many feel that this would bring about a change and also open up opportunities for multi-starrer films in future. Trivikrm Srinivas asked Mahesh Babu to do the voice over and he agreed to do it without any pretensions. This is now another attraction for Jalsa.

    Andhra News : Prince in ĎJalsaí?

    Hansika falls flat for Mahesh Babu

    2008/5/18 17:19:40

    The Deasamudu heroine Hansika Motwani is really a ĎDesamuduruí in real life too. She has no qualms in going on record to say that she is infatuated with Prince Mahesh Babu. If Mahesh Babu is willing, she is even ready for a hot fling with him!

    Hansika also regrets the fact that Mahesh Babu is no longer an eligible bachelor. If prince had been single, then Hansika says that she would have done anything and gone to any extent to marry him. Is Namrata listening?

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika falls flat for Mahesh Babu

    Srinu Vytla unhappy with Mahesh Babu

    2011/2/15 15:32:32

    Director Sriny Vytla is reportedly unhappy with prince Mahesh Babu. The reason is that Mahesh Babu is not regular in attending shoots.

    The take it policy of Mahesh Babu is affecting the making of the film. Srinu Vytla wants to complete the film as soon as possible by Mahesh Babu does not seem to be keen to wrap up the film quickly.

    It is well known that Mahesh Babu took three years to complete Khaleja. The fans of prince are hoping and praying that Mahesh Babu cooperates with Srinu Vytla and completes the film on time.

    Telugu Cinema News : Srinu Vytla unhappy with Mahesh Babu

    Puli and Varudu commence shooting

    2008/5/6 13:51:53

    It is a big thing for any producer to make a movie starring Pawan Kalyn or Mahesh Babu in the lead. But producer and fancier Singanamala Ramesh has scored a double whammy.

    He got two films started on a single day. Pawan Kalyan's Puli to be directed by SJ Suryah and Mahesh Babu's film Varudu is directed by Trivikram Srinivas. Both the films will hit the screens at about the same time in 2009.

    Telugu Cinema News : Puli and Varudu commence shooting

    Mahesh to act in Puriís direction again

    2010/12/31 19:40:16 Prince Mahesh Babu and Puri Jagannathís combination has been proved great with their film ĎPokiri,í which has created a new record in the Tollywood. No other films released after its release could break that record until, Raja Mouli and Ram Charanís Magadheera film was released 3 years later. Now, once again this duo is joining hands to create a new record. Mahesh Babu who was quite impressed with the storyline told by Puri Jagannath has agreed to act in his film. Puri is planning to start this film in May this year. Itís learnt that, RR Movie makers will be producing this film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh to act in Puriís direction again

    Mahesh Babu thanks fans

    2007/12/3 14:20:28 Prince Mahesh Babu thanked all his fans for giving him their unstinted support and love. Mahesh Babu was in Dubai to receive the Best Actor Award organized by the Santosham Film magazine.

    Over 30,000 people participated in the awards function. Mahesh Babu said that he was doubly thrilled to receive the award as well as meet his fans in Dubai. Mahesh Babu came along with his family - wife Namitha and his young son.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Babu thanks fans

    Prince in Goa for New Year

    2007/12/25 12:03:19 Prince Mahesh Babu along with wife Namratha and his newborn son Gowtham will spend the last week of the year in Goa. Mahesh Babu had originally planed to go abroad on a long holiday with his family after the release of Athihdhi. But he canceled the trip due to some urgent work in Hyderabad.

    Mahesh Babu will spend the New Year eve as well as the New Year in Goa. A big sea-facing suite is waiting for Mahesh Babu at a resort in Goa. Mahesh Babu will officially announce the launching of his new film after he comes back.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prince in Goa for New Year

    Mahesh Babu, Balakrishna, Jr.NTRís big Dassera treat

    2011/7/13 18:26:55

    It is going to be big entertainment time this Dassera. Many big films of top Tollywood heroes like Mahesh Babu, Balakrishna, Jr. NTR, Pawan Kalyan, Nagarjuna etc are getting ready to hit the screens during September and October.

    Mahesh Babuís Dokkudu will be the first film to hit the screens and it will be released in the last week of September just before the 9 day navaratri festival.

    Jr. NTRís Oosaravali and Balakrishnaís Sri Ramarajyam will be released in October just around Dassera. Nagarjunaís Rajanna, Venkateshís Bodyguard and Pawan Kalyanís films too are slated for release during Dassera.

    So it is going to be a mini-film festival for all film buffs this Dassera.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Babu, Balakrishna, Jr.NTRís big Dassera treat

    Mahesh Babuís Mirchi in doubt

    2007/11/12 13:38:36 After Athidhi, price Mahesh Babu was slated to do the film titled Mirchi with Dr. Narayana. Just when the producer was getting ready to commence work on the film, comes the news that Mahesh Babu has jacked up his remuneration.

    Corporate producers like UTV and Adlabs are now wooing Mahesh Babu in a big way. So Mahesh Babu has decided to encash on his popularity. He is now stated to be asking for 10 crore per film. As this is too big a remuneration for Narayana, he is now said to have dropped the idea of producing Mirchi.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Babuís Mirchi in doubt

    Mahesh babu's 'Dookudu updates'

    2011/9/23 7:50:27

    Here is good news for Prince Mahesh babu's Fans. According to feed backs from our reporters, Mahesh babu's 'Dookudu' that was released today (Friday) is going excellent. Especially, the punch dialogues by hero Mahesh babu, his Telangana and Nellore accidents, the comedy between Brahmanandam and Mahesh babu, Samantha and Mahesh babu, the picturisation of songs in Istanbul are really tremendous. Mahesh babu fans are said to be very happy with the movie.

    Mahesh babu is acting as Ajay s/o Shankar Narayana (Prakash Raj) in this movie. As usually, Sonu Sood is acting as powerful villain character in this film. Ace comedian Brahmanandam is acting as an actor which gives enough scope to create hilarious comedy. Vennela Kishore is acting as Mahesh babu's friend in this movie.

    Within an hour of film run, all the three songs come have taken the audiences by storm with its amazing picturisation, graceful performance by Mahesh babu and Samantha and the music. Mahesh babu as shown in the stills has turned as MLA. He looks totally different to what he was in his previous movies.

    Please watch here for more updates of the movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh babu's 'Dookudu updates'

    Amritha Rao learns form Mahesh Babu

    2007/3/18 12:45:29

    Amritha Rao is making her debut in Tollywood with ĎAthidií. The film is progressing at a brisk pace. Prince Mahesh Babu will be seen in an entirely new get up in the film.

    Coming to Amritha Rao, the young heroine says that she is very impressed with the professional attitude of Mahesh Babu. The dedication and sincerity shown by Mahesh Babu is amazing says Amritha. She is also impressed with the acting talent of Mahesh Babu. She says that Mehesh Babu can do any scene with just one take. Isnít it wonderful? Such talent would not only take Mahesh Babu to top place but would make him the first choice of any director.

    Telugu Cinema News : Amritha Rao learns form Mahesh Babu

    Mahesh needs a bride!

    2008/1/23 19:13:35
    Prince Mahesh Babu has agreed to star in a new film titled 'Varudu'. The tagline of the film is 'Vadhuvu Kavalenu'. UTV Motion pictures that entered Tollywood with the distribution of Mahesh Babu's film 'Athidhi' are producing this film. Mahesh Babu's sister Manjula will be the co-producer.

    Trivikram Srinivas has been roped in to direct the film. Trivikram will also pen the story for the film. Work on the film is expected to commence in April. Mahesh Babu is also committed to acting in a film to be made by Jasthi Hemamber.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh needs a bride!

    This producer signs up two big stars

    2008/3/15 18:20:41 Producer Singanamala Ramesh has made some big films earlier. He has now signed up some top stars for two of his new films. Ramesh has signed up power star Pawan Kalayn for a new film. He has also signed up prince Mahesh Babu for a new film.

    Pawan Kalyan will star in the film titled ĎPulií. Tamil director SJ Suryah of ĎKhushií fame will direct this film. Prince Mahesh Babu will act in ĎVaruduí. Trivikram Srinivas will direct this film. Both the films will go on to the sets in April.

    Telugu Cinema News : This producer signs up two big stars

    IT fear haunts actors

    2008/4/24 15:29:07 The recent Income tax raids on actors like Mahesh Babu, Charmy etc and also on producers like Dil Raju and Ramesh Babu, the arrest of Ramesh Babu and Adisheshaigiri Rao have all instilled a fear among artists and technicians in the industry.

    Many actors like Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna, Jr. NTR, Pawan Kalyan, Ileana and others. As many as 18 actors and technicians from Tollywood have filed a fresh set of revised income tax returns. The threat of fresh IT raids continues to haunt many people in Tollywood.

    Gossips : IT fear haunts actors

    Mahesh Babu attends Allu Arjunís Sangeet

    2011/3/4 12:18:21

    The normally recluse person Mahesh Babu surprised everyone with a public appearance. Mahesh Babu who is not known to attend marriage ceremonies or parties attended the sangeet ceremony of Allu Arjun.

    Mahesh Babu attended the function along with his wife Namratha Shirodkar. He was the centre of attraction at the Sangeet where a host of celebrities were present.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Babu attends Allu Arjunís Sangeet

    Mahesh Babu as cricket lover

    2011/5/11 10:59:35

    Well, most Indians are cricket lovers so there is no news value to the title. However there is more to it than meets the eye.

    We are talking about Mahesh Babuís ads for Idea mobile. His first ad is no on air. The ad shows not one but three Mahesh Babuís (like three Abhishek Bachchanís in Hindi) and it is for Ideaís 3G services.

    The ad shows Mahesh in a cricketer get up. The ad is getting good response going by initial reports.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Babu as cricket lover

    Mahesh Babuís Atidhi on his Birthday

    2007/3/6 13:44:33

    Prince Mahesh Babuís new film ĎAtidhi íis progressing at a brisk pace. The unit returned to Hyderabad recently after shooting in Delhi. For all Mahesh Babuís fans, the film has plenty to offer. Mahesh Babu is sporting a new hair style and looks for this film.

    The makers of the film are all determined to give a hit as his last film ďSainikuduí bombed at the box office. The film is progressing well and the producers have set the date off release as August 9 which is the birthday of Mahesh Babu.


    Telugu Cinema News : Mahesh Babuís Atidhi on his Birthday

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