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on 2010/12/17 9:10:14

Pic: Hansika? In Bikini!

This is the photo that is now in circulation on the net. The photo shows the Desamuduru papa in a two piece bikini. While many say that the photo session was part of Haniska’s efforts to enter Bollywood some say that Hansika has denied it.

Source lose to Hansika say that the person in the photo is not real but morphed. Is it real or morphed? Judge it yourselves.

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    No bikini shows accepted: Tapsi

    2011/3/30 8:59:59

    The gorgeous girl Tapsi who has shifted to Kollywood during the last year is doing number of films there. Though, she is occasionally appearing in or two films in Telugu, none of them gives her any mileage at home. So, it was reported that, she has come forward offering a bikini show if she was given a chance to pair with top heroes in Tollywood. A section in Telugu media has given a good publicity to this news through their gossip columns.

    But, recently Hansika busted at them stating that, she has never come with such offer. “I have never told any director or producer that I will wear a two piece bikini if I was given a film chance with top heroes. It is quite disgusting remark in my film career. I will never accept or sign such roles in my film career. I couldn’t guess going that length for merely bagging a film chance. My media friends always proved themselves very co-operative with me and in return I also reciprocated the same way with them. But, some sections of Telugu media intentionally drag my name into controversy to increase their ratings. I request all the media friends refrain from publishing such false news,” said Hansika.

    Telugu Cinema News : No bikini shows accepted: Tapsi

    Hansika refutes rumours

    2008/4/1 14:15:55

    The young and sexy Hansika Motwani made a name by acting in the hit film Desamuduru along with Allu Arjun. She is now acting with NTR in Kanthri. Hansika has been romantically linked with actor Aftab Shivadasani. She however refutes this s mere gossip. She is much younger than Aftab and she is not having an affair with anyone. Hansika wants to pursue her career in Tollywood and Bollywood simultaneously. Hansika has completed her SSC and is now studying in inter first year.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika refutes rumours

    Asin’s bikini show?

    2011/1/9 5:38:23
    Tollywood glamour doll Asin’s hot pose in two peace bikini which is making rounds in the net since last few days become a hot topic in the film industry. Though, she never appeared in bikini in any of her previous or current movies in any language, her hot and spicy still in two peace bikini is creating sensation. She was shown posing in bikini for a cover page of Maxim magazine. Some enthusiastic persons who dream to see her in bikini might have morphed it and inserted into net. Asin who came to know about this, hurriedly called the media to state that it is not she but a morphed image of some other woman. She condemned such practice and also stated that, there is lot of difference between her physique and the morphed one.

    Telugu Cinema News : Asin’s bikini show?

    Hansika without blouse in new film

    2011/3/9 10:18:40

    The bubbly Hansika is a glamorous heroine. Like all other heroines, Hansika too claims that her first priority would be to play roles that will give her a chance to exhibit her talent and not just skin.

    Hansika has now been offered one such role by Tamil director Vasanta Balan. Hansika will play the main role in the film ‘Aravan’ in a story that is set 300 years back.

    So Hansika will appear without a blouse in the entire film. Hansika jumped with joy at the offer. Her fans too would be extremely pleased with the news.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika without blouse in new film

    Hansika's rival – Samantha or Kajal?

    2010/12/27 8:43:40

    The buxom babe Hansika Motwani was at on time a very popular heroine in Tollywood and she was slowly but surely racing to the top. However after the film Seetharamula Kalyanam Lankalo, Hansika did not get any offer in Telugu.

    She moved to Tamil. Hansika now plans to come back to Telugu. Her place has now been taken by Samantha and Kajal Agarwal. So Hansika feels that the two actresses are her rivals and she wants to take them on.
    Hansika hopes to regain her place in Tollywood in the year 2011. Her film ‘Kandireega’ is the first step in this direction.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika's rival – Samantha or Kajal?

    Hansika cannot shake off this addiction!

    2011/3/27 18:22:19

    We all have one form of addiction or other. The bubbly Hansika is one such girl who says that he has an addiction that she is finding it just impossible to shake off.

    Hansika is plum by conventional film standards. So, she is very conscious of her figure. Hansika feels that she is just about the right weight. She cannot afford to add even one kilo to her body, as it will spoil her figure.

    The problem though is her weakness for junk food. Hansika simply loves junk food and gorges on it at the first opportunity. She known that junk food is bad for health and adds to her weight. Still this is one addiction that she finds it near impossible to quit.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika cannot shake off this addiction!

    Much ado about a bikini!

    2006/7/26 16:09:15

    Priyanka Chopra ’s much talked about ‘bikini scene’ in Farhan Akhtar’s movie Don has got the tongues wagging.

    Well, the bikini scene in the film may not be as titillating as some might expect. Priyanka says what is being described in the media reports as a ‘bikini’ is not a two-piece outfit but a single-piece bathing suit, which, the actress says, doesn’t look vulgar in any way.

    Priyanka asserts that she avoids indecent exposure and she won’t be comfortable posing in a bikini before the camera.

    So, ‘Don’ will have the former Miss World in a bathing suit and not a bikini. And the said scene won’t last more than a few minutes.

    Priyanka has done some bold exposure in Abbas-Mastan’s film Aitraaz .

    In ‘Don’, she is paired with Shah Rukh Khan . Priyanka will also be seen doing martial arts in the film.


    Bollywood News : Much ado about a bikini!

    Hansika to wear two peace…

    2011/1/14 10:44:47 Cute yet hot Hansika nowadays gone with Kollywood films and didn’t have time to spare for Tollywood. However, when she got offer from Bollywood she jumped and sings it without a second thought. It is a sequel of Hindi film ‘Murder’ in which Bollywood sex bomb Mallika Sharawath goes to her extreme limits in performing the skin shows. Now, our cute babe is also expected to give a much better version of her skin shows. Hence, she was asked to wear two peace bikinis for this sequel film. If so, then this film would be her first bikini show. Moreover there is Bollywood ‘Kiss Master’ Imaran Hashmi beside her to teach her lessons in steaming lip locks.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika to wear two peace…

    Hansika is all praise for Prince

    2008/5/29 13:15:53

    The Desamuduru and Kantri heroine Hansika Motwni seems to be completely bowled over by Mahesh Babu. She is now talking about him all the time. She has even gone to the extent of saying that if Mahesh Babu is ready, she is willing to date her. She feels sad that Mahesh Babu is no longer a bachelor but if he had been a bachelor, then Hansika says that she would have proposed to him.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika is all praise for Prince

    Hansika shifts from Sambar to Biryani!

    2010/12/16 12:28:19

    The hot babe Hansika Motwani made a name for herself with the film Desamuduru. Success soon fetched her offers in Tamil and she shifted base to Chennai will doing an odd film in Telugu.

    With her films faring poorly at the box office in Tamil, Hansika is now making a desperate attempt to come back to Tollywood. Her comeback film will be with Nara Rohit.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika shifts from Sambar to Biryani!

    Hansika still sweet 16!

    2007/7/17 10:13:27

    Hansika Motwani says that she is still sweet 16. Hansika says that she is studying class XI in Poddar International School in Mumbai. She said that she looks 20 in movies because of the photography, the costumes and the make up. So it is not clear what exactly her age is.

    Some say that in her website he rage was given as 16 and that was four years ago and it had not been updated after that. Whatever may be her age, she has caught the fancy of the youngsters particularly boys with her role as the sexy sanyasin in Desamuduru.

    Hansika made a grand entry into Tollywood with the film Desamuduru with Allu Arjun. The film was a big hit but she has not signed up for any film after that. Hansika says that she is still just 16 years old and has all the time in the world.

    So she will pick and choose. She wants to make a mark in Bolywood and hence is rejecting offers from Tollywood. She has no plans to act in a Telugu movie, at least not in the immeadiate future.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika still sweet 16!

    Nayan’s ‘Bikini’ for sale

    2008/1/7 14:55:56 The latest sensation Nayanatara is now the envy of all other heroines. She has suddenly become the most sought after heroine in the industry. She has acted in many films but her two-minute bikini scene has now catapulted her to the top in Kollywood. It isbeing said that she now wants nothing less than 1.50 crore per film.
    To cash in on her popularity, the producer of Billa has now put up her bikini on sale. The producer hopes to make a killing with Nayantara’s current craze among the people. Nayan sure has stared a new trend in India cinema.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayan’s ‘Bikini’ for sale

    Andhala Khazana in bikini?

    2011/3/8 10:43:45

    For the first time, Andhala Khazana Ileana is going to delight the audiences with her bikini show in Jr. NTR’s upcoming film ‘Shakti.’ It came to know that, the bikini scene was shot after mid night to avert unnecessary attention and to avoid embarrassment to the glamour doll. Ileana, when comes out of a swimming pool wearing a two piece bikini, Jr.NTR will comes there to greet on her birthday. It’s learnt that, this shot will come in the first half of the film. Shakti is directed by Mehar Ramesh and produced by Aswini Dutt under Vyajayanthi movies banner. This film is slated to release on 31st of this month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Andhala Khazana in bikini?

    Hansika escapes from ‘Puli’

    2010/9/27 15:12:06

    The bubbly teenage beauty Hansika Motwani is a much relieved girl. The reason for her happiness is that she made a wise decision.

    The decision was not to agree to act in Pawan Kalyan’s Puli. The film was a disaster at the box office.

    Hansika says that if she had agreed to act in Puli then she would have wasted two years of her career. She escaped from the disaster with her decision.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hansika escapes from ‘Puli’

    No Business with Mahesh: Hansika

    2011/8/24 16:34:50
    There was buzz that cute but hot girl Hansika has agreed to do item song in ‘The Businessman’ movie of prince Mahesh babu directed by Puri Jagannath. When, Hansika came to know about it, she tweets that she is not playing any role or doing item in the Mahesh’s movie. She said that, all the stuff circulating in this regard in the net is mere rumor.

    Hansika is enjoying the success of her latest film Kandireega. She is playing important role in Tollywood lover boy Siddarth's upcoming movie ‘Oh My Friend.’ Shruthi Hassan is playing female lead in this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : No Business with Mahesh: Hansika

    'Billa' bikini for auction!!!

    2008/1/19 11:15:48

    All it took was just two minutes for Nayantara to completely demolish her competition and establish herself as the unbeatable heroine in Tamil.

    'Billa' has become one of the biggest hits of recent times. Though Nayantara looks her stylish and gorgeous best throughout the film, it was her bikini scene that became one of the highlights of the film. With her toned body, she looked like a bikini-suit model in the scene.

    Rumors are already on that producers are willing to pay even Rs 1.5 Crores for her callsheets. It is a different story that Nayantara is now waiting patiently for the right role. In all probabilities, her next film might be in Telugu.

    The producers of 'Billa' are planning to auction the now-famous black bikini suit that Nayantara wore for the scene. The bikini is expected to fetch a big amount in the auction.

    Malayalam Cinema News : 'Billa' bikini for auction!!!

    Prabhu Deva's warning to Nayanatara

    2011/3/7 15:23:54

    Why is the sexy babe Nayanatara against the idea of exposing or wearing a bikini? Nayanatara wore a two piece bikini for the film Billa. She is also known for her liberal skin show in all her films.

    However for her new film in Tamil, Nayan rejected the idea of wearing a bikini and no amount of convincing on the part of the director could change her mind.

    Kollywood gossip has it that Nayan’s lover Prabhu Deva is said to have made it clear to her that he does not like to see her exposing in films and bikini is out of the question.

    Even though the two are not yet married, Nayan is obeying the orders of her would-be.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prabhu Deva's warning to Nayanatara

    This Hansika is no kid!

    2008/5/7 13:57:59

    Hansika Motwani is just one film old in Tollywood. She made a dream debut with the blockbuster hit Desamuduru opposite Allu Arjun last year. She is now starring along with Jr. NTR in the soon to be released ‘Kantri’.

    Hansika claims that she is just 16 years old but many say that she looks like a 20 year old. Her well developed body is proof of this, they say. There were also some reports some time back that she was taking steroids to speed up the development process of her body.

    There may be some doubts about her exact age but when it comes to being business savvy, she has proved that she is no kid. In Mumbai, she says that Bollywood is her priority and she will always give first preference to Hindi films.

    But when she is in Hyderabad and is addressing the local media, she changes her tune. She says that Tollywood is the best in the country and she would always give top priority for working in Telugu films! That then is the ‘16 year old babe’ Hansika for you.

    Telugu Cinema News : This Hansika is no kid!

    Celina in Bikini

    2008/1/25 12:21:59

    Celina Jaitley has always been B-town's favourite oomph girl and when the bombshell is seen wearing a bikini, all hell breaks loose. The hot actress is in fact, still best remembered for that famous shot in her debut film Janasheen where she was seen playing a violin, in the middle of the ocean dressed in a bikini.

    That was few years ago and we're sure her fans are longing for more. The wait finally ends now as the actress will be seen next in Ganesh Acharya's Money Hai To Honey Hai where, hold your breath, she again gets into a bikini. Ask her if she is Bollywood's favorite bikini girl and she laughs, "Honestly, I don't wear the bikini to create a rage or sensation but it's a swimming sequence where everybody is in the swimming pool so obviously the bikini is the only swimming costume."

    We take your word for that dear, but does she not have any inhibitions about donning the bikini considering the moral police of our country? "If you go abroad, it's a very normal thing for any girl to wear a bikini and nobody looks at it as a big thing so I was very surprised that my bikini in Janasheen made such a sensation. As far as inhibitions go, there is a very thin line between sensuality and vulgarity and I'm always very cautious of that line. I always tried to stick by that line."

    Coming back to Money Hai To Honey Hai, considering most of the film was shot in Mauritius, we asked Celina if she had any problems shooting in the hot sun-clad beaches. She recalls, "Oh ya…I had red stripes all over my body and throughout the schedule I got badly sun burnt. In fact, the day we were shooting there, was among the hottest days in Mauritius." Awww, poor baby….but with Celina in a bikini, we're sure the temperatures in Mauritius must have shot off the roof. No wonder it was one of the hottest days.

    Bollywood News : Celina in Bikini

    Is Hansika on steroids?

    2007/7/17 14:08:41

    The people who have watched Hansika as a child artist last year in Koi Mil Gaya are surprised to see her in her latest film App Ka Suroor. She seems to have grown up overnight from a chubby young girl into a mature woman. Many say that the actor who is just sixteen looks much older, say 20 and over. But the real reason for her new and mature looks are said to be steroids.

    Steroids are known to speed up the metabolism in the body and advance her growth. So she is now looking like a fully-grown up actor. Strange are the ways of the world. While many women make efforts to look younger than their age, here is Hansika who it seems is in a hurry to add years to her looks.


    Telugu Cinema News : Is Hansika on steroids?

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