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on 2010/9/15 14:07:19

Priyamani’s lip to lip kiss!

The hot and sexy Priyamani is not averse to skin show. She has done some bold scenes in a number of films.

Priyamani is now acting opposite Sumanth in a new film. The film is now in brisk progress.

A hot and steamy lip to lip kiss scene was shot on Sumanth and Priyamani. This kiss is said to be the highlight of the film.

The filmgoers will be lucky if the scene gets past the censors without any cuts.

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    Priyamani ready to kiss

    2007/12/12 15:17:44 Priyamani is one actor who is now climbing up the ladder of success faster than others. She did well in Telugu with films like ‘Toss’ and ‘Yamadonga’. She is also busy in Tamil. Priyamani is said to have done a hot kissing scene in her new Tamil film.

    Priyamani is open to doing intimate scenes and kissing scenes in films so long as the story demands it. She says that she has no inhibitions nor is she trying to pull a fast one. But is her new statement aimed only at producers and directors? Will she now bag films by the dozen? Wait and see.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani ready to kiss

    Nag says Priyamani is ‘Super’!

    2010/10/7 15:37:04

    Priyamani is a hot and bewitching heroine who has proved herself in Telugu. She has even bagged a national award for her work in a Tamil film.

    While Nagarjuna pairs up with Anushka for yet another time, he also acts with Priyamani in the film.

    Nagarjuna has done a raunchy dance number in the film with Priyamani and he has some high praise for her. He says that Priyamani is simply ‘Super’!

    The film being directed by Veeru Potla has been tentatively titled as ‘Ragada’.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag says Priyamani is ‘Super’!

    Priyamani’s ‘business’ at NTR wedding

    2011/5/7 16:57:18

    The sexy Priyamani was the lone heroine who came for the wedding of Jr. NTR. Most of the Tollywood beauties did not attend the wedding. While the reason for this is not known, Priyamani used the occasion to promote herself.

    Priyamani was seen talking with producers and directors and about a role in their new films. This way Priyamani has managed to do to things at one time – attend the wedding and try to market herself.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani’s ‘business’ at NTR wedding

    Priyamani’s hot affair?

    2011/1/3 14:09:55

    The hot and sexy Priyamani has been kinked with her co-stars. This is nothing new in films. The latest link up of Priyamani is with hero Sumanth.

    The two are reported to be very close and spending a lot of time together. So far neither Sumanth nor Priyamani have bothered to condemn this.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani’s hot affair?

    Priyamani counting days

    2010/11/1 8:43:34

    The talented and sexy actress Priyamani is excited and impatient. Priyamani is waiting with bated breath for November 19.

    The RGV film Rakta Charitra – 2 will hit the screens on this day. Priyamani says that she has done a exceptional job in the film and is sure to get rave reviews for her performance.

    So Priyamani is literally counting days and is waiting for November 19.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani counting days

    Priyamani number one in exposing!

    2011/3/20 16:59:48

    The hot and sexy babe Priyamani is a talented actress. She has won a national award too for her performance.

    So it comes as a surprise and shock to see her stooping low in film after film. For any heroine exposing is part of the game. However there is a limit to exposing.

    For Priyamani this does not seem to apply. Priyamani has been going overboard with exposing in film after film.

    In her latest film Raaj, Priyamani has crossed all borders. At this rate she may not have anything left to show in her new films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani number one in exposing!

    What is Priyamani's real problem?

    2011/1/27 15:08:04

    The dusky babe Priyamani came to Tollywood with a lot of promise. She is not only a good actress but also game for skin show and intimate scenes.

    Priyamani did well initially and scored good marks in Telugu as well as Tamil. However of late, all her films are proving to be disasters. Priyamani’s hard work in Nagarjuna’s Ragada also went in vain and Anushka bagged all the honours.

    Priyamani is now banking on hero Sumanth and the film ‘Raj’ to give her the desperately needed big hit. What everyone aggress is that Priyamani is good looking, has talent, ready to expose and act in intimate scenes as asked to by directors, still she is not tasting success.

    All this is being attributed to her bad luck. Her stars are not shining brightly and hence she is not having any luck.

    Telugu Cinema News : What is Priyamani's real problem?

    Priyamani with ‘Katti’!

    2011/3/21 14:46:24

    Priyamani is a kattilanti ammayi. She is one heroine who will go to any length in exposing to satisfy her director and her fans.

    Priyamani is now doing the lead role a female oriented film. The film has been titled ‘Kshetram’.

    Priyamani will get a chance to show off her histrionic skills in the film. She will also been seen wielding a big sword and doing big fights.

    Kshetram will have Jagapathi Babu playing a guest role.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani with ‘Katti’!

    Meet Priyamani at 8 p.m.

    2008/2/4 14:45:59

    Priyamani is now a hotshot actress in both Tollywood as well as Kollywood. She is also game to exposing and this has made her a favourite with the youth. Priyamani is both talented as well as sexy. With her dare all and bare all attitude, she is now racing to the top in Tollywood.

    Priyamani is also getting lucrative offers from many companies to endorse their products. The latest ad featuring her is for the liquor brand 8 p.m. She appears in the ad as a hot and sexy woman eagerly looking for company along with a bottle of 8.p.m. The ad is so sensuous and tempting that many men are more than ready to join her!

    Telugu Cinema News : Meet Priyamani at 8 p.m.

    Katrina kisses Hrithik but turns down Salman

    2011/7/8 11:50:52

    Katrina Kaif made an exception in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and kissed Hrithik Roshan in a sequence. However, not again!

    The actress, like the other two Khans Salman and Shah Rukh Khan has made it clear that she would never kiss on screen, come what say. The clause doesn't waver even for 'good friend' Salman Khan.

    When a situation for a kiss arose in Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger both Sallu and Kat said a clear no. Says a source, "Kabir Khan had convinced Katrina for the only kissing scene she has done so far in New York. He was sure she would see how important it was. But with both Salman and Katrina adamant on the no-kiss policy there was no choice but to drop it."

    Katrina admits she has broken her no-kiss clause for ZNMD. "Yes, there's a fleeting kiss with Hrithik. It was something that had to be done. But that apart, my stand on kissing remains unchanged," she says.

    In fact, the actress is in two minds about buying the rights for the 1998 Drew Barrymore rom-com The Wedding Singer because a long kiss is integral to the plot. "I love that film. But the kiss, No!" Kat says.

    Bollywood News : Katrina kisses Hrithik but turns down Salman

    Priyamani dating Raja

    2008/5/7 14:21:16

    The sexy Malayalam babe Priyamani made a splash with her role in Yamadonga opposite Jr. NTR. She is now busy with films in Tamil. But whenever she is Hyderabad, she is seen in the company of Raja. The two have been spotted at all the happening places, enjoying each others company.

    Priyamani and Raja acted in the film ‘Toss’ and their friendship blossomed from then onwards. Now they are more than just good friends. But both Raja and Priyamani deny that there is anything going on between them. They just meet whenever they have free time, that’s all!

    Gossips : Priyamani dating Raja

    'I didn't want to Kiss Vidya Balan

    2007/1/26 14:31:34

    It's no co-incidence that Madhavan's first screen kiss is for his mentor Mani Rathnam's Guru.

    The surprise is that it should have been with an actress who has a very propah image…Vidya Balan!

    Even more surprisingly, Mani Rathnam for whom Maddy broke his no-kissing code of conduct has given his protégé the briefest role of his career.

    Laughs Maddy, "That's okay..I did it with my eyes open…I mean the film, not the kiss," laughs Maddy from Toronto where Guru was premiered at the posh Elgin theatre. "The response here has been overwhelming," he enthuses.

    And Maddy? "Well, even my wife Sarita thinks I've a small role. But what the heck! I did it for my mentor. As for the kiss, I did exactly what was in the script."

    Hadn't he promised his wife he's never kiss any of his heroines on screen? "Well…that's okay. She saw the kiss and liked it. You can't say no to Mani. And frankly I didn't want to. There're some things one has to do."

    Was he uncomfortable doing it? "Well I'm not a seasoned screen kisser. But I'm an actor. I'm supposed to do what I'm asked to."

    One thing is for sure. The Guru kiss will be Maddy's first and last screen smooch.

    Years ago, a kiss in Umesh Mehra's Guru between Mithun Chakraborty and Sridevi had created a furore.

    This time there's no hornet's nest to stir up.

    Bollywood News : 'I didn't want to Kiss Vidya Balan

    Nag promoting this hot beauty!!

    2010/10/19 11:27:19

    Hero Nagarjuna is acting in the film titled Ragada. The film stars Anushka and Priyamani in the lead roles.

    Nagarjuna ahs been romantically linked up with Tabu. He is now promoting Anushka in a bg way by ensuring that she appears in all his films – even if is a small guest appearance.

    The hot Priymani seems to have charmed her way into Nagarjuna’s heart now. Nag is so bowled over by Priyamani’s charms that he has asked the director of Ragada to increase the length of her role and also add another song on her.

    Not just that, Nagarjuna is now recommending the hit beauty Priyamani to producers and directors.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag promoting this hot beauty!!

    'Raaj' old wine in old bottle!

    2011/3/18 13:15:40

    The film Raaj with Sumanth in the lead hit the screens today. The film is a cocktail of old films. There is no novelty in the story or screenplay.

    Director VN Aditya has failed completely in coming up with a good film. The film boasts of to hot heroines – Priyamani and Vimala Raman.

    While Priyamani is very hot and seductive the second heroine Vimala Raman despite liberal dose of exposing fails to light up the screen.

    Story in brief

    Sumanth is engaged to Priyamani but instead of marrying her falls in love with Vimala Raman. When Vimala goes missing Sumanth married Priyamani but is unable to lead a happy life.

    Vimala renters and Sumanth learns that she is in some big trouble. The hero then sets out to solve her problems and along with that he also manages to clear the misunderstandings of Priyamani.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Raaj' old wine in old bottle!

    Salman breaks kissing record, gets kissed 108 times!

    2011/5/4 12:20:23

    Salman Khan attempted to break a record for most kisses received on the hand in a minute on Guiness World Records -- Ab India Todega.

    The previous record for the stunt was set by an actor from Japan who received 87 kisses.

    To break this record, Sallu was joined by 25 young girls who were thrilled to have the opportunity to kiss the superstar. They managed to kiss him 108 times in a minute, breaking the Guinness world record!

    Maybe Salman should now star in the male version of Katrina's famous song -- Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me. Wot say?

    Bollywood News : Salman breaks kissing record, gets kissed 108 times!

    Classmates in Tamil

    2008/5/8 18:07:38 The hit Malayalam film classmate was made in Telugu. It is now being remade in Tamil. Gemini circuits will make the film. Priyamani is the heroine. Priyamani made her debut in Telugu with the film ‘Pellaina Kotthalo’. Yamadonga gave her a good image. Priyamani is also acting in a Malayalam film with Prithviraj in the lead. She is also doing a film opposite Nitin in Telugu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Classmates in Tamil

    Priyamani in 'Thirakkatha'.

    2008/5/28 9:34:19

    After a short break, Priyamani is again back to Malayalam. She will be playing the role of Malavika, a film artist in the new movie ‘Thriakkatha' directed by Renjith.

    The film which is a satirical story about film making has Prithviraj in the lead.

    Priyamani had been with Prithviraj, earlier in 2004 for the movie 'Satyam' which was a considerable hit of the year.

    The actress one again tried her luck in Malayalam, the very same year in the film 'Ottanaanayam' which remained a dud in the Box Office.

    Priyamani hit big time after her successful portrayal of a village girl in 'Paruthiveeran' which was much applauded around the globe, even in many international festivals.

    She had been pretty busy with her assignments from Tamil and Telugu, after this mega hit.

    Priyamani who has just completed a Telugu movie, will again appear with Prithviraj for the Tamil version of Malayalam hit 'Classmates'.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Priyamani in 'Thirakkatha'.

    Priyamani in demand

    2007/5/3 13:23:47

    Priyamani has been around for some time now. However she has not been flooded with offers or recognized properly. However all this has changed with the success of her last film. This has given a big boost to her career and the producers have lined up to cast her in their films.

    Priyamani has jacked up her price overnight and she now is charging upwards of 8 lakhs per film. A 100% jump in her remuneration. She is also determined to prove herself as a heroine of caliber and establish herself firmly both in Tollywood and Kollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani in demand

    Priyamani wants a new identity

    2007/8/29 9:03:10

    Actor Priyamani is slowly making a mark in Telugu. Her films Pellaiana Kotthalo and Yamadonga are hits. She has also acted in Toss. She has done reasonably well so far and people have stared to sit up and take notice.

    Though originally from Palakkad in Kerala, Priyamani is now a Bangalore girl. And she wants make Tollywood her home. So she wants to be known as a Telugu actress and not as a mallu girl. Is this some smart PR act or is it a genuine feeling? Only time can tell.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani wants a new identity

    Rumours of Salman doing first on-screen kiss with Preity in Jaanemann

    2006/9/19 16:27:57

    Kissing on-screen is hardly a big thing these days and most high profile stars like Ash, Preity, and Saif have already taken the plunge. But one stars who still has to do an on-screen kiss is Salman Khan. Rumours in the industry are circulating that Salman will do his first on-screen kiss with Preity Zinta in Jaanemann. While this will be Salman’s first on-screen kiss, Preity is already quite a professional in the on-screen kissing department. However producer of the film Sajid Nadiadwala vehemently denies that there is a kiss in the film. As for Salman’s other film Salaam-E-Ishq he is working alongside Priyanka Chopra, but according to sources the two actors are sharing very cold vibes on the sets and almost don’t talk to each other after their shots. Priyanka and Salman’s friendly rapport was disrupted when Salman recently wanted to replace Priyanka with girlfriend Katrina in his next film London Dreams.


    Bollywood News : Rumours of Salman doing first on-screen kiss with Preity in Jaanemann

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