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on 2008/2/11 19:00:22

Ramoji asked to surrender

The Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao and his son Ch. Kiron are now on bail. They have been on bail for almost three months now. The court issued an arrest warrant on Ramoji Rao and Kiron flowing a case filed by the owner of the premises on which Eenadu now stands.

The petitioner claimed that Ramoji Rao and Kiron had cheated him by forging some documents. He said that Ramoi Rao surrendered a part of the land to the government for road widening. The government gave alternate land and Ramoji Rao and Kiron got the land registered in their names.

Ramoji Rao has since refuted this. He claimed that he and his son are innocent. Ramoji Rao moved a bail petition in the High Court seeking extension of bail. The High Court directed Ramoji Rao to first surrender before the court in Visakhapatnam within the next ten day. The High Court will take up his bail petition after that.

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    Ramoji Rao and Sanghi asked to surrender land

    2007/8/17 20:20:59
    The Rangareddy district RDO has now sent notices to Eenadu group chairman Ramoji Rao and Vaartha MD Girish Sanghi. The notices have been issued under Form-6. The RDO has asked both of them to surrender the surplus ceiling land under their possession. He has given them time till August 30 to comply with the orders. If they do not surrender the land by that date, the government will have no option but to seize the lands.
    Ramoji Rao has already said that he would battle it out in the courts. So Sanghi is also likely follow suit.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao and Sanghi asked to surrender land

    Big blow to Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao

    2007/8/8 20:18:59 The owner of Eenadu and Margadarsi and RFC chief Ramoji Rao is facing the biggest challenge in his life today. The land tribunal delivered its verdict today and it has gone against Ramoji Rao.

    The land tribunal has found Ramoji Rao and his group companies along with his family members, about 1800 acres of surplus lands. This is against the land reforms act. No individual or a family can hold more than 500 acres of land. The tribunal has directed Ramoji Rao to surrender the land.

    Ramoji Rao has been given 15 days time to respond to the notice. According to some lawyers, Ramoji Rao now has no option but to comply with the order.

    But people who have watched him for some years say that Ramoji will not give up without a fight. He may drag the issue in courts for years on end if possible. The details of the verdict will be known tomorrow.

    Andhra News : Big blow to Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao

    HC slaps fine on Ramoji Rao

    2008/3/11 14:51:26 Eenadu chief editor and Margadarsi chairman Ramoji Rao faced some very embarrassing situation today. Ramoji Rao had field a petition in the high court in connection with some income tax notices served on him. In his petition Ramoji Rao made some personal allegations against chief minister YS Rajashekar Reddy. The court took objection to this and asked Ramoji Rao to drop the personal allegations and submit the petition afresh. But even after a week, Ramoji did not comply.

    The High Court today took a strong note of this and raped Ramoji on the knuckles. The court asked Ramoji to comply with its directive immediately. The court also slapped a fine of 10,000 rupees on Ramoji Rao.

    Andhra News : HC slaps fine on Ramoji Rao

    'Fans' surrender a big drama!

    2008/1/30 19:13:22 Seven fans of Chiranjeevi surrendered before the police on Tuesday. But it appears that it is all a big drama. The police now say that four out of the seven are actually fake fans. They are not the fans of Chiranjeevi at all. They were paid money by the real attackers and asked to surrender before the police.

    The real culprits are still at large. One of the main accused says that he was not in Hyderabad when the attack took place. He was in his hometown in Krishna district on Tuesday.

    The police are clueless as the whereabouts of the real attackers. The police are trying to find out as to who is the key person behind this surrender drama. The entire surrender drama has been very carefully stage managed, just like in some films.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Fans' surrender a big drama!

    Ramoji surrenders in police station

    2008/2/20 14:27:37

    Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao and his son Ch Kiron surrendered in the three-town police station in Visakhapatnam. The surrender follows a directive given by the High Court in the land cheating case.

    Ramoji Rao and Kiron are on bail for the past three months in connection with a case. The High court set the pre-condition for extending the bail.

    Ramoji Rao and his son are alleged to have taken land in lieu of land surrendered for road widening in Visakhapatnam. The petitioner said that he had been cheated, as Ramoji Rao is not the owner but only a tenant. Hence he had no right to take compensation from government and then get it registered in his name.

    High drama preceded the surrendered. Ramoji Rao and Kiron were ‘covered’ with the help of tow large black umbrellas. Some of the staff from his group companies formed into a shield and obstructed TV cameramen and photographers from taking pictures and video. The even used plastic chairs to block the waiting lens men from taking pictures. The TV crew had a difficult time catching them on their cameras.

    Andhra News : Ramoji surrenders in police station

    Ramoji grilled by IT officials

    2008/3/31 18:50:47

    After the film stars and technicians, the IT authorities have now turned their attention on the Eenadu and Margadarsi chairman Ramoji Rao. Sailaja Kiron, wife of Ramoji Rao’s elder son Kiron and MD of Margadarsi, was grilled by IT sleuths some time back.

    Now Ramoji Rao was summoned by the IT officials’ and questioned for more than three hours. The IT officials are still continuing their questioning even now. He was asked to explain certain irregularities in his tax returns and also asked to cough up some 40 crore as tax. The case pertains to some 120 crore as unclaimed money in Margadarsi financiers.

    Andhra News : Ramoji grilled by IT officials

    Margadarsi MD grilled by IT officials

    2008/3/19 14:44:36 The MD of Margadarsi Chits and Financiers Sailaja Kiron, wife of Eenadu MD Ch Kiron was summoned by the IT officials yesterday. She was questioned for over an hour. Sailaja was asked to explain some irregularities in Margadarsi financers and also the transfer of fund between the two groups.

    A large media contingent was present outside the IT office. But Sailaja refused to talk to the media. She covered her face with the pallu of her sari and evaded the waiting photographers and videographers. Ramoji Rao and Kiron also adopted similar tactics when they surrender in a police station in Visakhapatnam recently. They were shielded by personal bodyguards with the help of big umbrellas. The media was obstructed from doing its duty.

    The same Ramoji Rao does not leave a chance to cry hoarse about press freedom from the rooftops at the slightest opportunity. But when it comes to himself, he adopts a different yardstick.

    Andhra News : Margadarsi MD grilled by IT officials

    Ramoji Rao apologize the court

    2011/4/19 20:13:37 Media baron Ramoji Rao who is running a dozen TV Channels in different languages has been flayed by Karnataka high court for telecasting a Kannada TV serial titled ‘Mukta…Mukta’ without knowing about its content.

    Responding to a petition filed against him, the high court has summoned him to attend the trial in April second week. But, as usually he skips the trial stating that, he is busy with his business affairs. But, the high court says that he can’t ask for excuses any more showing his busy schedules and asked him to attend the court whenever he is summoned. The court asked him that, if he doesn’t have idea about the content of the serial and what is going on in his channels, then why did he started a TV Channel? Ramoji Rao has apologize the high court.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao apologize the court

    Ramoji's goons attack TV journalists

    2011/3/15 11:09:33

    The media baron Ramoji Rao who preaches values and ethics through his paper Eenadu is not known to practice them.

    When the media gathered outside the court premises to cover the event of Ramoji Rao and his son Kiran attending the court, the goons of Ramoji Rao prevented the scribes from covering this.

    The goons attacked the TV journalists and beat up a couple of reporters. The camera of a TV journalist was damaged.

    The journalists have lodged a complaint against Ramoji Rao in the police station.

    Andhra News : Ramoji's goons attack TV journalists

    Ramoji Rao’s 200 crore palace in RFC

    2011/4/17 12:59:01

    The Eenadu and Margadarsi baron Ramoji Rao has constructed a palatial bungalow in the Ramoji film city.

    The ‘palace’ that resembles a fortress has been constructed on top of a hill. The palace is reportedly worth about 200 crore. Ramoji has also got a helipad constructed near his palace.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao’s 200 crore palace in RFC

    Govt. takes over assigned lands in RFC

    2007/9/7 15:23:51 The revenue authorities have taken possession of about 4.25 acres of assigned lands belonging to Ramoji Rao on Thursday. The lands are inside the RFC premises. The authorities had given time to RFC to surrender the lands but as the deadline expired, they went ahead and took possession.

    Andhra News : Govt. takes over assigned lands in RFC

    Ramoji Rao shamed

    2007/12/11 17:08:15 This could be the ultimate embarrassment faced by media baron Ramoji Rao in all his life. A case under section 420 has been booked against him. The case pertains to the 2.7 acres land leased out to Ramoji Rao by one M A Easwarkumar Varma.

    Varma now alleges that Ramoji Rao and his son Ch Kiron, MD of Eenadu have cheated him by forging some documents. The government acquired about 570 yards of land from the site for road widening. The government gave an alternative site measuring about 600 yards.

    Varma says that Ramoji Rao and his son have got the land registered in their names when it should rightfully belong to him. He approached the court and the court has now directed the police to file a case and serve notices to Ramoji Rao and Kiron under section 420 and other sections.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao shamed

    Ramoji is a blood sucker!

    2010/11/20 9:28:45

    The news tat several blood donation camps have been organized as part of Ramoji Rao’s birthday celebrations has come in as a surprise for many.

    The act is seen as aping politicians. Gone Prakasa Rao who never lets an opportunity to take on the high and mighty was once again quick to react.

    Gone said that the idea of blood donations camp was a joke. Ramoji has been sucking the blood of film city employees for decades by not paying them proper wages and allowances.

    So where is the blood left in the employees now for Ramoji to organize blood donations camps? As usual mum is the answer form the Ramoji camp.

    Andhra News : Ramoji is a blood sucker!

    Judge rejects Sanjay's appeal for time

    2007/7/31 13:36:17

    Actor Sanjay Dutt today made an emotional plea for more time to surrender to the special court that awarded him a six-year prison term in the 1993 blasts case.

    Dutt asked for permission to speak in the court and went to the witness box with folded hands. "Sir, I made a mistake 14 years ago. Please give me some time to surrender," he said.

    Judge P D Kode of the special TADA court replied: "Everybody makes mistakes." He said he could not grant more time to Dutt to surrender under the law.

    Dutt was convicted for the illegal possession of a 9mm pistol and an AK-56 rifle.

    When Dutt's counsel Satish Maneshinde tried to point out that his client's conduct had been excellent throughout, Kode asked Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam for his opinion on this matter.

    "I appreciate his conduct, but there is a legal restraint that a person sentenced to more than three years in prison cannot be granted an extension of bail," Nikam said.

    Dutt also asked that he should not be surrounded by police during the adjournment, following which the court directed policemen to maintain some distance from him.

    On his way out of the court, Dutt shook hands with Nikam and said, "Thank you, sir."

    Bollywood News : Judge rejects Sanjay's appeal for time

    Ramoji, Suman war hots up

    2008/5/24 19:50:23

    All is not well in ETV and in particular between Ramoji Rao and his younger son Suman is well known. Ramoji Rao did not like the way Suman was running ETV. The long drawn out soap operas with the staple fare of family fights and scheming relatives were not to the liking of Ramoji Rao.

    The fact that Prabhakar was taking too much interest and also mileage in all ETV programs also did not please Ramoji Rao one bit. The final straw was the excessive interference of Prabhakar in all activities related to ETV like production to scheduling.

    Ramoji Rao is reported to have blasted Prabhakar and gave him a dressing down the other day. A shocked and unnerved Prabhakar immediately put in his papers as the creative hand of ETV.

    Now Suman has locked up the cassettes pertaining to some daily serials currently being aired on ETV. Ramoji Rao is now trying frantically to get hold of the cassettes that are at the ETV office in Somajigua from where his son Suman operates.

    Last heard, Suman is reported to have put in his papers as MD of Ushodaya Enterprises. The family war now resembles one of the many soap operas that are being run on ETV under the supervision of Suman.

    Andhra News : Ramoji, Suman war hots up

    Ramoji Rao seeks bail

    2007/12/14 13:14:09 The Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao and his son Ch Kiron have sough anticipatory bail in a cheating case. The bail petition was filed in the Visakhapatnam court on Thursday.
    One Mr AEK Krishna Varma filed the case. The petitioner had given his land on lease to Ramoji Rao.

    The Mucipal Corporation acquired about 517 yards of land for road widening. And Ramoji Rao and Ch Kiron were given 817 square yards of land as compensation. The petitioner says that Ramoji Rao and Kiron took the land by forging some documents. He was also kept in the dark about the compensation given by the municipal corporation.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao seeks bail

    Babu defends Ramoji Rao!

    2007/8/10 9:17:45

    The land tribunal verdict may have gone against the Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao. But Chandra Babu Naidu is angry at the verdict. He charged the ruling congress government of launching a witch-hunt against Ramoji Rao.

    Babu says that since the Ramoji Film city is a great work of great and an international standards film studio, the government should not do anything against it. Does he mean to say that even if they are many violations by RFC, no action should be taken against it?

    Andhra News : Babu defends Ramoji Rao!

    Undavalli says Ramoji Rao evaded 156 cr tax!

    2008/5/2 14:48:45 Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar continues to grow full throttle against Eenadu group chairman Ramoji Rao. The latest salvo is about evasion of VAT to the tune of 156 crore. Undavalli alleged that Ramoji Rao sold old films and serial belonging to ETV to Ushodaya Enterprises for about 1250 crore. This was to boost up the value of the company and he then sold the shares at inflated price to raise 1250 crore. Ramoji evaded paying tax on sale of films and serials etc.

    Vundavalli even wrote a letter to chief minster YS Rajashekar Reddy in this regard. The way he has been tirelessly taking on Ramoji Rao and embarrassing him, the party high command is said to toying with rewarding him with a cabinet berth after the next elections.

    Andhra News : Undavalli says Ramoji Rao evaded 156 cr tax!

    Undavalli gets prominent coverage in Eenadu!

    2008/2/25 14:12:21

    Undavalli Arun Kumar, the maverick congress MP from Rajamundry shot to fame with his expose against Margadarsi Financiers, owned by media baron Ramoji Rao. Poor Ramoji Rao had been at the receiving end with Undavalli making one accusation after another and some of them have also been proved to be correct. Ramoji Rao is now battling the charges in court.

    Undavalli made some comments on Babasaheb Ambedkar recently. The comments have now raised a furore with many politicians and alit organizations now taking to the streets with a call for his head.

    The issue is now snowballing into a major embarrassment for the ruling congress party. Eenadu latched up this opportunity to embarrass Undavalli further. The paper has devoted almost an entire page to the comments made against him by various politicians and outfits.

    Undavalli has since apologized for his remarks against Ambedkar. Undavalli asked Dalits to forgive him for hurting their sentiments. Undavalli once aging reiterated that he would continue his crusade against the misdeeds of Ramoji Rao.

    Telugu Cinema News : Undavalli gets prominent coverage in Eenadu!

    Ramoji Rao evades sales tax

    2007/3/20 14:14:12

    It has been reliably learnt that the state government is very serious about the sales tax evasion by ETV and Ushakiron movies. The group led by Ramoji Rao had contested the charges and even went on an appeal. The appeal was dismissed both by the Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal and the High Court.

    Ramoji Rao later filed a Special Leave Petition before the Supreme Court and obtained a temporary stay. The state government now is trying to get the stay vacated and recover the money. The firms owned by Ramoji Rao have reportedly evaded paying sales tax which has run up to nearly Rs. 15 crores.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao evades sales tax

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