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on 2007/8/10 9:00:48

Ramya to opt for plastic surgery?

The yester year heroine and the present host on the small screen, Ramya Krishna is worried about ageing. She is now in her forties and she looks ravishing. Her biggest worry now is the though of getting old.

She is now desperately exploring all options to maintain her physique and her looks. She is even reported to have consulted a plastic surgeon and plans to go in for cosmetic surgery. She wants to get rids of her wrinkles and also the excess flab under her chin and around her midriff.

But Ramya should realize that she looks great when she accepts her age and acts according to her age. Beauty is only skin deep. Ramya surely would know this. She has many qualities and she still looks ravishing even at this age. The popularity of her show on TV is a testimony to her looks.

She is the bigger draw to her shows more than the content. Need she ask for more?

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    Celina Jaitley: Bollocks to botox

    2006/12/28 19:23:40 She’s one pretty lass. However, ask actress Celina Jaitley if she’ll ever take then help of botox or plastic surgery to look ‘forever-young’ and compete with younger actresses who may enter the filmi world a few years down the line, and she says, “I don't know. Right now, I am myself very young, and botox and plastic surgery is the last thing on my mind. In order to look young, fresh fruits and good food is the only way.” Now that’s your beauty-tip for the day!


    Bollywood News : Celina Jaitley: Bollocks to botox

    Raj Babu goes for Plastic Surgery

    2008/1/17 21:11:36

    Filmmaker Raj Babu, who gave us hits films like Chess, starring Dileep and Bhavana, and the recent hit Kangaroo, starring Prithviraj and Kavya Madhavan, is working on his upcoming film, Plastic Surgery.

    The slapstick entertainer, being produced by Martin and scripted by Sudeesh John, stars Jayaram and Jagathy in dual roles. The director has now roped in Gopika to play the female lead.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Raj Babu goes for Plastic Surgery

    Dimples are a rage among men

    2006/6/15 19:02:58

    A woman craving to have pouting lips like actress Rekha might not seem unusual but how about men wanting to have dimples like Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan or Preity Zinta?

    An increasing number of men have been found approaching plastic sugeons asking them to carry out cosmetic surgery on their cheeks and construct dimples like that of Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan, according to a noted plastic surgeon of the city.

    "Among the men and women who come to me for cosmetic surgery I found a large number of them fascinated by the dimples of actress Preity Zinta and Sharukh Khan and want me to construct dimples on their cheeks" said Dr Bijal Parekh a noted plastic surgeon of the city.

    It is not just the youngsters who want to ape the cine stars and models even older people crave to look like them. "In fact, a 50-plus man, who was getting remarried, asked me to do facial surgery on him and give him the dimples of Sharukh Khan", Parekh said.

    Plastic surgery involves surgical procedure to improve the patient's appearance or perform reconstructive surgery to correct defects. It focuses on two broad fields. Reconstructive surgery including microsurgery for masking the destructive effect of a trauma or defect and cosmetic surgery to change features of the body which the patients might find unflattering.

    In cosmetic surgery, most people want reduction of fat in abdomen, hip and upper thighs through liposuction which involves a procedure wherein the body fat is converted to a liquid and is sucked out.

    Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in which special instruments and technique are used to liquefy the fat and suck it out. Very small incision is put near the fatty areas. Since it is practically non-invasive it is also known as key-hole surgery. A patient who gets admitted in the hospital in the morning can be discharged in the evening and from the very next day he can perform almost all his routine works, Dr Parekh said.

    While the percentage of men and women going in for face cosmetic surgery is more or less same, in case of liposuction the ratio of females is much more than males. "This is because the fat content usually is more in the females as compared to the males," he added.

    Among the youngsters, the cosmetic surgery they want is removal of fat from thighs, buttocks and flanks of abdomen. This is because they want to have shapely buttocks so they can wear jeans, the doctor added.

    Several Non Resident Indians, who have relatives in Gujarat, prefer to get cosmetic surgery done here because the cost here is much less than in other countries. People from the United Kingdom, the USA and the Middle East come to Ahmedabad for plastic surgery.


    Bollywood News : Dimples are a rage among men

    'Age no bar' for Gisele Bundchen!

    2008/5/24 12:12:01

    Gisele Bundchen has revealed that she will never opt for plastic surgery, because she expects to get more beautiful with age.

    The Brazilian supermodel is convinced her mother is proof she will get better looking as she ages. "No way (will I have surgery),” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

    “Actually, I asked my mother the very same question and she said, 'It's taken me 58 years for me to look like this. You think I'm going to ruin it now?'

    “She looks great, so I hope I will look the same,” she added.

    Hollywood News : 'Age no bar' for Gisele Bundchen!

    Ramya Krishna's new role

    2011/10/4 7:05:35

    The hot, sexy and immensely talented Ramya Krisha has a huge fan following. However after her marriage she has stopped acting in films.

    Ramya Krishna is now donning a new avatar. She is now busy marketing her hubby Krishna Vamsi's new film 'Mogudu'. Ramya has good contacts with industry people and she is now using them to her advantage.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Ramya Krishna's new role

    Will nose job bring her roles?

    2010/11/18 14:09:51

    It is now becoming increasingly common for artists to go in for plastic surgery to enhance their image and set their figure right.

    The young Karthika daughter of Radhika has undergone a nose surgery recently. Karthika début in the film Josh but could not make a mark.

    Will luck change for Karthika with her nose job? Wait and see.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will nose job bring her roles?

    Ramya Sri bares all

    2008/4/19 13:39:18

    Ramya Sri is another hot item girl who is very popular with a section of the audience and the youngsters. She also has this dare all attitude and has no inhibitions whatsoever in exposing on screen. She has done it again in the film BBCS.

    She exposes her ample assets and her romantic encounters with Krishna Bhagawan and Suman Shetty are almost like they have been lifted from some soft porn film. There is nothing left to the imagination of the audience at all. Ramya Sri has her own set of fan following on par with Abhinaya Sri and Mumaith Khan.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramya Sri bares all

    Has Ramya Krishna patched up with hubby?

    2007/6/14 13:28:44

    The talk about the split between Ramya Krishna and Krishna Vamsi has not yet died down. Ramya is still living with her parents in Chennai after walking out of Krishna Vamsi’s home. However, in a surprise development, the couple threw a party on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. They followed it up with another party the next day. All this looks like some PR exercise as they are normally seen with in public only with their own circle of friends.

    Telugu Cinema News : Has Ramya Krishna patched up with hubby?

    Ramya Krishna joins Rotary club

    2008/3/22 22:50:54

    The ravishing beauty Ramya Krishna took the membership of the Rotary International. She joined the rotary club in Hyderabad on Saturday. She was looking as beautiful as ever. People were seen guessing about what could be the secret of her good looks and great skin.

    Ramya Krishna is married to creative director Krishna Vamsi and she also has a child. Even as a mother, she manages to turn more heads than any young actress in Tollywood. Ramya Krishna said that she very delighted as well s excited about joining the Rotary club. She said that she would like to devote some time to social service and also involve herself in the noble activities of the Rotarians.

    Andhra News : Ramya Krishna joins Rotary club

    Ramya is Surya`s heroine?

    2006/12/15 16:47:40 Remember Ramya the Kuthu heroine who sizzled with Simbu and later with Arjun in Giri? Well, the buzz is that she has been signed up by director Gautham Menon to be Surya's heroine in Vaaranam Aayiram.

    Bad luck Asin, you have lost out!

    Ramya the Bangalore based girl after a failed attempt in Kollywood went back to doing Kannada films where she became the ‘numero uno’ actress. She went in for a complete make over after she shed weight and was paired opposite all top heroes in Kannada. Her films were all blockbusters and she is considered as the lucky mascot there.

    But Ramya’s secret dream was to make it big in Tamil and now Gautham is giving her the big break. When the role was offered to her, she is said to have jumped at it and given priority dates.

    On Wednesday, Ramya flew down to Chennai from Bangalore and did a photo-shoot with Surya in a Chennai studio. Now Gautham has two hot sizzlers Andrea and Ramya in Vaaranam Aayiram to provide the necessary glamour!


    Tamil Cinema News : Ramya is Surya`s heroine?

    Ramya Krishnan Back In Malayalam

    2007/4/9 10:28:19

    There are only a handful of actresses who look good after marriage. The ones that look stunningly good even after childbirth are very rare. Ramya Krishnan is one such actress. Director Shyam Prasad had first picked Meera Jasmine and Shobana to be Mammootty's heroines in 'Orey Kadal'. Meera Jasmine had gladly accepted the offer, but Shobana was not able to spare time amidst her busy schedules. She had her dance schools and Bharatnatyam researches to look after. That was how Ramya Krishnan entered the film.

    'Neram Pularthumboz' was Ramya's first film with Mammootty. But she didn't do as many films in Malayalam as she did in Tamil or Telugu. In spite of an obvious penchant for glamour, Ramya Krishnan had established herself as an actress of caliber.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Ramya Krishnan Back In Malayalam

    Shobana Replaced By Ramya Krishnan

    2007/4/7 10:58:03

    Shobana was supposed to play Mammootty's heroine in Ore Kadal. Shobana was not able to spare time amidst her busy schedules. She had her dance schools and Bharatnatyam researches to look after. Hence director Shyama Prasad has opted for Ramya Krishnan now.

    Neram Pularthumboz was Ramya's first film with Mammootty. "I am happy to be part of a Mammootty film," says Ramya.

    Sathyamurthy was the last film that she and Mammootty had starred together in.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Shobana Replaced By Ramya Krishnan

    Ramya Krishna walks out of husband’s home

    2007/5/29 15:17:26

    That is not well between Ramya Krishna and husband director Krishna Vamsy has been doing the rounds for quite some time. The reason was the alleged relationship of the director with heroine Charmee. It was even said that he had bought a plush house for her in Cyberabad. Even Ramya Krishna is said to have used her influence in the industry to see that Charmee did not get any new offers.

    Charmee even tried her hands in the Kannada film industry. It has come to light from highly placed sources in the industry that Ramya Krishna has reportedly walked out of her husbands’ home and life along with her son. She is now reportedly living with her parents in Chennai. It is not known if there is any patch up bid by either party. Stay glued for more info.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramya Krishna walks out of husband’s home

    YS to undergo eye surgery again

    2007/11/19 12:34:01 Chief minister Y S Rajashekar Reddy underwent surgery last week for cataract. The doctors have now advised him to undergo surgery on his other eye. The problem has been identified as nuclear cataract.

    Doctors say that Y S Rajashekar Reddy’s 1,500 km walk three years ago has caused the problem. Exposure to the blazing sun for long periods leads to this type of cataract. The CM has however clarified that he would no take rest after surgery but will resume normal duties after taking rest for just a few hours.

    Andhra News : YS to undergo eye surgery again

    Jai foundation moves SHRC, seeks total ban on plastic bags

    2011/6/30 19:46:13 Jai Ho Foundation president G Srinivas Goud on Thursday approached the State Human Rights Commission, seeking it to get the state government to direct Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to impose total ban on the usage of plastic carry bags in the city.

    Mr Srinivas Goud said that he had urged the SHRC to direct the state government to get the GHMC implement a total ban on plastic bags, instead of allowing bags over 40 microns thick.

    He said that total ban is essential to protect the environment for posterity.

    The Jai Ho Foundation president said that his organisation has raised objections for allowing 40 micron plastic carry bags in the city as such bags pose a potent threat to the environment.

    “Earlier the state government announced a ban on plastic carry bags less than 20 micron thickness. However, it failed to implement the ban,” Mr Srinivas Goud pointed out.(INN)

    Andhra News : Jai foundation moves SHRC, seeks total ban on plastic bags

    Charmee attends Ramya’s birthday party!

    2007/9/17 19:21:13 Actress Ramya Krishna celebrated her birthday in style at a five star restaurant in Hyderabad. She had a gala time what with some of her close friends from Tollywood making it to the party. Among the guests were Abbas, Suman, Navdeep, Sumanth, Naresh etc. And the surprised guest was actress Charmee. Wonder how she got the invite in the first place. She is said to be in the bad books of Ramya Krishna as she is said to be having an affair with her hubby Krishna Vamsy.

    Telugu Cinema News : Charmee attends Ramya’s birthday party!

    Krishna recuperating after surgery

    2007/8/28 20:06:11 Actor Krishna is stated to have undergone surgery for back pain. The actor is said to have undergone the surgery at a private corporate hospital in Hyderabad a couple of days ago. The actor is now reported to be doing well. The news is not official though, and only the people in the industry are talking about it.

    Telugu Cinema News : Krishna recuperating after surgery

    After Simran, it’s now Ramya Krishna now

    2008/5/18 17:23:18

    Ramya Krishna is senior to Simran both in age as well as an artist in the industry. Even after her marriage to Krishna Vamsi, Ramya Krishna continues to lead an active public life, endorsing products, inaugurating showrooms, hosting shows on TV and occasionally acting in films too.

    Simran acted long with Krishna Bhagavan in the film ‘John Appa Rao 40+. Ramya Krishna has now agreed to act in a film opposite Krishna Bhagavan.

    The film will be directed by Viswaprasad and has been titled as ‘Mr. Gireesam’. The film will go on to the sets on June 6.

    Telugu Cinema News : After Simran, it’s now Ramya Krishna now

    Ramya Krishna and Tabu with Balakrishna

    2007/12/11 16:28:05 The film Ranga Panduranga with Balakrishna in the lead is progressing briskly. K Raghavedar Rao is the director. Balakrishna will play a dual role in the film. He will play Pundareekaksha and lord Krishna. Now comes news that Raghavendar Rao has signed up both Ramya Krishna and Tabu to play special roles in the film. Raghavendar Rao made many films with Ramya Krisha in the past.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramya Krishna and Tabu with Balakrishna

    Court summons to Ramya Krishna

    2011/6/15 17:25:39 Those who watch the daily serial ‘Kalasam’ in Gemini TV might be aware that, it is being made by veteran actress Ramya Krishna and her sister Vinay Krishna. This serial has been aired in Telugu and Tamil languages in the same channel. Ramya Krishna and her sister Vinay Krishna have appointed Kutti Padmini as the Creative-head for their serial on monthly salary basis. Every thing went smooth and the serial become very popular among the womenfolk. Then, gradually differences arise between their Creative-head Kutti Padmini and Ramya sisters over running the serial and cost control. Therefore, Ramya sisters have fired Padmini from their project and starts running the serial on their own.

    As their serial takes a twist in every break, Kutti Padmini also gives an unexpected twist to Ramya Krishna sisters by filing case against them in Chennai court. The court has served bailable warrants to Ramya Krishna and her sister Vinay Krishna. Perhaps, this real life twist and the court case may give new ideas to the sisters which can be inserted into the later episodes of serial.

    Andhra News : Court summons to Ramya Krishna

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