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on 2006/10/16 18:26:42

Saawariya is a love story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is enjoying his new found image on television. Needless to say that he is enjoying being judge on a weekly celebrity dance show Jhalak Dikhala Ja. He is enthusiastically giving comments on choreography these days but when it comes to his forthcoming film Saawariya he prefers to keep everything under wraps.

According to him Saawariya is the most difficult film that he has made so far. This is the first time he is working with newcomers like Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. Even though he is not interested in revealing much details about this film our source says that Saawariya talks about a love story in which a Hindu boy falls in love with a Muslim girl. Is it true Sanjay that Ranbir plays a Hindu boy and Sonam plays a Muslim girl?


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    Salman Khan plays a Muslim cleric

    2007/9/21 10:47:00

    Salman Khan plays an important cameo in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Saawariya.The movie which introduces Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor has Salman playing a brief role as a hardcore Muslim cleric.It is still not known whether Salman’s character in the film is just a hardcore religious person or he also has a fundamentalist streak.

    Reports have it that Salman met some Muslim clergymen to prepare for his role in the movie. He also took a lot of help from his father Salim Khan.

    In real life, Salman has deep respect for all religions. His family recently immersed an eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesha in the sea during Ganesha Chaturthi.

    ‘Saawariya’ also has Rani Mukherjee in a special appearance. The film is said to be a Hindu-Muslim love story.Salman was in his elements at the music launch of the film a few days back. He showed his sense of humour and added fun to what was otherwise a very emotional evening.

    Bollywood News : Salman Khan plays a Muslim cleric

    Shall Nayan convert religion for Prabhu?

    2011/7/7 7:28:20 The divorce of Prabhudeva and Ramlath has ignited the hot discussions about his marriage with Nayanatara. Before that, there is curiosity prevailed among the people about how they get married, either in Hindu tradition or according to Christian traditions. We know that Prabhudeva is a Hindu and his fiancé Dayana Mariyam Koriyan alias Nayanatara is a Christian. Since they belong to two different religions, they have to opt for either of traditions or follow both traditions by getting married twice.

    Earlier, when Prabhudeva fall in love with Ramlath, she being a Muslim girl has converted into Hinduism before their marriage. Whether, Nayanatara also sacrifices her religion for her love or let Prabhudeva do it for her or they follow their own religions after marriage has to be seen in the days to come.

    Telugu Cinema News : Shall Nayan convert religion for Prabhu?

    Vidisha’s Love Story

    2007/4/2 15:55:27 Vidisha says that she has no idea as to wha love is all about. She has never experienced love, that is the teenage love between boy and girl. She has acted in the film ‘ram’ which is a love story.

    She says that as she has no idea about love, she had to work extra hard to do the film. It was only with a lot of effort that she could manage to portray love in the film. She is waiting to fall in love, and it could happen any time soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vidisha’s Love Story

    The prince and the showgirl - a love story ends

    2011/9/22 19:11:07

    New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANS) Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi's death Thursday brought to an end an enduring romance. When Sharmila Tagore tied the knot with the erstwhile royal 42 years ago, it was not only a marriage of cricket and cinema, but also one that broke many stereotypes.

    He was a Nawab from a well-known Muslim family and she was a Hindu who belonged to the illustrious Tagore family. As she was to admit many times in later years, Pataudi, popularly known as Tiger, proved to be an exceptionally liberal companion.

    Be it her wearing a bikini in "An Evening In Paris" in 1967, when they were courting, or taking up glamorous roles after marriage in 1969 and later motherhood - he always stood by her, always the ideal partner.

    She once said in an interview, "I haven't given up anything (after marrying Tiger). He is very liberal in his views. I've gained a lot of experience and gained another culture, cuisine, and way of dressing. I've benefited a lot."

    Their marriage was not expected to last - she converted, becoming Ayesha Sultana - but they proved naysayers wrong.

    She once told a reporter, "If Tiger and I make attempts to promote harmony, I do not know how far we will succeed. People will say that I am not a Muslim and that Tiger is a Hindu fanatic."

    The couple had three children - Saif, Saba and Soha - but Tiger never stopped her from carrying on in showbiz. In fact, she gave most of her hits after marriage and motherhood.

    Many years down the line, when he was arrested for poaching, the actress stood by her husband like a rock.

    Death may have snatched away the man from the woman, but like an advertisement they did together, in popular imagination - Pataudi and Sharmila will live on together.

    Bollywood News : The prince and the showgirl - a love story ends

    "Saawariya" director Bhansali thanks audience

    2007/11/15 21:55:17

    Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, whose film "Saawariya" (Beloved) has been panned by most critics, thanked his audience for seeing the film despite bad reviews.

    "Saawariya" -- a romantic musical on unrequited love -- inspired by Fyodor Dostoevsky's novella "White Nights", had opened along with the hugely hyped Shah Rukh Khan starrer "Om Shanti Om" last Friday.

    Despite the film’s good opening, its collection in India fell sharply after the weekend as critics came down heavily on the film for its thin storyline and loose grip on the plot.

    From setting the story in a make-believe world to using blue and green as the only background colour scheme throughout, analysts said it made "Saawariya" look a touch unrealistic.

    "I'm so happy that the people have loved “Saawariya” and are going back to watch the film in spite of the negative waves created about the film by some people," Bhansali told Reuters through his media manager.

    "Therefore, I have immense respect for the audiences of India who have made up their mind to see “Saawariya” for themselves."

    Though Bhansali's movie has been pipped by "Om Shanti Om" in box office collections, it has still done well to gross $14 million worldwide in the opening weekend.

    "I'm very happy that internationally “Saawariya” has received such wonderful response on the box office as well as the critics," he said.

    Bollywood News : "Saawariya" director Bhansali thanks audience

    Siddhart to debut in 'Anwar'

    2006/11/20 20:49:34 Director Manish Jha is ready with his film 'Anwar'. The film stars Manisha Koirala's brother, Siddharth Koirala and Nauheed Cyrusi. The film is a love story between a Muslim boy and a girl, set against the backdrop of communal violence.

    'ANWAR' as the films title spells out is the story of a Muslim youth who leaves home in search of the unknown, but fate has something else in store as he gets mistaken for a terrorist, when he takes shelter at a temple.

    It is a story that tells his journey and a story that talks about his life before the incident took place, where he loses the women he loved.

    So what made the director choose a subject like this, considering the fact that such films have always raked up controversies in the past?

    Director Manish Jha says, "One thing i was sure of was that i wanted to make a love story. It took a while before i decided upon the backdrop for the love story".

    Manish Jha adds, "I have based the love story on the central theme of how Muslims are perceived in this country, which i think is a very relevant and contemporary issue. The issue may not seem to be very entertaining but i wanted it to reach out to maximum people".

    Filmaker Mahesh Bhatt whose films have mostly dealt with sensitive issues also seemed in favour of educating the audience with film like these.

    /photo.cms?msid=491905 Mahesh Bhatt says that, "We shouldn’t be phobic about the word controversy. A controversy raises the hidden dialogue that goes on in the society. I feel one should bring out what is in the subterranean region out in to the open. 'Anwar' confronts the issue of Islamophobia which is spreading like wild fire post 9/11"

    After a long span of time actor Manisha Koirala will also be seen in the film and she seems quite excited about it.

    "I'm playing /photo.cms?msid=491482 a journalist's role, she is a bit disturbed in her personal life like all the characters in the film who have something or the other which is not going well in their lives", says Manisha Koirala.

    However it is going to be a gamble for the makers, firstly as the subject can raise a few eyebrows and secondly the lead actors involved have no hit to their credit till date.


    Bollywood News : Siddhart to debut in 'Anwar'

    Bipasha plays Pakistani girl in 'Goal'

    2007/5/18 9:01:51

    After Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor, it is Bipasha Basu's turn to play a Pakistani girl in new film 'Goal' in which the Bengali beauty also gets to share screen space with real-life beau John Abraham after a long time.

    'What makes it special is the fact that John and I are coming together after three years. The last film we did together was 'Madhoshi'. After that I was determined to do only a good film with him,' Bipasha told.

    'Also, in 'Goal' I play a Pakistani girl. I wanted to make sure that whenever we come together again our chemistry mustn't be a repeat of 'Jism'. In 'Goal' our chemistry is completely different.'

    She has played a Muslim girl before but not a girl from the other side of the border. 'This is my first role as a Pakistani. But I've played a Muslim girl in 'Ishq Hai Tumse'. I got to play a very sweet girl in that.

    'I've never played anything like this. Though the focus of the plot is the game of football, I do have a substantial role to play. I'm excited about 'Goal' not only because it's got John in it, but also because my character stands out.'

    Bollywood News : Bipasha plays Pakistani girl in 'Goal'

    'OSO' vs 'Saawariya'

    2007/10/9 13:40:40

    While both the love stories vie to seduce audiences, viewers are sure about their loyalties

    I would want to catch ‘Saawariya’ first. Ranbir Kapoor is very cute. I am sure he’ll make for a great actor too. Also, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is my favourite director.

    Binita Bhutta, ad executive

    SRK is my all-time favourite. With the new avatar and the six packs, he looks stunning. I want to see ‘OSO’ first. However, I wouldn’t want to miss ‘Saawariya’ either. The couple looks cute. I hope it does not turn out to be another clichéd love story.

    Manasi Joshi, student

    I want to catch ‘OSO’ first. Ranbir and Sonam may have their own charm but Deepika is sexy. She looks good in the promos with the retro statement.

    Rohan Kulkarni, engineer

    ‘Saawariya’ is excessively hyped. The two actors, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, have nothing to their credit except being star children. Not that they won’t do a good job! But I have placed more hopes on ‘OSO’, I would catch it first.

    Ramesh Ghadkari, sales manager

    I am looking forward to ‘Saawariya’, not because of any fascination towards Ranbir or Sonam but for Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I adore his work.

    Vishal Gandhi, management trainee

    I want to see ‘OSO’ first. I am eager to catch SRK in his new hot avatar. It must have been a great challenge for him to pull it off.

    Ameeta Raj, architect

    Vikas Hotwani

    WE SAY

    While the star children, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, with their unadulterated enthusiasm, constitute the USP of ‘Saawariya’, the combo of Farah Khan and SRK promise a surefire entertainer. Dimpled and doeeyed Deepika Padukone is the icing on the ‘Om Shanti Om’ cake. So we’re gonna watch both and back to back!

    Andhra News : 'OSO' vs 'Saawariya'

    Hyd. police arrests Sudanese for trafficking

    2011/6/28 16:25:02 Though, there was no hint of trafficking of Muslim girls to Arab countries since a long time, with the arrest of 6 Sudan Nationals by city police has shocked the city public. Hyderabad police have arrested 6 Sudan nationals on Tuesday, who arrived on student visas. All of they got married with the Muslim girls of Old City in Hyderabad and they are about to leave with the girls to Sudan. However, city police had a tip off from an unidentified person and timely arrested the Sudanese. Poverty forces the girl’s parents to make their daughters scapegoats for Arabs. Police suspects that, many more such cases might have gone unnoticed by them.

    Andhra News : Hyd. police arrests Sudanese for trafficking

    Ranbir signed for Santoshi's next

    2008/3/4 11:57:08

    Director Rajkumar Santoshi, who has been toying with the idea of making a love story for some time, has signed Bollywood's new sensation Ranbir Kapoor for a film. He will cast Katrina Kaif in the female lead.

    Confirming the development, Santoshi said, "I'm making this film, Ranbir has confirmed and even Katrina has almost confirmed. I wanted to work with Ranbir the minute I saw him in Saawariya. I see that special spark in him. In fact, after I saw him in Saawariya, I sent him a bouquet. I was so impressed by him."

    Following the unexpected debacle of Halla Bol, producers are no longer eager for more from the Ajay Devgan-Santoshi pair.

    Apparently, PVR Films, which was supposed to support Santoshi's multimillion rupee historical movie on emperor Ashoka, has backed out of the project.

    Tips, with which Santoshi had a long-standing tiff over outstanding payments for The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, will produce the film.

    However, Santoshi denies differences with Tips.

    "We had a very fruitful working relationship during Bhagat Singh. If we didn't, why would we be working together again," he said.

    The director is especially excited about this project because it's a love story that he is writing himself.

    "For very long now I have wanted to make a pure love story. I wrote this script some time back. I was waiting for the right face. I think Ranbir was destined to be the hero in my love story," Santoshi added.

    Two years ago, Santoshi was supposed to make a film called Ranbir with Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan.

    Bollywood News : Ranbir signed for Santoshi's next

    Dhoka, tale of oppressed everywhere: Bhatt

    2007/9/1 8:50:42

    'This film deals with the disillusionment faced by the Indian Muslim,' said Mahesh Bhatt about Pooja Bhatt's latest directorial venture Dhoka.

    “The Indian Muslim has been betrayed by the state when even 60 years after Independence the Partition promise of no discrimination on the basis of religion has not been kept.” This is the premise of Mahesh Bhatt’s new film and hence its name Dhoka.

    However, as he said, there is still hope in the form of moderates on the side of both Hindu and Muslim communities and it is up to them to contain the extremists amidst them.

    He was speaking on the occasion of a special screening of his new film Dhoka by the Urdu Press Club in New Delhi on Thursday. The movie, directed by Pooja Bhatt is a telling commentary on terrorism in India in today’s times and the dilemmas it poses to the Indian Muslim.

    It also emphasises that we will have to ensure justice especially from the law enforcers themselves, otherwise we ourselves will turn the victims into terrorists.

    The movie struck a chord among the audience as it succinctly sums up the instinctive bias we have towards one community as the hero Zaid, despite being an honest, upright and patriotic police officer, is targeted for his wife being a suicide bomber, he faces the wrath of the largely right wing society as he is suspended even after being cleared of all charges.

    Initially he refuses that his wife could do such a thing but later evidence surfaces against her. That is when Zaid sets out to find the truth and realises the horrors of her past. Towards the end, neither Zaid nor the society has the answer to give when the terrorist says, 'Agar hamare haath khoon se range hain to unke bhi koi doodh ke dhule nahin hain'.

    Mahesh Bhatt claims the movie is very close to his heart, as you cannot fault his neeyat in making it. He said that such a film could only have been made in India while also conceding that if he had a Muslim name he couldn’t have succeeded in making it. The words of Anupam Kher in this film when he is begging for his dead son’s body, far from being a take off from Saaransh, are the actual words of the father of Khwaja Younis, a Ghatkopar blast accused who was killed in police custody.

    “This is the story of oppressed people everywhere, be it north-eastern states, the Naxalites or even far off Ireland. When people don’t get justice, societal apathy forces them to terrorism," Bhatt says.

    “It deals with the disillusionment the Muslim faces and my aspiration to this is in the form of Zaid, who serves as a link between the two communities – the Muslims and the law enforcers, both of whom need to look within themselves for their responsibility towards the current situation and their role in solving it,” he added.

    Bhatt attributes the remaining peace and order to the secular Hindu in whom they still have faith, a fact echoed by many of the audience members.

    A very true film, which takes the Hindu-Muslim divide head on, a la Bhatt banner, it is a must watch for every concerned Indian. It emphasises, as do Bhatt’s words, that to curb terrorism, policing alone won’t do, we will have to ensure the winning of hearts and that proper justice is delivered.

    Bollywood News : Dhoka, tale of oppressed everywhere: Bhatt

    Jodhaa Akbar - Movie Preview

    2007/5/26 9:34:54

    Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodhaa Akbar is the untold love story of the greatest Mughal emperor who ruled Hindustan (now India), Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar, and a fiery young Rajput princess, Jodhaa.

    Set in the sixteenth century, this epic romance begins as a marriage of alliance between two cultures and religions, for political gain, with the Hindu King Bharmal of Amer giving his daughter’s hand to a Muslim Emperor, Akbar. When Akbar accepts the marriage proposal, little does he know that in his efforts to strengthen his relations with the Rajput, he would in turn be embarking on a new journey – the journey of true love?

    From the battlefield where the young Jalaluddin was crowned, through the conquests that won him the title of Akbar the Great (‘Akbar’ in Arabic means great), to winning the love of the beautiful Jodhaa, Jodhaa Akbar traces the impressive graph of the emperor and his romance with a defiant princess.

    With Hrithik Roshan as Akbar and Aishwarya Rai as Jodhaa, this grand spectacle is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Ashutosh Gowariker.

    Bollywood News : Jodhaa Akbar - Movie Preview

    Ayesha-Tusshar's 'unique' love story

    2006/9/28 12:48:33

    Ayesha Takia and Tusshar Kapoor, who are playing lead roles in producer N.R. Pachisia's "Kya Love Story Hai", feel that the film is a unique love story and everybody will connect to it.

    Ayesha plays a vibrant girl paired opposite Tushaar, reports Bollywood Trade.

    Talking about her role, she said: "I play Kajal, a young independent girl who knows exactly what she wants. She's studying and works part-time as well. She's a hardworking girl of today's generation with that innate drive and vigour.

    "This is not like the ideal love story where a girl and a guy meet, fall in love and the villain plays the spoilsport. Everybody can relate to the film since everyone at some point in one's life has fallen in love."

    Tushaar plays a fun-loving guy facing the mind-heart tussle.

    "Though the basic plot is simple, what makes this love story different is the way the story unfolds. It also has freshness in terms of dialogues," said Tusshar.

    Pachisia echoes the same views.

    "Don't you think the title itself is unusual? I think it's a contemporary film in terms of presentation and projection. Besides, the Tushaar-Ayesha paring makes it unique."

    The producer is equally confident about debutant director Lovely Singh. "New directors are very hardworking and sincere. They have that burning desire and fire within them to make things work," said Pachisia.

    Singh is positive about his directorial debut.

    "This is my first film and I'm not apprehensive about it. I'm trying to make a good film and give it my best. The characters are lovable with some great music by Pritam. We have recorded two songs and I must say he has done a great job."


    Bollywood News : Ayesha-Tusshar's 'unique' love story

    Muslim Expert on AWARAPAN sets!

    2007/6/5 11:01:42

    It is common knowledge that the climax of Mahesh Bhatt's AWARAPAN has been shot in Lahore, making it the first Bolly title to have been filmed in Pakistan after Henna. Both the female protagonists of AWARAPAN, Shriya Saran and Mrinalini Sharma, also play Muslim characters, Aliyah Hamid and Reema Zaidi respectively.

    To give his characters an air of authenticity, director Mohit Suri ensured that there was always a Muslim expert on the sets to guide the actresses.

    When spoken to, Suri confirmed the news, "It is true that since Shreya and Minty (Mrinalini) play Muslim characters, it became necessary to have a Muslim consultant each from India, Hong Kong and Thailand to guide them during the shoot in these countries, particularly in the namaaz scenes."

    Bollywood News : Muslim Expert on AWARAPAN sets!

    Most Muslims are with Jagan

    2010/12/16 13:26:55 A former MLA from the city Jaleel Khan on Thursday said that most of the Muslims in Andhra Pradesh are supporters of Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

    "Former Chief Minister Y S R Reddy brought two major schemes for Muslim students -- four per cent reservation in seats in all educational institutions, fee reimbursement for poor students among others. The Muslim community as a whole came close to Dr Rajasekhara Reddy and now to his son Jagan Mohan Reddy," Khan said.

    At places where the Muslim population is more, the state government has erected Shadi Khanas for celebrating mass marriage function, he said.

    The benefited Muslim community has much confidence on Jagan Mohan Reddy that he would also look after their welfare if he comes to power, Khan added.

    source: Indian Express

    Andhra News : Most Muslims are with Jagan

    Rani plays a prostitute in Saawariya

    2007/1/8 16:56:27

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya is said to be based on a short story titled White Nights written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The film is a musical set in the British Raj, shot in the location of Simla. Saawariya has been in news for long since it will launch two star kids, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. The film also stars Salman Khan and Rani Mukherjee. Rani plays the role of a prostitute named Gulab in the film.

    In the short story, the protagonist is young 26 year old man who is a dreamer. He comes across a young lady at St. Petersburg and their story begins. The story is named White Nights as it is actually a weather phenomenon in St. Petersburg when days are as bright as night. The short story is based on four nights that the protagonists spend together.

    Knowing the original story, it seems like Bhansali has chosen the location of Simla and the British Raj era to recreate the same effect in India. White Nights has been adapted into films many times in European and American Cinema. In fact, one of its Hollywood remakes released in 2005. Now it is for us to wait and watch how Sanjay Leela Bhansali re-creates White Nights in India.


    Bollywood News : Rani plays a prostitute in Saawariya

    I'm concerned for Ranbir 'n Sonam: Salman

    2007/10/26 14:24:38

    Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan gets talking on Saawariya, OSO, SLB, multi-film deals and other pursuits.

    After giving you a miss in Devdas, how did Sanjay Leela Bhansali convince you for Saawariya?
    Sanjay Leela Bhansali just called me up one day and told me he was making a love story and wanted me to be a part of it. Before that we were to work on Bajirao Mastani but there were some date problems and the film got postponed. SLB decided to direct the love story with Sonam and Ranbir Kapoor first.

    Your character in the film remains a dark mystery still.
    I play a Muslim character called Iman. I love the name because my father wants to name my son Iman. You know it sounds good, Salim, Salman and Iman! But I would love to call my son prince Salim or Changez Khan (laughs). Iman is a mind-blowing character. He is a little khadus, speaks harshly but there’s a lot of humour in him. He is romantic and flirtatious.

    This is your third film with SLB. How has your association changed over the years?
    I remember he came to me with Khamoshi - The Musical when nobody was willing to do his film. When I read the script I realised it was not commercially viable, but I loved it anyway. I had nothing much to do in the film but I took it up only because of the script. I incorporated humour in my character which SLB didn’t like because he wanted my character to be serious. Eventually, he shot both ways and on the editing table liked my light-hearted character and retained it.
    SLB hasn’t changed at all. Even when he didn’t have a penny in his pocket he made lavish films and he’s doing that even today. Many a times he goes over-budget and it shows in the film. It shows what a fine technician and director he is.

    You did his next film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but it has taken over three years to get back to him?

    When he came to me with the script of Hum... I told him he had a superb script. But he wasn’t confident about how it would fare. When we were shooting in Jaisalmer, I assured him that even if the film did not work, I would do his next film. However, after Hum... he wanted to make Devdas. He told me Shah Rukh Khan would be better as Devdas and I had no problems. It’s not as if SLB has to work only with me and vice versa.

    [colod=0099CC]Even with Rani Mukerji this is your third film.[/color]
    I have known Rani for a long time. She is a fantastic actress. She is one of the amazing girls in the industry.

    With Saawariya and Om Shanti Om releasing on the same day, don’t you think it will cut into each other’s collections?
    No, I think it’s a good thing for both the films. If Saawariya came first, it would have affected OSO and vice versa. In any case I have a special appearance in OSO, so it’s good for me that are both releasing simultaneously. I am concerned though for Ranbir and Sonam as they are both simply fantastic. God forbid, if the film doesn’t do well they can take heart that they were pitted against a SRK starrer and start again.

    Last year you had Jaaneman clashing with Don and the latter had a headstart while Jaaneman nosedived?
    I think it’s my fault. I have realised that when you are part of a project you have to promote it. The problem with Jaaneman was that nobody felt the urgency to see it.

    This year you have had one of the biggest hits with Govinda in Partner.
    Yes and I am working with him again in a sequel to Partner.

    Is it true that you had refused Madam Tussauds offer?
    No, I am doing it. Initially, I thought it was a joke. Then I was told that my fans had voted for me. Many big Indian personalities are there and it is a honour to have a statue there.

    What next after Saawariya?
    I am doing the remake of the Telugu blockbuster Pokhiri, Main Aur Mrs Khanna with Sohail Khan, Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj. Then there’s Tarzan,a film for children and a period film Veer.

    Aren't you scripting any films?
    No. After Baaghi and Chandramukhi I haven’t ventured into it again.

    Have you signed a three-film deal with Ashtavinayak?
    No, it is only a one film deal.

    Bollywood News : I'm concerned for Ranbir 'n Sonam: Salman

    'Nenu Marachiponu' first copy is ready

    2006/12/12 12:58:46 The first copy of 'Nenu Marachiponu' directed by Madi and produced by Prank Shankar on the banner of Under Word International is ready and the film is all set for release soon.

    Producer says, 'A girl, who was brought up in strict discipline by the parents, falls in love with someone. What her parents did on learning about her love? Does she able to win her love form part of the story.

    Director moulded this love story on the celluloid in an efficient way. There is a good definition to the love in this film and it would definitely enthralls the audiences.' Ramaraju Vibhudi, Tiruvedi, Manivannan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Mansur Alikhan, Prank Shankar and others are in the cast. Music is by Deva and camera is by Williams.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Nenu Marachiponu' first copy is ready

    Arya's Love Story releasing today

    2011/9/1 6:37:12

    Kollywood actor Arya and British girl Amy Jackson starrer movie ‘1947 A Love Story’ is releasing today. This is a love story runs between an Indian and a British girl before independence. What are the consequences and how did they overcome their problems is the story of the film. The film will reflect the exact mood and situation of the pre-independence days.

    Actually, this is also a dubbed version of Tamil film with same title which was released few weeks back. Vijay, who proved his mettle with ‘Nanna’ movie, has directed this movie. The Tamil version of this movie is running successfully in Tamilnadu.

    GV Prakash has scored music for this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Arya's Love Story releasing today

    'Nenu Marachiponu' all set for Release

    2006/12/20 11:51:44 The first copy of 'Nenu Marachiponu' directed by Madi and produced by Prank Shankar on the banner of Under Word International is ready and the film is all set for release soon.

    Producer says, 'A girl, who was brought up in strict discipline by the parents, falls in love with someone. What her parents did on learning about her love? Does she able to win her love form part of the story. Director moulded this love story on the celluloid in an efficient way.

    There is a good definition to the love in this film and it would definitely enthralls the audiences.' Ramaraju Vibhudi, Tiruvedi, Manivannan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Mansur Alikhan, Prank Shankar and others are in the cast. Music is by Deva and camera is by Williams.

    Keywords:Nenu Marachiponu::

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Nenu Marachiponu' all set for Release

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