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on 2010/9/24 10:05:51

Salman, Kats sex video

The hottest video in circulation now on the net is the sex video of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

Netizens are downloading the video and enjoying it. It is however not clear if the video is authentic or the faces of Salman and Katrina have been morphed.

So far both Salman and Katrina have chosen to remain silent and have not spoken a word about it.

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    Why is Katrina fuming?

    2010/12/10 11:54:23

    Mind you, in case you decide to call Katrina Kaif an actress who is "just hard working", you might be in trouble. The actress has taken offence to this adjective as she believes that there are many other good things to her than just being called "hard working".

    Katrina is fuming over the fact that her talent, her good looks and her acting abilities are never spoken so widely as her capacity for hard work. The actress is miffed about such definition of her personality.

    In her words, "Why do you call be just hardworking? There are many other adjectives that apply to me. I don't know why everyone just keeps calling and praising my hard work alone?"

    Well, point well taken. After all Kats is currently known for her jawaani, her hot curves apart from her pardesi accent and a turbulent love life. What say Kats ?

    Bollywood News : Why is Katrina fuming?

    Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    2011/2/14 9:04:19

    The hottest clip now doing the rounds on the net is a video of actress Trisha undergoing massage. The video has been shot when she was still new to films and was not yet a celebrity.

    Now that Trisha is a big star the video has been leaked by some unidentified person. Trisha tried her best to stop the video from being leaked but could not succeed.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    Sallu still 'akhdu' with Akhtar!

    2007/1/6 17:10:52

    Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar were the brilliant writer duo that dazzled in the ’70s and later parted ways at the peak of their careers.

    While they may be cordial to each other in public today, old wounds still haven’t healed.

    Even though Javed’s son Farhan extended the olive branch by personally inviting Salim to the premiere of Don (originally scripted by Salim-Javed), Salim’s son Salman still nurses a grudge against Javed.

    Recently, Salman refused to shoot for a promotional video to be aired at IFFI called Bharat ke cinema ki jayjaykaar, only because Javed Akhtar had penned its lyrics.

    Line ‘maro’ing

    Salman arrived at the shoot at Filmalaya Studios in Andheri but immediately called for pack-up when he learnt about Akhtar’s involvement.

    When production officials reasoned with him and coaxed him to oblige, Salman said that he found the lyrics “very funny”.

    Raman Raheja of the Delhi-based Brilliant Entertainment (the man behind the video) says, “When we approached Salman for the video, he agreed and even came for the shoot but left without letting the cameras roll.

    His problem was that Javed Akhtar had written the lyrics. He later voiced his disapproval about the lyrics too. We think the lyrics were beautiful.”

    Raheja denies that Salman was kept in the dark about Javed Akhtar’s involvement. “We were very clear from day one that Javed had written the song.

    We were coordinating with Ajay Chhabria and Sohail Khan, who were part of the invitation video at IFFI (which was shot earlier). We had even given a brief to Salman’s secretary. We don’t know why it wasn’t conveyed to him or exactly what transpired at Salman’s end.”

    In the crossfire

    Our well-informed source says that despite their public façade, there is no reconciliation between the Khans and Akhtars. “I was there at the Eid party at Salman’s house and Farhan was also present.

    It was good to see Farhan mingling with the Khan family. One thought that the Khans and Akhtars had finally dissolved their differences.”

    But that seems far from the truth as is evident from Salman’s behaviour. The video also features Dia Mirza, Ritesh Deshmukh and Priyanka Chopra, among many others.

    One hears that initially Salman was unhappy that Bipasha Basu would also be part of the video. The actress seems to have been caught in the crossfire in the ongoing war between Salman and her boyfriend John Abraham.

    But he didn’t make an issue of it after the makers informed him that Bipasha didn’t have the dates for the shoot.

    Says Raheja, “We had approached Bipasha but she expressed helplessness since she was busy on the dates when we wanted her.

    Salman had even asked for a list of all the stars that were doing the video, so he definitely knew that Bipasha was not doing it. Salman had only one problem — Javed Akhtar.”

    We tried contacting Akhtar, but he was unavailable for comment.

    Salim-Javed in Baghban!

    The last time Salim and Javed joined hands was for Boney Kapoor’s Mr India — a script originally written for the Big B.

    More recently, the two writers came together, albeit unwittingly, to give their respective contributions to Ravi Chopra’s Baghban.

    Though Javed wasn’t the writer of the film, he was specially called in to pen Amitabh Bachchan’s emotional speech in the climax.

    When Salman heard about this, he too made papa Salim write his part of the poignant monologue that was crucial to the climax.

    Now this is what we call competition!


    Bollywood News : Sallu still 'akhdu' with Akhtar!

    Jiah shakes a leg in 'Nishabd' music video

    2007/1/19 14:21:29

    Young actress Jiah Khan is making waves even before the release of her debut film "Nishabd". After crooning a song for the film's music video, Jiah, who is a trained dancer, has now turned choreographer for it.

    While shooting for the video, Jiah's dance movements impressed the choreographer so much that he bade her to do her own thing for a sequence, say witnesses. Jiah obliged with some belly dancing and hip shaking, just like Latin sensation Shakira.

    The music video is all set to scorch the silver screen soon, according to those who sneaked a peek at the video. The wait to watch Jiah make her moves will be worth it, they add.

    Bollywood News : Jiah shakes a leg in 'Nishabd' music video

    Fight Against Video Piracy

    2006/12/3 14:42:58 Film Industrialists who are being drained day in and day out by the virus of Video Piracy and the need to curtail and eradicate Video Piracy, firms have joined hands on Saturday in Hyderabad and organized a Seminar cum Workshop.

    This Seminar is organized by A P Film Chambers and Motion Pictures Association, APPA Director Gopinath Reddy, stated that over 25 Lakhs families survive with this Film Industry. Video Piracy is creating dent to the industry.

    He added that thorough Research is to be done on Piracy and is the need of this hour. The Pirators are eating away the money of the people and also harming the Producers.

    The Political Leaders also showing a nelson eye to this decease said another Producer Gundam Gangaraju. C C Reddy said that many seminars were conducted with nil result. Unless the Industry and Police come together hard on Video Piracy the results will negate any step forward.

    Bhaskar added that not only the Cine Industry the Government is also loosing Revenue here. There are many loop holes in the existing laws for Video Piracy.

    In this Seminar K Raghevendra Rao, Gudipudi Sri Hari, Rajuselva and others participaterd.

    Telugu Cinema News : Fight Against Video Piracy

    Zarine: Salman is not my only friend

    2011/8/3 11:58:57

    Zarine Khan was introduced to the Hindi Film Industry by her mentor Salman Khan in her debut film ‘Veer’. And then it was Salman who roped her for an item number ‘Character Dheela’ in his film ‘Ready’ and it is also reported that Salman’s closeness with Sajid Nadiadwala that landed her a role in ‘Houseful 2’. With this her blooming friendship with Salman is quite evident and she admitted to it recently.

    However, the lady also said that Salman is not her only friends and she has more friends other than the ones in Bollywood. She said that yes she is close to Salman and gives him all the credit for her career, and respects him to the core, but that doesn’t mean that she is just Salman’s friend. She has other friends and is close to all of them.

    And since Friendship day is coming, the lady is busy chalking out plans with her other friends.

    Bollywood News : Zarine: Salman is not my only friend

    Kamalini grabs the show with nude pose

    2010/11/13 18:29:26 The most searched video clipping of the week stands Kamalini Mukharji’s nude bathing scene in her forthcoming movie with Venu. But, while searching for the video, youngsters had a pleasant surprise in the name of Kutti Srank, a Malayalam movie. It remains undisclosed until now that Kamalini Mukharji acts nude in a bathing scene in this Malayalam movie Kutty Srank. Though it takes a few extra minutes to trace out this video on the net, she delights the nettizens with her stunning looks. She was shown from rear side with a silver chain hanging around her waist in that video clipping. Now, her latest video clipping of her forthcoming film overruns her oldie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamalini grabs the show with nude pose

    Hrithik, Aishwarya in a music video for Dhoom 2

    2006/9/12 17:10:13

    They started the trend of music videos in films. Now are they doing it again? Rumors are rife that Sanjay Gadhvi’s highly awaited Dhoom 2, which is under the Yashraj banner, will have a promotional music video just like Dhoom had which featured Tata Young along with the lead male stars of the film. The music video was directed by Arjun Sablok.

    According to sources in the industry, this time too Yashraj have roped in Arjun Sablok to direct a music video for Dhoom 2. The video will have Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. Arjun Sablok has previously directed films like Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and Neal n Nikki.

    When we contacted Sanjay Gadhvi, he refused to comment on the rumor. Well all of us can just hope that the above said rumor is true as you can expect fireworks in this video as Aishwarya and Hrithik do make a hot couple. Dhoom 2 is slated to release on 24th November.


    Bollywood News : Hrithik, Aishwarya in a music video for Dhoom 2

    Dia jiggles with Mika

    2007/11/12 12:58:06

    Other than being busy shaking a leg at a celebrity dance show, Mika is busy these days helping out friend Sanjay Gupta.

    The filmmaker, whose Dus Kahaniyaan , is all set to release soon, doesn’t want his production to be outshone by the other two big films that have just been released.

    Thanks to the competition, Gupta has decided to add one more promotional video for his film. The video will feature Mika who will be seen in the music video, along with Dia Mirza.

    Says Mika, “I’ve composed and sung the song for Dus Kahaniyaan’s promotional music video. Sanjay is a friend and I’ll be shooting with Dia for the song soon.”

    Bollywood News : Dia jiggles with Mika

    Hooda gets erotic in his first video

    2007/2/16 14:18:17

    It was meant to be absolutely hush-hush. But the sizzling music video featuring Randeep Hooda that was shot on the Arnala beach near here has become the talk of the town.

    Apparently, the vibes between Randeep and his co-star Shahana scorched up the entire beach. The song choreographed by Marlon Rodriguez has Randeep revealing more of himself than ever before.

    "I've never shot without my shirt before," Randeep said shyly. "But that's because there has been no occasion to do so. This is my first video and we did need a hot look for it. I'm not the least conscious of my body. If the need arises, I can whip off my clothes for a role. But the provocation has to be creativity, not sensationalism," says Randeep.

    On the beach in front of numerous gawkers, Randeep and Shahana got seriously romantic.

    "But it's just for the camera. And that's where all my ability to project romance will remain for now. I'm in no frame of mind to get involved with anyone. I keep reading articles where journalists take decisions for my life. But the fact is, I'm not seeing anyone."

    About his first brush with doing a music video, he said: "I love the music video format. I haven't done any singing on screen yet, though I did dance and lip sync in 'Monsoon Wedding'. But after that I've been too traumatised in all my roles to have a song on my lip.

    "This music video lets me take off shirt and just go wild. I need to have the element of fun in my life now."

    Bollywood News : Hooda gets erotic in his first video

    Salman's shirtless record

    2011/3/16 11:55:51

    He'll try to get the most shirts off his back in a minute for Preity's show

    Salman Khan's taking off his shirt again...and this time there's a purpose (no, not to get those female fans swooning, though that'll probably happen anyway!). The buzz is that Salman is going to be on Preity Zinta's new TV show Guinness World Records Ab India Todega. The record he'll be attempting is getting the maximum number of shirts off his back in a minute.

    The current record reportedly stands at 14 t-shirts, and Salman is going to try 15!

    So ready to see Salman do the shirt-ripping like he did in 'Dabangg' all over again? We ceratinly are! The show goes on air from March 18 on the Colors channel.

    Bollywood News : Salman's shirtless record

    Salman chachu ke saath

    2007/6/12 10:39:32

    Yesterday we had reported that Salman Khan had walked the red carpet at International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) with a young girl. Well, the girl was none other than Narmada Ahuja, daughter of Govinda. Narmada happened to walk the red carpet with her 'Salman chachu', only by chance.

    It happened thus. Govinda was running late at the Awards function and that's when Narmada asked her father if she could go ahead with Salman chachu, to the venue. And Govinda said she could.

    It is a well-known fact that both Salman and Govinda are the best of friends. In fact it was Salman who had bailed out Govinda when he was at an all time low recently. Salman also gave Govinda a fresh lease of life with films like Partner and Salaam-E-Ishq.

    And yes, Salman treats Narmada like his own daughter and is extremely protective towards her. They are on nickname-terms, while Salman fondly calls her Namu, she calls him chachu.

    Bollywood News : Salman chachu ke saath

    Trisha in one problem after another

    2007/8/8 11:05:26

    Problems seem to be following Trisha like a shadow. She was first in the news for a hot video in which she was shown bathing in the nude. The video was later said to be a morphed one. Then came the stories about her drunken acts and her nuisance on the public road near Marina beach.

    Now comes news that she is not on speaking terms with her father and she has actually shown him to door. A hot video of her undergoing massage is also on the net. A woman at a pub is said to have slapped her following a tiff. All this is not only hurting her fans about is also casting its shadow on Tirsha’s films.


    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha in one problem after another

    Salman Shoots For Bodyguard In Mumbai Crowd Unnoticed

    2011/4/22 12:04:39

    Dabangg star Salman Khan shot a scene for his under production movie 'Bodyguard' the midst of a thick crowd in Mumbai without getting noticed.

    Last week, during office hours, in the afternoon, Salman went to Hutatma Chowk also known as Flora Fountain in South Mumbai and shot a film scene and this passed unnoticed.

    The unit member said they had installed hidden cameras on top of the buildings, in and around the area that Salman was supposed to shoot the scene, for 30 seconds.

    The scene was basically, Salman walking behind a woman as her bodyguard and mingling with the crowd.

    Bollywood News : Salman Shoots For Bodyguard In Mumbai Crowd Unnoticed

    Govinda invites Salman's wrath?

    2011/3/11 10:42:27

    There's fresh nectar in gossip circles these days. According to reliable sources, Salman Khan is mighty upset with Govinda's rebellion. Wondering what's that rebellion? Here's the news for you.

    Govinda's decision to let her daughter Narmada step into Bollywood without waiting any longer for Salman's help has reportedly not gone well with Sallu. It's learnt that Salman is not too happy with Govinda's decision.

    According to our sources, "The fact that Salman never really helped Govinda launch his daughter finally made Govinda look for other opportunities. Now, that Narmada is ready to try her luck in Bollywood, Salman on the other hand thinks that Govinda is making thinks ugly by refusing take his suggestions regarding Narmada's career. Govinda on his part is adamant to prove that he can stand without Salman's help. This is one of the reasons why the veteran actor is refusing to be part of PARTNER 2 also."

    Govinda might be trying to prove that he can exist without Salman's support and can even launch his daughter without his guidance, but knowing the fact what Salman is, isn't Govinda inviting Salman's wrath?

    Bollywood News : Govinda invites Salman's wrath?

    Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut: Late-night Bonding

    2011/4/15 11:22:30

    Kangana Ranaut reportedly paid a late-night visit to Salman Khan on the set of Bodyguard at Filmistan Studios in Mumbai Wednesday, April 13.

    She stayed with him for four hours and left in his car early in the morning.

    According to Mid Day, Kangana happened to be in the neighborhood with friends around mid-night when she decided to make an impromptu call on Salman when after learning that he was shooting at Filmistan Studios nearby.

    Upon arrival at the studio, Kangana spent some time with Salman's friends and brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri, before Salman joined them. They then chatted into the early hours of the morning, when Kangana left in Salman's car.

    Bodyguard is being produced by Agnihotri and headlines Kareena Kapoor as Salman's love interest.

    Kangana makes a cameo appearance in Salman's upcoming film Ready, along with Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn.

    In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Kangana was quizzed about her relationship with Salman.

    Here is what she said:

    "I first met Salman on the sets of Dus Ka Dum and we became friends instantly. With time, I realized that he is probably the only person in the industry who genuinely loves me."

    "He has stood by me in my good and bad times. I don't know if other people will be there or not, but he will."

    However, she was categorical in denying that she and Salman are dating.

    "I am not seeing Salman," she said.

    Bollywood News : Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut: Late-night Bonding

    Katrina most searched celeb on mobile videos

    2011/10/14 14:06:03

    New Delhi, Oct 14 (IANS) Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has been named the most searched celebrity on mobile videos in a new survey. She has beaten international stars Britney Spears and Linday Lohan who are on second and third spot respectively.According to the Global Video Insights Report for September, released by Vuclip, the world's largest independent mobile video service, Kareena Kapoor is on the fourth spot, while singer Beyonce Knowles came fifth.

    "Dabangg" girl Sonakshi Sinha occupied the sixth place. Singer Pitbull, teen sensation Justin Bieber, Shakira and Don Omar wrapped up the top ten.

    "A Bollywood star leading ahead of her global peers in mobile video searches worldwide is a testimony to the fact that mobile videos have finally taken off in India in a big way," said Salman Hussain, Vuclip's vice president, business development and managing director, India and Middle East, in a statement.

    "Each month we see more and more Indians viewing videos on their mobile screen using not just smart phones but even basic feature phones. This calls for new strategies for advertisers, broadcasters, publishers, content aggregators, and telecom and internet companies alike," he added.

    Bollywood News : Katrina most searched celeb on mobile videos

    'Salman thinks that the world is conspiring against him'

    2011/1/18 11:31:37

    Seems like there is no end to Salman Khan's foes! Just when you thought the list ends with his latest arch enemy Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood's Greek god Hrithik Roshan is reportedly in no mood to befriend Salman.

    Earlier, it had appeared that Hrithik had forgiven Salman for his nasty comments about Guzaarish. Later, when Salman ridiculed Hrithik and called him a child, Hrithik appeared rather passive. Hrithik said in an interview, "Salman must have said it with affection. And I don’t think there is anything wrong in being a child.”

    However, under the veneer of calmness, Hrithik was reportedly fuming with rage. Recently, Hrithik took potshots at Salman on an episode of Koffee with Karan.

    Duggu shot back at Sallu and told Times of India, “Salman thinks that the world is conspiring against him, but that’s not true. We all love him.” He later clarified that he did not want to use Koffee With Karan as a medium to comment on Salman.

    Evidently, all's not well between the two stars. Let's see how Salman reacts to Hrithik's jibe when he appears on Koffee With Karan.

    Bollywood News : 'Salman thinks that the world is conspiring against him'

    Balakrishna Daughter's Engagement Video - Part II

    2007/6/25 0:42:29

    Click the link below to watch the video

    Balakrishna's Daughter's Engagement Video - II

    Stay tuned for more albums and videos.........

    Keywords:Balakrishna Daughter Brahmini Engagement with Lokesh::

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna Daughter's Engagement Video - Part II

    Balakrishna Daughter's Engagement Video - Part I

    2007/6/24 14:40:56

    Click the link below to watch the video

    Balakrishna's Daughter's Engagement Video

    Stay tuned for more albums and videos.........

    Keywords:Balakrishna Daughter Brahmini Engagement with Lokesh::

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna Daughter's Engagement Video - Part I

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