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on 2008/4/6 18:15:09

'Sex-packed' Bebo!

Move over Posh, to the back of the class Moss, Bebo is here with a new body and that not just men but even women are dreaming of.

Bollywood’s six pack brigade of Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan is being given a run for its washboard abs by the ‘sex-packed’ Kareena Kapoor.

Whatever the Bootylicious Bebo did by way of body sculpting, seems to be working big time for Bollywood’s Heroine No 1. Kareena herself is kicked by her new avatar. "This is my look for Yash Chopra’s Tashan. I have really worked hard on my body. So when people say it’s a result of starving, I feel terrible. I am a Kapoor, I just love food, but zipping my mouth on the wrong food worked. Turning vegetarian also helped. I am into salads, now, and have discovered various ways of making them," said the actress explaining her waif-thin look in the film.

Her size zero international figure, Kareena revealed, was the result of yoga under the instruction of Payal Gidwani. Kareena practices yoga twice a day, an hour in the morning and one in the evening, and keeps a diet of six to eight mini meals of the simplest, most nutritious foods.

"This is Artistic Yoga, a more vigorous and dynamic form of the Indian science, it has been remodified for today’s youth," revealed Kareena. Payal admitted getting the actress to this size was a huge task. "When she started, she weighed 60 kg and found it difficult to lift even a leg. She could not do ten surya namaskars. Now she’s down to 49 kg and can do 100 surya namaskars at a go. It’s only her dedication and will power that has given her the desirable body she has always wanted," the yoga instructor added.

Her workout has not just reinvented Kareena for the big screen, but its meditation has also repackaged her and made her a calmer and more focussed person in personal life. But that only Saif Ali Khan can vouch for. And the Chhote Nawab, who is on his own fitness trip, is not talking!

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    Kareena to launch 'Bebo' range of handbags

    2011/4/2 11:50:05

    Just recently, Kareena Kapoor was appointed as the brand ambassador for Laive handbags. One thing that the company noticed is that since the leggy damsel was signed on, the sales picked up. In response to this sudden rise in sales, the company has decided to come up with a special edition of the bag.

    The said special edition will be titled Bebo, after the actress's nickname. Currently, the actress is in talks regarding the bag line. As there are multiple aspects that need to be considered like the selling and marketing as well as Kareena's involvement including her remuneration. As for the clutches, they will be a high- end collection in gold, silver, beige and black and will bear her signature.

    Way to go 'Bebo'!

    Bollywood News : Kareena to launch 'Bebo' range of handbags

    Saif's winning over Karisma too

    2008/2/22 13:43:23

    Looks like Saif Ali Khan is slowly winning over girlfriend Kareena Kapoor’s khandaan.

    After earning few good words from Bebo’s father Randhir Kapoor who was recently quoted saying if Bebo is happy, they have no problem.

    Now Saif seems to be majorly bonding with Bebo’s sister Karisma Kapoor, who was his co-star in Hum Saath Saath Hain some years back.

    Recently, when Karisma was rehearsing for a grand show, Saif came over and they were seen chatting and laughing away, catching up on old and new times.

    It was certainly a pleasant sight, for Saif really wants to settle down with his lady love, but he is ensuring that everything will be done with the blessings and consent of the elders in the family.

    Bollywood News : Saif's winning over Karisma too

    Bebo’s absence raises eyebrows

    2011/4/12 13:05:15

    Kareena Kapoor’s prominent absence from the trailers and posters of Ra.One has raised a lot of speculation as to whether or not she is important to the film. As of now, neither the 10-second teaser, nor the more detailed 30-second version shows even a hint of the leading lady.

    A film enthusiast says, “One would expect a superstar like Kareena Kapoor to be a part of the 30-second trailer at least.” However, an unfazed Anubhav Sinha, the director of Ra.One maintains that Bebo is an integral part of the film. “You don’t rope in an actress like Kareena and then not utilise her potential to the fullest. Rest assured, she plays a wonderful role in the film,” asserts Anubhav, without getting into details. Although the authenticity of this claim will only be known in about six months from now, one still wonders if Bebo’s job in the film will be limited to adding some extra star value. “All I can say is that, it took me and Shah Rukh a fairly long while to zero in on an actress to play the part. And only casting of important characters takes that much time. But I won’t speak any further. As of now, just wait and watch,” says the director. Given the amount of money riding on his back, he had better do justice to the suspense.

    Bollywood News : Bebo’s absence raises eyebrows

    Saif Ali Khan wants relationship with Kareena to last long

    2008/2/5 7:26:37

    After a string of unsuccessful relationships in the past, Saif Ali Khan is fully determined to make his relationship with Kareena Kapoor work.

    He has tattooed her name and has even slit his palm to prove his love to Bebo. It seems Saif is not hesitant to pull out all the stops to keep his love life on the track. Not even is he forgoing divine intervention for this purpose.

    Saif's desperation, or rather determination, to make this relationship last long, is evident from the startling revelation of an astrologer whom the actor has been consulting for a long time now.

    Astrologer Pandit Suvashitraj has revealed that during the time Saif and Kareena began working on Tashan last year (just about the time they began dating), Saif asked Pandit Suvashitraj to make a kundali of Kareena to ascertain if the relationship would work. Only after the astrologer gave his go-ahead, did Saif take his relationship with Bebo to a new level.

    Not just this, the astrologer also advised Saif to gift Kareena a ring of diamond and ruby to bring stability and longevity to the relationship. Saif reportedly followed suit and gifted Kareena a diamond ring just a few days back. In fact, so serious is Saif about making this relationship work that he has reportedly asked the astrologer if Bebo would make a successful life partner for him.

    The families of the couple have already given their nod of approval to their affair. Bebo has also begun winning over Saif’s kids Ibrahim and Sara. And with planets also in favorable configuration, Saif and Bebo looks poised for a long-term relationship.


    Bollywood News : Saif Ali Khan wants relationship with Kareena to last long

    Bloody love!

    2008/1/26 13:16:55

    We've seen Saif Ali Khan nursing an injured hand ever since he returned to India from the shooting schedule of Tashan in Greece. When asked, he has been saying that he hurt himself with a piece of glass.

    But now we've unearthed the real story of Saif's injured hand!

    Our sources tell us that while in Greece, Saif decided to get truly filmi in his declaration of love for Bebo. The story goes that one day all the cast and crew members of the film were relaxing after pack-up, when the topic of conversation turned from casual chat to Saif and Bebo's relationship. The scene took a different turn when some of the couple's friends suddenly asked Saif to prove his love for Bebo.

    Says our source, “Bebo's friends were casually chatting and laughing with the couple. Suddenly, one of them came up with a wacky demand. They started coaxing Saif to prove to them that he loves Bebo very much. They asked him, 'What is the craziest thing you can do for her?' while a much-amused Kareena looked on. Naturally she too was eager to know what Saif would do to prove his love for her.”

    What followed, left everyone dumb-struck. Says our source, “Saif, in response to all the banter, impulsively picked up a knife lying nearby and slit his palm. Kareena and his friends were shocked to see his bleeding palm.”

    Later, Saif couldn't hide the wound. Nor could he tell the world how he had injured his hand. That's when he came up with a plausible excuse. “The next day Saif came to the sets with a bandana tied on his palm. When people questioned him, he said that he had hurt his hand with a piece of broken glass the previous day,” adds the source.

    What Saif did left no one in doubt that he is crazy (about Kareena?) According to our source, “Getting Saif and Kareena out of their vanity van was a task! The two refused to come out when they were cosying up in their vanity van, even as the crew waited for them. It was also irritating for the crew as arranging the lights, sets etc on outdoors is quite a task and everything is time bound.”

    Later, however, all the bloody romance fizzled out as the couple had a huge fight on the last day of the schedule. Says the source, “On the last day of the schedule, Bebo and Saif had a tiff, after which Saif repeatedly tried calling Bebo who was in her van. But she didn't answer his calls. Finally Saif tried calling the make-up artist and hair dresser, in order to get in touch with Bebo. But Bebo had given strict instructions to them too not to answer his calls.” Kabhie khushi, kabhi gham?

    Bollywood News : Bloody love!

    Bebo-Akki jodi unites for Sajid

    2007/11/26 8:42:32

    Sajid Nadiadwala has decided to launch five big budget films one after the other. The first will be Kambakht Ishq to be directed by debutant Sabir Khan and will star Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor.

    The second will be directed by David Dhawan and the starcast is yet to be finalised. The third will reunite director Sajid Khan with his Heyy Babyy hero Akshay Kumar. The fourth is to be directed by Siddharth Raj Anand and will star Salman Khan alongside Saif Ali Khan.

    Kambhakt Ishq will be Kareena’s fifth film with Akshay. After the success of Jab We Met, Kareena wants to tread cautiously and Kambhakt Ishq is the first film that Bebo has signed after her new-found success. It is a romantic film with a dose of comedy. This is the first time that Kareena will be working with Sajid and his production house.

    Sister Karisma too has worked with Sajid Nadiadwala in two hit films, Jeet and Judwa earlier in her career, and Bebo, who was still in school, used to visit her sister on the sets. Now Bebo is excited to be working with the same producer and hopes that the magic of her hits will continue to work for Sajid's film.

    Bollywood News : Bebo-Akki jodi unites for Sajid

    Kareena Kapoor changes her fashion designer

    2007/5/7 10:04:57

    Save for a few occasions, Kareena Kapoor has always been loyal to fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

    But now the beautiful actress is drifting away to a new designer. Not that there is any spat between Bebo and Manish. It is just that she has worn dresses designed by Manish in so many films that change seems to be the need of the hour.

    Bebo seems to have now switched her loyalty to Aki Narula, who designed her resplendent golden coloured outfit in song 'Yeh Mera Dil' in 'Don' last year. That dress highlighted Kareena's curves to the optimum and complemented her beauty.

    Now, Narula will design Kareena's dresses in Yashraj Films' 'Tashan' (Style). Apart from Bebo, the movie also stars Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor.

    Even though Narula has been quite popular among certain filmstars, he has never been so much in demand as he now is. He is the man who has done the styling of the main stars of forthcoming movie 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom'.

    Bollywood News : Kareena Kapoor changes her fashion designer

    Sizzling Kareena Kapoor in item clash!

    2011/8/9 12:18:41

    Kareena Kapoor will perform a sizzling number in the upcoming Bodyguard. The song, which sees Bebo don an uber-sexy avatar was added to the movie on Kareena's request, after sources say, she started having nightmares over Katrina's item number in the film stealing her glory.

    Kat's item performance in the film, alongside ex Salman and his bodyguard Shera has had trade circles a buzz of late as it sees Kat and Sallu reunite on screen for the first time since their break-up. And thus, Kareena requested her filmmakers to incorporate a special song filmed on Salman and her into the movie.

    Infact, so hell-bent was she on having her way that she agreed to film the song within three days despite a packed schedule. "Though Kareena's diary is choc-a-bloc, she was so keen on having the song in the film that she adjusted the dates," says the source.

    The song is being pegged as a sensuous romantic number Teri Meri Prem Kahani, in which Kareena will be seen in various colourful sarees. The video has been choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant. Manish Malhotra, arranged some beautiful chiffon sarees within no time to ensure Kareena sizzles the screen to smithereens.

    Nevertheless, Bebo's insecurity seems highly unfounded as the lady's career has been going from strength to strength of late. For one she is being immortalised in a wax statue at the legendary Madame Tussauds-an honour few Bollywood stars can boast of. Secondly, she was just roped in for Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine for a whopping Rs 10 crore! All we'd say is take it easy girl!

    Bollywood News : Sizzling Kareena Kapoor in item clash!

    Kareena upset with Deepika

    2011/4/5 12:41:58

    Kareena Kapoor upset about Deepika Padukone spreading rumours that she was original choice for a track in Ra.One

    Having an actress pitted against another has become the rage nowadays. The latest lass to bite the bait is Deepika Padukone, who has Kareena Kapoor in the opposite end of the ring.

    Says a source, "Recently, Dippy has been telling anyone willing to hear that she was the original choice for the Chamak Challo dance number in Ra.One and that producer Shah Rukh Khan had her in mind for the item number.

    And that Bebo threw a fit when she heard of it. Kapoor is upset and feels Dippy is only doing this to gain mileage from the Dum Maaro Dum title track."

    A source close to Bebo insists, "Chamak Challo is not even an item number. Kareena is the film's heroine and the song is part of the story so how can Deepika even be considered?

    These rumours amuse Bebo. DP may be spreading this rumour as her DMD track isn't the hit it was touted to be."

    Ra.One director Anubhav Sinha says, "We never approached Deepika for an item song. Chamak Challo is an integral part of the story.

    The song will be catchy, glamorous and sexy but it's not an item song, which are usually random additions that don't need a story."


    Not too long ago, Katrina Kaif was supposedly pitting herself against Bebo, who shrugged it off even then. The 'catfight' died a natural death.

    Bollywood News : Kareena upset with Deepika

    Vivek comes between Saif & Kareena?

    2008/3/24 5:42:00

    Finally, Saif and Kareena’s fans will get to see the golden couple together on the screen.

    The film is Karan Johar’s next, but... there’s a new twist to it. Giving them company will be Bollywood’s new whipping boy Vivek Oberoi.

    Anyway, love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore the Oberoi boy, maybe that’s why Karan has roped him along with Saif and Bebo to play the third important angle in the film. But Vivek bhai, why play kebab mein haddi between Saifoo and Bebo?

    Bollywood News : Vivek comes between Saif & Kareena?

    Now you can wear Kareena's clothes

    2007/12/31 12:58:14

    Having virtually given up films for family or ‘choosing her roles’, Kareena Kapoor is now all set to design clothes for the brand she is currently endorsing.

    While many Indian actresses have taken up other vocations after quitting movies, with this move Bebo becomes the first Indian actress who will be designing her clothes.

    A little birdie from Bollywood whispers, "Kareena has a very good sense of dressing and loads of style that is in vogue and liked by the youngsters.

    In fact, our Bebo baby has set a new trend after she wore a Patiala salwar along with a T-shirt. Now most teenagers and youths keen to sporting that look".

    Well, though not doing too many films right now, Kareena is always in the news. Currently, she is the talk of the town for her much-publicized affair with Saif Ali Khan.

    Such free fame has encouraged the designer company endorsed by Kareena to ask her to design her own clothes hoping that it will hit the market like a thunder.

    For the initiator, this particular clothing line for which Kareena will be designing clothes will be launched sometime in July or August next year.

    We are told that Kareena, who is well known for going into the details of the roles she performs on screen, will now go through each and every step of designing the clothes and approving them personally.

    Bebo has made it clear that she will be the only person to decide the material as well as the work to be done on this line of garments, which will include accessories also.

    So, even without too many films in her kitty, Bebo will be all busy this year. She has lots and lots of work to do. She will be designing clothes, promoting ‘Tashan’ and look after the ‘Golmaal’ returns.

    Interestingly, ‘Heyy Babyy’ director Sajid Khan has also signed Kareena up for his next venture and she has also bagged a role in ‘Kambhakt Ishq’ opposite Akshay Kumar.

    Meanwhile, Bebo’s rival Bipasha Basu’s beau John Abraham too has managed to get a successful clothing line to work for him for his designer jeans and accessories.

    Bollywood News : Now you can wear Kareena's clothes

    Break up news spread by ‘jealous’ people: Bebo

    2011/6/23 10:27:09

    Kareena Kapoor seems to be quite a hot headed person these days. Post news of her spilt from beau Saif Ali Khan that made headlines, Bebo has decided to give a piece of her mind to all those “jealous” people who spread the false story.

    Talking to a tabloid, the actress said, “This is all unnecessary news spread by jealous people.”

    The Kapoor girl also accused her colleagues of being jealous of their blossoming relationship which is why they tend to cook up stories.

    “I think, in this industry, people can’t see two people happy in a relationship and doing so well. We are both in the best phase of our careers and that is what affects people. I am hurt and upset, as the entire news is false and baseless.”

    Denying that the break up news was in no way close to reality, Bebo said, “I would never have reacted if there were any truth to it. We definitely don’t want to entertain such malicious gossip.”

    However, on being prompted about who could have started such rumours, the actress said, “Obviously these rumours have started from somewhere. It is disgusting to involve families into things like these. I would never discuss my personal life on film sets. And the fact of the matter is that Saif and I know how close we are. We don’t owe anyone any explanation.”

    Kareena has also blamed media for trying to dampen their relationship that’s going very much strong.

    ”All these media speculations sometimes get to us. At the end of the day, we are known for our jobs and we have always been open to everyone about our relationship. ”

    Surprisingly, Bebo also dismissed news of her impending marriage to the 41 year old Chhote Nawab.

    She said, “I have been shooting regularly. I know that people have been speculating that we will marry soon, but I have so many movies to finish and Saif is busy with his films.”

    But the couple is all set to take a much needed break from work and head to Paris.

    “I have been shooting non-stop. Saif and I are now taking a break and going to Paris for a vacation to spend some time together, as I have four films releasing this year, “said Kareena.

    Bollywood News : Break up news spread by ‘jealous’ people: Bebo

    A sick Bebo makes it to SRK’s bash

    2011/8/2 12:31:56

    She may be overworked and stressed, but nothing beats Kareena Kapoor’s professional spirit.

    For several months now the actress has been trying to accommodate a boyfriend, family and friends within her choc-a-bloc schedules. But looks like Bebo pushed herself a bit too much when she decided to show up for good friend Shah Rukh Khan’s party at his home Mannat.

    Kareena, who has been shooting for Bodyguard in Mumbai over the past few days, has been feeling very stressed.

    “She has been extremely caught up with back-to-back shooting for her films and endorsements. She looked tired and washed out. We were worried about her health and asked her to head straight home after the pack up,” says a friend of the actress, adding, “But she informed us later that she has to go to SRK’s private party that the star was hosting only for his close friends.”

    Apparently, Kareena had already promised SRK that she would come.

    “She is known as someone who will never let her friends down. Despite her poor heath and an extremely busy day, she drove down to Mannat at midnight. Shah Rukh too felt that she looked washed out,” adds the source.

    The party went on till the wee hours of morning. The guest list comprised King Khan’s closest associates such as Karan Johar, Arjun Rampal, besides Karisma Kapoor among many others. Needless to say, SRK was all praises for Bebo’s sincerity.

    We wonder what Saifu has to say about so much dedication.

    Bollywood News : A sick Bebo makes it to SRK’s bash

    Kareena: I can't wait to marry Saif

    2008/4/4 16:16:04

    It seems like Bebo and Chhote Nawab, who made their relationship public last year, can't wait to any longer to get together and their wedding could take place after the release of Tashan on April 25.

    “Yes, I am going to get married very soon. Initially, Saif and I thought of giving our relationship some time before we get married. But now I don’t think either of us can wait any longer. So may be, post the release of Tashan this month, you all can see us wedded,” she told the press.

    Bebo also refuted the rumours of their secret marriage saying, "Geeting married secretly was just a silly rumour. Why would I hide if I had gotten married? That would be the day for me. Only I know how I’m looking forward to it.”

    Incidentally, it was on the sets of Tashan that the two fell in love. To prove his prove Saif even got her name tattooed on his arm.

    "It's true, we came closer on sets of Tashan and that's the reason it will always be close to my heart. It was during this time that, Saif took me out for a candlelit dinner and proposed to me. By then I was too much in love with him to have said no,” told Kareena.

    So will she continue working in films or take a long sabbatical like her contemporaries?

    "Why would I stop working after marriage," she asks. "Today I’ve already reached the Rs 3.5 crore package and I hope to work and earn more in the coming years. In fact I already have some big projects in hand which are slated to release by the year-end."

    But will Bebo keep her words this time? Let's wait and watch.

    Bollywood News : Kareena: I can't wait to marry Saif

    Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor's feud

    2007/2/28 16:31:22

    Karan Johar's 'Koffee with Karan' seems to be doing exceptinally well and the audiences seem to be enjoying it a great deal too.The second season has seen many star celebrities like Shahrukh,Rani,Kajol,Hrithik,Mallika etc answer several controversial questions posed by host Karan Johar. And so far the controversial statements made by many celebrities already seem to be increasing with every episode. First Hrithik Roshan had made a dig at ators Aamir and Salman's height but supposedly all in good spirit,next Sanjay Leela Bhansali had taken a potshot at director Kunal Kohli by claiming he was the most overrated director and now it seems Madame Mallika Sherawat has claimed that she could have performed Kareena's 'Yeh Mera Dil' in Don much better. However it seems the feud between Mallika and Kareena go back a long way.

    Before Mallika Sherawat became the hot body in bollywood with Mahesh Bhatt's Murder, the actress known as Reema Lamba had done a small role as Kareena Kapoor's friend in the film 'Jeena Sirf Tere Liye'.However according to sources the two ladies Mallika and Kareena did not take to each other at all, in fact there were very cold and negative vibes between them. A source who had worked with the two actresses on the sets of the film then, said "The vibes between the two actresses on the sets were cold." In fact after the film another source claimed that Mallika said "Bebo treated me like dirt.I was just a nobody during Jeena Sirf Tere Liye and she made me feel like dirt." Reportedley Mallika had tried to befriend the distant Kareena, but Kareena did not want to even talk to Mallika and never even replied to her hellos.This irked the wannabe starlet and she decided that in time she would definitely get back at Bebo.

    So when Reema Lamba became Mallika Sherawat, she saw her chance to get back at Bebo. Kareena was doing Dharmesh Darshan's film Bewafaa which had a similar theme of a married woman having an extra marital afair as Mallika Sherawat's film Murder.But the treatment and style of both films were extremely different.But Mallika went around tinseltown telling all and sundry that Kareena too was doing a film similar to her Murder.Obviously Bebo was aghast at this outrageous comparison and was very angry with Mallika. Now once more Mallika has commented that she could do the song in Don better than Bebo, no doubt Bebo is not pleased to hear this.Well Kareena is known not to let anyone walk over her and will no doubt give back as good as she gets. Apparently the next celebrities on 'Koffee with Karan' are Kareena Kapoor and beau Shahid Kapur. Well we're sure Mallika will definitely be watching this episode.


    Bollywood News : Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor's feud

    Kareena Kapoor set to tie knot in 2012

    2011/8/9 12:15:13

    Kareena Kapoor is getting engaged in the last week of February next year, which will be followed by a wedding in October, sources close to her reveal. The venue for both the engagement and the wedding will be the princely palace in Bhopal.

    “Bebo (fondly called by her friends) and Saif are getting married by the end of 2012. The engagement date has also been chalked outaround Valentine’s Day. Bebo is looking forward to the engagement,” says a source close to the actor.

    Kareena is keen that the three Khans — Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman —attend her marriage and has apparently already informe them about her plans.

    The couple have been talking about getting married for quite sometime now, but haven’t really made a formal announcement.

    “The engagement is also going to be a big celebration. The family members are already talking to their friends to block their dates for the occasion. She wants all her friends to be there at the wedding,” the source adds.

    The invitation cards for the engagement ceremony will be distributed in December, but they are still deciding about making a mention of the wedding date in it.

    “Kareena is rushing against time to completeall her film committments. By the middle of next year, they will both be comfortable in their work space as Saif’s own production (also starring Kareena) Agent Vinod will also get released by that time. Saif and Bebo will take fifteen days off both for marriage, and about 10 days for the engagement,” the source adds. The honeymoon destination isBebo’s favourite spot —Switzerland or Italy.

    Bollywood News : Kareena Kapoor set to tie knot in 2012

    Is skinny Kareena really Sexy?

    2008/3/21 12:36:30

    The new, revamped Kareena is the hottest thing to have hit Bollywood since Ash's Dhoom avatar. Shehas shed several pounds through a power yoga diet, is looking gorgeous.

    For her latest cover shoot in Vogue, she easily slips into Size 0, with vital stats of 31-23-34 inches, dresses, says the accompanying article.

    According to some media reports Bebo had to resort to no meat, no carbs and no dairy products diet to acquire this size zero, however, the actress denies ever being on an orange-juice-only diet to attain this figure.

    "I am not thin. The media makes me out to be. I don't diet. One look at me and you know I am quite healthy," she states, despite rumours of her collapsing on a film set.

    However her dad Randhir Kapoor say, “I have told her to stop the ‘diet business.’ She has become quite thin and must not lose more weight, but Bebo tells me that I should go on a diet because I am terribly overweight. Now what you can you say to that!”

    While Daddy is is certainly worried about his younger daughter's health, he is also quite proud of her achievements and says happily, "I was thrilled when Bebo got the Filmfare Best Actress Award.

    My brother Rishi got the Lifetime Achievement Award, while my nephew Ranbir got the award for Best Male Debut. Now we are going to launch two films soon under the RK Films Banner with Bebo and Ranbir. Health problems or not, media's loving her new look.

    Photographer Daboo Ratnani has been shooting Kareena for more than a decade. "She has never looked better," he says. "The weight loss suits her because her features come out really well, so one gets a stronger pictures with all expressions visible."

    We hear that Kareena’s dream body ambition stems from several new high-end endorsements that have come her way, including two which are international.

    When asked if her face was radiating because she was in love, Kareena Kapoor answered,” It is the success of my films that’s making my skin glow.”

    Bollywood News : Is skinny Kareena really Sexy?

    Shahid-Kareena's farewell Kiss!

    2007/10/29 9:51:24

    You may call it an irony of fate. Finally a Shahid and Kareena film is getting good reviews but now the couple has drifited apart and moved on with their lives. The two also locked their lips for last time in Imtiaz Ali's Jab We Met which is touted to be their their last film together.

    According to sources, the rift appeared mid-way through the making of ‘Jab We Met’. When Shahid and Bebo began shooting the film they used to be upbeat and inseparable on the sets.

    Half way through the film they were not the same anymore. Shahid began keeping to himself while Kareena used to be busy on her cell phone.

    However, sources say, the two actors never let their personal differences affect their work.

    So when director Imtiaz Ali asked them to shoot a passionate kissing scene, the two did not show any reservations.

    Members from the film’s crew say Shahid and Bebo had no difficulty in stoking up passion and giving a perfect kissing scene.

    Now that's what we call true professionalism.

    Bollywood News : Shahid-Kareena's farewell Kiss!

    Who will be Sharman’s wife: Bebo or Katrina ?

    2011/2/17 10:59:25

    Actor Sharman Joshi, one among the ‘3 Idiots’ must be on cloud nine, as apparently the two bombshells, Kareena and Katrina are going to lock horns for romancing him on-screen.

    Tabloids revealed that the celebrated filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who is busy working on the script of his forthcoming flick ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’ starring Sharman in the lead role, is in a fix over the leading lady of the film.

    Reportedly, while the producer of the film wants to cast Bebo opposite Joshi, director Rajesh Mapuskar feels that it is Katrina, who will be more apt for the role.

    The character of female lead
    Initially, when the script of ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’ was written, the playwright didn’t broach any female lead in it.

    However, it was only when filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani took charge of the script, the character of Sharman’s wife, the leading lady in the film, was brought in.

    A source close to the film unit said, "Rajkumar Hirani was in the process of scripting his next when Vidhu Vinod Chopra asked him to write Ferrari Ki Sawari . While writing this film, he came up with Joshi's wife's character, which is pivotal to the storyline.”

    Maker’s of ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’ have different opinion
    As per the sources, Raju and Vidhu are looking forward to rope in Kareena, given that she has already worked with Sharman in their 2009 flick ‘3 Idiots'.

    Chopra, who is having a tough time finalizing the heroine for his upcoming movie said, “We have already seen Sharman and Kareena in 3 Idiots and everyone loved them in the movie. In another few days, we’ll take the final call on the casting for this role.”

    Whereas, director Mapuskar is of the opinion that since the role requires getting into flashback and has to be shot in the period of black and white movies, Kaif will fit into the character.

    A source said, “Rajesh is keen on Katrina as he feels she will look like the leading ladies in the era of black-and-white cinema.”

    Bebo remains tight-lipped
    When asked whether she was approached for the role in ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’, Bebo kept mum.

    “I had a wonderful time working in 3 Idiots. And apart from Aamir, Raju and Vinod, I also got along fabulously with Sharman and Madhavan,” said Kapoor later on.

    Bollywood News : Who will be Sharman’s wife: Bebo or Katrina ?

    Kareena Sprains Her Neck While Shooting

    2011/3/24 11:38:55

    Kareena Kapoor has injured herself while shooting for beau Saif Ali Khan's Agent Vinod in New Delhi.

    A source informed, "Bebo plays a role that has grey shades and will be doing her own stunts for the first time. She's extremely excited and has toned her body for it. Yesterday she had to eject from a helicopter using a harness and fire guns while at it. She fell from the harness at some distance from the ground, spraining her neck. She was in a lot of pain and couldn't get up."

    Luckily, there were two medical teams on the sets, and one was immediately rushed to assist Bebo.

    "When she resumed shooting, Kareena had bruises but she continued shooting after taking painkillers and injections. A concerned Saif kept calling her every hour to check if she was fine," the source added.

    After she completes this shoot, she will be back in Mumbai to start work on Reema Kagti's next movie, which also stars Aamir Khan.

    Kareena said, "I have not done this kind of action before. I had a neck sprain as I had to do a fall from the harness. I never thought I would enjoy action but I am surprised how much I love it here. Peter, the action guy, makes things so easy. I am currently not on medication but ointments and painkillers and am still shooting for Agent Vinod."

    Bollywood News : Kareena Sprains Her Neck While Shooting

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