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on 2008/5/2 10:06:42

Shahrukh’s sex video leaked out on internet

After almost 15 years, to everybody’s surprise the deleted hot sequence between Shahrukh Khan and former bollywood actress Deepa Sahi is leaked on the internet. The intense love making scene between King Khan and Deepa is from the film Maya Memsaab.

SRK was featured opposite Deepa Sahi in the movie. The movie had some very obscene scene between SRK and Deepa which were deleted by censor board before the release of it. They had also deleted the hot love making scene between Shahrukh and Deepa.

But now after almost 15 years, the hot video is out on the internet. The film featured Deepa in the role of a women having extramarital affairs with three different persons.

According to Deepa, no scene of the movie had been cut by Censor Board at all. However, she is quite amazed about the whole incident. Shahrukh being busy in IPL (Indian Premier League) remained unavailable for the comment.

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    Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    2011/2/14 9:04:19

    The hottest clip now doing the rounds on the net is a video of actress Trisha undergoing massage. The video has been shot when she was still new to films and was not yet a celebrity.

    Now that Trisha is a big star the video has been leaked by some unidentified person. Trisha tried her best to stop the video from being leaked but could not succeed.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    Pak hawkers attacks Shahrukh’s website

    2011/6/6 4:48:17 Shahrukh Khan-Bollywood ka Badhshah is in troubles. The stars of this great star is seems to be not in his favor these days. His Kolkata Knight Riders team has disappointed him in the recent IPL-4 matches. Then, he had big dreams over his ambitious movie ‘Ra One’ which is being made with huge budget. He starts an exclusive website for this film and even planned to introduce video games on this movie concept. But, recently some Pakistani hawkers have attacked his website and disrupted it. A pop song which he believed would be the highlight of his movie was also leaked in the internet. Hence, Shahrukh Khan who feels very sad over these developments has stated “It really hurts me to face all these developments. I have planned to give a wonderful movie to my fans. But, this kind of attacks and stealing the songs from my film is very discouraging.”

    Bollywood News : Pak hawkers attacks Shahrukh’s website

    Shahrukh Khan ko gussa kyon aaya!

    2011/8/19 12:16:58

    Shahrukh Khan has already been livid about the leaking of the song ‘Chamak Challo’ from Ra.One. So just imagine his anger when a leading jewellery brand played the song at the recently concluded India International Jewellery Week.

    The song ‘Chamak Challo’ has been sung by Akon and filmed on Kareena Kapoor, the leading lady of Ra.One. A few months back, when the song was leaked on the internet, Shahrukh Khan couldn’t even do any damage control. Ra.One, his prized project, had been dealt the first blow, and he had to take it lying low.

    Hardly had that anger subsided that a leading jewellery brand rubbed salt to the superstar’s wound by playing the song (officially unreleased yet) at a show at IIJW in Mumbai last week. Whoa!

    No wonder, Shahrukh and the heads of the music record company T-Series are angry over the move and have slapped the jewellery brand with a legal notice demanding Rs. 2 crore as compensation.

    Ra.One is slated to release in October and Shahrukh Khan is very protective about the film. He’s has even kept the look of the villain, played by Arjun Rampal, under wraps so far.

    Bollywood News : Shahrukh Khan ko gussa kyon aaya!

    Mystery behind Jalsa leak revealed!

    2008/3/29 11:10:22 The Pawan Kalyan starrer Jalsa is now all set for release on April 2. The film is being released at a record 1000 screens and in Hyderabad alone, it is being released in 55 cinema halls. There was a huge furore recently when three songs from Jalsa wee leaked.

    The songs did the rounds on the Internet for some time. The producers of the film accused some rival group for the leak. Now, two video songs from the film are doing the rounds on the Internet. But surprisingly, the makers of the film are strangely silent over the issue. They are not making any noise nor are they trying to trace the culprits.

    According to the gossip ding the rounds in the industry, the leaks were done by inside sources and with the knowledge and permission of the producers. This was to gin some sympathy and also test the market reaction. Some people say that the makers of the film have now started a new trend in film publicity – selective leaks!

    Andhra News : Mystery behind Jalsa leak revealed!

    Maya Jaal

    2008/4/22 16:03:04

    The censored lovemaking scene of Maya Memsaab is out on the Internet. Who is responsible for it

    One of the most explosive lovemaking scenes ever shot for a Hindi film is now available at the click of a mouse button. Shah Rukh Khan and Deepa Sahi's steamy lovemaking scene from Maya Memsaab is all overthe Internet.

    When the film released in 1993, the explicit scenes were censored keeping in mind the viewer’s sensibilities. All that was left were a few scenes which suggested that Lalit (SRK) and Maya (Deepa) had slept together. But the recently released scenes on the Internet have left nothing to one's imagination.

    Our well-placed source from the industry informed, "The entire sex sequence which was shot between Shah Rukh Khan and Deepa Sahi in Maya Memsaab is on the Internet. It happened on Friday. It is really inexplicable how the previously censored scene has come out fully uncensored on the Internet. Film mein itna sab kuch nahin tha."

    When contacted, Deepa Sahi said that she was not aware that the intimate scenes between her and Shah Rukh Khan that were canned by her director husband Ketan Mehta for Maya Memsaab had leaked out. "I am not aware of this. Nobody has told me about this as yet. I think somebody must have downloaded it from the DVD and put it on the Internet," said Deepa.

    However, Deepa Sahi also added that no part of the scene had been censored before the release.

    She said, "The Censor Board had objected to the scene but then the Revised Committee reviewed it again and we got it to the theatres without any cuts."

    But when we told her that we had seen the film when it released and the video on the Internet was far more explicit, Deepa said, "I don't know. I am not going to go on the Internet to checkout."

    Ketan Mehta agreed with Deepa's point and said that it's not possible that the Internet scene has more to it than the film. According to him, there were no censor cuts and no scenes were added later.

    So, how did the sex scene come out after 15 years? According to Deepa, she is not aware how the sex scene in question went into circulation. However, she also said that she was not surprised that this had happened. Deepa added, "If the scene is there in the film, it is likely that such a thing will come on the Internet. I don't know why there is so much brouhaha about this. I think India was far more liberal in thinking 50 years ago. We seem to have become more regressive over the years. I remember the Revised Committee saying that the scene was very poetic."

    We wondered if Shah Rukh Khan was upset over the leaked scene on the Internet. So, we asked Deepa if SRK has called her. Deepa said, "No. Shah Rukh Khan hasn't called me."

    Despite us sending a text message to Shah Rukh Khan, he remained unavailable for comment. Currently, Ketan Mehta is busy with the post production work of his upcoming film Rang Rasiya starring Nandana Sen and Randeep Hooda. Rang Rasiya, which also has an English version titled Colours of Passion, is expected to hit the theatres in June.

    About Maya Memsaab

    Maya (Deepa Sahi) believes in dreaming big and fulfilling all her physical as well as emotional desires. One day, her father falls down the stairs and breaks his leg. A young country doctor, Dr Charu Das (Farooque Shaikh) comes to treat him. Love blossoms between Maya and Dr. Das and they get married. Slowly, the boredom of a small town, middleclass existence starts becoming oppressive and Maya finds escape in a series of extramarital affairs. Even her extramarital relationships- first with Thakur Rudra Pratap Singh (Raj Babbar) and then with the nephew of the local pharmacist Lalit (Shah Rukh Khan)- at first platonic, then fiercely passionate, end up on a pathetic note, making her realise that adultery can become as banal as a marriage. Unfortunately, she keeps chasing her self-created mirages until she meets a tragic end- suicid

    Bollywood News : Maya Jaal

    Emma Stone obsessed with internet

    2011/10/23 15:44:40
    (IANS) Emma Stone is addicted to the internet but stays away from posting anything online.

    "I'm not one of these people that must disassociate themselves from the internet or has to cut it off. Other than I get addicted to it, so I have to do it in moderation," she said.

    "I get addicted to the internet. I have a twitter account. I look at it a lot but I don't tweet. I'd be terrified that I'd say something and never be able to live it down," she added.

    Bollywood News : Emma Stone obsessed with internet

    Fans angry as Shakti story is leaked

    2011/3/31 8:43:14

    The fans of Jr. NTR are angry and upset. The reason for their anger is that the story for the much-hyped Jr. NTR film Shakti has been leaked.

    A staffer of Suresh Productions leaked the story when he posted it on a social networking site.

    The staffer watched the film at the studio where the final copy of the print was stored and posted the story.

    The fans are now worried that the leaked story my affect the openings of the film. They staged a protest outside Suresh Productions office and urged action against the erring staffer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Fans angry as Shakti story is leaked

    Shahrukh reveals his first crush

    2011/5/21 12:51:22

    Many female fans fall week at Shahrukh Khan’s knees but his heart was ruled by two yesteryears actress when he was in his teens, they are Saita Banu and Mumtaz. Shahrukh Khan during the music launch of his home production, 'Always Kabhi Kabhi’ said, “My first two crushes have been Mumtazji and Sairaji. Now I address them with a 'ji'. I always felt that they were the most beautiful ladies in the world. My father used to find Madhubalaji very beautiful".

    The actor added that he used to shake a leg when he heard songs picturised on the two actresses.

    "I remember Sairaji's Bhai Batur. She was in a tub in the video. Even I would get into a tub and dance. Then there was Mumtazji's Chakke Mein Chakka," said SRK.

    When asked if he had a crush on any of the actresses from the present time, Shahrukh known for his witty answers said, "Times have changed. Now the girls have crushes on me."

    Bollywood News : Shahrukh reveals his first crush

    I am his devotee: Ranjita

    2010/12/31 18:34:32

    Kollywood actress Ranjita, who was caught romancing with Swamy Nityananda, was disappeared from the scene ever since their hot and spicy video footage came into media circulation. Recently, she came before the media at Chennai and stated that, she is still wholeheartedly devotes Swamy Nityananda, because he is a great saint. Speaking about the video footage of their romance Ranjita said “It was not me in that video. I think Swamiji’s car driver Lenin who plans to defame him might have created that video footage by morphing technique. I went to underground only because of life threat by some unidentified persons.”

    When, the video clipping was leaked and Swamiji was absconding from media and police, then she told the media that its she who was in the clipping but he is not he in it. Now, she is saying he is in it but she is not in it. There was time when some of his devotees bring in some sensational news about Swamiji, stating that he is not he but a ‘third gender candidate.’

    On the other hand Swamiji who got bail and begins his second life at his Ashram in the outskirts of Bangalore city, slapped a court notice to the producer, director and actor of film ‘Ayyare’ which is intended to showcase the dark side of the Swamiji’s life. Dr.Rajendra Prasad who has a striking resemblance with Swamy Nityananda in his Saffron attire is enacting his role in this film.

    Andhra News : I am his devotee: Ranjita

    Salman, Kats sex video

    2010/9/24 10:05:51

    The hottest video in circulation now on the net is the sex video of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

    Netizens are downloading the video and enjoying it. It is however not clear if the video is authentic or the faces of Salman and Katrina have been morphed.

    So far both Salman and Katrina have chosen to remain silent and have not spoken a word about it.

    Telugu Cinema News : Salman, Kats sex video

    Madonna's topless photos leaked online

    2011/10/8 16:33:44 A series of photographs showing Madonna topless have been leaked online.

    The images, taken during a shoot for W magazine three years ago, show the then-50-year-old Material Girl with no make-up, in a blonde wig, black knickers and a transparent, skin-coloured bra as she sits on a couch, reports

    Another photograph shows her topless reflection in a mirror as she changes into a strappy black dress.

    The photographs leaked Thursday were snapped as Madonna prepared for a photoshoot with her then-lover, model Jesus Luz, in a hotel room in Brazil.

    Bollywood News : Madonna's topless photos leaked online

    'D' for Don, is now for Shahrukh Khan

    2011/7/16 11:40:41

    SRK sports a fancy ‘D’ tattoo on his arm in Don 2; don’t mistake this for just another ‘D’ as the Don 2 team designed it especially for Shahrukh Khan.

    Ritesh Sidhwani the producer of Don 2 reveals that the three of them (Farhan, SRK and Ritesh) jointly decided that it would be a good idea to make the tattoo permanently Shahrukh’s, and they created a new design and registered it.

    Not only that, they see the potential in the Don franchise, and plan on creating a line of Don inspired merchandize that will feature the ‘D’ symbol - caps, T-shirts, bags and such. You can see the branding starting with the ‘D’ in the first look of the movie!

    Shahrukh continues to grow as a producer, he has turned his cricket team the Kolkota Knight Riders into contenders, and is now turning into a marketing guru of sorts who is always trying to go the extra step to bring something new to the audience -- getting Akon to sing a hindi track in Ra.One; or to reach the audience in new ways -- turning Ra.One into a Playstation video game.

    Don 2 will see two new additions in the face of Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor, the rest of the cast is the same as Don and includes Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani and Om Puri. Arjun Rampal will not be seen in the sequel.

    The film will release on December 23, just two days ahead of Christmas. Guess Don 2 will conclude 2011 with a BOOM! Making way for a Don 3 someday.

    Bollywood News : 'D' for Don, is now for Shahrukh Khan

    Now adult sites with .XXX extension

    2011/3/21 8:08:21 Now all those adult web sites having hot contents will be given ‘.xxx’ to their domains so as they will be separated from rest of the web sites on the internet. ICASS which supervises the domain names in the internet has approved this ‘.xxxx’ code on Friday evening. Hence, now the adult sites will appear with .xxx extension on the internet instead of .com. The ICASS will change all the adult sites to this new extension. However, new sites have to apply for the registration. It is learnt that, around 200000 applications are pending for the adult sites.

    Andhra News : Now adult sites with .XXX extension

    Shahrukh cheated me: Shoyab Aktar

    2011/9/24 15:24:56 Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Aktar has recently released his biography to which he gave title as "Controversially Your's." in his book he wrote that, Kolkata Knight Raiders owner Shahrukh Khan has cheated him in remuneration for playing in his team. He blames Lalith Modi and Shahrukh together have cheated him.

    Responding to his allegations, Shahrukh Khan said he has not cheated anyone and whatever he writes in his book is absolutely false.

    Bollywood News : Shahrukh cheated me: Shoyab Aktar

    Leaked: Ranbir Kapoor's Look On The Net

    2011/3/8 11:51:28

    Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor's much-guarded look in the upcoming film Rockstar has been leaked on the Net.

    According to reports, when Ranbir and his co-star Nargis were shooting for the film at Delhi University recently, some students recorded the footage and uploaded it.

    This is Ranbir's first time with director Imtiaz Ali, who has given hits like Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal.

    Ranbir plays the role of rockstar Jordan.

    Bollywood News : Leaked: Ranbir Kapoor's Look On The Net

    Two-much-too-soon for Shahrukh?

    2011/7/21 10:28:00

    Buzz is building up for Shahrukh Khan this year. First he has 'Ra. One' arriving on Diwali and then he would be wrapping up 2011 with 'Don 2' hitting the screens on Christmas. Though typically Shahrukh starrers are spaced by at least a year, this is not really turning out to be the case this time around.

    "When Shahrukh originally started work on 'Ra. One' and 'Don 2', the original idea was to keep the two films distanced by a good enough duration. 'My Name Is Khan' had arrived early last year and even if 'Ra. One' would have released this summer, one wouldn't have minded 'Don 2' to arrive this Christmas as this would have led to six months gap", says an industry insider.

    However with 'Ra. One' seeing an extended schedule and the film still being shot, there was no other choice for Shahrukh but to grab Diwali slot. Meanwhile with Farhan Akhtar and Co. already closing on the festive occasion of Christmas.

    "The fact is that his fans have indeed been spoilt with an offer of 'two-much-too-soon'", quips a prominent filmmaker.

    Now whether Shahrukh's strategy of bringing two of his films so close to each other goes in his favour or not would be known in a few weeks from now once comparisons between 'Ra. One' and 'Don 2' further catch on more heat.

    Bollywood News : Two-much-too-soon for Shahrukh?

    Who leaked 'Nandi Awards'?

    2008/2/13 14:53:48

    The official press meet for announcing the names of the winners of the Nanadi Awards for the year 2006 was slated for around 5.00 p.m. today. But a private news channel leaked the names and flashed them almost an hour before the press meet.

    This angered the media personnel from other channels. They said what was the use of arranging press meet where the names are already 'out'. MS Reddy and other members of the jury were shocked to learn about this.

    MS Reddy said that he would enquire into the matter. The panel members took a serious note of the issue. Many members of the panel themselves were not aware of the final list of winners. The list was taken to the chief minister and even before he could see it, the names were already all over the TV channels.

    It is still not clear if the names were leaked at the Secretariat or some other place. But for the Jury members of the Nandi Awards committee, it as the most embarrassing situation they ever faced. They were all red faced and at a loss for words.

    Telugu Cinema News : Who leaked 'Nandi Awards'?

    Tamil movie in DVD for as less as Rs. 34!!!

    2007/1/29 15:39:57

    Looks like the home video market in Tamil Nadu is just getting lucrative than ever. Now anyone can own a Tamil movie in DVD for as less as Rs. 34 and VCD for Rs. 28. Moser Baer has flooded the market with DVDs and VCDs of more than 100 Tamil titles.

    Besides, the company is holding discussions to obtain the rights of more than 7000 titles in Indian languages.

    Though the move is expected to restrain video piracy in Tamil Nadu, new Tamil releases will have to wait for a year to be released on DVDs and VCDs. On the other hand, it is learnt that with the availability of high-quality illegal movie downloads on the net, overseas business of Tamil movies such as Pokkiri, Alwar, and Thamiraparani is experiencing a sluggish trend. Besides, illegal CDs of the yet to be released movies such as Paruthi Veeran and Oram Po are allegedly being sold in the market as well.

    The release of DVDs and VCDs in affordable rates is expected to boost the home video market in India. However, only stringent measures to protect the movies from illegally being available on the Internet and reducing the waiting period of the new movies to be released on DVDs will help in cutting down the piracy rates in Tamil Nadu.

    Tamil Cinema News : Tamil movie in DVD for as less as Rs. 34!!!

    Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One shooting in RFC

    2011/6/15 7:51:16

    Ramoji Film City might have surrounded by several controversies in the past, present and future, one thing is clear it stood tall as one of the best film studio in India. Bollywood ka badshah Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious movie Ra. One which is being made with a very high budget is also got attracted to the excellent facilities and the amazing locations in the RFC. Hence, Shahrukh Khan and his Ra.One team have come down to shoot some action scenes at Air Port set in RFC.

    Shahrukh Khan, who is said to be inspired by Rajinikanth’s Robo movie starts making this movie Ra.One. His character name in this movie is G.One who plays as Super Man role. Bollywood hot and spicy girl Kareena Kapoor is pairing with him in this movie. Shahrukh Khan is producing this movie under his home banner Red Chilies and Anubhav Sinha is directing it.

    Shahrukh Khan is wearing specially designed costumes that costs Rs.1 crore. He also roped in several Hollywood technicians for making this film. Shahrukh Khan assures an amazing show with this movie. This film is expected to release during Diwali festive session this year.

    Bollywood News : Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One shooting in RFC

    Deepika impressed Shahrukh

    2007/7/21 13:32:04

    These days, the much talked actress Deepika Padukone is busy shooting for Shahrukh's Om Shanti Om, which is going to be her launching pad. News is that the gal has succeeded to win over the Badshah of Bollywood with her acting and enthusiastic nature. Her energy and dedication, impressed Shahrukh a lot.

    The duo seems to be very comfortable with each other and they have caught everybody's eye on the set. The crew has got a hot topic to discuss. The cast and crew feels, Shahrukh is very much partial towards her and giving maximum attention than others. But as long as the other unit members does not mind and work is going on fine, a peaceful atmosphere will prevail.

    Bollywood News : Deepika impressed Shahrukh

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