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on 2006/11/20 20:49:34

Siddhart to debut in 'Anwar'

Director Manish Jha is ready with his film 'Anwar'. The film stars Manisha Koirala's brother, Siddharth Koirala and Nauheed Cyrusi. The film is a love story between a Muslim boy and a girl, set against the backdrop of communal violence.

'ANWAR' as the films title spells out is the story of a Muslim youth who leaves home in search of the unknown, but fate has something else in store as he gets mistaken for a terrorist, when he takes shelter at a temple.

It is a story that tells his journey and a story that talks about his life before the incident took place, where he loses the women he loved.

So what made the director choose a subject like this, considering the fact that such films have always raked up controversies in the past?

Director Manish Jha says, "One thing i was sure of was that i wanted to make a love story. It took a while before i decided upon the backdrop for the love story".

Manish Jha adds, "I have based the love story on the central theme of how Muslims are perceived in this country, which i think is a very relevant and contemporary issue. The issue may not seem to be very entertaining but i wanted it to reach out to maximum people".

Filmaker Mahesh Bhatt whose films have mostly dealt with sensitive issues also seemed in favour of educating the audience with film like these.

/photo.cms?msid=491905 Mahesh Bhatt says that, "We shouldn’t be phobic about the word controversy. A controversy raises the hidden dialogue that goes on in the society. I feel one should bring out what is in the subterranean region out in to the open. 'Anwar' confronts the issue of Islamophobia which is spreading like wild fire post 9/11"

After a long span of time actor Manisha Koirala will also be seen in the film and she seems quite excited about it.

"I'm playing /photo.cms?msid=491482 a journalist's role, she is a bit disturbed in her personal life like all the characters in the film who have something or the other which is not going well in their lives", says Manisha Koirala.

However it is going to be a gamble for the makers, firstly as the subject can raise a few eyebrows and secondly the lead actors involved have no hit to their credit till date.


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    ‘I’ll never make a film again’

    2006/7/24 18:12:08

    After being unsuccessful at releasing his film Chand Buj Gaya (based on the Gujarat riots), Faaiz Anwar is back doing what he is known for — being a lyricist.

    Anwar tried for three years to release his film but could not and now back to what he was doing best... and that's lyrics writing.

    Anwar was the man been behind many successful films like Saajan, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Tum Bin and Imitihan and his last work was writing the song 'Thoda sa pyaar hua hai' for Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. That is till he turned to filmmaking with Chand Buj Gaya. The film was mired in controversies and in spite of a court ruling in its favour, the film never got released.

    Anwar says, “I will blame the Gujarat government for the fate of my film. They objected to the resemblance of one of the actors (Pratap Sharma) to a prominent politician from Gujarat. There was a vicious game being played at my cost. First, the Censor Board banned my film. But the High court passed the film. However just four days before the release, all the distributors abandoned it. I suffered severe losses. But I am hopeful that the film will be released some day.”

    Meanwhile, Anwar who had stopped writing wants to get back to it. “My writing had taken a backseat because I was caught up with the court proceedings. I refused all the work that came my way…I was in no position to work. My entire life went haywire. It was probably one of the worst phases in my life.”

    But Anwar has put the past behind him. “I am already doing an album with Kavita Krishnamurthy and one with HMV. I have also signed a couple of films and work is on in full swing. It's heart-warming to see that people continue to welcome you with open arms.”

    Anwar has no intentions of making a film. “I will never make a film again. I have had enough and now I want to concentrate on to writing,” he says.


    Bollywood News : ‘I’ll never make a film again’

    Anwar Rasheed plans his next two

    2008/5/1 10:33:48

    Anwar Rasheed, who is presently enjoying the huge success of his latest movie 'Annan Thampi' has started planning for his next two projects.

    The director, who has been immensely successful in all his three ventures, is planning immediately a new movie with a lot of new comers in the lead. Anwar is planning to present a new subject through this movie.

    After this project he will again team up with Mohanlal after ‘Chotta Mumbai'. Manian Pillai Raju who produced 'Chottta Mumbai' will again produce this movie in his own banner. Scriptwriters of last years biggest hit ‘Chocolate' -Sachi Sethu will pen this movie.

    Meanwhile ‘Annan Thampi has already crossed the five crore collection mark in its 11 days.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Anwar Rasheed plans his next two

    Bhai Chance

    2007/10/10 10:51:15 Arshad Warsi is step-brother of yesteryear singer Anwar. However, the two are not on talking terms

    We stumbled upon a piece of information about Arshad Warsi. The actor is step-brother of yesteryear singer Anwar. Anwar sang hits like `Humse ka bhool hui' from Janta Hawaldar and `Mohabbat ab tijarat ban gayi hai' from Arpan.

    Although they are related to each other, Arshad and Anwar are not on talking terms. Anwar admits, "Yes, it is true that Arshad is my step-brother. However, we have never interacted ever. My father Aashiq Hussain was a theatre personality and Arshad is his son from his second marriage."

    Why don't they interact with each other? "I am a singer and I go to recording studios whereas he is an actor and he goes to shooting locations. So, we have never even bumped into each other. He is happy in his own world and so am I."

    Anwar is now gearing up for his comeback. He says, "It's been 15 years since I left the industry. When I left the industry there were successful singers like Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan. I thought that I was not needed but all these years wherever I go to perform in shows, people say that they want to listen to my new songs. So, I am making an album called Tohfa which is a compilation of songs by famous writers like the late Qatish Sifai. I also have a couple of remix songs of my own in the album. I have also made videos for all the eight songs. My album will release on October 22. I am sure the industry needs a voice like mine."

    Bollywood News : Bhai Chance

    Al-Qaeda leader Al-Awlaki killed

    2011/9/30 17:37:22 US-born Yemeni Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in an air raid in the southeast of the country, said Yemen's Defence Ministry Friday, Xinhua reported.

    The claim, however, has been denied by one of his brothers.

    Yemen's Defence Ministry, in a brief text message to journalists, quoted a security official as saying that the prominent leader of the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda wing was killed along with a number of his supporters in Yemen's southeastern Shabwa province.

    Anwar al-Awlaki was wanted by the US government for his links to the attempted bombing of an airliner bound for the US and his involvement in planning attacks against the country.

    Tribal sources confirmed that "a US unmanned drone fired a missile on two cars in Masila area, located between the northeastern restive provinces of Marib and al-Jouf, killing all onboard", the report said.

    "No confirmed information that the wanted Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki was in the convoy," said a tribal official from Shabwa province, the ancestral homeland of al-Awlaki.

    A security official said that the US air raid was done based on intelligence tip-off from "the regional Saudi intelligence office in Yemen".

    Meanwhile, Ahmed al-Awlaki, one of Anwar al-Awlaki's brothers who is wanted by the Yemeni authorities for hiding Anwar, claimed over phone that "Anwar is alive and was not in the targeted convoy hit by the US unmanned warplane early Friday".

    Al-Awlaki, who reportedly escaped a number of US air raids, had been pronounced killed by Yemeni troops late last year. But the Yemeni government later admitted he was still alive.

    Anwar al-Awlaki was put on the US "capture or kill" list last year for alleged linking to a botched attempt to blow up a US-bound plane in December 2009, for which Al-Qaeda in Yemen later claimed responsibility.

    National News : Al-Qaeda leader Al-Awlaki killed

    Chota Mumbai in trouble

    2007/5/9 8:19:22

    It looks like hot and happening director Anwar Rasheed has run out of luck. He was shot to fame over night with his very first film Rajamanikkam becoming a big block buster. People in Kollywood were keen to get the remake rights of this comic flick starring Mammootty, Padma Priya and Sindhu Menon. Anwar was supposed to direct the Tamil version with Sharat Kumar as the hero but the idea was finally dropped. Now, his latest hit Chota Mumbai has also got into trouble.

    Anwar lived up to the expectations by making Chota Mumbai a big hit. When this mass masala film starring Mohanlal and Bhavana was released, people in the Tamil film industry were queuing to get its remake rights. Vijay was keen on remaking it in Tamil at one point of time but he has decided to look into its profitability in Tamil. Now, the news is doing rounds that he is no longer interested in the project. Instead, he has taken up the remake of a Kannada film.

    The director wasted lots of time waiting for the Tamil remake of Rajamanikkam to happen and lost out lots of promising projects in the process. Now, that nightmare has returned again in the form of Chota Mumbai, as it is unlikely to see the light of the day in Tamil.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Chota Mumbai in trouble

    Hyderabad settles for three points

    2011/11/7 3:55:55 Hyderabad failed to take the full four points and had to settle for three valuable points in their Ranji Trophy Plate Group B season opener against Jharkhand, which ended in a draw at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium here on Sunday.

    On an eventful day, Hyderabad finished the day at 113 for 2 after having gained a first innings lead of 136 runs. Jharkhand had to settle Jharkhand, which earned one point, was all out for 280 runs, thanks to inspired spells from Lalith Mohan and Anwar Ahmed Khan, who took five and two wickets respectively.

    In their second innings, skipper D B Ravi Teja continued with his good form to remain unbeaten at 64.

    First innings centurion, Ahmed Quadri, was declared the man of the match.

    Brief Scores: 416 & 113 for 2 (DB Ravi Teja 64 no, B Sandeep 36no, Shiv Shanker Rao 2/33) Drew with Jharkhand 280 (Amir Hashim 68, Lalith Mohan 5/55 Anwar Ahmed Khan 2/45, Kanishkk Naidu 2/40). (INN)

    Andhra News : Hyderabad settles for three points

    Mammooty as Chembakaraman

    2007/10/4 14:13:46

    Superstar Mammooty just wouldn't run out of films to star in. but his specialty lies in the fact that in spite of being the superstar, he doesn't hesitate to accept offers from debutant directors. That was how the Malayalam film industry ended up with directors like Blessy and Anwar Rasheed.

    He is now getting ready to star in a debut film again. This one is going to be directed by KK Rajiv, who had, until now, only been directing TV megaserials. 'Chembakaraman' is the name of the film and it revolves around the life of a stage artiste. The film's shooting will begin in the month of December and is most likely to be Mammooty's first release in the year 2008.

    Presently, Mammooty is on the sets of 'Roudhram', his new film with Ranji Panikker.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Mammooty as Chembakaraman

    Two Kgs 'charas' seized, four held

    2011/11/2 18:02:36 The City Police on Wednesday arrested a four-member gang of drug peddlers and seized two Kilograms of ‘charas’ from their possession.

    According to police, a few months ago the main accused Mohd Taj came in contact with one Saleem Bhai of Kanpur in East Uttar Pradesh who promised to supply ‘charas’ at the rate of Rs 15,000 per kilogram. Taj was asked to sell the same for Rs 50,000 per kg in Hyderabad.

    Later, Taj contacted his friends Farhan, Anwar and Ashwaq to form a gang and started selling 'charas' to various buyers. They used to distribute the profit equally among themselves.

    On October 28 Saleem came to Hyderabad with 2 Kgs of 'charas' in AP Express and handed over the same to Taj at Alpha Hotel in Secunderabad. He kept one Kg charas with him and kept another kilogram with Anwar and was waiting to disposes the same to a customer.

    On Wednesday, the West Zone team of the Commissioner's Task Force arrested Taj along with Farhan while they were waiting at Good Luck Hotel at Langer House to dispose ‘charas’ to the needy customers.

    The accused person along with the seized charas was handed over to Langer House Police Station for taking further action. (INN)

    Andhra News : Two Kgs 'charas' seized, four held

    Annan Thambi--Anwar proves third-time lucky

    2008/4/22 16:06:32

    After the big hit Rajamanikyam, Anwar Rasheed, the young director has made it to another super hit with Annan Thampi. It is the third film by Anwar Rasheed; his second is Chotta Mumbai with Mohanlal. Annan Thampy is produced by Shahul Hameed and Anto Joseph under the banner ‘Marikar Films’.

    Annan Thampi is a film which tells the story of twin brothers, Achu and Appu. Achu is vocally challenged and Appu is a tough character. The twins never liked each other, the sibling rivalry worsened as they grew up. Finally the twins separated for stopping the quarrels between them. Appu is sent to a relative’s house in Pollachi and grew up as a ‘dada’ in Pollachi Market. He had a lover named Thenmozhi (Lakshmi Rai); her guardian Dharmarajan was Appu’s business partner once. Now he is the main foe of Appu.

    Achu stays with parents and become a ‘ballet’ artist in his father’s troupe. Achu’s wife Lakshmi [Gopika] is a co-artist in his troop. Their only sorrow is they have no children even after the five years of their wedding. In a unusual occasion, Achu kidnaps Appu’s lover, Thenmozhi.
    Appu comes back to home to see his love being kidnapped. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

    Annan Thampi is a full -fledged entertainer. Mammootty deserves special mention for his performance, especially in the character of Achu, the dumb person. The child artist, who played the childhood of Mammootty, has also done well. Harisree Ashokan, Salimkumar, Suraj Venjarammood, Janardanan, have played well. Bijukkuttan’s comedy performance is worth watching.

    Lokanathan, cinematographe, has filled the movie with colors through his excellent camera work. Rahul Raj has composed the music for the songs penned by Sharat Vayalar and Bichu Tirumala. Songs and the music of Annan Thampi have added to its success to a great extent.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Annan Thambi--Anwar proves third-time lucky

    In Ram Charan’s footsteps…

    2007/12/15 12:56:43 The year 2007 has seen many new actors making their debut. The biggest and the first was Ram Charan, son of Chiranjeevi. His debut film Chirutha is a big hit. Then came Vaibhav, son of eminent director Kodandarami Reddy. His debut film ‘Godava’ is a modest hit. Another nephew of Nagarjuna is making his debut in films this year.

    Now comes another biggie. Sumanth Ashwin, son of producer M S Raju is making his debut with a film titled ‘Nuvve Naa Hero’. And Teja, who has the credit of introducing several newcomers to Tollywood, will once aging introduce this now guy Sumanth in Tollywood. A new face will be chosen to play heroine in the film. The film hit the floor on Friday.

    Telugu Cinema News : In Ram Charan’s footsteps…

    'Anwar' highlights love during communal strife

    2007/3/8 12:53:57

    By Subhash K. Jha, Film: "Anwar"; Actors: Manisha Koirala, Siddharth Koirala, Nauheed Cyrusi, Hiten Tejwani; Director: Manish Jha; Rating: ** 1/2

    Lucknow - volatile, culturally rich, temperamental, poetic, dichotomous, ironical ... somehow writer-director Manish Jha captures all of this with brutal force in this deeply flawed yet moving tale of love and politics.

    "Anwar" picks up a welter of headlines on communal strife and stores them in one turbulent but telescopic overview of existence at the fringes.

    The focus of Jha's narrative is an old abandoned temple where a derelict-lover Anwar (Siddharth Koirala) takes refugee.

    This innocent act of sheltering wounded love triggers off a bizarre chain of events. TV cameras simmer across the horizon, a film crew with an item girl materialises on the spot and a spaced out journalist (Rajpal Yadav) searches for George Bush's mobile number.

    Wily politicians who are spurned by women and constituencies walk across Jha's crowded canvas creating a tempo and temperature that is at once intriguing and provocative.

    Jha, who earlier made "Matrubhoomi" - an unbearably gruesome film on female foeticide and mass rape - turns vaguely lyrical here.

    "Anwar" is partially a political parable and partly a love story. I'd rather see the politics that envelopes the entire murky skyline as an offshoot of the love story about the sensitive Anwar whose love for the girl next door Mehroo (Nauheed Cyrusi) is thwarted by the happening Hindu boy (Hiten Tejwani).

    The triangle builds up into a frightening deadlock culminating in three deaths one after another.

    "Anwar" is a dark and wounded work. Its creditable plot line is largely unsupported by any marked pockets of tenderness or sensitivity from the fringes. Every character has a story to yell - and I do mean yell.

    Manisha Koirala playing a Barkha Dutta-styled TV journalist speaks to her weeping repentant lover (Sushant Singh). A troubled cop (Yashpal Sharma) has a terminally ill wife and whiny daughter to deal with while trying to flush out the poor 'terrorist' from his holy hideout. And a slimy Hindu chauvinist (Sudhir Pandey) comes down on Valentine's Day revellers because he has just been snubbed in his extra-marital affair.

    Shiv Senaites, eat your hearts out.

    All these headlines hardly hold together the brittle plot. The sharp edges stick out creating more ideological chaos than any definite denouement to the tangled story. Adding to the prevalent muddle is a beggar-charlatan-actor (Vijay Raaz) who thinks love is the most precious gift in the world. Raaz is both parodic and passionate.

    What holds together is the central theme of love during times of communal conflict created not by rioters but within the domestic lifescape. Young Siddharth's character gently nudges Aamir Khan's in Deepa Mehta's "1947: Earth".

    Jha uses granite locations (supposedly Lucknow) and mythological allusions with equal sincerity. He avoids overt sentimentality but ends up creating unconscious folds of tender feelings within the dilating communal canvas.

    In the week of the epic "Guru", let's applaud this small but significant film about scarred souls trying to come to terms with a socio-political scenario that leaves no room for human values.

    Bollywood News : 'Anwar' highlights love during communal strife

    Indian movies part of Maldives' first film fest

    2007/5/11 10:13:25

    A number of Indian films including Girish Kasaravalli's 'Dweepa' and Jahnu Barua's "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara" are being screened at Maldives' first international film festival here.

    The South Asian Film Festival Maldives 2007 began on May 8 and several films including "Uttara" by Buddhadeb Dasgupta, "Cyanide" (Kananda) by A M R Ramesh and Nagesh Kukunoor's "Iqbal", are being shown in a film workshop being run concurrently with the event.

    The film workshop is being conducted by filmmakers, Anwar Jamal, and Sehjo Singh, and critic Utpal Borpujari on behalf of Film Trust India, which is also curating the festival.

    Inaugurating the festival, Maldives' Foreign Minister, Ahmed Shaheed, who underscored the relevance of such events in promoting a people's SAARC. "It is very important that this festival is being held just before the Maldives assumes the SAARC presidency," he said.

    Shaheed appealed to filmmakers from the region to create a feeling of understanding and brotherhood by making movies that focus on issues concerning the region and its people.

    The festival focusses on the South Asian experience and how it is reflected in narratives or story-telling around the region. The theme covers diversity of experience, narrative and story-line.

    Among the other films being screened at the festival are "Swaraaj" (Hindi/Rajasthani) by Anwar Jamal, the documentary "Kol Kathayen" by Sehjo Singh, "Heylaa" and "Futtaru" from the Maldives, Siddiq Barmak's "Osama" from Afghanistan and "Nirontor" from Bangladesh.

    Tamil Cinema News : Indian movies part of Maldives' first film fest

    After Ram Charan, it’s Varun Babu!

    2008/5/21 14:34:32 It looks like 2008 is the year for sons of actors and producers to make their debut in films. Sons of actors and producers made their debut in recent times. The latest to do so was Akkineni Sushanth.

    Nqgarjuna’s son is also set to make his debut soon. We now learn that another actor from the Konidela family is now waiting in the wings to make his debut later this year. He is Varun Babu, son of Nagababu.

    Varun has completed a course in acting and is now waiting for a green signal from his father. Nagababu is going through some scripts. So along with a new political party, another actor from the Chiru family will be introduced shortly.

    Telugu Cinema News : After Ram Charan, it’s Varun Babu!

    Prakash Raj’s brother makes debut

    2010/9/24 9:52:28

    It is now the turn of another star brother to make his film debut. Prasad raj younger brother of the talented actor Prakash Raj is making his debut in a Tamil film.

    Prasad Raj admires his brother a lot but has his own style. He made it clear that he will not imitate his brother.

    Prasad Raj is getting offers in Telugu as well and he will mark his entry in Telugu soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prakash Raj’s brother makes debut

    Gopika joins Mammootty

    2008/2/13 12:51:11

    Gopika, who was seen with Mammootty in the superhit Mayavi released last year, has joined the superstar this year again for Anwar Rasheed’s Annan Thambi, being shot in Pollachi.

    Lakshmi Rai plays the other female lead in this film which has Mammootty in dual roles. Gopika has also been signed for debutante director Akku Akbar’s new film, Verthu Oru Bharya, starring opposite Jayaram.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Gopika joins Mammootty

    When would Mimoh finally make his debut?

    2006/11/25 13:20:48 Around an year back, there were talks about Mithun Chakravorty's son Momoh making his big screen debut.

    He started off with Dhanraj Shekar directed 'He - The Only One', an action film but was soon shooting for Raj N Sippy's 'Jimmy' which was then touted to be his debut film. Around 6 months back, one heard that both the films were nearing the finishing line but off late there has been no news about any of them hitting the marquee.

    In fact, there is one more film that Mimoh signed in the interim. Titled 'Yudh - The War', it again has Raj N Sippy at the helm and is produced by Salim who once produced a string of films with Mithun.

    With 2006 coming to a close and first quarter of 2007 already being jam packed with biggies, one wonders when would Mimoh finally be making his big screen debut?!


    Bollywood News : When would Mimoh finally make his debut?

    Annan Thambi postponed!

    2008/4/12 16:13:10

    Mammmootty's big Vishu film Annan Thambi due for release on April 14 on 'Vishu' day has been postponed by three days!

    Now it will release on April 17, Thursday as post production work is yet to be completed. Annan Thambi, got censored on Friday with a "U' certificate. The film carries very good pre-release reports. The director Anwar Rasheed wanted more time on the graphics, hence the delay

    Malayalam Cinema News : Annan Thambi postponed!

    Naga Chaitanya training in the US

    2007/12/8 13:26:38 Young Naga Chaitanya, son of hero Nagrjuna is now in the United States. He is undergoing training in acting as well as some martial arts. It is well known that even Ram Charan went to the US and London for training before making his debut in films.

    By all accounts Naga Chaitanya will make his debut in films in 2008. Nagarjuna is keen to give a dream launch for his son’s career. And he is sparing no efforts to make him ready in all aspects before his debut. Nagarjuna is going to the US along with wife Amala to meet Nag Chaitanya shortly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Naga Chaitanya training in the US

    Ram Charan’s record

    2007/12/14 14:01:36 Ram Charan made his debut in films with ‘Chirutha’. The film opened with mixed talk but later on picked up and went on to become a big hit. The film has grossed more than 25 crore in the state so far. The film has completed 50 days at 162 centres.

    Ashwini Dutt, the producer of the film, is a very happy man. He has reportedly paid Ram Charan Rs.3 crore for acting in the film. The news comes from reliable sources in the industry. And but by any standards, this is the highest remuneration bagged by any actor in the industry for his debut film. So Ram Charan has notched up yet another record with his debut film. And Ram Charan has made his dad Chiranjeevi proud with his achievements.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ram Charan’s record

    Busy schedule for Mohanlal this year

    2007/1/29 10:22:25

    It is a busy schedule for Mohanlal this year.

    His Chotta Mumbai directed by Anwar Rasheed will hit the screens soon. Bhavana plays his heroine.

    Also his much awaited Sholay, a remake of yesteryear Hindi classic by Ramgopal Verma is under production.

    After Company by Ramgopal Verma, Lal acts in a Hindi movie again.

    Pardeshi and Aakashagopuram are ready to be released.

    Mohanlal also has projects lined up with Rafi Mecartin, Shaji Kailash and Sibi Malayil in the middle of the year.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Busy schedule for Mohanlal this year

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