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on 2006/12/1 20:22:57

Simbhu to work with Kushboo

The success of Rendu has propelled Kushboo's confidence to greater levels. She has turned into a business entrepreneur and resorted to production of movies and television serials earlier. Apart from her direct involvement in the production of Rendu, Kushboo proved a perfect businesswoman and called the theatres playing Rendu to find out the collections of the movie – which obviously was upbeat.

Movie making comes as a piece of cake for the multi faceted woman and with Rendu hitting the bull's eye; she is keen on kick starting her next venture, this time with Simbhu.

The flick will be produced under first copy basis – and Kushboo has been successful in obtaining call sheets from Simbhu.

Official announcement will be out when Simbhu is back from Las Vegas - where he is touring right now to beat the stress Vallavan has brought in - during the last week of December.

source: behindwoods

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    Will Anushka learn from Nayan?

    2010/9/30 11:30:09

    The pretty Nayanatara went through a lot of turmoil and anguish following the leakage of photos showing her in a compromising position with her then boyfriend Simbhu.

    Nayan dumped Simbhu and after a while she has started going steady with Prsbhu Deva.

    Simbhu now seems to have set his eyes on Anushka. He is praising her sky high. Simbhu and anushka are starring in ‘Vaanam’ the Tamil remake of Vedam.

    Anushka would do well to not fall into the charms of Simbhu and get into trouble later.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Anushka learn from Nayan?

    Lokpal is Anna’s own agenda: Kushboo

    2011/8/19 15:20:59 Kollywood actress and DMK member Kushboo, who is known for her controversial statements, said ‘Anna Hazare’s fight for Janlokpal Bill is his own agenda and he wants the Government to implement it as he wishes it to be.”

    Kushboo’s statement naturally irritates his followers in Tamilnadu. According to reports they are planning to make protests against her before her house in Chennai. Even then also if she stick to her words they plans to intensify their protests against her.

    Andhra News : Lokpal is Anna’s own agenda: Kushboo

    Kushboo interested in Telugu films

    2007/9/5 11:41:58

    Khusboo wants to work in Telugu films. She has acted as the wife of Yamadharmaraju in the film Yamadonga. Kushboo now says that she sill take up any offer, as long as it is good. She wants the Telugu producers to approach her with their offers. Is anyone listening?

    Telugu Cinema News : Kushboo interested in Telugu films

    Nayanatara still haunts Simbhu

    2007/9/24 15:46:24

    Simbhu is pining for Nayanatara. The actor is still deeply in love with Nayanatara. But it seems to be a one sided-affair, as Nayantara seems to have forgotten him for good. She has cut down her assignments in Tamil and is now concentrating on films in Telugu.

    Nayanatara says that she has put her affair with Simbhu behind and now wants to concentrate on her career. She has been lucky in a way, as her film assignments have kept her busy for almost the entire year and she was also abroad for a major part of 2007 in connection with film shootings. But Simbhu simply cannot forget her and he still pines for her love.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayanatara still haunts Simbhu

    Nayantara fears Simbhu, hires bodyguards

    2007/3/20 14:22:06

    Now don’t be surprised if you find black cats or someone similar looking in Tollywood or Kollywood. It is nor some politician who has come to give the clap for some movie. The bodyguards have been hired by Nayantara. She has signed a film with Dhanush in Tamil.

    It is well known that she is currently not on good terms with Simbhu, whom she alleges has leaked the hot and steamy photos of her. Simbhu has reportedly created a lot trouble outside the hotel where Nayantara was put up in Chennai recently. Fearing more trouble from Simbhu, Nayanatara has reportedly hired bodyguards who will follow her closely wherever she goes.

    Tamil Cinema News : Nayantara fears Simbhu, hires bodyguards

    Kushboo in Mohanlal's movie.

    2007/12/1 9:19:23

    After sharing the screen with Mammooty last year for a Malayalam movie, actress Kushboo now teams up with Mohanlal for a movie in Malluwood next. The untitled movie to be directed by Sathyan Anthikaud, features Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles.

    Kushboo had acted as Mohanlal's heroine a few years ago for a movie titled Uncle Bun. Now the dup come together again. Interestingly, she now plays a character role in Mohanlal's film. The movie, which would go to floors in January, 2008, also features Seetha and Mohnini in key roles.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Kushboo in Mohanlal's movie.

    Kollywood actor helps Millionaire?

    2011/3/15 18:40:21 Many of us might be aware that, during the recent fire accident that happened in Mumbai slum area, child artist Rubina who acts in Slum dog Millionaire film has lost her home and become homeless. Kollywood actor Simbhu who came to know about the fire accident has convinced his Vaanam film producers to donate Rs. 50000 to the girl. Venus Music Company which is marketing the audio of the film has donated Rs.20000 to the child artist.

    Simbhu, instead of giving her any money has offered her a role in his next movie, to stabilize her life forever. Hats off to Simbhu and the others, for their generosity towards the beleaguered child artist.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kollywood actor helps Millionaire?

    Did Simbhu misbehaved with her?

    2011/5/29 20:05:48
    Kollywood actor Simbhu is known as womanizer. Earlier, he runs hot affair with Nayanatara, but somehow they were separated. Recently, when a Kollywood producer has approached upcoming actress Bhavana, she not only bluntly refuses to pair with him but also spits fire on him. She said “He is loafer who doesn’t have any morals. I met him once and understood how worst person he is. I was shocked when I saw the lip-lock scene of Simbhu and Nayanatara. I rather prefer to sit idle in my home than pairing with him in his movie.”

    But, she refused to tell the media what makes her hate him so much. Did he misbehaved with her in their private meeting?

    Telugu Cinema News : Did Simbhu misbehaved with her?

    Kushboo arrested

    2011/8/1 15:25:10 Veteran actress and active member of DMK party Kushboo was arrested by Chennai Police on Monday, while she and her party workers staging a picket in the city in protest against Kum. Jaya Lalitha’s vindictive handling of DMK party cadres. DMK has been staging pickets all over the state. Karunanidhi’s son Alagiri and several others were also among the arrested. However, they all released on bail within hours.

    Andhra News : Kushboo arrested

    Simbu moving Fast !

    2007/6/16 14:48:47

    Silambarasan's Kaalai is shaping up fast. After Vallavan, Simbhu went on a self-imposed exile. He has resurfaced with Kaalai. Directed by Tharun Gopi, the movie stars Vedika opposite him.

    The actor has been reportedly taking extra efforts to ensure that all scenes come out well in Kaalai. A couple of song sequences have been shot and few talkie portions too.

    Simbhu is impressed with the output and heaped laurels on Tharun Gopi.Silambarasan's Kettavan too would commence shortly.Keen to move ahead is Simbhu.

    Tamil Cinema News : Simbu moving Fast !

    Vivek – second venture for lead

    2008/2/19 14:50:09

    Solli Adippaen, art-director S.A. Ramki’s first venture as producer, was the first film of Vivek as hero. Due to some reasons, the film has still not seen the light though the shooting was completed more than a year ago. Now, the surprising news is that Vivek has been approached to play the lead role in another film!

    Vivek is offered to act as the hero again in the next production by ‘Avani Cine Makers’ of Kushboo, which is untitled as on date. Murthy, who earlier directed Gummalam has been roped in as the director.

    We only hope Vivek finds success (as a hero) at least in Kushboo’s home production!

    Tamil Cinema News : Vivek – second venture for lead

    Nayan’s eyes are her best assets!

    2007/8/1 10:12:14

    The sexy Nayanatara says that she considers her eyes as her best assets. She says that even many of her friends and relatives feel the same.Nayanatara is a Christian by birth and attends church religiously. She also visits temples and offers prayers. Nayanatara is one of the most media-hit stars in recent times.

    Her failed love affair with Simbhu, her photos with Simbhu in compromising position were all over the websites sometime back. But she prefers to forget her past and wants to move ahead. She is currently busy with Venkatesh’s film and is looking forward to establishing herself firmly in Tollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayan’s eyes are her best assets!

    Cold war between Tollywood beauties

    2011/5/22 9:22:01 Cat fights and cold wars between the beauties are very common in the film industry. Some times it might be serious ones but often it is to stay in the lime light. Recently a cold war between Bengali beauty Richa Gangopadyay and the Punjabi hot girl Tapsi Pannu begins with grabbing of films chances of others.

    Richa got an offer from director Krishna Vamsi for his upcoming film with Gopichand. It is learnt that, she has even cuts down her excess weight for this film upon the suggestion of the director. But, when she told the media that she has not yet decided about acting in Krishna Vamsi direction, he become irritated and said to be replaced her with Tapsi Pannu. Richa who was terribly upset with this development started a cold war with Tapsi.

    She got a chance to take revenge on her beautiful enemy at Kollywood. Kollywood actor Simbhu who is known for his obsession for new girls has desperately tried for hot and sexy girl Tapsi to pair with him in his upcoming movie. He was even succeeded in his attempts to certain extent. But, Richa Gangopadyay who grabbed the attention of his director has managed to oust Tapsi from the film and enters in her place giving a shock to Tapsi and Simbhu.

    It is learnt that, Simbhu has tried a lot to convince his director to take Tapsi instead of Richa but in vain. Richa might have taken revenge on Tapsi, but she should understand that it is not that easy to move along with the short tempered and womanized Kollywood actor Simbhu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Cold war between Tollywood beauties

    Simbhu in Jodi No.1 – Small Screen News

    2007/12/25 13:38:53

    We all remember Simbhu saying that-"I have cancelled all my Shootings and come here", in the program Jodi No.1. But, he did not come for the program without any benefits. Daily they have given 5 Lakhs to him. Nowadays when the leading stars come to the small screen programs, without hesitation they ask-"how much will you give to us, for coming to the program? In the Manada Mayilada Program also, Namitha and Pooja were given Lakhs of Rupees to participate in the program. Even for the cultural shows in Singapore and Malaysia, almost all the Artists who are to dance on the stage are fixed up with some monetary benefits. Only then they have accepted to take part in the show

    Tamil Cinema News : Simbhu in Jodi No.1 – Small Screen News

    Prabhudeva wife seek Rajani’s help?

    2010/10/6 18:03:49

    According to Kollywood sources, Prabhudeva’s wife Ram Lath has approached Kollywood Super star Rajanikanth seeking his help to resolve her family problem. She said to be asked Rajanikanth for counselling her husband and his girl friend Nayanatara who plans to disturb her family life. She seeks Rajanikanth’s help to reunite with her husband. Though, there is no information about Rajani’s response, if one could recall the Simbhu-Nayanatara affair which was effortlessly resolved by Rajanikanth, this time also the same can be expected from him.

    Earlier, Nayanatara romanced with Kollywood actor Simbhu and their affair become hot topic of the industry for years. However, later due to untold reasons Nayanatara splits from him. But, when Simbhu keep irritating her with his unending phone calls seeking a reunion, she seeks Rajanikanth help. Since, he has influence over Kollywood he easily made him shut his mouth forever. The same way, if Rajanikanth interested to intervene in this Nayan-Prabhu affair also, then Nayanatara may also be obliged to separate from Prabhudeva forever.

    Telugu Cinema News : Prabhudeva wife seek Rajani’s help?

    Nayanatara with Simbhu again?

    2011/4/9 10:27:12 The spicy stuff provider in southern film industry Nayanatara has been maintaining a low profile since last few months to avoid gossips and rumors on her personal life. However, here is some spicy stuff that she unintentionally provides for us.

    Many of us might be aware that, she had a hot affair with Kollywood star Simbhu some time ago. But, she separates from him due to untold reasons and she has been staying away from him ever since she separates from him. However, she acted with him in a Tamil film ‘Goa’ being produced by Soundarya, daughter of Kollywood super star Rajinikanth. It was long time for her to see her ex-lover Simbhu beside her. We have to wait for few more days to know how intimately they have performed in this film. While, Nayan and Simbhu have played the guest roles, Vibhav, Sneha, Jai, Piya, Premji have played the lead roles in this film.

    If the input is to be believed, then we will be delighted to watch the girl next door Sneha strip down her costumes to wear a two piece bikini in this film.

    Now, this Tamil film is also releasing in Telugu in dubbed version by Sai Balaji Films banner. GS.Naidu and SK Babu are co-producers of this Telugu version.

    Speaking to the media they said “This film has been filmed at Goa, Malaysia and Bangkok with a heavy budget. This is youthful love story in which three youth who go to Goa, fall in love with three girls there and traps in critical situation there. How, did they overcome their problems and whether they get married to the girls or not is to be watched on the screens.”

    Dubbing and songs recording works of this film is over and currently the film is in DTS mixing stage. There will be 8 songs in this film for which Yuvan Shankar Raja has given very catchy tunes. This film will be released on 29th of this month.

    Story, screen play and direction: Venkat Prabhu; Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja; Lyrics: Vennelakanti; Dialogues: Shashank Vennelakanti; Camera: Sakthi Saravanan; Stunts: Selva.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayanatara with Simbhu again?

    Simbhu runs after Anushka?

    2010/10/2 4:10:21
    Luscious beauty Anushka has reached to new heights by doing ‘Amalapuram Saroja’ in film Vedam. One and all in the industry, media, critics and the audiances have appreciated her courage for doing such a challenging role and showered applause on her for her splendid performance as a prostitute. In fact, her character and her performance become the major attraction of that movie which gives a big success to it.

    Hence, the film is now being remade in Tamil as ‘Vanam,’ and Anushka repeats her feat in the Tamil version also. First she has refused to act in this remake, because of its hero Simbhu whom she dislikes for his vulgar behaviour during the shooting. But, she was obliged to act in his film because she couldn’t refuse director Krish’s personal appeal.
    Now, the shooting of this remake film is progressing with brisk pace and Anushka is repeating her splendid feat again at Chennai. However, as guessed earlier its hero Simbhu turns to be a trouble maker for her. Nowadays, she is very much worried about him and his statements. He is praising her for her extraordinary acting talents and modern looks. He is stating “Though, Anushka looks modern in the movies, she looks very decent wearing sarees and chudidars outside the sets and that’s why I become big admirer of Anushka. I love to have her beside me in my future films too, because we together make a great combination and people love to see us again.”

    Now, the shooting of this remake film is progressing with brisk pace and Anushka is repeating her splendid feat again at Chennai. However, as guessed earlier its hero Simbhu turns to be a trouble maker for her. Nowadays, she is very much worried about him and his statements. He is praising her for her extraordinary acting talents and modern looks. He is stating “Though, Anushka looks modern in the movies, she looks very decent wearing sarees and chudidars outside the sets and that’s why I become big admirer of Anushka. I love to have her beside me in my future films too, because we together make a great combination and people love to see us again.”

    Telugu Cinema News : Simbhu runs after Anushka?

    Hot babe caught between fans

    2011/9/14 15:17:32

    Often, we hear about our glamour dolls mobbed by the crowds when they comes into public. But, this is a different case for hot babe Richa Gangopadyay. Even though, she sits in her AC room, some fans of Kollywood actors Simbhu and Dhanush have made her sweat with their SMS, Tweeter, FB and email messages.
    It all begins with her Tweets. Richa, who is a bit excited with the out come of her movie shooting, in which she is pairing with Dhanush, has put it in her Twitter share her joy with her fans. She is also doing another film with Simbhu at the same time, but she didn't post any up-dates about that film, which irks his fans. Then onwards, she was flooded with Twitter, SMS messages, emails and even some phone calls from Simbhu's fans flaying her for her partiality shown towards Dhanush. Need not to say there will be also some unparliamentary words flows in the contents.

    Richa Gangopadyay, first neglected the messages, but when they start showering like rain on her, she has to respond to it.
    She wrote that "I equally enjoy pairing with both heroes and they have their own style and caliber of doing the films. Both are equal to me. I don't have any special interest in one hero, nor do I dislike the other. Whatever, I wrote in my Tweets is just up-dates of a film and nothing else. So, Fans should avoid entering into such silly battle in the name of their heroes. Let's be matured and enjoy the movies."

    In her own words:
    Wish ppl wud stop making trend stories out of nonsense, untrue stuff? So lame and childish. Focus on real news guys.... Not this crap

    Let's drop this silly hero rivalry topic guys, esp on my twitter, I'm rly not interested. Its childish and leads nowhere. J stay positive!

    let's move on like mature adults :) no one's 'better' than the other or needs to prove nething....let's focus on our films :)
    nothing to 'be diplomatic' abt nor do I need to keep justifying anything to any1.

    Just giving simple updates :P. No instigation
    we shud probably not even get into this topic on twitter ;).I support both films and both heroes! :) updates will cme as they occur

    I don't need to be convinced :) I respect both of their fans' opinions :) let's not tweet them to me tho ;)

    I've worked w both and they've been pleasant experiences. Let's not make things petty on twitter by showing childish wrath

    its silly.Im sure they're both secure in what they do and what they have.No need to push the hostility onto the heroine!

    Telugu Cinema News : Hot babe caught between fans

    Producers afraid to approach me: Lakshmi

    2011/6/27 7:16:08

    ‘Producers and directors hesitate to approach me for their movies, because I am the daughter of Sarat Kumar who is a senior actor and had good reputation in the film industry. Although, many were interested to make film with me they are afraid of my father, whom they believe may not be able to convince. But, it is not true. My father has given me a free hand in all aspects including my career. He has never imposed any kind of restrictions on me so far. I am ready to act in the films and he has no objection for it. Basically, I am classical dancer and given number of performances in many places all over the state. Hence, acting in the films is not a big problem for me,” said Vara Lakshmi the daughter of veteran actor Sarat Kumar.

    She is debuting with Tamil film ‘Poda Podi.’ She is pairing with Kollywood actor Simbhu in this film. She said “I heard that, Simbhu is womanizer and it is very risky to act with him. But, it is not true. He is very friendly and very co-operative on the sets. In fact, I am very happy to pair with such a talented actor with my first film itself. He knows everything about the film making.”

    Vara Lakshmi also said “In fact, the director of this movie Vignesh Shiva is my classmate. He has prepared this story keeping me in view during our college days itself. Then, he used to say, one day he will make a film with the same story and I have to act in it as heroine. Now, it has happened with this film Poda Podi. My character in the film is bubbly character which resembles with my real life style. So, I didn’t find any difficulty in acting in the film.”

    Telugu Cinema News : Producers afraid to approach me: Lakshmi

    Kushboo’s Yesfor Chiru and No for Nag and Venki

    2006/6/17 20:56:43

    If you thought Kushboo had just got a respite from controversies, you are way off the mark. The vivacious actress who, not so long ago, was the beacon of resilience and perseverance against worst odds, had found the going tough after her comments about premarital sex. She was vilified as the image of cultural degradation. The issue became fizzled out after parties supporting and opposing it lost interest in it. For some time, it seemed that things had come to normal and she was basking in the success of her husband.

    Now she is busy acting in Stalin. Well, well before you jump into conclusions about whether she is playing duets with Chiranjeevi, let us assure you that she is playing his elder sister. Oh, well, Kushboo? As sister? If you wondered whether the actress has climbed down the star ladder by agreeing to play sister roles, she quickly retorts,”see, I don’t consider sister roles as a depromotion. I would not play mother. I have acted opposite Venkatesh and Nagarjuna and cannot obviously be their mother or sister.

    But, with Chiru, I have never worked before and this was a good chance. I have always worked on challenging roles. After marriage, I cut down on dancing round the trees kind of roles and worked on mature themes .

    What is more interesting is yet to follow. She continued, ”Today’s actresses have a good time on the shoots but do very little or no acting at all. To them, the outdoor shoots are nothing but a picnic to exotic locales. In our time, we did our songs at Ooty or Kodai, but today they fly to foreign countries and carry along a huge entourage. They enjoy themselves and do shopping. All at the producer’s cost. It is time the actresses became a little more professional.”

    She said,”There is really no one after Soundarya who can be called a good actress. I would never act opposite my husband, Sundar C”

    There is already a buzz about her remarks and people have started training their guns. A local eveninger carried her comments and let us see what it kicks up this time.


    Telugu Cinema News : Kushboo’s Yesfor Chiru and No for Nag and Venki

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