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on 2007/3/22 6:42:38

Sneha in Tamil film

The dusky Telugu actress who has carved a name for herself with a variety of roles is now stepping into other language films.

Sneha has reportedly been signed to play the lead role in a film that is being made simultaneously in Tamil and Malayalam.

She plays the role of a pilot in the film. The film will star Mammooty in the lead both in Malayalam and Tamil. More details are awaited.

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    Sneha's noble act!

    2011/2/16 10:58:06

    The talented actress Sneha is now more or less retired from films. Sneha has since the last couple of years started devoting time to charity work.

    Sneha has been closely associated with many charitable organizations and this has not only kept her busy but also contended.

    Sneha has now gone a step further and pledged to donate her eyes. She gave the pledge to the Raja eye care hospital, Chennai. Sneha is also using her celebrity status to promote eye donation in a big way. Great work, Sneha!

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha's noble act!

    Sneha getting desperate!

    2007/8/24 16:17:15 Sneha is one of the most beautiful girls in the industry today. She has giving some very good performances in film. She was Bapu’s Bomma as well and she even acted with Nagarjuna in the film Sri Ramadasu.
    But Sneha has a problem. She looks so traditional in films that she is loosing out on roles to younger actors like Genelia, Ileanan and Trisha.. Now in a bid to refurbish her image Sneha is making an appearance in public in more dresses and is also hitting the party circuit hard. She was spotted at pubs a couple of times last week. Will all this help her bag roles with the young and happening heroes? She is not exactly young either, she is 27.!While the Genelias and Ileanas are barely into their 20’s. No wonder a Tamil director asked her to play as the mother of a hot and happening hero Simbhu. Sneha rejected the offer though.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha getting desperate!

    Sneha-First Tamil Cinema?

    2007/3/22 9:25:40

    It's Tamil movie-time again for the Malayalam movie stalwart, Mamooty. His next stint is going to be with Karthik, the former-assistant to director Maniratnam. The movie is produced by Henry and will release under the Pankaj Films banner. Actress Sneha has been offered to play the lady in the lead role, and guess what?

    The homely Sneha is going to don the grab of a professional pilot. Heroines in Tamil have been used to playing the air hostess, the famous one being the role donned by Sridevi in Vazhvae Mayam against Kamal, but perhaps this is the first time the female lead is playing a pilot in Kollywood.

    The makers have planned to shoot the movie simultaneously in Malayalam and Tamil. "Vande Mataram" is what it is called in Malayalam but the movie is yet to be given a name in Tamil.

    The shooting for this movie is likely to begin very soon.

    Tamil Cinema News : Sneha-First Tamil Cinema?

    Sneha 50 not out!

    2008/4/19 13:04:17 The 'smiling beauty' Senha is popularly referred to has now reached a landmark in her career. Sneha is now acting in her 50th film. Sneha is all excited and is happy to have survived for nearly a decade in the industry.

    Sneha said that it was very difficult for any heroine to go beyond 10 to 12 films in the present generation. In the present generation, the heroines hardly last for two or three years in the industry, so it is indeed a great achievement that Sneha is still going strong despite being around for so long.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha 50 not out!

    Sneha-Shaam jodi to sizzle on the silver screen, again

    2007/4/25 7:35:18

    After a long gap, the Sneha-Shaam jodi is all set to sizzle on Tamil silver screen. The pair have done two movies titled ‘Hey Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke’ and ABCD . Both raked it in at the box office. And the jodi catapulted to the very top. Then they went their separate ways. Shaam took a long sabbatical, according to the grapevine.

    Now, the debonair hero is back with a bang. The latest film featuring Sneha and Shaam is titled Inba . In the movie, Shaam is playing a tough auto driver. For the first time, Shaam will sport a beard on the silver screen. As for the queen of smiles, she is awaiting the release of her Tamil film ‘Pallikkoodam’.

    The smiling siren is also doing a Tamil film against Malayalam megastar

    Tamil Cinema News : Sneha-Shaam jodi to sizzle on the silver screen, again

    Sneha to shed flab

    2006/12/1 20:25:06 Lead ladies down south are always meant to be plump – with some extra flab added to their figures – as opposed to the heroines with shapely curves elsewhere. Simple reason is that Tamil's like it that way – healthy and nutritious. On the other hand though, Thangar Pachaan seems to be thinking otherwise. He has requested – instructed to be precise – Sneha to shed some stones for his Pallikkoodam.

    After the disastrous Chidambarathil Oru Appasami, Thangar Pachaan is up and running with his next venture Pallikkoodam.

    The movie will have Sneha and Thimiru Shreya Reddy in the lead. While Thangar seems to be satisfied with Shreya's hourglass figure, he is not particularly happy with Sneha's plump figure. And, the story demands the heroine to be thin. Thinner than Sneha?

    Thangar has quoted Shreya's figure to Sneha as an example. As a result, these days the smiley is seen pumping iron in her private gym to shed some weight. Let us wait for the result.

    source: behindwoods

    Tamil Cinema News : Sneha to shed flab

    Sneha sheds weight

    2007/1/2 13:18:47

    These days Sneha has become very serious about her film career, especially after the winning of the Nandi award. She was the centre of attraction at director Selvaraghavan's marriage with Sonia Agarwal.

    It is surprising that she was looked little slim by shedding excessive weight and is quite beautiful and attractive than the earlier days. Sneha claims that she is a vegetarian and her regular yoga practice made her slim and lose weight. It is learnt that she is going to play an important role in Selva's new Tamil flick, wherein Sandhya of 'Premiste'-fame is playing the female lead


    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha sheds weight

    Sneha smiles her way back to Mollywood!

    2008/1/24 12:50:56

    Malayalam film fans, be ready to be bowled over by that 1000-watt smile, again!

    You have not guessed it wrong. The latest take from Mollywood is that Sneha is set to stage a comeback in Malayalam films. The film titled ‘Vande Mataram’, will have, yes, mega star Mammootty in the male lead, says the buzz. The director is T. Aravindan. The Tamil version of this film, called ‘Aruvadai’, will be shot simultaneously.

    If that is not enough, there is more of Sneha to be had. The Queen of Smiles will also figure in a film to be directed by M. Padmakmar. And the hero: once again, Mammootty. Incidentally, Mammootty was Sneha's hero in ‘Thuruppu Gulan’, the Malayalam movie she did years ago.

    Whatever it is, Manasi alias Sneha is ready to banish the blues of Malayalam film fans with that enchanting smile of hers. It is also a hat trick for Sneha. This will be her third successive film with Mammootty.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Sneha smiles her way back to Mollywood!

    Sneha swoons

    2007/9/19 14:04:35

    Sneha who is very busy doing films in three South Indian languages - Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam - swooned on the sets of a Telugu film in Hyderabad. She fainted on the sets of Union Minister and veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao's son's launch film as she was so tired and on a liquid diet.

    A doctor was called on the sets, who said it was due to fatigue and her hectic running around from set to set. She has been advised to stop going on liquid diet and also to take nutritious diet.

    However the grapevine in Andhra is abuzz with stories that Sneha was feeling a bit low, that her one time boy friend Srikanth was tying the knot on that particular day at a Chennai five star hotel. Sneha was a notable absentee at the star spangled wedding reception.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Sneha swoons

    Tarun’s new film

    2007/4/24 15:39:09

    Hero Tarun is making a comeback in Telugu after a gap of nearly two years. He is playing the lead role in a Tamil remake ‘Punnagai Desam. Incidentally he was the hero in the Tamil version and Sneha was the female lead. In the Telugu version, it has been reliably learnt that Priyamani will essay the role played by Sneha in the Tamil version.


    Telugu Cinema News : Tarun’s new film

    Sneha’s Crusade against Dowry

    2007/4/11 16:15:52

    Beware all parents of eligible bachelor sons. Sneha will take you to task if you seek dowry for your son. Sneha has taken up a crusade to end the evil of the dowry system and teach everyone a lesson. She wants to open the eyes of everyone with her fight for a social cause.

    Well, all this in reel life. She has agreed to act in a new film titled ‘Varakatnam’ which will be directed by Subbaiah. The film is also being mad simultaneously in Tamil as ABCD.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha’s Crusade against Dowry

    Sneha undeterred at 'MPMR' failure

    2006/12/6 13:36:02 Though the film is very good in its presentation by director Nagabhushanam and Sneha performed extraordinarily well, the movie failed to provide entertainment to the audiences and is lacking any romantic, action or love scenes.

    But for the performance of Sneha there is nothing in the film. Of course, Sneha gave an excellent performance and reminded the audiences of Savitri, Vanisri and others, it failed to do wonders at the box office. Though she earned a very good name as heroine in Sri Ramadasu which was released recently, the film failed to score anything on that count also.

    But one can't say that it will have any visible impact on Sneha's career, because, the industry is not in the habit of keeping something in mind for long. Now Sneha is playing opposite Balakrishna and definitely it would be a glamour role. She had a couple of other projects also on hand. So, one commercial flop may not have a lasting impact on a heroine


    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha undeterred at 'MPMR' failure

    Sneha replaces Kamalinee!

    2007/6/19 8:59:53

    In a sudden twist, the Bengali beauty Kamalinee Mukherjee, Cheran's heroine in Karu Palaniappan directed Pirivom Santhipom, has been unceremoniously sacked! She has been replaced, by Sneha, one of Cheran's Autograph heroines.

    Kamalinee shot to fame in Tamil playing Kamal Hassan's wife in Gautham Menon's smash hit Vettayadu Vilayadu. Earlier she had done a few films in Telugu like the arty Anand and Godavari, and recently Classmates which bombed.

    Actually when she was signed to do Pirivom Santhipom, Cheran was gushing over her, and also tried to teach her Tamil, so that her lip sync would be correct! Later they did a photo shoot, and even shot for 10 days, before Cheran and Karu had difference of opinion with her.

    There are also rumours that Kamalinee was demanding the moon, and the producers thought that it would be better to drop her from the project. Meanwhile Cheran had a talk with Sneha, one of his favourites, who had no ego issues, being Kamalinee's replacement.

    Tamil Cinema News : Sneha replaces Kamalinee!

    Don’t call me Aishwarya!

    2011/2/15 16:27:28

    Sneha Ullal is popularly referred to as Jr. Aishwarya Rai. She has similar blue eyes and looks.

    When she made her debut in films Sneha felt very happy to be compared to Aishwarya Rai and actually took pride in the ‘Jr. Aishwarya’ tag.

    Now that she has done some films and has managed to get an identity Sneha is no longer happy with being called Jr. Aishwarya! She wants to be known by her real name Sneha Ullal.

    Telugu Cinema News : Don’t call me Aishwarya!

    Sneha fascinated by Phuket resort!

    2006/9/15 18:46:33

    Getting away from disputes and disagreements Sneha is floating in a cascade of happiness.

    After constructing a wedding hall in Panruti and celebrating weddings free, she took off to Phuket resort.

    Before questions are raised as to why did Sneha go to Pkuket resort as only the newly weds go for honeymoon and not the others, we break the news here.

    P.Vasu is directing a Telugu film titled ‘Balaiah’. Sneha is paired with Balakrishna in this film. A song sequence is being filmed in the Phuket resort. That is the reason for Sneha’s visit to Phuket.

    Having designed the costumes for this song sequence herself, Sneha has danced in different attires for this song.

    Enthralled by its beauty at the first sight, Sneha takes off all by herself at the shooting breaks to see the places here.


    Tamil Cinema News :  Sneha fascinated by Phuket resort!

    NBK’s hot romance with Sneha and Tabu

    2008/4/15 15:50:32 Nandamuri Balakrishna is now all set to woo his fans with a mythological film ‘Pandurangadu’. K Raghavendra Rao is the director. The story requires the two heroines, Tabu and Sneha to romance Balayya very openly and also in a very hot way.

    Bapu is known to show all his heroines in the most sensual way. Similarly K Raghavednra Rao is also known to show his heroines in the most beautiful and stunning way. He is reported to have worked wonders with Tabu and Sneha. In turn, Tabu and Sneha are reported to have outdone one another in showing oomph and glamour.

    Andhra News : NBK’s hot romance with Sneha and Tabu

    Sneha Ullal hops over for a sojourn in Tollywood

    2007/3/27 15:53:48

    Saucy heroine Sneha Ullal has taken a leaf out of her Bollywood counterpart Amrita Rao's book.

    Well, you might ask what exactly did Amrita Rao do to warrant emulation by Sneha.

    The answer is Ms Rao acted in Telugu film, ‘Athidi’, in the company of superstar Mahesh Babu . It has become a smashing hit.

    Obviously, Sneha has followed suit by hopping over to Tollywood to do a film, which is yet to be titled.

    Sneha made her Bollywood debut by playing macho hero Salman Khan 's female interest in Hindi film, Lucky – No Time For Love .

    Why Tollywood is preferred by Bollywood heroines? The reason is very simple. The remuneration is better than in other southern states.

    Well, here is hoping that Sneha's southern sojourn will prove as fruitful as Amrita Rao's did.

    Tamil Cinema News : Sneha Ullal hops over for a sojourn in Tollywood

    Very bad, Sneha!

    2008/5/24 18:24:23

    Sneha is one of the most charming actresses in the south. She has a beautiful smile coupled with some good acting skills. She looks great in traditional dresses like Saris and Salwar Kameezes.

    Sneha has this image of a talented heroine who carries off herself in a decent and dignified manner in films. So it has come as a surprise and as a shock to many people to see even Sneha trying to get an ‘image makeover’ in order to compete with the younger heroines.

    Sneha is now wearing all kinds of ‘modern dresses’ (Parthu is a recent example). People remember Sneha for her very decent roles in films like ‘Radha Goapalm’ and Sri Ramadasu.

    She would do well to stick to such roles and not run after momentary success by going in for cheap roles in films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Very bad, Sneha!

    Sneha in Paris!

    2007/6/20 10:06:16

    Actor Sneha was in Paris recently. She went to Parish to escape the hot summer back home. But to her surprise it was biting cold there. She spent her time in Paris shopping and gorging on her burgers. Yes, she simply loves the milk cream topped burgers and she used to eat up to four burgers in a single sitting.

    Sneha always wanted to see Eiffel Tower ever since she watched the movie Jeans. Sneha has bough some bell bottom jeans from Paris and she says that they are the latest fashion there. Sneha is impressed with the life thee and says that the people there live a charmed and stress-free life. So get set to see our traditional girl and Bapu Bomma Sneha in hot and trendy bell bottoms jeans!

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha in Paris!

    Sneha back with action film

    2010/12/15 14:21:30

    Sneha is a talented actress and she has made a mark with her looks as well as a acting in a number of Telugu films. Of late however she has been out of sight due to lack of films.

    Sneha acted in a film titled Bhavani IPS. The film completed shooting more than two years ago but has been lying in the cans for unknown reasons. The film is finally getting ready to hit the screens shortly. So get ready to see Sneha in an action oriented role.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sneha back with action film

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