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on 2007/11/9 13:29:05

Sonali Kulkarni goes semi nude in STRANGERS!

In the film STRANGERS, presented by SAHARA ONE's Motion Picture Sonali Kulkarni has done the unimaginable. Sonali Kulkarni who has always got this girl next door image, has shed her inhibition and has dared to shoot semi nude in a bath tub.

Sonali Kulkarni thus joins the gang of Bollywood damsels like Mallika Sherawat, Neha Dhupia & Kareena Kapoor's controversial backless shot in their respective films.

According to a sources in the STRANGERS unit, director Anand Rai felt that it was a very emotional scene in a bath tub, and it was essential for the scene to be shot. He had also informed Sonali about the semi-nude scene since it was an integral part of the film. Initially he was a bit apprehensive if Sonali Kulkarni would do the scene but to his surprise, Sonali being very professional and accommodating agreed to expose, since it was a requirement in the script. However the director ensured that only the minimal people required shooting the film were present for the particular scene,

The sources add that director Anand Rai incorporated the scene in STRANGERS, since it takes the story ahead. They were no intention to add sleaze since the film is not based on sleaze but a shocking tale of the protagonist being STRANGERS in their respective marriages.

STRANGER is about the emotional turmoil, mind games and a shockingly devious plot that forms the crux of the emotional thriller starring Jimmy Shergill, Kay Kay Menon, Nandana Sen and Sonali Kulkarni.

SAHARA ONE's MOTION PICTURE were so impressed by the film that it bought the rights and will be presenting STRANGERS.

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    Sonali sheds girl- next-door look

    2007/11/14 11:39:09

    Sonali Kulkarni, who has the girl-next-door image, has shed her inhibition and has dared to shoot a semi-nude scene in a bath tub for Sahara One Motion Pictures' Strangers. Sonali thus joins the gang of Bollywood damsels like Mallika Sherawat and Neha Dhupia.

    According to a unit source, "Director Anand Rai felt that it was a very emotional scene in a bath tub, and it was essential for the scene to be shot. He had also told Sonali that the scene was an integral part of the film. Initially he was a bit apprehensive whether she would do the scene or not, but to his sur prise, Sonali being very professional and accommodating, agreed to expose. However the director ensured that only the minimal people required for shooting were present for the particular scene."

    The sources adds, "Anand incorporated the scene in Strangers, since it takes the story ahead. They was no intention to add sleaze since the film is not based on sleaze but a shocking tale of the protagonists being strangers in their respective marriages. It is about emotional turmoil, mind games and a shockingly devious plot that forms the crux of the emotional thriller."

    The film also stars Jimmy Shergill, Kay Kay Menon and Nandana Sen.

    Bollywood News : Sonali sheds girl- next-door look

    Jimmy refuses to kiss Nandana in STRANGERS

    2007/11/21 17:35:32

    We have heard of heroines backing off and refusing to do do kissing scenes in bollywood. But according to the source on the sets of "STRANGERS", surprisingly Jimmy Shergill backed out of the lip lock scene with Nandana Sen on the day of the shoot.

    According to reports, it was supposed to a very emotional intimate moment between Jimmy and Nandana that culminates in the lip lock. Director Anand Rai had earlier explained to Jimmy about the scene which required the actors to kiss. Though the director was a bit skeptical whether Nandana would do it, he was apparently caught off guard when Jimmy refused to do it.

    But director Anand Rai justifies his lead actor, " Though I had explained the scene, I understand that actor sometime are not comfortable doing intimate scenes on screen. When I set out to make Strangers, I was clear that my film was about relationship. Therefore a kissing scene with Nandana or the semi-nude scene of Sonali Kulkarni, though important for the emotional turmoil the character goes, I was always flexible for options and pointers from the star cast."

    When Jimmy was asked for his reaction he clarified that, when he heard the initial narration from the director he was sure, it wasn't a must do sequence in the film and made it clear that he didn't want to do it. According to him even the director understood it and was cool about the whole issue.

    Lip lock or no lip lock in STRANGERS seems like Jimmy Shergill joins the bandwagon of actors like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan who do not kiss on screen!!

    STRANGERS produced by Sahara One Motion Pictures is slotted to release on December 7th 2007.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy refuses to kiss Nandana in STRANGERS

    Strangers bollywood movie on dec 14th

    2007/12/1 13:07:21

    The Jimmy Shergill and Kay Kay Menon starer Strangers with Sonali kulkarni as the lead heroine will be released on December 14th. As Koya khoya Chand and Dus Kahaniyan are being released on December 7th, next week will be free and the fate of the two films will be known by December 14th said Mr. sharang Sharma who is the head of Sahara one motion pictures which happens to produce strangers. And he also added that it would add another week for the films promotion. .

    Bollywood News : Strangers bollywood movie on dec 14th

    Pasupathy bags Nana Patekar's role!

    2008/5/23 11:20:09

    Yet another remake film in Kollywood! Bollywood blockbuster Taxi Number 9211 in which Nana Patekar, John Abraham, Sameera Reddy, Sonali Kulkarni played the lead roles will soon be remade in Tamil. Pasupathy has bagged Nana Patekar's role and Simran will play his wife in the film. May Madham-fame Sonali Kulkarni has also been signed up, while the team is still scouting for another male lead.

    Sources say that film is for the present is called Taxi, but the title will be changed to benefit from the tax sops. Pasupathy, presently associated with Kuselan and Vedigundu Murugesan, will work on this project once his commitment with Kuselan is over, says sources.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Pasupathy bags Nana Patekar's role!

    Did Sonali turn down Aamir?

    2006/11/15 15:07:52 Remember Sonali Kulkarni? Yeah the same multi-talented actress who over the years has successfully done both commercial and off beat cinema. And though she isn't the most sought after actress in the commercial brigade, she has her own ground. And when producers swear by her talent, we were pleasantly surprised when we heard that recently she apparently turned down Aamir Khan's offer to be in his home production. The reason? She was not happy with the remuneration she was being offered. Now isn't it enough to bag a role with the talented Khan? Well, some people don't think so!


    Bollywood News : Did Sonali turn down Aamir?

    Akshay's Playboy dreams!

    2011/9/26 18:00:57 Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who had once stirred up controversy by asking his wife to unbutton his jeans at a fashion show, hopes to feature on the cover of Playboy magazine someday.

    When actress Preity Zinta asked Akshay on her chat show "Up, Close and Personal with PZ" whether he would be ready to pose for a magazine like Playboy, Akshay said: "I will only pose for Playboy when they have men on the cover."

    The international magazine is famous for its semi-nude and nude contents.

    Bollywood News : Akshay's Playboy dreams!

    Kamalini nude on YouTube?

    2010/11/10 12:23:12

    A video is now in circulation that purportedly shows the homely heroine Kamailni in the nude.

    Kamalini acted in the Malayalam film Kutty shrank. A nude scene from the film is now available on YouTube.

    However it is not clear if the nude actress on screen is actually Kamailini or a dupe has been used.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamalini nude on YouTube?

    Sonali's tu tu main main

    2007/10/5 10:23:55

    Well, after her marriage to Goldie Behl, Sonali Bendre almost faded from the public eye.

    Remember Sonali Bendre? Yup, the same petite actress who acted opposite Aamir Khan in Sarfarosh. Well, after her marriage to Goldie Behl, she almost faded from the public eye.

    But, last week, she was back in the news, albeit for all the wrong reasons. The actress was caught on the wrong foot.

    Apparently, there was some dispute between her and filmmaker KC Bokadia over a film she was supposed to do for him a long time ago.

    What now? Well, we really dont know if this mom-actress will give in, or if Bokadia will give up. But we think, this is one fight that is really going nowhere.

    Bollywood News : Sonali's tu tu main main

    Mehr jaisi koi nahin

    2006/7/25 19:04:51

    Actress Sonali Kulkarni who was in London recently shooting for Arjun Rampals home production feels that the team had a brilliant production manager. Now this piece of news might not have interested us so much if the production manager she was referring hadn't been the gorgeous Mehr Jessia!

    "It was the first time I was interacting with Mehr. She was handling the entire production and was so efficient that it surprised me," says Sonali. However, the prevailing atmosphere at the site of the shoot was rather somber as the team had left for London the day after the 7/11 Mumbai bomb blasts.

    "We were all very dejected when we went to London and were in no mood to shoot. Moreover, one of our production managers of the film was travelling by train when the blasts happened and though he wasn't hurt, he lost important documents in the bomb blast," says Sonali. Although the team was scheduled to shoot in Paris after London, the documents that were lost included visas of the certain cast and crew members that were needed for going to Paris, so the schedule went for a toss.

    However, once they were in London, Boman Irani, Chunky Pandey and Arjun lightened up the mood considerably by fooling around on the sets. "During rehearsals for the film, Boman, Chunky and Arjun made me laugh so much. We had a good time. We had to be reminded constantly to hurry up and that we had to follow schedules. That's where Mehr came in!"

    Although she remains tight-lipped about other details, Sonali says she has a guest appearance in the film and that it's a comedy track. The film is slated for a pre-Diwali release.


    Bollywood News : Mehr jaisi koi nahin

    'No qualms with bold scenes'

    2007/11/19 14:22:38

    Nandana Sen talks about her latest movie Strangers and also other projects, all of which have her unique touch.

    What will you call someone who is gorgeously beautiful, astoundingly talented, and whose mere look will have a thousand hearts skip a beat at one go! Rumours also have it that many teachers have started not just idolizing her, but worshipping her, coz they use her as a live example to teach the students as to what living beauty is all about! We are talking about none other than the illustrious Nandana Sen, the daughter of the Nobel laureate Amartya Sen.

    The say she set her foot in Bollywood with Sanjay Leela Bhansalis Black, the whole of Bollywood was SEN-sationalized by her endearing performance! And now, she is all set to repeat the magic again in Strangers, where she is all prepared to set the screen afire with her yet another towering performance with Jimmy Shergill, Kay Kay Menon, and Sonali Kulkarni. Get ready to be swayed away

    Tell us something about Strangers

    Strangers is a beautiful but strange movie. The story is about two strangers who meet, about two people falling in love in a strange land. It has lot of complexity, it has suspense, it is a thriller but not a complete thriller, and it is a combination of different genre above all it is a deep emotional film.

    What character are you playing in Strangers?

    I am playing a character called Priety, who is from London and is looking for love. She is very successful, passionate and a royal girl, who falls deeply in love. There are certain ups and downs in her relationship. The character is very much real. Actually, you cannot categorize her; she has elements of different personality traits. She is consistent, somewhere she is tough to handle sometimes she is beautiful. In short, Priety is confident, carefree, successful, and sarcastic character; she is not a typical doll like character. There is enough warmth in her nature.

    Heard that you have done a very bold scene in Strangers, Were you comfortable doing it?

    I have no qualms in doing bold scenes, if it is a requirement and the character and script defines the relevance. At the end, I am an actor.

    How original this film is?

    It's an extraordinary script. Whenever I choose a film, I always look at how original the script is. Though everyone would feel it is Strangers in the train, far from it, it is different in the real sense of the word. Though in a way, It's a tribute to Strangers in the Train, as the story takes off in the train, Strangers is different as chalk is to cheese in the overall concept.

    How was it acting with Jimmy Shergill and Kay Kay for the first time?

    It was a wonderful experience working with them. Jimmy is a great guy, sharing screen with him was great and it was very easy to work with him. He has a given a wonderful performance in the film. Kay Kay is a wonderful, disciplined actor and a very nice guy. Kay Kay is extremely talented. I adore Jimmy because he is sweet; he is very friendly and generous. One thing I have noticed about Jimmy that is he is a great singer, he sings beautifully.

    How was your experience working with a debutant director Anand L Rai?

    Anand L Rai is a fantastic director and a great person and has given me the chance to do improvisation in my character. He is very talented, sensitive, emotional and a nice man. He has a generous vision of world and human nature. One hand he is great director and on the other hand he has a great vision of cinema. He has done many television serials so he is very comfortable with actors. Before the film, Anand was a stranger to me now that I have done the film he has become family to me.

    What is the music of the film like?

    Music of the film is melodious. Sometimes music can be an obstacle if it is not used in the right manner but the music of our film plays a critical part. Music of Strangers evokes emotions.

    Have you planned a strategy for your career?

    I don't have a specific strategy about my career that I have to do 'this' film or 'that' film. I just go by what seems interesting. I enjoy every bit of the film I do. My only strategy is not to be typecast. For me it is important to do different types of movies every time. This will help me to learn more things as an actor. I don't think about the film I always go by my gut feelings.

    Besides Strangers what are the other projects you are working on?

    Besides Strangers, I have Forest and right now I am doing Colours Of Passion - it's a film based on the love story of painter Raja Ravi Sharma. I am playing the character of Shantabai. It's a historical character where I may be looked upon as Shakuntala, Sita, Laxmi and Draupadi. I have done a lot of research on the film, read books on his paintings. Forest is an international film, it's a love triangle where I am playing a character called Radha who is a very tough girl. It was great playing that role. It's a story of one-night stand in the forest.

    Favorite pass time.

    I love to read and write poems. I write a lot. I also love to listen to Rabindra sangeet that is Tagore's songs. I also love listening to old Hindi film songs and jazz music. I love collecting old Hindi film CDs. I do yoga three times in a week. I love dancing so I have learnt Ballet, Manipuri dance and modern dancing.

    Finally, how would you define Strangers in one line?

    If I would have to describe the film in one line, I would say Strangers beautifully walks in between the good and the bad lines.

    Bollywood News : 'No qualms with bold scenes'

    Mallika's nakhras!

    2007/12/22 8:41:11

    Mallika Sherawat, at any given point of time, is quite a prima donna. Once-upon-a-time motormouth is todays very posh international star. What if only she says so? Delhi, Jiah Khan and Sonali Kulkarni got a taste of Miss Sherawats nakhras on Friday. The bombshell was supposed to be in Delhi for a brand endorsement and played quite pricey with her words. In fact, the only thing she said all evening was, Delhi rocks!

    When she was asked to come on stage, Mallika played reluctant. After many minutes were spent convincing Mallika to grace the stage with her presence, she made way there. But once there, she decided to completely ignore Sonali and Jiah who were already present there. Jiah had to go out of her way to say hi to Mallika because Mallika pretended she hadnt noticed her.

    What she did next was even more bizarre. The three ladies were asked to light the lamp and Mallika decided that she needed no help in doing so simple a task. She lit the lamp herself and didnt give the other two actresses even a chance to hold the candle!

    But then, to Mallika, she is quite a star... and an international one at that!

    Bollywood News : Mallika's nakhras!

    Katrina Kaif shot on a nude beach

    2011/7/7 10:30:56

    Katrina Kaif on a nude beach in Spain? Yes, she was there shooting for Zoya Akhtar's 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' with Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol. But of course the 'Sheila Ki Jawani' girl was full-clothed!

    So was Kat shocked to be shooting on the nude beach? Apparently, she found it more amusing than anything else. It seems Kat thought it was all quite funny but she tried to be normal about it. Her co-stars - Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay - weren't as quiet as Katrina and supposedly had quite a bit to say about what they saw.

    The shoot happened at the Lloret De Mar beach in Costa Brava. And it seems the funnniest thing that happened during this particular 'ZNMD' shoot was that the nude beachgoers were asked not to enter the camera frame as the actors went through their scene!

    Bollywood News : Katrina Kaif shot on a nude beach

    Poonam Pandey strips before media!

    2011/4/19 15:06:43

    Poonam Pandey made headline news with her statement that she would strip and walk nude if India lifted the world cup in Mumbai. She however did not keep her word and put the blame on the officials for not giving her permission to strip.

    Poona has now made up for this, at least partly. She did a semi-strip before the media. She unzipped her jacket and gave a glimpse of her black bra. She said that this was just a preview!

    Telugu Cinema News : Poonam Pandey strips before media!

    Kulkarni sent to Tihar till Oct 1

    2011/9/27 19:21:27 Sudheendra Kulkarni, a former aide of senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L.K. Advani, was Tuesday sent to judicial custody till Oct 1 in connection with the 2008 cash-for-votes scandal.

    Kulkarni, who appeared before Special Judge Sangita Dhingra Sehgal after repeatedly failing to do so Sep 6 and Sep 19 on the ground that he was in the US, was sent to Tihar jail.

    He had applied for interim bail, which was rejected.

    The court had on Sep 19 warned Kulkarni's counsel that if he failed to appear on the next date, the court would issue an arrest warrant against him.

    Speaking to media persons outside the Tis Hazari court complex before his appearance in the court, Kulkarni had said he was a whistleblower and his attempt was to expose corruption.

    "The charge against me is false and politically motivated. My role in the entire matter was that of a whistle blower.

    "Along with my associates, three BJP MPs and Suhail Hindustani, I attempted to expose the purchase of MPs for securing victory in the confidence vote that the then government was seeking in Lok Sabha (in July 2008)," Kularni told the reporters.

    He also said that he has "nothing to hide". "I am not running away from anyone," he added.

    "I am ready to go to jail if exposing corruption is a crime," he said.

    National News : Kulkarni sent to Tihar till Oct 1

    The perils of nude modelling

    2006/10/29 11:53:00 Devil Wears Prada actress Anne Hathaway wants to shed her clothes on screen. But a word of caution from Titanic star, Kate Winslet, The nude scenes made me physically sick

    Actress Anne Hathaway is keen on appearing nude in movies despite her strict Catholic upbringing.

    According to, Hathaway once considered becoming a nun but gained fame through the movie The Princess Diaries.

    She has since then gone on to appear in a few raunchy roles.

    I grew up studying classic painters. They certainly didn't shy away from nudes. I dont find anything morally reprehensible about it, she says.

    I think its different to pose in a pair of hot pants on the cover of Stuff magazine. Thats something I'm just not interested in doing.

    But Kate Winslet says she struggled with the nude scenes in her new movie Little Children because they made her feel physically sick.

    Winslet has appeared nude in movies before but she found her latest effort difficult to handle, according to

    As an actress, when you have to take your clothes off and get naked its really, really terrible.

    Its a terrible day and when you wake up you feel sick and you think to yourself, I must be absolutely mad and I must remember not to do this ever again.

    There was a part of me that thought: Can I do this? But then I decided I was up to the challenge so I said yes.


    Bollywood News : The perils of nude modelling

    Taliban warnings to hot babe?

    2011/3/11 14:43:23

    There were number of Pakistani singers, actors and people from other crafts of the film making who considers Bollywood as their second home. Hot babe Veena Malik is one such actress who hails from Pakistan. She now turns the most sought sex bomb in the Bollywood as well in the modeling industry. Ever since she lands in Mumbai she feels a free bird herself and turns the sexiest bomb in Bollywood. She has posed for number of film magazines and Mens magazines in semi nude. This is where the radical Islamic organization enters the scene giving her stern warnings. They have warned her if she continues her nude exhibitions anymore in Bollywood they are going to kill her family members who are now living in Pakistan.

    Veena Malik speaking to the media has said I am not doing anything wrong that was forbidden by the society. Its my profession and I have to work according to my directors direction and not in the Taliban or somebody elses direction. I do not understand how I can save my family members from the ruthless terrorists. Even, our Government is also not in stage to protect its people and their properties.

    However, she made it clear that she is not ready to quit her hot job.

    Telugu Cinema News : Taliban warnings to hot babe?

    Arjun to revive his production house

    2011/11/7 15:21:38 Actor Arjun Rampal, whose career is looking up after projects like "Rock On!!", "Raajneeti" and "RA.One", says he will revive his production banner Chasing Ganesha Films soon.

    "I have got some wonderful scripts in hand, and I know I have been giving production a step-motherly treatment to it since a long time. But once I have some time on me, I will put my hands down into production again soon," Arjun told IANS.

    Arjun's first and last production was "I See You" in 2006. He himself featured in the film along with Vipasha Agarwal, Sonali Kulkarni and Boman Irani. His friends Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan made cameo appearances in the film. But it failed to make it big at the box office.(IANS)

    Bollywood News : Arjun to revive his production house

    He wants to paint her nude picture?

    2011/2/10 18:34:18 The renowned painter of India MF Husain who always had some special interest in portraying the Hindu goddesses and the womenfolk in nude, fearing life threat from Hindu radicals has took asylum at Qatar since last two years. Yet, he didnt lose his zeal of portraying the womenfolk in nude.

    Once, MFHusain was obsessed with the beauty of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dikshith. He even produced a Hindi film Gajagamini in which he made her play the lead role and which proved to be a box office dud.

    This 90+ painter now seen something special in Bollywood actress Vidya Balan and proposed her to pose for him to make a nude portrait of her. He said, she was a rare combination of beauty and elegance which cant be seen in all other women. It came to know that, he sent his proposal to the actress but there was no response from her until now.

    Telugu Cinema News : He wants to paint her nude picture?

    Arjun Rampal says 'I See You' to an invisible girl

    2006/10/20 18:59:35 Whacky! Now that's one word to describe the plot of Arjun Rampal's first home production 'I See You'.

    The film stars Arjun Rampal in the lead as a charming man who could make any girl fall on knees for her. But his heart ticks for only one girl - someone who is beautiful, attractive, stylish and invisible to everyone but him. Invisible? Yes, you read it right. The USP of the film is that very fact since the identity of this mystery woman has been hidden for all as in the film she is there only for Arjun's eyes.

    Apart from the mystery woman, the film also stars Chunky Pandey in the meaty role of Arjun's friend along with Boman Irani and Sonali Kulkarni with Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan in guest appearances. The film is directed by debutant Vivek Agrawal.


    Bollywood News : Arjun Rampal says 'I See You' to an invisible girl

    World Cup Final:24 lakhs for 10 seconds!

    2011/3/31 16:43:37

    Millions of people in India as well as Sri Lanka will watch the World Cup final. The ad rate for a 10-second TV ad for the semi-fianl match between India and Pakistan was 18 lakhs.

    The ad rate for the India Sri Lanka final in Mumbai is now 24 lakhs for 10 seconds. For the semi-final tie between India and Pakistan, the TV ratings were 11.74. A record 67.53 million viewers watched the semi-final match on Wednesday.

    Andhra News : World Cup Final:24 lakhs for 10 seconds!

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