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on 2012/4/21 16:54:28

Sridevi returns in film?

In the forthcoming flim Ravana,by Mohan Babu,Veteran actress Sridevi may star. Pre-production work of the film is in progress and it will go on floors in June.

Mohan Babu plays the role of Ravana in this mythological film written by Bharavi and Sri Devi is the choice for the role of Mandodari. It is learnt that she had been approached to play the role and she has not yet confirmed.

The film is said to deal with the positive side of the personality of Ravana and will also have lots of visual effects which will be taken care of by a Hollywood team.

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    Sridevi makes RGV go mad

    2010/11/18 14:28:19

    Has RGV gone mad? Yes say those who have heard his latest idea. RGV is ready to make a film with Sridevi as heroine.

    However RGV has one condition for this. RGV wants Sridevi to come alone for the shootings her husband Boney Kapoor is not welcome!

    People are not one bit amused by this and are saying that RGV is indeed a mad fellow to expect Boney to send his wife Sridevi alone for shootings.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevi makes RGV go mad

    S aunty thinks she is still sweet sixteen!

    2011/2/21 11:39:17

    Sridevi was at one time Athiloka Sundari. She seems to think that she still is Athiloka Sundari and that she is also still sweet sixteen.

    Sridevi is not only married with two grown up kids but she is also 50 plus now.

    So a woman of her age is expected to dress and act in accordance to her age on public. Instead of wearing dignified clothes, Sridevi is seen wearing skimpy costumes in all hr public appearances. Old age is clearly written all over her face.

    We dont known about her husband Boney Kapoor but the other guests at the functions that Sridevi appears are finding it very awkward to seeing her in such a state.

    Telugu Cinema News : S aunty thinks she is still sweet sixteen!

    Sridevi to pair with Amitabh Bachchan

    2011/7/20 9:43:15 Veteran Tollywood and Bollywood actress Sridevi who starts her 2nd innings recently with Hindi film English Vinglish is happy to know that Amitabh Bachchan is joining her in the lead roles. They have paired together some 18 years ago in film Kudha Gawa and again they are pairing in this film after a long interval. Amitabh Bachchan, who is also very happy to pair with her, has tweeted that with the effervescent Sridevi after eternity almost. She is still the same spontaneous and lovely.

    Sridevi is said to be doing her role with great ease as ever dismaying the unit members and the director Gouri R Balki.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi to pair with Amitabh Bachchan

    All heroes are waste before her

    2011/2/16 17:21:09

    The maverick director ram Gopal Varma has once again made it clear how much he loves actress Sridevi.

    RGV in a TV interview said that Sridevi was an angel and no one was fit to act beside her. He said that no hero who acted with her deserved to even stand by her.

    His exact words were Aame kaali gootiki kuda ee hero kuda saripodu! Well RGVs love for Sridevi is one thing but insulting heroes this way is not fair.

    Telugu Cinema News : All heroes are waste before her

    Sridevi upset with Rajkumar Santoshi

    2007/7/10 13:48:25

    It is now known that Sridevi has made a very special appearance in Rajkumar Santoshis next film Halla Bol. In fact, the appearance is so special that all she had to do was present Ajay Devgan (who plays a movie star in the film) with an award on stage along with her husband Boney Kapoor.

    Sridevi and Boney had agreed to do the film as Boney and Rajkumar Santoshi share a good camaraderie. The latter has made Pukar for the producer in 2000.

    Now both Boney and Sridevi are miffed with the film-maker because he is publicizing Halla Bol as Sridevis comeback film where the fact lies that she appears for a mere minute in the film.

    What Sridevi and Boney Kapoor decided to do for friendship, turned out to be a publicity gimmick for the film. Hopefully, the duo will be more careful in the future.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi upset with Rajkumar Santoshi

    Sridevi to pair up with Kamal

    2007/8/3 15:50:38

    Sridevi is making a comeback in films. And her come back vehicle will be a Tamil film with none other than the one and only Kamal Haasan.

    The Sridevi-Kamal duo is one of the most successful and popular pair on screen. The two between them have acted in 23 movies as the lead pair. P Vasu is making a film with Kamal in the lead and Sridevi has given the go ahead for the movie, which will be a launch pad for her second innings. The film will roll out once Kamal is free from his magnum opus Dasavatharam.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevi to pair up with Kamal

    Sridevi with Kamal?

    2007/7/11 15:10:58

    Sridevi is likely to don the grease paint once again. But what is making waves is the news that she may act in a film with Kamal Haasan. The two of them were a hit pair and their films like Aakali Rajayam, Errragulabbeli, Vasanthakokila were huge hits. Director P Vasu has signed a new film with Kamal Haasan in the lead.

    He is trying to rope in Sridevi opposite Kamal. If things work out, then the two of them will pair up once again after a gap of 17 years. Sridevi is planning to make a re-entry and hubby Boney Kapoor is also said to have given the green signal.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevi with Kamal?

    Sridevi in sequel to Mister India?

    2007/3/14 12:26:37

    It has been reliably learnt that Boney Kapoor is planning a sequel to the hugely popular film Mister India.

    The film made about 20 years ago had Sridevi and Anil Kapoor as the lead pair. Now, Boney Kapoor who also happens to be the husband of Sridevi is planning to make a sequel with the same name and with the same actors.

    It may be recalled here that there was talk that Sridevi was planning to make a comeback in films. Now, what better way can there be than starring in a home production for her comeback film?

    Bollywood News : Sridevi in sequel to Mister India?

    Sridevi comes back ??

    2007/7/3 12:47:48

    Sridevi and Kamal Haasan were considered the lucky pair in Tami cinema in late 1980s and early 1990s. The two had come together to render several blockbusters then.After Dasavatharam' is complete, buzz is that Kamal will act in a film to be directed by P Vasu. It is said Vasu is trying to sign on Sridevi for that.

    However the actress, who is married to Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, does not seem to be interested in acting again.Efforts are on to convince her. Meanwhile, Vasu has been roped into play a prominent role in Dasavatharam.

    Tamil Cinema News : Sridevi comes back ??

    Sridevi to make a comeback

    2008/3/27 15:02:08

    She may not be seen on the big screen for now, but who can forget Sridevi. This glam mother was seen at a photo exhibition in Mumbai. The actress as usual was not very keen to mingle with the media.

    Marital bliss it seems has made this dazzling bollywood beauty too shy to pose for the shutterbugs.

    But what Sridevi fans are eagerly waiting for is her comeback on the silver screen. So if the actress took your breath away with Hawa Hawaai, then there is more you can hope for in the near future.

    If rumours are to be believed the actress is making a comeback in the Mr India sequel.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi to make a comeback

    Sri To Make A Comeback, What Will Mads Say?

    2011/2/24 11:29:25

    Here's some good news for all Sridevi fans, the original Queen Bee of Bollywood is all set to make a comeback, and no its not her hubby Boney Kapoor who'll be relaunching her.

    According to reports, Sridevi's comeback movie will be produced by R Balki and directed by his wife Gauri Shinde. Balki and Gauri had been working on the subject for some time and are now ready with it.

    Earlier there were rumours doing the round that Yash Chopra wanted to relaunch his favourite actress opposite Amitabh Bachchan, but Boney Kapoor stepped in and said that he would like Sridevi to make a comeback in his home production.

    Lately, there was news that she would act in the sequel of Mr India, which will be produced by Boney Kapoor, but nothing came out of it.

    The story of R Balki's movie revolves around a woman, who does not understand English, but gets married to a well-educated man.

    Apparently, Sridevi is very excited about the movie and has been paying regular visits to the gym to stay in shape.

    Sridevi's one- time rival Madhuri Dixit is planning her comeback moves too. So will Bollywood witness a revival of Sri versus Mads? Exciting times ahead!

    Bollywood News : Sri To Make A Comeback, What Will Mads Say?

    Sridevi's movie in Telugu soon

    2011/10/21 18:21:56

    Veteran actress Sridevi who once ruled south and north film industries with her marvelous performance and glamour has been stayed away from film industry since a long time to look after her family. But she has started her 2nd innings just few months ago with a Hindi movie titled as 'English Vinglish,' being directed by Gouri Shinde. Currently, the shooting of this film is progressing with brisk pace at US.

    The latest news is the film makers keeping in view of Sridevi's popularity in south, plans to release the movie in Telugu and Tamil versions at a time. However, we have to wait for an official announcement in this regard.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevi's movie in Telugu soon

    Will Sridevi make a comeback?

    2007/2/28 16:34:38

    The hottest topic of discussion going on in Tollywood these days is about Sridevi. The actor who was number one in Telugu for a long time before moving to Bollywood has still got the charisma. She vowed the audience with her dance performance at the recent Filmfare awards.

    Everyone agrees that Sridevi has lost none of her charm and grace. This is her first stage performance after a long gap. She quit acting after marrying Boney Kapoor. Now that her children have also grown up, there is intense speculation about her comeback in films. All that however depends on her husband Boney Kapoor. Wait and watch.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Sridevi make a comeback?

    Sridevis re-entry into Bollywood soon

    2011/5/30 9:02:41 Yesteryear glamour queen Sridevi who ruled southern film circuit as well Bollywood has confined to home after marrying Bollywood film producer Boni Kapoor. Though, she occasionally appears in commercial Ads on small screens, she has never acted in any film during the last 14 years.

    Now, she is going to act in a Hindi film English-Vinglish. She said that, she signed the film only because she likes the story very much told by director Gouri Shinde (w/o Bollywood film maker Balki). The film is a comic entertainer in which the story revolves around Sridevis character. The regular shooting of the film will begins from 7th of June at Mumbai. So, her die-hard fans like RGV will be happy to hear the news.

    Bollywood News : Sridevis re-entry into Bollywood soon

    Sridevi turns 49 today

    2011/8/13 7:55:00

    Yesteryear Tollywood and Bollywood actress Sridevi turns 49 today. She was born on 13th August at Sivakasi in Tamilnadu state and begins her film career as early as in her 4years age as a chilled artist in Tamil film Kandhan Karunai. Later, she acts in several Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam films. Her Telugu debut film Padhaharella Vayasu made at her 16 years age was a box office hit and it paved way for her into Tollywood. She did number of Telugu films pairing with all the top actors in the industry. There was a time when 3-4 films a month of her pairing with different heroes used to released. Finally, she joined Bollywood and there also she ruled like a queen withstanding the tough competition from her co-stars like Hema Malini, Jaya Pradha, Jeenathaman and many others. She got married to Bony Kapoor and had two daughters.

    Right now, she is acting in a Hindi film English Vinglish after a long gap of 14 years. She is also planning to bring her elder daughter Jahnavi into industry soon.

    Bharatwaves wishes her a very happy birthday and many returns of the day.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevi turns 49 today

    Shivaji & naresh with Sridevi

    2007/1/30 13:35:11

    Godavari Productions Ltd. Is making a new film with Shivaji, Naresh & Sridevi, produced by Aalapati Ramesh Kumar and directed by Satyam Dwarapapoodi. The shooting started in Hyderabad on Monday.

    RP Patnaik gave the clap, and Chalapati Rao made the Camera switch on. EVV Satyanarayana was the honorary director to the scene.

    Shivaji spoke: It was EVV who recognized the actor in me. Now I am very happy to act with his son. This is a full length comedy unlike other triangular love stories. I appear as a sober Youngman in it. Nobody cares my words, more over they chid me. The rest of the story has to be seen on the screen.


    Telugu Cinema News : Shivaji & naresh with Sridevi

    Sridevi sues News Paper Management

    2011/7/8 15:01:18 Veteran Tollywood and Bollywood actress Sridevi and her husband Boni Kapoor has come to media focus by filing a suit against a leading News Paper in Mumbai, which has published a news content stating- Due to financial problems Boni Kapoor has joined in the job as a media head for a leading electronic media network. Ever since, gossips about the couple spreads like wild fire in the net, with which Sridevi couple have moved the court to order the New Paper Management to pay Rs.50 Crores for tarnishing their reputation.

    They have stated that, though they have some financial problems it is not that serious to force them find a job. They quote Amitabh and some others names who were also faced financial problems and later overcome with their own efforts. Sridevi spiting fire on the media has stated, How can you people guess that, we spent Rs.25 lakhs a month on my beauty care, parties and holidaying?

    Perhaps, they might have decided it is enough for them to come out of their financial problems.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi sues News Paper Management

    Sridevis daughter in Mani Ratnam direction

    2011/6/27 17:51:34

    Recently, veteran actress Sridevi came into media focus with her decision to start second innings in the Bollywood with her upcoming film English-Vinglish. This film will be directed by Gouri Shinde (w/o Bollywood film maker Balki). The film is a comic entertainer in which the story revolves around Sridevis character. She is doing this film after a gap of 14 years. Ever since, she made-up her mind about acting in the movies, she is also determined to launch her elder daughter Jahnavi into film industry. So, she is taking with her to all functions to make her familiar with film industry.

    The latest buzz is, recently Kollywood director Mani Ratnam has agreed to give her daughter a chance in his upcoming movie. It is learnt that, Kollywood actor Karthiks son and Sridevis daughter Jahnavi will play the lead roles in that movie to be directed by Mani Ratnam. However, an official word from either side yet to come.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevis daughter in Mani Ratnam direction

    Sridevi signed a film after 14 years

    2011/4/19 8:37:48

    Yesteryear beauty queen of the Indian film industry Sridevi has ruled both South and North with her amazing performance and unique beauty for decades. When her career was in peak she bid good bye to industry and settled as house wife with Bollywood producer Bony Kapoor. Ever since she is leading a happy married life. Though, she is acting acts in some TV Ads and serials now and then, she has never shown interest about starting her second innings in the film industry.

    The latest news is that, after enjoying 14 years of long interval, Sridevi has recently signed a Hindi film to be directed by Balki. She said that, though she got several offers during this period she has been refusing them all because none of them have impressed her. She said that, she was very much impressed with the story line told by Balki and it takes only few minutes to say ok to his film. Her husband Boni Kapoor is also likes the story line and encourages her to do the film. Sridevi said that, the film will go to sets in June this year. So, the die-hard fans like Ram Gopal Varma now can approach her with their story lines.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi signed a film after 14 years

    Sridevi to make a comeback in Gauri Shindes film

    2011/3/5 11:54:21

    She has finally chosen the film to make her comeback on the big screen. Sridevi will be doing Gauri Shindes (R. Balkis wife) film that Shinde has written and will be directing.

    The actress, who was last seen in Pankaj Parashar\'s Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin in which she played Akshay Kumars spunky wife, was at one time planning to make her comeback with the sequel to Mr India but now it seems that she has settled for the debutant directors film.

    Sridevi had even dabbled with television in and as Malini Iyer on Sahara Television. Produced by her husband Boney Kapoor and directed by Satish Kaushik, the comedy series ran into 184 episodes. It is almost after six years that the actress will be donning the greasepaint. The film will take off after about three months.

    Bollywood News : Sridevi to make a comeback in Gauri Shindes film

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