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on 2007/10/24 11:32:14

Srija now dictates terms to father

After eloping and getting married against her parent’s wishes, Srija continues to torment her family and her father in particular. She is now in Delhi under the court’s protection. She now is dictating terms to her father. She has set forth some conditions before her father and will return only after he fulfills them. The conditions are –

1. Chiranjeevi must call her personally and assure her that no harm would be done to her.
2. Chiranjeevi must speak to her husband over phone and ally his fears.
3. Chiranjeevi should meet the parents of Sirish and settle the issue by accepting her marriage.
4. Chiranjeevi should arrange a reception in Hyderabad along with the parents of he r husband.
5. Chiranjeevi should come to Delhi and personally take her and husband home with due respect.

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    Srija’s double blow shames Chiranjeevi

    2007/10/22 14:52:16 Srija has embarrassed Chiranjeevi by walking out of her home and marrying her boyfriend secretly. Just when Chiranjeevi’s family was coming to terms with the incident, Srija has gone ahead and embarrassed him once again by filing a complaint in the Delhi high court.

    Srija said that she and her husband faced serious threat to her and her husband’s life from her father Chiranjeevi and his family. This has come as a bigger shock to Chiranjeevi than her secret marriage.

    Now reports say that Chiranjeevi has once again gone into a shell after leaning bout this. Chiranjeevi’s wife has not been well ever since she heard about this. She is now very depressed and the doctors treating her at home are reported to have advised that she should be admitted to a hospital.

    Andhra News : Srija’s double blow shames Chiranjeevi

    Has Chiru forgiven Srija?

    2010/10/26 7:35:52

    Has Chiranjeevi forgiven his younger daughter Srija. Chiru has not been on speaking terms with her ever since she ran away from home with her boyfriend Sirish and married him.

    Srija is now he mother of a girl child. Time seems to have healed the wounds. Srija was seen in public sitting besides her mother and papa Chriu at the audio launch function of Ram Charan’s Orange.

    That Srija was slowly getting back into the family fold was firs known when Sirish was made the member of the regional censor board

    Telugu Cinema News : Has Chiru forgiven Srija?

    How Srija escaped from Sirish!

    2011/3/15 11:01:33

    The fairytale wedding of Chiran jeevi’s daughter Srija with Sirish Bharadwaj has ended on a sour note as was widely predicted.

    Srija has been unhappy for quite some time and the reason was that Sirish was not showing any interest in doing work but was enjoying life with the money brought in by her.

    Sirish started harassing Srija for money and he was assisted fully in this by his mother. Srija found it difficult to tolerate the physical and mental abuse. So when Sririh asked Srija to bring 50 lakhs she found an escape route.

    Srija left Sirish’s house saying that she will come back in a couple of days with the money. The moment Srija reached her father’s house she switched off her mobile and became incommunicado to Sirish.

    Sirish could not reach Srija either on phone or in person as Chiranjeevi’s house is heavily guarded.

    Srija waited for a week before giving her complaint as the family was busy celebrating the wedding of Allu Arjun.

    Telugu Cinema News : How Srija escaped from Sirish!

    Srija wants to turn

    2007/10/26 16:09:48

    Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija and her husband surfaced this afternoon at Andhra Bhavan in Delhi. Speaking to media, Srija asked her father to forgive her. Srija now wants to return to Hyderabad. The couple is planning to return to Hyderabad some time next week. Srija also said that she would stay at her in-laws place.

    The case filed by her seeking protection from Chiranjeevi and family is up for hearing on Monday. Chiranjeevi is expected to make his stand clear to the court on that day.

    Andhra News : Srija wants to turn

    Chiru’s daughter in congress?

    2008/5/24 14:26:50

    The latest gossip doing the rounds in the city now is that megastar Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija is now getting ready to join Congress. Srija ran away from home and married her over. This caused much embarrassment to Chiranjeevi.

    Srija further annoyed Chiranjeevi by going to the Supreme Court against her father and seeking protection from him. This act coupled with her lose talk in the media burnt her boats with her father completely.

    Srija and her husband Sirish Bharadwaj are said to be planning to join the congress party. Sirish is related to Vishnu, son of late P Janardhan Reddy.

    But it remains to be seen if the congress party would oblige Srija. The congress may not take a hasty step and do anything to antagonize Chiranjeevi at this point of time.

    Gossips : Chiru’s daughter in congress?

    Srija wants reconciliation

    2007/10/26 16:11:57

    The runaway bride Srija and her husband now seem to have realized the futility of running away from their homes. The couple is now desperate to come back. And after failing to make contact or get any response from her father Chiranjeevi, Srija now is trying to make amends. It appears that some behind the scene mediation is going on. Srija, who took a tough stance against her father, is now seen almost pleading with him to forgive her. This is seen as an effort by her to clear the way for her return.

    The runaway couple is already on the run for nearly 10 days now and it is increasing getting difficult for them to hide from the media as well as the family. They also seem to have realized that they do not have deep pocket o maintain their runaway life. Srija seems to have finally realized the futility of running away from home. It is now clear to the couple that unless and until Chiranjeevi approved of their marriage, they have no chance returning to Hyderabad nor can they a lead a normal life.

    Andhra News : Srija wants reconciliation

    Sirish in shock, Srija depressed

    2007/10/31 18:09:10 After giving the shock of his life to Chiranjeevi, it is now the turn of Srija and sirish to experience the same. Srija hoped that her father, who loves her dearly, would forgive her and quickly accept her marriage. She also hoped that papa Chiranjeevi would rush to Delhi and take her and her husband home along with him. But to her dismay and disappointment and Sirish’s shock, nothing of that sort happened.

    The letter by Chiranjeevi hints that he is in no mod to accept Srija or welcome them home. Sirish had planed the high profile media campaign and filed the case in court in anticipation of a call from Chiranjeevi. Al his plans have come to naught.

    Now with Chiranjeevi firm in his decision not to have anything to do with their marriage, all their hopes have been dashed. Reality is already dawning on Srija and she is now trying to put up a brave front.

    Andhra News : Sirish in shock, Srija depressed

    Chiru cool, Srija panics

    2007/10/27 18:08:39 It appears that the countdown has started for Srija and Sirish to slowly retract their steps. The couple had fled Hyderabad after their secret marriage. The couple is now in Delhi and is seen visiting temples and other places. They have once again appeared before the media and have asked their families to forgive them.
    Srija was seen pleading with her father to forgive her for her act. But Chiranjeevi has so far not opened his mouth. Chiranjeevi’s silence seems to have had the desired effect. The couple has now realized their folly and also the futility of running away from their homes. They now have to wait till Monday to learn about Chiranjeevi’s reaction. He is expected to make his stance clear in writing to the court on Monday. Till then, the suspense will continue and Srija and Sirish have no option but to bide their time in anticipation.

    Andhra News : Chiru cool, Srija panics

    Is Sirish only interested in Srija’s money?

    2007/10/27 11:50:48

    The majority of the people who have been folowing the mariage of Srija and sirish are of the view that Sirish, husband of Srija is more interested in the millions that Chiranjeevi has invested in the name of Srija than in Srija herself. Chiranjeevi is one of the most sucessful actors in the indsutry and has amassed a lot of wealth in his over three decades old career in Tollywood.

    It is believed that Chiranjeevi has invested in a lot of property in Srija’s name, she is thus fabulously rich. It is this money, that Sirish might be after, feel many of the people who have been following the events closely.

    Andhra News : Is Sirish only interested in Srija’s money?

    Srija back in Hyderabad

    2007/11/12 13:34:36 Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija and her husband came back to Hyderabad on Sunday. They arrive by Indian airlines flight at 9.00 a.m. and slipped out of the airport through the VIP exit. The two later surfaced at n apartment at Begumpet. Srija said that she would like to start her married life with her husband from today.

    Srija and her husband are yet to complete their studies. While Sirish has not yet completed his fourth year of engineering, Srija is still in her second year degree course. It is not clear how the new couple will fend for themselves financially.

    Sirish’s parents come from very modest background and are not that well off financially to look after the newly wedded couple. When questioned about this, all that the couple could say was that God would show them a way.

    Andhra News : Srija back in Hyderabad

    Prof. Kodhandaram dictates terms to Ministers?

    2011/8/15 8:28:14 The ongoing Telangana agitations have given birth to number of JACs all over the state, which are now virtually running a parallel Government in the state. They decides when to work and when to go on bandh on day to day basis, which makes peoples’ lives miserable. Telangana political JAC Chairman Prof. Kodhandaram is one among those several JAC leaders who nowadays dictates what to do, when to do and how to do etc to the Government and its Ministers.

    He asked the Telangana Ministers to boycott the official flag hoisting functions and surprisingly many of the Ministers obeying his orders absconds this official function. He said it is not fair to share this event with Andhra rulers. Kodhandaram being a professor is expected to develop patriotic feelings in the people. But, he is found sowing seeds of poison and encourages the leaders to abscond from their primary duty of flag hoisting and sadly there is no one to object him.

    Andhra News : Prof. Kodhandaram dictates terms to Ministers?

    Srija pays tributes to grandfather

    2007/12/24 16:22:06 Srija, the younger daughter of megastar Chiranjaeevi went to the residence of her grandfather this afternoon. She paid her last respects to her grandfather and returned immediately. She refused to talk to the media or make any comments. Chiranjeevi was in a room upstairs when Srija arrived. She sat near the body of her grandfather for some and later left the place.

    Andhra News : Srija pays tributes to grandfather

    Sirish Bharadwaj, a Mega son-in-law for Chiru

    2011/3/16 17:19:36 Chairanjeevi’s daughter Srija going to police against her husband Sirish Bharadwaj and his detaining is something that was hanging to the news headlines during the last three days. Although, police has revealed nothing interesting out of their interrogation, some stunning news was surfaced through the media probes.

    When, Srija elopes with Sirish Bharadwaj to New Delhi against her father’s will she thought that, it is not fair to enjoy her Rs.200 Crores worth both moveable and immovable properties given to her by her father Chiranjeevi. Hence, she has returned all her properties to her father without letting her husband know about her transactions. When, her husband Sirish came to know about this huge transfer he was quite irritated and turns violent. However, somehow he cools down for time being and able to find his way into his father-in-law Chairanjeevi’s house, with the new arrival of their baby.

    Yet, Chiranjeevi has never entertained him as he still couldn’t accept him as his family member. However, Sirish had some favors from him but not satisfied with it as he expects much more from his father-in-law that could be in par with his status. Sirish Bharadwaj, who comes from a middle class family, amazed with the enormous wealth of his in-laws and become greedy for money. According to Srija’s complaint he and his mother has demanded Rs.50 lakhs in the initial rounds of harassment, but she managed to escape from their grip and take shelter at her parent’s family. She keeps cool until Allu Arjun’s marriage is over and then lodged complaint against her in-laws.

    There is also another story is in media circulation which states that, Chiranjeevi’s family members have brain washed Srija to leave her husband whom they believe is a misfit in their wealthy family. Srija was told how her dad Chiranjeevi has suffered agony all these days because of her unmindful act of marrying Sirish Bharadwaj. She felt the pinch when she attends the grand wedding of her cousin Allu Arjun few days ago, with which she comes to a conclusion that, her husband is indeed a misfit in her wealthy family and she lost all those happy moments in her life only because of him. So, was the complaint.

    Andhra News : Sirish Bharadwaj, a Mega son-in-law for Chiru

    Srija case postponed to April 16

    2011/3/31 15:39:30

    The Nampally court has postponed the hearing in the Srija and Sirish Bhardwaj case to April 16. The court was supposed to counsel both parties but as Srija and Sirish did not attend the court the case has been postponed.

    The court had earlier granted bail to Sirish’s mother in the dowry harassment case. Sirish is still absconding.

    Andhra News : Srija case postponed to April 16

    Srija Who?

    2007/11/21 11:43:52 Public memory is short. The runaway bride and groom Srija and Sirish hogged the limelight for well over a month. Now, the public seems to have lost all interest in them. Even the media has dropped them from their radar.

    And for all practical purposes, their marriage issue is a dead story for the media. The only interest if any is how they will manage their life. For Sirish, he has successfully handled plan A. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he married Srija only for her money.
    Now that the marriage has been formalized and even registered, it is like having a lottery in hand. Now all that Sirish needs is to win the lottery and lay his hand on millions that Chiranjeevi has put in the name of Srija.

    Andhra News : Srija Who?

    Allu Arjun’s film similar to Srija story

    2007/11/22 11:30:01 Allu Arjun’s latest film with Bommarillu Bhaskar is progressing briskly. Dil Raju is the producer. The story of the film was finalized much before Srija eloped with her lover. But the story of Arjun’s film is remarkably close to Srija story.

    The hero runs away with the girl and marries her against the wishes of the girl’s parents. The director is now stated to be making suitable changes to the story in light of the Srija incident. The film will now show the consequences of running away from home and get married.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun’s film similar to Srija story

    Srija warns Jogaiah!

    2008/1/31 19:09:14 Srija once aging made a bid to hog media headlines today. She warned senior congress leader Harirama Jogaiah not to drag her and husband Sirish's names into any controversy.

    Jogaiah had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi saying that some congress MPs and a union minister were behind Sirish and Srija eloping from home and getting married. This has hurt Chiranjeevi a lot and this is the reason why Chiru is now nursing a grouse against the congress party.

    Srija said that she was deeply 'hurt' and 'disturbed' by this report. She said that there were no big hands behind her decision to run away from home. She said that it was only her love for Sirish that was her strength behind her and not some big politicians.

    Andhra News : Srija warns Jogaiah!

    Chiranjeevi daughter complains against husband

    2011/3/14 19:33:33

    Chairanjeevi’s second daughter Srija who flee away from home to marry her boy friend Sirish Bharadwaj, after having a baby she was able to reunite with her parents. She was seen attending public functions with her father Chiranjeevi and she was encouraged to launch a film production company to make TV serials. Her husband Sirish Bharadwaj was shown a berth in Film Censor Board to upkeep his dignity as son-in-law of mega star. Recently, he also started an Event Management Company ‘Titus.’

    But, ever since she reunites with her family members the distance between the couple start growing. Srija now feel more secured with her parents than with her husband with whom she flee away to New Delhi alleging a life threat from her father and Uncle Pawan Kalyan.

    It came to know that, Srija has filed a police complaint against her husband Sirish Bharadwaj in CC Police station on Monday morning. Therefore, police have taken him into their custody and said to be interrogating him. It is learnt that, they may also try his parents in this regard.

    Andhra News : Chiranjeevi daughter complains against husband

    Big politician behind Sirish?

    2007/10/23 14:55:27
    It is rumored in informed circles that Sirish has the backing of a big political leader. It is only with his backing and guidance that Sirish managed to run away from the state safely and also reach Delhi.

    The same politician is said to have arranged the lawyer for Sirish and Srija. It is being said that neither Srija nor Sirish have the necessary wherewithal to hire a lawyer in Delhi. Sirish’s father, who is also a lawyer, is also believed to be guiding his son in making the right moves.

    Andhra News : Big politician behind Sirish?

    Sirish seeks SHRC help

    2011/3/23 12:39:52

    Sirish Bharadwaj has gone underground ever since Srija field a case of dowry harassment against him and his mother Surya Mangala. Sirish’s father has filed a bail application in court.

    Sirish has since moved a petition in the State Human Rights Commission. Sirish wants the SHRC to allow him to talk to Srija for at least five minutes.

    However the acting chief of the SHRC rejected Sirish’s plea saying that a case is now pending in the Nampally court.

    Andhra News : Sirish seeks SHRC help

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