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on 2007/10/27 9:58:15

Suchitra Sen well, returns home

Former Bollywood actress Suchitra Sen was discharged from a nursing home in Kolkata after doctors certified her fit to return.

Former Bollywood actress Suchitra Sen was discharged from a nursing home in Kolkata after doctors certified that her Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) was under control.

"Mrs Sen is absolutely fine. Her UTI is under control. There is no fever. She is comfortable and the doctors allowed her release last night," Belle Vue Clinic's CEO P Tandon said on Friday.

Sen, who has been living the life of a recluse from the mid 70s, was admitted to the nursing home on October nine with high fever and UTI. She was shifted to an ICU with a veil of secrecy being maintained at all times as per her wishes.

Asked if she would have to report for a check-up, Tandon said "if necessary, doctors will go to see her at her residence."

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    Suchitra Sen discharged from hospital

    2008/3/10 13:22:54

    Legendary Bengali film actress of yesteryears, Suchitra Sen was on Sunday night discharged from the Kolkata hospital where she was admitted with fever and chest infection two weeks ago.

    Hospital sources said Sen was discharged at 9.55 pm and was taken to her home in an ambulance amidst tight security.

    The cabin in the nursing home's ICU and all entrances was under tight security in view of a woman's attempt to enter her cabin during her stay there.

    The 77-year-old reclusive actress, who has often been compared to Greta Garbo who also preferred to remain in her cocoons, has not been seen in public since her retirement from the film world in the late 1970's.

    Sen, who featured in romantic partnerships on screen with late Bengali megastar Uttam Kumar from the 50s to the 70s and in Hindi films like Aandhi, was admitted to the nursing home on February 25 night.

    She was, also admitted in the second week of October last.

    Bollywood News : Suchitra Sen discharged from hospital

    Suchitra Krishnamoorthy plays Thakur's wife

    2007/5/8 10:15:53

    Actress turned singer, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy made her comeback to films with Ram Gopal Varma’s My Wife’s Murder and now she will be seen in his forthcoming film Sholay.

    Suchitra will portray the character of Kavita, wife of the Thakur in Sholay. Her character did not exist in the original film but is an addition in Varma’s version of the film. Suchitra will therefore play Mohanlal’s wife in the film.

    Apart from singing and acting she is actively involved in painting and social activities. Suchitra is associated with Saathi, an NGO run by Altaf Shaikh and Roshni Nair, which works for the rescue and rehabilitation of destitute women and girls.

    She also informs that her paintings will be showcased in an exhibition to be held by Saathi at the Cymroza Art Gallery, Breach Candy on May 9.

    Bollywood News : Suchitra Krishnamoorthy plays Thakur's wife

    Preity Zinta Plays ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’

    2007/3/31 11:53:33

    Months before Suchitra Krishna Murthy had given indications of a famous celebrity actress having an affair with her husband Shekhar Kapur. But now she has come in open accusing Preity Zinta for breaking her marriage.

    While Preity has been trying to calm Suchitra down saying the affair is not true, Suchitra’s anger has flared up even more. Suchitra says “Preity called me and asked why I was slurring her reputation? How dare she call me? She dare not call me again. She was holding a screening for kids and wanted Kaveri and I to attend the screening of Janeman.

    She wanted to build this family image, but I am appalled at her guts.” When Preity spoke to Suchitra she supposedly even tried to explain to her that she was getting married and that Shekhar would give her away like a father gives away his daughter. Well, what Preity doesn’t understand is that Shekhar Kapur might not have a daughterly feeling towards her as she thinks he has. Shekhar Kapur, however has not spoken about his personal life yet.

    Bollywood News : Preity Zinta Plays ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’

    Suchitra not to receive award?

    2006/8/12 15:20:57

    Actor Suchitra Sen is a living legend, someone who has often been compared with Hollywood’s most enigmatic star Greta Garbo for her talent, beauty and elusiveness. After all, few have seen Suchitra Sen since 1995, and no matter how much the present government tries, it is finding it difficult to get her out of this house to get the prestigeous Dada Saheb Phalke Award.

    “ I don't think she would go to Delhi to receive the award. She can receive it if any representative comes to her,” said Subrata Mukherjee, a close friend of the Sen family.

    Those close to her say Suchitra Sen wants to be remembered as she was - the beautiful heroine who mesmerised thousands – and that no laurel in the world will make her come out.

    “If she were to do a role at an advanced stage, I think the audience would accept that. Having said that however, I must say this: the mystique that she has preserved might get shattered if she suddenly breaks the shackles and comes into the open. So it’s an open question, whether one would like to see her again, or prefer to preserve the memory of what she was,” film personality Ashok Viswanathan.

    Mystery has been surrounding the actress for a long time – but recently another layer of it seems to have been added, what with TIMES NOW learning that the jury members officially have not received Sen’s nomination for the award yet. Like any film script, here, too, the climax is yet to come!


    Bollywood News : Suchitra not to receive award?

    Preity's Affair with Ness Is In Danger!

    2007/4/5 13:04:17

    Suchitra Krishnamoorthy's outburst has had far-reaching repercussion. Among those whom she has upset is Preity Zinta's special friend Ness Wadia who has been wondering why Suchitra has been talking in this way.

    Preity Zinta who absolutely denies having anything to do with Shekhar Kapoor has issued the filmmaker an ultimatum to clear her name.

    Preity called up Shekhar Kapoor asking him to clear her name immediately. Shekhar who was in Mumbai on Thursday to meet his daughter, was apparently very embarrassed and has promised Preity that he would clear the air.

    "Otherwise Preity will take drastic action against those who are bad-mouthing her," says a close friend of Preity.

    "I mean, Shekhar treats Preity like a child. He has virtually seen her grow up. Surely there're more discreet ways for an angry wife to be noticed? How would Suchitra like it if her 6-year daughter is questioned by her friends in school about her dad and Preity?

    Suchitra claims Preity called her up and said not to talk this way because she, Preity was getting married. No such thing happened."

    Preity adds, "Main pataa nahin kahan se controversies mein ghus jaati hoon. Where do I come into this? I've met Shekhar maybe five times in ten years. He was supposed to make my launch film. But it never happened.

    But we've kept in touch and we've met up when he was in India. In fact I was supposed to have been directed by Shekhar for producer Vishal Bharadwaj in a film called Mantra. That was the last I met him."

    Bollywood News : Preity's Affair with Ness Is In Danger!

    Rachcha unit returns from Bangkok

    2011/8/19 18:31:05 Ram Charan Tej and Tamannah starrer movie ‘Rachcha’ shooting at Bangkok recently wrapped up and the unit returns home. The next schedule of this movie shooting will commence soon.
    This film is directed by Sampath Nandi. N V Prasad and Paras Jain are jointly producing the film on Mega Super Good Films banner. Mani Sharma is scoring music for this film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rachcha unit returns from Bangkok

    Will Preity Zinta be the next to tie the knot?

    2007/4/23 12:07:01

    Among the most eligible girls in Bollywood, Preity Zinta looks like the one who might tie the nuptial knot next. It has been nearly two years since Preity and Ness Wadia (Bombay Dyeing heir) have been dating. The couple is often seen together in public, private functions and social dos.

    Their relationship has withstood the test of time. During their courtship, there have been rumours of their split many times. There has also been grapevine that Preity does not get along with Ness’s mother Maureen Wadia well enough. But the ultimate test of their relationship came recently when former actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthy accused Preity of having an affair with her husband Shekhar Kapoor and claimed that Preity was responsible for breaking their marriage. Preity strongly denied Suchitra’s allegations.

    Through all this thick and thin, Preity and Ness have stood by each other. The two were recently spotted together at the wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. As for their own marriage, Preity and Ness are not willing to comment anything. Yes, a few weeks back, Preity did give a hint. She had said in an interview: “Get ready for a big announcement.”

    Well, we are waiting Preity.

    Bollywood News : Will Preity Zinta be the next to tie the knot?

    Teenage singer returns home

    2006/10/20 18:57:00 Abhay Mallia, an upcoming tennage playback singer of Orissa, who was missing since the last four days returned home in the wee hours today. The 15-year-old singer who had been reported missing from his home in the Kapileswar area this Tuesday was found at a cycle stand near the railway station here

    People at the cycle stand recognised Abhay and informed his family who took home the boy who did not return after attending school on Tuesday, his brother Sanjay Mallia said today.

    The boy said he had taken a train to Berhampur where he spent three days near the railway station and after spending all the money he was carrying he returned by train without a ticket. He also came to know that his family members were worried after TV channels telecast reports about his disappearance.

    Mallia said the boy who will appear in the class X High School Certificate examination next year was finding it difficult to cope up with his studies as he was preoccupied with singing.

    Abhay has so far lent his voice in four Oriya films and over 19 albums.


    Bollywood News : Teenage singer returns home

    I wish to work with Hema again: Dharmendra

    2007/11/22 6:25:15

    It was 9.30 pm and we had waited for almost an hour by then. Soon, the man of the moment comes out of his suite at The HHI to say, “Please give me 10 minutes... my director has come in with the script.” You do so as the request comes from Dharmendra, one of the most macho men to have enthralled Hindi film viewers.

    These 10 minutes pass in speculation and the veteran actor is soon back, apologetic once again. The tiredness from his hectic journey from Mumbai shows on his face, but he still plays the perfect host. “Chai peeyenge?” he asks.

    The veteran still looks as energetic and sporting as he had been on screen four decades ago. “You still look so handsome” we say. “You mean more than Sunny and Bobby?” he asks with a smile.

    Nostalgia trip
    The matinee idol is in Kolkata for four-days for Jahnu Barua’s Har Pal and his love for the city comes through. The trip down memory lane begins with the shooting for Asit Sen’s Mamta in 1966, where Suchitra Sen was his co-star, New Theatres, Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and the other Bengali names linked to his career.

    “How is Suchitra Sen? She wasn’t well. She has been a great friend. I pray for Suchitra’s good health. I wish I could always visit her but I respect her privacy,” he says.

    “I can’t forget the chandeliers of Grand Hotel and the New Theatre’s office... Suchitra took me to the Kali temple in the wee hours. I would like to visit the place this time, too,” he says.

    Happy and content
    At his age, Dharmendra could have taken a sabbatical from films but this year has seen him in a new avatar. Three of his films — Apne, Johnny Gaddar and Life... In A Metro — have been hits. Is it a comeback? Probably not for a
    man who has been working without a break for five decades and has also romanced the heroines his sons have worked with.

    Apne will always remain special to him. It reflects in his eyes. “Apne to apne hote hai. It’s special working with Sunny and Bobby, but I always have done the film keeping in mind the character of Chaudhary Baldev Singh. I have never worked keeping in mind my co-stars but the character. When I was new I worked with a powerful actor like Nutan in Bandini who made me feel I was a doctor and not Dharmendra,” he says.

    Moving on
    Directors such as Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Chetan Anand and Mohan Saigal are people whom Dharmendra misses. He also feels nostalgic about acting with Nutan and Sharmila Tagore but his passion for cinema keeps him going.

    The veteran feels excited about working with the new breed of actors such as Priety Zinta and Shiney Ahuja, who feature in this film.

    In Har Pal, the actor will be seen in a different kind of role. He plays a drunkard who does not marry and whose life changes when he meets a girl. “It is a very true-to-life character. It is the girl’s story,” he says.

    Dharmendra, who promises to keep working for the sake of his huge fan following is a contented actor and father. “I do not feel proud, but I am happy with what life has given me,” he says. He has four home productions lined up — Chumku (with Bobby), Man (with Sunny), Masters (all three of them together) and Justice (a solo project).

    Deep down in his heart, there is the urge to work with Hema Malini again. “I have a great wish to work with Hema again and we are searching for a good script,” he signs off.

    Bollywood News : I wish to work with Hema again: Dharmendra

    Ramba returns to Tamil

    2008/1/15 18:48:29

    Ramba is soon going to set the record for making the most number of comebacks in the history South Indian film industry! Yet again, everybody was more than ready to write her off as a closed chapter and she is back again. During her disappearance from South Indian films for a while, she had gone to Bhojpuri films and was doing very well there. But suddenly she decided to return home. She opened this innings with an item number in a Telugu film starring a leading young actor. That by itself was a marvelous achievement! It is only a matter of time before she returns to Malayalam too.

    But meanwhile, she has gotten herself a plum role in a new film in Tamil. More than two decades ago, K Bhagyaraj made a controversial film named 'Chinna Veedu'. Since everybody is busy either remaking or coming up with sequels, someone has picked this film up for a sequel. 'Meendum Chinna Veedu' is the name of the film. This time around, there are going to be five heroines signifying the five elements of the universe. Ramba is going to be one of them.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Ramba returns to Tamil

    Vijayashanthi to appear in court

    2007/3/16 12:42:06

    Vijayashanthi has been issued notices by the income-tax departments regarding non-filing of income-tax returns. The returns date back to the period 1994 to 97. A Chennai court has issued summons to Vijayashanthi to appear before it.

    Vijayashanthi is expected to appear before the court shortly. She says that she is being harassed for no reason by IT department. She is likely to fight it out in the court. .

    Telugu Cinema News : Vijayashanthi to appear in court

    Actors queue up outside IT office

    2008/3/19 19:29:54 The actors, producers and directors in Tollywood are now worried abut income tax raids. The IT department officials raided several actors and technicians in the industry recently. With the threat of IT raids looming large over their heads, several heroes and technicians were seen queueing up to paytheir taxes.

    Actors like Nagarjuna, Mohan Babu, Sumanth, Ram Charan, Tarun, Ileana and others rushed to the Aayakar Bhavan to file their tax returns. Some senior producers like Ashwini Dutta have also rushed to pay their taxes. Some more artists from the industry are likely to file their tax returns over the next few days.

    Andhra News : Actors queue up outside IT office

    Congress sends feelers to Jagan?

    2011/8/16 15:51:04 Former Minister Diwakar Reddy, who is known for sensational statements, has stated today that, if Jagan return to Congress party it would be nothing but home coming. It could purify him from every sin and he will be free from every problem that he is facing now.

    This statement is also published in Jagan’s Sakshi news paper in its today’s edition. Is he indicating that, all this Congress-mark treatment is given to Jagan all these days to make him kneel down before it asking for mercy?

    If so, his statement also proves that what ever Jagan told about being harassed is true and the court cases and CBI inquiries is part of Congress party game? Diwakar’s statement also assures that, all the cases and inquiries will dissolves into air once he returns to the Congress party. Is he luring Jagan Mohan Reddy to return home?

    We have to wait for Jagan’s reaction in this regard to understand whether he wants to go ahead with his party or return to Congress succumbing to harassment.

    Andhra News : Congress sends feelers to Jagan?

    Public apathy shocks Celina

    2008/5/11 11:03:28

    Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley is in a state of shock after her brother had a near-fatal accident in an army cantonment town in Madhya Pradesh.

    "He could've died on the road, right there... my parents' only son, my brother," Celina, who has featured in films like 'No Entry' and 'Apna Sapna Money Money', said. The accident took place in Mhow .

    "And would you believe, my brother Vikrant, a captain in the army, who was posted in Lebanon with the UN peacekeeping force, lay in a pool of blood for 25 minutes unattended after being in a hit-and-run accident. People just stood and stared at this army man in uniform as he lay dying," she added.

    "Until a Muslim gentleman passed by, saw the scene, found my brother's mobile thrown off at a distance. The gentleman, God bless him, dialled the last number on my brother's mobile which happened to belong to my father, a retired army colonel.

    "Can you imagine a father being told his only son is lying unconscious in a pool of blood on the road? My father ran all the way from our home to the spot. Fortunately, an army doctor who happened to be passing by had taken charge of the situation by the time my father arrived.

    "They both kept screaming and shouting at my brother to keep him from slipping into coma until they reached the hospital. Otherwise anything could've happened."

    The actress was busy shooting for Rohit Shetty's 'Golmaal Returns' in Goa. On hearing the news, she rushed home.

    "I had to rush to Mhow to be with my parents. I felt really guilty that I wasn't there for them when this happened. Then I had to rush back to Goa because it was the climax shooting of 'Golmaal Returns' and there was no way I could be relieved. I shot the climax, then rushed back to be with my parents.

    "I've hardly slept in the last one week. Fortunately, he is now out of danger and has been shifted to Lucknow. But no one can imagine what I've gone through."

    What really bothers Celina beyond the immediate crisis is the apathy of common people.

    "No one helped my brother. Women just stood there with their dupattas to their mouths, men just looked on curiously, when everyone in Mhow knows my father as retired Colonel Vikram Jaitley. Our home is known as the Jaitley kothi.

    "In fact, some over-concerned types took my brother's shattered helmet from the accident site and gave it to my mother at home who was deliberately kept clueless about my brother. She thought the worst had happened."

    However, the worse is over.

    Bollywood News : Public apathy shocks Celina

    All dressed up and nowhere to go...

    2006/10/20 6:58:18 Actress Shilpa Shetty is home alone this Diwali

    It's a lonely Diwali for actress Shilpa Shetty. "You see, this is the first Diwali when mom isn't in town. She's with my sister Shamita in Cape Town. That leaves me and Dad alone at home for Diwali. Being the woman of the house for Diwali isn't easy. And I'm finding that out. I've to buy everything from the decorations to the food. But no crackers for us. Every time one bursts, my pets hide under the sofa. Even I feel like joining them there," she bursts into laughter.

    "Our home is dismayingly empty right now. The soonapan would have killed me if it were not for work. Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa has filled the lacuna very nicely. It has been an amazing experience," she says.

    Shilpa has already said 'yes' to Season 2 of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa, "I don't know about Sanjay Bhansali and Farah Khan. But I'm definitely in for the second season. When Jhalak… returns at this time next year I certainly want to be part of it."

    Any plans of finding love in this festive season? "First, love has to find me, no? My mother says those who are unlucky in love finally find the right spouse.When you're a known face men seem to get intimidated. They approach you either too formally or too casually. There's never a balance."

    Meanwhile, she has found good chemistry on screen with Kay Kay menon in Anurag Basu’s Metro.

    "I don't know what it is," giggles Shilpa. "It's just so amazing. KK is such a powerhouse of intensity. I'm far more spontaneous. When we come together, something amazing happens. To top it, we're shooting in the rains. So it's like fire and water. It's never happened before. I want to do more films with KK. He's an amazing co-star," says Shipa.


    Bollywood News : All dressed up and nowhere to go...

    Mamata serves ultimatum to UPA

    2011/11/4 12:08:14 Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Benarji has told the UPA Government that, her party can't keep counting the mistakes made by it forever and it if it continues its wrong decisions further, they will bid good bye to UPA Government.

    She said "The UPA Government has wiped-off its hands from Petroleum companies and let them hike the petro product prices as and when they want to be. During the last 11 months they have increased it for five times. I will talk to Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh over this issue, once he returns home. If, he couldn't control the prices we will not hesitate to withdraw our support to his Government."

    National News : Mamata serves ultimatum to UPA

    Bollywood actress Riya Sen says crank calls are good for her self esteem

    2006/10/21 12:52:05 Indian actress Riya Sen gets lots of crank calls and she likes it, the Bollywood starlet told the Times of India newspaper in an interview.

    "My mom and dad are used to blank calls at odd hours at home. In fact if I don't get attention I feel I am not good looking any more," Sen said.

    Sen, 25, is a granddaughter of legendary film actress Suchitra Sen and daughter of Moon Moon Sen, a big name in the Bengali film industry based in Calcutta.

    Riya Sen started her film career at age 15 when she appeared in "Taj Mahal," a movie made in southern India by director Bharati Raja.

    She also has appeared in Hindi music videos and acted in Bollywood movies such as "Diwana Tere Nam Ka" (Mad after you) and "Style."

    However, she has not taken on any new film roles in a while because she hasn't found the right one yet, she said.

    "I still haven't got what I really deserve. If I want to I could sign three solo-lead movies every single day," she told the paper in an interview published Wednesday.

    Bollywood, India's prolific Hindi-language movie industry, is based in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

    source:international herald

    Bollywood News :  Bollywood actress Riya Sen says crank calls are good for her self esteem

    Bollywood Bloopers...

    2006/12/4 18:58:08 In the first couple of minutes into the Aishwarya Rai starrer, Umrao Jaan, there is a major mistake! Umrao Jaan's father returns home and washes his hands using a hand pump. Well, the only thing that is unusual here is that the hand pump is the UNICEF approved India Mark II pump.

    Unless Umrao Jaan's family was in a time warp and were buying their hand pumps in the future (1980's), then it was a major mistake ! Well, when the film producers run out of creativity and have to resort to a 'remake', then obviously attention to detail is not very high on their list of priorities.


    Bollywood News :  Bollywood Bloopers...

    Kangana is homesick, wants to be home for sister

    2006/11/1 14:06:41 Shooting in South Africa should be loads of fun but "Woh Lamhe" actress Kangana Ranaut is eager to return home to be with her sister, who received serious burn injuries after two men flung acid on her.

    "The country is so breathtakingly beautiful, filled with natural beauty but my heart is just not in it," Kangana told IANS.

    She is shooting for Suneel Darshan's "Shakalaka Boom Boom" with Upen Patel.

    "We're doing a song. And it's like a party. We shot it in a goldmine. Upen is great fun. And, my god, he talks so much! Before he completes one topic he runs on to the next.

    "But I want to return home. My sister Rangoli is in the hospital. Of course, my parents are there to look after her. But without me they're a little lost in Mumbai."

    There's an added pressure on Kangana to return home.

    "My sister is supposed to undergo skin grafting for her burns in a couple of days. I really need to be near her. I don't want to delay the operation. Rangoli wants to look as pretty as she did earlier for her wedding, which is on Feb 8. We really can't delay her cosmetic surgery."

    Kangana feels the acid-throwing accident could've done worse damage to her sister.

    "Her face could've been irreparably damaged. Her fiancé could've called off the marriage. None of this happened."

    Kangana, a thorough professional, will not leave if it creates problems for Darshan.

    "If Mr. Darshan asks me to stay back, I will. But I'd really not like to miss my sister's surgery. And there's no way I'd allow her to be operated until I'm present."

    Now the matter has been sorted out. Kangana returns home for the operation in the first week of November.

    "She's expected to completely recover. After the acid throwing, anything could've happened.

    "Maybe some people don't like the fact that a small town girl like me is being noticed so suddenly. I want to make it clear that I'm not here to be a threat to anyone. But I won't take insults or injustice lying down. God has been kind. My sister has got back her life. That's more important to me than any success."

    Police arrested both the men in the Himachal Pradesh town of Mandi last week.


    Bollywood News : Kangana is homesick, wants to be home for sister

    The rebirth of Rohit Bal

    2006/10/12 20:30:52

    The designer got 'relaunched' at Ensemble last night.

    After over a decade, designer Rohit Bal is finally returning 'home'. Having started out his career by retailing at Ensemble, the designer now returns with a special 'relaunch' at the high-fashion store after a hiatus.

    Reflects Tina Tahiliani, "Well, I think what happened was that as a designer grows, they also get into opening their own stores and every store that launches them has to kind of give them wings," she explains. "Rohit and I have known each other over the ages, and when I recently saw his Fall collection at Fashion Week in April, which was a really strong show, we started chatting and decided to take things forward."

    Rohit adds in, "For me, Ensemble will always be like coming home. Its premier reputation and clientele will contribute in augmenting my reach and even more, just being able to work with the team again, who are a cutting edge bunch genuinely aware and serious about the business of fashion is exciting."

    With a special space dedicated to his designs, quiz Tina what she loves about his clothes and she says, "The kind of detailing and ornamentation that one sees in his work is extremely sophisticated – he's not at all got into the whole Bollywood bling-bling thing."


    Bollywood News : The rebirth of Rohit Bal

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