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Tarun’s woes

2007/4/28 16:37:36

It seems now it’s the turn of Tarun to face the bitter experience of rejection. His estrangement with Aarti Agarwal is too well known to bear repetition. Tarun is now literally in the same position. His long time friend Vandana Reddy has ditched him and married Tamil actor Srikanth.

And according to reliable sources, Trisha has reportedly refused to act opposite Tarun in a new movie. Tarun has been out of action for almost two years now and is desperate to make a comeback.

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun’s woes

Tarun praises Ileana

2008/5/27 17:28:21

Hero Tarun is now seen prasing the sexy Ileana all the time. Tarun and Ileana acted together in the film 'Bheale Dongalu' The film is a moderate success but has boosted Tarun's morale a lot. His last film 'Nava Vasantham' did not give him the desired boost to his career. While Ileana is now the number one in Tollywood, Tarun is desperately looking to make a comeback. So he is praising Ileana for agreeing to act with him in Bhale Dongalu

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun praises Ileana

Tarun's biggest worry

2008/2/19 14:16:58

Young Tarun is now making a comeback after a gap of about two years. His comeback film 'Navavasantham' did not do well at the box office.

Tarun is now acting in a film with Ileana in K Vijaybhaskar's new film. The movie is now under production.

This should make Tarun quite happy but he is actually found to be very gloomy these days. He seems to have a big worry on his head. It is something to do with his hair. He is now battling hair loss. The hair is falling rapidly and he has lost a lot of hair on the front side over his forehead.

Tarun is now at a loss to tackle this problem. He has tried several therapies but with little success. He is now covering up his baldpate by pulling forward his hair at the back and combing it over the bald area. This is now being termed as his 'new' hairstyle!

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun's biggest worry

Tarun's new film

2007/6/30 7:37:48

Hero Tarun will star in a new film titled 'Navavasantham'. The film is based on a successful Tamil film. The film is being produced on the super Mega Good movies banner.


Telugu Cinema News : Tarun's new film

Chiru launches Tarun’s new film

2007/5/15 8:23:16

Hero Tarun is coming back in Tollywood after a gap of two years. He is acting in a new film under the banner of Supergood Films. The film got underway formally at Ramanaidu studios recently. Megastar Chiranjeevi gave the clap for the muhurat shot while D Suresh Babu switched on the camera.

The title of the film has not yet been finalized. The film will star Priyamani in the lead role opposite Tarun. It is a remake of a Tamil film starring Tarun and directed by Shajahan who also directed the Tamil version. The film also stars heroes Akash and Rohit. Tarun hopes that the film will launch his career once again in Tollywood.

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Telugu Cinema News : Chiru launches Tarun’s new film

Will Arthi Agarwal pair up with Tarun?

2007/5/19 15:57:49

This is the talk that is doing the rounds in the film industry. Tarun and Akash have been signed up to play the lead roles in a new film titled’ Navavasantham’. The film is being made on the Megaa Supergood Films banner and a new comer Shahjahan will be the director.

The film will have three heroines. While the names of Charmee and Priyamani are said to be more or less finalized, the name of Arthi Agarwal is doing the rounds. It is well known that Arthi has had a affair with Tarun and even wanted to marry him. She even tried to commit suicide after failing to marry him.

Now the million dollar question is whether she will once again [pair with Tarun. Tarun however seems to have little say in the matter as he has been out of action for a couple of years and is now trying to stage a comeback. Wait and see for more on this.

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Telugu Cinema News : Will Arthi Agarwal pair up with Tarun?

Tarun smitten by Ileana

2008/5/24 14:14:12

Hero Tarun acted with the hot and sexy Ileana in the film ‘Bhale Dongalu’. The film is a modest hit thanks to the craze for Ileana among the young audience. Tarun seems to be totally smitten by the Goan beauty. He managed to spend time in her company for about three for the shooting of the film.

He is now seen taking about her all the time. He is so infatuated with her that he is now reported to be keen to star with her once again in a new film. Will Ileana oblige him this time?

Gossips : Tarun smitten by Ileana

Tarun refuses Parijatam

2006/8/26 13:59:15

Though there are no hit films in the recent past and passing his time in leisure, Tarun reportedly refused to play hero in a film Parijatam. In fact, the film is a big hit in Tamil and was claimed to be a feel-good film. However, Tarun refused the offer claiming that it lacks any scope to perform. It may be recalled that Tarun had acquired a lover-boy image with his hits like 'Nuvve Kaavaali' and 'Nuvve Nuvve'. His attempts to prove himself as an action/ mass hero failed to click. He better understand that opportunity knocks the door once, while bad luck keeps ringing the doorbell till someone opens it.

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun refuses Parijatam

Will Ileana help Tarun break the jinx?

2008/4/10 20:41:34

Lover boy Tarun is betting on his new film ‘Bhale Dongalu’ to revive his career in a big way in Tollywood. The film is hitting the screens tomorrow. Tarun like Uday Kiran and Nitin made a dream start in films with their first few films making it big at the box office. But all three actors later slid in popularity and could not latch on to their success streak.

The three were out of action for some time and they are now slowly trying to make a comeback. Bhale Dongalu stars Ileana opposite Tarun. Ileana’s career graph is now moving upwards and she is now the leading heroine in Tollywood. Will she now help Tarun to break the jinx of flop shows and give him the much needed hit? We have to wait till tomorrow to know the result.

Andhra News : Will Ileana help Tarun break the jinx?

Jagapathi as cop and Tarun as thief

2008/2/11 18:43:47 Tarun is now playing the lead role in a new film produced by S Panduranga Rao and presented by Bellamkonda Suresh. The sexy Ileana is the heroine. Jagapathi Babu is playing a special role in the film.

The film is based on the Hindi film 'Bunty aur Babli' starring Abhisekh Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee. Tarun will play the role of a thief and Jagapathi Babu will play the role of a cop. Bommarillu Bhaskar is the director.

Andhra News : Jagapathi as cop and Tarun as thief

Krishna Vamsi to direct Tarun

2008/5/3 12:45:28

Creative director Krishna Vamsi's film with Manchu Vishnu is now more or less shelved. He is now working on his new film with lover boy Tarun as hero. The film will be produced by Sunkara Madhumurli. He has produced films like Danger, Khadgam, Pallakilo Pellikoothuru etc. Tarun is looking for a bit hit to make a mark in his second innings. His Nava Vasantham and Bhale Donglu have done only average business.

Telugu Cinema News : Krishna Vamsi to direct Tarun

Where is Tarun?

2007/3/26 10:21:37

This is on everybody’s lips. Tarun has not been seen in movies for about two years now. It has come to light that he has made good use of these two years of free time to catch up with many things. He has spent his time studying about Direction and other aspects related to film making.

He is also very fond of cricket and never misses an opportunity to play cricket. Tarun has reportedly signed two new films recently. The work on the films is expected to commence shortly. The details about the films are awaited.

Telugu Cinema News : Where is Tarun?

Tarun, Ileana's film launched

2007/10/25 13:54:24

The new film directed by Vijaya Bhaskar with lover boy Tarun and Ileana in the lead got underway recently. Vijaya Bhaskar is very happy with the pairing of Tarun with Ileana.

He says that the to are perfectly suitable for the roles in his film. He is confident that the two would gel very well and go on to become a hit pair.

The yet to be titled film is produced by S Panduranga Rao. K M Radha Krishnan is scoring the music for the film.

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun, Ileana's film launched

Simbu bashes up Tarun Gopi?

2007/9/19 14:38:12

Kaalai is currently the hottest upcoming film in Kollywood which has brought together young talents like director Tarun Gopi of Thimiru fame and little super star Simbu. This duo has become the topic of discussion in Kodambakkam now when the news about their brawl at shooting spot began to leak.

It was reported that during the shooting of Kaalai, there surfaced some kind of difference of opinion between the director and the lead actor Simbu who totally losing control of himself, was alleged to have beaten up Tarun Gopi. When the matter was probed with the director, he denied the entire incident vociferously and added that this is only a figment of imagination of people who are envious of the relationship that he shares with Simbu.

He is also quick to point out, “I play the role of villain in Simbu’s Kettavan, the shooting for which is beginning today and he is in my film. We are good friends and people who are not able to tolerate our friendship and my success are responsible for starting this malicious rumor”.

Tamil Cinema News : Simbu bashes up Tarun Gopi?

Tarun’s ‘Journey’

2008/5/16 13:52:43
Hero Tarun is now acting in a new film to be directed by creative director Krishna Vamsi. Genelia is the heroine. The film has been titled as ‘Journey’. The tagline is ‘From Rajamundry to Hyderabad. The title is novel and stylish like all Krishna Vamsi’s titles.

The film is said to be a free make of the hit Hindi film ‘Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi’. Tarun’s last film ‘Bhale Dongalu’ with Ileana was a modest hit.

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun’s ‘Journey’

Ill fated lover boy hit jackpot?

2011/3/1 11:11:26

Tollywood actor Tarun, despite having good physique and acting talent was unable to get a break in his film career. Occasionally, he comes with some romantic films, yet they leave him disappointed. His latest upcoming film ‘Yuddham’ is all set to release soon. New actress Yami is pairing with Tarun in this film. Real star Sri Hari is playing an important role in the film. The other stars in the film are Chandra Mohan, Brahmanandam, Chalapathi Rao, and Asish Vidhyarthi.

This film is directed by Bharathi Ganesh and produced by Natti Kumar under his Visakha Talkies banner. The buzz is producer Natti Kumar who is very confident of the success of this film is said to be planning to release the film with 550prints. If so, then this would be the highest number of prints in Tarun’s film career, which is nothing less to a jack pot for him.

Telugu Cinema News : Ill fated lover boy hit jackpot?

Nothing ‘new’ in ‘Nava’ Vasantham

2007/11/9 15:10:06 The film Nava Vasantham starring Tarun and Priyamani in the lead is a story on the beaten track. The film has nothing new to offer. It is bout friendship and sacrifice. The film is loaded heavily with sentiment and is just an average fare.

Tarun has done a decent job and Priymani also lends glamour with her looks, but the film is too heavy on sentiment and has a limited appeal. Only the youngsters might be impressed at the way the four friends go about in achieving their goals in life.

Telugu Cinema News : Nothing ‘new’ in ‘Nava’ Vasantham

Tarun denies plans of marriage

2006/6/8 20:44:23

Young hero Tarun has been inundated with calls enquiring about his marriage after the news appeared in media. Speaking exclusively to TeluguCinema.Com today, Tarun struck off all speculations about his marriage with Divya Reddy as reported earlier.

He clarified that he was not thinking of marriage, and that he'd not plan to get married in the next four years or so. Calling the whole thing a rumor, he exclaimed, "I had been getting hundreds of calls since morning! ...One website carried the speculation, and how can everyone else copy the news blatantly without even trying to confirm it!?"

He added, "I'd be glad to inform you first when I decide enter the nuptial bond."

He asks the media to be restrained in personal matters and crosscheck the facts before going for print.


Telugu Cinema News : Tarun denies plans of marriage

Tarun and Allu Arjun as ‘Romeos’

2007/12/26 17:46:40 The Allu Arjun starrer directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar and produced by Dil Raju has been titled as ‘Romeo – Need Juliet’. Now another film with a similar title is in progress.
Tarun and Genelia’s new film has also been titled as ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Vijayabhaskar is the director. Now it remains to be seen if one of them changes their title or will they release their films with similar looking titles?

Telugu Cinema News : Tarun and Allu Arjun as ‘Romeos’

Priyamani busy at Turkistan

2007/10/11 9:00:03

Canning of songs for 'Nava Vasantham' directed by Shahjahan, presented by RB Choudary and jointly produced by NV Prasad and Paras Jain on the banner of Mega Super Good Films with Tarun and Priyamani in the lead were completed recently at Turkistan in Russia.

Giving details about the songs, RB Choudary says, 'We shot one and a half song involving Tarun, Priyamani and some dancers under the choreography of Ganesh. The film is almost nearing completion and came out very well. Besides Tarun, Akash, Rohit and Sunil also played heroes in the movie.

You can say that it is a multi-hero film. Because, all the artistes earned images of their own by playing solo heroes. Ankitha is pairing opposite Akash. It is the story of four youths who were best friends and live together like family members. Tarun is playing the role of a youth who is ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of friendship.

The film would also earn a good name to Priyamani. There are seven songs and two bit songs. SA Rajkumar gave melodious tunes to all the songs. We are planning to launch the audio after Dasara and release the film as Diwali gift.'

Telugu Cinema News : Priyamani busy at Turkistan

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