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on 2010/9/21 14:33:52

The 'FLAT' Scares Jimmy Shergill

Raaj Varma and Anjum Rizvi’s movie a Flat which would be up for release in the first week of October has already scared Jimmy Shergill who is also starring in the movie alongside SANJAY SURI, KAVERI JHA and HAZEL.

Jimmy recalls While shooting for a spooky sequence for the film, he gave his shot and usual and went to the monitor to check if the shot was proper. The following scenes which occurred on the monitor were unbelievable. The scene was as such that Jimmy was looking at a book and hazel was standing behind him in the ghosts look. A source said, “Hazel was looking so scary,that when Jimmy saw the shot on the monitor he got very scared and jumped off his seat.” Jimmy couldn’t believe the shot could have been as scary as it didn’t feel while enacting in that specific Shot. A crew member said, “Jimmy was really very scared after looking at the shot, and his eye balls grew big.”

Jimmy believes that all those who like horror movies,a Flat is a must watch for them.The cinematography in the film is very thrilling giving it a feel of HOllywood film.

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    Jimmy Shergill and Sanjay Suri Together In Flat

    2008/5/1 8:49:44

    Jimmy Shergill and Sanjay will be sharing space again. Confused? they are coming again in their next venture after Onir’s ‘Bas ek Pal’ to Anjum Rizvi’s ‘FLAT’- supernatural thriller.

    The duo stars, that’ll be doing together a film again for the third time by playing the role of togetherness in this upcoming movie, but the crack of the season, will be their first movie of supernatural thrillers.

    Undoubtedly they share a great chemistry on both off and on screen which reflects the great friendship. What Sanjay says is: “Its lot easier when you carry real life friendships into movies. I and Jimmy are getting to do an absolutely unusual Supernatural genre this time, something that both happen to be doing for the first time. So it’s quite a supernatural experience I must say”

    FLAT is a supernatural thriller, the storyline just revolves around a flat and some of the mysterious instances happens on both the friends on screen. Thus, we just need to sit and relax till the film finally come in the theatres. As their earlier projects were not so good on the box-office, hoping it’ll change their fate.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy Shergill and Sanjay Suri Together In Flat

    Jimmy Shergill's wish

    2011/10/9 18:01:29 Bollywood actor Jimmy Shergill is itching to work with Tabu again.

    They were last seen together in "Maachis" in 1996.

    "I would like to work with Tabu. I have worked with her in my first film 'Maachis'. I really like her as an actress," Jimmy told IANS.

    The 40-year-old is choosy about the kind of roles he portrays on screen and his role in recent film "Saheb Biwi aur Gangster" has been well appreciated.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy Shergill's wish

    Jimmy refuses to kiss Nandana in STRANGERS

    2007/11/21 17:35:32

    We have heard of heroines backing off and refusing to do do kissing scenes in bollywood. But according to the source on the sets of "STRANGERS", surprisingly Jimmy Shergill backed out of the lip lock scene with Nandana Sen on the day of the shoot.

    According to reports, it was supposed to a very emotional intimate moment between Jimmy and Nandana that culminates in the lip lock. Director Anand Rai had earlier explained to Jimmy about the scene which required the actors to kiss. Though the director was a bit skeptical whether Nandana would do it, he was apparently caught off guard when Jimmy refused to do it.

    But director Anand Rai justifies his lead actor, " Though I had explained the scene, I understand that actor sometime are not comfortable doing intimate scenes on screen. When I set out to make Strangers, I was clear that my film was about relationship. Therefore a kissing scene with Nandana or the semi-nude scene of Sonali Kulkarni, though important for the emotional turmoil the character goes, I was always flexible for options and pointers from the star cast."

    When Jimmy was asked for his reaction he clarified that, when he heard the initial narration from the director he was sure, it wasn't a must do sequence in the film and made it clear that he didn't want to do it. According to him even the director understood it and was cool about the whole issue.

    Lip lock or no lip lock in STRANGERS seems like Jimmy Shergill joins the bandwagon of actors like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan who do not kiss on screen!!

    STRANGERS produced by Sahara One Motion Pictures is slotted to release on December 7th 2007.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy refuses to kiss Nandana in STRANGERS

    Jimmy Shergill away Shahid comparisons

    2011/2/17 11:04:52

    Over the last one year, one has heard multiple stories about Shahid Kapoor turning into an Air Force officer for his upcoming film 'Mausam'. In fact last weekend he also flew a fighter plane (F16). However Jimmy Sheirgill too has gone through a similar experience and that too months back. He has done that for the character of Sqn Lrd. J. Singh. that he plays in his upcoming film 'Dharti'.

    "'Dharti' has Jimmy playing an Air Force officer and he has gone through a complete look change for the film," says a fellow actor, "Also, to rightly project his role of an officer, there was no compromise on authenticity. Hence there were special permissions taken to not just shoot a part of the film at the Air Force station but capture numerous shots of the fighter planes."

    Another similarity between Jimmy and Shahid is that both are sporting moustaches in the film. "Well, most Air Force officers do," quips an observer.

    Meanwhile Jimmy isn't giving the entire comparison much thought. "Our film is about the politics of Punjab where Air Force happens to be a background for my character. Beyond that the focus is on how various incidents around this Squadron Leader change his life and also impact the political situation there. 'Dharti' is definitely not about flying jets," he smiles.

    A Punjabi-Hindi bilingual, 'Dharti' which releases on Vaisakhi (April) sees the return of director Navaniat Singh with Jimmy Sheirgill after two blockbusters 'Tera Mera Ki Rishta' and 'Mel Karade Rabba'. Surveen Chawla is the leading lady opposite Jimmy.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy Shergill away Shahid comparisons

    Bollywood is changing big time: Jimmy Shergill

    2011/10/3 13:41:08

    New Delhi, Oct 3 (IANS) He started off as a lover boy, but over a period of 11 years he has gone on to play intense roles. Actor Jimmy Shergill describes his progress as slow and steady - something that helped him grow as an actor in a fast-changing industry.

    "Bollywood is changing big time; you can see that different kinds of films are being made. One is typical hardcore commercial, then masala cinema and then you see a lot of unconventional films doing well. The industry has indeed seen a lot of changes," said Jimmy who has also been doing a lot of Punjabi cinema.

    Jimmy is currently being seen in "Sahib Biwi Gangster" and now he is busy shooting for Vikram Bhatt's "Dangerous Ishq", which will see Karisma Kapoor making a comeback on the big screen.

    "My journey has been slow and steady. I have always tried to find a balance, from a commercial set of films to unusual ones. Sometimes you get a lot of acclaim from the unusual films and I think that kind of films helped me grow as an actor," Jimmy told IANS.

    "I would say my progress has been okay. I don't think I have reached a stage where I can say I have progressed. I am somewhere in the middle. I am yet to reach that stage where I can say my progress has been fruitful," he added.

    Jimmy made his Bollywood debut with "Maachis" but he rose to limelight as a lover boy in Yash Raj's "Mohabbatein". Since then he has done a variety of roles in films like "Munna Bhai MBBS" and "Lage Raho Munnabhai" and gradually gone on to play intense roles in "Delhi Heights" and "A Wednesday".

    "It was a deliberate attempt not to get stuck in one particular image but at the same time I was offered such kind of roles, so I grabbed the opportunity," said Jimmy.

    Jimmy has seen ups and downs in his career, and the 40-year-old actor says he has learned to move on.

    "The best part of this profession is that it teaches you to move on. One film is releasing, it does well or doesn't do well, you moved on to another one. It takes away all the attention from all that thing and helps overcome the pressures," he said.

    However, he admits an individual feels bad if a film doesn't work.

    "Each time a film doesn't do well you feel sad about it because you put in so much of hard work on that film, and especially those that you believed in," he said.

    "You feel 'I really wanted this film to do well because I loved the film, I loved the script and enjoyed working on it. I felt that this character was very nice'. When it doesn't work you do feel low, but then as I said you move on," he added.

    Bollywood News : Bollywood is changing big time: Jimmy Shergill

    Strangers bollywood movie on dec 14th

    2007/12/1 13:07:21

    The Jimmy Shergill and Kay Kay Menon starer Strangers with Sonali kulkarni as the lead heroine will be released on December 14th. As “Koya khoya Chand” and “Dus Kahaniyan” are being released on December 7th, next week will be free and the fate of the two films will be known by December 14th said Mr. sharang Sharma who is the head of Sahara one motion pictures which happens to produce strangers. And he also added that it would add another week for the film’s promotion. .

    Bollywood News : Strangers bollywood movie on dec 14th

    I can be as good as my dad

    2007/6/21 9:50:22

    To fill in legendary Saira Bano's shoes isn't easy.

    But newcomer Sonia Mehra, who is the daughter of late actor Vinod Mehra, will attempt that in a remake of the 1972 runaway hit Victoria No. 203.

    Sonia will be paired opposite Jimmy Shergill, in the film which originally starred Navin Nischol, Saira Bano, Ashok Kumar and Pran.

    The actress tells us more about her debut film, her father and her run-ins with a horse, in this candid conversation.

    How does it feel to work with veteran actors like Om Puri and Anupam Kher in your very first film?

    It was very nerve wracking in the beginning. I realise how raw I must have seemed to both of them. And watching them act was like living in an acting school. Their act was only about improvisation but I did my best to learn. Om sir is reserved but Anupamji is very friendly. Eventually, with rehearsals and Jimmy's support, I believe I have done a fairly good job.

    Bollywood News : I can be as good as my dad

    Jimmy Sheirgill can't wait for Neha Dhupia

    2007/3/13 13:17:34

    While 'Dilli Bas' was centered on life in Delhi, 'Ay Gori' was a Holi number that made one nostalgic about 'Rang Barse' [SILSILA]. With enough appreciation coming for the two tracks, the promotion has moved to 'Kitni Der Tak' which is the first romantic number from the film to be out on air.

    The song has a cute and an almost nursery rhyme feel to it since it has Jimmy wooing his newly wed wife on a honeymoon to be with him rather than spending time hanging out in outdoors.

    A romantic number, it has that good combination of rhythm and melody which makes it special as Sonu Nigam shows the naughty side of the lead protagonist who wants his beloved to be up and close with him as soon as possible!

    Rabbi Shergill who has written and composed the song deserves a special mention for creating 'Kirni Der Tak' that has a distinct appeal to it and stands out in the crowd of other Bollywood soundtracks.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy Sheirgill can't wait for Neha Dhupia

    Katrina Kaif is afraid of the dark

    2011/7/16 12:14:21

    Katrina Kaif has very quickly climbed to the top position in Bollywood giving scare to some of her counterparts in the film industry.

    But do you know, the pretty lass who scares every actress with her dumdaar screen presence, is herself scared of something. Well, according to Kat, the list of things that scares her is long. "Well to be very honest, among all the other things, I fear from the dark and height the most." Well, Kat it would have been nice if you could have elaborated on the list of things that scare you!

    Bollywood News : Katrina Kaif is afraid of the dark

    Jimmy Delayed Yet Again?

    2008/4/15 16:22:08

    It is almost becoming like a jinx. The release of Jimmy, the debut film of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty's son, Mimoh, is reportedly to have been delayed again. The film, which has been directed by Raj N Sippy, was originally due to release last year.

    Jimmy's release was pushed to this year. The date for the film's release was fixed for April 25, but according to reports, the film will not be releasing on that day. According to the news doing the rounds, Sahara, which was supposed to release the movie, has backed out. The film's producer Nawman Malik, however, is believed to have said that the film has been delayed because they wanted to avoid a clash with Yash Raj's Tashan, which is all set to release on the same day.

    According to him, Jimmy was stuck between Krazzy 4 and U Me Aur Hum on one side and Tashan on the other. Hence, the decision to delay the film's release for a while. Thankfully the fate of Jimmy has not affected Mimoh's career. The youngster is currently shooting for Loot in Singapore.

    Bollywood News : Jimmy Delayed Yet Again?

    Reliance Entertainment to co-produce 'Dangerous Ishq'

    2011/10/1 12:44:01

    New Delhi, Oct 1 (IANS) Reliance Entertainment will co-produce Karisma Kapoor's comeback film "Dangerous Ishq" along with BVG Films and DAR Motion Pictures, said a statement Saturday.

    The 3D film is being directed by Vikram Bhatt.

    It will be the second stereoscopic 3D film after Bhatt's "Haunted 3D" and will feature actors Jimmy Shergill, Rajneesh Duggal, Divya Dutta and Ruslaan Mumtaz, apart from Karisma.

    The 37-year-old actress, a mother of two, is set to return to the big screen after a five-year hiatus. She will be seen in a glamorous avatar as she will play a supermodel in the film, expected to release around May or June 2012.

    Bollywood News : Reliance Entertainment to co-produce 'Dangerous Ishq'

    I'm a complex character in real life: Mahie Gill

    2011/9/29 15:30:16

    Actress Mahie Gill says she is a difficult person to understand in real life.

    "I am a very complex character in real life, my best friends tell me I am a very difficult person to understand. I can be the most bindaas girl and at the same time I am the most shy person. I am an introvert. I take time to gel with people but once I am comfortable, I can be bindaas," Gill, known for her roles in films like "Gulaal", "Dev D", told IANS.

    The actress is gearing up for the release of her film "Sahib Biwi Gangster", in which she will be seen with Jimmy Shergill and Randeep Hooda.(IANS)

    Bollywood News : I'm a complex character in real life: Mahie Gill

    Big B catches Shimla chill

    2008/2/11 8:16:57

    The intense cold and heavy snowfall in Shimla has taken its toll on superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who is down with fever and a sore throat here.

    But the actor continues to shoot for Shoojit Sircar's Shoe Bite, with frequent breaks to rest. The Big B fell ill on the sets late Friday.

    Sarika stars opposite Amitabh in the film, an autumnal love story set in Shimla. The other members of the cast include Diya Mirza and Jimmy Shergill.

    Since shooting began over two weeks ago, the resort town has been experiencing a severe cold spell accompanied by spells of snowfall.

    Bollywood News : Big B catches Shimla chill

    Rahul Khanna is back in vogue

    2007/4/11 10:40:17

    Rahul Khanna is back to woo the crowds with his appealing good looks and suave personality in Raqeeb paired opposite Tanushree Dutta.

    T-Series has the music rights for this movie where Rahul Khanna looks absolutely stunning while serenading Tanushree to a haunting melody 'Tera Chehra Sanam' composed by Pritam. The ocean and beautifully shot locations form the backdrop of this song where Rahul steals the thunder without a doubt. RAQEEB is directed by Anurag Singh and stars Rahul Khanna, Tanushree Dutta and Jimmy Shergill who provides a twist to the story. Keep watching this space for more updates.

    Bollywood News : Rahul Khanna is back in vogue

    Why December 28 has no releases

    2007/11/15 22:07:21

    Superstition hints that films releasing on the last Friday of the year are box-office disasters

    What’s the common factor between ‘I See You’, ‘Shikhar’ and ‘Dil Maange more’?

    Well, each of these films came on the last Friday of the past three years-December 29, 2006, December 30, 2005 and December 31, 2004 respectively. Secondly, the three films were box-office failures.

    Fact vs fiction
    Trade pundits and soothsayers have maintained that the last Friday of the year is not a good time for a film to arrive.

    The reason cited is that audiences stay away from theatres and choose to be friends and enjoy the New Year revelry.

    But this doesn’t seem convincing when you consider ‘Bhagam Bhag’, which was released on December 22 last year but was a hit.

    However, film-makers seem to have dropped the towel for December 28 2007, the last Friday of this year.

    With just three Fridays at Bollywood’s disposal, there is a sudden rush with as many 10 films releasing between the available days.

    Friday, December 7

    December 7 will see four films hitting the marquee. Says Sanjay Gupta, whose bouquet of 10 stories spanning different genres ‘Dus Kahaniyaan’ is the biggest release of that week, “I am not worried about the releases alongside my film. I am expecting a fairly neat run.”

    Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Khoya Khoya Chaand’ (Shiney Ahuja-Soha Ali Khan), ‘Rama Rama Kyaa Hai Dramaaa’ (Rajpal Yadav, Neha Dhupia and Ashish Chaudhary) and ‘Strangers’ (Jimmy Shergill, Nandana Sen, Kay Kay Menon) will also release during the same week. Asserts Jimmy, “The twists are terrific and director Anand Rai has made a stylish thriller.”

    Bollywood News : Why December 28 has no releases

    Delhi Heights : Movie Review

    2007/3/31 12:03:44

    A realistic, slice-of-life story doesn’t necessarily make a good film. It is how the story is presented by the director and how the characters are enacted by actors that makes or breaks a movie.

    Director Anand Kumar’s movie Delhi Heights has neither depth nor height to catch your fancy. The film is more like a shoddily put collage of several characters living in a high-rise residential apartment in Delhi. The story focuses mainly on the lives of two married couples, and painfully tries to portray the emotional turbulence of their lives.

    Abi ( Jimmy Shergill ) and Suhana ( Neha Dhupia ) have culminated their long romantic relationship with wedlock. The newly married couple lives in a building called Delhi Heights.

    In the same building lives Abi’s friend Bobby (Rohit Roy) with his wife Saima (Simone Singh). Bobby is a compulsive flirt who starts making advances on any attractive woman he meets. Saima is more or less a stoic wife who spends her evenings waiting for her husband.

    Delhi Heights also houses a number of colourful characters like Timmy Singh (Om Puri) and his family (wife and daughter). And then, there are a couple of college-going kids with their attitude and wacky attire to flaunt.

    In this melee of characters, the story of ‘Delhi Heights’ dabbles more on the lives of Abi-Suhana and Bobby-Saima.

    Abi and Suhana are working on the same project, but for rival companies. Their professional lives leave them with little time for each other. Abi is more like an insecure husband who begins to feel jealous when Bobby starts making advances on Suhana. On the other hand, Bobby’s wife Saima is tired of her hubby’s flirtatious ways.

    Things come to a boiling point when Abi and Suhana’s professional rivalry causes a rift in their personal lives. On the other hand, Bobby’s philandering ways are exposed to Saima.

    At this crucial moment, the circumstances take a turn, after which both the couples are made to reflect upon their respective relationships.

    A story idea like ‘Delhi Heights’ needed mature writing and a sensitive handling of the subject. Alas, the writing in the movie’s script remains amateurish and mediocre. Some of the situational turns are painfully predictable and clichéd.

    Rabbi Shergill ’s music provides a little respite. But, then again, the picturization of the songs leaves much to be desired. The ‘Holi’ track “Aye Gori” looks more like the modern version of “Rang Barse”, while “Tere Bin” (the best song in the movie) ends up looking a bit soppy because of the way it has been picturized.

    Among the actors Jimmy Shergill is the only one who manages to hold your attention. Neha Dhupia is superficial in her expressions of over-enthusiasm. Rohit Roy goes over the top in most of his scenes. However, he does have a decent dialogue delivery. Simone Singh is pretty plain while Om Puri is wasted in a role that demanded more footage.

    On the whole, ‘Delhi Heights’ is a piece of mediocre, amateurish cinema. The movie is a downer.

    Bollywood News : Delhi Heights : Movie Review

    Next two biggies releases star Saif in the lead

    2007/2/3 13:04:57

    Guess who is the star attraction of the two biggest releases in the coming months? None other than Saif Ali Khan!

    After making headlines with his lean mean act in 'Omkara', Saif would be seen in two back to back high profile projects - 'Eklavya - The Royal Guard' and 'Tara Rum Pum'. Though former is a multistarrer with Big B, Sanjay Dutt, Jackie Shroff, Jimmy Shergill and Boman Irani filling in for the men power, with TRP Saif goes solo in a project that is produced by none other than Yash Raj Films.

    Between 'Eklavya - The Royal Guard' [February 16] and 'Tara Rum Pum' [April 27], there are a dozen odd other films lined up for release but none match to their scales when it comes to budget and grandeur.

    In between the two movies, there is also a probability of Saif's 'Nehlle Pe Dehlla' arriving on March 02 though one awaits an official confirmation.

    Bollywood News : Next two biggies releases star Saif in the lead

    Kim Sharma calls it quits; 'Loot' her last movie

    2011/11/7 10:55:45

    Mumbai, Nov 7 (IANS) Kim Sharma, whose acting career never took off, has put an official end to her Bollywood career and says that "Loot" is her last movie.

    "I am very happily married. Luckily and happily, 'Loot' is the last of my terrible film career," said the actress who recently married Kenya-based businessman Ali Punjani.

    Kim now divides her time in three cities - Mombasa in Kenya, Dubai and Mumbai - and sees no reason to cling to a non-existent Bollywood career.

    "So it's farewell to Bollywood. My message to Bollywood, see you later, Beautiful," said the actress who is paired with singer Mika in "Loot" -- in not a major or noticeable role.

    Kim started her career in Aditya Chopra's "Mohabbatein". The film clicked, but the careers of all the newcomers in the film - Kim, Shamita, Preeti Jhangiani, Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergill and Jugal Hansraj - failed to take off.

    Bollywood News : Kim Sharma calls it quits; 'Loot' her last movie

    Big surprise for Shilpa Shetty

    2010/11/27 16:07:14
    Long legged Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty, who got married to London based businessman Raj Kundra one year ago, is enjoying the most memorable moments of her married life at Dubai. Her husband Raj has given her a very pleasant surprise by gifting the most luxurious and costliest flat in the world famous sky scraper-Burj Dubai. He handed over the keys of the flat to her just before a week of their first marriage anniversary. Her flat is located in the 19th floor of the 160 storied building which holds a record of world tallest building. The beauty virtually flattens with the amazing gift and couldn’t turn her eyes off her luxurious flat. Her husband Raj Kundra took a three day leave from his busy business schedule to spend with his beautiful wife Shilpa Shetty in their new flat. Shilpa is so happy that she couldn’t believe her luck of having such a wonderful and loving husband. Indeed, very few actresses were blessed with such a good luck.

    Telugu Cinema News : Big surprise for Shilpa Shetty

    Neha Dhupia-Experimenting with different genres

    2007/3/29 7:39:28

    After winning the title of Miss India, she decided to step into Bollywood. She dared to do films that no other actress could. And now, she is experimenting with many more different genres and roles. Meet Neha Dhupia - whose next act will be Suhana in Anand Kumar's Delhi Heights.

    So what is Delhi Heights really about?
    Well, like they say, it has got the stamp of a "feel good" movie written all over. The basic plot is just based on relationships and I really enjoy watching cinema which is based on relationships. So it is probably a great experience for me to be a part of something like that.

    And, what is your role in Delhi Heights?
    I play the character of the girl called Suhana. She is stuck in a sort of trivia where she has to balance her personal and professional life. So the story is about how she manages to do that eventually, in the film.

    Why the title Delhi Heights?
    Well, Delhi Heights is building complex which is shown in the film and it talks about urban Delhi and how it has different stories to tell. It talks about different houses and every house of course has got a different narration from the other. Ours is the main track where Jimmy Shergill and I are newly married couple. We work in rival companies, and so we have professional rivalry which sweeps into our personal lives.

    How was it working with Jimmy?
    Well Jimmy is fabulous to work with, very relaxed on the sets and extremely talented. So I got to learn lot from him. He has been around longer than I have, and it's been quite an experience working with him.

    Why are you not doing the sequel of Kya Kool Hai Hum?
    Every film is different from the other. I am not going to be seen in a part of any sequel because it is almost the same story! Every film is different - sometimes its romance, sometimes its comedy, sometimes its really more sensational than the other. But it has always been fun; it's been an experience in itself.

    How was it working with debutante director Anand Kumar?
    It was great working with Anand. He knew what he was doing, he is from Delhi, he knew exactly what he was writing, he has done a lot of research on the script and I would say that he at no point made us feel that he was a first time director.

    What are the others films that you are working on?
    I'm working on a film called Ek Chalis Ki Last Local where I will be seen with Abhay Deol. I'm also working on a film called Shoot Out in Lokhandwala. I'm working on a film called Mithya and I'm also shooting for film called Kuch Love Kuch Drama.

    Finally, why should people go watch Delhi Heights?
    Like I said this is a feel good film. I think the audience will be able to relate with the film. The most important thing is that it has got everything that one needs to see in the two hours of cinema. It's got romance, it has got drama, its got comedy, good music. So, on the whole, it's a great package.

    Bollywood News : Neha Dhupia-Experimenting with different genres

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