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on 2007/8/8 13:15:30

The one and only Rajni!

Rajnikanth is the only actor in the industry today who is humble in real life too. The superstar has no airs whatsoever and he moves about freely and treats everyone with respect. But his recent gesture at an event in Chennai shocked director Venkat Prabhu of Chennai 600028 fame.

Rajnikanth made an appearance at the 100-day function of the film. When the cameramen started clicking, Venkat Prabhu stood beside Rajnikanth with hands folded in reverence. And to the surprise and shock of many, Rajni held the hand of Venkat Prabhu and asked him to put it on his shoulder. Rajni then hugged Venkat closely and happily smiled at the cameras. The crowd naturally went gaga over this gesture of Rajni.

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    Rajni’s special show for Big B

    2007/6/27 15:09:51

    Rajnikanth was in Mumbai on Tuesday. He arranged a special screening of his hit film ‘Sivaji’. The event was attended by none other than the Big B of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan was all praise for Rajni and Rajni thanked Bachchan for taking time off from his busy schedule to see his film.

    It may be recalled that Rajni said recently that while he may be the king of Indian cinema but Amitabh is the emperor of Indian cinema. Amitabh and Rajni are close friends and maintain extremely cordial relations.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni’s special show for Big B

    Overheard.. (Sivaji)

    2007/6/28 15:35:27

    Two guys were seen discussing animatedly at a Irani cafe in Hyderabad.

    First Guy: I understand Rajnikanth has gone underground?

    Second Guy: What? And why would he do so?

    FG: It is because of Chandra Babu Naidu, M Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

    SG: Why? Do they want him to unearth the black money of their rivals?

    FG: No. When it comes to black money, they are all united.

    SG: So what is their problem?

    FG: They all want Rajni to go to the US once again! Remember, Rajni goes to the US after unearthing the black money.

    SG: I got it! So they want Rajni to help them to convert their black money into white! No wonder Rajni has gone underground. Poor chap. He doesn’t have any choice.

    Telugu Cinema News : Overheard.. (Sivaji)

    Rajni owes everything to his bus driver

    2007/6/18 8:03:48

    Rajnikanth is the undisputed superstar in the South and also an icon. But all this would not have been possible but for the encouragement and support of a bus driver. The man is Bahadur who was the driver of the Bangalore Transport Corporation in which Rajnikanth was working as a conductor.

    Bahadur and Rajni were on duty on the route 10A which plied between Majestic and Srinagar. Bahadur spotted Rajni’s acting talent and also his passion for films. He encouraged Rajni to quit his job and join the Adayar Film Institute.

    Bahadur funded the entire course fee of Rajnikanth on his modest bus driver’s salary and also took care of all his needs for a two full years. K Balachander spotted Rajnikanth and the r is history. Bahadur watched the first show of Sivaji in Bangalore and is very happy that his best friend has reached such heights.

    They both still continue their friendship and whenever Rajni is in Bangalore they meet and go to cinemas and tea stalls together, of course Rajni goes around in disguise. The two continue to remain best friends despite the wide difference in their social standing.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni owes everything to his bus driver

    Vasthu problems for Rajni!

    2011/6/25 18:22:03

    Superstar Rajnikanth is now taking rest in Singapore after undergoing treatment for some unknown ailment. Rajni is expected to come back to India any time now.

    It is believed that some vasthu experts have found defects in his Poes Gardens residence and have suggested changes. The changes are expected to help Rajni recover faster.

    So work is now on at his residence where some rooms and structures have been demolished as per the advice of the vasthu experts. Rajni will not move into his house for some time after coming back but will stay in his guest house till the vasthu corrections to his house are carried out.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vasthu problems for Rajni!

    Rajni’s health condition is a mystery

    2011/5/17 20:01:09

    The superstar of cinema, Rajnikanth is now stable. His health condition is a big cause for worry for all his fans.

    Rajni is now in the Sri Ramachandra hospital in Chennai. The doctors say that he is suffering from fever, fatigue and respiratory problems.

    However no one knows his exact health condition. Rajni’s fans want the doctors to release a video clipping of their hero so that they can be sure that he is now alright.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni’s health condition is a mystery

    Rajni watching Chiru’s moves closely

    2007/12/8 13:41:06 The superstar of Kollywood, Rajnikanth is reportedly watching the developments in Andhra Pradesh very carefully. It was reported in the media for a long time that the superstar would enter politics in Tamil Nadu. He was also under great pressure from his fans as well as some politicians to launch his own political party.

    But Rajni dithered on and on for some time before making it clear that he was not interested in entering politics. Chiranjeevi considers Rajnikanth his elder brother. As such, Rajni would be only too keen to learn about the progress of his younger brother in politics. And if Chiru succeeds, then Rajni will be once again under pressure to enter politics and he may even be tempted to do so.

    Andhra News : Rajni watching Chiru’s moves closely

    Rajni effect!

    2007/7/4 10:38:33

    Working with someone as great as Rajnikanth is bound to influence you some way or the other. This has happened with Shreya too. She worked with Rajni for nearly an year for the film Sivaji. And she seems to have imbibed some of the good qualities of the superstar.

    Rajni is well known for his large heartedness and his work for the poor and the underprivileged is legendary. However, very little is known about the huge work that Rajni has undertaken over the years.

    Coming to his heroine Shreya, she is now reportedly adopted two orphans. She will take the entire responsibility of their education maintenance and upbringing. Not just that, now even her parents are reported to have adopted two orphans.

    If only the other artists too follow suit, then there would not be too many orphans in the country. This is what even Venkatarama (Venu) wanted to do in the film Bahumathi.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni effect!

    Rajni watches Chirutha, praises Ram Charan

    2007/10/4 4:47:45

    Superstar Rajnikanth watched a special preview of Chirutha the other day in Chennai. Rajnikanth was highly impressed with the acting of Ram Charan.

    Speaking to the media, Rajni said that the young Ram Charan has given a brilliant performance. It was hard to believe that this was his debut film. Ram Charan did a splendid job and Rajni predicted that he would go higher and higher in films and become the next megastar in Telugu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni watches Chirutha, praises Ram Charan

    Vidya Balan is Rajni's heroine!

    2010/10/25 10:24:56

    Vidya Balan is accomplished actress. She is homely and at the same time highly enticing. Vidya is reported to have been signed up to play opposite Rajnikanth in the film Sultan theWarrior.

    The film is an animation film but Rajnikanth will appear in some scenes. For these scenes Rajni is reported to have preferred Vidya Balan.

    KS Ravi Kumar who is now directing the film after the marriage of Rajni’s daughter Soundarya hopes to release the film in early 2011.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vidya Balan is Rajni's heroine!

    Rajni's next film

    2007/6/29 16:20:07

    Superstar Rajnikanth is basking in the stupendous success of his film Sivaji. His next film is being made by his daughter Soundarya. But this is an animation film. The success of Sivaji has already evoked interest among both the domestic and international audience.

    But Rajni fans however will have to wait for two more years before they can see their idol on screen. Rajni is reported to have agreed to do his next film with Murugodos. And the film is likely to go to sets only in 2008. Wait for more details on this project.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni's next film

    Rajni hospitalized with breathing problem

    2011/5/4 22:06:22

    Superstar Rajnikanth has been admitted in a hospital once again. He has complained of breathlessness. He is now back in the St. Isabel hospital in Chennai.

    Rajni was in hospital last week for a day due to exhaustion. The doctors are treating him and they said that Rajikanth is now stable.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni hospitalized with breathing problem

    Rajnikanth in 13 different costumes for a song

    2007/6/4 12:23:21

    “The 'Super Star' appears in different costumes for the song sequences. What more, Rajni also gets to figure in three different get ups”, says Shankar of Sivaji and its irresistible hero.

    Normally, it is Kamal’s movies that are talked of for its costumes and make–ups. But Rajni in Sivaji seems to have spared no effort in looking different.

    Speaking about the film, Shankar says, “Rajni was highly impressed with the movie after he dubbed for it. He expressed his confidence that it would go on to become a huge hit”.

    Dwelling further Shankar says, “All credit should be given to the entire crew who gave their best for the movie. Quite typical to my earlier movies, there is grandeur written all over it”.

    Asked about his next venture, Shankar says, “I might announce my next in a couple of months, until then all my focus would be on Sivaji”.

    Shankar says,”In future I might try my hand on a low-budget movie which would be completed in lesser number of days”.

    Tamil Cinema News : Rajnikanth in 13 different costumes for a song

    Rajni fans blast Samantha!

    2010/10/8 10:30:11

    The young and sexy Samantha is yet to learn the art of public relations. She has just one hit to her credit – Ye Maaya Chesavo. She is now awaiting the release of her second film Brindavanam.

    Samantha made fans of Rajnikanth angry with her comments. Samantha posted on Twitter that she watched Rajni’s Robo with great expectations but the film disappointed her.

    This was enough for Rajni fans to get to her throat. They vent in their anger on Samantha in no uncertain terms. Samath was not only forced to apologize but she even closed her Twitter account!

    Telugu Cinema News : Rajni fans blast Samantha!

    Rajnikanth highest paid actor in India

    2006/10/26 17:21:19 Bollywood star prices seem a laugh as you travel down South where, without fuss and headlines, Tamil star Rajnikanth has become India's highest paid actor.

    He is paid more than the Khans or even the Big B. With each new film Rajnikanth breaks his own record as India's highest paid actor.

    He is getting Rs 16 crore for his next film Sivaji. That is about Rs 6 crore more than what he got for his last film Chandramukhi.

    The math is mind boggling for outsiders. Bollywood's biggies like Aamir, Shah Rukh, and Salman don't earn more than Rs 7 crore each for a film. And their films are distributed around the country.

    But those who produce Rajni's films say Tamil Nadu's ageing superstar is worth the price. Chandramukhi, Rajni's last film, earned Rs 50 crore at the box office, which is a record in Tamil Nadu.

    "We make enough money on a Rajni film. So much so that we can make another film. So we don't have any problems paying him this much," said Ram Kumar Ganeshan, Producer, Chandramukhi.

    At 56, it is a record-breaking run that seems to be unchecked. Except four years ago, the film Baba, which by Rajni standards was a flop. It earned only Rs 20 crore.

    Signature style

    Rajni bounced back with Chandramukhi but decided he would cut down on the number of films. What he won't change, though, is the signature Rajni style.

    Shivaji is being directed by Shankar, who is Tamil Nadu's hottest director. But it's clear who will be calling the shots.

    "Rajni is always afraid whether the director should be able to present him in the way the masses like him. So Rajnikant himself controls the script and directs the film to a large extent," said Sreedhar Pillai, a film critic.

    When it comes to movies Rajnikanth works only with the biggest and the best in the business.

    "When we sign him on, we are able to cover all expenses. When I met Rajnikanth, I gave him Rs 1,001 as advance. I said I will pay your salary in a few days and he said he will take his payments later after the film's completed," said A V M Saravanan, Producer, Sivaji.

    One of the reasons for Rajni's skyrocketing rates is that he is Tamil cinema's lone superstar after MGR, while four to five big heroes rule Bollywood. Realities that even his co-actors accept.

    "Finally Rajnikant stands on top. In the film, Jyothika's done a great job. I had a good role. Vidyasagar gave very good music. But finally it was a Rajni starrer. We were all there, but it was a success because Rajni was there. You need a Rajni for that," said Prabhu, Co-star, Chandramukhi.


    Bollywood News : Rajnikanth highest paid actor in India

    Will Puri direct Rajni's son-in-law?

    2008/4/19 22:46:12 Superstar Rajnikanth was the chief guest at the audio launch function of Puri Jagnnath's new film 'Bujjigadu made in Chennai'. Prabhas and Trisha are the lead artists. Rajnikanth praised Puri sky high. He said that he had watched both Pokiri and Chirutha and was greatly impressed.

    Rajni also said that the late Kannada Rajkumar was greatly impressed with the work of Puri Jagannath. Puri has directed a Kannada film too. Puri is the number one choice for all big actors who are planning to launch their sons into films. Rajnikanth concluded by saying that if only he had a son, he would have requested Puri to launch him into films.

    Rajnikanth may not have a son but he has two daughters. His son-in-law Dhanush is an actor. So will Rajni ask Puri to make a film with Dhanush?

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Puri direct Rajni's son-in-law?

    Kamal vs. Rajni continues…

    2007/7/6 10:22:00

    The professional rivalry between Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth is legendary. It dates back to over two decades. They did star together but that was a rare occasion. However, they are now above all such things.

    They are both superstars in their own right and are now known to maintain cordial relations. The time has come for them to make way for the next generation. Rajni’s daughter Soundarya is making an animation film on Rajni titled Sultan-The Warrior.

    Kamal Haasan’s daughter Sruthi is an accomplished Hindustani classical singer and has also cut an English album. She is also a good dancer like papa Kamal and she is getting ready to don the grease paint for a bilingual film. So the battle continues in the next generation too.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal vs. Rajni continues…

    Rajni goes to Himalayas!

    2007/4/27 9:21:40

    Our Superstar Rajnikanth is leaving Chennai for the Himalayas today (Apr 26) on a spiritual trip to the holy towns of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Rishikesh. Rajni visits these places every year without fail.

    The Himalayas have been revered as the abode of divinity, since the dawn of Hinduism. Several venerated pilgrimage sites dot the foothills and the peaks of the Himalayas. The Ganges, revered as a holy river originates in the glaciers in the insurmountable heights of the mighty Himalayan ranges.

    The route to Badrinath temple, the abode of Lord Vishnu is one of the most arduous one due to the lofty hilly terrain, curves and cliffs amidst the most scenically beautiful place on the earth. Now that the snow has melted, the temple reopens for the year on Saturday, 28th April and Rajni will be one of the first to pray there.

    Later he will go to Kedarnath temple which also opens after winter the same day. It is set amidst the stunning mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas at the head of the Mandakini River. Kedar is another name of lord Shiva, the protector & the destroyer.

    Rajni will be away from Chennai for the next 20 days and is likely to be back by May 15, two days before the most eagerly anticipated release of his magnum opus Sivaji, which according to the trade is likely to release on May 17.

    Tamil Cinema News : Rajni goes to Himalayas!

    'Sivaji' team to shoot in USA

    2007/1/18 13:47:38

    Director Shankar , Rajnikant and Shreya among others, would be off to USA later this week to shoot a song sequence for their forthcoming film Sivaji .

    ‘Sivaji’, the much-hyped Tamil film, is nearing its completion. Recently at the AVM Studios, Rajni turned up to dub for the film. He was impressed at the way Shankar has directed the film.

    Rajni complimented Shankar for getting his best on the screens and expressed his confidence that the movie would go on to become a big hit.

    Meanwhile, a 15-member crew would be leaving abroad this weekend to shoot a song sequence. Music for this film is by A R Rahman and cinematography, by K V Anand.

    Rajni will complete his dubbing soon after his return from the US. The audio of ‘Sivaji’ is expected to be released this March.

    Tamil Cinema News : 'Sivaji' team to shoot in USA

    Kamal and Rajni are best friends

    2008/2/25 14:23:37

    This is perhaps the best-kept secret in the film industry. Contrary to the popular notion that Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan are bitter rivals, it is now revealed that they are actually the best of friends.

    Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan have chartered out a course with their unique style and mannerism. They are no undisputedly the two pillars of Tamil cinema.

    In fact, when Rajnikanth wanted to quit films and take up a spiritual life, it was none other than Kamal Haasan who talked Rajni out of it.

    Now Gayathri, a doctor by profession, has written a book on the life and times of Rajnikanth. Amitabh Bachchan will release the book later this month.

    Kamal Haasan has written a special message in the book. We reproduce here Kamal Haasan's letter for the benefit of our readers.

    "Dr Gayathri Srikanth has a unique viewpoint. An angle Rajni fans most cherish. A low angle shot looking up at their hero.

    Dr Gayathri has not destroyed truth for the sake of sensationalism.

    A book of this sort in English is long overdue.

    Precious, little, private details about the superstar fills the book. Though I know most of them, it is still a good read.

    The rise of Rajni is a notable achievement and will be remembered in Tamil commercial cinema history.

    So will Dr Gayathri's book.

    Have a good read."

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal and Rajni are best friends

    Big B advised Rajni to go to Singapore

    2011/5/31 16:14:06

    It was based on the advice of Amitabh Bachchan that the ailing superstar Rajnikanth went to Singapore for treatment. Rajni had originally planned to go to the US for treatment.

    Superstar Rajnikanth who has been admitted to the Elizabeth hospital in Singapore is recovering fast. His health condition is stable.

    The doctors have shifted him from the ICCU to the general ward.

    Telugu Cinema News : Big B advised Rajni to go to Singapore

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